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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: January 31st, 2009 – Part 1

Posted in IRC Logs at 2:09 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


Enter the IRC channel now

schestowitz *LOL* “”beamed torchlight on them with the intention of apprehending them they ran away and they were vigorously chased until one of them disappeared while the second turned to sheep”. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/0… (Nigerian car thief turns into sheep) Jan 31 00:06
MinceR lol wut Jan 31 00:06
schestowitz LMAO. http://www.theregister.co.uk/200… Jan 31 00:07
schestowitz Tis reminds me of the death threats to PJ Jan 31 00:07
schestowitz http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/01/30/micr… “Microsemi said that as a penalty for misrepresenting his academic credentials, Peterson will immediately pay $100,000 to the company.” Jan 31 00:10
schestowitz The wolf in Road Runner never dies and rich people in the west never go to jail unless they practically murder someone (unless their name is OJ) Jan 31 00:10
jose will leave soon.. Jan 31 00:17
schestowitz Was gnome-do mono-based? Jan 31 00:18
schestowitz I can’t recall.. Jan 31 00:18
MinceR gn Jan 31 00:18
schestowitz I think it waas Jan 31 00:18
schestowitz Browser security wars < http://weblog.infoworld.com/securityadviser/a… > “I’ve always been a big fan of Konqueror for KDE versions of Linux, and Netscape and Mozilla during their heydays.” Jan 31 00:21
*jose has quit (“Leaving”) Jan 31 00:22
*kapipi has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)) Jan 31 00:52
twitter “investigations often investigate the past”  Yeah, precrime is some kind of GWB fantasy.  Let’s you target the people you don’t like. Jan 31 01:50
twitter Working on px06986 Jan 31 01:50
schestowitz Cool! Jan 31 01:51
twitter Yeah, I’m typing it into gedit…. Jan 31 01:51
twitter For some reason I like gedit for quick and dirty stuff. Jan 31 01:52
schestowitz Kate has tabbing. Jan 31 01:53
twitter Yes and I love it for coding and persistent work.  I like gedit for quick stuff.  It seems a little lighter and faster. Jan 31 01:55
twitter Funny thing is that I usually end up pasting stuff into kmail for spell check. Jan 31 01:59
amarsh04 I usually use Abiword for letter writing Jan 31 01:59
twitter I’d type it in kmail but gedit has bigger fonts.  Silly of me. Jan 31 01:59
schestowitz twitter: I do the same with Firefox or KNode Jan 31 02:00
schestowitz Kate doesn’t have in-line spellcheker. We talked about this in IRC before Jan 31 02:00
schestowitz And OOo is an overkill for the stuff I do anyway Jan 31 02:00
twitter The default font for gedit is some kind of TT monospace.  I like that.  I don’t know why I like that but I do. Jan 31 02:02
twitter It must be a typewriter/amber terminal hangover. Jan 31 02:03
schestowitz Microsoft is monitoring BN. I can only imagine they don’t exactly like what’s being ‘leaked’ in BN these days……. Jan 31 02:03
schestowitz But they can’t sue… it’s just authentic mail from a state-scale class action Jan 31 02:04
amarsh04 the problem is that the “public” court documents aren’t available freely Jan 31 02:04
twitter Maybe they should not have been such assholes in the first place. Jan 31 02:04
schestowitz amarsh04: they were in a sense Jan 31 02:04
schestowitz They put it on a site too Jan 31 02:04
amarsh04 even when you or groklaw.net has them, there was often lots of ocr work to be done Jan 31 02:04
schestowitz Then there’s ethical law versus thenicality Jan 31 02:04
schestowitz *technicality Jan 31 02:04
schestowitz For example, you can’t cross the road without zebra crossing and alll… but sometime jaywalking is reasonable… like in a quiet neighbourhood Jan 31 02:05
schestowitz amarsh04: there’s no hurry. OCR + manual work would do the trick Jan 31 02:05
