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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: November 19th, 2008 – Part 2

Posted in IRC Logs at 6:51 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Enter the IRC channel now

twitter You are welcome.  It’s a shame these things are not public knowledge. Nov 19 19:21
schestowitz You disrupt revisionism. Nov 19 19:21
twitter The author of the above history found the facts but failed to put 2 and 2 together. Nov 19 19:21
schestowitz The story goes like this… “Gates was a poor kid who brought computers to the masses and then started saving babies in Africa” Nov 19 19:22
twitter It is also interesting to note that one of Gates’ first projects involved automobile traffic monitoring. Nov 19 19:22
twitter truth disrupts bullshit. Nov 19 19:23
schestowitz Motto.sig Nov 19 19:23
schestowitz New video.. netware junk: http://uk.youtube.com/watc… Nov 19 19:23
schestowitz Wow. Amarok just crash. First time since I set up this PC in July, I think. Nov 19 19:27
schestowitz *crashed Nov 19 19:27
twitter wow, I’ve never seen that happen. Nov 19 19:27
twitter local files or stream? Nov 19 19:27
schestowitz Local. Nov 19 19:28
schestowitz I didn’t even notice it cause it was on another desktop. DIdn’t respond to global shortcuts, so I went there to check. Nov 19 19:28
schestowitz Whoa Nov 19 19:29
schestowitz The company from the CS department over here is to be acquired by IBM, probably Nov 19 19:29
schestowitz http://www.marketwatch.com/news/st… (IBM Announces Plans to Acquire Transitive) Nov 19 19:30
schestowitz For failurelog? Firms charge employees for Vista boot-up times < http://www.theinquirer.net/gb/inquirer/ne… > Nov 19 19:34
twitter Hmmm, I think I added that already.  Let me check. Nov 19 19:36
_doug ot: Understanding the Financial Crisis http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=gF6LbFDjvW0 Nov 19 19:38
_doug ot: The Mortgage Banking Meltdown http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=HSjEyOp2dEM Nov 19 19:38
_doug Vista boot times .. haaaa …. Nov 19 19:40
schestowitz Vista 7 WIll Fix Everything (R). It only takes 7 more seconds. Nov 19 19:40
_doug I usually switch on and go for a stroll, by the time I get back something might be happening on screen :) Nov 19 19:41
schestowitz Good comment here from a BN reader: http://blog.seattlepi.nwsource.com/m… Nov 19 19:43
schestowitz Eruaran: “”Moonlight” is not Free Software, its not Silverlight and it is an insult to the idea and principles of Open Source. It is a patent trap that is only “licenced” to be available through Novell (Microsoft sock puppet) and run on Microsoft approved Novell Ballnux (Ballmers patent infected and compromised Linux) as part of Microsoft’s protection racket.” Nov 19 19:43
_doug MS anti-virus will be “architected for a smaller footprint that will use fewer computing resources, making it ideal for low-bandwidth scenarios or less powerful PCs” Nov 19 19:44
_doug http://www.microsoft.com/Presspass/pres… Nov 19 19:44
_doug What does this mean ? Nov 19 19:44
_doug ‘low-bandwidth scenarios’, what has bandwidth got to do with doing a pattern match on a local file ? Nov 19 19:45
_doug ‘Built on Microsoft’s award-winning malware protection engine, “Morro” will’ Nov 19 19:46
twitter that’s about keeping the useless database of matches up to date. Nov 19 19:46
_doug Wasn’t there a test of AV software a while back .. Onecare came out last ? Nov 19 19:47
schestowitz Award-winning? Nov 19 19:47
schestowitz Gosh Nov 19 19:47
MinceR it will update tomorro. Nov 19 19:47
MinceR ;) Nov 19 19:47
schestowitz The ‘masses’ will fall for it. Nov 19 19:47
twitter I don’t think so.  They have yet to be fooled by Vista. Nov 19 19:47
schestowitz _doug: OneCare is indeed one of the worst Nov 19 19:47
schestowitz It also nuked people’s mailboxes of PCs Nov 19 19:47
schestowitz it’s one of the worst products they have. Nov 19 19:47
_doug “When used in conjunction with the ongoing security and privacy enhancements of Windows and Internet Explorer” Nov 19 19:48
schestowitz Judge Dismisses Psystar Antitrust Suit Against Apple < http://www.informationweek.com/news/hard… > Nov 19 19:48
_doug translation: only core Windows components and Iexolorer need Morro … Nov 19 19:48
schestowitz So they can carry on bundling. Nov 19 19:48
schestowitz Hardware+software Nov 19 19:49
