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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: February 1st, 2009 – Part 3

Posted in IRC Logs at 12:48 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


Enter the IRC channel now

lar2 a few tests’d have to be run to see which is more appropriate Feb 01 16:28
schestowitz Thanks! Feb 01 16:30
schestowitz BN is still hit hard today Feb 01 16:32
schestowitz Despite those 6+4 hours of downtime we got a quarter of s million hits, excluding Coral Feb 01 16:33
schestowitz Had we not had those downtimes (last night until the morning) and 11-4 this afternoon, that would be more than twice that, probably with similar #s in Coral Feb 01 16:34
schestowitz This got us many visitors: http://jandan.net/2009/02/01/microsoft… Feb 01 16:35
schestowitz Some from /. too.. http://tech.slashdot.org/tech/09… Feb 01 16:36
schestowitz AdamW mailed me about it yesterday.. Feb 01 16:36
schestowitz Wasn’t happy with the part about Kempin Feb 01 16:36
lar2 i do wish intel would drop x86 and move on… Feb 01 16:37
lar2 it’s that damn windows legacy that’s been keeping that antiquated architecture out of retirement years ago Feb 01 16:37
schestowitz LT is trolled by a Hotmailer/shill over it.. http://www.linuxtoday.com/news_story.ph… Feb 01 16:38
schestowitz Cell…. Feb 01 16:38
schestowitz But apps aren’t built for it.. not the important ones. Feb 01 16:38
lar2 i beg to differ Feb 01 16:39
lar2 http://us.fixstars.com/… Feb 01 16:39
schestowitz Atom is a Geode wannabe… AMD could consume an _order of magnitude_ less in terms of energy. I don’t know how ARM is doing compared to AMD. Feb 01 16:39
lar2 (no connection to ydl or fixstar) Feb 01 16:39
lar2 geode is eol Feb 01 16:39
lar2 arm is doing well afaik Feb 01 16:39
lar2 it’s overdue for use in netbooks Feb 01 16:39
schestowitz lar2: yes, I know, but does that run Apache and all? how well? Does Apache optimise for it? Feb 01 16:39
schestowitz Fedora Cells are sold by IBM, but who to? I haven’t seen a single PR/article about it since 2007, I think. Feb 01 16:40
lar2 yeah there seems to be a moratorium on even talk about non-drm’d chips Feb 01 16:40
schestowitz Intel has begun FUDing ARM… no ignoring no more. Feb 01 16:40
schestowitz Intel’s Otellini is like the Big Bully that goes into a knitting class (mobile devices) Feb 01 16:41
lar2 yeah but arm is in most of the mobile devices Feb 01 16:41
schestowitz He breaks the table in anger while the skilled women class him. Feb 01 16:41
lar2 and i’m waiting for arm / dual arm to be on the net books Feb 01 16:41
schestowitz WinCE is chopped liver Feb 01 16:42
schestowitz Windows Mobile too Feb 01 16:42
schestowitz Last night: http://groups.google.com/group/comp.os.linu… Feb 01 16:42
schestowitz I was gonna post to BN about it, but can’t right now until things settle down Feb 01 16:42
lar2 i would’t have remembered wince & co if you hadn’t brought them up.. Feb 01 16:42
schestowitz I also have some Comes lined up line canon balls. It’s a treasure trove Feb 01 16:43
schestowitz Wince Feb 01 16:43
schestowitz .. Feb 01 16:43
schestowitz Wait Feb 01 16:43
schestowitz http://boycottnovell.com/2009/01/18/do… Feb 01 16:43
schestowitz MS: “Customer visit evidence that 50% plus is Linux” Feb 01 16:43
schestowitz MS: “I guess the net of it from DMD’s perspective is only 6% of the world is going to be CE based we must license onto the competing OSes.” Feb 01 16:43
schestowitz That’s why they put Mono in it Feb 01 16:44
lar2 MS : business :: flat-earthers: science Feb 01 16:44
schestowitz “must license onto the competing OSes” = make other license from us or Microsoft pays other for a licence (to whom??? Wind River?) Feb 01 16:44
lar2 rico Feb 01 16:45
lar2 R.I.C.O. Feb 01 16:45
schestowitz Alex was the main man there Feb 01 16:45
schestowitz He left MS a while ago Feb 01 16:45
schestowitz The crimes stay Feb 01 16:45
schestowitz Comes Feb 01 16:45
schestowitz rests in peace :-) Feb 01 16:45
schestowitz            ^^^^^^^^^^^ Feb 01 16:45
schestowitz Human Error Caused Google Search Bug < http://www.pcworld.com/article/158693/go… >. Let’s hope it’s “error”, not “vandalism” Feb 01 16:47
lar2 “oops sorry bout that” Feb 01 16:47
lar2 if they’ve got too many softers then the incompetence is hard to tell from the intentional vandalism Feb 01 16:47
lar2 IMHO it’s strategy for being able to deny charges later Feb 01 16:48
schestowitz http://www.pcworld.com/article/15868… Does Kollar-Kotelly.need an apron when giving Microsoft ‘scrutiny’? Feb 01 16:48
schestowitz This Google error was used to vilify ME Feb 01 16:48
schestowitz http://groups.google.com/group/comp.os.linux.a… Feb 01 16:49
lar2 what coverage has there been of MSIE’s “security” error message when accessing gmail? Feb 01 16:49
schestowitz Also this: http://groups.google.com/group/comp.os.lin… Feb 01 16:49
schestowitz The Turfers do the same thing in Digg Feb 01 16:49
schestowitz “don’t visit this site, it’ll do horrible things” Feb 01 16:50
schestowitz Gmailed ‘pulled an Opera’ Feb 01 16:50
schestowitz It had to pretend to be something else to have Micfrosoft serve its users Feb 01 16:50
schestowitz Microsoft borks MSN/Hotmail, user blamed Chrome/Linux/Opera and goes back to IE Feb 01 16:51
schestowitz I saw my parents ‘ditching’ Firefox because the bank was IE-only Feb 01 16:51
schestowitz The bank sniffed headers Feb 01 16:51
schestowitz To make matters worse, it gave buttons that do nothing Feb 01 16:51
lar2 i remember back when opera was new and MSDN would never return useful search results to it Feb 01 16:51
schestowitz Sort of to say… look… we won’t tell you “we have firefox” but give you a  pseudo-gui to click on. Feb 01 16:52
schestowitz I phone the bastards Feb 01 16:52
schestowitz It turned out they knew what it was about even before I told ‘em Feb 01 16:52
schestowitz Many people complain Feb 01 16:52
lar2 speaking of banks, there’s a consortium including danske banken which was clobbered for months and months due to ideology trumping profit Feb 01 16:52
schestowitz But being bankers they can’t give a toss Feb 01 16:52
schestowitz http://boycottnovell.com/2008/09/03… Feb 01 16:52
lar2 change banks , get better rates Feb 01 16:52
schestowitz http://boycottnovell.com/2008/09… Feb 01 16:52
schestowitz Shannon VanWagner: “Until then, you can kindly kiss my browser stamp.” Feb 01 16:53
lar2 how about softers doing hard time and or paying for the damages they have been causing Feb 01 16:53
schestowitz Liability? Feb 01 16:54
lar2 yep Feb 01 16:54
lar2 vandalism == liability Feb 01 16:54
lar2 throwing nails in the highway or busting shop windows would get you arrested, the digital equivalent should, too Feb 01 16:54
schestowitz Links here: http://boycottnovell.com/2008/1… Feb 01 16:54
