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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: February 15th, 2009

Posted in IRC Logs at 8:00 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


Enter the IRC channel now

schestowitz There are these annoying companies like Moto that exploit Linux but don’t support its users. TomTom too. Feb 15 00:00
MinceR i’m guessing the jesusphone can’t even copy an appointment. Feb 15 00:00
schestowitz Heh Feb 15 00:00
schestowitz Well.. Feb 15 00:00
schestowitz It’s worse Feb 15 00:00
schestowitz Someone made it possible Feb 15 00:00
MinceR will the pre offer support for native-code apps? Feb 15 00:00
twitter MinceR, you keep getting side tracked.  Pay attention to what they do well and demand it when you want it. Feb 15 00:00
schestowitz So Jobs sent in the mobsters Feb 15 00:00
schestowitz They killed the project Feb 15 00:00
MinceR twitter: got it. make a retarded featurephone, slap an apple logo on it and sell it for 10x the price. Feb 15 00:01
schestowitz More than that.. Feb 15 00:01
twitter Any PDA would do well with gesture scroll and pinch zoom. Feb 15 00:01
MinceR and then have the fanboys keep telling everyone it’s better than everything else Feb 15 00:01
schestowitz AT&T fascism is actually milking money gtardually. Feb 15 00:01
MinceR because it’s teh shiny Feb 15 00:01
twitter I don’t want a non free phone.  I want the features that work well. Feb 15 00:01
schestowitz Got to fund US censorship and all.. Feb 15 00:01
schestowitz mikankun: not so shiny Feb 15 00:01
MinceR better yet, lock the users into one provider and have the provider pay, too Feb 15 00:01
MinceR this model only works because people are idiots. Feb 15 00:01
twitter Apple, however, will put the slap down with patents if I try to add them. Feb 15 00:02
schestowitz People had the thing (first iteration) disintegrate in their bags Feb 15 00:02
schestowitz Plastic shards and all. Feb 15 00:02
schestowitz MinceR: iphone commercial model is like 5 credits card to max up… people should know better. Feb 15 00:02
MinceR i don’t understand that sentence Feb 15 00:03
schestowitz Like “wow! This good ride is only $2000… with installments spread over 2 years.. but you get a loan for $200 _right now !!” Feb 15 00:03
MinceR http://img294.imageshack.us/img2… Feb 15 00:03
MinceR schestowitz: if only it was a good ride to begin with. Feb 15 00:03
schestowitz MinceR: LOL Feb 15 00:04
schestowitz Eeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Feb 15 00:04
schestowitz Maybe they speak for ASUS Feb 15 00:04
schestowitz http://slashdot.org/firehose.pl?o… Feb 15 00:04
PetoKraus i’m thinking, you know Feb 15 00:05
PetoKraus my friend is downloading at about 20GB of Disney stuff Feb 15 00:06
PetoKraus now, they should be technically out of copyright by now, shan’t they Feb 15 00:06
PetoKraus if there wasn’t the Mickey Mouse Extension Act Feb 15 00:06
MinceR who cares? if he paid for it, a lot of that money would go to jobs Feb 15 00:06
twitter 20 GB of wasted space. Feb 15 00:06
PetoKraus Steve? Feb 15 00:06
MinceR so it’s preferable not to pay. Feb 15 00:06
MinceR steve jobs. Feb 15 00:06
PetoKraus twitter: i know, that’s different story Feb 15 00:07
MinceR i’ve heard he owned a big chunk of disney Feb 15 00:07
PetoKraus but you know Feb 15 00:07
PetoKraus the point is still Feb 15 00:07
twitter That’s the problem with perpetual copyright.  By the time the work enters the public domain it is irrelevant. Feb 15 00:07
MinceR and surprise surprise, supporting DRM there. Feb 15 00:07
PetoKraus no shit! :) Feb 15 00:07
PetoKraus it just makes you go like… Feb 15 00:08
PetoKraus it takes week to download off torrents Feb 15 00:08
