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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: November 22nd 2008

Posted in IRC Logs at 8:02 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


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neighborlee gn mince Nov 22 00:18
*PetoKraus has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)) Nov 22 00:29
schestowitz neighborlee: remember this post from 3 months ago < http://boycottnovell.com/2008/08/15/… >? It’s still getting many views, so people are curious. 1000 views this month. Nov 22 01:23
*mib_wy4cyl (i=473558b0@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-f6da8b543ddc7333) has joined #boycottnovell Nov 22 01:25
neighborlee schestowitz, good deal ;00- Nov 22 01:29
schestowitz I wrote 15 posts today. It was fun. Nov 22 01:30
schestowitz Lots of Mono in the front page too. We get over 30,000 pageviews foday. Nov 22 01:31
neighborlee good deal Im glad to hear that as always Nov 22 01:32
schestowitz Teamwork pays off. Nov 22 01:32
neighborlee people like to read objective pieces of news and  ive never seen you post anything but that. I am adult enough to let you report, and I decide..those saying otherwise are insulting the readers intelligence, and doing that  gives them ZERO credibility. Nov 22 01:32
neighborlee indeed it does . Nov 22 01:32
schestowitz Objective means what? Nov 22 01:33
schestowitz That’s it’s more in alignment with Wintel press, which aligns with Microsoft and Novell PR? Nov 22 01:34
schestowitz Remember the press pre-’War’ in Iraq Nov 22 01:34
neighborlee objective truths are those which are discovered rather than created Nov 22 01:35
neighborlee oh lord I sure do../another reason im so glad obama made it..us immediately has tons more respect overnight Nov 22 01:35
neighborlee us/u.s. Nov 22 01:36
neighborlee war mongering was fine in the middle ages..this is now ;) Nov 22 01:36
schestowitz I still see things on televisions that glorify military. Last night I saw  (again) the video clip of “Hero”. That’s pro-military. Now, don’t get me wrong. I adore people who go and fight for their country, but those who send them to fight often do this for /NO NEED/. So they follow orders, sometimes come back to Galveston in coffins, but what for? Nov 22 01:36
neighborlee there is no honor lost in finding peaceful means to settle differences…a true mans measure is finding peace admist turmoil…never appologise for a ideology of peace ;) Nov 22 01:38
schestowitz You can win a war by going to none. A peace treaty can be like winning a war… with no casualties. The media continues to glorify guns and violence and computer games sometimes seem like they are created by ‘higher forces’ (America’s Army,. anyone?)  to manufacture aggression and promote diligence that’s violent, just in case recruitment time comes. Nov 22 01:39
neighborlee yes,,ive seen a nasty trend in violent games, which is why im doing heartseed Nov 22 01:40
neighborlee as if violence is the only means to fun ;) Nov 22 01:40
neighborlee palease ;) Nov 22 01:41
schestowitz Encouraging ignorance re Freedom and DRM is another thing. Nov 22 01:41
neighborlee sure Nov 22 01:41
schestowitz If people understood how corrupt American politics are, there would be revolt in the streets Nov 22 01:41
neighborlee I think we just had one ;) Nov 22 01:41
neighborlee people know…maybe not the total nature of it,but they know ;) Nov 22 01:41
schestowitz Bingo. +1 >> “as if violence is the only means to fun ;)” Nov 22 01:42
neighborlee :) Nov 22 01:42
schestowitz That comes from education. Nov 22 01:42
neighborlee ive never had so much fun as I have playing wiitennis Nov 22 01:42
schestowitz Like animals, people are taught by examples (e.g. on television) that shoot is hip, just like drinking alcohol, having one-night stands, vandalising, etc. Nov 22 01:42
neighborlee wiigolf some, wiibowling I love too from HS days..but wiitennnis rocks my world, if only for a few hours a week or such…major fun ;) Nov 22 01:43
neighborlee when im not doing it for real on a court :) Nov 22 01:43
schestowitz neighborlee: they don’t know enough. Most people don;t. Nov 22 01:43
schestowitz Not here anyway. Nov 22 01:43
neighborlee yeah our system needs massiive updating ;) Nov 22 01:43
neighborlee peer pressure, education system, parental guidance yadda Nov 22 01:43
neighborlee it all adds up Nov 22 01:43
schestowitz neighborlee: wait until people ridicule you for playing the ‘girl’s’ console instead of shooting people /sarcasm Nov 22 01:44
schestowitz Peer pressure factor Nov 22 01:44
neighborlee I was very lucky to have amazing pees and good examples..not everyone was so fortunate Nov 22 01:44
neighborlee LOL , they already do Nov 22 01:44
schestowitz You beat me to it re: peer pressure. This comes from a peer like TV+Radio too. These are ‘peers’ too Nov 22 01:44
neighborlee and some are friends doing it ;) Nov 22 01:44
neighborlee but as they know me well..it goes in one ear and out the other one..I;ll listen but they know better than to provoke me on such siimplistic means Nov 22 01:45
schestowitz It’s a problem Nov 22 01:45
schestowitz Parental guidance makes some games /more/ desirable. They are seen as ‘forbidden’ Nov 22 01:45
neighborlee common ,our culture says a guy  must fight and the 180 is girlish ;) Nov 22 01:45
neighborlee at least some families. Nov 22 01:45
schestowitz And people (well, kids) /do/ manage to get them somehow Nov 22 01:46
schestowitz That’s not guy Nov 22 01:46
schestowitz That’s beast Nov 22 01:46
neighborlee :) Nov 22 01:46
schestowitz Until we devolve Nov 22 01:46
neighborlee yeah kids get them sometimes one way or another..especially if parental guidance is low , if one parent say..yadda Nov 22 01:46
neighborlee trust  me, I complained direct to wii when I hear of nasty M rated games coming to wii console Nov 22 01:47
schestowitz The education system is not the problem though. Nov 22 01:47
neighborlee direct to ninetendo <lol Nov 22 01:47
schestowitz Children seem to be exposed to violent stuff on TV, outside school. Nov 22 01:47
neighborlee Nintendo Nov 22 01:47
schestowitz I was a kid not so long ago, so that’s how I remember it. Nov 22 01:47
neighborlee well I can tell you when I was a kid there was none of this..or if there was my parents shielded us from it Nov 22 01:48
schestowitz People are taught to imitate the Disney model first, then whatever adults watch.. Rocky (violence)… Die Hard (guns)…war films… Nov 22 01:48
neighborlee we watched ‘some tv, but honestly most of my child life was outside             doing something..at neighbors or riding bike or playing tennis…I was very active that way Nov 22 01:48
neighborlee no computers so yeah very active Nov 22 01:48
schestowitz Obsesity rises in the US, right? Nov 22 01:49
schestowitz Obesity up, smoking down. Nov 22 01:49
neighborlee not just violent but also shody pron,,its everywhere, and we wonder we have the issues we do in society..I dont wonder at all Nov 22 01:49
schestowitz Well, some smokers don’t live long if you know what I mean. My grandma dies from it. Nov 22 01:50
neighborlee people eat due to stress, etc. Nov 22 01:50
neighborlee sorry to hear that ;( Nov 22 01:50
schestowitz Compensating selves Nov 22 01:50
schestowitz Same with smoking Nov 22 01:50
neighborlee my gfather did..like when I was 18 or such Nov 22 01:50
schestowitz Addiction=distraction Nov 22 01:50
neighborlee yeah Nov 22 01:50
neighborlee war games are instant gratification..I see it in most gaming friends that are male.. Nov 22 01:51
