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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: January 23rd, 2009 – Part 1

Posted in IRC Logs at 6:41 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


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schestowitz MSBBC sees its sponsor/sugar daddy losing it: “down 11% on last year and less than analysts’ expectations.” http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/busi… Jan 23 00:01
schestowitz Satyam Inflated Employee Figures to Siphon Cash < http://www.pcworld.com/article/158136/s… > Jan 23 00:17
schestowitz Bailing out lie and spin tellers?? < http://www.prwatch.org/node/8147 > ( Government Bailout for Journalism? ) Jan 23 00:33
schestowitz Microsoft is afraid of saying Linux kills it Jan 23 00:42
schestowitz It blamed “netbooks” Jan 23 00:42
schestowitz Nobody forced Microsoft to sell Windows for just $5 to be put on these… Jan 23 00:42
schestowitz It’s because of Linux that it has no choice but to do this. With EDGI likewise……. Jan 23 00:43
schestowitz http://edition.cnn.com/2009/TECH/… “Janis Krums was heading to New Jersey on a ferry when he clicked a snapshot with his iPhone of US Airways Flight 1549 partially submerged in the Hudson River. He uploaded the picture to his Twitter account and then forgot about it as he assisted in the rescue of the plane’s passengers.” Jan 23 00:45
schestowitz http://blog.seattlepi.nwsource.com/mi… “What does BILL GATES have to say about all this??” Jan 23 00:46
schestowitz Microsoft considers moving 30 percent of vendors off-site < http://blog.seattlepi.nwsource.com/microsoft/a… > Jan 23 00:47
schestowitz Censorship fanaticism at the Vole: http://minimsft.blogspot.com/2009/0… “Administrivia: moderation turned off in the near term – note that I will delete” Jan 23 00:54
schestowitz http://blog.seattlepi.nwsource.com/micros… “Just how many contractors who work for Microsoft will lose their jobs? Microsoft will not comment. But the tally is probably close to if not more than 5,000.” Jan 23 00:55
schestowitz More than initially reported. Maybe even 15,000 will lose their job, like Fuszilla first predicted Jan 23 00:55
schestowitz *Fudzilla Jan 23 00:55
schestowitz Microsoft’s buddies blame Vista: http://www.cnet.com/8301-13846_1-10148166-62.htm… (Gartner: Blame Vista for Microsoft layoffs) Jan 23 00:57
schestowitz The Cost of Fearing Strangers < http://freakonomics.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/01… > Jan 23 01:04
schestowitz Obamaism.. http://miserableswine.com/2009/01/22/a… Jan 23 01:07
schestowitz Cites BoycottNovell Jan 23 01:07
schestowitz “Note the avoidance of the “L” word, “Linux”–ed.” http://linuxtoday.com/news_story.php3?ltsn… Yes, Microsoft blames “netbooks”, not that ‘thing’ that runs on them and leads Microsoft to dumping Jan 23 01:22
schestowitz http://www.techflash.com/microsoft/Microsoft_plann… “Microsoft doesn’t report publicly the number of contractors who work for the company through job agencies.” So it does not disclose its AstroTurfing activities, either (we have some of them showing up in BN). Jan 23 01:39
schestowitz Obama’s Mac-savvy team lands in Microsoft hell at White House < http://www.techflash.com/microsoft/Obamas_… > Jan 23 01:40
*Omar87 has quit (“Leaving.”) Jan 23 01:47
schestowitz http://english.ohmynews.com/ArticleView/arti… “Asustek Chairman Jonney Shih has predicted that about 60 percent of Eee PCs to be shipped in 2009 will have Windows XP.” Jan 23 02:05
schestowitz 40% for GNU/Linux in 2009 then.. Jan 23 02:06
*kapipi has quit (Remote closed the connection) Jan 23 02:11
schestowitz http://www.fsf.org/events/20090122troy “2009-01-22 from  17:00 to  19:00″ Jan 23 02:16
schestowitz http://www.itwire.com/content/view/22816/1090/ “Most of the Sugar code is released under the GPL version 2 with little bits being under GPLv3.” Jan 23 02:34
schestowitz One of the Microsoft Moles is again flogging Windows 7ap0rware… all the usual suspects a-humming. Jan 23 02:34
schestowitz http://www.olpcnews.com/software/suga… Jan 23 02:35
schestowitz http://linux-hardcore.com/index.php?… “Can you believe that somebody has even posted a screenshot tour on Digg…………. even though the only difference from 8.10 is the wallpaper.” Jan 23 02:37
balzac I’ve got a good old friend whose dad works at M$ Jan 23 02:47
schestowitz Is that a good thing? Jan 23 02:48
balzac I should have a conversation with him sometime about software licensing Jan 23 02:48
balzac well, I figure Microsoft is going to change one way or the other. It’ll be the hard way, not the easy way. Jan 23 02:48
schestowitz Web-based… Jan 23 02:49
schestowitz But that’s like a hippo trying to be a zebra Jan 23 02:49
balzac They’ll have to be more service-oriented and accept the new software landscape Jan 23 02:49
balzac well they’re not going away, but they are going to shrink and look something like IBM after they fell off their pedestal Jan 23 02:49
schestowitz Yes Jan 23 02:50
schestowitz There will be more layoffs I reckon Jan 23 02:50
balzac They’ll have to accept that their legacy of innovation is mostly all garbage. Their best program is excel. Jan 23 02:50
schestowitz 10,000+ so far perhaps Jan 23 02:50
balzac the rest is trash. Jan 23 02:50
balzac yeah Jan 23 02:50
balzac Ok, to be fair, M$ has bought a few innovative companies along the way Jan 23 02:50
schestowitz I’ve dug up this gem: http://www.mercurynews.com/newsspeci… Jan 23 02:50
schestowitz “Just how many contractors who work for Microsoft will lose their jobs? Microsoft will not comment. But the tally is probably close to if not more than 5,000.” Jan 23 02:51
balzac but who wants their standards-renegging trash-ware? Jan 23 02:51
schestowitz http://blog.seattlepi.nwsource.com/micro… Jan 23 02:51
schestowitz Want? Jan 23 02:51
schestowitz Nobody wants. Jan 23 02:51
schestowitz Microsoft tends to force people Jan 23 02:51
balzac they could release some driver C code maybe. Jan 23 02:51
schestowitz They receive attahments. Jan 23 02:51
balzac yeah Jan 23 02:51
schestowitz Or landf on HackTiveHacks sites that say they must use WIn+IE Jan 23 02:52
balzac It’s mostly all a big trash-heap of lame software. Jan 23 02:52
balzac Excel is still the best at what it does. Jan 23 02:52
schestowitz It had branding Jan 23 02:52
balzac what else is good? Jan 23 02:52
schestowitz Vista injured the brand Jan 23 02:52
schestowitz So try to call it Vista 7 ;-) Jan 23 02:52
schestowitz Or BetaVista 7 Jan 23 02:52
balzac That photo-panorama software Jan 23 02:52
schestowitz It’s Vista… and it’s BETA… again Jan 23 02:52
schestowitz That photo sofwtare is Linux Jan 23 02:53
balzac It’s Vista, product-recall edition Jan 23 02:53
schestowitz It WAS, originally Jan 23 02:53
schestowitz PhotoSynth. Jan 23 02:53
schestowitz It ran on Ubuntu Jan 23 02:53
schestowitz Microsoft stole it from Linux Jan 23 02:53
balzac right, they acquired it, they didn’t make it. Jan 23 02:53
schestowitz I wrote about it in BN Jan 23 02:53
balzac yeah, so I figure they need to basically let all their legacy trash-code go onto the trash-heap of history Jan 23 02:53
balzac like apple let go of OS9 and below Jan 23 02:54
balzac their OS is just trash Jan 23 02:54