PetoKraus for goodness sake, people don’t want it to share even illegally Feb 15 00:08
twitter Does it. Feb 15 00:08
twitter hmmm. Feb 15 00:08
PetoKraus twitter: the whole 20 GB’s over Virgin’s 20mbit connection? Feb 15 00:09
PetoKraus yes Feb 15 00:09
PetoKraus the same for first episodes of Saturday Night Live Feb 15 00:09
PetoKraus (he’s into old stuff) Feb 15 00:09
twitter 2.5 MB/second? Feb 15 00:09
PetoKraus twitter: yeah, for an hour Feb 15 00:10
*schestowitz is pretty happy with legally-sharable flicks in YouTube Feb 15 00:10
PetoKraus the you are throttled down to 0.2MB/s Feb 15 00:10
schestowitz PetoKraus: Disney is brainwash must of the time. It’s unhealthy :-) Feb 15 00:10
schestowitz *much Feb 15 00:10
twitter That should take about 8,000 seconds to download.  80,000 seconds is different. Feb 15 00:10
PetoKraus and in fact, we have 10mbit, where the throttle chucks in after 1200 MB… Feb 15 00:10
twitter The difference between two hours and 20 hours. Feb 15 00:10
twitter 20 GB should not take more than a couple of days. Feb 15 00:11
PetoKraus well it’s over a week there Feb 15 00:11
twitter Throttles are evil. Feb 15 00:11
PetoKraus meaning -> people don’t share it Feb 15 00:11
PetoKraus tell me about it Feb 15 00:11
PetoKraus i’m fine with bandwith throttles Feb 15 00:11
twitter I’m not. Feb 15 00:11
PetoKraus but don’t fkn throttle the latency Feb 15 00:11
twitter throttles are a waste of money that could be spent improving the network. Feb 15 00:12
PetoKraus well Feb 15 00:12
PetoKraus in britain it’s necessary i guess Feb 15 00:12
PetoKraus the tubes are clogged Feb 15 00:12
twitter clogged or tiny? Feb 15 00:12
PetoKraus both at times Feb 15 00:13
PetoKraus :) Feb 15 00:13
PetoKraus we were doing Glasgow Sewer system at Environmental Chemistry Feb 15 00:13
schestowitz http://www.prwatch.org/node/8210 “Poorly sourced and constructed around lazy, clichéd writing — and in a couple of cases, outright falsehoods — Goldberg’s piece simply illustrated how, rather than illuminating shortfalls of the press, conservatives often just create more work for the rest of us,” Boehlert writes. Feb 15 00:13
PetoKraus that was fun! Feb 15 00:13
twitter I remember @Home, no throttles, port blocks or other bullshit.  It worked great. Feb 15 00:13
twitter all the other stuff has just been performance destroying crap to protect big publishers and their dead business models. Feb 15 00:14
PetoKraus right Feb 15 00:14
PetoKraus yeah Feb 15 00:14
PetoKraus i mean Feb 15 00:14
PetoKraus that broadband tax was a perfect idea Feb 15 00:14
twitter perfect for Disney. Feb 15 00:14
PetoKraus if it was meant to shut MAFIAA and BSA up Feb 15 00:14
schestowitz They should discriminate against illegally shared content and the rest Feb 15 00:14
PetoKraus i mean Feb 15 00:14
schestowitz A lot of torrent are very crucial and legal Feb 15 00:14
PetoKraus i’d pay £20 a year for what I download Feb 15 00:15
twitter sharing should not be against the law. Feb 15 00:15
schestowitz Comes vs Microsoft for example was spread using torrent Feb 15 00:15
PetoKraus if it means I can download anything off the net legally Feb 15 00:15
schestowitz Should that too be hindred? Feb 15 00:15
schestowitz *dered Feb 15 00:15
twitter sharing should never be hindered. Feb 15 00:15
schestowitz YouTube is challenged by Big Media Feb 15 00:15
twitter unless it’s something like your medical or shopping records. Feb 15 00:15
schestowitz It needs to be protected Feb 15 00:15
twitter networks need to be liberated. Feb 15 00:16
schestowitz Lacking starvation for premium’ conent, big media will die Feb 15 00:16
twitter the spectrum should be liberated – that will take care of bandwith problems. Feb 15 00:16
schestowitz Think of it that way… Feb 15 00:16