schestowitz Will Morro[n] work with other browsers? Nov 19 19:49
*jose (n=jose@adsl-233-126-127.mia.bellsouth.net) has joined #boycottnovell Nov 19 19:49
schestowitz As in “third piraties [sic]‘ apps? Nov 19 19:49
MinceR arrrrrrrrr! Nov 19 19:50
twitter something cool from Debian.  http://screenshots.debian.net/ Nov 19 19:51
_doug If Iexplorer operates in a sandbox, then why does it need AV protection ? Nov 19 19:51
MinceR because it’s a microsoft sandbox Nov 19 19:52
twitter ha ha Nov 19 19:53
twitter might be contained if run in Wine. Nov 19 19:53
schestowitz Hmmmmmmmmmmm….. Nov 19 20:02
schestowitz Here’s something odd… Nov 19 20:03
schestowitz Yesterday there was an article called “The Microsoft-Novell Linux deal two years later”. Nov 19 20:03
schestowitz It was very damaging to Microsoft and Novell. Nov 19 20:03
schestowitz So this morning they release the press release “Microsoft and Novell Mark Two Years of Interoperability Progress”. Similar headlines. Coincidence? Attempt to disguise something? Nov 19 20:03
schestowitz What do you think? http://www.foxbusiness.com/story/ma… vs http://www.computerworld.com/action/articl… Nov 19 20:04
jose it will be interesting to see if someone with microsoft ties takes over yahoo from yang. if yhoo drops enough, it might not get officially bought by msft but it might effectively get owned by them+supporters.. Nov 19 20:08
jose a similar argument might apply to google or to others though i find the ms possibility more distasteful but also more interesting Nov 19 20:09
twitter Missed them both, but yes, M$ intentionally makes articles with confusing names.  Vista Failure Log was once the 7th result for Vista Failure.  Now it’s impossible to find without log. Nov 19 20:10
twitter Funny thing is that they had to do a lot of talking about Vista Failure to do that.  Most of the search results now are of the “It’s not a failure” kind. Nov 19 20:11
schestowitz Puppet regime? Will a Microsoft veteran become Yahoo CEO? < http://blog.seattlepi.nwsource.com/micro… > Nov 19 20:12
schestowitz jose: it’s likely that they’ll control Yahoo! by proxyt Nov 19 20:12
schestowitz They already pushed their cronies into Yahoo Nov 19 20:12
schestowitz Several key execs, Icahn etx Nov 19 20:12
jose a minority.. we’ll see Nov 19 20:12
schestowitz And in this lawful state they might get away with it. Nov 19 20:13
schestowitz There’s lot of good GNU/Linux news today.. Nov 19 20:13
jose just looked at the ms exec suggested for yhoo ceo article.. disgusting Nov 19 20:14
schestowitz Who suggested them though? Nov 19 20:17
schestowitz This is a Microsoft blog.. it’s biased Nov 19 20:17
schestowitz What sickens me more is rewriting of history where Microsoft might try to describe a takeover as Microsoft “doing a favour” to Yahoo or saving them rather than breaking the law to destroy the company, which is the truth (they even did AstroTurfing) Nov 19 20:18
schestowitz IDG is playing dirty. Nov 19 20:21
schestowitz It spread the same article all over its many domains but changes the headlines each time in order to gain SEPRPs Nov 19 20:21
schestowitz Wait. ZDNet is now doing the exact same thing, which is rare. It’s about GroupWise 8 being released. Nov 19 20:22
_doug new Mac ‘trojan’ discovered .. http://www.theregister.co.uk/200… Nov 19 20:24
_doug “The malware typically disguises itself as video codec on dodgy websites.” Nov 19 20:25
_doug So it isn’t a trojan, a worm or a virus .. Nov 19 20:25
*_doug has quit () Nov 19 20:26
trmanco schestowitz, where you a WordPress hacker? Nov 19 20:27
trmanco were* Nov 19 20:27
schestowitz trmanco: yes, still am. Nov 19 20:28
trmanco I just found an email of yours Nov 19 20:28
trmanco from the year 2004 Nov 19 20:28
trmanco cool Nov 19 20:28
schestowitz Yes, I was there in the earlier days. Nov 19 20:28
schestowitz WordPress has become a company since then.. Automattic. Nov 19 20:28
trmanco cool Nov 19 20:29
trmanco you were also using suSe those days :-P Nov 19 20:29
*_doug (n=configna@unaffiliated/confignak) has joined #boycottnovell Nov 19 20:30
schestowitz trmanco: yes, until 2006 Nov 19 20:30
schestowitz Although I waited for the ‘cycle’ to end before trashing the thing. It’s a shame really because I lobbied the CS Department for SUSE back in 2004. Nov 19 20:31