amarsh04 yes, I’ve wondered how I get the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to take note of the .au-relevant stuff that you have posted Jan 31 02:06
twitter technicality?  these nut jobs act like Bond super villains.  “DOS is the Source of our Power!”  “We must own the secure path, end to end.  There can be only one.” Jan 31 02:06
schestowitz I hope to have informed some people who can sue Jan 31 02:06
schestowitz The evidence is out there now and we get record traffic Jan 31 02:07
twitter Now that would be justice. Jan 31 02:07
schestowitz As got GL, I know PJ’s issues with this. Jan 31 02:07
schestowitz She did post some full texts before, e.g. anti-Java Jan 31 02:07
schestowitz I have many more Jan 31 02:07
schestowitz She was concerned by 2 things: Jan 31 02:07
schestowitz 1. Poisoning of the well: what if Microsoft had ‘planted’ some fakes to ruin the lot? Jan 31 02:08
schestowitz 2. Names of people: there are many names in these E-mails, also from ppl outside Microsoft. We get them Googled when we post full texts and it’s usuaully embarrassing when put in context, Jan 31 02:09
schestowitz Referrals we get from Google almost doubled in the past months alone (1000 for text, 400 for images, PER DAY). Jan 31 02:09
twitter It’s their email.  They could have made the whole thing up when they presented it in the first place.  Hopefully, people checked their caches to prove authenticity. Jan 31 02:09
amarsh04 I just hate how official documents were taken off-line or destroyed (e.g. Caldera versus Microsoft) Jan 31 02:09
schestowitz twitter: yes, it’s done Jan 31 02:10
schestowitz grouchy saved his wget script Jan 31 02:10
schestowitz We routinely use these as proof that it was fetched from the Conlin-controlled site Jan 31 02:10
schestowitz amarsh04: some are alive Jan 31 02:10
twitter ppl outside of M$ are accused by M$ all the time.  these emails are no different.  people will have to make up their own minds based on the weight of evidence because M$ can not be trusted. Jan 31 02:10
schestowitz amarsh04: want a pointer? Jan 31 02:10
amarsh04 yes, I know schestowitz Jan 31 02:10
schestowitz Groklaw wrote about this too Jan 31 02:10
amarsh04 thanks Jan 31 02:10
twitter Finally, these emails are damaging to individuals at M$.  I thought the other day that a good lawsuit would be to use these emails to find personal responsibility for the destruction of companies and sue the individuals on behalf of the former employees. Jan 31 02:11
schestowitz Search BN for “caldera” as well… I have pointers to some of Gary K’s exhibits… in his memory and all. Jan 31 02:11
schestowitz It’s a gold mine too. Jan 31 02:11
amarsh04 ah ok thanks Jan 31 02:11
schestowitz twitter: precisely. Jan 31 02:11
twitter You know, like make Bill Gates pay Netscape employees for their wages lost. Jan 31 02:11
schestowitz Blaming a logo is hard Jan 31 02:11
schestowitz Companies are machines Jan 31 02:11
schestowitz Now you put blood and flesh on them Jan 31 02:12
*amarsh04 used to run Novell DOS 7 – wasted money filing a bug report that it didn’t support ems backfill like ms-dos and ibm pc-dos Jan 31 02:12
schestowitz To find, for example, that Bill Gates is personally responsible for anti-Linux, anti-Java etc. Jan 31 02:12
schestowitz It also makes VMware’s new CEO look like a criminal Jan 31 02:12
schestowitz paulm Jan 31 02:12
twitter The schemes are clear and they had real economic and emotional consequences. Jan 31 02:12
twitter I hate reading these emails because the people are so evil, paranoid and mean. Jan 31 02:13
schestowitz I hope to get this done before MS is history :-) Jan 31 02:13
schestowitz It’s already half the value it used to be Jan 31 02:13
schestowitz Take them down when they can still pay up whilst sued Jan 31 02:13
amarsh04 to quote Tigger… “this mystery is history” Jan 31 02:13
schestowitz Some litigation against Microsoft used Groklaw for research and cited it as source too Jan 31 02:13
