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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: January 6th, 2009

Posted in IRC Logs at 4:33 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


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twitter People at M$ are freedom haters. Jan 06 02:45
twitter Someone gave me a Samsung picture frame for Christmas.  It has a 480 x two hundred or so pixel display and a “Magic Pixel” MP600 chip set from China.  Anyone heard of that? Jan 06 02:48
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schestowitz Wow. BN’s Netcraft rank leaped to 2800th on the Web :-D Jan 06 08:44
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schestowitz re NIN best selling cc-licensed music: http://www.lessig.org/blog/2009/01… Jan 06 09:14
schestowitz China Adds Search Engines To Its Censorship-By-Guilt Plan; How Will Google Respond? < http://techdirt.com/articles/20090105/… > Jan 06 09:21
schestowitz “I have significant problems with any sort of compulsory licensing scheme, which basically gives the power to a tiny group of people to establish the business models and cost structures for an entire industry.” < http://techdirt.com/articles/… > Jan 06 09:22
schestowitz OH NO! Linux.com is dead!! http://www.linux.com/feature/156093 Jan 06 09:25
schestowitz They’re dropping like flies… Technocrat, GL, now Linux.com. Jan 06 09:26
schestowitz “For legal reasons, we can’t tell you yet about what’s coming — but we’re not joining forces with Microsoft or any other proprietary software company. As soon as we can tell you, you’ll hear it here first.” Jan 06 09:27
schestowitz Digital lockdown in Brazil proposed :-|  http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&a… Jan 06 09:36
schestowitz Human rights don’t come as gifts from above but through struggle from the bottom. Jan 06 09:36
MinceR geekings Jan 06 09:37
schestowitz Warner strangling truth: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=pYZ1Scv6-t0&NR=1 Jan 06 09:44
schestowitz CEA: US Jobs at Risk in Free Trade Debate < http://www.pcworld.com/article/156368/cea_u… >. Maybe it’s time for the US to go on and ‘liberate’ Venezuela from democracy.. for their oil. Biden calls Chavez “a dictator” despite him b being popular in a democratic country. Jan 06 09:58
schestowitz IT Execs Are Making Less < http://www.pcworld.com/article/156370/it_e… > Jan 06 10:00
macabe Hi Roy, Is there a problem with the link to the ODF pdf? Jan 06 10:10
schestowitz It seems like their site is down. Jan 06 10:11
schestowitz It’s not responding. Jan 06 10:11
macabe OK, Thanks, will try later. Jan 06 10:11
schestowitz I thought about making a local copy at the time, but it’s probably copyrighted or something (yet they try to maximise spread) Jan 06 10:12
macabe Most of the technical documents we write are in Open Document Format. There are people here at work that complain Jan 06 10:15
macabe They can’t open them. I tell them to get a real Word Processor Jan 06 10:15
schestowitz Yes, it’s natural Jan 06 10:16
schestowitz There are several. Jan 06 10:16
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schestowitz MS ramble: http://www.internetnews.com/commentary/art… Jan 06 10:53
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schestowitz That news from Brazil is worth writing about in English so that people can link to it. Uniqueness of reports counts, so maybe I’ll have a go at it. Jan 06 11:21
schestowitz MOG: “SourceLabs, which had Microsoft connections despite its open source bent” Jan 06 11:25
schestowitz moody: “Trying to access Hyperspace site (http://www.hyperspace.com/) – says “You are not authorized to view this page”” Works fine now. Jan 06 12:38
schestowitz More Laid-Off Journos Becoming Entrepreneurs: New Model For Local News? < http://www.paidcontent.co.uk/entry/419-more-laid-off… > Jan 06 12:43
twitter Good for journalists.  I’m sure they will be happy to compete with their former bosses and their idiotic editorial policies.  Truth is on the way. Jan 06 14:02
twitter I found some more about my little picture frame.  It’s not encouraging. Jan 06 14:03
twitter The good news is that it’s ARM, as I suspected.  The bad news is that Magic Pixel does not have much information up and it’s all delivered via IIS. Jan 06 14:03
twitter I don’t think I’ll be booting my picture frame to Debian any time soon.  That’s too bad, because it has about everything needed to be a netbook – a reasonable screen, USB hook ups and SD. Jan 06 14:06
twitter It would have been fun to wrap a flexible keyboard around the front and a mouse. Jan 06 14:06
twitter That would make an easy netbook for less than $100. Jan 06 14:08
twitter RAM might be a little low. Jan 06 14:08
twitter GPE should be able to work it. Jan 06 14:08
twitter Nifty interview. Jan 06 14:10
twitter Nice Palm article wrap up from yesterday. Jan 06 14:49
twitter One quibble though – Handspring pioneered the smart phone market with it’s modules.  I think they made Treo before Palm ate them back up.  Yep, they did http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Handspri… Jan 06 14:52
schestowitz Aye. Journalists will lose their faces. Those who like a particular journalist can now follow him/her without a restraint. Glyn Moody is where I got this link, and he’s a fine example. Jan 06 14:54
schestowitz I just had a long verbal conversation about this. It was very good. Jan 06 14:55
twitter ” Palm has its work cut out for it. In its most recent quarter, Palm sold 599,000 smart phones, down 13 percent from the previous year. Apple, meanwhile, sold 6.9 million iPhones in its most recent quarter, while RIM shipped 6.7 million BlackBerrys.”  Ouch. Jan 06 15:03
schestowitz Yes, they do pretty well those binary bricks. Jan 06 15:04
schestowitz Android ought to have sold a million by Xmas. Jan 06 15:04
schestowitz bbl Jan 06 15:11
twitter later.  When you get back, I’d like to know a little more about site statistics, which are very interesting this year.  What’s the OS breakdown?  Are the hecklers the only people using IE? Jan 06 15:14
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twitter McGraw-Hill troubles http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=206011… Jan 06 16:08
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schestowitz It has just ocurred to me… doesn’t Raven preside over 451 Group? Jan 06 17:30
schestowitz Well, one thing I wrote about before is how companies can employ as advisors analysts who do a favour Jan 06 17:30
schestowitz As in, let a study be conducted and reward with a consulting contracts Jan 06 17:30
schestowitz Well, another method worth secrutiny goes like this: “Run a ‘study’ to prove <X>, then charge large amount of money to get a copy, and companies X with its subsiaries Y and Z will ‘secure’ the investment by buying copies too, thus compensating rather than sponsoring.” It’s a lopphole Jan 06 17:32