neighborlee though one female does it too to relieve day stress, but she also enjoys as much or more rpg where quests are as important as fps stuff Nov 22 01:51
schestowitz Addictive too (I too was addicted to them) Nov 22 01:51
neighborlee yup Nov 22 01:51
schestowitz It’s an ego thing Nov 22 01:52
schestowitz Animal instinct Nov 22 01:52
schestowitz You improve all the time and boast machoism Nov 22 01:52
neighborlee I think the danger zone is when  gamers enjoy them the more bloody and gorey the better.. fine if your a soldier I guess but  beyond that hardly   healthy :) Nov 22 01:52
schestowitz If only people knew that outsiders don’t care.. Nov 22 01:52
neighborlee yuppers exactly Nov 22 01:52
schestowitz Like people who can text fastest… who on earth knows about this ‘skill’? Nov 22 01:53
schestowitz Same with metal though. Nov 22 01:53
neighborlee rofl Nov 22 01:53
schestowitz Gets more gory and violent… until black metal. Nov 22 01:53
neighborlee I dont get the whole text messaging fascination…I never bother. Nov 22 01:53
schestowitz Where singers commit suicide like it’s a sort of vanity Nov 22 01:53
schestowitz Android has keyboard Nov 22 01:53
neighborlee I can see it applicable in school , but gez I just want to talk not text ;) Nov 22 01:53
schestowitz I saw it yesterday because a friend of mine got it Nov 22 01:53
neighborlee ahhh Nov 22 01:54
schestowitz It’s nice. Nov 22 01:54
neighborlee yeah id love one..android and linux what a sweet combo ;) Nov 22 01:54
schestowitz iPhone is like Jessica Simpson. Nov 22 01:54
schestowitz Android is like Hillary Clinton Nov 22 01:54
neighborlee LOL Nov 22 01:54
neighborlee ok :) Nov 22 01:54
schestowitz It actually does work Nov 22 01:54
neighborlee im so glad hillary got sec. of state..im stoked ;) Nov 22 01:54
schestowitz Whatever keeps guys who say “folks” out of office… Nov 22 01:55
neighborlee lol Nov 22 01:55
schestowitz I don’t trust Feds who talk about “folks” and “ranch” Nov 22 01:55
neighborlee lord knows Nov 22 01:55
schestowitz This leads to “big machine”, “teh Google”, and “Internet is tubes Nov 22 01:55
schestowitz The latter got busted for fraud BTW Nov 22 01:56
schestowitz Maybe he shills for telcos Nov 22 01:56
neighborlee you lost me on internet is tubes Nov 22 01:57
schestowitz http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ser… Nov 22 02:00
schestowitz http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T… Nov 22 02:01
schestowitz “On October 27, 2008, Stevens was found guilty of all seven counts of making false statements. “ Nov 22 02:02
schestowitz “I’ve got a virus, Doc” < http://www.computerworld.com/acti… > Nov 22 02:05
neighborlee LOL Nov 22 02:07
neighborlee yeah tubes ic ;) Nov 22 02:07
neighborlee stevens..thank god he was defeated..what a mell of a hess. Nov 22 02:07
schestowitz They have nice rocking chair in prison. ;-) Nov 22 02:08
schestowitz Dubya versus mother Ter.. nature…  Bush set to relax endangered species rules < http://www.cnn.com/2008/TECH/science/11/… > Nov 22 02:10
schestowitz No surprise there… series of tubes… no Kyoto treaty… let Earth fry, animals disappear and get lots of oil.. Nov 22 02:11
neighborlee schestowitz, I think its all bush has left…pander to angry humans bent on  getting rights to kill kill kill as if forgetting about genesis 1: 29-31 :) < BIBLE RANT OVER> heh ;) Nov 22 02:14
schestowitz The issue is clear Nov 22 02:14
schestowitz He tarnished the image of the US Nov 22 02:14
schestowitz That will cost even after his departure Nov 22 02:14
neighborlee its far easier for some to go along with status quo than to have to think and devise change that helps us evole as a species and become oh dear I say it,,more godike ;) Nov 22 02:14
schestowitz fanaticism abroad, limited trade, etc. Nov 22 02:14
schestowitz *godlike?? Nov 22 02:15
neighborlee well I mean…if one considers genesis 1:29-31, its sorta hard to argue for hunters rights ;) Nov 22 02:15
schestowitz I don’t have a bible at hand Nov 22 02:16
neighborlee though my father was one and I loved my father, I never followed in his footsteps Nov 22 02:16
schestowitz Dubya’s perpetrators in the UK have a similar effect here. Nov 22 02:16
schestowitz I know people who lost their jobs. Nov 22 02:16
neighborlee well it basically says,,god said for us only to eat herbs and fruits of the tree and that even the animals that fly and crawl are to do the same Nov 22 02:16
neighborlee alarmingly different than todays world, but thats what it says ;) Nov 22 02:16
neighborlee no surpise :( Nov 22 02:17
schestowitz Do monkeys eat meat? Nov 22 02:17
schestowitz Like any species? Nov 22 02:17
neighborlee sometimes yup Nov 22 02:17
neighborlee apes dont Nov 22 02:17
schestowitz What about the Hovo Sepians? ;-) Nov 22 02:17
neighborlee lol Nov 22 02:18
schestowitz They eat red Hats Nov 22 02:18
schestowitz And suck Microsoft’s.. oh, never mind. Nov 22 02:18
neighborlee yum ;) Nov 22 02:18
neighborlee rofl Nov 22 02:18
neighborlee BAD timing ;) Nov 22 02:18
schestowitz Careful with the IRC log Nov 22 02:18
schestowitz Yes, bad timing Nov 22 02:18
neighborlee rofl Nov 22 02:18
neighborlee quite ;) Nov 22 02:19
schestowitz LMAO Nov 22 02:19
neighborlee I cant wait to see the spin on that one Nov 22 02:19
neighborlee err ahm… Nov 22 02:19
neighborlee hmm nvm ;) Nov 22 02:19
schestowitz Let’s try this again. Nov 22 02:19
schestowitz They eat red Hats Nov 22 02:19
neighborlee ok ;) <ha> Nov 22 02:19
neighborlee indeed those peksy hats Nov 22 02:19
neighborlee http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.p… < amazing isn’t it..no reply from saul’s last post on 6/2008 Nov 22 02:22
neighborlee speechless they are Nov 22 02:22
neighborlee that and geoken Nov 22 02:22
schestowitz twitter minutes ago: http://boycottnovell.com/2008/11/21/irc… Nov 22 02:23
neighborlee k Nov 22 02:26
neighborlee thx for adding seths comments..someone actually @gnome is MUCH harder to refute I’d imagine ;) Nov 22 02:27
neighborlee I hope to get a reply from him soon Nov 22 02:27
schestowitz Do you read books? Nov 22 02:28
schestowitz The author of this book contacted me a couple times today. It’s worth a read <http://www.lulu.com/content/4964815 >. Have a look (free PDF). Nov 22 02:29
schestowitz The news comes to OSNews a month late: http://www.osnews.com/story/20568/EeePC_Retu… Nov 22 02:31
neighborlee sure I do Nov 22 02:32
neighborlee one im dong atm is electric universe Nov 22 02:32
neighborlee fascinating stuff Nov 22 02:32
neighborlee hm ;) Nov 22 02:36
neighborlee does sound interesting ;) Nov 22 02:36
neighborlee thx for link, downloading ;))))) Nov 22 02:36
schestowitz Wait, I’ll get you the contact of the author Nov 22 02:38
schestowitz He’s keen on getting feedback Nov 22 02:38
schestowitz If you decide to read it (it seemed pretty good based on a  cursory look), mail me and I’ll get you in touch with him. Nov 22 02:39
schestowitz I love things like Lulu or the Internet in general. It enables everyone to become a publishing authors. Some artists of various sorts come to light this way… singers, photographers, writers, geeks. Nov 22 02:40
neighborlee hmmm sweeet Nov 22 02:41
neighborlee interesting twitter post ;) Nov 22 02:42
schestowitz http://rollerweblogger.org/roller/entry/d… “Meena Vyas, Murthy Chintalapati and Allen Gilliland just published an article on BigAdmin that describes the architecture of blogs.sun.com, a Roller, Sun Web Server, Memcached and MySQL based site that averages 4 million hits a day with its two SunFire T2000 servers at 97% idle.” Nov 22 02:42