schestowitz “Usually Microsoft doesn’t develop products, we buy products. It’s not a bad product, but bits and pieces are missing.” –Arno Edelmann, Microsoft’s European business security product manager Jan 23 02:54
balzac *nix is superior Jan 23 02:54
balzac They’ll have years ahead of them of “eating their own dogfood”, supporting their legacy crap Jan 23 02:54
schestowitz They can’t Jan 23 02:55
balzac but they’ll have to deal with the fact they’ve been left behind Jan 23 02:55
schestowitz It won’t last for long Jan 23 02:55
schestowitz They lose their fight against critical mass Jan 23 02:55
schestowitz Why do you think their profit fell by double-digit %? Jan 23 02:55
schestowitz They dumped against GNU/Linux Jan 23 02:55
schestowitz EDGI, $5 WIndow XP for “netbooks”… Jan 23 02:55
balzac right Jan 23 02:55
balzac EDGI = what? Jan 23 02:56
schestowitz You don’t know? Jan 23 02:56
schestowitz I thought you read FSD Jan 23 02:56
balzac Embrace … Jan 23 02:56
schestowitz Hold on. Jan 23 02:56
schestowitz You must catch up with this. Jan 23 02:56
schestowitz It’s a long series: http://boycottnovell.com/2009/01/16/edg… Jan 23 02:57
balzac well, I read the most sensational headlines regarding M$. I spend most of my time reading things I can use. I have a lot of learning to do to become a competent sysadmin Jan 23 02:57
schestowitz This is the last part, many links at the top to previous part. Pass on to inform people. It made the front page of Slashdot too (about 15 GB of traffic) Jan 23 02:57
balzac ok Jan 23 02:57
schestowitz We might make front page of Digg in the morning. Jan 23 02:58
schestowitz http://digg.com/linux_unix/Microsoft_Tas… Jan 23 02:58
balzac About time. Jan 23 02:58
balzac You guys drew a line in the sand and stuck to it. It’s going to be nice when Novell collapses. Jan 23 02:59
schestowitz It happens once ina  few months… same with /. Jan 23 02:59
schestowitz Smid talked about Novell reductions Jan 23 02:59
schestowitz He jumped ship some weeks ago Jan 23 02:59
schestowitz So, you know……….. Jan 23 02:59
balzac sweet Jan 23 02:59
balzac That’s one reason I love to read BN – hearing the dire news of Microsoft’s troubles. Jan 23 03:00
balzac It will be quite satisfying to watch their archaic business model finally collapse onto it’s self Jan 23 03:01
balzac Bill Gates talked too much trash about the GPL Jan 23 03:01
balzac Now he’s going to watch GPL-licensed software destroy their company like tide dissolving a sand castle. Jan 23 03:02
balzac I’ve got to reload my browser Jan 23 03:02
balzac I have driver issues on my eee pc Jan 23 03:02
balzac also, brb, got to go out for a few Jan 23 03:02
*schestowitz got distratcded Jan 23 03:03
schestowitz Microsoft’s troubles are having journos scared Jan 23 03:03
schestowitz They can’t cover it properly Jan 23 03:03
schestowitz I wrote about this in the morning Jan 23 03:04
schestowitz .They try getting reporters sacked Jan 23 03:04
schestowitz Say the truth about their financials and be called names in Web forums Jan 23 03:04
schestowitz You might also have them allege that you’re transgendered or something if you say too many things that are true and they can’t counter because it’s embarrassing truth Jan 23 03:04
schestowitz Gates Foundation is just one among many examples that make taboos Jan 23 03:05
balzac That’s good news. Jan 23 03:19
balzac Microsoftie tears are crisp, sweet and satisfying. Jan 23 03:19
balzac Ok, now I need to read about this EDGI Jan 23 03:19
schestowitz Let me know what you think Jan 23 03:20
schestowitz It’s over 100 pages if you go deep Jan 23 03:20
schestowitz I had the (dis)pleasure of processing the whole thing… quite a project Jan 23 03:20
balzac Sheesh Jan 23 03:20
balzac A good friend of mine is a corporate lawyer. He has to deal with piles of paper. Jan 23 03:21
balzac I couldn’t face it without adderol Jan 23 03:21
schestowitz Paper is bad Jan 23 03:23
schestowitz Paging too Jan 23 03:23
schestowitz If you have something like Wikipedia, then you work fast without pagination. Jan 23 03:23
schestowitz Glossary and all that arcane stuff is out the door.. Jan 23 03:23
balzac edgi is their coordinated dumping strategy, combined with bribing and arm-twisting of public officials? Jan 23 03:29
balzac what does the acronym stand for? Jan 23 03:29
schestowitz It has several acronyms Jan 23 03:30
schestowitz See the first pare Jan 23 03:30
schestowitz *part Jan 23 03:30
schestowitz It’s also known to THE PUBLIC as “Unlimited Potential”, though that’s a superset in some sorts of ways Jan 23 03:30
schestowitz Or a new identity that’s a marketing thing, not a predatory business scheme Jan 23 03:30
balzac I was contracting at this financial services company in manhattan Jan 23 03:34
balzac There was this guy going on and on about Citrix Jan 23 03:34
balzac I said it was an abomination to run *nix operating system as a VM on top of windows Jan 23 03:35
balzac Microsoft is poisoning the Xen virtualization software as we Jan 23 03:35
balzac well Jan 23 03:35
balzac I think citrix bought xen or something. MS is invested heavily in Citrix Jan 23 03:35
balzac I’m looking to make some bread from brokering software roll-outs for financial services companies. Jan 23 03:36
balzac I think I’ll get RedHat certification to help my credibility in that area. Jan 23 03:36
balzac Since the NYSE Global Trading Platform will run on RedHat, that’s something serious to brag abuot. Jan 23 03:37
balzac about Jan 23 03:37
balzac Where are you located, BTW? Jan 23 03:37
balzac Education and Government Incentives [EDGI] program Jan 23 03:39
balzac I get it now, it’s their strategy of bribing public officials to place M$ into schools and governments. Jan 23 03:40
balzac and dumping Jan 23 03:40
balzac They want to get at the captive audience of school kids and government contracts Jan 23 03:40
schestowitz I know (abotu Xen) Jan 23 03:41
schestowitz It was supposed to ruin Xen… you know the XenSource story? Jan 23 03:41
balzac only a little Jan 23 03:41
schestowitz They had an investment from what seems like an MS proxy. Jan 23 03:41
schestowitz Then a Microsoft General Manager took some charge Jan 23 03:41
balzac fill me in because I’m going to be using your opposition research as a consultant Jan 23 03:41
schestowitz They moved near to MS (Seattle) and then swallowed by Microsoft’s bribe Jan 23 03:42
schestowitz Red Hat needed to buy KVM Jan 23 03:42
schestowitz balzac: I’m in the UK Jan 23 03:42
balzac Ok Jan 23 03:42
schestowitz EDGI = sentimental blackmail Jan 23 03:43
schestowitz In /some/ sense. Jan 23 03:43
schestowitz “help us help your children.. with cigs” Jan 23 03:43
balzac heheh Jan 23 03:43
balzac How’s the PhD program going? Jan 23 03:45
schestowitz I need to make a picture Jan 23 03:45
schestowitz A kid with smoke in his face. Jan 23 03:45
schestowitz Saying something like “I need to get out for another Windows” Jan 23 03:46
schestowitz http://schestowitz.com/Weblog/ar… Jan 23 03:46
balzac I’d compare Microsoft software with Soviet Russia Jan 23 03:46
balzac So big, cumbersome and archaic. Jan 23 03:46
balzac totalitarian, centralized, oppressive, stifling innovation and freedom. Jan 23 03:47
schestowitz China? Jan 23 03:47