schestowitz They went with Fedora despite many of us who advocated SUSE (SuSE at the time) Nov 19 20:31
twitter Good for them Nov 19 20:31
jose prescient Nov 19 20:32
_doug back again .. Nov 19 20:32
schestowitz http://www.linuxtoday.com/news_sto… “openSuSE-11.1-beta4 was released c. 31st October “ Nov 19 20:32
twitter M$FT $18.75 just one penny above 52 week low. Nov 19 20:33
_doug “The Trojan then opens a command shell, which allows a user to select an application and a port number. The chosen application can then be used as a back door, which allows a remote attacker to gain access to the compromised computer. The Trojan copies the executable file for the chosen application to the following location:” Nov 19 20:33
schestowitz I see a pattern in the news (still fallen WAY behind): Linux picked up by the big companies (lots more today), Microsoft just manipulating… Yahoo, bloggers for Vista 7 vapourware, etc. Nov 19 20:33
_doug technically speaking. how is this not a trojan ? Nov 19 20:34
_doug http://www.malwarehelp.org/osxla… Nov 19 20:34
schestowitz It’s tiresome when bloggers keep mentioning this vapourware that won’t out until 2010 and the earliest and be just another Vista. Nov 19 20:34
twitter Working on links to big company GNU/Linux adoption? Nov 19 20:34
schestowitz They mention is very often so that CIOs feel like it’s already here and wait [well, for nothing really] Nov 19 20:34
twitter Wintel people don’t know what else to talk about, they are under “mind control” Nov 19 20:35
schestowitz twitter: Fujitsu, IBM, Cisco, Moto.. Nov 19 20:35
schestowitz Lots of press releases today… Nov 19 20:35
twitter ding, new low for M$.  18.73 and going down. Nov 19 20:35
twitter oops, it was 18.70 Nov 19 20:36
schestowitz A site called American Chronicle should be banned from Google for spamming Google News for ages. It promotes some software repetitively.. http://www.americanchronicle.com/… Nov 19 20:36
schestowitz Sys-con too has been spamming Google News like HELL. Nov 19 20:36
schestowitz Lots of keyword stuffing (total nonesense, no content) comes in… in large numbers. Nov 19 20:36
schestowitz PJ told me to report them to Google and have them banned from the feed, but who does one report abuse to? Nov 19 20:37
twitter They can’t have pesky publications like Slashdot and BN show up in the results, now can they? Nov 19 20:37
schestowitz No. Nov 19 20:37
schestowitz Well, /. is there. I see the BN stuff in Google News… but the India BN under /. only. Nov 19 20:37
twitter Slashdot was showing up in tech feeds for a while Nov 19 20:37
schestowitz Also covered in InfoWorld where my name and site are mentioned. Nov 19 20:38
twitter Must be why they kicked up the spam effort and conferences. Nov 19 20:38
schestowitz Traffic is BN is higher than usual. Nov 19 20:38
schestowitz twitter: /. just doesn’t cover much FOSS anymore. Nov 19 20:38
schestowitz It’s in it for the money. Freedom doesn’t pay bills, not necessarily anyway. Nov 19 20:38
_doug . Nov 19 20:39
_doug slashdot got showed the money, just take a look at the adverts .. Nov 19 20:39
twitter “Mind control” M$ stuffs the firehose.  FOSS news slips by.  BN picks up way more than /. can. Nov 19 20:39
schestowitz Merely every post from Zonker makes the feed due to his disclosure: http://blogs.zdnet.com/community… Nov 19 20:39
schestowitz Slashdot is sponsored by Microsoft. Nov 19 20:40
schestowitz True. Nov 19 20:40
schestowitz SourceForge has them as a sponsor. $ Nov 19 20:40
twitter $ 18.50 Nov 19 20:41
schestowitz Good comment: http://www.linuxtoday.com/news_story.php3?… Nov 19 20:41
schestowitz twitter: back in 2006… Nov 19 20:41
schestowitz Scoble left (maybe it was 2005, I think) Nov 19 20:41
schestowitz You know what he said when he left? Nov 19 20:41
schestowitz MSFT is on a freefall. It was nearly below $20 ($22+ IIRC) and THEN…. MASSIVE buybacks began Nov 19 20:42
schestowitz 2 years later and the company lost like $40bn of its money. I could remember this wrong.. Nov 19 20:42
schestowitz The comment above states: “ Nov 19 20:42
schestowitz With still enormous cash reserves, Microsoft will likely survive this sharp economic downturn as a corporation, but if the economy drops into depression, Microsoft is much less likely to emerge afterwards with its monopoly position intact.” Nov 19 20:42