schestowitz “”McGraw-Hill Cos., the owner of the Standard & Poor’s credit-rating service, cut 375 more jobs in the fourth quarter as the market slowdown and U.S. recession erode revenue.” Madoffocket couldn’t have helped much. Jan 06 17:34
neighborlee this mono guys are hilllarious..do they really think android is in anyway going to endorse their silly attempt at mono intrusion LOL Jan 06 17:34
neighborlee s/this/these Jan 06 17:34
neighborlee great post btw thx for that…about current comment from M$ about mono/novel o_0 Jan 06 17:35
neighborlee all this mono crud ranks right up there with burris nonsense. Jan 06 17:35
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schestowitz I reckon it won’t be long before directhex breaks the silence. Jan 06 17:36
schestowitz brb Jan 06 17:36
Tallken schestowitz, http://www.macrumorslive.com/ Jan 06 17:37
Tallken watch the hacked feed xD Jan 06 17:37
schestowitz It hardly responds. Jan 06 17:41
Tallken 4chan hacked the site Jan 06 17:41
Tallken at least it was as they identified Jan 06 17:41
schestowitz cracked? Jan 06 17:41
schestowitz :-) Jan 06 17:41
Tallken cracked, you’re right :) Jan 06 17:42
schestowitz i hacked my sites yesterday… changed the banner. Jan 06 17:42
Tallken lol Jan 06 17:42
Tallken i know i know Jan 06 17:42
schestowitz From the “happy new year” one. Jan 06 17:42
DarkUranium well Jan 06 17:42
schestowitz Not it’s GNU’s not Linux Jan 06 17:42
DarkUranium TECHNICALLY Jan 06 17:42
Tallken cracker malicious intent, hacker, non malicious intent Jan 06 17:42
schestowitz *Now it’s Jan 06 17:42
DarkUranium they cracked in order to hack :P Jan 06 17:42
schestowitz 4chan. Jan 06 17:42
DarkUranium I hacked some bread yesterday Jan 06 17:43
DarkUranium made some really nifty slices Jan 06 17:43
Tallken arstechnica responde afinal Jan 06 17:43
Tallken arstechnica is answering Jan 06 17:44
Tallken sorry Jan 06 17:45
Tallken wrong language :p Jan 06 17:45
DarkUranium use Bash next time, everybody understands that :P Jan 06 17:45
schestowitz Weird culture… http://zip.4chan.org/fa/res/657161.ht… Jan 06 17:45
DarkUranium or Python Jan 06 17:45
schestowitz Perl you can talk… but not understand or read Jan 06 17:45
DarkUranium eh Jan 06 17:46
DarkUranium I avoid 4chan like the plague Jan 06 17:46
schestowitz http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/4chan Jan 06 17:49
schestowitz “4chan’s Alexa rank is generally around 1000,[10] though it has been as high as number 56 at times.[11] 4chan is one of the Internet’s most trafficked imageboards, according to The Los Angeles Times.[12]“ Jan 06 17:50
schestowitz CNN’s language got CR4acked again:  Twitter accounts of Obama, Britney Spears hacked < http://edition.cnn.com/2009/TECH/01/05/twi… > Jan 06 17:51
schestowitz Maybe they spontaneously think of “crack” of a drug or something broken, but why not? Jan 06 17:52
schestowitz Wow, check out this comment from 2 mins ago: http://boycottnovell.com/2008/12/31/fudzil… Jan 06 17:56
schestowitz This is the guy who left the comment in some places and created a blog too. Uses RoadRunner and apparently lost his job at MS. “Microsoft is on a witch hunt to fire employees!” Jan 06 17:57
schestowitz In the mean time, using GNU/Linux will make it more difficult for Big Brother to search your computer. http://www.stallman.org/archives/2008-nov-feb.h… Jan 06 17:59
DarkUranium or better yet, unplug your LAN cable :) Jan 06 18:01
schestowitz How long for? Jan 06 18:02
schestowitz it’s like ducking when a bomb falls on one’s home… Jan 06 18:02
*r0ver (n=r0ver@ has left #boycottnovell Jan 06 18:05
neighborlee hehe cute one about linux and searching , gotta love it . Jan 06 18:05
schestowitz Cronyism lives on. Haiti and the Dangers of ‘Responsibility to Protect’ < http://www.blackagendareport.com/index.php?option… >. Didn’t they overthrow the government some while ago to turn Hawii into a Client State? Jan 06 18:05
schestowitz twitter is insecure too… http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/techno… Jan 06 18:06
schestowitz Stupid MSBBC… still with the word “hackers” Jan 06 18:06
DarkUranium well Jan 06 18:08
DarkUranium the book we use for learning english as school uses the word, too Jan 06 18:08
DarkUranium (not that I agree with the authors of the book, just saying) Jan 06 18:09
schestowitz Shooting the messenger: http://www.dvorak.org/blog/2009/01/05/se… Jan 06 18:11
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schestowitz IDG News Service also wrongly says “hackers” http://www.pcworld.com/article/156407/hack… Jan 06 18:39
schestowitz Here’s how you know the holidays are over: Mouse-maker Logitech to Cut 525 Salaried Employees < http://www.pcworld.com/article/156397/mousemaker_log… > Jan 06 18:39
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MinceR strange, i _can_ read and understand perl Jan 06 18:44
schestowitz Some people say they can’t. I just mostly use it and can figure out some syntax. Jan 06 18:44
MinceR what i can’t read is lisp. Jan 06 18:45
schestowitz PC World is doing lots of advertisements-as-articles today. Jan 06 18:45
schestowitz Can you read lips Jan 06 18:46
MinceR well, it’s idg Jan 06 18:46
MinceR i was too late to see the hacked macrumorslive.com site :/ Jan 06 18:47
twitter Hmm, that comment is exactly the same text from the blog you linked to a while back.  Where did you get that link? Jan 06 18:54
twitter http://boycottnovell.com/2008/12/31/fudzil… Jan 06 18:55
schestowitz David posted it. Jan 06 18:55
schestowitz In the comments… Jan 06 18:55
twitter It makes sense but it’s suspicious.  There’s no way to verify it. Jan 06 18:59
twitter unless you email the author Jan 06 18:59
twitter According to this, http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/n… Jan 06 19:00
twitter it’s legal for UK police to enter your house without a warrant. Jan 06 19:00
*PetoKraus (n=pk@host-77-247-224-25.isper.sk) has joined #boycottnovell Jan 06 19:00
twitter is that true? Jan 06 19:00
benJIman If you let them in. Jan 06 19:01
benJIman I’m not sure if the “placing a key logger” also comes under the things they could do without a warrant if the legislation is passed. Jan 06 19:03
schestowitz Of if you use Windows/Mac Jan 06 19:03
benJIman Because compromising a badly set up linux machine is so much more difficult than windows ^,^ Jan 06 19:03
schestowitz benJIman: in Germany they want/ed to preinstall spyware Jan 06 19:04
schestowitz The RIAA too wants this for its own purpose. To an extent , they already establish this by conspiring with Microsoft|Apple. Jan 06 19:04