schestowitz Including Cox’ POV Feb 01 16:54
schestowitz I see you that Needs Sunlight commented on this too Feb 01 16:55
lar2 actually hospitals keep tight enough records that if made available analysis would show hard evidence that many deaths resulted Feb 01 16:56
schestowitz GASP Google Bug Vexes Saturday Morning Searches < http://www.pcworld.com/article/158692… > Feb 01 16:57
lar2 this is an area of white collar crime well trodden outside of computing Feb 01 16:57
schestowitz “A glitch that apparently occurred in Google’s “Stop Badware” program led to what Verizon’s security blog called a “self-inflicted denial of service” Saturday morning” Feb 01 16:57
schestowitz “According to Verizon, as well as various bloggers who write about security issues, the warnings came from Stopbadware.org, which is a domain registered by Google, which uses bots to identify sites that may contain malicious software and then warns users to stay away from them.” Feb 01 16:57
schestowitz But wait… if I use Linux, then I don’t worry about this malwarz thingie Feb 01 16:58
lar2 google’s error could have been a keybounce, but if the individual has a ‘softer background, then if I were boss, he’d be out the door without his keys and waiting for the lawyers Feb 01 16:58
lar2 it’s part of the windoze==computers/ windozemalware == computer malware disinformation theme Feb 01 17:00
schestowitz Microsoft Charges Employee With Spying < http://www.pcworld.com/article/158652/m… > Google should do the same Feb 01 17:00
lar2 ok the MS charges are probably a smoke screen, look if a ‘softer got caught again… Feb 01 17:01
schestowitz Are HR ex-Microsoft employees? That would scare me the most Feb 01 17:02
schestowitz It’s like handing over the lever and the bridge of French towns to Romans Feb 01 17:03
schestowitz VMware->EMC->Tucci->Maritz becomes CEO->ex-Microsofter becomes COO Feb 01 17:04
lar2 it is possible for them to though graft and incompetence to collapse the world’s economy Feb 01 17:05
lar2 japan and us are already on life support Feb 01 17:05
schestowitz Communism rising there Feb 01 17:05
lar2 yes MS == comunism Feb 01 17:05
schestowitz I read the youths there are angry and frustrated with capitalism Feb 01 17:05
schestowitz BTW, re BN Feb 01 17:06
lar2 central, top-down, command economy Feb 01 17:06
schestowitz I’ll leave it aside for now Feb 01 17:06
schestowitz It gets many visits anyway Feb 01 17:06
schestowitz I worry more about spending of time rebutting smears and libel Feb 01 17:06
schestowitz Digg has plenty (see comments above from yesterdday) Feb 01 17:06
schestowitz Two libel threads in USENET in one day, LinuxToday trolled with libel also.. Feb 01 17:06
lar2 back in a bit… Feb 01 17:07
schestowitz “She’s just a paralegal” type attacks are benign compared to “BN serves malware” Feb 01 17:07
schestowitz OK Feb 01 17:07
schestowitz WTF. Feb 01 17:08
schestowitz http://www.itwire.com/content/vi… Microsoft adds in Linux articles now in itwire too.. “Microsoft TechNet What’s New in Mobility and Anywhere Access with Office Communications Server 2007 R2″ Feb 01 17:08
schestowitz *Ads Feb 01 17:08
*NeonF|oss has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)) Feb 01 17:10
schestowitz ITwire sells out with ads and garbage.. http://www.itwire.com/cont… Feb 01 17:10
*NeonFloss (n=imsorry@rdsl-0515.tor.pathcom.com) has joined #boycottnovell Feb 01 17:16
lar2 back Feb 01 17:19
lar2 yes itwire has been writing well , so the salvo will now focus on them until they stop Feb 01 17:19
schestowitz no action from host yet Feb 01 17:20
lar2 i recall when thereg sold out Feb 01 17:20
schestowitz /. Feb 01 17:20
lar2 yeah them too Feb 01 17:20
lar2 i’m not sure what goes on in the heads of the remaining original staff Feb 01 17:20
schestowitz Stan Beer does the trolling now Feb 01 17:20
schestowitz He bosses the place (cofounder) Feb 01 17:20
schestowitz lots of ant-Linux Feb 01 17:21
schestowitz I left datamation in a asense for same reasons Feb 01 17:21
schestowitz ms ads Feb 01 17:21
schestowitz i can still write for them Feb 01 17:21
*schestowitz types with one hand (food) Feb 01 17:22
lar2 yeah but back in the day, before ms started its jihad / political movement / faith, being high tech was synonymous with having a ban on ms and its trolls Feb 01 17:22
schestowitz ‘ms hater’ Feb 01 17:23
schestowitz Shades of “anti-Americanism” Feb 01 17:23
schestowitz In the USSR, “anti-Soviet” was a serious crime Feb 01 17:23
lar2 yeah and the ad-hominems always came out when they got run over by the technical arguments Feb 01 17:23
schestowitz You just need to establish the label Feb 01 17:23
schestowitz McCarthyism Feb 01 17:23
twitter M$ is unAmerican. Feb 01 17:24
schestowitz Andy Updegrove was flagged “Microsoft hater” in a blog! Feb 01 17:24
schestowitz Because, you know, he’s SOOO rude. Feb 01 17:24
schestowitz He’s so rude Feb 01 17:24
lar2 ms goes against everything I had heard was “american” Feb 01 17:24
schestowitz He points out that a company commits crime for OOXML Feb 01 17:24
schestowitz That “hater” Feb 01 17:24
lar2 ms uses name calling cause it works Feb 01 17:24
schestowitz Amerrica is similar actually Feb 01 17:25
schestowitz I disgree with yiou Feb 01 17:25
schestowitz MS is /very/ American Feb 01 17:25
lar2 updegrove pointed out not only the crime but also called into question ms activities which some could consider sedition Feb 01 17:25
schestowitz Like, you know.. if Chavez calls America/Bush colonialist up rises the press against him Feb 01 17:25
lar2 no, according to the pre-bush propaganda it was about hard work, innovation and profit Feb 01 17:25
twitter treason too … remember them swearing that revealing Windows source code would jeopardize US National security?  Just a few months later, they sold China their source code.  hmph. Feb 01 17:25
schestowitz Some other leaders were overthrown by US-backed coups or assassinated with CIA assiatance Feb 01 17:25
schestowitz You can’t hate the regime up north for ‘just’ giving the guns and media aid (brainwash) Feb 01 17:26
schestowitz Blame the coup Feb 01 17:26
schestowitz Disgusing motives or looting one’s resources as “promoting democracy” or defending value of Christianity from the very same people they daemonise Feb 01 17:26
lar2 actually the coup detat could not have occured without the help of the broken crap ms passes off in place of programming languages, databases and operating systems Feb 01 17:27
schestowitz They used to feed and give weapons to Saddam, you know? Feb 01 17:27
lar2 yeah i remember Feb 01 17:27
schestowitz Then they needed to daemonise him to justify the recapture of energy reservoir (even if it costs the lives of over a million) Feb 01 17:27
lar2 and back to the point about individuals vs insitutions Feb 01 17:28
