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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: March 9th, 2009 – Part 1

Posted in IRC Logs at 10:49 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


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schestowitz Cork Board With The GIMP < http://gnulinuxblog.com/how-to/cor… >. Mar 09 00:04
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schestowitz Wishful thinking: Microsoft starts to play ball with standards < http://mybroadband.co.za/blogs/2009/03… > Mar 09 00:30
schestowitz Monopoly abuse respawned: “Allowing Microsoft to control the FAT32 patent this way is allowing them to leverage their monopoly status.” http://www.informationweek.com/blog/main… Mar 09 00:39
schestowitz Open source microbloggers you should follow < http://www.tuxradar.com/microbloggers >. Very cool! I’m included there among some famous people. Mar 09 00:47
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schestowitz After 13,430 comments and 6,645 submissions I’ve nearly halted my participation in Digg.com. That site is heading the wrong way and it’s dominated by people who game it. Mar 09 00:54
schestowitz Pessimistic perspective: U.S. Schools: Not Ready For Linux < http://beginlinux.wordpress.com/2009… >. Linux is ready for them, but they are not ready for change. Maybe when their budgets runs short (bar EDGI). Mar 09 00:59
MinceR gn Mar 09 01:04
schestowitz “In other words: Microsoft gets already paid for Linux…” http://www.fsdaily.com/Legal/Linux_companie… Mar 09 01:18
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_Hicham_ Hi all! Mar 09 01:53
_Hicham_ No nobody is in here? Mar 09 01:56
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_Hicham_ wow Mar 09 02:00
_Hicham_ everybody is sleeping Mar 09 02:00
zer0c00l only half of the world sleeps Mar 09 02:05
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balzac lart! Mar 09 03:32
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heftycat can someone tell me what version of linux and what theme this is please!!   http://armstrong-clan.net/dump/g1-l… Mar 09 04:21
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mib_nct4yw mibbit Mar 09 06:32
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schestowitz hey. Mar 09 07:36
schestowitz Warren Buffett receives direct investments from the Gates Foundation which he’s in: http://boycottnovell.com/2009/03/… Mar 09 07:50
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schestowitz Oracle reaches for Virtual Iron < http://www.theregister.co.uk/2… > “Speculation is growing that Oracle is close to acquiring Virtual Iron.” Mar 09 07:53
Eruaran hi Mar 09 07:54
Eruaran brb Mar 09 07:55
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Eruaran Thats better… Mar 09 07:55
Eruaran Quassel doesn’t change your colours unless you restart it Mar 09 07:56
schestowitz I see….. what’s up anyway? Mar 09 07:56
Eruaran Not much… long weekend Mar 09 07:56
Eruaran Was a public holiday today Mar 09 07:57
Eruaran I installed the latest alpha of Kubuntu 9.04 Mar 09 07:57
Eruaran Over all, for an alpha, its not bad at all Mar 09 07:58
Eruaran I think I’ll just keep it Mar 09 07:59
Eruaran It appears to be stable enough for daily use Mar 09 08:00
schestowitz I wonder about FF 3.1 Mar 09 08:00
schestowitz The issue is, many extensions are not yet compatible with it Mar 09 08:00
schestowitz Sign of the times: http://www.pcworld.com/article/160892/cebi… (Cebit Sees Big Drop in Visitor Numbers) Mar 09 08:01
Eruaran oh… when I mouse over that link I get a preview… nice Mar 09 08:01
Eruaran One of the major suppliers here in Australia is closing some of its offices Mar 09 08:03
Eruaran Ingram Micro Mar 09 08:03
Eruaran Doesn’t affect us though Mar 09 08:04
schestowitz Maybe affects positively (if they compete directly)? Mar 09 08:05
schestowitz I guess Vista was a big boon after all…. Mar 09 08:05
schestowitz IDC[hill] was wrong Mar 09 08:06
schestowitz http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/n… Mar 09 08:06
Eruaran I’m really liking KDE 4.2 Mar 09 08:07
schestowitz http://identi.ca/group/kde Mar 09 08:08
Eruaran K3B looks so old now with everything else on my desktop being KDE4 Mar 09 08:12
schestowitz The developer is paid by Mandriva for Nepomuk   now Mar 09 08:16
schestowitz Is K3D not Plasmafied? Mar 09 08:16
Eruaran No… waiting for the KDE4 version Mar 09 08:17
Eruaran Using the KDE3 version atm Mar 09 08:17
schestowitz http://www.socialsignal.com/image/als… Mar 09 08:37
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schestowitz Economist calculates optimum term of copyright: 14 years! “He’s presenting it in Berlin this week, but it’s already online.” http://www.boingboing.net/2007/07/12/ec… Mar 09 08:41
schestowitz “The article confusingly uses the term “intellectual property”, treating it as a synonym for “patents”. This term spreads confusion every time it is used.” http://www.stallman.org/archives/2009-jan-apr… Mar 09 08:52
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schestowitz Palin Says Another Great Depression is Possible < http://www.youtube.com/watch?… > Mar 09 10:16
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oiaohm I think the big problem for MS people to get there heads around is that Windows did not require to be better than it competors to take market domiance. Mar 09 10:35
MinceR geekings Mar 09 10:35
oiaohm Lot of current day MS people talk like Apple people of old. Mar 09 10:35
oiaohm Hi MinceR Mar 09 10:35
schestowitz Apple will suffer a lot Mar 09 10:36
schestowitz I don’t quite imagine people buying high-end Macs and even iPods for premium prices Mar 09 10:37
oiaohm Think back to when Apple had like 80 to 90 percent market share. Mar 09 10:37
oiaohm And dos appeared. Mar 09 10:37
oiaohm History repeats itself. Mar 09 10:38
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schestowitz oiaohm: only this time Apple won’t rise Mar 09 10:40
schestowitz It’ll be commodity software. Mar 09 10:40
schestowitz People will reuse existing or old PCs. By “people” I mean not people’s whose work is based on computers. Mar 09 10:40
oiaohm MS vs Open Source is the same battle as Apple vs MS a long time ago. Mar 09 10:41
oiaohm Just with different players in the game. Mar 09 10:41
MinceR yeah, let’s just equate Open Source to MS. Mar 09 10:42
MinceR :> Mar 09 10:42
oiaohm The method of attack is even the same. Mar 09 10:43
oiaohm MS provide cheep product to lot of system builders . Mar 09 10:43
oiaohm Open source is providing cheep product to a lot of system builder. Mar 09 10:43
schestowitz it’s not working like this Mar 09 10:43