schestowitz To throttle a pipe based on ports is like gagging people’s talk to one another based on pitch Feb 15 00:16
PetoKraus could someone of you lads send me an email to peter.kraus@member.fsf.org? Feb 15 00:17
PetoKraus i think the redirect stopped working for some reason Feb 15 00:17
schestowitz Those who want to share can still use CDs/DVDs, so nothing is achieved Feb 15 00:17
schestowitz Then there’s the media ‘taxt’ (HDDs, USBs) which is like a welfate system Feb 15 00:17
twitter The ability to organize is lost. Feb 15 00:17
twitter It’s a huge cost to society. Feb 15 00:17
schestowitz it treats the dying businesses of information monopoly as thought they now have a privilege to make money Feb 15 00:18
twitter It gives them ownership of culture and knowledge. Feb 15 00:18
schestowitz Can you imagine a failing computer company (like Microsoft) saying it needs to be mandated that all PCs sold should have MS tax? Feb 15 00:18
twitter They do not deserve that. Feb 15 00:18
schestowitz With their patents they hope to establish something of this sort Feb 15 00:18
schestowitz “We invented comupters” Feb 15 00:18
twitter Not even their extortion is innovative. Feb 15 00:19
*schestowitz sends mail Feb 15 00:19
*schestowitz done. sent Feb 15 00:19
twitter bbl, it’s dinner time. Feb 15 00:20
PetoKraus it works. Feb 15 00:20
PetoKraus hm. Feb 15 00:20
PetoKraus thanks Feb 15 00:20
schestowitz I like the pic here: http://digg.com/linux_unix/Moonlight_1_0_is_… Feb 15 00:20
schestowitz PetoKraus: less mail =  good Feb 15 00:20
schestowitz Mail is overrated indicator of popularity. It slows down productivity Feb 15 00:20
schestowitz I prefer empty boxes Feb 15 00:21
*MinceR sends schestowitz some empty boxes by mail Feb 15 00:21
MinceR ^_^ Feb 15 00:21
PetoKraus nah Feb 15 00:21
PetoKraus it’s some mails i needed Feb 15 00:21
schestowitz MinceR: thanks. Feb 15 00:22
MinceR np Feb 15 00:22
schestowitz Empty ones are always better http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unabomber Feb 15 00:22
MinceR lol unabomber Feb 15 00:23
MinceR i read his manifesto. he’s a stupid luddite. :) Feb 15 00:23
schestowitz Yes Feb 15 00:24
schestowitz Gone mental for murderign people Feb 15 00:24
schestowitz He gives a very bad name to anarchism. Feb 15 00:24
MinceR indeed Feb 15 00:25
MinceR well, most people don’t understand anarchism anyway. Feb 15 00:25
schestowitz he makes anarchism synonymous with harm. Are there notable anarchists out there? Feb 15 00:26
MinceR dunno Feb 15 00:27
schestowitz Let’s check. Feb 15 00:29
schestowitz http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M… Feb 15 00:31
schestowitz Somewhat related, I guess: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ludwig_von_Mises Feb 15 00:32
schestowitz His site is very good: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ludwig_von_Mises Feb 15 00:32
schestowitz Oops. Feb 15 00:32
schestowitz http://mises.org/ Feb 15 00:32
schestowitz “The problem is the following: Many Web publishers, especially those that have voluminous sites, like e-commerce companies, have multiple URLs that all point to the same page. This confuses search engines, sometimes causing them to index the same page multiple times. As much as 20 percent of URLs on the Web may be duplicates, according to some estimates.” Feb 15 00:41
schestowitz http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/02/12… (Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Collaborate to Clean Up Web) Feb 15 00:42
schestowitz http://www.suseblog.com/best-linu… Feb 15 01:03
MinceR :) Feb 15 01:09
*mikankun has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host)) Feb 15 01:18
schestowitz Linux Version of Chrome To Use Gtk+ < http://osnews.com/story/20980/Linu… > Feb 15 01:18