balzac Well, China, sadly has been embracing M$ like almost no other country. Jan 23 03:48
balzac I think there are a couple reasons for this Jan 23 03:48
balzac India is more literate in English Jan 23 03:48
balzac Also, China relies on strong centralized control and M$ supports that. Jan 23 03:49
schestowitz China wants its own OS now Jan 23 03:49
schestowitz Billie does politics full time now though Jan 23 03:49
balzac But Soviet Russia is a good comparison because it signals the imminent collapse and the non-sustainable business model of M$ Jan 23 03:49
schestowitz He went to China to market Windows to the communist government right after his ‘retirement’ Jan 23 03:49
schestowitz Does that make Ballmer Stalin? Jan 23 03:50
balzac You know, I thought the only way M$ could continue is from being subsidized by a totalitarian government. Software as a tool of oppression. Jan 23 03:50
schestowitz WTF?? http://blogs.zdnet.com/BTL/?p=8716 Jan 23 03:51
balzac If M$ is not solvent in the “free world” or western countries, maybe M$ can be subsidized by totalitarian governments like China in order to lock down any software-driven social movements. Jan 23 03:51
schestowitz http://blogs.zdnet.com/BTL/?p=8332 Jan 23 03:52
schestowitz That’s the one I looked for Jan 23 03:52
balzac I wrote on Change.gov that the Obama administration should be thankful for free software for driving the online social phenomena which were at the heart of his online campaign. Jan 23 03:52
schestowitz He won’t read it Jan 23 03:53
schestowitz He’s too busy memorising speeches Jan 23 03:53
balzac well, I was needling his IT staff Jan 23 03:54
schestowitz You know how change.org works… Jan 23 03:54
balzac I was asking “where’s the source code?” What software is this? Why is it such a nuiscance to deep-link to my own comments? Jan 23 03:54
balzac probably not so differently from moveon.org Jan 23 03:55
balzac or dailykos.com Jan 23 03:55
balzac centrally-controlled grassroots Jan 23 03:55
balzac I’ve got something interesting for you to ponder, a little story to share Jan 23 03:55
balzac I’ll keep it succinct Jan 23 03:55
schestowitz If {{application.Role!=”CEO”} || {company_size_ppl<1000000}} >> /dev/null/ Jan 23 03:55
balzac looks like shell script Jan 23 03:56
schestowitz Yeah, I mixed some Jan 23 03:56
balzac ok, DailyKos.com Jan 23 03:56
schestowitz I know it Jan 23 03:56
balzac you know about it, Markos Moulitsas? Jan 23 03:56
schestowitz I posted interviews with the founder i BN Jan 23 03:56
schestowitz Yes Jan 23 03:56
balzac well, I used to be about as prolific a blogger as you, but I was focused on impeaching Bush Jan 23 03:57
balzac I got banned 25 times from DailyKos.com Jan 23 03:57
schestowitz http://boycottnovell.com/ind… Jan 23 03:57
schestowitz But DailyKos is /against/ Bush. Jan 23 03:57
balzac yes, but not quite Jan 23 03:58
balzac markos was always against impeachment Jan 23 03:58
balzac so in that sense, he was for Bush Jan 23 03:58
balzac also, he applied for work with the CIA Jan 23 03:59
balzac so how did it fall in his lap? Jan 23 03:59
schestowitz He was in the army Jan 23 03:59
balzac it didn’t, members of congress appointed Markos as our dictator, in the sense the Roman senate would appoint a dictator to an occupied region Jan 23 03:59
balzac but it’s not like they took a vote, but they voted with their participation Jan 23 04:00
balzac they gave dailykos the nearly exclusive access to their blogging Jan 23 04:00
balzac if you wanted online contact with your democratic representative, it could only really come through dailykos Jan 23 04:00
balzac eventually, HuffingtonPost started getting some members of congress blogging there Jan 23 04:01
balzac But Kos had Kennedy, Kerry, Clinton, Obama once or twice, Jan 23 04:01
balzac there’s a very long list of democratic congressmen who blogged on DailyKos Jan 23 04:02
balzac so they gave markos that power to be the gate-keeper Jan 23 04:02
balzac It’s ironic, his book was “crashing the gates” but he really was our appointed gate-keeper Jan 23 04:02
balzac he didn’t crash sh!t Jan 23 04:02
balzac his was not the first installation of Scoop to be used as a political forum Jan 23 04:03
balzac that was another blog by Jerome Armstrong, I think. It’s called MyDD Jan 23 04:03
schestowitz I heard of it Jan 23 04:03
schestowitz I know just his own take Jan 23 04:03
schestowitz Not the critics Jan 23 04:03
balzac so, it reminds me a hell of a lot of how Linus Torvalds usurped the GNU project with his Linux Kernel project Jan 23 04:04
balzac Linus is ok with DRM Jan 23 04:04
balzac Linus’ little project gained the support of big companies which made him our appointed leader in a way Jan 23 04:04
balzac just as Markos’ little project gained the support of all these members of congress which appointed him to dictate to us Jan 23 04:05
balzac Kucinich was left out in the cold Jan 23 04:05
balzac Kos would always bash Kucinich Jan 23 04:05
schestowitz Yes. Jan 23 04:05
balzac in the same manner Linus Torvalds would bash RMS Jan 23 04:05
schestowitz Linus had no beard Jan 23 04:05
schestowitz So GNU was suddenly OK Jan 23 04:05
schestowitz They groomed him and his name (Linus with an X) Jan 23 04:06
schestowitz IBM can’t have a front man who says that Bush should be sentenced to prison Jan 23 04:06
balzac and all these corporations knew they had a “yes” man in Torvalds, so that project got all the support while the HURD languished Jan 23 04:06
balzac likewise, the congressional weasels knew they had a yes man in Markos Moulitsas, so they made his site the portal for online access to members of congress. Jan 23 04:07
balzac Ok, so there’s another interesting connection Jan 23 04:07
balzac Former governor of Vermont… Jan 23 04:07
balzac what’s his name… Jan 23 04:07
balzac Howard Dean Jan 23 04:08
balzac he set up a platform based on Drupal for political organizers Jan 23 04:08
balzac It’s called Civic Space Jan 23 04:08
balzac Drupal is run by Dries Buytaert Jan 23 04:09
balzac That was spawned from the forum for Linux Kernel developers, KernelTrap.org Jan 23 04:09
schestowitz Drupal? Jan 23 04:10
balzac So you can see some indirect social contact – Markos – Howard Dean – Buytaert – Torvalds Jan 23 04:10
balzac Drupal is the strongest PHP CMS. I use it every day. Jan 23 04:10
balzac GPLv2 license Jan 23 04:10
schestowitz WordPress is bigger for blogging/CMS to an extent Jan 23 04:10
balzac It’s not bigger for the biggest projects Jan 23 04:10
balzac WordPress and Joomla might be installed more, but that’s because they’re simpler and less powerful. Jan 23 04:11
balzac Drupal has the center of gravity of serious developers. It’s the best general-integration platform. Jan 23 04:11
balzac Anyway, Scoop used to be the best User Moderated Forum software Jan 23 04:12
balzac it was based on Slashcode, I think Jan 23 04:12
balzac based on Slashdot Jan 23 04:12
balzac But markos put the Scoop devs on his payroll and kept all the improvements to Scoop for his private version of Scoop Jan 23 04:12
schestowitz Oh, that’s dead.. Jan 23 04:12
schestowitz SourceForge etc. Jan 23 04:12
balzac and he solicited piles of money to do that Jan 23 04:12
schestowitz Waning I think Jan 23 04:13