twitter ” shouldn’t we be expecting a “Golden Age” for open source, with all the idle programmers and IT folks at home with time on their hands? “ Nov 19 20:43
schestowitz Which I disagree with because Microsoft too is already looking to LOAN money Nov 19 20:43
schestowitz But it has people under mind control Nov 19 20:43
schestowitz It hypnotises people. Nov 19 20:43
twitter No, we should not.  Free software gets written because people have time and need.  Unemployed people are discouraged and start to lose critical work skills. Nov 19 20:44
schestowitz Google BN for ‘hypnosis’. I wrote about this because people told me stories about Microsoft’s masterful use of the press to hypnotise people…. having them tell of those who deny Microsoft as omnipotent. Nov 19 20:44
twitter Those are the skills that makes free software useful at the application level.  Unemployment for free software developers is a bad thing. Nov 19 20:44
_doug slashdot.advert: Windows sysadmins with a clue use Rsync.net Nov 19 20:45
twitter M$ is anything but masterful and omnipotent today. Nov 19 20:45
_doug C:\> rsync Nov 19 20:45
twitter rsync.net?  wtf? Nov 19 20:45
twitter why not rsync or grsync? Nov 19 20:45
_doug see the site .. http://www.rsync.net/products… Nov 19 20:47
_doug “Standard Offsite Filesystem – $1.20 / GB per month” Nov 19 20:47
twitter Sounds kind of expensive. Nov 19 20:48
_doug the Offsite nature of the service sounds good … Nov 19 20:48
_doug gtg .. Nov 19 20:48
*_doug has quit () Nov 19 20:48
twitter most host services offer rsync and offer better rates than that. Nov 19 20:49
twitter $ 18.32 Nov 19 20:51
twitter I almost feel sorry for them. Nov 19 20:51
twitter but I don’t Nov 19 20:51
schestowitz Yay! Nov 19 20:51
schestowitz My KDE bug is finally being resolved. Nov 19 20:51
schestowitz Took them a month to pick up my report Nov 19 20:51
schestowitz http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cg… Nov 19 20:52
schestowitz $17.xx by day’s  end? Quick. I’ll get a screenie Nov 19 20:52
schestowitz $ 18.32 today’s low? Can you confirm? Nov 19 20:53
schestowitz Wow. 18.25 Down Nov 19 20:53
schestowitz Real time. Nov 19 20:53
jose schestowitz, i’m catching up on this irc chat so give me a minute but “It’s tiresome when bloggers keep mentioning this vapourware that won’t out until 2010″… Nov 19 20:56
schestowitz Wow. Nov 19 20:56
schestowitz Novell at 3.80 Nov 19 20:56
schestowitz Down 10% Nov 19 20:56
jose is a way to keep Microsoft in developer’s mind (like you posted recently). You don’t want people to forget about you, to have time to think about the options, to think you have taken a hit and won’t come back, etc Nov 19 20:57
schestowitz I’m doing a funny post Nov 19 21:05
schestowitz Hehe. http://boycottnovell.com/2008/11/1… Cheeky. Nov 19 21:06
twitter Google’s got  18.27 as the 52 week low now. Nov 19 21:10
schestowitz http://computerworld.co.nz/news.nsf/ne… < Letter: Computerworld or Microsoftworld? > Nov 19 21:15
schestowitz Finally someone points out that they have been brainwashed. Nov 19 21:16
twitter He concludes with, ” You also really haven’t reported on the benefits that customers have got out of the Microsoft/Novell SUSE relationship.” Nov 19 21:18
twitter It’s hard to report nothing. Nov 19 21:18
PetoKraus “Google Mail voice and video chat is not yet available for Linux. “ Nov 19 21:18
PetoKraus doh Nov 19 21:18
PetoKraus google should seriously stop shitting on linux users. Nov 19 21:18
twitter Nah, let them beta test on Windoze Guinea Pigs.  :) Nov 19 21:20
twitter they are unimportant anyway. Nov 19 21:20
*neighborlee (n=neighbor@unaffiliated/neighborlee) has joined #boycottnovell Nov 19 21:21
twitter It would be easier for them to pick reasonable standards and work with a GNU/Linux distribution. Nov 19 21:21
twitter of upstream package like GNome or KDE Nov 19 21:21
twitter upstream would be best. Nov 19 21:21
jose that letter to computerworld is a pro-novell piece Nov 19 21:22
twitter yeah, noticed that. Nov 19 21:22
jose yeah, i noticed you noticed Nov 19 21:23
neighborlee lol Nov 19 21:23
neighborlee :)hello btw-how goes it;0- Nov 19 21:23
jose :-) Nov 19 21:24
jose http://ldn.linuxfoundation.org/blog-en… Nov 19 21:25
jose >> It was announced by MLB Advanced Media, major league baseball’s online division, that video on MLB.com would no longer be delivered via Microsoft’s Silverlight format but instead with Adobe Flash technology. Nov 19 21:25