schestowitz OK Feb 01 17:28
lar2 individuals  can tolerate nearly anything Feb 01 17:28
schestowitz Sorry, gone OT there… Feb 01 17:28
lar2 institutions are reliant on interaction between the individuals and below a certain threshold of interaction or efficiency collapse Feb 01 17:28
schestowitz “Those Microsoft haters” = “those people who hate us” Feb 01 17:29
schestowitz One question never asked: “WHY?” Feb 01 17:29
schestowitz An MS lackey asked the other day… Feb 01 17:29
lar2 not about hate or opinion.  the facts hurt ms, so the attempts to turn the conversations always to opinion.  opinions are like assholes… Feb 01 17:29
schestowitz I put the comment here: http://boycottnovell.com/2009/01… Feb 01 17:29
schestowitz “cj”… Feb 01 17:29
lar2 yeah the point is “why” – it’s called brand recognition Feb 01 17:30
schestowitz He lurks here in IRC (#boycottnovell) sometimes Feb 01 17:30
schestowitz OpenChange, KDE bring Exchange compatibility to Linux < http://www.computerworld.com.au/article/274883/o… > Feb 01 17:31
*schestowitz ponders BillG murmuring something about Exchange patents and how it must be stopped Feb 01 17:32
lar2 exchange exists to lose mail Feb 01 17:32
schestowitz That too I wrote about Feb 01 17:33
schestowitz It can get 99% maybe. That’s like 99 in 100… not good enough? Feb 01 17:33
schestowitz Like, you know, 100 flight that take off… 99 land safely. Feb 01 17:33
lar2 gives heads of the companies plausible deniability, while at the same time causing a crisis state Feb 01 17:33
lar2 the crisis makes it easy to push decisions through Feb 01 17:33
schestowitz This lad asked MS to give him a job (in public): http://www.daniweb.com/blogs/e… Feb 01 17:35
lar2 http://www.uwindsor.ca/propaganda Feb 01 17:35
schestowitz So I keep an eye on what he writes about Linux (provocations and the like) Feb 01 17:35
lar2 is it deicaza under a pseudonym? Feb 01 17:36
schestowitz Conference Date/Place: May 15-17, 2007 Feb 01 17:36
lar2 read the theme Feb 01 17:36
schestowitz Where? Feb 01 17:36
schestowitz Another lackey: Stu Cohen Feb 01 17:37
schestowitz Stuart used to head OSDL, but he was a Microsoft apologist, defended the Novell deal, recently attacked the FOSS model in BusinessWeek and he said Microsoft Office for Linux was inevitable (2006). He’s not reliable Feb 01 17:37
lar2 what broke in stu’s head? Feb 01 17:39
schestowitz No useful news in LXer since the useful sites took a nap (GL, Technocrat, etc): fun with Linux: Installing ubuntu 8.10 on asus u6s dual boot with vista < http://www.handlewithlinux.com/instal… >. Not news, just some howto on harmony with the mafiaware Feb 01 17:39
schestowitz lar2: I dunno Feb 01 17:39
lar2 technocrat took a nap last year Feb 01 17:39
schestowitz Oh wait! Feb 01 17:39
schestowitz In 2008 I caught something that made me take note Feb 01 17:39
schestowitz It was an adverticle of him and his group in Microsoft Press Feb 01 17:39
lar2 there was also Durusau who went south Feb 01 17:40
schestowitz Time Magazine.. of those that brought “Microsoft takes over the free world” (patent FUD) seminal piece and host the husband of B&M Foundry.. for him to sing praises about BillG Feb 01 17:40
lar2 what broke in his head or morals? Feb 01 17:40
schestowitz The CSI article (Stu et al) was very MS-ified ‘open source’ IIRC Feb 01 17:41
schestowitz Let me find it Feb 01 17:41
schestowitz Here: http://www.time.com/time/specials/2007/art… Feb 01 17:41
schestowitz Keywords: stuary cohen time magazune csi Feb 01 17:41
lar2 http://www.thirdworldtraveler.com/Herman Feb 01 17:42
lar2 http://www.thirdworldtraveler.com/Herman Feb 01 17:42
schestowitz http://www.businessweek.com/technolo… Open Source: The Model Is Broken By Stuart Cohen Feb 01 17:42
schestowitz http://schestowitz.com/Weblog/ Feb 01 17:43
schestowitz Scroll down to “Herman” interview Feb 01 17:43
schestowitz I’ve been studying this stuff recently. It helps me understand the tech cults Feb 01 17:44
schestowitz I’ve got go now (gym closes in 2 hrs) Feb 01 17:44
lar2 ok Feb 01 17:45
*lar2 (wonderland) has left #boycottnovell Feb 01 17:46
trmanco http://www.linuxinsider.com/rs… Feb 01 17:55
*flyback has quit (“Leaving”) Feb 01 18:12
*Goblin (i=95fe3354@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-25253fcbc9af0035) has joined #boycottnovell Feb 01 18:33
Goblin hi all, logging in from another location Feb 01 18:33
Goblin what happened to the andre da costa post? Feb 01 18:34
twitter S is at the gym.  He can explain DB problems when he gets back. Feb 01 18:35
Goblin ah Feb 01 18:35
Goblin its just Ive been linked to it and someone informed me it doesnt exist Feb 01 18:35
twitter Something funny happened.  Things should be back by now. Feb 01 18:35
Goblin I am typing from my parents machine so when I came to have a look it was gone. Feb 01 18:36
Goblin :( Feb 01 18:36
twitter Is it still gone? Feb 01 18:36
Goblin Ill talk to roy later when i get home Feb 01 18:36
Goblin yeah Feb 01 18:36
twitter hmmm.  There might be bigger problems than he thought.  Thanks for the warning.  Got a link to what should be there? Feb 01 18:37
Goblin http://boycottnovell.com/2009/0… Feb 01 18:37
Goblin just checked my site for the link Feb 01 18:37
Goblin http://openbytes.wordpress.com/2009/… Feb 01 18:38
twitter Ah yes, today’s stories might be missing. Feb 01 18:39
*tanderson (n=gentoofa@gentoo/developer/gentoofan23) has joined #boycottnovell Feb 01 18:41
Goblin Probably Andres lucky day! Feb 01 18:43
Goblin Got a cracker of a next person to expose…….just collating the evidence now Feb 01 18:44
Goblin if Im right, this one has alot more than a laptop in gifts Feb 01 18:44
*Goblin has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) Feb 01 18:52
*jsluvslinux (i=ce484e45@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-388d3a8cf7072b9d) has joined #boycottnovell Feb 01 19:00
jsluvslinux what an awesome website Feb 01 19:00
twitter Roy is good, you can help Feb 01 19:02
twitter I have to thank Roy for remembering the TechCrunch “people ready” thing.  http://news.slashdot.org/firehose…. Feb 01 19:02
jsluvslinux how can I help? Feb 01 19:23
jsluvslinux I’m a slashdotr, an LXER, a LinuxLeak ‘er on and on…persecuted by all my microsuck friends constantly…want to help  :-) Feb 01 19:24
trmanco http://www.pittsburghlive.com/x/pittsbu… Feb 01 19:40
*jose (n=jose@adsl-233-171-9.mia.bellsouth.net) has joined #boycottnovell Feb 01 19:40
*jose has quit (Client Quit) Feb 01 19:40
*schestowitz back Feb 01 19:58
schestowitz I’ve been thnking… maybe the host manually disabled the DB because of all the traffic Feb 01 19:58
schestowitz In which case it would explain what I was seeing Feb 01 19:58
schestowitz But would they shoot first, tell us later? Feb 01 19:58
schestowitz I don’t know.. Feb 01 19:58