twitter The story has this “Richard Clayton, a researcher at Cambridge University’s computer laboratory, said that remote searches had been possible since 1994, although they were very rare. An amendment to the Computer Misuse Act 1990 made hacking legal if it was authorised and carried out by the state.  He said the authorities could break into a suspect’s home or office and insert a “key-logging” device into an individual’s co Jan 06 19:05
schestowitz GNU/Linux keeps good record of suspicious activities. Jan 06 19:05
twitter Is Clayton full of beans or not? Jan 06 19:05
benJIman twitter: remote searches does not mean entering your house. Jan 06 19:05
schestowitz Logging mechanisms and all. Maybe Vista and its forensics BS (antifeatures) can do that too, I dunno. Jan 06 19:05
benJIman As far as I am aware police are not allowed to enter your residence unless you let them in Jan 06 19:06
benJIman Without a warrant Jan 06 19:06
benJIman That might change with this legislation though, I havn’t read the exact wording. Jan 06 19:06
schestowitz They’ll surely use the “T” word to pass it Jan 06 19:06
schestowitz This is stupid: not only is this expensive, but it’s also small and it slides rather than folds: http://www.itwire.com/content/view/22532/1054/ Jan 06 19:10
schestowitz Why is the press NOT cover this major news??? http://mouse.tercera.cl/detail.asp?story… Jan 06 19:11
schestowitz *covering (in English) Jan 06 19:11
schestowitz “On January 5, 2009, that happened. Muglia is now President of Server and Tools (not of the overall Windows business, as I had speculated originally). The other two Microsoft presidents are Robbie Bach, President of Microsoft’s Entertainment and Devices unit, and Stephen Elop, President of Microsoft’s Business Division.” http://blogs.zdnet.com/microsoft/?p=1789 Jan 06 19:16
schestowitz He’s a bad guy. Rude. Jan 06 19:16
twitter Folding would make more sense for a dual screen monster.  It would be nice to have a small, power efficient screen for PDA like operation that can be folded around for dual screen work when you want a keyboard. Jan 06 19:22
twitter The smaller screen on the outside would also create a place to rest your hand while you pen. Jan 06 19:23
schestowitz Guess what? An anti-ODF moles has just been hired by MS. Jan 06 19:23
schestowitz Is hAl next? Jan 06 19:23
twitter Which anti-ODF mole? Jan 06 19:24
schestowitz I’ll do a post about it. Jan 06 19:24
schestowitz http://blogs.zdnet.com/microsoft/?p=1790 and “Gang” too Jan 06 19:24
schestowitz Burton Gr^H^H^H^HANG Jan 06 19:24
schestowitz FSFE wants $$$ (or euros) http://fsfeurope.org/news/2009/nyr.html Jan 06 19:27
schestowitz Major security problem for Twitter < http://www.heise.de/english/newsticker/news/121220> Jan 06 19:28
schestowitz Over a year ago, Moglen confronted Tim ORLY, saying this whole Web hype would explode, potentially due to issues like this. Jan 06 19:28
twitter Israel asks people to join a botnet to help their war effort http://www.internetevolution.com/author.asp?section… Jan 06 19:29
schestowitz Disgusting. http://zope.gush-shalom.org/home/en… Jan 06 19:30
schestowitz It’ll be interesting to see if cyberwars like the ones in east Europe will strike the US again. Jan 06 19:30
schestowitz I think it was China which almost brought DNS down some 1-2 years ago (I think Xmas of 206) Jan 06 19:30
schestowitz At least you see there are some pro-peace anti-war protesters out there. Jan 06 19:31
schestowitz Back in the early 60s there were none Jan 06 19:31
twitter Coincidently, the take away message from M$ hiring O’Kelly is that M$’s propaganda war will pick up as they fire other employees. Jan 06 19:32
schestowitz The slaughtering of Vietnam (about 4-5 million) went on without much resistance. Even labour union and women right activists were suppressed. Jan 06 19:32
schestowitz twitter: yes, they hire people who run propganda first Jan 06 19:33
schestowitz They ‘reward’ them. Jan 06 19:33
schestowitz Wait until they try hiring Patrick Durusau (spelling) Jan 06 19:33
twitter So they will fire the worker bees that make the place go and be even less capable of extracting themselves from their technical follies.  Louder and suckier all the time. Jan 06 19:40
*DarkUranium has quit (“Leaving”) Jan 06 19:49
schestowitz I’m doing a good post about it ATM. Jan 06 19:55
schestowitz zoobab: did Dough Mahugh get hired /after/ promoting their technologies? Jan 06 20:06
schestowitz *Doug Jan 06 20:06
*r0ver (n=r0ver@ has joined #boycottnovell Jan 06 20:10
twitter http://www.groklaw.net/article.php?sto… Jan 06 20:23
twitter This may be the reason for the rise of BN.  Novell is the next SCO. Jan 06 20:24
twitter bbl Jan 06 20:24
schestowitz “Andy Updegrove posts his own newspicks, as does Roy Shestowitz at Boycott Jan 06 20:34
schestowitz Novell. And where does SJVN work these days?” Jan 06 20:34
schestowitz “PJ needs to reconsider, there are a lot better, professional resources for Jan 06 20:35
schestowitz “archiving” such information, lots of alternatives exist. But GL Jan 06 20:35
schestowitz should also reconsider not covering other things, unless this was just a hobby, Jan 06 20:35
schestowitz and if it was, it’s done now. Jan 06 20:35
schestowitz I’ll miss the good times, but I won’t necessarily miss the site, as strange as Jan 06 20:35
schestowitz that sounds after all these years. I notice the IRC channel has been dead for Jan 06 20:35
schestowitz practically ever as well (which is sorta typical). Jan 06 20:35
schestowitz So I wish good luck, I say goodbye, and whatever happens happens, it was sorta Jan 06 20:35
schestowitz nice knowing you all.” Jan 06 20:35
schestowitz Cr*p. First Bruce Perens… Linux Journal is quiet. Linux.com froze and now Groklaw. WTF? Jan 06 20:36
schestowitz It has been strange not sending New Picks to Groklaw anymore after 3 years… I hope she changes her mind. Jan 06 20:51
tessier_ She’s already done a lot. Let her move on. Jan 06 20:52
tessier_ Someone elses turn. Jan 06 20:52
schestowitz Andy spoke to me about it Jan 06 20:52
schestowitz That’s how I knew in advance. Jan 06 20:52
tessier_ Who is Andy? Jan 06 20:53
schestowitz Updegrove. Standards guy. Jan 06 20:54
schestowitz But also a law person, sort of like PJ.. Jan 06 20:54
tessier_ oh Jan 06 20:55
*kapipi (n=tor@ has joined #boycottnovell Jan 06 20:57
schestowitz http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?p… (America’s Army 3.0 “May Return” To Linux). Are the Linux aficionados not worth the military brainwash? Jan 06 20:59
tessier_ I think America’s Army is a brilliant concept. Jan 06 21:01
tessier_ Someone has to be a soldier. Jan 06 21:01
schestowitz I’ve hardly posted anything in BN today (just two posts) and we get like 3GB in traffic, so it might be related to GL. That’s what I was told anyway. Jan 06 21:01
schestowitz tessier: making people militants is a Bad Idea. Jan 06 21:02
trmanco it is just a game Jan 06 21:02