balzac yeah, and he never gave anything back to Scoop Jan 23 04:13
schestowitz Not traffic-wise… but it has competition Jan 23 04:13
balzac Scoop is way dead Jan 23 04:13
balzac the only decent version of Scoop is DailyKos Jan 23 04:13
balzac and it’s probably a crufty mess at this point Jan 23 04:13
schestowitz I know he spoke about it in the interview Jan 23 04:13
balzac So Markos announces he’s going to release the ultimate blogging platform in the world, DailyKos 4.0 Jan 23 04:13
schestowitz BN is still growing Jan 23 04:13
schestowitz Almost doubled this month (month2month) Jan 23 04:14
balzac wait, which interview? Jan 23 04:14
schestowitz I showed you links Jan 23 04:14
schestowitz To Oggss…… Jan 23 04:14
schestowitz http://boycottnovell.com/inde… Jan 23 04:14
balzac yeah, I scanned them but my stinkin eee PC chokes sometimes Jan 23 04:14
balzac markos is being interviewed> Jan 23 04:15
balzac ? Jan 23 04:15
schestowitz Yes Jan 23 04:15
schestowitz Christian interview him Jan 23 04:15
schestowitz He mentioned this interview to me some months ago… I can’t recall the context Jan 23 04:16
balzac Ok, what is the title? Jan 23 04:16
balzac Markos mentioned you? Jan 23 04:16
balzac I’m trying to find it because I want to read it. Jan 23 04:17
balzac Anyway, Markos doesn’t get free software, he’s a tool. Jan 23 04:17
balzac he’s a “hoarder” who has “piles of money” but no credibility in the free software community. Jan 23 04:17
schestowitz No, he doesn’t know me. Jan 23 04:18
schestowitz True, he doesn’t get FOSS Jan 23 04:19
balzac Ok, I’m still trying to find which of those search results contains the interview Jan 23 04:19
schestowitz He says something about this in the interview Jan 23 04:19
schestowitz To him it’s just a tool. Jan 23 04:19
schestowitz How does he get funded to blog? Jan 23 04:19
schestowitz Just advertising? I very much doubt it Jan 23 04:19
schestowitz BN has a ‘revenue’ of $50 that goes in part to the host Jan 23 04:20
balzac He could be getting money on the side, but don’t doubt that his ad-income is substantial. Jan 23 04:20
balzac no man, he gets orders of magnitude more traffic than BN Jan 23 04:20
balzac especially during election cycles Jan 23 04:20
balzac the dude is a made man. Piles of money. Jan 23 04:21
balzac also, his enforcers on his website are political hacks Jan 23 04:22
balzac like the chief of staff of a governor, for instance – one of the biggest assholes on the site who would brow-beat impeachment campaigners Jan 23 04:22
balzac they get paid too Jan 23 04:23
schestowitz I can imagine… Jan 23 04:23
balzac anyway, so you have RMS backing Kucinich Jan 23 04:23
schestowitz But he doesn’t seem like a bad guy. Jan 23 04:23
balzac you have Kos backing anyone but Kucinich Jan 23 04:23
schestowitz Politicians are Jan 23 04:23
balzac Kos is a prick, he’s not Darth Vader, he’s not Satan, but he is a prick. Jan 23 04:24
balzac His guys went after me in some very nasty ways. Jan 23 04:24
schestowitz How so? Jan 23 04:25
balzac Anyway, that’s my tale on how the free software community, open source business alliance, and the online democratic political fund-raising free-speech zones are related. Jan 23 04:25
schestowitz Can’t be literally… O’Gara style. Jan 23 04:25
balzac You’d have to read how he writes about Kucinich Jan 23 04:26
balzac It’s the same disdainful attitude of Linus Torvalds towards RMS Jan 23 04:26
balzac only more overtly hostile Jan 23 04:26
balzac Kucinich, the only guy to really stand up for impeachment, and Kos treated him with no respect at all. Jan 23 04:26
balzac Kos was most definitely not “Crashing the Gates”, he was reinforcing the gates. Jan 23 04:27
schestowitz Jail gate? Jan 23 04:27
schestowitz As in bars? Jan 23 04:27
balzac Crashing the Gates is the title of his book about online political organizing. Jan 23 04:28
balzac as if he’s not part of the media establishment Jan 23 04:28
balzac He got a freaking deal to write for newsweek Jan 23 04:28
balzac and all these members of congress not only show up to his website, but they show up in person to his political conferences. Jan 23 04:29
balzac used to be called Yearly Kos, now it’s called “Netroots Nation”. Jan 23 04:29
balzac Anyway, you know what it’s like to have Microsoft’s and Novell’s people go after you like tanya harding, whacking at your knee-caps Jan 23 04:30
balzac I know what that’s like too Jan 23 04:30
schestowitz Oh Jan 23 04:30
schestowitz Lessig keynoted it Jan 23 04:30
balzac All I did was stick to my guns on impeaching Bush for being a war criminal and I was slandered and verbally abused to an incredible extent on DailyKos.com Jan 23 04:30
schestowitz Tanya Harding? Jan 23 04:31
balzac She’s the skater who had a big henchman whack Nancy Kerrigan in the knee with a metal bar during the olympics Jan 23 04:31
balzac classic Jan 23 04:31
balzac so I’m saying when you’ve got character-assassins who try to hobble you for standing up for something, that’s my analogy Jan 23 04:32
schestowitz I was never abused physically Jan 23 04:32
balzac metaphor Jan 23 04:32
schestowitz Just verbally, using lots of libel Jan 23 04:32
balzac Me too Jan 23 04:32
schestowitz Most people are not stupid enough to believe it Jan 23 04:33
schestowitz But you never know about those who might cling on to lie Jan 23 04:33
schestowitz I’ve seen some of this Jan 23 04:33
schestowitz Like people spreading rumours about me being a senile or something. Jan 23 04:33
balzac Lots of people are not nearly paranoid enough to discriminate between you and your critics. Jan 23 04:33
schestowitz Or was it autistic.*LOL* Jan 23 04:33
balzac Until you’ve gone and pitted yourself against a really big, well-monied, corrupt, bureaucracy or corporation, you’re going to be quite naive about the level of coordinated smear-attacks you’ll suffer. Jan 23 04:35
balzac Most people have not had that “rite of passage” as an activist, so they’ll really think you’re just a paranoid guy with bad social skills. Jan 23 04:36
schestowitz RMS has the same issue Jan 23 04:38
balzac Yeah, Kucinich too Jan 23 04:38
schestowitz Linus… not so much… he’s conformist Jan 23 04:38
balzac Well, he’s not any kind of activist. He’s politically inert, like Markos. Jan 23 04:38
schestowitz Obedience keeps his relatively safe from mad stalkers Jan 23 04:38
balzac He’s just sitting there, stifling progress, collecting money, criticizing the real guy, basking in the lime-light, while riding the real guy’s coat tails. Jan 23 04:39
balzac Kos and Torvalds Jan 23 04:39
balzac I reserve judgment on Dries Buyteart because he’s younger, and he said “free software” in the forward of some book about Drupal, not “open source”. Jan 23 04:40
balzac But I really got tired of Torvalds constantly ripping on RMS because it’s exactly the same as Markos Moulitsas always disrespecting Kucinich. Jan 23 04:41
balzac It’s not all black and white Jan 23 04:41
balzac I’m not a judgemental person, but I know when there’s reason to resist some bullshit artist, not just out of principles but also out of personal financial interest. Jan 23 04:42
balzac I’ll be damned if I’m not going to get my slice of the pie. Jan 23 04:42
schestowitz Dries is OK Jan 23 04:43