oiaohm Its a simple undercutting game. Mar 09 10:43
schestowitz Free software economics is different Mar 09 10:44
*Eruaran ponders weather or not to download Mint Mar 09 10:44
schestowitz You can’t compare battles of companies Mar 09 10:44
schestowitz http://www.youtube.com/watch?… Mar 09 10:44
oiaohm Methods that work really don’t change. Mar 09 10:45
oiaohm Opensource will win for the same basic reasons MS won against Apple. Mar 09 10:45
schestowitz Crime? Mar 09 10:46
oiaohm A mixture of Cost and Function. Mar 09 10:46
schestowitz You have to look back at how Microsoft ‘won’ Mar 09 10:46
schestowitz I recommend this < http://boycottnovell.com/wiki/index…. > as a starting point Mar 09 10:46
Eruaran Microsoft is still trying to “win” the same way now Mar 09 10:47
Eruaran But times have changed Mar 09 10:47
oiaohm Crime bit cememted there location.   Did not give them there location in the first place. Mar 09 10:48
schestowitz Theft did? Mar 09 10:49
oiaohm cp/m vs dos.  Both did the simpler things dos was cheep.   Apple vs dos,   Dos could do a lot of the functions business required cheeper. Mar 09 10:49
oiaohm Cost and Function without them MS would have never been able to get anything. Mar 09 10:49
MinceR what wasn’t cheaper than apple anyway? Mar 09 10:50
MinceR i doubt plain ol’ cp/m was expensive Mar 09 10:50
oiaohm cp/m was expenive about a 1500 USD licence per machine. Mar 09 10:50
Eruaran Linux Mint 6 KDE RC1 is looking good. They have done KDE4 versions of their nice Minty apps and their choice of popular apps might be a winner with Joe Average. Might download it and start offering it to customers soon. Mar 09 10:50
oiaohm After cp/m shot self in foot on price they had already lost too much market to Dos to recover. Mar 09 10:51
oiaohm MS has forgot price got them there market share.  And price is starting to take it away. Mar 09 10:51
Eruaran DOS on IBM PC’s at the time were cheaper than ones with CP/M… If I remember correctly CP/M was available with an IBM PC for around $250 while DOS was under $100. Mar 09 10:52
schestowitz oiaohm: this is not the complete story Mar 09 10:52
Eruaran But it really wasnt the 1980′s that cemented things Mar 09 10:53
schestowitz You’re also forgetting the generation after DOS Mar 09 10:53
schestowitz DR-DOS too Mar 09 10:53
oiaohm I know its not the complete story schestowitz Mar 09 10:53
schestowitz Then the crimes against OS/2 Mar 09 10:53
Eruaran People forget there were a number of highly successful non-IBM platforms in the 80′s Mar 09 10:53
oiaohm Without crime effects the base rules of the market return to play schestowitz Mar 09 10:53
Eruaran Apple ][, Macintosh, C64, Amiga… Mar 09 10:53
oiaohm Base rules of cost vs features. Mar 09 10:54
schestowitz FUD too Mar 09 10:54
schestowitz Microsoft encouraged this Mar 09 10:54
oiaohm Those base rules have returned MS has not changed to cope. Mar 09 10:54
schestowitz I doubt there are effective laws. Mar 09 10:54
Eruaran A number of things went Microsoft’s way in the late 80′s and early 90′s that wont be repeated again Mar 09 10:54
oiaohm Really Eruaran Mar 09 10:55
Eruaran yes Mar 09 10:55
oiaohm Given enough time history always repeats in some form. Mar 09 10:55
Eruaran The environment that helped Microsoft cement its monopoly will not repeat again, for Microsoft. Mar 09 10:55
oiaohm Remember the some form bit. Mar 09 10:56
oiaohm Same environment like effects may appear for opensource or someone elsee. Mar 09 10:56
oiaohm MS has a platform shift from Servers to Desktops. Mar 09 10:57
oiaohm That gave them there chance. Mar 09 10:57
oiaohm has/had Mar 09 10:57
oiaohm Current day platform shift is from different OS’s doing different segments to a Single OS doing everything. Mar 09 10:57
oiaohm Who is on top and who is on bottom after these shifts is never for sure. Mar 09 10:58
Eruaran I remember Commodore completely screwed themselves. I remember Apple floundered without Steve Jobs. The PC market began to emerge as “the” common platform of choice and Microsoft took full advandage of their position in that market. Disruption is happening again right now, but Microsoft isn’t the beneficiary this time. It is the operating system most favored in the new embedded markets that has the brightest future. Mar 09 10:59
oiaohm So you can see what I am talking about Eruaran history is repeating it self just with a new set of winners and losses. Mar 09 11:00
Eruaran The operating system that is most ubiquitous on multiple hardware platforms has the best chance in a new global market where no single hardware platform dominates entirely. Mar 09 11:00
Eruaran oiaohm: yes, I should clarify that I meant the set of circumstances that favored Microsoft will not repeat… someone else will benefit Mar 09 11:02
oiaohm Best laugh I got out of Linux Hater followers.  Is the idea that netbooks had to show up in web surveys. Mar 09 11:02
Eruaran but yeah similar disruption from below, different winners Mar 09 11:02
oiaohm Its funny how much MS is coping the Apple of old. Mar 09 11:03
oiaohm We are top so we can charge what we like point of view.  The very thing that stuffed Apple. Mar 09 11:04
oiaohm All CEO of companies really should be forced to take a required history class in why businesses fail. Mar 09 11:05
Eruaran Folks inside Apple thought they were finished when the Amiga hit the streets. Mar 09 11:05
oiaohm Amiga also shot themselfs in the foot. Mar 09 11:06
Eruaran Yes. Mar 09 11:06
oiaohm They did not see how important business market was. Mar 09 11:06
oiaohm And focused on the home market. Mar 09 11:06
oiaohm Business normally sets home use. Mar 09 11:06
oiaohm At the time computers had not been around long enough for Amiga to know better. Mar 09 11:07
Eruaran Now, what non-Microsoft operating system can you think of today where big businesses have vested interests in its success ? Mar 09 11:09
oiaohm Linux is lead.  There are a few other edge ones that might jump up and shock the crude out of everyone. Mar 09 11:10
schestowitz It’s being disrupted by perversion of laws Mar 09 11:11
oiaohm Linux is not 100 percent technically ready to take over either. Mar 09 11:12
oiaohm Its too complex still to manage like 20 machines. Mar 09 11:12
oiaohm Solutions to that are appearing. Mar 09 11:13
oiaohm Disruption by bending of laws is one problem.  There are technical problems as well. Mar 09 11:15
oiaohm Were Linux tech problems don’t come into play its done very well. Mar 09 11:16
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tacone1 schestowitz: there ? Mar 09 11:22
schestowitz Yes. Mar 09 11:23