schestowitz It’s not as though America fights a war of survival. It mostly fights to turn countries into client states of the corporcracy that runs both major parties (McBama) Jan 06 21:03
*[intra]lanman (n=lanman@freeswitch/developer/intralanman) has left #boycottnovell (“Leaving”) Jan 06 21:04
schestowitz Weee …Building A Linux Computer: Part 4 – Installing The OS < http://www.linuxedit.com/article/building_li… > Jan 06 21:04
tessier_ schestowitz: It doesn’t make people militants. Jan 06 21:05
tessier_ schestowitz: America doesn’t want to get to the point of having to fight a war of survival. Jan 06 21:05
schestowitz Prevention through violence? Jan 06 21:05
tessier_ You didn’t like Bush and you don’t like Obama? Jan 06 21:05
schestowitz I like Obama Jan 06 21:05
schestowitz But he’s surrounded by the old cronies Jan 06 21:06
schestowitz Biden for starters. Then the staffer of the White House… both of whom strongly support the invasion of Iraq Jan 06 21:06
tessier_ I really don’t understand why more of the hard core cynics don’t off themselves. Jan 06 21:06
tessier_ How can anyone enjoy living in a world where conspiracy lurks behind every door? Jan 06 21:07
schestowitz off? Jan 06 21:07
schestowitz There is no “conspiracy” Jan 06 21:07
schestowitz In this case, it is a simple fact about spoken policies. Jan 06 21:07
schestowitz Biden is also a lobbyist (or henchman at the least) for the MPAA/RIAA. This is well documented Jan 06 21:07
schestowitz Speaking of which, from today’s news: http://techdirt.com/articles/20090105… (Obama Appoints Former RIAA Lawyer To Associate Attorney General) Jan 06 21:08
tessier_ Lawyers change sides like the wind. Jan 06 21:08
schestowitz I know. Jan 06 21:08
schestowitz But the paymasters remain Jan 06 21:09
schestowitz People voted for characters Jan 06 21:09
schestowitz Not for policies Jan 06 21:09
tessier_ I didn’t. Jan 06 21:09
schestowitz Policies were hardly advertised in the elections — not the ones that /matter/ Jan 06 21:09
schestowitz So people votes based on criteria like, “who would you rather hang out with in a bar?” Jan 06 21:09
schestowitz One of our IRCers has just had this published: http://www.olpcnews.com/sales_talk/microso… Jan 06 21:11
schestowitz http://www.prwatch.org/node/8113 (CORE Shills Still Pushing for Drill, Baby, Drill) Jan 06 21:15
schestowitz GNU/Linux comes before Apple at IBM: http://www.pcworld.com/article/156432/symphony_f… “Symphony, which was introduced by IBM in September 2007, is already available for Windows and Linux PCs.” Jan 06 21:21
*seller_liar (i=c92b22bf@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-b3f62b8a2db22e2b) has joined #boycottnovell Jan 06 21:21
schestowitz Hey, seller_liar Jan 06 21:21
schestowitz Do you know the guys from 4Linux? Jan 06 21:21
seller_liar hello roy Jan 06 21:21
seller_liar No Jan 06 21:21
seller_liar M$ nightmare spark Jan 06 21:22
schestowitz I’ve been digging up videos from Brazil recently. Jan 06 21:22
seller_liar https://www.dreamspark.com/default.aspx Jan 06 21:22
schestowitz Bizspreak? Jan 06 21:22
schestowitz Addictionware Jan 06 21:22
seller_liar free drugware for universities Jan 06 21:22
schestowitz They fight Linux. Jan 06 21:22
schestowitz I know. Jan 06 21:22
schestowitz http://www.archive.org/download/e-dv100_pa_… Jan 06 21:22
schestowitz That’s not new and the press incompetently covers this without mentioning what th real intent (fight FOSS) and harms are(lockin) Jan 06 21:23
seller_liar Novell-m4 sponsors Jan 06 21:24
seller_liar http://www.gotmono.com/sponsors.html Jan 06 21:24
*schestowitz looks Jan 06 21:24
schestowitz How can we inform about Biz/DreamSpark? Jan 06 21:24
schestowitz OT: Digital Gangster Takes Credit for Twitter Hacks < http://www.pcworld.com/article/156… > Jan 06 21:24
schestowitz “Digital Gangster” they’re called… I know another company that could be called that. Jan 06 21:25
schestowitz re: Novell… of course they’d sponsor it. Mono is a Novell project Jan 06 21:26
seller_liar We must put a lot of links to free IDE tools Jan 06 21:26
schestowitz But how? Jan 06 21:26
schestowitz We’re not advertising. Jan 06 21:26
seller_liar Links for netbeans Jan 06 21:26
schestowitz I don’t like these pseudo-free Sun tools. Jan 06 21:26
seller_liar I know , but criticise bizspark and recommends free IDE tools and good docas Jan 06 21:26
seller_liar Kdevelop ,eclipse maybe Jan 06 21:27
schestowitz seller_liar: I already have, Jan 06 21:27
seller_liar Eric4 python is very good Jan 06 21:27
schestowitz http://www.google.com/search?sourceid… Jan 06 21:27
schestowitz Also http://www.google.com/search?num=50… Jan 06 21:28
schestowitz It’s down for corruptible suits in universities to decide on IDEs… students are ‘side effects’ Jan 06 21:29
schestowitz Given the ugliness of EDGI (have you seen it, seller_liar?), it’s bound to be stopped if the regulatory bodies step in. Jan 06 21:29
seller_liar Sorry ,I don t see a lot of new at moment Jan 06 21:30
seller_liar but is very good ,Boycottnovell  has lot of comments Jan 06 21:30
seller_liar And jo is gone Jan 06 21:31
seller_liar Who is jo shields? Jan 06 21:32
schestowitz Amazing: Model Suing Google Over Vicious Blog Post < http://www.webpronews.com/topnews/200… > Jan 06 21:32
schestowitz “Ooooh! Mommy! Someone sez those bad things about me and some search engine… well, serves results.. so let’s sue Google” Jan 06 21:32
schestowitz EDGI is relevant to Brazil. Jan 06 21:33
schestowitz Must read (the memo below): http://boycottnovell.com/2009/01/… Jan 06 21:33
seller_liar schestowitz: Stupid anoxeric model Jan 06 21:34
seller_liar schestowitz: Please don t look my skeleton in google Jan 06 21:34
seller_liar schestowitz: A Obsewrvation Jan 06 21:38
seller_liar schestowitz: NightmareSpark is in Brazil now, not only in India Jan 06 21:38
schestowitz WSJ’s End of Wall Street: Don’t Order The Tombstone Just Yet < http://radar.oreilly.com/2009/01/wsjs… > Jan 06 21:38
schestowitz The Biggest Ponzi Scheme of Them All < http://radar.oreilly.com/2009/01/th… > Jan 06 21:39
schestowitz seller_liar: it’s in many countries. The Philippines for instance… Jan 06 21:39
schestowitz At a broader scale, it expands an electronic colonialism with dependence on Microsoft for another generation Jan 06 21:39
*zephyos (n=gdarcy@corp-gw01.imrworldwide.com) has joined #boycottnovell Jan 06 21:40
*zephyos (n=gdarcy@corp-gw01.imrworldwide.com) has left #boycottnovell Jan 06 21:40
seller_liar schestowitz: Mainly in poor countries, where every “donation” is considered good will Jan 06 21:40
schestowitz re: EDGI (new): http://www.linuxtoday.com/news_story.php3… “The Oligarchal Governments will happily join the others on Ballmer’s knee. “ Jan 06 21:40
seller_liar schestowitz: This is sad Jan 06 21:40
schestowitz Donations don’t come from company Jan 06 21:40