schestowitz Don’t bring him into this group (LinusKos) :-) Jan 23 04:44
balzac I think so too. He’s a nice guy, and all that. Jan 23 04:44
balzac I’m not, I wrote congratulations on his blog for his 8 years of Drupal. Jan 23 04:44
schestowitz “Do as I say but not too much” Jan 23 04:44
schestowitz Linus about RMS Jan 23 04:44
schestowitz Or Kos and those who want real justice re: Bush Jan 23 04:44
balzac But Torvalds and Kos aren’t exactly terrible people either, they’re just not in any position to be disrespecting the elder statesmen activists. Jan 23 04:45
schestowitz Yes Jan 23 04:45
balzac Plus, by defending the real visionary, I’m taking position myself, with personal interest. Jan 23 04:45
balzac It’s crucial, I think, in order to be taken seriously, not to be too much of a renunciate. I want to be financially successful. I think it also strengthens my credibility. Jan 23 04:46
balzac so I’m  a vocal critic of “open source” and an advocate of Free Software and GNU, not just ideologically, but as an entrepreneur. Jan 23 04:47
balzac But I’m pragmatic enough to push sales of a mixed-source product like RedHat because it’s a hell of a lot better than Novell. Jan 23 04:48
schestowitz Open Source is /whose/? ESR? Perens? ORLY? Jan 23 04:48
balzac They’re all guys who don’t think as clearly as RMS. Jan 23 04:48
schestowitz They swap names, then garner control Jan 23 04:48
schestowitz EEE Jan 23 04:48
schestowitz But not from Microsoft Jan 23 04:49
balzac Well, Perens backed off of Open Source. He’s cooler than ESR. Jan 23 04:49
balzac O’Rielly is half-serious, considering the way most of his books are licensed. Jan 23 04:49
balzac publishing ESR’s screed, CATB, as if it were worth a crap – that shows how aware O’Reilly is of free software principles and history. Jan 23 04:50
balzac I like O’Reilly though because he appreciates this really cool Sufi singer whom I also am a fan. Jan 23 04:50
balzac Anyway, they’re all just guys and I’m not on some high-horse of judgment, but I see opportunity in being a bit more thoughtful and respectful of the real innovators. Jan 23 04:51
balzac RMS is greatly undervalued by the “open source” community, especially considering that 60% of the so-called “open source” software is GPL-licensed. Jan 23 04:52
schestowitz or those who sacrificed. Jan 23 04:52
balzac yeah Jan 23 04:52
balzac It’s ridiculous that the FSF goes along on a shoe-string budget while Google owns an air-strip and is practically building a navy. jk Jan 23 04:53
schestowitz You mention Linus a lot of not Microsofticaza Jan 23 04:53
balzac Google’s floating data-centers, Mark Shuttleworth’s space-tourism, RMS flying coach. Jan 23 04:54
balzac Icaza is a peckerwood Jan 23 04:54
balzac he’s very sneaky Jan 23 04:55
balzac You can lump him together with Torvalds and Markos Moulitsas. Jan 23 04:55
schestowitz Blech Jan 23 04:56
balzac Well, there are people of all kinds, varying degrees of mental coherence. Some people just have more cognitive dissonance and they don’t see the irony of their ridiculous ideas. Jan 23 04:56
schestowitz Shuttleworth Jan 23 04:56
schestowitz Wow! The hero Jan 23 04:56
schestowitz He.. he… he flew to space Jan 23 04:56
schestowitz What heroism Jan 23 04:56
balzac Shuttleworth – golden boy, like the Mavs owner. Jan 23 04:56
balzac What’s his name, who owns the Mavericks? Jan 23 04:57
schestowitz He’s like a man given by God from another planet :-) Jan 23 04:57
balzac Mark Cuban Jan 23 04:57
balzac yeah, well it’s not hard to get a big ego when you’ve become disproportionately successful and you’re surrounded by sycophants Jan 23 04:57
balzac It’s a phenomenon of group-psychology. I’ve made diagrams of egoists and sycophants to capture my theories on social psychology and narcissism. Jan 23 04:58
balzac I wouldn’t mind becoming one of them, but at least I’ll be really self-conscious of the psychology behind it. It distorts your point of view if you’re not well aware of what’s happening. Jan 23 05:00
schestowitz Diagrams like that remind me of Unabomber Jan 23 05:00
balzac I would be. I’m not going to presume my success as an entrepreneur. I can barely convince people to pay me more than $20/hr. Jan 23 05:01
balzac how so? Jan 23 05:01
schestowitz Diagram here: http://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Industrial_… Jan 23 05:05
schestowitz The guy creeps me out though Jan 23 05:05
schestowitz It’s quite interesting though. “It is merely a matter of attitude whether you blame the advertising industry for manipulating the public or blame the public for allowing itself to be manipulated. As a matter of strategy one should generally avoid blaming the public.” Jan 23 05:07
balzac There’s a lot to read there about the psychology of social activists vs establishment & status-quo defenders Jan 23 05:07
balzac He’s right about that. Jan 23 05:08
balzac Every time I hear someone say, regarding environmental catastrophe or war crimes – “it’s everyone’s fault. We’re all responsible for this” – I say no! It’s that guy’s fault, and that guy! Jan 23 05:09
balzac because what’s the use of not singling out the worst culprits? Jan 23 05:09
balzac don’t blame the public, blame the opinion-leaders, the elected and appointed officials, the wealthy, the influential. Jan 23 05:10
balzac There’s nothing to be gained from blaming the powerless public. Jan 23 05:10
balzac except to alienate yourself. Jan 23 05:10
schestowitz Soldiers who obery orders Jan 23 05:11
schestowitz I said it before… people are just a generation and a half away from nokeys Jan 23 05:11
schestowitz We’re gullible and it’s dangerous Jan 23 05:11
balzac I say let most of those soldiers off the hook. Nail bush and cheney. Jan 23 05:11
schestowitz Anyway, it’s 5AM here. Jan 23 05:11
schestowitz I’m off to bed before ti’s light Jan 23 05:11
balzac right Jan 23 05:11
balzac Thanks for chatting Jan 23 05:12
balzac I hope we can talk business some time, or software, but I think we’ve covered politics pretty thoroughly. Jan 23 05:12
balzac If you’re ever in NYC, you’re invited to join my friends and I at some strip clubs. Jan 23 05:13
balzac ttyl Roy Jan 23 05:14
*balzac has quit (“Ex-Chat”) Jan 23 05:14
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MinceR j0 Jan 23 09:17
*kapipi (n=tor@ has joined #boycottnovell Jan 23 09:55
schestowitz Morning. Jan 23 10:53
schestowitz Windows kills. Jan 23 11:40
schestowitz http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/0… ” The virus takes advantage of a known problem that is resolved through a Windows patch that wasn’t installed because “the decision to disable automatic security updates was taken during Christmas week after PCs in an operating theatre were rebooted mid-surgery.”” Jan 23 11:40
MinceR :) Jan 23 11:43
MinceR i disabled it when i was trying out coreavc and it took the movie out of fullscreen every 5 minutes because “DURR HURR REBOOT NOW” Jan 23 11:43
MinceR i’ve managed to install coreavc-for-linux since Jan 23 11:43
schestowitz You can’t disable it in Vista. Jan 23 11:46
schestowitz Windows knows better than you.. and forces you to accept its judgment. Jan 23 11:46
MinceR :) Jan 23 11:47
schestowitz “Change” my arse! http://news.cnet.com/8301-13578_3-10148807-38.html?p… Jan 23 11:55