schestowitz What’s up? Mar 09 11:23
tacone1 did you gave a look to splashtop patents? Mar 09 11:24
schestowitz I haven’t, no. Mar 09 11:24
schestowitz Any links? Mar 09 11:24
tacone1 http://www.google.com/patents?id=KGh6AAAAEBAJ Mar 09 11:24
tacone1 http://www.freepatentsonline.com/7441113.html Mar 09 11:25
tacone1 i wrote something here, but nothing really interesting: http://www.stefanoforenza.com/how-w… Mar 09 11:25
tacone1 my point is those patent could make splashtop the only bios operating system on the market Mar 09 11:26
tacone1 beside dell workarounding the patents by embedding an additional cpu Mar 09 11:26
schestowitz ARM? Mar 09 11:27
tacone1 right Mar 09 11:27
schestowitz Is that why they did this? Mar 09 11:27
schestowitz Patents? Mar 09 11:27
tacone1 that’s just my take. Mar 09 11:27
tacone1 my guess. Mar 09 11:27
tacone1 how can they otherwise load a bios OS while the main OS is loading without infringe splashtop patents ? Mar 09 11:27
schestowitz I see now….. Mar 09 11:29
schestowitz Do they intend to assert rights? Mar 09 11:29
tacone1 what you thing ? am i simply crazy ? Mar 09 11:29
schestowitz They could claim to be seeking a monopoly Mar 09 11:29
tacone1 right. Mar 09 11:30
schestowitz Or play defensively. Mar 09 11:30
tacone1 i don’t know anything. i just saw the patents on their homepage and gave a look Mar 09 11:30
tacone1 i have no sources. Mar 09 11:30
tacone1 the freaking patent system, makes you patent everything even if you don’t want to be aggressive. Mar 09 11:30
tacone1 thruth to be told, no one ever needs patents to defend. prior art is all it’s needed. Mar 09 11:31
schestowitz http://www.freepatentsonline… Mar 09 11:31
schestowitz There may not be prior art, but is it something that’s hard to think of? Mar 09 11:31
schestowitz Patents are trophies to some Mar 09 11:32
schestowitz Like Microsoft’s “we have 10k patents” PR Mar 09 11:32
schestowitz To programmers too it’s some source of pride like academic publication Mar 09 11:32
tacone1 patents are power Mar 09 11:32
schestowitz Well, monopoly is power Mar 09 11:33
tacone1 you sue M$ (for example) because they infringe your patent. Mar 09 11:33
schestowitz Patents are  a monopoly Mar 09 11:33
tacone1 they’ll look at your business and found something that infringes some of their patents Mar 09 11:33
schestowitz They get passed around too Mar 09 11:33
tacone1 and then try to settle Mar 09 11:33
schestowitz So Microsoft’s patent harvester (IV) claimed to have ‘purchased’ 20k monopolies Mar 09 11:33
tacone1 well, now you know :) Mar 09 11:33
schestowitz “You can’t do this and that” Mar 09 11:33
schestowitz The US economy is collapsing do they create imaginary property Mar 09 11:34
schestowitz China laughs at it Mar 09 11:34
schestowitz It has its own Mar 09 11:34
schestowitz And it got burned by bad loans to the US Mar 09 11:34
schestowitz Microsoft thinks it can survive with patents Mar 09 11:34
schestowitz When was IV created? Mar 09 11:35
tacone1 IV = ? Mar 09 11:35
schestowitz Let me check because it tells you when Gates decided that Microsoft’s days are numbered Mar 09 11:35
schestowitz http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inte… Mar 09 11:35
tacone1 ahhh Mar 09 11:35
schestowitz Ha!! Mar 09 11:35
schestowitz 200 Mar 09 11:35
schestowitz 2000 Mar 09 11:35
schestowitz That’s around the time Gates had stepped down Mar 09 11:36
schestowitz Microsoft lost billiobs Mar 09 11:36
schestowitz The company had some savings, but the company was doomed Mar 09 11:36
schestowitz Hehe. Mar 09 11:36
*Omar87 (n=omar@ has joined #boycottnovell Mar 09 11:36
schestowitz In Wikipedia: “Genre Patent troll” Mar 09 11:36
schestowitz Hehe. Mar 09 11:36
Omar87 Hi Mar 09 11:36
schestowitz I know now that Wikipedia has no shame. it says the truth. Mar 09 11:36
schestowitz Hi, Omar87 Mar 09 11:37
tacone1 the Ms = next SCO prediction Mar 09 11:37
schestowitz OMG Mar 09 11:37
schestowitz 1999: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bill_an… Mar 09 11:37
tacone1 ? Mar 09 11:37
schestowitz So the pyramid started at around the same time Mar 09 11:37
schestowitz 1998: Microsoft lost $18 billiob Mar 09 11:38
schestowitz 1999: Gates Foundry is created (the bank account Mar 09 11:38
schestowitz Gates spoke to his colleague Mhyrvold about addressing the problems with software profitability and patents Mar 09 11:38
schestowitz Mhyrvold told the press recently that he had come up with IV Mar 09 11:39
schestowitz Then, in 2000, IV was created Mar 09 11:39
tacone1 he only lacks to run for the white house Mar 09 11:39
tacone1 then he’s done. Mar 09 11:39
schestowitz Been harvesting 20,000 or so patents since, IIRC. Mar 09 11:39
oiaohm Issue with splashtop patents is they are open to prior art nuking. Mar 09 11:45
oiaohm corebios did it first. Mar 09 11:45
oiaohm Or its old name Linuxbios Mar 09 11:46
schestowitz tacone1: I’ll link to your post later Mar 09 11:47
tacone1 k Mar 09 11:47
schestowitz oiaohm/ tacone1 : do you know anything about MS and patents between 2000 and 2003? Mar 09 12:02
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oiaohm Not done large patent research. Mar 09 12:12
oiaohm The other annoying bit of patent law.  If you know about a patent and you code something that clashes with it.  Costs you more. Mar 09 12:13
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schestowitz Re: Gates Foundry: “”The danger isn’t in what people do tell you — it’s in what they don’t,” departing foundation CEO Patty Stonesifer warned in the 2007 annual report.” Mar 09 13:26
Eruaran indeed Mar 09 13:27
*ushimitsudoki1 (n=ushimits@p5137-ipad09yosemiya.okinawa.ocn.ne.jp) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 09 13:30
*ushimitsudoki has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)) Mar 09 13:31
oiaohm Not exactly. Mar 09 13:34
oiaohm Danger also sometimes comes from people being wishful thinking.  There are cases were no answer is right. Mar 09 13:34
schestowitz EU funds Microsoft lobby group < http://politics.remedy.org.ua/… > Mar 09 13:35
Eruaran yeesh Mar 09 13:36
Eruaran Sounds like Microsoft is looking to widen its use of the software it provided to the Australian Federal Police Mar 09 13:39
Eruaran Its good publicity… Mar 09 13:40
Eruaran Child Exploitation Tracking System (CETS) Mar 09 13:40
Eruaran http://www.computerworld.com.au/article/208175… Mar 09 13:41
oiaohm Most other countires police are going Linux. Mar 09 13:42
oiaohm Normal MS flood Australia Mar 09 13:43
schestowitz Yes Mar 09 13:46
schestowitz And it’s like EDGI in this case Mar 09 13:46
schestowitz Dump software to be anti-competitive Mar 09 13:46