neighborlee schestowitz, oh and yeah a few posts back..imagine the childhood phelps must have had to have turned out so ‘sour’ o_0,…phrases of let thee without sin case the first stone comes to mind. Nov 22 02:44
neighborlee hmm phone need charged <cell>brb Nov 22 02:44
schestowitz Good comments here (they also defend me): http://www.computerworld.com/c… Nov 22 02:49
schestowitz Phelps was in IBM… another s*tty company from some perspectives. As the above says: “The deal is morally wrong and should not be looked at in terms of money. Software patents are a problem non free software makers have more than free software does. No one owes M$ anything and should not have a say in anything to do with free software.” Nov 22 02:50
neighborlee no joke ;0- Nov 22 02:52
schestowitz Hmmm…. that strong humour I wanted to link to this morning but didn’t… 451 Group put it up….http://blogs.the451group.com/opensource… –> http://1938enterprise.com/steve-ba… Nov 22 02:53
schestowitz The Microsoft shillgang is excluding the priorities that matter: http://news.cnet.com/8301-13846_3-1… Nov 22 02:57
schestowitz Forrester corrupted by Microsoft money. Nov 22 02:57
schestowitz IDC corrupted by Microsoft money. Nov 22 02:57
schestowitz Gartner funded by Microsoft money. Nov 22 02:58
schestowitz Stupid Wintel press, saying “piracy”… “The recording industry is doing the Tennessee Waltz right now, thanks to a bill recently signed by Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen that commits nearly $10 million of taxpayer money to fighting music piracy on state campuses.” < http://www.pcworld.com/article/154282/d… > Nov 22 03:06
schestowitz RIAA network… “Tennessee will spend $9.5 million on hardware, software, and the salaries of 21 staffers whose job is to monitor campus networks for signs of illegal file swapping.” For the ‘betterment’ of the Internet… spying by a legion of MAFIAA fighters. Nov 22 03:07
schestowitz http://www.pcworld.com/article/154357/… “At the end of May, Palm had 1,050 employees. On Thursday, the PalmInfocenter blog, citing unnamed sources, reported that around 200 Palm workers had been let go this week. “ Nov 22 03:09
schestowitz One useless company buys another: McAfee acquires Secure Computing news < http://www.domainb.com/companies/companie… > Nov 22 03:17
schestowitz http://whirlpool.net.au/news/?id=1820 “iiNet managing director Michael Malone rubbished the claim, saying that “AFACT seems to expect ISPs to be judge, jury and executioner here”. “We are meant to take their unfounded allegation, then cut customers off. That makes no sense. If someone is breaking the law, let the police and the courts do their job”, he said.” Nov 22 03:21
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MinceR how are you gentlemen !! Nov 22 10:23
trmanco fine Nov 22 10:32
trmanco and you? Nov 22 10:32
MinceR me too Nov 22 10:38
trmanco http://www.ksplice.com/ Nov 22 10:40
trmanco ksplice is comming Nov 22 10:42
MinceR i thought it was here already Nov 22 10:43
MinceR i’m waiting for distros to support it Nov 22 10:43
trmanco http://marc.info/?l=linux-kerne… Nov 22 10:44
*neighborlee (n=neighbor@unaffiliated/neighborlee) has joined #boycottnovell Nov 22 11:13
*neighborlee has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)) Nov 22 12:42
*neighborlee_ (n=neighbor@unaffiliated/neighborlee) has joined #boycottnovell Nov 22 12:57
schestowitz Hehe. http://apps.facebook.com/causes/151564?m… Nov 22 13:01
schestowitz Someone created it Nov 22 13:01
trmanco lol Nov 22 13:03
trmanco joined Nov 22 13:12
trmanco schestowitz, I just added you as a friend Nov 22 13:19
*schestowitz looks Nov 22 13:27
schestowitz Novell is Microsoft… Novell and Microsoft in Celebratory Moods < http://www.linuxpromagazine.com/online/news/n… > Nov 22 13:38
trmanco Moonlight rich media plugin *LOL* Nov 22 13:39
schestowitz It’s for Microsoft… y’know, instead of flowers. Nov 22 13:40
schestowitz I can’t take CNET anymore. Even their ‘open source’ blog is Apple/iPhone fanboyism and MS apologism…  http://news.cnet.com/8301-13505_… Nov 22 13:53
trmanco what? it is Asay, what else should you expect from him? Nov 22 13:57
schestowitz I think I’d dump his RSS feed. Not good for my bl00d pr3ssure ;-) Nov 22 13:58
schestowitz Publicity by FUD: http://www.itbusinessedge.com/… Nov 22 13:59
*_doug (n=configna@unaffiliated/confignak) has joined #boycottnovell Nov 22 14:01
schestowitz Blankenhorn entertains SCO shills: http://blogs.zdnet.com/open-sour… Nov 22 14:01
schestowitz Like other n00bs from CNET who don’t know the guy is anti-FOSS Nov 22 14:01
neighborlee_ I dont think silverlight is getting many inroads atm, at least not towhere I frequent which is CNN , gamespot ,,,,,having competitors to flash is fine, but at least flash has a direct download for linux whereas ahem we know silverlight doesn’t ;).. Nov 22 14:07
schestowitz Here’s the type of announcement where Microsoft pretends to ‘take on Google’ or ‘gain in supercomputers’ (it never does): http://www.marketwatch.com/news/story/battle-… Nov 22 14:21
schestowitz Why is MarketWatch peddling this stuff? Nov 22 14:21
_doug See this free advert for the Xbox pretending to be in interview .. Nov 22 14:23
_doug http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2008… Nov 22 14:23
_doug Brendon Burns, similar to Russell Brand, only he’s really funny :0 Nov 22 14:24
schestowitz Haha. First two lines… Nov 22 14:26
schestowitz Hidden messages? Nov 22 14:26
_doug Intellectual Ventures sponsors conference .. Nov 22 14:27
_doug http://yro.slashdot.org/article.pl?si… Nov 22 14:27
_doug Microsoft OpenOffice .. Nov 22 14:28
_doug http://news.cnet.com/8301-13505… Nov 22 14:28
_doug “Could Microsoft be feeding Intellectual Ventures ideas that it, in turn, can bludgeon Microsoft’s competitors with?” Nov 22 14:29
_doug No, who could be that devious ? Nov 22 14:29
_doug Halliburton patent patent-trolling .. Nov 22 14:31
_doug http://blogs.wsj.com/law/2008/11/12/hallib… Nov 22 14:31
_doug “Methods for a first party to acquire and assert a patent property against a second party are disclosed” Nov 22 14:31
_doug satire ? Nov 22 14:33
_doug Microsoft’s Open Source Operating System .. Nov 22 14:34
_doug http://www.infoq.com/news/200… Nov 22 14:34
_doug “You may use, copy, reproduce, and distribute this Software for any non-commercial academic purpose” Nov 22 14:36
_doug http://www.codeplex.com/sin… Nov 22 14:36
schestowitz Free labour Nov 22 14:37
schestowitz Windows made them miserable Nov 22 14:37
schestowitz So they kicks around some wasteful Arrr and Deee Nov 22 14:37
_doug “Microsoft is granted back, a non-exclusive, irrevocable, royalty-free, and sub-licensable license to, for any purpose” Nov 22 14:37
schestowitz *kicked Nov 22 14:37
_doug “the patent rights, if any, granted to you in this MSR-LA only apply to the Software, not to any derivative works you make” Nov 22 14:38
schestowitz Sounds like Microsoft… they need ‘pawns’ to write code cheaply Nov 22 14:38
schestowitz http://www.infoq.com/news/200… Nov 22 14:40
schestowitz Pretending to be FOSS people.. Nov 22 14:40
schestowitz Look. Code… don’t watch the licence… buy Windows, Office… DRM… Nov 22 14:40
*Omar87 (n=omar@ has joined #boycottnovell Nov 22 14:52
Omar87 Hey schestowitz Nov 22 14:52
Omar87 So what about Facebook? Why did it get sued? Nov 22 14:52
Omar87 ping schestowitz Nov 22 14:54
*Received a CTCP PING 1227366127 from Omar87 Nov 22 14:54
schestowitz Hey, Omar87 Nov 22 14:56
schestowitz What’s up? Nov 22 14:56
schestowitz Facebook was sued by a troll. The USPTO is a mess. Nov 22 14:56
schestowitz It would do more for the economy if it became a brothel or something. It lost all proprtion Nov 22 14:57