jose microsoft failed this time around because flash was just to big and silverlight just too small Nov 19 21:25
jose did they get their money’s worth though? Nov 19 21:26
jose too big not to big Nov 19 21:26
schestowitz jose: what’s a standard? Nov 19 21:29
schestowitz PDF is a ‘standard’. ISO is corruption. Nov 19 21:29
jose i’m not sure what you are really asking me Nov 19 21:29
schestowitz Thanks to Microsoft we now know. And ‘thanks’ to the ‘brokeness’ of things, this ceased to mean anything. Nov 19 21:30
schestowitz Google keeps ignoring even Web standards. Nov 19 21:30
schestowitz There should be laws against that.. just like accesibility laws that are used against govt. sites. Nov 19 21:30
jose google has every intention to maximize their shareholder wealth; they will use closed wherever they can get away with it Nov 19 21:31
schestowitz That doesn’t matter. Nov 19 21:33
schestowitz They need rules against that. Nov 19 21:33
schestowitz Taking rocks and throwing boulders at Microsoft’s headquarters might be good for GOogle’s shareholders too. Nov 19 21:34
schestowitz .. and yet… they can’t do that. On the other hand, Microsoft can attack Yahoo! using AstroTurfers, corrupt politicians, ultimatums, so-called ‘activist investors’… Nov 19 21:35
schestowitz This is not competition. It’s white-collar crime. Nov 19 21:35
twitter Dow broke 8000… ouch. Nov 19 21:38
jose that’s why transparency and opening calling out misbehavior is so important Nov 19 21:39
jose .. it’s one of the few ways those that follow the law or are open etc.. Nov 19 21:40
jose can even the playing field Nov 19 21:40
jose the best marketing against deception is pointing out that deception.. i think Nov 19 21:40
neighborlee jose, sweet, thx for posting that..flash anyday over M$shaft ;)) Nov 19 21:40
jose it was from linuxtoday Nov 19 21:41
neighborlee ah Nov 19 21:41
jose by brian proffitt actually Nov 19 21:41
schestowitz twitter: it was below that earlier. Nov 19 21:43
jose this one just on lt is a bit funny http://opendotdotdot.blogspot.com/2008/11/wh… Nov 19 21:44
schestowitz There are always people who are drones. They say “this is business”. Well, it shouldn’t be. Nov 19 21:44
jose title: Why Free Software is a Con-Trick Nov 19 21:44
schestowitz Richard Stallman once said, “People said I should accept the world. Bullshit! I don’t accept the world.” Nov 19 21:44
trmanco http://searchengineland.com/microsoft-… Nov 19 21:45
schestowitz Found this one by accident:: Nov 19 21:49
schestowitz http://news.softpedia.com/news/Vi… Nov 19 21:49
schestowitz And the conclusion is the same as the video: “Points Learned – Microsoft Sucks (Relearned). Microsoft Windows Vista Sucks (Relearned). Microsoft Windows Update should BE TURNED OFF from Automatic Updates (Not feasible or practicle, but I’d rather be hacked and whored than risk losing ALL MY FILES… Nov 19 21:49
schestowitz “again due to stupidity rather than devious ingenuity). RAID with Windows is trouble (sync a backup instead daily, or image weekly). And did I mention, Microsoft Sucks? Microsoft you owe me 14 hrs of my time,” Echostormfury stated. “ Nov 19 21:49
schestowitz I found this because I can’t tell apart the Mariuses in Softpedia. IIRC, one hates Linux and one loves it. Nov 19 21:50
schestowitz MAFIAA takes over the Internet: http://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2008/11/riaa-wins-… ( RIAA Wins, Campuses Lose as Tennessee Governor Signs Campus Network Filtering Law ) Nov 19 21:55
trmanco http://www.betanews.com/article/Novell_and_Micros… Nov 19 21:55
schestowitz Apple Macs Are Defective by Design: http://www.appleinsider.com/articles/08/11/18/apple… Nov 19 21:56
schestowitz Shame on Appel. Nov 19 21:56
schestowitz trmanco: only the ‘Microsoft people’ seem to be writing about Moonlight Nov 19 21:58
schestowitz http://news.zdnet.co.uk/software/0… http://www.microsoft-watch.com/content/in… http://blog.seattlepi.nwsource.com/microsoft/ar… Nov 19 21:58
schestowitz All the Microsoft journalists promoting Microsoft DRM on the Web and neglect of Web standards. Nov 19 21:58
trmanco Silvylight poop Nov 19 21:59
schestowitz Tell people to avoid Macs as much as they avoid Windows Nov 19 21:59
schestowitz The MAFIAA threatened these companies with a lawsuit about 3 years ago. Nov 19 21:59