schestowitz Claims to be charitable Mar 09 13:46
schestowitz Claim to protect kids or helping their education Mar 09 13:46
schestowitz They did this in India too Mar 09 13:46
schestowitz And they honestly believe that what they do is right. Mar 09 13:47
oiaohm there is a problem here. Mar 09 13:47
schestowitz Indoctrination frameworks enable self justification. Mar 09 13:47
oiaohm Same systems used to investage drug crimes could have been turned to child exploitation tracking. Mar 09 13:48
oiaohm So effectively CETS makes our online police less all rounders. Mar 09 13:48
schestowitz All rounder for the Microsoft monopoly :-D Mar 09 13:50
Eruaran Yes Microsoft “donated” the software Mar 09 13:52
Balrog hello everyone Mar 09 13:55
Eruaran hi Mar 09 13:55
schestowitz Eruaran: like a man ‘donates’ his sperm Mar 09 13:56
*Eruaran suddenly sees lots of little BillG’s running around… its a nightmare Mar 09 13:57
schestowitz MS Gotta spread the MS-DNA Mar 09 13:57
schestowitz Eruaran: Gates is a politician now Mar 09 13:58
Eruaran Now ? Mar 09 13:58
schestowitz He’s lobbying all over the place, as predicated. The ‘retirement’ bit was a turn to more valuable services to Microsoft Mar 09 13:58
schestowitz Eruaran: yes, now. All the time Mar 09 13:58
schestowitz His daddy is still involved too, as always Mar 09 13:58
schestowitz Clearing barrier Mar 09 13:58
schestowitz Yesterday: http://www.techflash.com/microsoft/Video_… Mar 09 13:59
schestowitz We wrote about him quite a lot in BN recently. Microsoft is a broader political animal than most people realised Mar 09 13:59
schestowitz I am still yearning for an answer to the question, how did Microsoft manage to legalise sw patents in Aussie? Mar 09 14:00
Eruaran Free trade agreement with the US Mar 09 14:00
Eruaran Laws had to be ‘smoothed out’ if you know what I mean Mar 09 14:01
Eruaran synchronised Mar 09 14:01
MinceR yeah, got to apply those ‘investments’ to the rest of the “free world” Mar 09 14:03
MinceR if we let the megacorps get away with these things for long, soon they’ll streamline this process Mar 09 14:04
oiaohm There has been no legal case in Australia over software patents. Mar 09 14:04
oiaohm With the way Australian law works until then you can never be sure that they can be applied. Mar 09 14:05
schestowitz HA! Mar 09 14:06
schestowitz NAFTA Mar 09 14:06
schestowitz One of the biggest scams of the decade. Mar 09 14:06
schestowitz But the press kept quite about it. Amazing, isn’t it? Like the ACTA, hush-hush mmmmmmmkay? Mar 09 14:06
MinceR and what about WIPO? Mar 09 14:06
schestowitz WIPO is corrupt too Mar 09 14:06
schestowitz Created to serve those who need ‘protection’ Mar 09 14:07
schestowitz Who funds WIPO? Mar 09 14:07
MinceR the UN, i guess Mar 09 14:07
schestowitz Eruaran: in the EU they now call it harmonisation Mar 09 14:07
Eruaran yes Mar 09 14:07
schestowitz Microsoft uses the US whore (cronie), Charles McCreevy. Mar 09 14:07
schestowitz He also serves the US MAFIAA on the face it it (the copyrights cartel). There are others in this ‘cast;. Mar 09 14:08
schestowitz MinceR: worry not. Mar 09 14:08
MinceR why? Mar 09 14:09
schestowitz The US is such a wonderful economy (ask Friedman or Greespan), so why wouldn’t the EU want to ‘harmonise’? Mar 09 14:09
schestowitz *Greenspan Mar 09 14:09
schestowitz “Come and join… be ‘equally’ messed up” Mar 09 14:09
MinceR and the EU might just do that happily Mar 09 14:10
schestowitz “Or we’ll come and liberate you with our freedom and democracy” Mar 09 14:10
MinceR especially if they can avoid having to inform the citizens Mar 09 14:10
schestowitz    > MinceR: and the EU might just do that happily Mar 09 14:10
schestowitz MinceR: Hungary too Mar 09 14:10
MinceR especially hungary Mar 09 14:10
schestowitz They just need insiders in govt. Mar 09 14:10
MinceR or bribes Mar 09 14:10
schestowitz Some are Microsoft employees Mar 09 14:11
schestowitz I’ll show you something. Mar 09 14:11
MinceR they already have people willingly serving microsoft here Mar 09 14:11
Eruaran Reminds me of a journalist in the middle east when the US was bombing Baghdad, as he watched the city being bombed he said, “ah, democracy ?” Mar 09 14:11
schestowitz I’ve myself lost track of the EU MS cronies: http://boycottnovell.com/2008/12/29/… Mar 09 14:11
schestowitz Figel is a HUGE MS crony. Mar 09 14:11
oiaohm http://www.ipaustralia.gov.au/pa…  Australian patent system.  Goverment money sink. Mar 09 14:12
schestowitz They recently held their magical “innovation day” Mar 09 14:12
schestowitz Lobbying orgy disguised as a day to celebrate “innovation” Mar 09 14:12
schestowitz oiaohm: no, no… JOBS Mar 09 14:13
schestowitz Create jobs Mar 09 14:13
schestowitz Make more banks Mar 09 14:13
schestowitz More bureaucracy Mar 09 14:13
schestowitz Have engineers write down ideas. Mar 09 14:13
schestowitz And THEN write some code Mar 09 14:13
schestowitz BUT! Mar 09 14:13
schestowitz Before they write code they must review 7 million US patents and many others that got filed in other places Mar 09 14:14
schestowitz Also: they must thoroughly understand patent law Mar 09 14:14
schestowitz They should hire a lawyer Mar 09 14:14
schestowitz Yay! More jobs!! Lawyers. Mar 09 14:14
schestowitz And the lawyers themselves have fun making money by talking to each other in front of a well-paid man with a gavel Mar 09 14:14
oiaohm No read the page I showed schestowitz Mar 09 14:15
schestowitz “Did you or did you not know that PROGRA~1 was an INNOVA~1?” asked Your Honour Mar 09 14:15
schestowitz oiaohm: OK Mar 09 14:15
oiaohm If they have not processed your patent claim yet after 5 years has passed you have to start paying. Mar 09 14:15
oiaohm Yep they do nothing and if you want the patent you have to pay. Mar 09 14:16
schestowitz oiaohm: yes, that would solve the world’s problems :-) Mar 09 14:16
oiaohm We do not send out reminders for maintenance fee payments << Nasty one there too. Mar 09 14:16
oiaohm You miss our maintenance fee you prior application become prior art nuking your next application. Mar 09 14:17
oiaohm Yes Australia has one f the most evil patent systems in the world to work with. Mar 09 14:17
schestowitz People lose real property (house, car) and these people worry about imaginary one. :-S Mar 09 14:17
schestowitz http://boycottnovell.com/pate… Mar 09 14:18
oiaohm There is anti dreamed up patents in Australian patent law. Mar 09 14:20
oiaohm Item that you are patenting must exist in some form.   If it don’t you are stuffed so badly it not funny. Mar 09 14:21
schestowitz Exist as in code? Mar 09 14:21
schestowitz Implmentation? Mar 09 14:21