schestowitz twitter: you can’t be or feel like a criminal when you are in a company of criminals Jan 31 02:14
schestowitz It’s like being a wolf in a gang of wold. Jan 31 02:14
schestowitz *wolves Jan 31 02:14
twitter people are responsible for their actions Jan 31 02:15
schestowitz Examples are taken from peers Jan 31 02:15
schestowitz Bossed too Jan 31 02:15
amarsh04 one of the things that kill closed source software was that the proprieters of the software could discontinue the product or get bought out and all the code go to the great bit-bucket in the sky Jan 31 02:15
schestowitz Had employees taken an example from billg, none of this is unusual Jan 31 02:15
schestowitz The guy built his career by stealing people’s work and using his daddy to rip apart the political system to make way for ‘little bill’ Jan 31 02:16
twitter True, but they should still be made to pay.  They did not feel bad ruining others, in fact they delighted in it. Jan 31 02:16
amarsh04 I think of all software knowlege that went into closed products and died with the products and their developers Jan 31 02:16
twitter Yes, non free software forces everyone to reinvent everything all the time.  It is intentional waste and results in second rate code. Jan 31 02:18
amarsh04 whereas with free software, a contribution as small as “this doesn’t work, but this does” can find its way back to everyone who uses that software Jan 31 02:18
schestowitz amarsh04: agreed Jan 31 02:18
twitter Wow, here’s some shit.  “I do not think that DRM is dirrect correlation to DTCP.  We need to accelerate our efforts on Secure Video Path.  We stalemate of beat DTCP over time via Secure Audio Path, Secure Video Path and DRM combined.  The challenge with the Studios is that they prefer to exercise monolithic control mechanism an partner with the CE industry who will do monolithic efforts and tace contractual restrants (threat of la Jan 31 02:24
twitter Looks like M$ has the same problems today. Jan 31 02:25
schestowitz :-) Jan 31 02:25
flyback secure audio and video patch Jan 31 02:25
flyback what a joke Jan 31 02:25
flyback I have the solution Jan 31 02:26
flyback it’s called a global plague or ww3 Jan 31 02:26
twitter It’s not really funny, even if M$ can’t execute.  The intent is massively harmful to society. Jan 31 02:26
twitter Sooner or later, these conspirators will get it right and lock everyone else out.  We can’t count on always beating their schemes technically.  They must be beaten legally. Jan 31 02:27
twitter Lovelock predicts Global Warming will kill 90% of the world’s population by 2200. Jan 31 02:28
schestowitz URL? Jan 31 02:29
schestowitz 2200 is too far ahead for predictions Jan 31 02:29
schestowitz Nuclear threat is greater a risk that may lead to extinction Jan 31 02:30
twitter http://www.newscientist.com/article/mg2012692… Jan 31 02:30
schestowitz The main problem is greed (human nature), not religion Jan 31 02:30
schestowitz twitter: yes, I saw that the other day Jan 31 02:30
schestowitz RMS linked to it, IIRC Jan 31 02:30
twitter Yep, that’s where I got it. Jan 31 02:31
twitter It made an impact. Jan 31 02:31
twitter People may or may not lob bombs at each other but the CO2 level is already there. Jan 31 02:34
schestowitz http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=JG9CM_… Jan 31 02:35
flyback good Jan 31 02:41
flyback go global warming Jan 31 02:41
flyback I hate snow and ice Jan 31 02:41
flyback and I Hate all of mankind too Jan 31 02:41
flyback and what an idiot url Jan 31 02:42
twitter do you hate yourself flyback? Jan 31 02:43
schestowitz Raging Jan 31 02:43
twitter sad Jan 31 02:44
schestowitz Can we at least leave the animals to live? Jan 31 02:44
schestowitz Maybe like in China we’ll eat every insect that’s left, even at sea Jan 31 02:44
twitter Lovelock thinks they will walk north. Jan 31 02:44
flyback espically myself Jan 31 02:45