MinceR but will it be released before Duke Nukem Forever comes out? Feb 15 01:20
schestowitz Before June they say Feb 15 01:20
schestowitz I look forward to seeing if they serve Jobs before freedom Feb 15 01:20
MinceR indeed Feb 15 01:21
schestowitz LOL. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EvjQPHD… Feb 15 01:23
schestowitz Someone posted this in COLA ( [H]omer_ ) Feb 15 01:23
*yuhong (n=chatzill@pool-71-188-245-175.sttlwa.dsl-w.verizon.net) has joined #boycottnovell Feb 15 01:28
yuhong BTW, on laptop gifting, I think the key condition is if the gift is on the condition of writing a good review for Windows. Feb 15 01:28
yuhong If there is such a condition, it is bribery, if not, it is not. Feb 15 01:29
yuhong Anyone there? Feb 15 01:30
*yuhong has quit (“ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox 3.0.6/2009011913]“) Feb 15 01:36
twitter troll ignored, goes away.  ha ha. Feb 15 02:19
twitter I’m glad I was eating. Feb 15 02:19
twitter Rabbit ears, they do work.  http://entertainment.slashdot.org/art… Feb 15 02:19
twitter Yeah, yeah, Yankee group, but it’s true. Feb 15 02:20
twitter the bandwith would be better unlicensed but DTV has worked well here. Feb 15 02:20
MinceR gn Feb 15 02:43
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*oiaohm (n=oiaohm@unaffiliated/oiaohm) has joined #boycottnovell Feb 15 08:05
schestowitz Morning/evening Feb 15 08:24
*flyinghip (n=mrth@53552409.cable.casema.nl) has joined #boycottnovell Feb 15 08:26
flyinghip morning Feb 15 08:27
schestowitz Hi, what’s up? Feb 15 08:28
flyinghip i have seen your site about microsoft ,the internal emails from the windoowz evangelist were shocking . Feb 15 08:32
schestowitz Oh, yeah… that one. I’ll have some more. Feb 15 08:34
schestowitz I just haven’t had the time for Comes in recent days Feb 15 08:34
flyinghip the blame game blame the endusers Feb 15 08:34
*flyinghip (n=mrth@53552409.cable.casema.nl) has left #boycottnovell Feb 15 08:36
*zer0c00l (n=zer0c00l@ has joined #boycottnovell Feb 15 08:43
schestowitz The Budapest Open Access Initiative is seven years old today.  < http://www.earlham.edu/~peters/fos/2… > Feb 15 08:48
*Casperin (n=Casperin@x1-6-00-1e-2a-29-69-de.k112.webspeed.dk) has joined #boycottnovell Feb 15 09:10
schestowitz Orwell rolls in his grave (part 1) < http://www.youtube.com/watch?… > Feb 15 09:19
oiaohm f, Feb 15 09:29
oiaohm opps Feb 15 09:29
*mib_r6w0d2 (i=8258be83@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-88f432d1a20f1c27) has joined #boycottnovell Feb 15 09:47
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trmanco http://lists.debian.org/debian-anno… Feb 15 10:13
trmanco yay Feb 15 10:13
schestowitz http://www.ipwatchdog.com/2009/01/23/battle-betw… “This is exactly how software was protected prior to State Street, so when the Federal Circuit resurrects this thinking it has tremendous implications for software and software patents. I recommend that you review the genesis of software protection in case law and you will then quite clearly see exactly why Bilski has enormous Feb 15 10:27
schestowitz impact for software patents.” Feb 15 10:27
schestowitz That Gene dude is really no fan of Free(dom) software. Feb 15 10:27
schestowitz History of internet in less than 10 minutes < http://linuxnongeek.com/2009/02/12/histor… > Feb 15 10:44
schestowitz Steve Albrecht Leaving Red Hat Board After Six Years of Service to Focus on Charitable Role < http://www.tradingmarkets.com/.site/n… > Feb 15 10:52
oiaohm Boy does that history of the internet skip a important step. Feb 15 10:56
oiaohm The BBS stage. Feb 15 10:56
*oiaohm_ (n=oiaohm@30.261.dsl.syd.iprimus.net.au) has joined #boycottnovell Feb 15 11:05
*oiaohm has quit (Nick collision from services.) Feb 15 11:06