schestowitz They can claimed to have been forced into it. IBM too should be treated with suspicion. They should sidles with Freedom, not the copyrights MAFIAA that thinks it owns the Web (information) Nov 19 22:00
trmanco Unpaid time while Vista boots results in lawsuits: http://www.electronista.com/articles/08/…  *LOL* Nov 19 22:03
schestowitz *LOL* Novell/SCO can’t spell… http://www.groklaw.net/comment… Nov 19 22:03
trmanco schestowitz, they must be using IE Nov 19 22:05
trmanco it doesn’t have a built-in dictionary Nov 19 22:06
trmanco :p Nov 19 22:06
jose the gentoo user thing bothers me. Nov 19 22:08
schestowitz Trolling from Dvorak:  Why Google Must Die < http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,… > Nov 19 22:09
schestowitz trmanco: Windows has no spellchecker. It’s GNU/Linux (Ubuntu in your case) that has aspell/ispell Nov 19 22:09
schestowitz Microsoft uses lack of spellchecker to sell Office. Nov 19 22:09
trmanco no, I think it is myspell :-P Nov 19 22:10
jose his recent complaints seem reasonable. Nov 19 22:10
schestowitz jose: what do you suggest that I do? Nov 19 22:10
jose if he has a point somewhere and i don’t know address it.. did you go too far.. that’s what i mean.. he sounds upset Nov 19 22:10
schestowitz jose: all his past comments are abuse against twitter and others. It’s a trouble-maker and that’s what his thing is Nov 19 22:11
jose i noticed one recent one, but i don’t follow Nov 19 22:11
schestowitz jose: do you remember ‘eet’? Nov 19 22:11
jose link to it then. that seems to be what he is asking Nov 19 22:11
schestowitz He’s still around under different names. Nov 19 22:11
jose maybe a little i think Nov 19 22:11
schestowitz He totally loses his sometimes and he attacks the site using comments. Nov 19 22:11
jose not sure though Nov 19 22:11
schestowitz Uses zombies, vulgarities, libel, whatever. Nov 19 22:12
schestowitz And they get more angry when the site has them cornered (I never delete comments) Nov 19 22:12
jose there is no point in attacking “gentoo user” or anyone except on the spot when they say something.. or else link to past wrongs Nov 19 22:12
jose if you only suspect, you should just make that clear. even consider apologizing for being uncertain if that is the case. Nov 19 22:13
schestowitz jose: First comment: “Not really relevant, but I noticed “twitter” from Slashdot is here. Anyone who is thinking of even listening to this person should read this: [URL]“ Nov 19 22:13
jose otherwise attacks against twitter or anyone else end up provoking and giving them something to hold against you Nov 19 22:13
schestowitz “Are you the same twitter from Slashdot?” Nov 19 22:14
schestowitz to twitter: “I guess you’re everybody here as well, right?” Nov 19 22:14
schestowitz “There’s a story on the /. front page right now about Twitter (the service), and half the posts there seem to be jokes about you. I’d take that as a warning sign if I were you…” Nov 19 22:14
schestowitz He changes his colours now so that you don’t see he’s just there to harrass. Nov 19 22:14
schestowitz Same with eet. Nov 19 22:15
jose which blog entry is this Nov 19 22:15
jose you did put one out pointing him out specifically Nov 19 22:15
schestowitz After being flagged he tried to seem polite all of a sudden and then whined about the flags… after making comparisons to Nazis and such stuff… before he was flagged. Nov 19 22:15
schestowitz See http://www.google.com/search?sourceid=… Nov 19 22:16
jose it has to be hard being in the line of fire as you are.. but i’m just saying that anytime you can manage to give the benefit of the doubt (or else link to specifics) would help your case and not distract from it Nov 19 22:16
jose he even suggested that you look over his past postings to give evidence Nov 19 22:17
schestowitz There’s another stalker twitter. At least 2, but I’ve lost count. They both just attack messenger minutes after they comment. Nov 19 22:17
schestowitz jose: READERS asked me to delete his comment. Nov 19 22:17
schestowitz They said it was off-topic attacks. Nov 19 22:17
schestowitz I don’t delete comments, so I needed to do something. Nov 19 22:17
jose that’s what i mean. if he is cooked he is cooked but otherwise don’t give anyone unnecessary weapons Nov 19 22:17
jose .. i know it’s tough being in the line of fire so much, btw Nov 19 22:18