schestowitz That’s not their nature Jan 06 21:40
schestowitz Investors made businesses a very seflish entitiy Jan 06 21:41
schestowitz Doing good is important.. when the cameras are on, so to speak Jan 06 21:41
schestowitz In fact, companies are trained to play the goodwill/PR thing… they are taught that “if you don’t occasionally do something good, then people we realise we’re up to no good” Jan 06 21:42
*zephyos (n=gdarcy@corp-gw01.imrworldwide.com) has joined #boycottnovell Jan 06 21:42
schestowitz But that goes back to the dawn of the era of these franchises. Jan 06 21:42
schestowitz About 100 years ago, if not more, at least in the US Jan 06 21:42
schestowitz It was characterised as bad communism by the Conservatives. Jan 06 21:42
schestowitz And the issue is that people use to presss to fool people, and people are indeed being fooled easily Jan 06 21:43
seller_liar schestowitz:It’s a complete brainwashing , people say “free software is communism” Jan 06 21:43
schestowitz You mentioned that sentimental blackmail stuff Microsoft does in BrAZIL (That was about a month ago… with handicapped people)… here you have another exampel. Jan 06 21:43
seller_liar schestowitz: and in fact m$ is the only communist Jan 06 21:43
schestowitz Yes, because of perception Jan 06 21:43
schestowitz Just like the US says other countries are undemocratic Jan 06 21:43
schestowitz As an excuse to liberating them or overthrowing the govt with military coos that they fund and support Jan 06 21:44
schestowitz Take Chavez for exampel. Jan 06 21:44
schestowitz The US is terrified of him Jan 06 21:44
schestowitz He no longer plays the puppet of the US Jan 06 21:44
schestowitz But he’s more popular than any US president Jan 06 21:44
schestowitz His country also appears far more democratic than the US Jan 06 21:45
schestowitz But he doesn’t give them oil, of which Venezuela has plenty Jan 06 21:45
seller_liar yes , but  the corruption is very high Jan 06 21:45
schestowitz This also spreads similar regimes in Latin/south America. Jan 06 21:45
schestowitz Bolivia for example. Jan 06 21:45
seller_liar schestowitz: and rich people don t go to jail Jan 06 21:45
schestowitz So they daemonise the leaders who are not cronies Jan 06 21:45
schestowitz Biden called Chavez “a dictator” Jan 06 21:46
schestowitz Rich people can’t go to jail Jan 06 21:46
schestowitz The police is funded by the government Jan 06 21:46
schestowitz The government is run by rich peolle Jan 06 21:46
schestowitz Bail is an example of a lopphole they can create for themselves. Jan 06 21:46
schestowitz Other things are trade agreements, privacy peripheries, etc. Jan 06 21:46
schestowitz So Microsoft can commit its crimes (such as malicious collusions) in secrecy , as it so often does. Jan 06 21:47
seller_liar schestowitz: Bail is a intentional bug in system Jan 06 21:47
schestowitz yes Jan 06 21:47
schestowitz Got money? Get a free ticket to crime Jan 06 21:47
schestowitz White-collar crime is neglected Jan 06 21:48
schestowitz See the Ponzi scheme article above. Jan 06 21:48
schestowitz Instead they aim for shoplifters Jan 06 21:48
seller_liar schestowitz: Yes ,I will seee Jan 06 21:48
schestowitz Funnily enough, shoplifeting is an artifact of ruined states where the damage is done by the very same people who bemoan it. Jan 06 21:48
*zephyos (n=gdarcy@corp-gw01.imrworldwide.com) has left #boycottnovell Jan 06 21:49
schestowitz As if to say, one rich person spit on the homeless on the pavement, which in fact it may be the unjust system  created and defended that the rich man created to leave a trail of piss-poor people. Jan 06 21:49
schestowitz People=nations sometimes. Matter of scale.. Jan 06 21:50
seller_liar schestowitz: the big problem is the medium class Jan 06 21:50
schestowitz Does it exist? Jan 06 21:50
seller_liar schestowitz: yes Jan 06 21:50
seller_liar schestowitz: for example Jan 06 21:50
seller_liar schestowitz: Only ther medium class can change something Jan 06 21:50
schestowitz In free markets, few thrives at the expense of all else. Without regul;ation, the middle tied either falls or gets devours (assimilated) by the top Jan 06 21:51
seller_liar schestowitz: Because is the only class which have resources to do something Jan 06 21:51
schestowitz Not rally. Jan 06 21:51
schestowitz *Really Jan 06 21:51
schestowitz There is activism too Jan 06 21:51
schestowitz Resources are sometimes just needed for banners to take to the streets Jan 06 21:51
seller_liar schestowitz: But the medium class loses all resources buying products Jan 06 21:52
schestowitz If you can produce billboards and the country does not suppress free speech (blogs have become popular), then here you have a fighting chance Jan 06 21:52
schestowitz seller_liar: due to brainwash, yes. Jan 06 21:52
seller_liar schestowitz: luxury products Jan 06 21:52
schestowitz Increase in spendings gets the pyramid fed (bottom to top) Jan 06 21:52
schestowitz This assume capitalism that’s predatory anyway Jan 06 21:53
seller_liar schestowitz: people waste all money in Crapple Iphone, windows, wii and all other Jan 06 21:53
schestowitz *assumed Jan 06 21:53
schestowitz Whose money? Jan 06 21:53
schestowitz China? Jan 06 21:53
schestowitz They live n borrowed time Jan 06 21:53
schestowitz All they ‘export’ is what…? Even the UK is no longer self sufficient Jan 06 21:53
schestowitz All the government seems to do is print money and patents. Jan 06 21:53
schestowitz Imaginary property Jan 06 21:54
schestowitz “Former World Bank economist Herman Daly wrote a vivid piece on the subject of the Ponzi economy back in October, entitled The Disconnection Between Financial Assets and Real Asssets” http://radar.oreilly.com/2009/0… Jan 06 21:54
seller_liar schestowitz: The only  way to stop the capitalism is learn  ethics in a FORCED way Jan 06 21:54
seller_liar seller_liar: and Jan 06 21:54
seller_liar schestowitz: and Jan 06 21:54
schestowitz Brazil grows beans; US grows monopoly of consumtpion Jan 06 21:54
seller_liar schestowitz: And stop our structures Jan 06 21:55
schestowitz Whch ones? Jan 06 21:55
seller_liar schestowitz: The intersting thing is all developed countries throws the debit to third world countries Jan 06 21:55
schestowitz Debit or debt? Jan 06 21:56
seller_liar schestowitz:McDonalds ,nike and others explores poor countries to pay the debit odof Jan 06 21:56
seller_liar of Jan 06 21:56
seller_liar developed countries Jan 06 21:56
seller_liar schestowitz: We need to stop to produce more and more and more every time Jan 06 21:57
schestowitz And then what? Jan 06 21:57
schestowitz Brazil says: we need people to buy crops. Jan 06 21:57
schestowitz US says: we do them a favour by buying (for mere pennies) Jan 06 21:58
seller_liar schestowitz: this eternal consumism is anticapitalist Jan 06 21:58