schestowitz They essentially replace an economy of goods into an economy of thoughts, where people own thoughts only if they are ‘first to apply’ for these thoughts. Making an hamburger is a thought too! :-) Nov 22 14:59
schestowitz ‘Jacobsen’ Gives Legs to Open Source < http://www.law.com/jsp/legaltech… > Nov 22 15:23
schestowitz SJVN is right on: Microsoft will end up buying Yahoo < http://practical-tech.com/business/mi… >. “But, why would Ballmer even bother to offer that much? All he has to do is keep saying that Microsoft has no interest in buying Yahoo, watch the company’s stock sink even lower, and then swoop in, at say $5 a share.” Nov 22 15:39
Omar87 Mr Roy, can I ask you for some personal consultation? Nov 22 15:44
schestowitz Sure, go ahead. Hehe… “Mr Roy…” :-) Nov 22 15:45
Omar87 :) Nov 22 15:45
Omar87 Umm, since you seem to be a professional blogger (maybe even journalist), how do you suggest I start my blogging career? Nov 22 15:46
_doug Remember the Julie Amero case ? Nov 22 15:48
_doug The classroom windows98 computer was infested with porno viruses .. Nov 22 15:49
_doug They charged her with a felony .. Nov 22 15:49
_doug Well, what do ya know .. Nov 22 15:49
Omar87 You see? There are so many things I’d to talk about, so many thoughts and ideas I’d like to share with the world. But whenever I sit in front of my Blog, and try to start a new topic, words just refuse to come out. I just don’t know what to write or how to express this thought or that.. Can you give me some enlightenment? Nov 22 15:49
schestowitz Omar87: blogging or writing is hardly a career. Nov 22 15:49
_doug Julie Amero pleads guilty to disorderly conduct .. Nov 22 15:49
_doug http://www.courant.com/news/local/hc-julie… Nov 22 15:49
schestowitz I make no money from this and literature is becoming Free like code. Nov 22 15:49
Omar87 schestowitz: I didn’t mean it literally. Nov 22 15:50
_doug ‘”Oh honey, it’s over. I feel wonderful,” Amero said a few minutes after pleading guilty to disorderly conduct and agreeing to surrender her teaching license’ Nov 22 15:50
schestowitz If you write something people want to know about as much as you, then you do a hobby while others listen too. Nov 22 15:50
Omar87 schestowitz: Yeah, that’s right. Nov 22 15:50
schestowitz At schestowitz.com I lack scope, but I must have that too for ranting. :-) Nov 22 15:50
schestowitz _doug: yes, I remember that case. Nov 22 15:51
schestowitz Dismissed, but lots of damage done.. Nov 22 15:51
schestowitz Omar87: best thing for blogging is to read news and use input as starting points. Nov 22 15:51
schestowitz I take notes as I go through the feeds (then sticking these notes together to make a unique analysis Nov 22 15:52
schestowitz That’s how most ideas are formed. Nothing is original but we paste and weave together facts and axioms, then draw conclusions form them Nov 22 15:52
twitter good morning.  Has the user  G. Michaels ever posted anything but twitter attacks?  If not, he should be flagged if not booted.  I’m tired of his spam. Nov 22 15:52
Eruaran hello all Nov 22 15:53
schestowitz G. M. is likely to be flagged like Gentoo User Nov 22 15:53
Omar87 schestowitz: Thanks a lot. ^_^ Nov 22 15:53
schestowitz They both came after you from /. posting nothing but attacks which bother other readers (they asked for such attacks to be deleted) Nov 22 15:53
schestowitz Hey, Eruaran Nov 22 15:53
*Omar87 says hello back to Eruaran. Nov 22 15:54
Omar87 schestowitz: That’s what most losers do when they have nothing else to say. Nov 22 15:55
schestowitz It makes them feel better. it’s called the bully complex, IIRC Nov 22 15:55
twitter It would be good to delete the attack and keep a record of it.  It shows the the attackers for what they are. Nov 22 15:55
schestowitz twitter: how do you mean…? Nov 22 15:56
twitter Times of posting and number of posts are useful information. Nov 22 15:56
schestowitz I never deleted comments unless it abused me by trying to sell I need V1agra, asian girls, or something to do with Web cams. :-) Nov 22 15:56
Omar87 twitter: It also works for a good proof to Richard Stallmans quote: “Idiots can be defeated but they just never admit it.” ;) Nov 22 15:56
twitter Do the work 24/7?  How many times have they struck in time.  That kind of thing. Nov 22 15:57
schestowitz Omar87: yes, it’s true. They usually run away if they lose a debate Nov 22 15:57
schestowitz They attack within minutes. Nov 22 15:57
twitter Actually, the M$ people just keep saying the same things when you are not away. Nov 22 15:57
schestowitz Quite a few people read the IRC logs too Nov 22 15:57
twitter *around. Nov 22 15:58
twitter flagging the attacks and linking to a statistics page would be useful. Nov 22 16:00
Omar87 schestowitz: Or, instead of running away, they stay there and keep proving to you how stupid they are by just splashing flames at you. :) Nov 22 16:00
schestowitz twitter: oh, I see what you mean. Nov 22 16:00
schestowitz A post containing proofs of a pattern of attacks? Nov 22 16:00
schestowitz Omar87: sometimes they plant libel and link to it, esp. in USENET Nov 22 16:01
Omar87 schestowitz: libel? Nov 22 16:02
schestowitz Yes. Nov 22 16:02
schestowitz Like this: http://www.google.com/search?sourceid=mozclient&am… Nov 22 16:03
neighborlee_ ok woah ,,thats freaky. Nov 22 16:06
Eruaran From an average user perspective I really don’t understand the whole Mono thing… Questionable .NET implementation when you have Java. It makes absolutely no sense to me unless you look at it from a Microsoft/Novell trojan perspective. Nov 22 16:10
schestowitz Novell must keep Microsoft happy Nov 22 16:11
Eruaran And the apps they plug as examples of how great it is are just duplications of already existing software that Novell wont contribute anything to. Nov 22 16:11
schestowitz In the past there were reasons. Nov 22 16:11
schestowitz Miguel wanted a GPL-ed stack to build the desktop (Qt was closed) Nov 22 16:12
schestowitz He later wanted a better p/l/framework and Java was closed Nov 22 16:12
schestowitz But not it’s time for change, esp. after the 2006 that Miguel himself condemned last year Nov 22 16:12
Eruaran And the way they go on about rapid application development… I just don’t see it in practice. I’ve seen more nice new apps for KDE4 appear in the last few months than I’ve seen Mono apps, ever. Nov 22 16:12
schestowitz Moreover, he ought to remember clearly how his beloved Microsoft is threatening to sue Linux now… with patents. Nov 22 16:13
Omar87 schestowitz: By “suing Linux”, who do they exactly mean? Nov 22 16:13
Eruaran As far as rapid app development goes, how is Mono better than Qt or Java ? Or MonoDevelop better than Qt Designer etc, or Eclipse ? Nov 22 16:15
schestowitz Omar87: they just do extortion. Nov 22 16:15
schestowitz With Red Hat and all.. Nov 22 16:15
schestowitz They don’t want to sue, but they can pressure with trolls like Myhrvold Nov 22 16:16
schestowitz They want ‘Linux tax’, preferably just with racketeering and no legal action. Nov 22 16:16
Omar87 schestowitz: But as we All know, Red Hat is not Linux, Red Hat only uses Linux. Nov 22 16:16
Eruaran As far as desktops go, I see KDE moving rapidly forward along with apps being developed for it – people seem to have clear minds and clear goals and this is giving KDE a lot of momentum. Nov 22 16:16
schestowitz Bunch of gangsters really, but that’s Microsoft for you.. Nov 22 16:16
schestowitz The govt. overlooking them ain’t necessarily better Nov 22 16:17
schestowitz Microsoft, like Bush, is a xenophobe at heart. Only Microsoft is allowed to exist… but for charity and betterment of humanity. Nov 22 16:17