schestowitz Nice… http://www.crunchbase.com/assets/images/… Jan 23 11:57
schestowitz Linux-based Jolicloud operating system for netbooks Jan 23 11:57
schestowitz http://p10.hostingprod.com/@spyblog.org.uk/… (Counter Terrorism Act 2008 – “attempting to elicit information” and secret DNA sampling and data sharing etc. come into force on February 16th 2009) Jan 23 11:58
MinceR cute… too bad it’s infected with malware such as skype Jan 23 11:59
schestowitz I saw that too. Jan 23 12:00
MinceR anyway, if it kills windows, it’s good Jan 23 12:01
schestowitz *LOL* “Two-thirds use an “SQL database” but only 10% use a relational DBMS? Paul Krill, how about a refresher in computer science 101?” < http://www.infoworld.com/article/09/01/20/ope… > Jan 23 12:04
MinceR if only Jan 23 12:05
MinceR sql is a horror Jan 23 12:05
schestowitz I should do a post on Apple’s attack on Linux Jan 23 12:05
benJIman SQL is not relational. Jan 23 12:05
schestowitz So all those hypocrites from LCA and such will open their eyes Jan 23 12:05
schestowitz People in Linux conferences using Macs Jan 23 12:07
schestowitz Sutor also…… http://www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200… Jan 23 12:07
benJIman I’d be surprised if even 10% of people used relational databases. Jan 23 12:08
MinceR benJIman: huh? Jan 23 12:09
benJIman MinceR: It is incompatible with relational theory for several reasons. Including the existance of “null”, the fact that attribute-order is significant, the fact that duplicate rows are allowed, missing relational operators and other problems. Jan 23 12:12
MinceR yet it’s based on relational theory Jan 23 12:14
MinceR and such DB-s are commonly called RDBMS-es Jan 23 12:14
MinceR do you know any “really relational” DB-s? Jan 23 12:15
benJIman MinceR: It’s based on relational theory but things have been added and removed such that it is no longer compatible. Jan 23 12:26
MinceR by your definition, nobody uses relational databases :> Jan 23 12:26
benJIman There are some toy dbmses that are relational. Mightyd and Re. lIngres is working on a real relational database too. Jan 23 12:26
MinceR what advantages do they expect from a stricter model? Jan 23 12:27
benJIman You can use a relational subset of SQL, but there are still some problems with it that are impossible to workaround. Jan 23 12:27
benJIman MinceR: A lot of the query optimisations are not possible due to the ways sql breaks the relational model. Of course the biggest issue is data integrity and redundancy. Jan 23 12:28
MinceR ic Jan 23 12:28
benJIman I suggest reading some books/papers by Chris Date/Hugh Darwen if you want to know more. Jan 23 12:28
*oiaohm2 (n=oiaohm@039.a.001.mar.iprimus.net.au) has joined #boycottnovell Jan 23 12:53
oiaohm2 I see apple got on radar.   People forget the apple netwon that existed before palm. Jan 23 12:58
schestowitz Yes Jan 23 13:00
schestowitz But what’s with use of patents to eliminate products? Jan 23 13:00
oiaohm2 Apple normally does not eliminate products. Jan 23 13:05
schestowitz I can’t think of examples Jan 23 13:05
schestowitz But often enough, companies ‘hire’ a troll to remove competing products Jan 23 13:06
oiaohm2 Freetype case.   With open source.  As long as opensource developers provided an option not to use patented code Apple would not attack project. Jan 23 13:06
oiaohm2 Apple kinda just wants to be payed for there patent list. Jan 23 13:06
oiaohm2 Most likely cause of Apple threating Palm was Palm thinking since it was not making an OS any more it did not have to pay patents. Jan 23 13:07
oiaohm2 Apple is not in that great of a money location to not be paid for there patents. Jan 23 13:08
schestowitz That’s flawed logic Jan 23 13:09
schestowitz This isn’t copycatting. Jan 23 13:09
schestowitz They’re wasting everybody’s time and money. Ask TomTom’s CEO.. Jan 23 13:09
oiaohm2 Not really. Jan 23 13:11
oiaohm2 Its not like TomTom has had a licence with Apple like patent usage like Palm. Jan 23 13:12
oiaohm2 Apple to Palm is just a open warning. Jan 23 13:12
MinceR people forget that (1) newton didn’t have phone functionality and (2) crApple licensed handwriting recognition for it from palm Jan 23 13:14
MinceR apple to palm is bullying Jan 23 13:14
MinceR and claiming innovation where they’ve done none Jan 23 13:15
oiaohm2 Apple has always had the policy of protecting there patents.  Remember neither did palm have phone support at the time of newton either. Jan 23 13:15
MinceR oh, it’s “protecting patents” now? Jan 23 13:15
MinceR remember that handspring introduced the pda/phone and handspring is palm now. Jan 23 13:16
oiaohm2 There are interface design things that are apples MinceR Jan 23 13:16
oiaohm2 Apple just said don’t infringe on them. Jan 23 13:16
MinceR apple keeps claiming gui innovation for stuff they’ve stolen from xerox and elsewhere Jan 23 13:17
MinceR apple was caught trying to patent something someone else invented already. Jan 23 13:17
oiaohm2 So has everyone else who has patents at some time. Jan 23 13:17
*Casperin has quit (“Leaving”) Jan 23 13:17
MinceR http://yro.slashdot.org/article.pl… Jan 23 13:18
MinceR the great innovators Jan 23 13:18
oiaohm2 Yes the true problem with patents sometimes you think your idea is unique and opps it was not. Jan 23 13:18
MinceR assuming they really didn’t know Jan 23 13:19
MinceR which implies that apple didn’t lie Jan 23 13:19
MinceR but apple keeps lying all the time Jan 23 13:19
schestowitz oiaohm2: Apple to Palm is extorton Jan 23 13:20
schestowitz *ion Jan 23 13:20
schestowitz Same as attack in ways, just verbal. Jan 23 13:20
MinceR the patent system is obviously broken Jan 23 13:21
MinceR and is obviously going counter to its original invention Jan 23 13:21
oiaohm2 Patent law is annoying stuff.   If you say that you will not defend you patents your patents are basically useless.   Even IBM states clearly that Open Souce may use there patents as long as there is nothing in the licence forbining IBM from using it.  Anyone else same kind of words apple used. Jan 23 13:22
MinceR welcome to modern capitalism, where all the rules are subverted so instead of promoting competition, they promote monopolies. Jan 23 13:22
oiaohm2 Patent Law forces the threat setup. Jan 23 13:22
MinceR “clearly stating” is not a patent license and not legally binding. Jan 23 13:23
oiaohm2 Funny enough is it can be legally binding in some courts if you state wrong. Jan 23 13:24
oiaohm2 Sorry the threat words apple used are basicaly boiler plate for notifying someone that there are patents in a area they have to be aware of. Jan 23 13:25
MinceR “there are patents” sounds like FUD. Jan 23 13:26
MinceR just like a certain other company keeps doing nowadays Jan 23 13:26
oiaohm2 Note Apple has a lot of patents for rendering fonts and the like to screen. Jan 23 13:26
MinceR we’ll just have to do without fonts on the screen, then Jan 23 13:27
MinceR obviously it’s a great invention Jan 23 13:27
MinceR oh, wait, it isn’t Jan 23 13:27
oiaohm2 It taking the rough edges of fonts and making them look good. Jan 23 13:27
oiaohm2 There are are a lot of other small avoidable patents like that. Jan 23 13:27