schestowitz Same excuses are told by sweat shops that run factories (wage slavery) in Asia Jan 06 21:58
schestowitz “We do them a favour… otherwise they would be poor and hungry” Jan 06 21:58
schestowitz The solution is in removing these conditions that lead to this situation Jan 06 21:58
seller_liar schestowitz: Every company tries to be the only one company in the world Jan 06 21:59
schestowitz In the case of financial strangulation in Central American, the US can make life miserable for the citizens in order for them to come begging for the north and get rid of the govt. Jan 06 21:59
seller_liar schestowitz: Some companies tries to force chinese people to eat breads Jan 06 21:59
schestowitz Yes. Jan 06 21:59
schestowitz That’s why it’s inherently problematic Jan 06 21:59
seller_liar schestowitz: Only for more profit Jan 06 21:59
schestowitz But big companies like the oil companies are too powerful to dismantle now. Jan 06 22:00
seller_liar schestowitz: Companies tries to create homogenization Jan 06 22:00
schestowitz They are like monsters that are a country within a country. Their trained-for goal is to exploit, although they’ll deny or beautify it. Jan 06 22:00
schestowitz Well, another issue is this.. Jan 06 22:00
seller_liar schestowitz: And this is anticapitalist Jan 06 22:00
seller_liar schestowitz: I know ,but Jan 06 22:01
schestowitz The aspiration for maximisation is the road to ending mankind. Jan 06 22:01
schestowitz This has suppositions about the world being an infinite garbage dump Jan 06 22:01
schestowitz If it comes to worst, then climate disaster strikes and emotes to the point where lethal weapons can be used against aggressors or exploiters Jan 06 22:01
seller_liar schestowitz: the medium class is the problem Jan 06 22:02
seller_liar schestowitz: Tell me 3 people which likes of greenpeace Jan 06 22:02
schestowitz They are not liked Jan 06 22:02
seller_liar schestowitz: Medium class is very stupid about ethics Jan 06 22:02
schestowitz I like them, but a biologist professor I know doesn’t like them Jan 06 22:02
schestowitz They perceive them as troublemakers Jan 06 22:02
schestowitz Those, welll…. ‘That who stands in the way of Mighty Buck Shalt be perceived as enemy of human” Jan 06 22:03
seller_liar schestowitz:The only way to stop the the destruction is destroy the will of power Jan 06 22:03
seller_liar schestowitz: and love the ethics Jan 06 22:03
seller_liar seller_liar: We don t need more and more power Jan 06 22:03
schestowitz But it’s not in the curriculum. Jan 06 22:04
schestowitz Not in mine, either. Jan 06 22:04
seller_liar schestowitz: We don t need more and more power Jan 06 22:04
schestowitz Schools don’t teach ethics. Jan 06 22:04
schestowitz Neither do the outside activies like watching TC. Jan 06 22:04
schestowitz *TV Jan 06 22:04
schestowitz seller_liar: you oppose human insticts Jan 06 22:04
seller_liar schestowitz: No Jan 06 22:04
seller_liar schestowitz: Human likes power ,of course Jan 06 22:04
schestowitz Regularisation phase like a world war often is the only think stopping it. Jan 06 22:05
schestowitz It would be fine had we not had sophisticated weaponry Jan 06 22:05
schestowitz WoMD Jan 06 22:05
seller_liar schestowitz: But if  power is very high, the power corrupts the human Jan 06 22:05
schestowitz Yes Jan 06 22:05
schestowitz Hubris sins Jan 06 22:05
schestowitz Greek culture (mythology) saw this and made it a crime, IIRC Jan 06 22:05
schestowitz Or sin of the highest kind Jan 06 22:06
schestowitz “”I’m going to f—ing bury that guy, I have done it before, and I will do it again. I’m going to f—ing kill Google.” [Sydney Morning Herald] Jan 06 22:06
seller_liar schestowitz:Some people believe which only power is the solution Jan 06 22:06
seller_liar schestowitz: Jan 06 22:06
seller_liar schestowitz: “Oh , we need more computers for help the society Jan 06 22:06
schestowitz hHe. Jan 06 22:07
schestowitz Sounds like Gates… as long as they run Windows Jan 06 22:07
schestowitz I have lots of quotes about this BS Jan 06 22:07
seller_liar schestowitz: More power is not the solution Jan 06 22:07
schestowitz “Gentle capitalism” Jan 06 22:07
seller_liar schestowitz: More power means more destruction Jan 06 22:07
trmanco http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=2… Jan 06 22:07
schestowitz Says the man who schemes to vandalise ACPI, break standards, and so on.. Jan 06 22:07
trmanco and greater responsibility Jan 06 22:07
seller_liar schestowitz: The only way to save people is ethics Jan 06 22:08
schestowitz Good luck with that. Jan 06 22:08
schestowitz trmanco: thanks, I know. Jan 06 22:08
schestowitz IBM is not muchly needed anyway Jan 06 22:08
schestowitz “A post on the Alliance’s Web site said the company may cut 16,000 jobs, which would top the 15,600 eliminated by Chief Executive Officer Sam Palmisano in 2002.” Jan 06 22:08
seller_liar schestowitz: Sometimes IBM worries me Jan 06 22:09
schestowitz Don’t shout at your disk drives, warns Sun engineer < http://www.theregister.co.uk/20… > Jan 06 22:10
schestowitz IBM promotes Linux in Brazil Jan 06 22:10
seller_liar schestowitz: IT’s very huge ,and if m$ fails ,probably IBM can Buy m$ Jan 06 22:10
schestowitz But for self gain of course Jan 06 22:10
schestowitz Yes, or Google… some day in the future Jan 06 22:10
MinceR ibm doesn’t care enough about pcs to consider buying m$ Jan 06 22:10
MinceR they still don’t see the potential in the platform Jan 06 22:10
seller_liar schestowitz: IBM someday can force people to live in a matrix life Jan 06 22:10
schestowitz Buy a failed MS? What for? The patents? Jan 06 22:10
MinceR to end the suffering Jan 06 22:11
seller_liar schestowitz: using z mainframes and high tech Jan 06 22:11
schestowitz Heh. Jan 06 22:11
MinceR let the industry recover much more quickly Jan 06 22:11
MinceR and reap the rewards Jan 06 22:11
schestowitz IBM needs to be watched, of course. Jan 06 22:11
seller_liar http://wikileaks.org/wiki/Microsoft_head_of_overn… Jan 06 22:11
schestowitz The BillG dude also called them the worst nightmare he has… in 2006 Jan 06 22:11
schestowitz [not in these words] Jan 06 22:11
MinceR i think ibm is too inept to do anything really bad :> Jan 06 22:11
schestowitz Good find Jan 06 22:12
schestowitz I might have covered this befoire. Jan 06 22:12
seller_liar MinceR: hahha, 110 bilion???? Jan 06 22:12
seller_liar MinceR: IBM needs more Jan 06 22:12
seller_liar schestowitz: Don t worry roy , probably Obama will change nothing Jan 06 22:14
schestowitz Is Vincent Danen the guy who previously flogged .NET/Mono? http://blogs.techrepublic.com.com/… Jan 06 22:14
schestowitz seller_liar: do you remember? You confronted some guy, IIRC… maybe the same guy? Jan 06 22:14
schestowitz seller_liar: he’ll change /some/ things.. like the branding of the government Jan 06 22:14