schestowitz Or be a physical device of some sort? Mar 09 14:21
oiaohm http://www.ipaustralia.gov.au/pa…  innovation class covers software max of 8 years. Mar 09 14:25
oiaohm Standard device releated patent has 20 years. Mar 09 14:25
schestowitz Research have shown this to be harmful to innovation Mar 09 14:26
schestowitz It’s also adverse to economic sense. Mar 09 14:26
schestowitz I’m watching a FFII thread now with the subject: e: [Softwarepatents] Burn all swpat Mar 09 14:26
schestowitz SW patents are all that Microsoft has left a few years down the line, revenue-wise Mar 09 14:27
schestowitz oiaohm: these pages are filled with solicitor propaganda language, e.g. “Innovation Patent” Mar 09 14:27
oiaohm Innovation patent does not require patent search before granting. Mar 09 14:28
schestowitz It’s repeated many times (like hypnosis)…like saying “nice rich man”… “nice rich man”… “nice rich man” Mar 09 14:28
oiaohm But if you need to enforce patent on someone you have to do the patent search before you can. Mar 09 14:28
oiaohm Ie you cannot legally threaten someone with a innovation patent until the extra steps are done. Mar 09 14:29
oiaohm If you do you void it. Mar 09 14:29
oiaohm This is the difference between USA software patents and Australian ones. Mar 09 14:30
oiaohm USA you can threat a person with them before a patent search and other confilting matterials search has been done. Mar 09 14:31
oiaohm Aloso innovation patents are basically worthless. Mar 09 14:33
schestowitz Excellent article from Groklaw: http://www.groklaw.net/article.php… Mar 09 14:36
*oiaohm has quit (Remote closed the connection) Mar 09 14:37
schestowitz The US market keeps steady today Mar 09 14:45
schestowitz I hope that PJ is back to posting to Groklaw on a regular basis. She has done a lot more than usual over the past week (News Picks included), but all her RSS feeds are eternally frozen. Mar 09 14:55
*mib_3fryqt (i=44e625da@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-ed99e7377d1166a9) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 09 15:03
*mib_3fryqt has quit (Client Quit) Mar 09 15:03
schestowitz I hear of more new trouble from IDC/IDG. Mar 09 15:08
schestowitz They annoy their clients now. I hear the same about their conferences, e.g. LinuxWorld. You will hopefully forgive me for not being their fan. http://www.google.com/search?q=site:b… Mar 09 15:09
*Eruaran has quit (Remote closed the connection) Mar 09 15:27
balzac_ ttp://boycottnovell.com/2009/03/07/suse-is-slowing-down/ Mar 09 15:31
balzac_ http://boycottnovell.com/2009/… Mar 09 15:31
balzac_ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDiR7UxI8Ow Mar 09 15:32
schestowitz SUSE is uploading. Mar 09 15:41
*balzac_ is now known as balzac Mar 09 15:58
*neighborlee (n=neighbor@unaffiliated/neighborlee) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 09 16:02
*zer0c00l (n=zer0c00l@ has joined #boycottnovell Mar 09 16:09
Balrog suse…uploading???? Mar 09 16:34
schestowitz See the video and the BN link Mar 09 16:35
*trmanco_ (n=Caixa@bl8-227-224.dsl.telepac.pt) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 09 16:37
*gdb (n=cbell@circe.inetdb.com) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 09 17:01
twitter Hmph, it seems that Google made a mistake.  The 52 week low for M$FT is  14.87 not the 13.31 they published last Friday, unless today’s value is mistaken. Mar 09 17:12
twitter The day is young, they might get there today. Mar 09 17:13
*trmanco_ has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)) Mar 09 17:29
schestowitz Yes, I noticed that. Mar 09 17:33
*toros (n=toros@ubuntu/member/toros) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 09 17:34
toros hi Mar 09 17:34
schestowitz Hi, toros Mar 09 17:48
schestowitz I am reasonably happy with this current version < http://boycottnovell.com/wiki/index.p… > which addresses all the requests from the viewers. There is room for improvement, but I thought you might want to read through it first. We need them as text with cross-linkage at some stage. Mar 09 18:02
toros today I argued a little with a Novell-employee :) Mar 09 18:03
toros because of my article about opensuse Mar 09 18:03
toros he didn’t like it… ;) Mar 09 18:03
Balrog toros: url? Mar 09 18:03
toros It’s in Hungarian Mar 09 18:04
Balrog oh. :/ Mar 09 18:04
toros but here is it: http://mogorvamormota.hu/2009/03/0… Mar 09 18:04
toros you can check the links Mar 09 18:05
toros the linked pages are all in english, so you can figure out, what is it about… Mar 09 18:07
schestowitz Oh Oh. Scottish hospitals laid low by malware infection < http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/03/09… > Mar 09 18:09
schestowitz Windows is going totally out of control. Mar 09 18:09
schestowitz And it’s killing people. Mar 09 18:09
*zer0c00l has quit (Remote closed the connection) Mar 09 18:12
*mod (i=[U2FsdGV@unaffiliated/jyg) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 09 18:13
tessier_ Why are we not getting better mileage out of anti-Windows security FUD? Mar 09 18:13
tessier_ Just this morning I got a spam email and two spam IM’s from different friends who were infected by malware. Mar 09 18:13
*mod (i=[U2FsdGV@unaffiliated/jyg) has left #boycottnovell Mar 09 18:14
twitter because WE and other PR people police the press.  It’s not a W32 virus it’s a “computer” virus, all OS are equal, etc, etc. Mar 09 18:14
twitter Advertising money goes a long way Mar 09 18:14
twitter Reality is obvious to anyone who bothers to try anything but Winblows. Mar 09 18:14
schestowitz Microsoft’s legalised corruption (lob‌bying) disguised as “innovation”:  http://www.techradar.com/news/computing/m… Mar 09 18:15
twitter The OEM lock hurts too.  “If free software was really so wonderful, OEMs would sell and recommend it.”  ha. Mar 09 18:15
schestowitz tessier: tell them it’s worse than they are told. In April 2008 I read that 40% of the PCs (Windows) are infected Mar 09 18:15
twitter All Windows PCs are infected. Mar 09 18:16
schestowitz Not all. Mar 09 18:16
schestowitz Some are not connected to the Net ;-) Mar 09 18:16
twitter They run Windows, don’t they? Mar 09 18:16
twitter It is malware on it’s own. Mar 09 18:17
toros Windows is not a malware, it’s more like a weapon… Mar 09 18:17
toros controlling the PCs is like controlling the world Mar 09 18:17
twitter Practically, you can’t tell if any given Windows computer is infected or just suffering from the usual performance issues, so you might as well assume it is infected. Mar 09 18:18
schestowitz Yahoo has this WarrenB interview Mar 09 18:18
schestowitz The public looting takes its toll Mar 09 18:18