schestowitz Let me check it again. Feb 01 19:58
schestowitz DB still not there.. :-S Feb 01 19:59
schestowitz goblin is gone now Feb 01 20:00
schestowitz All the posts are fine. I have them on another DB and local backups Feb 01 20:00
schestowitz Hi, jsluvslinux Feb 01 20:01
schestowitz We’re sort of out of biz in the blog until the host gets back to checking the DB or re-enabling it Feb 01 20:02
schestowitz I’m starting to suspect that after they took down the whole thing they decided to just disable the DB… without telling me Feb 01 20:02
schestowitz At least I learned some DB backup tricks… ‘tlease Feb 01 20:02
schestowitz brb Feb 01 20:04
*jsluvslinux has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) Feb 01 20:06
*jsluvslinux (i=ce484e45@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-89e017a83b4ff226) has joined #boycottnovell Feb 01 20:07
*mulander (n=opera@nat-4.interq.pl) has joined #boycottnovell Feb 01 20:19
*Robert1 (i=4b6c1365@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-b89b2fa87a78123e) has joined #boycottnovell Feb 01 20:20
Robert1 Hi Roy Feb 01 20:20
schestowitz http://www.linuxtoday.com/news_story.php3?… “In fact, both boycottnovell and groklaw have performed and are performing a tremendous public service. “ Feb 01 20:21
schestowitz Hey, Robert1 Feb 01 20:21
schestowitz We have hosting issues. Feb 01 20:21
Robert1 i guess you are still having server issues? Feb 01 20:21
schestowitz Yes. Struggle between staying up and the host not disabling things. Feb 01 20:21
schestowitz I’m not sure why the DB was made unavailable Feb 01 20:22
schestowitz But I brought up a replica of it Feb 01 20:22
Robert1 do you think it could be from zombied windows boxes? Feb 01 20:22
schestowitz No Feb 01 20:22
schestowitz Unlikely Feb 01 20:22
schestowitz Let me check.. Feb 01 20:22
schestowitz But we turned away heaps of requests Feb 01 20:22
schestowitz Which is a shame Feb 01 20:22
Robert1 where is all of the traffic coming from Feb 01 20:22
schestowitz I told people to make copies and republish Feb 01 20:22
schestowitz Let me check Feb 01 20:23
schestowitz It’s the usual Windows/Linux ratio, so no zombies Feb 01 20:23
schestowitz Windows under 50% Feb 01 20:23
schestowitz When I was attacked by zombies before, it’s just MSIE/Win noise Feb 01 20:23
Robert1 oh, just a lot of interested readers Feb 01 20:23
schestowitz Which also happens to explain all that market share hoi polloi Feb 01 20:23
schestowitz Robert1: we got referenced by some ‘big’ sites Feb 01 20:24
schestowitz I used cache Feb 01 20:24
schestowitz But no good… Feb 01 20:24
schestowitz I don’t know what else to do Feb 01 20:24
Robert1 probably groklawers, nothings been posted on groklaw for some time Feb 01 20:24
schestowitz One person says I should put it on ibiblio Feb 01 20:24
schestowitz But Groklaw too is fragile on it Feb 01 20:24
schestowitz They have ONE AMD server Feb 01 20:24
Robert1 i visit your site almost every day now Feb 01 20:24
schestowitz And Groklaw went bonkers when SCO filed Chapter 11 Feb 01 20:24
schestowitz The whole sitres was broken by excessive traffic Feb 01 20:25
Robert1 i know Feb 01 20:25
schestowitz The DB probably went insane Feb 01 20:25
schestowitz You saw that? Feb 01 20:25
schestowitz But our DB seems OK Feb 01 20:25
schestowitz It’s just sort of disabled Feb 01 20:25
schestowitz I spent over 2 hours on this last night Feb 01 20:25
Robert1 no, i did not see the database breakdown because i did not get a chance to visit BN yesterday Feb 01 20:25
schestowitz And about 4 hours today Feb 01 20:26
schestowitz Had we had good hosting, I’d get more posts done instead. Feb 01 20:26
schestowitz Yesterday the site was down for 4-8 hours Feb 01 20:26
schestowitz I don’t know how long because I was asleep Feb 01 20:26
*mulander (n=opera@nat-4.interq.pl) has left #boycottnovell Feb 01 20:26
schestowitz But it’s spike time, which is a shame Feb 01 20:26
schestowitz That’s when you can reach people outside the ‘choir’ so to speak Feb 01 20:26
Robert1 i will tell you that i appreciate BN because of the news that you gather every day Feb 01 20:27
schestowitz We’re still doing 50,000-100,000 hit/hour at the moment (I don’t know how much Coral handles) Feb 01 20:27
Robert1 i have been following MS dirty tricks since the late 90′s Feb 01 20:27
schestowitz Robert1: how do we resolve hosting though? Feb 01 20:27
schestowitz CNET has clusters for example. Feb 01 20:27
schestowitz Shane has upgraded us to the highest hosting package Feb 01 20:28
schestowitz It’s quad core Feb 01 20:28
schestowitz The host might take us down again… then I need to apologise to them. Feb 01 20:28
Robert1 the best that i can suggest is change webhost to one that is set up for high traffic to begin with Feb 01 20:28
schestowitz I’ve never seen so many pageviews on LT.. http://www.linuxtoday.com/ Feb 01 20:29
Robert1 that type of hosting is not cheap, so you will also have to consider placing banner ads as well to pay the difference Feb 01 20:29
schestowitz http://www.linuxtoday.com/news_story.p… They have trolls there too now.. like in Digg … and Carla lets it past moderation which she shouldn’t Feb 01 20:30
schestowitz Robert1: that’s the issue Feb 01 20:30
schestowitz Ads pay Shane, who pays the hosting bill right (since like forever) Feb 01 20:30
Robert1 i know, it’s a “catch 22″ Feb 01 20:30
schestowitz So I never needed to pay to run BN, unlike schestowitz.com and other sites where ads don’t even cover hosting bills Feb 01 20:31
trmanco https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWee… Feb 01 20:31
schestowitz trmanco: thanks, got it stored for posting Feb 01 20:31
Robert1 the problem is with your current hosting, they are not really big enough to handle BN since it is now growing in popularity Feb 01 20:32
trmanco it was just released Feb 01 20:32
schestowitz Hehe.. http://www.linuxtoday.com/news_story.p… “Good job BoycottNevell. Keep it up. It is working. Daryl is getting annoyed. “ Feb 01 20:32
schestowitz Robert1: I use Coral Feb 01 20:32
schestowitz I probably should use it more Feb 01 20:33
schestowitz As it, assign it to more pages Feb 01 20:33
Robert1 i would really like to see microsoft get really annoyed, that is when they screw up the worst Feb 01 20:33
schestowitz But I have to stay vigilant to check what hammers on the server.. the other option being to trim down pages Feb 01 20:33
schestowitz Robert1: they already get annoyed Feb 01 20:33
Robert1 how many hits are you getting on the server Feb 01 20:34
schestowitz Robert1: see the “vista7 will kill Linux” roadshow Feb 01 20:34
Robert1 no, not yet Feb 01 20:34
schestowitz BTW, Microsoft actually uses this phrase, “roadshow” (internally)… like when they orchestrate the “NC is dead tour” Feb 01 20:34