schestowitz Now, the issue that he only comments more when he’s flagged is separate, but it always passes Nov 19 22:18
schestowitz The attacks are always bursty. Nov 19 22:18
schestowitz There were also the days when OpenSUSE people did that. Nov 19 22:18
schestowitz AlexH was throwing a fit too at times. Endless complaints.. Nov 19 22:18
schestowitz I risk annoying other people if I let his just attack others Nov 19 22:19
schestowitz eet actually drove people away. Nov 19 22:19
jose i’m not questioning that.. but he says to show the proof Nov 19 22:19
schestowitz SundayRefugee was attacked for ‘daring’ to leave comments in the site. Nov 19 22:19
schestowitz A case of reader attacks reader… I get lots of this in some sites where I no longer comment much. Nov 19 22:19
schestowitz Digg.com BTW was ruined by stalkers. Nov 19 22:20
jose i would like to reply to him but don’t know if i have anything to say. i don’t follow the comments here unless something special stood out but i don’t even read all blogs or comments Nov 19 22:20
jose i saw the comment earlier about digg being ruined maybe we can resurrect it if the attackers have moved on Nov 19 22:21
schestowitz They always move somewhere else. Nov 19 22:22
schestowitz They gravitate towards wherever the most damage can be made. Nov 19 22:22
schestowitz They fumigate Slashdot, Digg, USENET until it’s either not popular or the topic is changed to favour the Freedom opposers. Nov 19 22:23
schestowitz RMS caught up with: March of the dustbin Stasi: Half of councils use anti-terror laws to watch people putting rubbish out on the wrong day – http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/a… Nov 19 22:29
twitter Wow, Apple wants OSX to suck like Vista http://www.appleinsider.com/articles/08/11/… Nov 19 22:30
twitter M$ does not have enough people to ruin everything at the same time. Nov 19 22:31
MinceR well, it might be an improvement for osx Nov 19 22:32
schestowitz IBM tried TPM as well (TC?) Nov 19 22:32
schestowitz Keep IBM from the Linux desktop ;-) not just because of the not-so-open ‘Open Desktop’ (Lotus blobs) Nov 19 22:33
twitter Yes, they put that into Thinkpads.  I’m not sure what free software does with it. Nov 19 22:33
MinceR almost all manufacturer put it into their laptops Nov 19 22:33
schestowitz There are companies like Novell and IBM out there that want to deform Linux until it’s as expensive and close as OS X. Nov 19 22:33
MinceR at least business models Nov 19 22:33
MinceR afaik Nov 19 22:33
schestowitz And then they’ll call it ‘The Linux OS’, for only $150 with OOXML, Mono, etc. Nov 19 22:34
schestowitz Mixed source… Nov 19 22:34
schestowitz *closed Nov 19 22:34
MinceR what is IBM trying to push into linux? Nov 19 22:34
schestowitz Trusted Computing, AFAIK Nov 19 22:35
MinceR ic Nov 19 22:35
schestowitz Treacherous? Nov 19 22:35
MinceR treacherous. Nov 19 22:35
twitter IBM has made good money in consulting.  More, I think, than selling software. Nov 19 22:35
MinceR and ibm is far from alone in that way Nov 19 22:35
schestowitz H-P too. Nov 19 22:35
schestowitz They sell h/w Nov 19 22:35
MinceR http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tru… Nov 19 22:35
twitter hardware sales are fair. Nov 19 22:35
schestowitz Fair enough really.. software then becomes a commodity and door to services. Nov 19 22:36
MinceR strangely crApple isn’t listed there even though they were one of the first to include and use a TPM Nov 19 22:36
schestowitz It can be developer by peers as a set of ‘hacks’ (bug fixes and features) Nov 19 22:36
twitter If you a Chrysler, getting IBM to help your migration makes sense. Nov 19 22:36
schestowitz But most people cling on to the idea of selling ‘licences’ to binaries as though they are pieces of h/w Nov 19 22:36
twitter The practice is disturbing when it comes to medicine. Nov 19 22:37
schestowitz re: hardware sales, it’s fair as long as there is NO price-fixing. Nov 19 22:37
schestowitz There’s lots of this going on and patents too play a role. Nov 19 22:37
schestowitz Rather than  teaching one another how to make better chips people keep ‘trade secrets’ and precious IP (with lawsuits) Nov 19 22:38
twitter The software is very expensive but it’s only useful with a huge chunk of hardware.  You would think they would give the software away with hardware for the sake of sales and the patient! Nov 19 22:38