schestowitz Eruaran: Marble is nice Nov 22 16:18
Eruaran yes Nov 22 16:18
Eruaran I think people like Aaron Seigo pointing the way forward in very clear, “we’ve made this, its very nice, and this is where were heading” fashion, without anything being dependent upon questionable tools, has done more to attract developer interest and support than anything Miguel de Icaza has sone. Nov 22 16:21
twitter Red Hat is a commercial user of GNU/Linux.  M$ wants to be the only commercial software company and to destroy non commercial distribution.  They have always used and abused free software towards this goal. Nov 22 16:22
Eruaran Look at what has happened in the past year with KDE… after a rough start with 4.0, things have serious momentum now. Nov 22 16:22
neighborlee_ If mono supporters want to be taken seriously on any level, how can they expect it when their replies often take the form  of hateful curses ?..Such discourse was tried 2000 years ago, and it didn’t work then either ;) Nov 22 16:22
twitter Did KDE 4.0 really have a rough start or was it all just FUD and premature use? Nov 22 16:23
Eruaran I guess a lot of it was FUD, and people didn’t understand who the release was really for. Nov 22 16:23
Eruaran KDE has always been, “release early, release often” Nov 22 16:24
twitter What distributions actually made it the default? Nov 22 16:24
twitter Debian still uses 3.5 for Etch and Lenny. Nov 22 16:24
Eruaran Kubuntu made 4.1 default Nov 22 16:24
twitter From what I read on the KDE Quality list, the features for KDE 4.0 were available but not revealed yet.  It’s code name was kalamity or something like that. Nov 22 16:25
*schestowitz on phone Nov 22 16:25
neighborlee_ mandriva  Mandriva Linux 2009 < kde 4.1 default Nov 22 16:26
twitter Byfield jumped right on the FUD waggon, that irked me. Nov 22 16:26
neighborlee_ I saw that..I was somewhat surprised Nov 22 16:26
Eruaran Aaron says in his blog that 4.1 was for core KDE users, and 4.2 is the one he would roll out in a commercial environment. Nov 22 16:27
twitter They use the Linux numbering system, odd is experimental, even is ready for use and zero is avoid? Nov 22 16:28
Eruaran think so… Nov 22 16:29
twitter Duh, I’m sorry, they can’t because 3.5.9 is stable. Nov 22 16:29
Eruaran lol true Nov 22 16:29
twitter I still imagine zero is “avoid” Nov 22 16:29
Eruaran Or, maybe they use it until it is stable and then not worry about it Nov 22 16:30
Eruaran (which sounds really dumb I know) Nov 22 16:30
twitter not if you are a developer and that’s your groove Nov 22 16:31
Eruaran After Roy mentioned Marble I realised I don’t have it installed… “Marble ! Why don’t I have Marble installed ?!”… *installing now* :P Nov 22 16:32
Eruaran This is rather nice Nov 22 16:38
Eruaran *installs addons* Nov 22 16:39
twitter ugh, you are right Roy, within minutes http://boycottnovell.com/2008/11/21/irc-l… Nov 22 16:42
twitter Never mind, it seems to be an active discussion. Nov 22 16:43
twitter Dan and Jo both jumping on within one minute of each other is suspicious though. Nov 22 16:44
*Spyhawk (n=spyhawk@opensuse/member/Spyhawk) has joined #boycottnovell Nov 22 17:12
*Spyhawk (n=spyhawk@opensuse/member/Spyhawk) has left #boycottnovell Nov 22 17:13
schestowitz I’m done spending times with them. Nov 22 17:17
trmanco http://www.ubudsl.com/en/start.php Nov 22 17:28
neighborlee_ ROFL, now Im being accused of no longer being ‘holier than thou < as I ever said I was, I mean palease>, and a basher of non foss when I use gmail :)) … Nov 22 17:30
*neighborlee_ is now known as holierthanthou Nov 22 17:30
holierthanthou o_0 Nov 22 17:30
holierthanthou I guess I am LOL Nov 22 17:30
*holierthanthou is now known as neighborlee Nov 22 17:30
neighborlee :) Nov 22 17:30
trmanco lol Nov 22 17:31
trmanco Court Grants OLPC’s Motions Dismissing Lancor’s Claims in Nigeria: http://www.groklaw.net/article.php?st… Nov 22 17:43
trmanco Six reasons Microsoft will continue to lose market share: http://www.neowin.net/news/main/08/11/21/… Nov 22 18:19
schestowitz Neowin?? Nov 22 18:21
schestowitz Wow. Nov 22 18:21
trmanco check the comments Nov 22 18:21
trmanco that was my point Nov 22 18:21
schestowitz It’s a Microsofty site. They’ll defend their Sugar Daddy. Nov 22 18:22
trmanco “Well Microsoft is going to giving anti-virus for free next year so if that goes well #5 won’t be trouble. Nov 22 18:22
trmanco With today’s system specs Vista isn’t a problem at all. It’s a stable Operating System.” ooh so stable Nov 22 18:22
*PetoKraus (n=pk@cpc3-broo2-0-0-cust711.renf.cable.ntl.com) has joined #boycottnovell Nov 22 18:23
trmanco yes I know, a lot a fanboyism going on Nov 22 18:23
trmanco did I spell it right? Nov 22 18:23
schestowitz fanboism? Nov 22 18:23
schestowitz Now it’s them with the back against the wall Nov 22 18:24
PetoKraus hello lads Nov 22 18:24
trmanco yes that, I did misspell it Nov 22 18:24
trmanco Hi Nov 22 18:24
schestowitz Not Apple users or Free software users. Microsoft on the defence…  debt, sagging sales, convictions near in some areas where they commit crimes. Nov 22 18:24
_doug http://ask.slashdot.org/article.pl?s… Nov 22 18:28
_doug “I heard from several of Alfresco’s partners that they are not allowed to do projects based on Alfresco’s GPL edition because their partnership contract denied them the right to do so.” Nov 22 18:28
_doug IS this true Roy ? Nov 22 18:28
trmanco LOL, add 1 million more Windows zombies to the big number already in existence -> http://news.softpedia.com/news/Fake-Windows… Fake Windows “Antivirus” Code Infected 1 Million Computers Nov 22 18:29
schestowitz I know they don’t like forks Nov 22 18:29
schestowitz Someone asked them for help with a fork. Nov 22 18:29
schestowitz trmanco: one million. What’s that? Like 0.3% more? Nov 22 18:30
trmanco yeah probably Nov 22 18:30
trmanco How many estimated Windows zombies are there? I can’t recall Nov 22 18:31
_doug another slow day on slashdot .. Nov 22 18:31
schestowitz 320 mil (in April 2008) Nov 22 18:31
schestowitz Slow days in general, _doug Nov 22 18:31
trmanco :O Nov 22 18:31
schestowitz The economy is sinking Nov 22 18:32
trmanco more than I thought Nov 22 18:32
PetoKraus well Nov 22 18:32
PetoKraus i had a nice day Nov 22 18:32
PetoKraus i brought SystemRestoreCD to work Nov 22 18:32
PetoKraus it’s a linux-based livecd Nov 22 18:32
schestowitz http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2… Nov 22 18:32
PetoKraus i managed to get his data off the HDD without needing to screw it out Nov 22 18:33
schestowitz Why not a visit to the PC ‘doctor’? Nov 22 18:41
schestowitz Only 50 quid for the same thing. ;-) Nov 22 18:41
_doug Which HD, do you keeps backups ? Nov 22 18:43
_doug Good grief, you didn’t keep backups and you call yourself a techie Nov 22 18:46
_doug :O Nov 22 18:46
schestowitz I think it’s for a mate Nov 22 18:48
PetoKraus _doug: no, we don’t keep backups Nov 22 18:49
PetoKraus and it’s £40 Nov 22 18:49
PetoKraus i don’t care about mr. Iain’s wedding pictures Nov 22 18:49
PetoKraus though I wanted to ask him about his website business Nov 22 18:49
PetoKraus gosh, i spent like 4 hours with that thing Nov 22 18:50
PetoKraus you wouldn’t fkn believe how long does it take to check and resize 300GB vfat… Nov 22 18:50
_doug You did get paid, yea ? Nov 22 18:51
_doug personally I stopped doing free tech-support a long time ago … Nov 22 18:52
schestowitz PetoKraus: took me like 1-2 hours to repartition that size on a dual-core box. Nov 22 18:52
PetoKraus yeah Nov 22 18:52
schestowitz _doug: it’s the Windows culture. Nov 22 18:52