schestowitz Robert1: I use Coral now Feb 01 20:34
schestowitz But the site still seemt to do about 50000/hour Feb 01 20:35
Robert1 what is coral? Feb 01 20:35
schestowitz http://www.coralcdn.org/ Feb 01 20:35
schestowitz “Coral is a free peer-to-peer content distribution network, comprised of a world-wide network of web proxies and nameservers. It allows a user to run a web site that offers high performance and meets huge demand, all for the price of a $50/month cable modem. Feb 01 20:35
schestowitz Feb 01 20:35
Robert1 noted, i will check it out shortly Feb 01 20:36
schestowitz I found out thanks to Rick Lehrbaum Feb 01 20:36
schestowitz ((DeviceGuru) Feb 01 20:36
Robert1 do you have any root access to your server Feb 01 20:36
schestowitz http://www.deviceguru.com/surviving-… Feb 01 20:36
schestowitz Robert1: no Feb 01 20:36
schestowitz Not even SSH Feb 01 20:36
schestowitz My stalker (MS ‘buddy’) is attacking me again.. http://digg.com/linux_unix/Linux… Feb 01 20:38
Robert1 not good, if you were to be able to get access to the systems server logs & block off some of the traffic from well known trolls, that would help Feb 01 20:38
schestowitz Thankfully I see this in RSS (logged off) mode… these people keep throwing slime Feb 01 20:38
schestowitz Robert1: I can I ban, but I don;t Feb 01 20:38
schestowitz *IP ban Feb 01 20:39
schestowitz I thought about disabling comments altogether and make discussion IRC only Feb 01 20:39
schestowitz But people won’t like that Feb 01 20:39
Robert1 it’s a shame that you can’t initiate lawsuites against them Feb 01 20:39
schestowitz Robert1: maybe I could, but who would bother Feb 01 20:39
schestowitz That’s like PJ collecting evidence just in case she sues one day Feb 01 20:40
Robert1 ip ban was what i was talking about Feb 01 20:40
schestowitz (and encouraging me to do the same, which I don’t) Feb 01 20:40
schestowitz The guy you saw in Dig…….. Feb 01 20:40
schestowitz It’s this guy: Feb 01 20:40
Robert1 i do not go to digg Feb 01 20:40
schestowitz http://boycottnovell.com/2009/01/02/ga… Feb 01 20:40
schestowitz There’s lots more Feb 01 20:40
Robert1 i know about GS Feb 01 20:40
schestowitz I made  a post this morning with another example Feb 01 20:41
schestowitz Robert1: how do you know him? Feb 01 20:41
schestowitz Harassment from his reaches Slashdot too Feb 01 20:41
Robert1 btw, i lurk in COLA & i post by the name “none of your buisness Feb 01 20:41
schestowitz He tried stalking me in Netscape, they banned him Feb 01 20:41
schestowitz In Digg they terminated 4 accounts of his that abused me or impersonated me Feb 01 20:42
Robert1 i have been lurking in cola since 2001 Feb 01 20:42
schestowitz Ah, okay, cool.. Feb 01 20:42
schestowitz trmanco hangs out in COLA also. Feb 01 20:42
Robert1 i read a lot of your post there too Feb 01 20:42
schestowitz The trolls have gone quieter there compared to last year Feb 01 20:43
Robert1 trmanco probably post with another nym Feb 01 20:43
schestowitz That Carla article that Gary Stewart is trolling is a good one Feb 01 20:43
Robert1 yes, but the stupid ones like hadron & dfs just dont know when to quit Feb 01 20:44
schestowitz Goes along the lines of, Microsoft turns writers into mere readers… consumers of the Microsoft Message, which is true Feb 01 20:44
schestowitz Coders need to control code… sysadmin likewise. Feb 01 20:44
trmanco Robert1, I’m not a nym, nor a troll Feb 01 20:44
schestowitz But Microsoft turns this to an NSA|soft joint ventures where mere mortal are box booters on very flaky and virus-prone platforms Feb 01 20:44
schestowitz Robert1: he posts with a real name Feb 01 20:45
trmanco And I don’t have no nyms, at least that I am aware of Feb 01 20:45
schestowitz trmanco: it wasn’t intended to be offensive Feb 01 20:45
Robert1 yes, microsoft has done more damage globally than any thing ever Feb 01 20:45
schestowitz the mapping between name and nickname is hard Feb 01 20:45
schestowitz We get more answers now with Comes Feb 01 20:46
trmanco non taken, maybe I should have included some smilies :-P Feb 01 20:46
schestowitz I should have done this 2 years ago Feb 01 20:46
Robert1 the only reason i was forced to use a nym was because of the stocker trolls like clogwog Feb 01 20:46
schestowitz But 2 years ago I was finishing my studies (actually that was more like 3 years ago) Feb 01 20:46
schestowitz That’s what they try to do Feb 01 20:47
trmanco Robert1, just ignore them Feb 01 20:47
schestowitz They scare people Feb 01 20:47
schestowitz Don’t let them win… Feb 01 20:47
trmanco plonking usually works like a charm Feb 01 20:47
Robert1 oh, i wont let them win Feb 01 20:47
schestowitz They post addresses as if to say , “I could come over to you house” Feb 01 20:47
Robert1 yes, i use KNodes filtering exclusively Feb 01 20:48
schestowitz That’s like the mafia don showing you the wife handcuffed or something. Feb 01 20:48
schestowitz with a bandage over the mouth. Feb 01 20:48
schestowitz And he says, “respects, my son, respect… do as I say” Feb 01 20:48
Robert1 i am not scared of the trolls, however, i don’t like someone posting personal info in usenet about me Feb 01 20:49
schestowitz Criminals see no laws, let alone ethics Feb 01 20:50
Robert1 right Feb 01 20:50
schestowitz http://boycottnovell.com/2008/11/15/mi… Feb 01 20:51
schestowitz “Roy, et al., You’re right. Some of the evangelism practices that I taught and executed at Microsoft in the 1990’s were unethical. I didn’t think so at the time — I thought that they were just hyper-competitive — but I agree now. “ Feb 01 20:51
schestowitz “I am trying to change the error of my ways. I trust that you will agree that even the most hardened sinner can be redeemed.” Feb 01 20:51
Robert1 not to mention that our (the us government) is full of them Feb 01 20:51
schestowitz IOW: I was a criminals. I realise now that crime is wrong. Feb 01 20:51
schestowitz http://www.bermanexposed.org Feb 01 20:52
schestowitz “”Richard Berman has been a regular front man for business and industry in campaigns against consumer safety and environmental groups. Through his public affairs firm, Berman and Company, Berman has fought unions, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, PETA and other watchdog groups in their efforts to raise awareness about obesity, the minimum wage, the dangers of smoking, mad cow disease, drunk driving,  and other causes.” Feb 01 20:53
schestowitz Robert1: the US government is no standard Feb 01 20:53
schestowitz Neither is the UN I guess. Feb 01 20:53
Robert1 that just goes to show how unethical some people in society are Feb 01 20:54
schestowitz Money Feb 01 20:54
schestowitz See Carla’s article Feb 01 20:54
schestowitz “Money is not Wealth” Feb 01 20:54
Robert1 ok, i will check carlas article out Feb 01 20:55
