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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: March 27th, 2009 – Part 3

Posted in IRC Logs at 4:17 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


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MinceR even depending on state Mar 27 19:37
trmanco http://www.mixx.com/stories/439… Mar 27 19:37
MinceR ic Mar 27 19:37
trmanco lets see the power of MIXX Mar 27 19:37
wispygalaxy yep minceR Mar 27 19:37
wispygalaxy i have an account on mixx, i need to go back on there and get in the groove Mar 27 19:38
trmanco mixx has potential Mar 27 19:38
trmanco http://members.ozemail.com.au/~… Mar 27 19:39
wispygalaxy i remember an article on digg more than a year ago about mixx vs digg, half of the commenters liked digg and vise versa Mar 27 19:40
trmanco digg is getting slow Mar 27 19:40
trmanco now sure why Mar 27 19:40
trmanco not* Mar 27 19:40
wispygalaxy haha tony i saw the link Mar 27 19:40
wispygalaxy digg is infested with spammers and newbies Mar 27 19:40
wispygalaxy i get my important news from other sources, not digg Mar 27 19:41
schestowitz “He’s [Microsoft lackey] promising more details of that platform in a later post. In the meantime it would appear unfortunate that while the data will be hosted on an open source platform individuals with an open source desktop are not going to be able to view it.” http://blogs.the451group.com/o… Mar 27 19:41
wispygalaxy digg is something i read for amusement nowadays, but the linux section is the only decent place Mar 27 19:41
trmanco http://members.ozemail.com.au/~lb… Mar 27 19:41
wispygalaxy thats a new one for me XD Mar 27 19:42
trmanco :-P Mar 27 19:43
MinceR trmanco: probably because the apple fanboys are swarming it in ever greater numbers :> Mar 27 19:43
MinceR also, lol Mar 27 19:43
schestowitz Na….. Mar 27 19:43
trmanco mac botnets? Mar 27 19:43
MinceR yes, but they’re built on the human platform Mar 27 19:43
trmanco LOL Mar 27 19:44
wispygalaxy ha Mar 27 19:44
wispygalaxy roy are you on reddit? Mar 27 19:44
wispygalaxy ive been on there since jan 2008 Mar 27 19:44
wispygalaxy you should visit Mar 27 19:45
trmanco I’m on reddit too Mar 27 19:45
wispygalaxy ill make sure to find you on there tony Mar 27 19:45
trmanco http://www.reddit.com/r/linux… Mar 27 19:45
wispygalaxy ill upmod that! Mar 27 19:45
wispygalaxy done Mar 27 19:46
MinceR sounds like a new version of “i’d hit it!” ;) Mar 27 19:46
wispygalaxy lmao Mar 27 19:46
trmanco thanks Mar 27 19:47
wispygalaxy you’re welcome tony Mar 27 19:47
schestowitz wispygalaxy: no no reddit Mar 27 19:47
trmanco hitit Mar 27 19:47
schestowitz Same for Mixx Mar 27 19:47
schestowitz Someone from there loves us though Mar 27 19:48
schestowitz We also have people put us in reddit Mar 27 19:48
wispygalaxy who?? Mar 27 19:48
schestowitz I don’t know Mar 27 19:48
schestowitz One of them used to be in Digg Mar 27 19:48
schestowitz he got banned Mar 27 19:48
schestowitz cyberphoenix Mar 27 19:48
wispygalaxy was he a linux advocate? Mar 27 19:48
schestowitz In FSDaily there’s someone called “komrad” Mar 27 19:48
schestowitz Yes, but very strong language and attitude Mar 27 19:48
schestowitz Advocate to the extreme Mar 27 19:48
schestowitz Right enough, he is more concerned about Microsoft’s ethics Mar 27 19:49
schestowitz *Rightly Mar 27 19:49
wispygalaxy hey its better to be all zealous and ardent compared to boring Mar 27 19:49
wispygalaxy it makes an interesting relationship Mar 27 19:49
MinceR hm, should we start a new /. clone called HitIt? :> Mar 27 19:50
wispygalaxy sounds cool haha Mar 27 19:50
trmanco MinceR, I was about to say that Mar 27 19:50
wispygalaxy :D Mar 27 19:51
trmanco I would give it a shot Mar 27 19:51