schestowitz God f*ed up. :-) He made us too sophisticated… enough to ruin ourselves and all other species Jan 31 02:45
schestowitz Drift nets, nukes.. Jan 31 02:45
schestowitz But hey! Jan 31 02:45
flyback other species Jan 31 02:45
flyback mankind > animals Jan 31 02:45
flyback get over it Jan 31 02:45
schestowitz Bacteria will survive and may evolve again…. for a few billiob years ;-) Jan 31 02:46
schestowitz According to this, Obama is unlikely to budge out of other lands: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v… Jan 31 02:48
schestowitz Elections are such a scammy choice Jan 31 02:48
schestowitz It’s a binary choice Jan 31 02:49
schestowitz You can’t vote on pertinent policies. There need to be referendums Jan 31 02:49
*flyback uses a floppy disk to chain load to a usb cdrom to bootup linux on a p150mmx with 64meg ram Jan 31 02:53
amarsh04 flyback, is the p150mmx a laptop? Jan 31 02:57
*amarsh04 once ran linux on a cyrix cpu until upgrading to a pentium225mmx Jan 31 02:57
amarsh04 that machine had 48 meg of RAM when I started running linux… finished up with 192 MiB of RAM Jan 31 02:58
flyback why else would I bother with a 150mmx Jan 31 02:58
amarsh04 was one of the earliest motherboards with usb on it Jan 31 02:58
*flyback notes it’s a laptop with a useful 800×600 tft display fine for a serial terminal etc, he’s not that sucidal to use a p150mmx desktop Jan 31 02:58
flyback nice my first homebuild was a cyrix Jan 31 02:59
twitter because you said you hate yourself? Jan 31 02:59
twitter I used those things.  Ugh, the horror. Jan 31 02:59
amarsh04 does it have pcmcia slots? I bought a 2nd hand 3com pcmcia ethernet card for a laptop – had the advantage of not using a separate cable to attach to a rj45 ethernet plug Jan 31 03:00
flyback I used to enjoy things till a few yrs ago Jan 31 03:00
twitter The easier way to make an old laptop work though, is to do the base install on a reasonable computer, then edit config. Jan 31 03:00
flyback yes and it also has cardbus Jan 31 03:00
flyback unlike the other one I h ave at work like it 1 model down which can only use 16 bit pcmcia Jan 31 03:00
schestowitz This man speaks BS: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=… Jan 31 03:00
flyback also has 2 usb 1.1 ports Jan 31 03:01
flyback very useful Jan 31 03:01
amarsh04 but the pcmcia card with the ethernet plug inserted blocked the only usb socket (this was a compaq armada 1750) Jan 31 03:01
flyback I have 5 laptops at work friend bought in working on Jan 31 03:01
flyback well mabye 6 Jan 31 03:01
amarsh04 grand-daughter used that laptop for playing frozen bubble Jan 31 03:01
flyback one packard bell 486slc-25 – useless crashes most dos tools, leaving it 95 for fun Jan 31 03:01
flyback ibm thinkpad p3 – needs at least new cmos battery $3 or so Jan 31 03:02
flyback gateway p150mmx 64 meg ram Jan 31 03:02
flyback gateway 150mmx no ram (had 64 at home to test) no cdrom and no hd or the hd enclosure but has usb 1.1 so I can load from flash drives etc Jan 31 03:02
flyback botha re tft lcd’s Jan 31 03:02
flyback dell inspiron 5000e p3 needs a new hd and it overheats but I think I can fix Jan 31 03:03
*schestowitz needs to fetch the old Compaq laptop for some DSL (just 32 of RAM though) Jan 31 03:03
flyback I should replace the cmos batteries in the gateways because they are nicd which leak after few yrs Jan 31 03:03
flyback the packard bell is going to need emergency surgery Jan 31 03:03
flyback becaus the nicd is those really bad cylinder ones that leak out the ass Jan 31 03:03
amarsh04 the compaq needed a 2032 lithium battery which was very cheap at the local supermarket Jan 31 03:05
amarsh04 just over AUD$2 Jan 31 03:06
flyback yeah but most of these are nicd old school Jan 31 03:06
flyback newer ones use cr2032 afaik Jan 31 03:06
flyback you should use a good brand Jan 31 03:06
flyback don’t get cheap one Jan 31 03:06