PetoKraus _doug: i am paid £7 per hour Nov 22 18:52
PetoKraus quite reasonable for a student in glasgow Nov 22 18:52
trmanco that is good Nov 22 18:53
PetoKraus though i feel it’s quite a charity from their part Nov 22 18:53
schestowitz Free software community =  swap code and plugins; Windows community: ‘free’ support, symapthy for losses (suppot group) Nov 22 18:53
_doug I don’t go up to people and say, come round and do my accounts, fix the washing machine, for free .. Nov 22 18:53
PetoKraus yup Nov 22 18:53
schestowitz But Windows… Nov 22 18:53
PetoKraus i wouldn’t charge a friend, though Nov 22 18:53
_doug Someone actually said, I thought you would do it for nothing :0 Nov 22 18:53
schestowitz Well, you come to expect it. Nov 22 18:53
schestowitz Children do this.. Nov 22 18:53
schestowitz You can’t pay children. Nov 22 18:53
schestowitz Another thing indeed is friends and family that beg Nov 22 18:54
schestowitz And if time is worth money… then… you know, TCO and all.. Nov 22 18:54
PetoKraus they moved me from sales to tech Nov 22 18:54
PetoKraus it’s delight Nov 22 18:54
PetoKraus i can actually bitch about M$ all the time Nov 22 18:55
PetoKraus and i am not getting fired :D Nov 22 18:55
_doug As a favor, I copied pics off a camera and FTPd them to their client, all I got in thanks was .. your computer gave me a virus .. !!! Nov 22 18:55
_doug I *said* I don’t use Windows, I *don’t get viruses .. shoulda seen the glazed look on their faces .. Nov 22 18:56
trmanco :) Nov 22 18:56
PetoKraus i don’t really get why we don’t switch to unix/bsd at work Nov 22 18:57
schestowitz I have a question Nov 22 18:57
PetoKraus ESPECIALLY when you deal with virus-riddled software half the time Nov 22 18:58
schestowitz How can I expose an E-mail fro  Microsoft? Nov 22 18:58
schestowitz (without Microsoft knowing where it came from? Nov 22 18:58
trmanco headers? Nov 22 18:58
schestowitz Would anonimising it help? Nov 22 18:58
schestowitz *ny Nov 22 18:58
_doug expose an email ? Nov 22 19:03
schestowitz Yes. Nov 22 19:03
schestowitz If I remove names it might help, no? Nov 22 19:03
schestowitz Like… all name apart from affiliations Nov 22 19:03
_doug If it’s private and addressed to you then it should stay private until you get the permission of the sender .. Nov 22 19:03
schestowitz Only the recipient can ask for premission. Nov 22 19:04
twitter Just quote it and the headers that show what mail server sent ti. Nov 22 19:05
twitter it Nov 22 19:05
_doug corroborate from other sources, or paraphrase the contents, post on it and ask for confirmation or denial … Nov 22 19:06
twitter ultimately people will have to trust you that you did not make the mail up, even if you quote the whole thing. Nov 22 19:06
schestowitz The thing is, I don’t respect Microsoft much. Nov 22 19:06
schestowitz It’s not as though they have been respectful to people, to say the least Nov 22 19:06
twitter respect has to be earned. Nov 22 19:06
schestowitz Just watch the Intel/Micfrosoft crime that’s in court now. Nov 22 19:07
schestowitz If they commit crime, why should one be civil at the lowest of levels? Nov 22 19:07
schestowitz I can just omit the names. Nov 22 19:07
twitter criminals, once convicted, should never be trusted. Nov 22 19:07
schestowitz No? Nov 22 19:07
twitter you should always be civil, but not trusting. Nov 22 19:07
twitter protect yourself when dealing with them and do your best to avoid that. Nov 22 19:08
schestowitz I think I can anonymise this and put it up in such a way that those involved won’t notice Nov 22 19:08
_doug gtg .. Nov 22 19:09
*_doug has quit () Nov 22 19:09
twitter If you have evidence of fraud, it is your duty to expose it.  Good luck protecting the innocent if they work for or with M$. Nov 22 19:11
neighborlee its interesting to see the rhetoric about moonlight, when neither debian or fedora are going anywhere near it ;)..and when they do points things out, they almost always descend into pesonal attacks, like Dan  O’B did to me with the holier than thou comment..classy ;) Nov 22 19:11
twitter M$ style. Nov 22 19:11
neighborlee yeah if im holier than thou for trying to do that, then I accept the definition LOL Nov 22 19:11
twitter name calling is all they have.  It’s surprising they think they can insult their way into things and make friends that way. Nov 22 19:12
neighborlee quite. Nov 22 19:13
schestowitz twitter: thanks. Nov 22 19:13
schestowitz neighborlee: the mail is about Mono. Nov 22 19:13
neighborlee ey ? Nov 22 19:13
schestowitz MS shot in foot. Nov 22 19:13
schestowitz They want to sell a Mono licence. Nov 22 19:13
neighborlee what mail about mono Nov 22 19:14
schestowitz It’s getting fun, eh? Nov 22 19:14
neighborlee what did I miss Nov 22 19:14
schestowitz neighborlee: I’ll post it later. Nov 22 19:14
neighborlee o_0 Nov 22 19:14
neighborlee okie dokie Nov 22 19:14
schestowitz Maybe we can knock a nail on Monovell’s coffin, with the exception of SUSE (they are already ‘protected’, no?) Nov 22 19:14
neighborlee :) Nov 22 19:16
schestowitz It would be useful if you spread the word once it’s posted. Nov 22 19:19
PetoKraus well Nov 22 19:33
PetoKraus whatever Nov 22 19:33
schestowitz Haha. “Uniformity is not always a good thing,” said Tsilas. “At the end of the day, we should have a more dynamic market, and live in a world of ‘and,’ not ‘either/or.’” Nov 22 20:15
schestowitz Say Microsoft lawyers behind the racketeering… Nov 22 20:16
twitter Hi, I did a little analysis of yesterday’s Jo Shield’s flame fest.  Counted comments and computed average response times.  Would you believe that other people responded faster than you could Roy? Nov 22 20:43
twitter I’m going to email you the results. Nov 22 20:43
schestowitz neighborlee: check front page of BN Nov 22 20:45
schestowitz OK, thanks, twitter. Nov 22 20:45
neighborlee ok thx Nov 22 20:47
twitter It surprised me.  Because you have the best monitoring of the site and knowledge of the situation, I expected you to be the fastest responder. Nov 22 20:50
Eruaran A short while ago I suggested to someone who appears to be astroturfing on youtube that Vista 7 looks like M$ devs spent the last 12 months studying KDE 4.x and browing at kde-look.org… The funny part is that his response was to say that “you probably have never used KDE” (lol) and that suggesting ANYTHING in Vista 7 has been copied from elsewhere is “ridiculous”. Nov 22 20:51
twitter Some of the response time can be explained as more than one person participating to harass you, but that can’t explain the fast response times of low number participants. Nov 22 20:53
neighborlee schestowitz, interesting :) Nov 22 20:55
twitter The raw numbers are: Nov 22 20:55
twitter stevetheFLY,0:03,1 Nov 22 20:56
twitter Josh Bell,0:04,2 Nov 22 20:56
twitter AlexH,0:07,7 Nov 22 20:56
twitter Jo Shields,0:07,24 Nov 22 20:56
twitter Roy Schestowitz,0:08,39 Nov 22 20:56
twitter Cor,0:12,2 Nov 22 20:56
twitter Dan O’Brian,0:15,13 Nov 22 20:56
twitter Chris,0:18,2 Nov 22 20:57
twitter twitter,0:24,3 Nov 22 20:57
schestowitz Cor seems to be close to SUSE’s headquarters, but this might not mean much Nov 22 20:57
schestowitz The smears from s/he/it  appear in other sites too Nov 22 20:57
twitter I’m now going back to look at the contents. Nov 22 20:59
schestowitz These are separate people, but they spend a lot of time in a site they merely protest against Nov 22 21:00
Eruaran Ballmer ordered to testify in ‘Vista Capable’ suit: http://www.computerworld.com/action… Nov 22 21:03