schestowitz The business community protests as well. Mar 09 18:18
schestowitz It’s like a rich man trying to throw the contents of his wallet at the fire, hoping it’ll extinguish it. Mar 09 18:19
twitter Yes, too late they realize that their assets are valueless outside of a cooperative society. Mar 09 18:19
schestowitz It’s an agonising thing to watch Mar 09 18:19
*zer0c00l (n=zer0c00l@ has joined #boycottnovell Mar 09 18:19
schestowitz Obama or McCain, whoever was to be elected was in serious mud Mar 09 18:19
schestowitz Had Obama not approved, he’s be burned at the stake for causing the Greatest Depressiin Mar 09 18:19
schestowitz Not he’s just buying time and making it worse. Mar 09 18:19
schestowitz So he’ll be slammed later Mar 09 18:19
schestowitz I saw it on TV that they blackmailed senators or whatever into signing to approve the looting (stimulus) Mar 09 18:20
twitter There’s not much that can be done.  Imaginary assets have concentrated wealth.  Savings are gone and the wealthy will fall with everyone else. Mar 09 18:20
schestowitz twitter: Windows is not malware (I think), but for a fact it is spyware, by defintion Mar 09 18:20
twitter GWB threatened martial law if people did not sign. Mar 09 18:20
schestowitz This behaviour cannot even be disabled Mar 09 18:20
schestowitz Once it’s installed on a connected PC, mother ship owns your binaries Mar 09 18:21
schestowitz Forget about changing this or blocking it Mar 09 18:21
twitter Windows is malware because it does things against the user’s will and restricts what the user can do. Mar 09 18:21
schestowitz It’s alll in the EULA by the way. They can do anything they want to your h/w Mar 09 18:21
MinceR (offtopic) http://www.penny-arcade.com/c… Mar 09 18:21
twitter This is true even if you are not connected to the net. Mar 09 18:21
schestowitz Yes Mar 09 18:22
twitter All non free software violates your ability to do what you want with your computer and it does so by design. Mar 09 18:22
MinceR that’s to a different degree than in the case of winblows, though Mar 09 18:23
schestowitz “Works with the shelves you have at home” Mar 09 18:23
schestowitz Telemarketing comes to mind.. Mar 09 18:23
twitter the other degrees of violation are the goal of non free software. Mar 09 18:23
twitter another benefit of “Book” – public libraries.  People can pool their money and share books, how cool is that? Mar 09 18:24
*mib_e7ycb6 (i=54457cdb@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-4783b6db970fb78c) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 09 18:24
schestowitz “Scottish hospitals laid low by malware infection – http://is.gd/myju now, what on earth could the operating system be there? ” http://twitter.com/glynmoody/sta… Mar 09 18:24
twitter They index them by subject and author, much like Napster did, and it’s all legal and society approves of it! Mar 09 18:24
schestowitz Did The Register not state this was Windows??? Mar 09 18:25
schestowitz An L of a recession – reform is the way out < http://www.ft.com/cms/s/2… > Mar 09 18:26
twitter looking at Register article, “no match for Windows” Mar 09 18:26
schestowitz “The US is dragging its feet over the financial sector. The European Union is doing the same, as well as failing to adopt policies that could shield it from an increasingly probable speculative attack. And judging by the state of preparations, the forthcoming Group of 20 summit is going to be a disaster.” Mar 09 18:26
twitter “Conficker worm” mentioned, not Microsoft or Windows. Mar 09 18:27
schestowitz twitter: The Register signed some deal with Microsoft some years ago Mar 09 18:27
schestowitz A friend tells me that The Register was /very/ different prior to it. Mar 09 18:27
twitter the name makes the article look technical, without providing information. Mar 09 18:27
schestowitz I only  started reading The Register around 2004 or 2005, so I don’t know. Mar 09 18:27
twitter Yes, the Register is no longer “biting the hand that feeds IT” Mar 09 18:27
schestowitz Exactly. Mar 09 18:27
schestowitz Same with IDG Mar 09 18:27
schestowitz I heard bad things today Mar 09 18:28
schestowitz A friend of mine works with them Mar 09 18:28
schestowitz Some weeks ago IDG also sacked some FOSS editors Mar 09 18:28
schestowitz In an ugly fashion for all I can tell Mar 09 18:28
schestowitz I heard bad things about how they treat people when organising expos like LinuxWorld Mar 09 18:28
twitter Register has even declined since 2005, look at this as an example http://www.theregister.co.uk/2005/10/… Mar 09 18:28
schestowitz IDG is IDC… Mar 09 18:28
schestowitz Needless to day, IDC and Microsoft are chums Mar 09 18:29
twitter they used to have balls. Mar 09 18:29
schestowitz Comes brings lots more smoking guns. Mar 09 18:29
twitter Now they are like any other part of the Wintel press. Mar 09 18:29
schestowitz Ashlee Vance left them Mar 09 18:29
schestowitz He covered FOSS Mar 09 18:29
schestowitz He’s with the NYT now Mar 09 18:29
schestowitz They have some writers in the Register now who are friends of Microsoft Mar 09 18:30
schestowitz Tim Prichard (??spelling) is  pro-UNIX and Linux though Mar 09 18:30
schestowitz They seem to have hired him at the end of last year Mar 09 18:30
twitter Looking at The Herald source article for Scottish Hospital Windows problems, no mention of microsoft or windows Mar 09 18:30
schestowitz Lisa left them on the face of it Mar 09 18:30
schestowitz She covered lots of FOSS stuff Mar 09 18:30
twitter I hardly ever bother with the Register anymore. Mar 09 18:31
schestowitz Gavin Clarke pisses off FOSS people. He’s a friend of Mary Jo Foley now and he’s provoking Mar 09 18:31
twitter You collect better news at BN. Mar 09 18:31
schestowitz The Inquirer is OK Mar 09 18:31
schestowitz But Charlie doesn’t write much anymore Mar 09 18:31
schestowitz They provoke Linux and Apple people Mar 09 18:32
*kentma has quit (“Leaving.”) Mar 09 18:32
schestowitz Especially Nick, the editor Mar 09 18:32
twitter The one in 100 articles that either the Register or Inquirer writes will find it’s way into BN. Mar 09 18:32
schestowitz The foudner of the Register and Inquirer retired from both over a year ago Mar 09 18:32
twitter It shows Mar 09 18:32
*kentma (n=user@host86-152-97-249.range86-152.btcentralplus.com) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 09 18:33
schestowitz Criminals don’t self-register: Survey: Lobbyists reluctant to sign up to register <  http://www.euractiv.com/en/pa/survey… > Mar 09 18:34
schestowitz Can they be sent to exile instead? Mar 09 18:34