flyback they will leak or not last years Jan 31 03:06
flyback i’m still mad from burning up another usb to +5/+3.3 ttl serial converter last n ight Jan 31 03:09
flyback hit pins that were 5.8 better than the last one where I hit +12 Jan 31 03:09
schestowitz “Microsoft software doesn’t get released – it escapes, leaving a trail of destruction behind it.” Jan 31 03:11
twitter disaster capitalism Jan 31 03:11
schestowitz Shock therapy Jan 31 03:11
schestowitz How’d you feel, PUNK? ;-) Jan 31 03:11
twitter imposed on others not chosen. Jan 31 03:11
flyback disaster caplitalism Jan 31 03:12
flyback oh grow up Jan 31 03:12
flyback liberal clueless fucktards Jan 31 03:12
flyback with their words and isms Jan 31 03:12
flyback you people are more fucking dangerous to the enviorment than exxoon ever will be Jan 31 03:12
schestowitz Heh., Jan 31 03:12
schestowitz Maybe true. Jan 31 03:12
flyback seriously the founder of greenpeace left in disgust Jan 31 03:13
schestowitz Watching this type of stuff would probably have you monitored: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=9ZnmfgUd… Jan 31 03:13
schestowitz flyback: link? Jan 31 03:13
flyback because all the marxists were more busy bashing big business instead of trying to find ways just to naturally make businesses more clean Jan 31 03:13
flyback also Jan 31 03:13
flyback he supports nuclear power Jan 31 03:13
flyback and they called him a traitor, devel etc Jan 31 03:13
flyback even though Jan 31 03:13
flyback 99% of them are fucking idiots Jan 31 03:13
flyback who have no idea wtf happen at chernoble Jan 31 03:14
flyback and I am tried of telling people the story Jan 31 03:14
schestowitz Most people watch fantasy BS: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=wG65S9nU… Jan 31 03:16
*flyback hasn’t eatched or had his tv working in over a yr Jan 31 03:16
flyback but I am setting backup a pvr pc soon Jan 31 03:16
flyback don’t care wtf the greenheads thing about it Jan 31 03:16
flyback they can shove their carbon footprint up their ass Jan 31 03:16
schestowitz What Hollywood and WA (DC) have in common is that both produce and deliver illusions. Jan 31 03:16
flyback i’m not going to be alive much longer anyways Jan 31 03:17
flyback yeah we agree on that Jan 31 03:17
flyback hollywood is a bunch of mental idiots Jan 31 03:17
flyback they make me look sane Jan 31 03:17
flyback look at them suck off the cock of scientology Jan 31 03:17
schestowitz Welll, it spreads ;-) Jan 31 03:17
schestowitz Idiots make idiots? ;-) Jan 31 03:17
schestowitz Sanity is not analogous to complacency or conformism. Jan 31 03:18
twitter “Issues Sony has several competitn media technologies and software apps bundled with their Digital PC line.  Notably their own Media Player software with their own DRM technology.  We also have an unconfirmed suspicion that the Vaio Desktop Division has a Linux-based home server project underway.” Jan 31 03:33
twitter ha ha, paranoia Jan 31 03:33
schestowitz http://redmonk.com/sogrady/2009/01/… “It’s been a tough few weeks on the job loss front. This morning’s inbox brought the less than wonderful news that Caterpillar was laying off twenty thousand, Home Depot seven, and Sprint Nextel eight.” Jan 31 03:34
schestowitz Linux-based, eh? Must be scary! Jan 31 03:35
schestowitz They fear Linux DVR — that’s another exhibit Jan 31 03:35
schestowitz Linux has over 50% they exclaim Jan 31 03:35
twitter Bypasses their crap completely. Jan 31 03:35
twitter does not bring freedom but it eliminates M$’s ability to dominate all and keep the conspiracy going. Jan 31 03:36
twitter The conspirators will have to agree to common mechanisms on their own but they seem too greedy to do it.  Everyone has their own competing crap. Jan 31 03:37
schestowitz Sony is close to the conglomerates. it’s also a media company so it needn’t conspire much Jan 31 03:37
schestowitz It also had that nasty rootkit/DRM incident Jan 31 03:37