MinceR antialiasing? what a novel idea! Jan 23 13:28
oiaohm2 Antialiasing with extra data in font to undo errors. Jan 23 13:29
MinceR you mean hinting? Jan 23 13:29
oiaohm2 Yep. Jan 23 13:29
oiaohm2 Apple will most likely also hold some hardware patents. Jan 23 13:30
MinceR most likely about things they didn’t invent Jan 23 13:30
MinceR as usual Jan 23 13:30
oiaohm2 Hinting they did invent. Jan 23 13:30
oiaohm2 It was first done in there video cards by hardware. Jan 23 13:30
MinceR doesn’t the Bilski decision render that patent unenforceable anyway? Jan 23 13:30
oiaohm2 Nop hardware patent these days emulated in software. Jan 23 13:31
oiaohm2 So Bilski does not apply. Jan 23 13:31
oiaohm2 That is what you have to be very careful with Apple over.   They have a lot of small kinda not important looking hardware patents. Jan 23 13:32
MinceR so all one needs to do to make a sw patent apply is also implement it in hardware? Jan 23 13:32
MinceR yeah, they’re just like microsoft, trying to keep you from competing because they can’t come up with quality products. Jan 23 13:32
oiaohm2 Implement it in hardware first.  Patent that then convert to software. Jan 23 13:32
oiaohm2 It applies in a lot of countries that don’t have software patents that way. Jan 23 13:33
MinceR converting an algorithm to hardware is probably trivial. Jan 23 13:33
oiaohm2 Depends on the algorithm.  It be real hardware you cannot use a cpu or microprocess of any form to process it. Jan 23 13:34
oiaohm2 Because if you use a cpu or microprocess it don’t get the global reach. Jan 23 13:34
MinceR i could use a microcontroller Jan 23 13:36
oiaohm2 If you use a microcontroller is a software patent. Jan 23 13:36
MinceR or i could generate a circuit Jan 23 13:36
oiaohm2 Yes it has to be a solid logic circuit. Jan 23 13:37
MinceR it would be wasteful but nobody cares Jan 23 13:37
oiaohm2 Also due to the complexity of doing solid logic circuits for complex things reason why they appear to be minor things. Jan 23 13:38
MinceR i don’t have to do the entire thing in hw and it will already be bound to a specific hw, won’t it? Jan 23 13:38
oiaohm2 Basically the patents Apple are sitting on are far stronger than lot of the software patents MS sits on.  But area of coverage of apples is limited. Jan 23 13:39
oiaohm2 Most of apples hardware patents can be designed around. Jan 23 13:39
oiaohm2 Like freetype generating hinting on the fly. Jan 23 13:40
oiaohm2 Instead of using hinting data embed in the font file covered by apples patent. Jan 23 13:40
oiaohm2 Hardware patents are no where as global reaching as software patents either. Jan 23 13:40
MinceR sw patents disguised as hw patents, on the other hand… Jan 23 13:41
oiaohm2 sw patents can have down right poor descriptions of opertations at times making them almost impossable to take another path. Jan 23 13:41
oiaohm2 hw patents must have clean defined description of what it does.   So making finding another path simpler. Jan 23 13:42
oiaohm2 ie hw patents are annoying don’t step on them but not end of development like sw patents.   Apple basically saying to palm just don’t step on them design your own ways around problems. Jan 23 13:44
oiaohm2 Where someone with software patents would be saying you cannot design nothing that avoids my patents at times. Jan 23 13:44
oiaohm2 Software patents are pure bad.   Hardware patents are more annoying than company destroying. Jan 23 13:45
schestowitz Why is it ok for h/w in this case? Jan 23 13:47
schestowitz it just implments maths Jan 23 13:47
MinceR schestowitz: obviously, because it’s from Holy Apple. Jan 23 13:48
oiaohm2 Apple is not anglic.  Yes maths in circuit becomes hw patent.  Hw patents also cover silcon chip designs for like of doing cos and sin.   There are a few thousand different patents to do them. Jan 23 13:50
oiaohm2 Hw patents are very much you cannot do it the same way.   But of you do it a different way get the same final result everything is legal. Jan 23 13:51
MinceR that’s how sw patents should work if at all. Jan 23 13:51
oiaohm2 I don’t really have a Issue with Hw patents. Jan 23 13:52
oiaohm2 Sw patent rules are so crap its not funny. Jan 23 13:52
oiaohm2 Its also the reason why when it comes to a court case over a Hw patent if you are infinging is normally worked out in one trial without question. Jan 23 13:53
oiaohm2 Most hw patent breaches are settled out of court.  For the simple reason both parties can confirm the other is or is not in breach. Jan 23 13:54
oiaohm2 The number of software patent cases really show a major problems in the rules.    You are lucky to see 1 hw patent case go to court every 5 years. Jan 23 13:56
*DarkUranium (n=DarkUran@cpe-92-37-90-25.dynamic.amis.net) has joined #boycottnovell Jan 23 13:59
*kapipi has quit (Remote closed the connection) Jan 23 14:05
schestowitz MinceR: Holy Apple? Jan 23 14:05
schestowitz Holy cow. Jan 23 14:05
MinceR :) Jan 23 14:05
MinceR you know, the guys who can get away with everything Jan 23 14:06
oiaohm2 When you know the rules of hardware patents you really have to ask why software patents are need at all. Jan 23 14:06
*kapipi (n=tor@ has joined #boycottnovell Jan 23 14:06
schestowitz oiaohm2: keep an eye on BN Jan 23 14:06
schestowitz I have a long post coming with studies and new arguments on why patents are the s* Jan 23 14:06
MinceR oiaohm2: they’re needed because some sw companies are unable to compete and they know it Jan 23 14:06
MinceR so they’re using sw patents to deny entry to the market. Jan 23 14:06
schestowitz To give historical reference, these are just ways or handing in power to the rich Jan 23 14:06
MinceR well, trying to, anyway. Jan 23 14:06
schestowitz It’s marketed differently Jan 23 14:06
schestowitz Many things are marketed as “secuerity” Jan 23 14:07
schestowitz Even knowingly as means of deceit Jan 23 14:07
MinceR yeah, like DRM Jan 23 14:07
schestowitz Like “protecting” patents Jan 23 14:07
schestowitz Yes, DRM too Jan 23 14:07
MinceR which apple and m$ still seem to be in love with Jan 23 14:07
schestowitz It’s the same in politics Jan 23 14:07
oiaohm2 DRM does have its places. Jan 23 14:07
schestowitz To break off labour unions and such Jan 23 14:07
schestowitz Always secueity Jan 23 14:07
MinceR yeah, in the history books Jan 23 14:07
MinceR under “bullets we have dodged” Jan 23 14:07
twitter I’m glad Apple is chest thumping patents. Jan 23 14:07
schestowitz Terrify people about the evil “pirates” Jan 23 14:07
schestowitz Then you can do anything about them. Jan 23 14:07
twitter When they lose, SW patents are over. Jan 23 14:08
oiaohm2 Problem with DRM its being  placed were it does not realy suit. Jan 23 14:08
MinceR like, in practice. Jan 23 14:08
oiaohm2 SW patents are a threat to Apple as well. Jan 23 14:08
twitter There’s no good place for digital restrictions. Jan 23 14:08
schestowitz Pirates of Silicon Valley, remember Jan 23 14:08
MinceR “good artists copy, great artists steal” Jan 23 14:08
MinceR remember? Jan 23 14:08
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    The problematic combination of plaintiff-friendly courts (favouring the accuser, just like in Eastern Texas) and low-quality patents that should never have been granted