twitter Looking at the Slashdot Firehose, I see our friend David Gerard and I are doing well with the M$ Iceland story.   http://slashdot.org/firehose.pl?op=view&id=3676189 and http://slashdot.org/firehose.pl?o… Mar 09 18:36
twitter I like my story better, of course. Mar 09 18:36
*gdb (n=cbell@circe.inetdb.com) has left #boycottnovell Mar 09 18:36
twitter Shorter, to the point and gets the global picture in at the same time.  Just the same, I’ll be happy if any link hits the front page. Mar 09 18:37
schestowitz I hope it makes it in. Mar 09 18:38
schestowitz I checked it this morning. Mar 09 18:38
schestowitz The hard language (‘hard’) makes it hard to enter /,. Mar 09 18:38
*neighborlee has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)) Mar 09 18:40
twitter Yeah, I emailed a software guy in Iceland but he was unaware of the issue. Mar 09 18:40
twitter I’d have liked to find a better article.  I’ll look some more now.  :) Mar 09 18:41
schestowitz There are three Microsoft shills who seem likely to ‘pull a marbux on OASIS’: Alex Brown <alexb@griffinbrown.co.uk>; Jesper Lund Stocholm <4a4553504552@gmail.com>; rjelliffe@allette.com.au . I’ve seen very little evidence so far, but marbux keeps track of jelliffe. Add Microsoft’s Doug (the one who pretty much defrauded Malaysia) to this list… Mar 09 18:41
schestowitz Microsoft will try to throw the table on a Microsoft/Office-independent file format Mar 09 18:42
schestowitz It’s a matter of life or death to Microsoft and those cronies who bet their career on it, so let’s keep our eyes open Mar 09 18:42
schestowitz Signs of change coming from India amid deep recession: A request to sign the FOSS Manifesto < http://osindia.blogspot.com/2009/03/re… > Mar 09 18:43
*neighborlee (n=neighbor@unaffiliated/neighborlee) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 09 18:44
*easy (n=tim@user-54457cdb.lns6-c11.dsl.pol.co.uk) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 09 18:44
*mib_e7ycb6 (i=54457cdb@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-4783b6db970fb78c) has left #boycottnovell Mar 09 18:44
twitter Ugh, ” There was an upside to the financial crisis. The experience of Iceland had “focused the mind somewhat” on the fact that it was better for Ireland to be at the heart of the European Union rather than the margins. A majority of Irish voters might now vote ‘Yes’ in a second referendum on the controversial Lisbon Treaty on greater EU efficiency that they rejected last year, much to the embarrassment of the government.” Mar 09 18:46
twitter http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/ireland/… Mar 09 18:47
*easy has quit (Client Quit) Mar 09 18:48
*easy (n=tim@user-54457cdb.lns6-c11.dsl.pol.co.uk) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 09 18:48
*mib_nnvswu (i=8258be83@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-d91ab4ba72521bcf) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 09 18:48
*mib_nnvswu has quit (Client Quit) Mar 09 18:48
schestowitz Lisbon treaty is a sham. Mar 09 18:50
schestowitz http://boycottnovell.com/2008/11/0… Mar 09 18:50
schestowitz Careful what press you read, twitter Mar 09 18:50
trmanco lisbon? Mar 09 18:51
schestowitz It could represent elite interests: http://www.globalpost.com/mission-statement Mar 09 18:51
trmanco schestowitz, Error establishing a database connection Mar 09 18:51
trmanco oops Mar 09 18:51
schestowitz :-o Mar 09 18:51
trmanco I didn’t mean to break it Mar 09 18:51
schestowitz Refresh Mar 09 18:51
trmanco it is working again Mar 09 18:51
schestowitz We still get some hiccups Mar 09 18:51
schestowitz This loses some readership, so doesn’t get the message across. Mar 09 18:52
trmanco oh, that lisbon Mar 09 18:52
twitter Yes, I’ve heard bad things about Lisbond treaty, that’s why I shared the link. Mar 09 18:52
twitter Here’s an advertiser’s view of the M$/Razorfish fiasco http://www.tribbleagency.com/?p=4279 Mar 09 18:53
schestowitz Priceless: Microsoft is not so sure that XP will beat Vista7 (with a 3-processes limit): http://news.zdnet.com/2100-9595… Mar 09 18:54
schestowitz GNU/Linux is _so_influencing this market Mar 09 18:54
schestowitz Microsoft not only pressures OEMs there but it also gives Windows _away_… virtually for free Mar 09 18:54
schestowitz twitter: word of the street is that MS will sell Razorfish Mar 09 18:55
schestowitz They  went the wrong way Mar 09 18:55
schestowitz Microsoft could use the cash Mar 09 18:55
schestowitz The acuisition didn’t work out Mar 09 18:55
schestowitz The CEO of Aqantine (spelling!) quite MS some months ago Mar 09 18:56
schestowitz Razorfish moved to Apache (from IIS) Mar 09 18:56
schestowitz And it loses employees rapidly Mar 09 18:56
twitter Another Vista failure, http://www.taipeitimes.com/News/biz… Mar 09 18:56
schestowitz twitter: I think he updated this post Mar 09 18:56
schestowitz He didn’t have the HTTP header the last time, IIRC Mar 09 18:57
schestowitz I could be wrong Mar 09 18:57
schestowitz But he saw the BN post where trmanco did his analysis. Mar 09 18:57
twitter $1B DRAM maker files for bankruptcy after computer makers stocked up for Vista sales that never came. Mar 09 18:57
schestowitz Here: http://boycottnovell.com/2009/02/19… Mar 09 18:57
schestowitz trmanco did his ‘examination’ Mar 09 18:58
schestowitz Wow. That’s a big Vista no-no Mar 09 18:58
schestowitz Show me your Wow. “Wow, CompUSA went bankrupt trying to sell Vista..” Mar 09 18:59
*PetoKraus has quit (Remote closed the connection) Mar 09 19:03
*PetoKraus (n=pk@fsf/member/petokraus) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 09 19:04
schestowitz twitter: any protests where you live? I saw photos the other day (from Atlanta though, IIRC)? Mar 09 19:04
twitter Wow, Circuit City, Wow DSG, Wow every OEM, vendor and retailer who cooperated with M$’s plans to thwart user demand has suffered. Mar 09 19:05
twitter Have not looked for protests. Mar 09 19:05
twitter Did not know about Atlanta Mar 09 19:05
schestowitz The question is, when does it become unbearable to change legislation Mar 09 19:05
schestowitz I read that in the US there is apathy Mar 09 19:05
schestowitz In France they already take it to the streets Mar 09 19:05
schestowitz Europe is considered very open in that regard Mar 09 19:06
schestowitz I wonder if US reluctance to organise is imposed by fear Mar 09 19:06
twitter Much fear. Mar 09 19:06
schestowitz Really? Mar 09 19:06
schestowitz Of what? Mar 09 19:06
twitter But fear washes away when you lose your house. Mar 09 19:06
twitter Fear of losing your job. Mar 09 19:06
schestowitz I read about protesters being flagged “terrorists” Mar 09 19:07