twitter The comments may come from different places but they are coordinated and similar.  If they are really separate people, do they lurk on IRC or pass email between each other to go to a gang bang in which no one’s average time of response is less than 24 minutes?  It’s uncanny. Nov 22 21:03
schestowitz This is so cool. A reader just sent me this: http://boycottnovell.com/resourc… Nov 22 21:07
schestowitz Eruaran: I posted about it 5 minutes ago. :-D Nov 22 21:07
Eruaran oh :P Nov 22 21:07
schestowitz Have a look. Nov 22 21:07
schestowitz I’ll add your link Nov 22 21:07
twitter One difference of opinion from yesterday’s flame fest is easy to check.  You claim Jo is pushing mono in both Debian and Ubuntu.  Jo implies he’s only interested in Ubuntu.  Have you documented Jo’s advocacy in other distributions? Nov 22 21:32
*neighborlee has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)) Nov 22 21:36
schestowitz twitter: I haven’t no. Nov 22 21:37
twitter OK.  I thought it was strange that Jo did not deny that right away. Nov 22 22:04
schestowitz Well, it seems true. Nov 22 22:06
schestowitz But let’s no talk about people. Nov 22 22:06
schestowitz Let us make it clear that some people who are close to the Mono centre of gravity (mostly Novell|Microsoft) are pursuing Mono and defending it from critics. Nov 22 22:07
twitter I’m not sure I’m talking about people or nyms. Nov 22 22:07
twitter Here’s my flame ratio count from yesterday’s conversation: Nov 22 22:07
schestowitz I replies to this thing a minute ago: Nov 22 22:08
schestowitz http://boycottnovell.com/2008/11/21/micro… Nov 22 22:08
twitter stevetheFLY1.00 Nov 22 22:08
twitter Josh Bell0.50 Nov 22 22:08
twitter AlexH0.29 Nov 22 22:08
twitter Jo Shields0.29 Nov 22 22:08
twitter Roy Schestowitz0.05 Nov 22 22:08
twitter Cor1.00 Nov 22 22:08
twitter Dan O’Brian0.62 Nov 22 22:08
twitter Chris1.00 Nov 22 22:08
schestowitz Brit posting from Germany Nov 22 22:08
twitter My analysis of the content of the discussion is that it was coordinated attack designed to discredit the site. Nov 22 22:09
*pcolon (i=41251762@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-8052b5cd40442ba2) has joined #boycottnovell Nov 22 22:09
schestowitz hey, pcolon. Nov 22 22:11
pcolon Hi there, just got out of work. Nov 22 22:12
twitter Analysis follows: Nov 22 22:12
twitter The thread was a coordinated, nym filled attempt to discredit the site as, “a haven for lies, half-truths, and absence of fact”  The speed at which people jumped on a percieved slip up, “vested interests” with the same anger is unlikely to be spontanious or the result of more than one or two people’s mind, Nov 22 22:13
twitter yet there were obsenively nine people in the conversation.  Average response times and 100% flame to comment ratios indicate that several minor paricipants were nyms.  Major attackers agreed with each other in dismissing reputable sources such as Groklaw and the FSLC.  The unmistakable conclusion is that fewer people than names were involved and that the people involved coordianted their attack Nov 22 22:13
twitter Jo himself was intereested in accusations not correcting mistakes.  He starts the conversation with a flame which attempts to discredit the site.  “explaining this site’s content,” is the way he puts it as he rails against, “make up random things” from readers and Roy’s, “made-up reality.” Nov 22 22:13
twitter Much baiting follows and is joined by others or nyms who all call Roy a liar.  Jo refuses requests to explain his motivation while he continues to insult and ultimately agreeing with the Dan, the Novell party line man and veering into poorly founded and unrelated patent and DeCSS discussions, MP3 and DVD playing. Nov 22 22:14
twitter Other participants add little more than insult and Novell party line.  Dan claims, “Roy wants to be world dictator – anyone who disagrees with him should be hung or burned at the stake” before laughably asserting that nothing learned between 2006 and now could be cause for alarm and that mono is safe. Nov 22 22:14
twitter   The opinion of the FSLC is dismissed along with Roy as a manevolent twisting of ignorant opinion.  He digs up the old news groups cannard of image copyright, “piracy.” Nov 22 22:14
twitter Participants Chris and Cor provide nothing but flames. Nov 22 22:15
twitter Flames were defined as obvious, personal attacks.  Comments directed against Novell, Microsoft and other companies were not considered flames because no one claims to be employed by them. Nov 22 22:16
pcolon Yet they defend them (MS-NOVL) vehemently Nov 22 22:17
schestowitz They try to put the site on the defensive rather than themselves (Mono boosters) Nov 22 22:18
schestowitz That’s erroneous in my eyes Nov 22 22:18
schestowitz The same goes for the SUSE/Novell people. We’re not the bad guys. Nov 22 22:18
twitter and the attackers are not who they say they are. Nov 22 22:19
schestowitz Let me check some IPs Nov 22 22:20
schestowitz Cor is German Nov 22 22:20
schestowitz I know the ful name Nov 22 22:20
schestowitz I think Chris is German too Nov 22 22:20
schestowitz [we get the most abuse from Germany] Nov 22 22:21
twitter it will be interesting if you can get anything as you did when you checked downloading agents.  I would think they’d be bright enough to use botnets but … Nov 22 22:21
twitter M$ PR drones are never as clever as they think they are. Nov 22 22:21
schestowitz I don’t think there’s “agents” here. Nov 22 22:22
twitter Steve the Fly? Nov 22 22:22
schestowitz Some of them might be related to Novell employees (friends, family, colleagues) Nov 22 22:22
schestowitz Steve the Fly is “eet” Nov 22 22:22
schestowitz He attacks Novell critics not just in BN Nov 22 22:22
schestowitz Beranger tossed him almost… Nov 22 22:23
twitter They might be related to Novell employees and they might be nodes on the botnet. Nov 22 22:23
PetoKraus schestowitz: where Nov 22 22:23
schestowitz No, the style is unique and consistent Nov 22 22:23
schestowitz PetoKraus: let me find it. Nov 22 22:23
PetoKraus sure Nov 22 22:23
twitter Normal relatives, like my wife stay far away from this shit. Nov 22 22:24
twitter bbl Nov 22 22:24
PetoKraus xD Nov 22 22:24
PetoKraus calling wife “normal relative” can be a bit tricky Nov 22 22:24
schestowitz http://beranger.org/index.php?page=… Nov 22 22:24
PetoKraus if my wife called me just a “normal relative”, i wouldn’t be quiet :P Nov 22 22:24
schestowitz “Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you an advanced Web vandal. Nov 22 22:24
schestowitz I’m not sure if his name is really Sebastian Weiss or not, or if he uses the nickname “eet” in some other places or only here. Nov 22 22:24
schestowitz But one of his e-mail addresses is strommael@gmx.net, that’s a safe bet for now. Nov 22 22:24
schestowitz Due to his vandalism, he managed to get all his comments he posted on this blog deleted. “ Nov 22 22:24
schestowitz “My German Nazi friend (that’s how I will name this vandal from now on) seems to be a seasoned SUSE user and a strong advocate of Novell. Nov 22 22:25
schestowitz On Sep. 9, 2005, I thought myself that Novell has genius. But I don’t believe this anymore. Nov 22 22:25
schestowitz What kind of vandal is this guy?” Nov 22 22:25
PetoKraus :) Nov 22 22:27
schestowitz I don’t think anyone else in BN and Planete Berangeer ever required the same type of especial treatment. Nov 22 22:40
schestowitz I can’t figure out why so many people read BN today and more importantly, I can’t understand where they come from. Nov 22 22:41
pcolon I think people are getting tired of being led where they do not want to go. Nov 22 22:44
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  1. Dan O'Brian said,