schestowitz Welcome to… “The Obama(R) Brand”… now with extra unity, hope, change. Jan 06 22:15
seller_liar schestowitz:heheh Jan 06 22:15
seller_liar schestowitz: An interesting thing is the Microsoft visiting poor countries to sell wwindows Jan 06 22:17
seller_liar schestowitz: In 2002 it was rare Jan 06 22:18
schestowitz Now they have some wEDGIs to pull Jan 06 22:18
schestowitz They also have that Brazilian firm that charges 3000x the cost of counterfeited software if they don’t like your company Jan 06 22:19
schestowitz It’s a Microsoft front group Jan 06 22:19
schestowitz Like the Brazilian BSA equivalent. Russia has one too. Jan 06 22:19
seller_liar schestowitz: You know the name? Jan 06 22:19
seller_liar schestowitz: Ah , ABES Jan 06 22:19
schestowitz Hehe: http://helpforlinux.blogspot.com/2009/01/… Jan 06 22:20
schestowitz Yes, that’s the one Jan 06 22:20
schestowitz ABES. Jan 06 22:20
schestowitz I saw the interview where he talks about it Jan 06 22:21
schestowitz So now they have legalised dumpware…. to stifle migrations to Libre software Jan 06 22:21
schestowitz software libre Jan 06 22:21
seller_liar schestowitz: In the Brazilian capital, m $ office offers free for the government Jan 06 22:23
seller_liar schestowitz: Even them using OpenOffice Jan 06 22:23
schestowitz EDGI Jan 06 22:23
schestowitz They target competition Jan 06 22:23
schestowitz They try to suffocate competition Jan 06 22:23
schestowitz StarOffice also. Jan 06 22:23
schestowitz Sun ought to complain somehow Jan 06 22:24
schestowitz But this is inherently what the broken system permits… like pulling a Netscape Jan 06 22:24
seller_liar schestowitz: Sun does not have many representatives here Jan 06 22:24
schestowitz Granted, this system is now collapsing, so there you go.. Jan 06 22:24
schestowitz IBM has that Avi Alkalai guy Jan 06 22:25
schestowitz They also have a Linux lab/.centre, IIRC Jan 06 22:25
schestowitz At least one. Jan 06 22:25
seller_liar schestowitz: People complain of openoffice Jan 06 22:25
schestowitz A New Year Brings A New NVClock Beta < http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page… > Jan 06 22:25
schestowitz seller_liar: why complain? Jan 06 22:25
seller_liar schestowitz: but the ibm even opens the source code of the Lotus Jan 06 22:26
schestowitz Because the shcool teaches MSO? Jan 06 22:26
schestowitz Or because the file formats from Microsoft are a PITA? Jan 06 22:26
schestowitz seller_liar: it does [ibm]? Jan 06 22:26
seller_liar schestowitz: But the sun was the only one to launch the OpenOffice Jan 06 22:26
schestowitz There are requests for it, but it’s non-libre. Jan 06 22:26
seller_liar schestowitz: IBM never release a openSouce Version Jan 06 22:26
schestowitz Eclipse Jan 06 22:27
seller_liar schestowitz: And IBM is larger than 20 x Sun Jan 06 22:27
seller_liar schestowitz: A sun lancou on NetBeans Jan 06 22:27
schestowitz Chi Wong goes wonky for a change… http://www.manilastandardtoday.com/?page=bu… … once again echoing the Big Lies about Web stats Jan 06 22:27
seller_liar schestowitz: Sun releases netbeans Jan 06 22:27
schestowitz Just x20? Jan 06 22:27
schestowitz Sun is shrinking. Jan 06 22:27
seller_liar schestowitz: This is very sad Jan 06 22:27
seller_liar schestowitz: We need more companies/ Jan 06 22:28
schestowitz Employees 386,558 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ibm Jan 06 22:28
schestowitz That’s like 4 times what Microsoft will soon have Jan 06 22:28
seller_liar schestowitz: We can not leave the IBM alone Jan 06 22:28
schestowitz Novell is # 4,000 Jan 06 22:28
schestowitz Down from 12k Jan 06 22:28
seller_liar schestowitz: Why IBM is so great? Jan 06 22:28
schestowitz /s/#/@/ Jan 06 22:28
seller_liar schestowitz: soory Jan 06 22:29
schestowitz It’s not great Jan 06 22:29
schestowitz Big you mean? Jan 06 22:29
seller_liar schestowitz: BIG? Jan 06 22:29
seller_liar seller_liar: yes Jan 06 22:29
seller_liar schestowitz: yes Jan 06 22:29
schestowitz They are Big Blue Jan 06 22:29
schestowitz The US government’s IT brain Jan 06 22:29
schestowitz Like a franchise Jan 06 22:29
seller_liar schestowitz: I believe that it sells its mainframes dearly Jan 06 22:29
schestowitz They even helped the Nazis Jan 06 22:29
seller_liar schestowitz: Hitler, big beast Jan 06 22:29
schestowitz They did business with the, Jan 06 22:30
schestowitz You know, it’s $$ Jan 06 22:30
schestowitz Ethics? Naaa… that doesn’t pay Jan 06 22:30
schestowitz Same story now… Jan 06 22:30
schestowitz Microsoft, Yahoo and maybe Google with the CHinese govt. Jan 06 22:30
seller_liar schestowitz: I believe they sell the high price the Mainframe Jan 06 22:30
schestowitz Funy thing is.. Jan 06 22:30
schestowitz In 2007 in a Forbes interview (IIRC), Gates was asked about helping this country against its citizens. Jan 06 22:30
schestowitz The interviewer (Fitzpatrick, I think), said he paused and could not answer… then he said he did not want to respons to the Q Jan 06 22:31
schestowitz *respond Jan 06 22:31
schestowitz Mainframe=Linux Jan 06 22:31
schestowitz That’s why they invest in “Liiiinux” Jan 06 22:31
schestowitz Not GNU Jan 06 22:31
schestowitz Just Linus Jan 06 22:31
schestowitz Linux Jan 06 22:31
seller_liar schestowitz: Linus is very stupid sometimes, ted tso também Jan 06 22:32
MinceR or they mean GNU/Linux when they say Linux Jan 06 22:32
MinceR like a lot of people Jan 06 22:32
schestowitz Free labour… pooled debugging efforts, good PR Jan 06 22:32
schestowitz MinceR: they sponsor the FSF too, IIRC Jan 06 22:32
seller_liar schestowitz: That is why I like the OpenSolaris Jan 06 22:32
seller_liar schestowitz: OpenSolaris brings homogenization Jan 06 22:32
schestowitz News: Debian 5 release approaches… binary blobs included < http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20090106-de… > Jan 06 22:32
seller_liar schestowitz: sorry Jan 06 22:32
schestowitz Tso=Linus of the States Jan 06 22:33
seller_liar schestowitz: Heterogenização Jan 06 22:33
schestowitz They are close Jan 06 22:33
schestowitz Linus has surrounded himself by some yes men Jan 06 22:33
seller_liar schestowitz: The Linus wins? Jan 06 22:33
seller_liar schestowitz: Sorry Jan 06 22:33
schestowitz Just watch the response to GPLv3. They didn’t read the bloody thing, but they said “no” just because Torvalds did. Jan 06 22:33
seller_liar schestowitz: How much linus receives? Jan 06 22:33
schestowitz I don’t know. Jan 06 22:34
schestowitz He has a nice villa though. Jan 06 22:34
seller_liar schestowitz: I don like , he have a lot of kids Jan 06 22:34
seller_liar schestowitz: This is very repetitive example of american life Jan 06 22:34
schestowitz I can’t find the video of his house Jan 06 22:34
schestowitz it’s on Google Video somewhere. Jan 06 22:35
schestowitz One-hour shopw Jan 06 22:35
schestowitz From Finland, I think. Jan 06 22:35