schestowitz Microsoft Kills Windows 7 Beta < http://www.informationweek.com/news/windows… > Feb 15 11:07
schestowitz The first dual Windows/Linux PCs arrive < http://blogs.computerworld.com/the_firs… > Feb 15 11:07
oiaohm_ Dual in more ways than 1. Feb 15 11:09
oiaohm_ The Linux out runs the Windows because its running on a ARM chip. Feb 15 11:09
oiaohm_ Now with the new power effectiveness of video card control planed its going to get interesting. Feb 15 11:10
schestowitz It’s now confirmed that Shane O’Neill has his nose up Microsoft’s behind: http://www.itworld.com/virtualization/62262/… That explains Shane O’Neill’s anti-Linux coverage and Microsoft fanboyism. He’s integral part of the MS ecosystem. Feb 15 11:19
schestowitz Microsoft is exploiting kids to help its crimes ….? http://sev.prnewswire.com/multimedia-… Feb 15 11:31
schestowitz Another public library becomes Microsoft evangelist force: http://www.pcnr.com/news/2009/0211/gene… Feb 15 11:34
schestowitz “Microsoft too saw a decline in its key performance indicators in Q4 2008. Many opine that low cost netbooks will be sold in higher volumes than PCs and laptops this year. In such a scenario, Microsoft will find it difficult to profit from its new Windows Vista operating system as many of the notebooks or mini-PCs currently operate on Windows XP.” Feb 15 11:38
schestowitz http://news.prnewswire.com/DisplayReleaseCont… Feb 15 11:38
schestowitz NYT baloney: http://dealbook.blogs.nytimes.com/2… Feb 15 12:19
schestowitz Moonlight under attack: http://news.cnet.com/8301-1… Feb 15 12:24
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*ChanServ gives channel operator status to [H]omer Feb 15 12:59
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MinceR r4wr Feb 15 13:14
*PetoKraus has quit (Remote closed the connection) Feb 15 13:14
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twitter “Microsoft is exploiting kids to help its crimes ….?”  They are always exploiting the innocent and ignorant.  Who else would use their crap? Feb 15 14:26
twitter It’s irritating that M$ perpetuates the “on line predator” myth after studies have conclusively show it’s bullshit except for bullying, which M$ knows all about. Feb 15 14:28
twitter They distract from more pressing issues of privacy because they would profit from the database nation. Feb 15 14:29
schestowitz yes, indeed Feb 15 14:30
schestowitz They still do PR stunts about privacy in the EU Feb 15 14:30
schestowitz They try to daemonise Google Feb 15 14:30
schestowitz They also hire groups to shill for them on this topic (not just LMG) Feb 15 14:30
twitter Still waiting for ARM portables.  …. Hugs Zaurus wants one with more RAM. Feb 15 14:36
schestowitz For /. logs: http://www.suburbanchicagonews.com/heraldnews/bu… http://www.computerworld.com/action/artic… Feb 15 14:37
twitter Is the web slow today? Feb 15 14:38
schestowitz BN was down earlier Feb 15 14:42
schestowitz Either way, one question to ask is now “Is the web slow today?” but “”Are Microsoft Windows zombies busy today?” Feb 15 14:43
twitter If it’s slow for you and others, the Zombies are busy everywhere as usual.  If it’s only slow for me, it’s a local problem. Feb 15 15:29
twitter M$ says, “No toys for you!  We can’t afford that out of cycle stuff anymore.”  http://slashdot.org/firehose… Feb 15 15:30
twitter Thanks for digging up the news. Feb 15 15:30
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twitter M$ Death Watch, http://slashdot.org/~twitter/journal/213707 Feb 15 15:43
twitter Vista Failure Log, http://slashdot.org/~twitter/journal/177855 Feb 15 15:43
twitter and Vista 7 Failure Log, http://slashdot.org/~twitter/journal/215957 Feb 15 15:43