    November 23, 2008 at 9:12 am



    <neighborlee> people like to read objective pieces of news and ive never seen you post anything but that. I am adult enough to let you report, and I decide..those saying otherwise are insulting the readers intelligence, and doing that gives them ZERO credibility.

    You wouldn’t know objectivity if it smacked you upside the head.

    Roy is one sided, dishonest, and extremely biased against Mono. He’s not objective at all. Objective would be to present both sides of the story equally.

    Badmouthing Mono is not presenting both sides, hence not objective. I would have expected an adult such as yourself to understand what objective means.

  2. Roy Schestowitz said,

    November 23, 2008 at 9:15 am


    Roy is one sided, dishonest, and extremely biased against Mono. He’s not objective at all. Objective would be to present both sides of the story equally.

    I do hear it (I never censor) and I remain unmoved. There’s a difference.

  3. Dan O'Brian said,

    November 23, 2008 at 9:20 am


    It is irrelevant if you hear it or not, you have to report it in order to be considered objective.

    Currently, you are less objective than Fox News, and that says a lot (since you are unlikely to be familiar with Fox News).

  4. Roy Schestowitz said,

    November 23, 2008 at 9:25 am


    I am very familiar with Fox News and I strive to be better by leaving out the junk and the commercial interests, as opposed to the interests of society.

    Direct link

  5. jo Shields said,

    November 23, 2008 at 11:29 am


    Irony: a made-up “report” absent of fact telling me off for pointing out the volume of fact-free made-up content

    My baseline level of “faintly amused” with Boycott Novell’s biggest supporters and contributors remains unchanged

  6. Roy Schestowitz said,

    November 23, 2008 at 11:31 am


    Which is the “made-up “report””?

  7. jo Shields said,

    November 23, 2008 at 11:53 am


    twitter’s little spiel about coordinated efforts, fr’example?

    Perhaps it’s possible for people *independently* to think this site is bad?

  8. Roy Schestowitz said,

    November 23, 2008 at 12:01 pm


    I am the only one who sees the IPs in comments. That’s why he’s wrong.

  9. G. Michaels said,

    November 23, 2008 at 7:51 pm


    Oh, the humanity. Watching Will Hill (twitter) ferret out alleged nymshifters is like listening to tobacco companies explain healthy lifestyles. Oh dear.

    Note: writer of this comment adds absolutely nothing but stalking and personal attacks against readers, as documented here.

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    How the world's leading patent office became a world-leading source of abuse, corruption, nepotism, injustice, incompetence, censorship, alleged bribery, pure deception, distortion of media, defamation, and suicides (among many other things)

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    No Unified Patent Court in the UK and probably nothing like it in the rest of Europe any time soon (if ever)

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    Anything goes at the EPO, except dissent; any patent application seems to be grantable, provided one uses simple tricks and persists against overworked examiners who are pressured to increase so-called 'production'

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    A look back at the terrible ‘accomplishments’ of the Jesper Kongstad-led Administrative Council, which still issues hogwash and face-saving lies, as one might expect from a protector of Battistelli that lies to national representatives and buries inconvenient topics

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  23. His Master's Voice, Jesper Kongstad, Blocks Discussion of Investigative and Disciplinary Procedures at the EPO

    The Chairman of the Administrative Council of the European Patent Organisation is actively preventing not just the dismissal of Battistelli but also discussion of Battistelli's abuses

  24. Heiko Maas and the State of Germany Viewed as Increasingly Complicit in EPO Scandals and Toxic UPC Agenda

    It is becoming hard if not impossible to interpret silence and inaction from Maas as a form of endorsement for everything the EPO has been doing, with the German delegates displaying more of that apathy which in itself constitutes a form of complicity

  25. With IP Kat Coverage of EPO Scandals Coming to an End (Officially), Techrights and The Register Remain to Cover New Developments

    One final post about the end of Merpel’s EPO coverage, which is unfortunate but understandable given the EPO’s track record attacking the media, including blogs like IP Kat, sites of patent stakeholders, and even so-called media partners

  26. Everyone, Including Patent Law Firms, Will Suffer From the Demise of the EPO

    Concerns about quality of patents granted by the EPO (EPs) are publicly raised by industry/EPO insiders, albeit in an anonymous fashion

  27. Yes, Battistelli's Ban on EPO Strikes (or Severe Limitation Thereof) is a Violation of Human Rights

    Battistelli has curtailed even the right to strike, yet anonymous cowards attempt to blame the staff (as in patent examiners) for not going out of their way to engage in 'unauthorised' strikes (entailing dismissal)

  28. Even the EPO's Administrative Council No Longer Trusts Its Chairman, Battistelli's 'Chinchilla' Jesper Kongstad

    Kongstad's protection of Battistelli, whom he is supposed to oversee, stretches to the point where national representatives (delegates) are being misinformed

  29. Thanks to Merpel, the World Knows EPO Scandals a Lot Better, But It's a Shame That IP Kat Helped UPC

    A look back at Merpel's final post about EPO scandals and the looming threat of the UPC, which UPC opportunists such as Bristows LLP still try hard to make a reality, exploiting bogus (hastily-granted) patents for endless litigation all around Europe

  30. EPO Critics Threatened by Self-Censorship, Comment Censorship, and a Growing Threat to Anonymity

    Putting in perspective the campaign for justice at the EPO, which to a large degree relies on whistleblowers and thus depends a great deal on freedom of the press, freedom of speech, and anonymity


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