Robert1 btw, i like this chat clent, works great in konqy Feb 01 20:56
schestowitz Excellent Feb 01 20:58
schestowitz Is it full screen-ed? Feb 01 20:58
Robert1 no Feb 01 20:58
schestowitz I put a link to it, just in case Feb 01 20:59
schestowitz The visible borders in the site are narrow, so.. Feb 01 20:59
schestowitz I’ve just been thinking.. Feb 01 21:00
Robert1 roy, what Linux distros do you use on a regular basis Feb 01 21:00
schestowitz One of the pages that are requested most is the front page Feb 01 21:00
schestowitz About 3000 requests per day Feb 01 21:00
schestowitz I could Coral-ise that Feb 01 21:00
schestowitz That would take some pressure off the server Feb 01 21:00
schestowitz Issue: front page is very much NOT static (comments on the right, new posts) Feb 01 21:00
Robert1 i have placed a icon for BN on my desktop Feb 01 21:01
schestowitz So in mayday scenario it might be practical, but not regularly. Feb 01 21:01
schestowitz Robert1: I use Mandriva most of the time Feb 01 21:01
Robert1 i even use the BN favicon, try using favicons in windows Feb 01 21:01
schestowitz I did some Fedora today to restore the site (thanks, Opera!) and I have Ubuntu at work Feb 01 21:01
schestowitz I think favicons are a Windows thing actually. Feb 01 21:02
schestowitz I might be wrong Feb 01 21:02
Robert1 i use Mepis on my main computer & debian on the others Feb 01 21:02
schestowitz http://schestowitz.com/Weblog/?s=fav… Feb 01 21:02
schestowitz Mepis is Debian-driven again. Feb 01 21:02
schestowitz *derived Feb 01 21:03
Robert1 yes, they may be, but you cannot use a favicon on the windows desktop for a link to a webpage Feb 01 21:03
Robert1 yes, i know, i am currently using Mepis 7, the debianised one Feb 01 21:04
schestowitz 8 is Debian-based Feb 01 21:04
schestowitz Was Warren going to make /_8_/ Ubuntu based before he said “toss it” Feb 01 21:04
Robert1 i know, but a final release is not out yet, (last time i checked) Feb 01 21:04
schestowitz I thought 7 was the Ubuntu -based one.. Feb 01 21:05
schestowitz RC2, IIRC Feb 01 21:05
Robert1 no Feb 01 21:05
schestowitz Maybe Beta2 Feb 01 21:05
Robert1 mepis 7 is debian, not ubuntu Feb 01 21:05
Robert1 yes, the RC’s are still considered beta Feb 01 21:06
Robert1 i will probably still be using Mepis7 this time next year Feb 01 21:07
schestowitz At Microsoft, according to analysts, RC is BETA and RTM is RC Feb 01 21:07
schestowitz It’s Released to Candidates (RC) Feb 01 21:07
schestowitz I.e. released to some guinea pigs Feb 01 21:07
schestowitz RTGP=RTM Feb 01 21:08
Robert1 since when did microsoft ever get it right as far as analogies Feb 01 21:08
schestowitz Owellian langauage rather Feb 01 21:08
schestowitz Will Vista7 have more genuine advantage? ;-) Feb 01 21:08
Robert1 yes, Feb 01 21:08
schestowitz Will there be more /trusted/ computing? Feb 01 21:08
jsluvslinux great timeline link here: Feb 01 21:09
jsluvslinux http://futurist.se/gldt/gldt76.png Feb 01 21:09
Robert1 most likely Feb 01 21:09
schestowitz More security (DRM)? Feb 01 21:09
schestowitz [for Hollywood] Feb 01 21:09
schestowitz I think I saw a more expanded timeline Feb 01 21:09
Robert1 i am willing to bet that “vista 7″ will also be a flop Feb 01 21:09
schestowitz I’m not feelin’ myself today Feb 01 21:10
schestowitz When sites and services are down, I can’t concentrate Feb 01 21:10
jsluvslinux link? Feb 01 21:10
schestowitz Whether it’s USENET or a site of mine (schestowitz.com, OM, BN, Iuron) or something like the ISP Feb 01 21:10
schestowitz DNS was being hammered by Win32 zombies last week Feb 01 21:10
schestowitz I couldn’t use the Web, so I fled to the gym] Feb 01 21:11
schestowitz Robert1: Vista7 will be less than expected Feb 01 21:11
schestowitz As in…. WOW… WOW (Vista sense)… hey, wait… it’s just kind of like… well,, better than XP… fewer programs though… more bugs Feb 01 21:11
schestowitz But HEY Feb 01 21:12
schestowitz It’s better than Vista Feb 01 21:12
schestowitz You feed people snail in prison Feb 01 21:12
jsluvslinux my guess is the conflicker botnet, once it arrives at 30 to 40 million  is going to take out all DNS Feb 01 21:12
schestowitz Finally you see them begging for bread Feb 01 21:12
schestowitz jsluvslinux: yes, i’s that one Feb 01 21:12
schestowitz jsluvslinux: I don’t know where the timeline is Feb 01 21:12
Robert1 i just don’t see why government is not stepping up to the plate & addressing the fact that the problems are “windows” problems & doing somthing about it Feb 01 21:13
jsluvslinux no problem… Feb 01 21:13
jsluvslinux thanks Feb 01 21:13
schestowitz I ranted about this last week: http://boycottnovell.com/2009/01/2… Feb 01 21:13
Robert1 i saw that article Feb 01 21:13
jsluvslinux our govt makes too much tax revenue from MS…they are scared Feb 01 21:13
schestowitz Yes Feb 01 21:13
schestowitz But MS does not pay tax Feb 01 21:13
jsluvslinux I saw that…and imho you are right on track Feb 01 21:13
schestowitz It’s about controll,  not money Feb 01 21:13
Robert1 in fact, i bookmarked it & sent the link to some people i know Feb 01 21:13
jsluvslinux but all the customers who buy it do… Feb 01 21:14
schestowitz Many militaries still run Windows (they move to Linux)… so US has back doors Feb 01 21:14
schestowitz And it DOES use them… it won’t say this in pub lic Feb 01 21:14
schestowitz In a war it’ll be able to suspend everything behind enemy lines. Feb 01 21:14
jsluvslinux likely..yes good point Feb 01 21:14
schestowitz 75 pc developers employ open source in APAC < http://www.ciol.com/Developer/Open-Source/Interviews… > Feb 01 21:15
schestowitz jsluvslinux: see the link Feb 01 21:15
Robert1 i knew about the back doors in windows installations on .mil domains in 1998, when spammers were using exchange servers to send spam with Feb 01 21:15
schestowitz http://www.networkworld.com/news/2007/0… Feb 01 21:15
schestowitz http://boycottnovell.com/2009/01/24… “The last thing on earth we want is some semi-educated person on the night shift seeing a red light go on on his PC that says ‘attack’ and launching real bombs.” Feb 01 21:16
schestowitz “What would happen next? The RIAA, a major campaign donor, calls up the Pentagon screaming ‘Cyber attack’. Next thing you know, in the name of national security, an apartment building in Brooklyn, 17 cows in Iowa, half of the middle east, and a cheese factory outside Lyon all go up in glowing smoke. “ Feb 01 21:16
schestowitz That’s why they call it MAFIAA Feb 01 21:16
schestowitz http://mafiaa.org/ Feb 01 21:17
jsluvslinux thanks…nice link… Feb 01 21:18
jsluvslinux you have a place to donate to your website? Feb 01 21:18
jsluvslinux paypal.. Feb 01 21:18
schestowitz No donations yet Feb 01 21:18
schestowitz Thanks a lot though Feb 01 21:18