schestowitz I think he has just 2 girls. Jan 06 22:35
schestowitz Let’s check. Jan 06 22:35
seller_liar schestowitz: 3 kids Jan 06 22:35
schestowitz http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linus_Torvalds doesn’t say Jan 06 22:36
schestowitz 3 kids=expansion of humanpopulation Jan 06 22:36
schestowitz 2 become 3 Jan 06 22:36
schestowitz In one generation (~25 years) Jan 06 22:36
seller_liar schestowitz: And they spend far more than 30 poor Jan 06 22:37
seller_liar schestowitz: People are living longer, must have a maximum of 2 children Jan 06 22:37
schestowitz %50^4 per century Jan 06 22:37
schestowitz Oops. I mean 4*1.5 Jan 06 22:38
seller_liar schestowitz: The homes are full, people should die Jan 06 22:38
seller_liar schestowitz: or stop having children Jan 06 22:38
schestowitz Birth control yes. Jan 06 22:38
schestowitz I know academics here (couples) who just don’t ahve kids for these reasons. Jan 06 22:39
seller_liar schestowitz: in poor countries are on average 1 doctor for every 50 000 Jan 06 22:39
schestowitz In African, excessive birth leads to death fromm hunger Jan 06 22:39
schestowitz If you give them food… well, they just give more birth… Jan 06 22:39
schestowitz It’s a true and sad reality Jan 06 22:39
seller_liar schestowitz: The rich do not want to die and leave the bill for Africans Jan 06 22:39
schestowitz And it’s part of a human’s instinct to reproduce. Jan 06 22:40
seller_liar schestowitz: But look, Africa has no study, we can not blame the Africans Jan 06 22:40
schestowitz What do you mean? Jan 06 22:40
schestowitz by “<seller_liar> schestowitz: The rich do not want to die and leave the bill for Africans” Jan 06 22:40
seller_liar schestowitz: Rich exploiting the Africans Jan 06 22:40
seller_liar schestowitz: The rich live the expense of African Jan 06 22:41
seller_liar schestowitz: The rich people lives at cost of African pain Jan 06 22:41
schestowitz Yes, of course. Jan 06 22:42
schestowitz Have you seen this video? [wait, I fetch] Jan 06 22:42
seller_liar schestowitz: Rich can even take medicine to live more Jan 06 22:42
seller_liar seller_liar: If nothing is done, only the rich live in this world Jan 06 22:42
schestowitz http://boycottnovell.com/2008/01/02/th… Jan 06 22:43
seller_liar schestowitz: If nothing is done only the rich live Jan 06 22:44
schestowitz No, not necessarily Jan 06 22:44
schestowitz The exploitation breed resentment Jan 06 22:44
schestowitz Then the rich take ‘crusades’ to poorer country Jan 06 22:44
schestowitz Resentment is increased, among iwth nuclear threats. Jan 06 22:45
seller_liar schestowitz: The problem is that the lower class can not do anything Jan 06 22:45
schestowitz Two drama queen: http://www.thevarguy.com/2009/01/05/why… http://news.cnet.com/8301-13505_3-10131771-16.html Jan 06 22:45
seller_liar schestowitz: Class does not have low education and no resources Jan 06 22:45
schestowitz One again just referencing one another… Jan 06 22:45
schestowitz They met a while ago Jan 06 22:45
seller_liar I need toi go Jan 06 22:46
seller_liar bye Jan 06 22:46
*seller_liar has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) Jan 06 22:46
schestowitz MinceR: check out Mac fan Asay saying that Dell should buy Red Hat. Jan 06 22:46
MinceR i wonder what makes him say that Jan 06 22:47
MinceR after all, none of those companies produce what he wants Jan 06 22:47
MinceR (well, except unreliable computers — dell does that) Jan 06 22:47
schestowitz Watch them flirt in Var Guy’s blog. Jan 06 22:48
schestowitz “Whao… let’s put big multi-billion dollar company in the ring and make some crazy claims… that’ll get me hits” Jan 06 22:49
schestowitz There were other such stupidities… Microsoft to buy Red Hat.. Oracle – Red Hat (also the Asay fantasies… of audience)… Apple to buy AMD (the CoolZone Trolls) Jan 06 22:50
MinceR hm, forgot to paste it here: (flash) (video) (audio) http://www.theonion.com/content/video/app… Jan 06 22:57
schestowitz Apple or Onion COmputer? Jan 06 22:59
schestowitz *Computers? Jan 06 22:59
schestowitz Onion Macintosh. Jan 06 22:59
MinceR it’s more like lemon Jan 06 23:01
MinceR (slang) A defective or inadequate item. Jan 06 23:01
schestowitz LMAO. Jan 06 23:01
schestowitz Good video Jan 06 23:01
schestowitz A lemon at least has a strong taste Jan 06 23:02
schestowitz Apple’s Jobs says “Microsoft has no taste” Jan 06 23:02
schestowitz Couldn’t be true Jan 06 23:02
schestowitz Just watch SweatyB’s tongue fetish Jan 06 23:02
MinceR it’s not like crApple has taste Jan 06 23:07
MinceR i refuse to believe that toilet seat design laptops qualify for being “tasteful” Jan 06 23:08
schestowitz It’s not that bad. Jan 06 23:09
MinceR well, they’re not as good as they’re usually claimed to be Jan 06 23:13
MinceR most companies bring out more tasteful designs Jan 06 23:13
schestowitz But don’t spend $300,000,000/year on marketing. Jan 06 23:17
MinceR yeah Jan 06 23:18
schestowitz Pranksters inflitrate live Macworld feed http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/01/06… Jan 06 23:21
schestowitz Up to 16,000 jobs could go  http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/01/06/i… Jan 06 23:22
*benJIman wonders if schestowitz is going to FOSDEM. Jan 06 23:23
schestowitz Ask PJ Jan 06 23:25
schestowitz Nature moves into 3D publishing < http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/01/06/nat… >. Finally they realise that old-style paper is dead Jan 06 23:25
schestowitz Sutor’s continued obsession with Bob Dylan… http://www.sutor.com/newsite/blog-open/?p=3263 Jan 06 23:33
schestowitz The site is like a shrine to Bob Dylan at times… Jan 06 23:34
MinceR gn Jan 06 23:53
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  24. A Google-Centric and Google-Led Patent Pool Won't Protect GNU/Linux But Merely 'Normalise' Software Patents

    Patent pools, which are basically the wrong solution to a very clear problem, continue to expand and promote themselves; the real solution, however, is elimination of abstract patents, notably software patents

  25. The Patent Microcosm is Still Looking for Ways to Bypass CAFC/PTAB Invalidation of Many US Patents

    In pursuit of patent maximalism (i.e. a status quo wherein US patents — no matter their age — are presumed valid and beyond scrutiny) pundits resort to new angles or attack vectors, ranging from the bottom (IPRs) to the top (Supreme Court)

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  30. A Sham and a Scam: How Patent Extremists Continue to Promote a Mohawks and Allergan Ploy Against PTAB, Even After Oil States

    Watchtroll carries on promoting the 'case' of Allergan, which is grossly misusing tribal immunity to protect dodgy patents that it uses to deny access to medicine


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