  4. Mafia Tactics in Team UPC and Battistelli's Circle

    Mafia-like behaviour at the EPO and the team responsible for the Unified Patent Court (UPC); appointments of loyal friends and family members have become common (nepotism and exchange of favours), as have threats made towards critics, authorities, and the press

  5. Australia Says No to Software Patents

    Rokt is now fighting the Australian patent office over its decision to reject software patents; Shelston IP, an Australian patent law firm (originally from Melbourne), already meddles a great deal in such policies/decisions, hoping to overturn them

  6. Links 19/7/2018: Krita 4.1.1, Qt Creator 4.7.0, and Microsoft-Led Lobby Against Android in EU

    Links for the day

  7. IAM is Pushing SEPs/FRAND Agenda for Patent Trolls and Monopolists That Fund IAM

    The front group of patent trolls, IAM, sets up an echo chamber-type event, preceded by all the usual pro-FRAND propaganda

  8. “Trade Secrets” Litigation Rising in the Wake of TC Heartland, Alice, Oil States and Other Patent-Minimising Decisions

    Litigation strategies are evolving in the wake of top-level decisions that rule out software patents, restrict venue shifting, and facilitate invalidation of patents even outside the courtroom

  9. The EPO -- Like the Unified Patent Court (UPC) and Unitary Patent System -- is an Untenable Mess

    The António Campinos-led EPO, nearly three weeks under his leadership, still fails to commit to justice (court rulings not obeyed), undo union-busting efforts and assure independence of judges; this, among other factors, is why the Office/Organisation and the UPC it wants to manage appear more or less doomed

  10. Links 18/7/2018: System76's Manufacturing Facility, Microsoft-Led Lobby for Antitrust Against Android

    Links for the day

  11. What Patent Lawyers Aren't Saying: Most Patent Litigation Has Become Too Risky to be Worth It

    The lawyers' key to the castle is lost or misplaced; they can't quite find/obtain leverage in courts, but they don't want their clients to know that

  12. Software Patents Royalty (Tax) Campaign by IBM, a Serial Patent Bully, and the EPO's Participation in All This

    The agenda of US-based patent maximalists, including patent trolls and notorious bullies from the United States, is still being served by the 'European' Patent Office, which has already outsourced some of its work (e.g. translations, PR, surveillance) to the US

  13. The European Council Needs to Check Battistelli's Back Room Deals/Back Door/Backchannel With Respect to Christian Archambeau

    Worries persist that Archambeau is about to become an unworthy beneficiary (nepotism) after a Battistelli setup that put Campinos in power, supported by the Belgian delegation which is connected to Archambeau, a national/citizen of Belgium

  14. PTAB and § 101 (Section 101) Have Locked the Patent Parasites Out of the Patent System

    Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) inter partes reviews (IPRs) have contributed a great deal to patent quality and have reduced the number of frivolous patent lawsuits; this means that firms which profit from patent applications and litigation hate it with a passion and still lobby to weaken if not scuttle PTAB

  15. Patents on Computer Software and Plants in the United States Indicative of Systemic Error

    The never-ending expansion of patent scope has meant that patent law firms generally got their way at the patent office; can the courts react fast enough (before confidence in patents and/or public support for patents is altogether shattered)?

  16. Yesterday's Misleading News From Team UPC and Its Aspiring Management of the Unified Patent Court (UPC)

    The Unified Patent Court (UPC) enthusiasts — i.e. those looking to financially gain from it — continue to wrestle with logic, manipulate words and misrepresent the law; yesterday we saw many law firms trying to make it sound as though the UPC is coming to the UK even though this isn’t possible and UPC as a whole is likely already dead

  17. Time for the European Commission to Investigate EPO Corruption Because It May be Partly or Indirectly Connected to EU-IPO, an EU Agency

    The passage of the top role at the EU-IPO from António Campinos to Christian Archambeau would damage confidence in the moral integrity of the European Council; back room deals are alleged to have occurred, implicating corrupt Battistelli

  18. Links 17/7/2018: Catfish 1.4.6 Released, ReactOS 0.4.9, Red Hat's GPL Compliance Group Grows

    Links for the day

  19. Links 16/7/2018: Linux 4.18 RC5, Latte Dock v0.8, Windows Back Doors Resurface

    Links for the day

  20. Alliance for US Startups and Inventors for Jobs (USIJ) Misleads the US Government, Pretending to Speak for Startups While Spreading Lies for the Patent Microcosm

    In the United States, which nowadays strives to raise the patent bar, the House Small Business Committee heard from technology firms but it also heard from some questionable front groups which claim to support "startups" and "jobs" (but in reality support just patents on the face of it)

  21. 'Blockchain', 'Cloud' and Whatever Else Gets Exploited to Work Around 35 U.S.C. § 101 (or the EPC) and Patent Algorithms/Software

    Looking for a quick buck or some low-quality patents (which courts would almost certainly reject), opportunists carry on with their gold rush, aided by buzzwords and hype over pretty meaningless things

  22. PTAB Defended by the EFF, the R Street Institute and CCIA as the Number of Petitions (IPRs) Continues to Grow

    Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) inter partes reviews (IPRs) come to the rescue when patently-bogus patents are used, covering totally abstract concepts (like software patents do); IPRs continue to increase in number and opponents of PTAB, who conveniently cherry-pick Supreme Court (SCOTUS) decisions, can't quite stop that

  23. IAM/Joff Wild May Have Become a de Facto Media Partner of the Patent Troll iPEL

    Invitation to trolls in China, courtesy of the patent trolls' lobby called "IAM"; this shows no signs of stopping and has become rather blatant

  24. Cautionary Tale: ILO Administrative Tribunal Cases (Appeals) 'Intercepted' Under António Campinos

    The ILO Administrative Tribunal (ILO-AT) is advertised by the EPO's management as access to justice, but it's still being undermined quite severely to the detriment of aggrieved staff

  25. Asking the USPTO to Comply With 35 U.S.C. § 101 is Like Asking Pentagon Officials to Pursue Real, Persistent Peace

    Some profit from selling weapons, whereas others profit from patent grants and litigation; what's really needed right now is patent sanity and adherence to the public interest as well as the law itself, e.g. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) decisions

  26. BT and Sonos Are Still Patent Bullies, Seeing Patents as a Backup Plan

    The companies seeking to complement their business (or make up for their demise) using patents are still suing rivals while calling that litigation "research and development" (the same old euphemism)

  27. Jim Skippen, a Longtime Patent Troll, Admits That the Trolling Sector is Collapsing

    Canada's biggest patent troll (WiLAN) bar BlackBerry doesn't seem to be doing too well as its CEO leaves the domain altogether

  28. From East Asia to the Eastern District of Texas: XYZ Printing, Maxell, and X2Y Attenuators

    The patent aggression, which relies on improper litigation venues, harms innocent parties a great deal; only their lawyers benefit from all this mess

  29. Links 14/7/2018: Mesa 18.1.4, Elisa 0.2.1, More on Python's Guido van Rossum

    Links for the day

  30. Number of Oppositions to Grants/Awards of European Patents at the EPO Has Skyrocketed, Based on Internal Data

    The number of challenged patents continues to soar and staff of the EPO (examiners already over-encumbered by far too much work, due to unrealistic targets) would struggle to cope or simply be compelled to not properly deal with oppositions


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