Robert1 well, all of this crap is happining & will continue to do so as long as we people let the coporations control the government Feb 01 21:19
jsluvslinux ok…but I think you are a savior…. Feb 01 21:19
schestowitz Some people offered this before, but I’m not ready for this. Had it not been for Shane paying the bills, I’d remove the ads too. They harm the site’s credibility, making it seem like a pro-profit, which is ain’t. Feb 01 21:19
schestowitz jsluvslinux: I just link to people’s stuff Feb 01 21:19
schestowitz The ones doing the hard work are Helios et al. Feb 01 21:20
jsluvslinux helios is awesome..I have dontated to him..wish I could help more Feb 01 21:20
schestowitz There are out there every day putting Linux on people’s boxes and arguing with silly pedagogues.. Feb 01 21:20
Robert1 well, roy, your work ain’t easy ether. but it is really appreciated Feb 01 21:21
schestowitz Helios respects what I do a lot Feb 01 21:21
schestowitz Some other in LXer are very hostile Feb 01 21:21
jsluvslinux <—  me…yep..my boss teaches at crafton hills, and he is doing great work iwith students also, in helping them understand Linux Feb 01 21:21
schestowitz People in LinuxToday are far more supportive though Feb 01 21:21
schestowitz jsluvslinux: seen the helios videos yet? Feb 01 21:21
jsluvslinux yes, some of them.. Feb 01 21:22
schestowitz http://www.archive.org/browse.php?field=subject… Look under “cali”/”Helois”/others Feb 01 21:22
Robert1 i actively install GNU/Linux on all of my freinds & neighbors computers Feb 01 21:22
schestowitz I put many of them in BN around August, one or two per day Feb 01 21:22
Robert1 roy, what is your local time there now?\ Feb 01 21:24
schestowitz Aggressive headline from Michael Larabel… very odd..  http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?… (Intel’s Poulsbo Driver A Bloody Mess?) Feb 01 21:24
schestowitz I’ll go to #phoronix and tell him Feb 01 21:24
schestowitz It’s 9:30 here Feb 01 21:25
schestowitz The weekend’s sort of ruined cause of the host/site, but it’s not because it’s truly bad Feb 01 21:25
schestowitz I mean, many people read the stuff, but it has a toll… emotional and cost of time..wrestling with the host or db Feb 01 21:26
schestowitz I’m starting to suspect that mysql is just FINE… as it’s always been. Feb 01 21:26
schestowitz The DB was disabled for no reason Feb 01 21:26
schestowitz I was editing a post Feb 01 21:26
schestowitz All was responsive. I save it… wrote some more words… saved again and bang! No DB Feb 01 21:26
schestowitz The  server was not stressed Feb 01 21:27
trmanco you should get a VPS or something Feb 01 21:28
schestowitz It’s $$ey Feb 01 21:29
Robert1 just went to the link http://www.phoronix.com/scan.p… i wonder why they would require the use of this driver anyway Feb 01 21:29
schestowitz http://www.catalyst2.com/dedica… Feb 01 21:30
schestowitz Price  £199/month  £299/month  £399/month Feb 01 21:30
schestowitz I don’t even know if it’s multi-server Feb 01 21:30
trmanco no not dedicated Feb 01 21:31
schestowitz “We exclusively use Dell PowerEdge servers, built to order, allowing each server to be tailored specifically to your requirements. This allows us to offer the latest technologies such as quad-core processors and SAS before many of our competitors.” Feb 01 21:31
schestowitz http://www.catalyst2.com/premium Feb 01 21:31
Robert1 could this mean that intel may be folding to some of the pressure that microsoft is putting on intel Feb 01 21:31
trmanco schestowitz, something like this http://www.wiredtree.com/managedvps/ Feb 01 21:32
trmanco     *  Intel Dual Xeon Harpertown Feb 01 21:32
trmanco     * 384MB Guaranteed SLM RAM Feb 01 21:32
trmanco     * 40GB RAID-10 Disk Space Feb 01 21:32
trmanco     * 600GB Bandwidth Feb 01 21:32
trmanco     * 4 Dedicated IPs Feb 01 21:32
schestowitz BTW, that’s the host that very well handles all my sites, other than BN which Shane is managing on the host side although we both have privileges Feb 01 21:32
trmanco     * cPanel / WHM (VPS Optimized) Feb 01 21:32
trmanco     * Virtuozzo 4 with Power Panel Feb 01 21:32
trmanco     * Fantastico, RVSkin, WHMCS Available Feb 01 21:32
trmanco     * Starting at: $44/month Feb 01 21:32
schestowitz 4 IPs? Feb 01 21:32
schestowitz Meaning  what…? Feb 01 21:33
schestowitz How does that compare to Coral options? Feb 01 21:33
trmanco I have to idea about h IP things Feb 01 21:33
trmanco what caught my eyes was the ram, the disk space and the bandwidth Feb 01 21:34
schestowitz That’s what we use for BN: http://www.hostdime.com/services/shared/ Feb 01 21:34
schestowitz And he has several domains on the same account, so it’s cheap Feb 01 21:34
Robert1 there is another important issue that you need to take into consideration when looking for a webhost Feb 01 21:34
schestowitz Support? Feb 01 21:35
Robert1 you need to check out who the webhost upstram providor is Feb 01 21:35
Robert1 you also need to see if the webhost is “multihomed” Feb 01 21:36
Robert1 you also need to check & see if any of the ip addresses that they are going to asign you in not in any of the DNSBL blocklist Feb 01 21:37
trmanco schestowitz, but yours is shared Feb 01 21:37
schestowitz Yeah… Feb 01 21:37
schestowitz But I don’t think we’ll move Feb 01 21:37
schestowitz We’ll come with what we have Feb 01 21:37
schestowitz I wonder if Helios moved to blogspot because of hosting simplicity Feb 01 21:38
trmanco http://kegel.com/wine/cebit2009/… Feb 01 21:38
schestowitz There’s an article on Wine myths in LWN Feb 01 21:38
schestowitz Not advocacy related, but still.. Feb 01 21:38
trmanco yes Feb 01 21:38
trmanco the person who wrote it is a Wine contributer Feb 01 21:39
schestowitz I still worry about BN Feb 01 21:40
schestowitz I guess though that changing is: 1) not simple; 2) pricey Feb 01 21:40
schestowitz So it’s better to cope with what we have? Feb 01 21:40
schestowitz TuxMachines is back! Feb 01 21:41
schestowitz 61 unread Feb 01 21:41
schestowitz Wow! She barely posted Feb 01 21:41
schestowitz Only like 10 a day Feb 01 21:41
schestowitz Usually she does 30 Feb 01 21:41
trmanco yep Feb 01 21:41
trmanco it works fine now Feb 01 21:42
Robert1 yes, it would, but up untill the point that BN becomes really popular & gives you no choice but to move or get more bandwidth Feb 01 21:42
*GoblinRFD (n=tim@94-193-183-63.zone7.bethere.co.uk) has joined #boycottnovell Feb 01 21:43
GoblinRFD Hi Roy! You there? Feb 01 21:43
schestowitz Hey Feb 01 21:44
schestowitz GoblinRFD: I have your comment and post Feb 01 21:44
schestowitz No less of data Feb 01 21:44
schestowitz Don’t worry Feb 01 21:44
GoblinRFD cool! Feb 01 21:44
schestowitz Link again when the post is brought up again Feb 01 21:44
GoblinRFD I had linked you on my site Feb 01 21:44
*kapipi (n=tor@0x3e42d97a.adsl.cybercity.dk) has left #boycottnovell (“Oh noh!”) Feb 01 21:44