schestowitz So we’re left with superior products and 0.0001% of the populations being sickly rich. Nov 19 22:38
schestowitz /s/superior/inferiror/ Nov 19 22:38
schestowitz *typo Nov 19 22:38
schestowitz The ‘press’ neglects to refer to this as a crime, which it is: http://vistasucks.wordpress.com/2008/11/18/mo… http://vistasucks.wordpress.com/2008/11/18/st… Nov 19 22:40
schestowitz “On Monday, Citigroup announced it would cut 52,000 jobs over the next few months in a dramatic cost-cutting move.” < http://www.pcworld.com/article/154130/… > Nov 19 22:42
schestowitz IDG is boosting XAML again: Silverlight, for Real This Time < http://www.pcworld.com/article/154134/si… >. Microsoft must be running W-E around to prod journos Nov 19 22:44
schestowitz Microsoft INNOVA~1 subscribing to a computer: http://www.pcworld.com/article/154… Nov 19 22:45
schestowitz Forget about owning a computer. Pay up for software, Microsoft still owns your physical computer. Nov 19 22:46
schestowitz PCWorld officially dead as a p-aper publication: http://www.pcworld.com/article/154… Nov 19 22:47
schestowitz Free labour for threat in *NUX??? “Beta testers required for Unix and Linux anti-virus” < http://www.prosecurityzone.com/Customisati… > Nov 19 22:55
schestowitz Shouldn’t Obama use Linux, and not a Mac? < http://www.linux-foundation.org/weblogs/amanda/20… > Nov 19 23:14
MinceR ah, shit coming out of google, as usual Nov 19 23:15
jose if he did i think i hope he would recognize the potential. having a celebrity of that calibur on linux side would not be a bad idea. Nov 19 23:20
jose if used linux Nov 19 23:21
MinceR gn Nov 19 23:26
PetoKraus right. How hard is it for someone to forge his IP for webpage? Nov 19 23:28
schestowitz Mandriva’s results: http://www.mandriva.com/enterprise/en/financ… Nov 19 23:29
PetoKraus like, my ip is X.Y.W.Z; can someone easily pretend he’s X.Y.W.Z as well? Nov 19 23:29
schestowitz Open proxies. Nov 19 23:29
PetoKraus well, that only conceals your IP Nov 19 23:29
schestowitz That’s why filtering by IPs is pointless. Nov 19 23:29
schestowitz Unless the person you ban lives in a barn and uses AOL. Nov 19 23:29
PetoKraus it’s not about banning Nov 19 23:30
schestowitz What’s it related to? Nov 19 23:30
PetoKraus i just wanna know how hard it is for someone Nov 19 23:30
PetoKraus to pretend he’s someone else Nov 19 23:30
PetoKraus by forging HIS ip adress Nov 19 23:30
PetoKraus like, can i force my browser somehow to send your IP address to the server i am talking to instead of mine? Nov 19 23:30
schestowitz No, not without network cr|hacking Nov 19 23:32
PetoKraus yup Nov 19 23:32
PetoKraus therefore, if i design my “digital signature” to be IP based Nov 19 23:33
PetoKraus if that guy doesn’t use some open proxy, or use different networks, or is behind nat Nov 19 23:33
PetoKraus no one else will be able to have the same “digital signature” (if the hash is perfect and the other person is NOT on the same subnet) Nov 19 23:34
PetoKraus it’s fun to design your own content management system from scratch Nov 19 23:34
schestowitz You can reuse a lot though Nov 19 23:39
schestowitz See Drigg Nov 19 23:39
PetoKraus it’s more fun to… “invent” it Nov 19 23:41
schestowitz More room for error, as well. Nov 19 23:42
schestowitz WordPress was hacked b2 Nov 19 23:42
PetoKraus schestowitz: yes, but IMO more fun ;) Nov 19 23:57
PetoKraus anyway, i hope you already have my rss feed in your reader :P Nov 19 23:57
PetoKraus i am crying about the lack of HTML5 Nov 19 23:58
schestowitz Yes. Nov 19 23:58
schestowitz What’s the topic? Nov 19 23:58
PetoKraus nah, i just posted a short video i made Nov 19 23:58
schestowitz THML5? Fuh-get-aboutit Nov 19 23:58
PetoKraus (http://pk.gjhak.sk/?uid=111) Nov 19 23:58
schestowitz Adobe and Microsoft have different plans. Nov 19 23:58
schestowitz Like XAML… Flex… Nov 19 23:58
PetoKraus and there’s no way to embed video Nov 19 23:58
schestowitz It’s important to promote Ajax Nov 19 23:59
PetoKraus while not using javascript Nov 19 23:59
schestowitz Microsoft ignores SVG to stifle Ajax Nov 19 23:59
schestowitz Just the type of c* you come to expect from a monopolist. Even timbl (father of the Web) complained about them, re: SVG Nov 19 23:59
schestowitz PetoKraus: FF 3.1 will have ogg and <vodeo> out of the box Nov 19 23:59
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