twitter Yes, but they will have to get together with other media companies if they want to make universal DRM.  GNU/Linux is a more neutral meeting place than M$. Jan 31 03:39
schestowitz OK, it’s 4am. I off now. Cya tomorrow Jan 31 03:39
twitter M$ continues to prove itself a partner that can’t be trusted, as they did with Plays For Sure. Jan 31 03:40
twitter good night Jan 31 03:40
schestowitz NotSoSure Jan 31 03:40
twitter Surely dead on arrival. Jan 31 03:40
twitter I’ll get the last two pages of px06986 tomorrow. Jan 31 03:40
amarsh04 night schestowitz Jan 31 03:41
twitter I’ve got a head cold and need lots of sleep. Jan 31 03:41
twitter later Jan 31 03:41
amarsh04 and twitter Jan 31 03:41
*macabe_ has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)) Jan 31 04:00
*The (i=63ee6975@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-eecf839d4f235151) has joined #boycottnovell Jan 31 04:02
The Anyone home? Jan 31 04:02
amarsh04 yes Jan 31 04:20
The Evening. Jan 31 04:20
The I take it nothing much is happening right now? Jan 31 04:25
amarsh04 schestowitz was up until 4am his time Jan 31 04:28
amarsh04 hope he doesn’t burn himself out Jan 31 04:29
The he’s been posting like crazy, I’ve been having a hard time keeping up Jan 31 04:30
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schestowitz http://techdirt.com/articles/2009… “By 2006, the company had been reduced to suing for patent infringement, as it no longer was making any products. Basically, it was the classic story we’ve seen over and over again: a company fails in the market place, and then falls back on suing those who actually succeeded.” Jan 31 10:25
*kapipi_ has quit (“Ah Nah!”) Jan 31 10:44
amarsh04 schestowitz: good linux pr: http://www.tassiedevil.com.au… Jan 31 10:53
schestowitz I thought it was kind negative PR (the beard shaving) Jan 31 10:57
schestowitz *kind of Jan 31 10:57
*Omar87 has quit (Remote closed the connection) Jan 31 11:41
schestowitz ‘Duck Hunt’ IPhone Game Pulled at Nintendo’s Request < http://www.pcworld.com/article/158670/duck_hunt_iphone_g… > Jan 31 11:43
trmanco micros~ pushing .net crap into Firefox Jan 31 11:50
*zer0c00l (n=zer0c00l@ has joined #boycottnovell Jan 31 11:51
trmanco “Great. A Microsoft update: That’s fine. A plugin installed to support Jan 31 11:51
trmanco .net Jan 31 11:51
trmanco under Firefox – not so good. No uninstall possible without hacking the Jan 31 11:51
trmanco registry. Changes the user agent string. Allows for semi-automated Jan 31 11:51
trmanco installation of some web’s random program onto the computer. Jan 31 11:51
trmanco I run no-script to keep out Javascript unless I say so. Jan 31 11:51
trmanco This is a security hole put in by default. With no uninstall, on a Jan 31 11:51
trmanco non-Microsoft web browser. In fact, a competitor’s web browser, at that. Jan 31 11:51
trmanco Yeah, I figured out how to hack the registry to disable it. But, Jan 31 11:51
trmanco Microsoft, “ Jan 31 11:51
schestowitz .NET? Jan 31 11:55
schestowitz Obama needs to be pressured to embrace OOo. He can’t sell out to the Vole for self gain.  Some just told me: Jan 31 12:06
schestowitz “If he goes down that road, they will own him more surely than they owned Bush.  Bush they had to share.  If they are allowed to get in now, they will have more or less a monopoly It’s important to remember that the Obama administration owes no favors to Redmond.  Redmond products on the voting machines…” Jan 31 12:06
schestowitz Obama has made some noise about open source, so let’s live and see.. Jan 31 12:06
MinceR geekings Jan 31 12:40
schestowitz Ahoy Jan 31 12:40
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    Conflict between management and staff -- a result of truly destructive strategies and violations of the law by Benoît Battistelli -- continues to escalate and threatens to altogether dismantle the European Patent Office (EPO)