schestowitz We have hosting issues, that’s all. Feb 01 21:44
GoblinRFD Roy.  Excellent article by the way. Feb 01 21:45
schestowitz Robert1: traffic doubled last month Feb 01 21:45
GoblinRFD Im not surprised. Feb 01 21:45
schestowitz And based on this 1st day of February, despite two major uptime, we double it again. Feb 01 21:45
Robert1 it will probably go up even more Feb 01 21:45
GoblinRFD :) Feb 01 21:46
schestowitz Robert1: what to do then? Feb 01 21:46
GoblinRFD and you do it all without recieving any freebies from anyone! Feb 01 21:46
GoblinRFD unlike other bloggers Feb 01 21:46
schestowitz GoblinRFD: the only gain here is credibility Feb 01 21:46
schestowitz It would be a lie to say that BN doesn’t open some doors because people recognise what we do Feb 01 21:46
GoblinRFD I was talking to the wife about this today Feb 01 21:46
schestowitz But there is no monetrary gains Feb 01 21:46
schestowitz It’s like MJF and her Windows books.. or Ed Bought Feb 01 21:47
Robert1 just be proud that you have a website that is worthy of reading Feb 01 21:47
schestowitz They defend what they know Feb 01 21:47
schestowitz Robert1: I’m thinking.. indeed.. Feb 01 21:47
GoblinRFD Roy Ive been meaning to ask…… Feb 01 21:47
schestowitz But Shane won’t like the idea. Feb 01 21:47
schestowitz The idea of me moving to another host Feb 01 21:47
schestowitz Maybe his host can do VPS.. Feb 01 21:48
GoblinRFD have you ever compiled a list of companies that have “XXXXX Recommends Windows Vista” Feb 01 21:48
schestowitz They all do Feb 01 21:48
schestowitz THe ones that survice Feb 01 21:48
MinceR i doubt system76 does :> Feb 01 21:48
GoblinRFD not all..I noticed when I saw a few that didnt Feb 01 21:48
schestowitz Tht razor-thin marguns Microsoft gives for bulk discount (Windows OEM) forced them to sell Windows only or go out of biz Feb 01 21:48
schestowitz Must read…hold on. Feb 01 21:48
GoblinRFD Micromart has many that dont Feb 01 21:49
GoblinRFD ok Feb 01 21:49
schestowitz http://boycottnovell.com/wiki/ind… Feb 01 21:49
schestowitz Skip to part 2 Feb 01 21:49
schestowitz It explains how Microsoft forces OEMs to do Windows only Feb 01 21:49
schestowitz No BeOS /DUAL boot/ even. Feb 01 21:49
schestowitz I have yet to cover the exhibits which put names and faces on these crime. Feb 01 21:50
Robert1 over here in the states, i don’t ever recall seeing one that did not have that statement Feb 01 21:50
schestowitz *rimes Feb 01 21:50
schestowitz Did you see the “recoomends” post? Feb 01 21:50
schestowitz This one is read a lot: http://boycottnovell.com/2008/12/01/… Feb 01 21:51
schestowitz This shows that they still do these crimes Feb 01 21:51
Robert1 it does not surprise me. the current administration will not do anything to fix this problem ether Feb 01 21:52
GoblinRFD I wont buy Dell Feb 01 21:54
GoblinRFD Their ads are the ones where I first noticed. Feb 01 21:54
GoblinRFD Im sure the EU will have something to say on “Microsoft forcing OEM’s” Feb 01 21:55
GoblinRFD in time. Feb 01 21:55
Robert1 i am anxiously awaiting for the EU to address this issue. the U.S. D.o.J will not Feb 01 21:58
schestowitz Ive just opened tuxmachines in Firefox.. 100+ tabs :-) Feb 01 21:59
schestowitz GoblinRFD: yes, unbundling Feb 01 21:59
schestowitz It’s strong in France. They have a whole movement for it Feb 01 22:00
GoblinRFD Roy.  Just found something on twitter.  The following user appears to be trying to inform MS about a Win7 exploit to which they are not listening. Feb 01 22:00
GoblinRFD http://twitter.com/longzheng Feb 01 22:00
GoblinRFD Ive followed it to his page: Feb 01 22:00
schestowitz GoblinRFD: yes, I have a post about it Feb 01 22:00
schestowitz I posted it this morning Feb 01 22:01
schestowitz But it will return later along with the rest Feb 01 22:01
GoblinRFD doh Feb 01 22:01
GoblinRFD ahj Feb 01 22:01
GoblinRFD i though I hadnt seen it. Feb 01 22:01
GoblinRFD right….thats me done for the night…. Feb 01 22:02
GoblinRFD im off. see you all monday… Feb 01 22:02
GoblinRFD take care Feb 01 22:02
Robert1 have a good one Feb 01 22:02
GoblinRFD Smoke me a kipper, Ill be back for breakfast. Feb 01 22:02
*GoblinRFD has quit (Remote closed the connection) Feb 01 22:02
Robert1 speaking of eating, it’s my dinner time Feb 01 22:03
Robert1 i will be joining in again sometime soon Feb 01 22:04
Robert1 roy, you take it easy, & don’t worry, BN will be ok Feb 01 22:04
Robert1 ttyl Feb 01 22:05
schestowitz I’ll have dinner Feb 01 22:05
*Robert1 has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) Feb 01 22:09
schestowitz http://www.happyassassin.net/2009/01/30/inte… Feb 01 22:10
schestowitz Doesn’t inspire confidence :-SS http://www.pclinuxos.com/index.php?option… Feb 01 22:31
*Ziggyfish (n=brendan@61-8-103-22.intrapower.net.au) has joined #boycottnovell Feb 01 22:49
Ziggyfish good morning Feb 01 22:49
schestowitz Hey Feb 01 22:50
schestowitz I managed to upload the DB as a placeholder Feb 01 22:50
Ziggyfish good Feb 01 22:50
schestowitz I reckon the host (and I’m guessing here) took the old DB down deliberately Feb 01 22:50
schestowitz No mysql error I think Feb 01 22:50
schestowitz It occurred to while at the gym… Feb 01 22:51
schestowitz I mean, the night before they took the whole thing offline Feb 01 22:51
Ziggyfish oh, ok, the host should keep backups of data anyway Feb 01 22:51
schestowitz Later they just separated the DB.. that would make sense, but no notification to customer? Feb 01 22:51
schestowitz Ziggyfish: I don’t think they need DBs Feb 01 22:51
schestowitz It’s still there in pristine condition Feb 01 22:51
schestowitz It’s almost as though they fliped a switch to disable it Feb 01 22:52
schestowitz *flipped Feb 01 22:52
schestowitz So I made a new one :-) Feb 01 22:52
schestowitz But that’s just a theory Feb 01 22:52
schestowitz And example of bad service if it’s true Feb 01 22:52
Ziggyfish I agree with you Feb 01 22:52
schestowitz The other option, however, would be to live the server to rot Feb 01 22:52
schestowitz So I don’t know.. Feb 01 22:52
Ziggyfish anyway found a nice some link for you Feb 01 22:53
Ziggyfish http://www.desktoplinux.com/news/N… Feb 01 22:53
schestowitz I got it Feb 01 22:53
schestowitz Posted it yesterday/2 days ago in BN Feb 01 22:54
Ziggyfish I hate Monday mornings Feb 01 23:00
schestowitz Heh. Monday over there. Feb 01 23:01
schestowitz Rainy days and Mondays always get you down Feb 01 23:01
Ziggyfish yes Feb 01 23:04
Ziggyfish all so true (; Feb 01 23:04
*DarkUranium has quit (“Leaving”) Feb 01 23:21
*kapipi (n=tor@0x3e42d97a.adsl.cybercity.dk) has joined #boycottnovell Feb 01 23:21
*PetoKraus is now known as PeterKraus Feb 01 23:22
*kapipi has quit (Client Quit) Feb 01 23:23
MinceR gn Feb 01 23:45
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