twitter all updated to reflect the death of “out of cycle” development and strength of GNU/Linux – which is rocking with things like E17 + Compiz. Feb 15 15:43
twitter Ah, what a good morning it is.  bbl, going to spend some time with the kids in the rain. Feb 15 15:44
*schestowitz has lots more on Microsoft to post today Feb 15 15:47
*mib_y59pfc (i=8258be83@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-e709db17ac19d947) has joined #boycottnovell Feb 15 15:53
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twitter cool Feb 15 17:01
trmanco “Mono languishes back in 1.9.1 (which at least includes support for most of the 2.0 goodness).” Feb 15 17:18
trmanco :( Feb 15 17:18
trmanco http://www.tuxradar.com/content/lenny-has-landed Feb 15 17:18
schestowitz Blech. Feb 15 17:20
schestowitz gtg Feb 15 17:20
schestowitz Back at 8 Feb 15 17:20
amarsh04 wow, I received a reply from rms Feb 15 17:25
*NeonF|oss (n=imsorry@rdsl-0515.tor.pathcom.com) has joined #boycottnovell Feb 15 17:39
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trmanco schestowitz, http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/o… Feb 15 19:36
schestowitz amarsh04: I’m trying to find a page about getting a gnu from RMS Feb 15 19:55
schestowitz It’s recent.. http://www.gnu.org/gnu/rms-lisp.html … heh.. BN’s Netcraft rank is higher than GNU’s. Feb 15 19:55
schestowitz trmanco: MS fools like Doug Mahugh don’t even line-wrap. Tell those n00bs to go back to MOOX lists. Feb 15 19:56
schestowitz *LOL* Feb 15 20:15
schestowitz Before: http://www.sxc.hu/photo/573948 Feb 15 20:16
schestowitz After: http://boycottnovell.com/wp-content/u… Feb 15 20:16
schestowitz A Software License That’s Libre But Not Gratis? < http://news.slashdot.org/article.pl?… > Feb 15 20:40
MinceR the submitter doesn’t understand the meaning of “libre” Feb 15 20:41
*MethodOne (n=MethodOn@173-105-195-141.pools.spcsdns.net) has joined #boycottnovell Feb 15 20:45
schestowitz “It’s proprietary software — decidedly not free-as-in-beer… Feb 15 20:47
*MethodOne has quit (Client Quit) Feb 15 20:48
schestowitz It takes a lot of taming to make cats bark. Feb 15 20:48
schestowitz Steps toward improving Gentoo < http://dberkholz.wordpress.com/2009/02… > Feb 15 21:21
schestowitz twitter: http://www.lockergnome.com/theor… Feb 15 21:24
trmanco schestowitz, yeah I noticed, maybe his client doesn’t support plain text :-P MOOX? Feb 15 21:25
schestowitz I’ll post about it tomorrow probably Feb 15 21:25
schestowitz THis lad from Portugal does amazing stuff for KDE graphics: http://pinheiro-kde.blogspot.com… Feb 15 21:26
*Casperin (n=Casperin@x1-6-00-1e-2a-29-69-de.k112.webspeed.dk) has joined #boycottnovell Feb 15 21:28
trmanco yep, I actually first “met” him on Identica Feb 15 21:28
trmanco oh, and btw, that ODF link, thank Rui Seabra for it Feb 15 21:29
schestowitz This guy linked to us a moment ago: Feb 15 21:29
schestowitz http://blogs.globaltek.pt/rui.gouvei… it links to BN on the word “Windows” Feb 15 21:30
trmanco http://identi.ca/notice/2313228 Feb 15 21:30
trmanco Iknow him from somewhere Feb 15 21:30
trmanco his name is familiar Feb 15 21:30
schestowitz I saw it literally a minute ago Feb 15 21:31
schestowitz Technorati shows some people who link to us. Feb 15 21:31
trmanco que aceitam vender os seus portáteis sem Windows™ Feb 15 21:31
trmanco laptops without Windows Feb 15 21:31
schestowitz We have many readers from PT Feb 15 21:31
trmanco and he links to index page on word “Wdinw” Feb 15 21:31
schestowitz Around 13th in the world (PT) Feb 15 21:32
trmanco that is good Feb 15 21:32
schestowitz Even ahead of Russia this month Feb 15 21:32
trmanco http://identi.ca/notice/2314294 Feb 15 21:32
schestowitz “silverlight? moonlight? moonshine? thanks, but no thanks :) flash is evil enough” Feb 15 21:34