  9. In the US and Elsewhere, Qualcomm's Software Patents Are a Significant Tax Everyone Must Pay

    The state of the mobile market when companies such as Qualcomm, which don't really produce anything, take a large piece of the revenue pie

  10. In South Asia, Old Myths to Promote Patent Maximalism, Courtesy of the Patent Microcosm

    The latest example of software patents advocacy and patent 'parades' in India, as well as something from IPOS in Singapore

  11. Links 24/4/2017: Linux 4.11 RC8, MPV 0.25

    Links for the day

  12. Why Authorities in the Netherlands Need to Strip the EPO of Immunity and Investigate Fire Safety Violations

    How intimidation and crackdown on the staff representatives at the EPO may have led to lack of awareness (and action) about lack of compliance with fire safety standards

  13. Insensitivity at the EPO’s Management – Part IX: Testament to the Fear of an Autocratic Regime

    A return to the crucial observation and a reminder of the fact that at the EPO it takes great courage to say the truth nowadays

  14. For the Fordham Echo Chamber (Patent Maximalism), Judges From the EPO Boards of Appeal Are Not Worth Entertaining

    In an event steered if not stuffed by patent radicals such as Bristows and Microsoft (abusive, serial litigators) there are no balanced panels or even reasonable discussions

  15. EPO Staff Representatives Fired Using “Disciplinary Committee That Was Improperly Composed” as Per ILO's Decision

    The Board of the Administrative Council at European Patent Organisation is being informed of the union-busting activities of Battistelli -- activities that are both illegal (as per national and international standards) and are detrimental to the Organisation

  16. Links 23/4/2017: End of arkOS, Collabora Office 5.3 Released

    Links for the day

  17. Intellectual Discovery and Microsoft Feed Patent Trolls Like Intellectual Ventures Which Then Strategically Attack Rivals

    Like a swarm of blood-sucking bats, patent trolls prey on affluent companies that derive their wealth from GNU/Linux and freedom-respecting software (Free/libre software)

  18. The European Patent Office Has Just Killed a Cat (or Skinned a 'Kat')

    The EPO’s attack on the media, including us, resulted in a stream of misinformation and puff pieces about the EPO and UPC, putting at risk not just European democracy but also corrupting the European press

  19. Yann Ménière Resorts to Buzzwords to Recklessly Promote Floods of Patents, Dooming the EPO Amid Decline in Patent Applications

    Battistelli's French Chief Economist is not much of an economist but a patent maximalist toeing the party line of Monsieur Battistelli (lots of easy grants and litigation galore, for UPC hopefuls)

  20. Even Patent Bullies Like Microsoft and Facebook Find the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) Useful

    Not just companies accused of patent infringement need the PTAB but also frequent accusers with deep pockets need the PTAB, based on some new figures and new developments

  21. Links 21/4/2017: Qt Creator 4.2.2, ROSA Desktop Fresh R9

    Links for the day

  22. At the EPO, Seeding of Puff Piece in the Press/Academia Sometimes Transparent Enough to View

    The EPO‘s PR team likes to 'spam' journalists and others (for PR) and sometimes does this publicly, as the tweets below show — a desperate recruitment and reputation laundering drive

  23. Affordable and Sophisticated Mobile Devices Are Kept Away by Patent Trolls and Aggressors That Tax Everything

    The war against commoditisation of mobile computing has turned a potentially thriving market with fast innovation rates into a war zone full of patent trolls (sometimes suing at the behest of large companies that hand them patents for this purpose)

  24. In Spite of Lobbying and Endless Attempts by the Patent Microcosm, US Supreme Court Won't Consider Any Software Patent Cases Anymore (in the Foreseeable Future)

    Lobbyists of software patents, i.e. proponents of endless litigation and patent trolls, are attempting to convince the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) to have another look at abstract patents and reconsider its position on cases like Alice Corp. v CLS Bank International

  25. Expect Team UPC to Remain in Deep Denial About the Unitary Patent/Unified Court (UPC) Having No Prospects

    The prevailing denial that the UPC is effectively dead, courtesy of sites and blogs whose writers stood to profit from the UPC

  26. EPO in 2017: Erroneously Grant a Lot of Patents in Bulk or Get Sacked

    Quality of patent examination is being abandoned at the EPO and those who disobey or refuse to play along are being fired (or asked to resign to avoid forced resignations which would stain their record)

  27. Links 21/4/2017: System76 Entering Phase Three, KDE Applications 17.04, Elive 2.9.0 Beta

    Links for the day

  28. Bristows-Run IP Kat Continues to Spread Lies to Promote the Unitary Patent (UPC) and Advance the EPO Management's Agenda

    An eclectic response to some of the misleading if not villainous responses to the UPC's death knell in the UK, as well as other noteworthy observations about think tanks and misinformation whose purpose is to warp the patent system so that it serves law firms, for the most part at the expense of science and technology

  29. Links 20/4/2017: Tor Browser 6.5.2, PacketFence 7.0, New Firefox and Chrome

    Links for the day

  30. Patents on Business Methods and Software Are Collapsing, But the Patent Microcosm is Working Hard to Change That

    The never-ending battle over patent law, where those who are in the business of patents push for endless patenting, is still ongoing and resistance/opposition is needed from those who actually produce things (other than litigation) or else they will be perpetually taxed by parasites


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