schestowitz Even pro-peace protesters/activists Mar 09 19:07
twitter Yes, but that too is washing away as the magnitude of the meltdown becomes obvious. Mar 09 19:07
schestowitz This means that they can be locked up without much evidence or warrant, no? Mar 09 19:07
schestowitz Technically anyway] Mar 09 19:07
twitter Protesters were locked up at the Dem and Republican conventions … before the protests Mar 09 19:07
twitter Change is in the air. Mar 09 19:08
schestowitz Obama must withdraw these laws ASAP Mar 09 19:08
schestowitz I doubt he has time Mar 09 19:08
schestowitz The priorities changed Mar 09 19:08
schestowitz Locking Bush and Cheney up is the last thing on their mind Mar 09 19:08
twitter Obama is defending wiretaps and other basic violations. Mar 09 19:08
schestowitz Let alone a tedious process of changing laws Mar 09 19:08
schestowitz Restoring laws rather! Mar 09 19:08
schestowitz :-) Mar 09 19:08
twitter I’ve heard of protests in Boston and squatters in Miami. Mar 09 19:09
schestowitz This could really bite later on when people want to voice their disagreement Mar 09 19:09
twitter They protest foreclosures Mar 09 19:09
schestowitz Boston would make sense. Mar 09 19:09
schestowitz Miami is a surprise Mar 09 19:09
schestowitz I have family there, too. Mar 09 19:09
schestowitz I hear it’s pretty rough Mar 09 19:10
schestowitz Pensioners too lose their lifeline Mar 09 19:10
schestowitz Roblimo.. Mar 09 19:10
twitter It’s not so much of a protest in Miami as it is an organized move to put people in houses that sit empty. Mar 09 19:10
schestowitz Boston has always been very liberal Mar 09 19:10
schestowitz Home of GNU as well.. Mar 09 19:10
neighborlee well id not count obama out quite yet,afterall stem cell resarch is offically back online ;) Mar 09 19:10
schestowitz http://www.electronicsweekly.com/products/2009… Mar 09 19:11
schestowitz └─(19:11 $)─> ping stem research Mar 09 19:11
schestowitz ping: unknown host stem Mar 09 19:11
twitter Obama is ending the Iraq war and doing a few other good things, but his justice department is toeing the bush line on wiretaps. Mar 09 19:11
schestowitz neighborlee: it’s offline Mar 09 19:11
neighborlee ? Mar 09 19:11
neighborlee I just watched him  sign a new bill into law ;) Mar 09 19:12
schestowitz twitter: he’s not ending it Mar 09 19:12
neighborlee reversing bush admin laws,, Mar 09 19:12
schestowitz It’s pretense. Mar 09 19:12
schestowitz They just move people about Mar 09 19:12
schestowitz PR Mar 09 19:12
neighborlee time will tell ? ;) Mar 09 19:12
schestowitz They also increase presence in other colonies where they don’t belong Mar 09 19:12
twitter well, gotta go for a while.  keep up the good work! Mar 09 19:12
*DontTaseMeBro (i=4859cded@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-b890a6077b762ec9) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 09 19:16
*DontTaseMeBro has quit (Client Quit) Mar 09 19:16
*DontTaseMeBro (i=4859cded@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-c119a0f5e3f3ddf2) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 09 19:16
schestowitz Wanna see why USPTO is kaput? Read this: http://appft1.uspto.gov/netacgi… Mar 09 19:16
DontTaseMeBro yo Mar 09 19:16
schestowitz Yo, what’s up? Mar 09 19:17
DontTaseMeBro just chillin Mar 09 19:18
PetoKraus wait Mar 09 19:18
PetoKraus is that patent for making someone annoying quiet? Mar 09 19:18
schestowitz “distraction-free meeting event” Mar 09 19:19
PetoKraus i’ve got prior art Mar 09 19:19
schestowitz I think I saw it in /. yesterday Mar 09 19:19
schestowitz theop submitted it Mar 09 19:19
PetoKraus i shouted “shut up you miserable piece of shit” at a classmate Mar 09 19:19
PetoKraus and the lecture was indeed distraction-free afterwards Mar 09 19:19
schestowitz Did you get …wlel… Mar 09 19:19
PetoKraus wlel? Mar 09 19:20
schestowitz PetoKraus: Same with this guy: http://www.egg-attack.com/ Mar 09 19:20
schestowitz *well Mar 09 19:20
PetoKraus yeah Mar 09 19:20
PetoKraus :D Mar 09 19:20
schestowitz He made them all quiet Mar 09 19:20
schestowitz Just the sound of eggs slattering Mar 09 19:20
schestowitz *splattering Mar 09 19:20
PetoKraus he was the only person on-topic in the whole hall though Mar 09 19:21
PetoKraus they had to remove him so he’s not distracted Mar 09 19:21
*VidiVici (i=50c95aa5@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-5e9dab42e65dea63) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 09 19:22
*VidiVici has quit (Client Quit) Mar 09 19:23
*Wojciech (i=4fbe235a@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-6bd6289290ebe4fe) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 09 19:24
Wojciech hello Mar 09 19:25
Wojciech I have one question about translation of your article i.d http://boycottnovell.com/2009/03/… Mar 09 19:25
Wojciech can I translate it into Polish and publish it on popular Polish linux portal? Mar 09 19:26
trmanco ping schestowitz Mar 09 19:27
schestowitz ACK Mar 09 19:27
schestowitz Hi, Wojciech Mar 09 19:27
Wojciech hi Mar 09 19:27
schestowitz Yes, of course you can Mar 09 19:27
Wojciech thank you very much Mar 09 19:27
schestowitz I’m pretty much treating lots of the site as GPL (the text) Mar 09 19:27
schestowitz A link back would be nice, but not needed Mar 09 19:27
Wojciech the portal is jakilinux.org Mar 09 19:27
schestowitz I know the site Mar 09 19:28
schestowitz I think I linked to it before Mar 09 19:28
Wojciech of course I will mention you as the author Mar 09 19:28
Wojciech :) Mar 09 19:28
schestowitz Cool, thanls. Mar 09 19:28
schestowitz *ks Mar 09 19:28
schestowitz PetoKraus: who, the egg thrower? Mar 09 19:28
schestowitz It’s like Russian journalist. You have to focus on good news. Mar 09 19:29
schestowitz *journalism Mar 09 19:29
Wojciech bye, thanks :D Mar 09 19:29
schestowitz Speaking of which, someone from the gym though I was Slovak yesterday,. Mar 09 19:29
schestowitz No idea why. I didn’t ask. Mar 09 19:29
*Wojciech (i=4fbe235a@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-6bd6289290ebe4fe) has left #boycottnovell Mar 09 19:29
schestowitz Looking like Dream Linux improved a lot since 2.2: Dream Linux 3.5 – Results and Summary < http://community.zdnet.co.uk/blog/0,100… > Mar 09 19:30
trmanco I gave a peak today at the wine appdb website (code) Mar 09 19:32
PetoKraus schestowitz: did he see your surname? Mar 09 19:33
PetoKraus and where are you at? aren’t you in manchaster? Mar 09 19:33
MinceR another ballnux advertisement on /. >> http://linux.slashdot.org/article.pl?… Mar 09 19:34
MinceR (it’s owned by xandros) Mar 09 19:34
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