trmanco moonshine Feb 15 21:37
trmanco GNU that name before somebody patents it Feb 15 21:37
schestowitz I decided to lay Comes aside for a few months, then I’ll rush them through again. BN needs rest and Comes gems won’t last forever… need to be saved for a special occasion :-) Feb 15 21:38
trmanco https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWe… Feb 15 21:40
schestowitz Well, it’s Money in AU Feb 15 21:41
schestowitz *Monday Feb 15 21:41
trmanco yes Feb 15 21:41
schestowitz I need to think how to deliver and sort Comes. There must be better ways Feb 15 21:42
schestowitz http://www.meritalk.com/federa… Feb 15 21:44
schestowitz Is it just me of are some annoying Flash objects concealing most of the articles in https://fossbazaar.org/content/arjen-le… and https://fossbazaar.org/content/david-r… ? Feb 15 21:50
schestowitz OSS scam: http://news.prnewswire.com/DisplayR… Feb 15 21:51
schestowitz “I work at MySQL, and I can tell you that Marten’s departure will be a good thing. Matt Asay doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Marten is basically anti-open source. He’s got this duplicitous way of looking at the world that forced us to split our ability to contribute with our business priorities. Unlike the rest of Sun, which is far better aligned to one product = one community (Witness Solaris and Glassfish). “” Feb 15 21:53
schestowitz It all makes sense now. I spoke to Marten and I got the impression too. Feb 15 21:54
schestowitz OK, added comment: “Anonymous Manager, that makes some sense. I got the same impression when I corresponded with Marten.” Feb 15 21:55
trmanco http://blogs.sun.com/jonathan/entry/… Feb 15 21:56
trmanco http://www.reddit.com/r/programming/comments/7… Feb 15 21:56
schestowitz Yes, that too Feb 15 21:58
schestowitz Here’s what I don’t like:  Leonard Read’s Open-Source Vision < http://www.lewrockwell.com/tucker/tucker137.html >.. The article only mentions “open-source materials” ONCE…. this doesn’t justify the headline with a buzzword Feb 15 22:03
*mib_n5kxez (i=440b30c0@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-c559ed9307083cd7) has joined #boycottnovell Feb 15 22:20
trmanco “It just confirms my belief that Amerikans are lazy, ignorant slobs who Feb 15 22:29
trmanco are unwilling to get up off their obese diabetes asses and learn new Feb 15 22:29
trmanco things.” Feb 15 22:29
schestowitz Where that from? Feb 15 22:30
schestowitz *’s Feb 15 22:30
trmanco cola Feb 15 22:30
trmanco it isn’t on google yet Feb 15 22:30
schestowitz Americans actually work more hours than most of the world Feb 15 22:30
trmanco now it is -> http://groups.google.com/group/comp.os.linux… Feb 15 22:31
trmanco here* Feb 15 22:31
PeterKraus schestowitz: where did you get that from Feb 15 22:31
schestowitz They are overworked because — IMHO — the corruption and lack of labour movement that sidelined, marginalised them and had their wages stagnate in 25 years. Feb 15 22:31
schestowitz Yesterday I posted a link here to an article which speaks about the whole world protesting against the causes of the current mess, but the US is conspicously missing from the list of countries/populations that are up in arms. Feb 15 22:32
*mib_n5kxez has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) Feb 15 22:32
*toros (n=toros@ubuntu/member/toros) has joined #boycottnovell Feb 15 23:03
toros hi Feb 15 23:04
schestowitz Hey, toros, what’s new? Feb 15 23:04
*Casperin_ (n=Casperin@x1-6-00-1e-2a-29-69-de.k112.webspeed.dk) has joined #boycottnovell Feb 15 23:08
toros nothing special. I wrote today a short article about the expected new features of mandriva 2009 spring, fedora 11 and ubuntu 9.04 Feb 15 23:08
schestowitz These will be good distros Feb 15 23:10
schestowitz (based on early reviews) Feb 15 23:10
toros yepp, they look very promising Feb 15 23:12
*Casperin has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)) Feb 15 23:12
toros but I still don’t understand, why Mandriva fired Adam Williamson :( Feb 15 23:12
schestowitz He’s in Red Hat now. Feb 15 23:13
toros yes, I know, and I think he’s now at a better place… ;) Feb 15 23:14
schestowitz I think he’s happy there. They are both RPM-based, so it’s no big change. Another colleague from Mandriva joined him. Feb 15 23:14
toros Mandriva is not really popular here in Hungary… Feb 15 23:17
silentivm here in Brazil it is somewhat popular Feb 15 23:17
silentivm mainly because a lot of people used Conectiva, which was bought by Mandriva Feb 15 23:17
toros I read that new Mandriva releases are good Feb 15 23:18
schestowitz Mandriva is partly a Brazilian venture, IIRC Feb 15 23:18
schestowitz It’s also big in Russia and it’s competitive with SUSE in EU Feb 15 23:18
toros Hungary was Debian-country :) Feb 15 23:18
schestowitz Mandriva is also targeting the African market. Microsoft fights back with bribe, blackmail, EDGI, etc. Feb 15 23:19
schestowitz MinceR: yo, what distro do you use? Feb 15 23:19
toros now Ubuntu is far the most popular here Feb 15 23:19
MinceR kubuntu and ubuntu server Feb 15 23:19
MinceR i’ve used red hat and gentoo for longer periods and tried foresight, gobolinux and fedora Feb 15 23:20
trmanco server? no desktop version? Feb 15 23:20
toros I think Arch Linux has a great future too Feb 15 23:21
silentivm yep Feb 15 23:21
silentivm :) Feb 15 23:21
*silentivm uses Arch. :) Feb 15 23:21
toros :) Feb 15 23:21
schestowitz Cuba picked Gentooism Feb 15 23:21
trmanco I tried it in a VM a couple of times Feb 15 23:21
schestowitz With Entropy (Sabayon), so l33t distros do work well for the masses Feb 15 23:22
trmanco schestowitz, that maybe because newbies don’t know crap about it Feb 15 23:22
MinceR trmanco: my home server runs ubuntu server Feb 15 23:22
trmanco and that way, they can scare away “future hackers” Feb 15 23:22
MinceR i think arch needs to learn more respect for documentation Feb 15 23:22
MinceR and hald :> Feb 15 23:22
trmanco arch has good docs Feb 15 23:22
toros I use both Ubuntu and Arch Feb 15 23:22
trmanco at least for my VM problems Feb 15 23:23
silentivm I hate the fact that they remove the /usr/doc Feb 15 23:23
silentivm or /usr/share/doc Feb 15 23:23
toros I like Arch because it is very easy to maintain Feb 15 23:23
silentivm with some apps, you depend on this documentation Feb 15 23:23
MinceR and they automatically remove some docs from the packages Feb 15 23:23
trmanco pacman -Syu :D Feb 15 23:23
silentivm but that would be my only complaint about Arch, maybe they could make it on separate -docs packages Feb 15 23:23
schestowitz trmanco: they don’t need to know much Feb 15 23:24
toros my complaint is that the packages are not signed Feb 15 23:24
schestowitz In Cuba, you get your packages with Castro’s autograph. Feb 15 23:25
schestowitz As long as you don’t download Democracy Player (Miro) Feb 15 23:26
*Casperin_ has quit (Remote closed the connection) Feb 15 23:29
toros :) Feb 15 23:30
MinceR :D Feb 15 23:30
toros have you reed the book of Keith Curtis? After the Software Wars Feb 15 23:36
toros I mean “read” not “reed” Feb 15 23:37
toros http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/12/01/a-… Feb 15 23:37
schestowitz It’s a possible mole Feb 15 23:39
schestowitz He mailed me a few times. Feb 15 23:39
toros I mailed with him too… I wrote about his book, and he contacted me Feb 15 23:40
toros I like his book, there are a lots of interesting topics in it Feb 15 23:41
MinceR gn Feb 15 23:45
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