trmanco php+mysql Mar 27 19:52
schestowitz same here Mar 27 19:52
schestowitz Drigg Mar 27 19:52
trmanco LOL Mar 27 19:52
trmanco Drigg it! Mar 27 19:52
wispygalaxy haha roy that’s a good one Mar 27 19:52
wispygalaxy roy, have you tried debian lenny yet?  its so fast Mar 27 19:53
schestowitz trmanco: drigg is software Mar 27 19:53
schestowitz You build sites with it… like FSDaily and others Mar 27 19:54
trmanco ah drupal Mar 27 19:54
trmanco didn’t know Mar 27 19:54
schestowitz wispygalaxy: Mandriva is fast for me. Mar 27 19:54
wispygalaxy i hope to try that out too Mar 27 19:54
*PetoKraus has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)) Mar 27 19:54
wispygalaxy lenny boots up quickly and before i know it, i have a fully loaded desktop Mar 27 19:55
trmanco anybody know why the slashbot is down Mar 27 19:57
Balrog it was not down, just acting up Mar 27 19:57
Balrog seems up now… Mar 27 19:58
trmanco not here Mar 27 19:58
trmanco :| Mar 27 19:58
wispygalaxy ubuntuforums was down a couple weeks ago Mar 27 19:58
trmanco I miss it Mar 27 19:58
trmanco yeah I’ve heard that Mar 27 19:59
Balrog heh Mar 27 19:59
Balrog http://news.slashdot.org/article… Mar 27 19:59
wispygalaxy poor ubuntuforums ;P Mar 27 19:59
Balrog ftc warns against deceptive drm Mar 27 19:59
MinceR does Drigg say “Drugg!” after you vote something up? Mar 27 20:01
wispygalaxy as you vote things up, it gets high Mar 27 20:01
wispygalaxy high(er) Mar 27 20:01
trmanco lol Mar 27 20:01
trmanco “High” Mar 27 20:01
wispygalaxy haha Mar 27 20:02
MinceR :) Mar 27 20:02
wispygalaxy did anyone hear about last.fm and the subscription service?  i use last.fm but it doesnt affect me.  its not fair to the countries who have to pay Mar 27 20:03
trmanco which countries have to pay? Mar 27 20:03
wispygalaxy everyone except: US, UK, and Germand Mar 27 20:03
wispygalaxy Germany* Mar 27 20:03
trmanco ah I see Mar 27 20:04
schestowitz Here’s a stretch: “Intel was one of the first big companies to support Linux, which ultimately helped undermine Sun’s high-end server business.” http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/blogs/t… The same Intel that colludes with Microsoft and also sabotages OLPC? Mar 27 20:04
trmanco by last.fm Mar 27 20:04
trmanco bye* Mar 27 20:04
wispygalaxy and now itunes is charging $1.29 for ‘hot’ tracks, the music biz is not getting it! Mar 27 20:04
wispygalaxy im sorry tony, its not fair Mar 27 20:04
*trmanco turns off scrobbler thingy in audacious Mar 27 20:04
wispygalaxy you can still scrobble, but no more radio Mar 27 20:04
schestowitz MinceR: drigg is not a site Mar 27 20:05
MinceR i know Mar 27 20:05
wispygalaxy scrobbling is okay for non subscribers after march 30 still Mar 27 20:05
MinceR but it does have some default strings, doesn’t it? Mar 27 20:05
wispygalaxy intel is so two faced Mar 27 20:06
schestowitz Selfish Mar 27 20:06
wispygalaxy that’s business for ya :( Mar 27 20:06
wispygalaxy totally unethical Mar 27 20:06
schestowitz wispygalaxy: if you need mustc, fetch this: http://sites.google.com/site/… Mar 27 20:06
schestowitz Give it a couple of nights and have over 1000 RIAA-FREE songs Mar 27 20:06
schestowitz FTC is a joke Mar 27 20:07
schestowitz SEC too Mar 27 20:08
schestowitz And DOJ is now corrupted by RIAA lawyers that Biden, their friend, helped put in there. Mar 27 20:08
*wispygalaxy has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) Mar 27 20:09
schestowitz That’s what “Hope” was for… RIAA hoping to revive a dead business model by charging $150,000 for one track Mar 27 20:10
*wispygalaxy (i=9f5b894f@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-407db2106f7a4fa0) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 27 20:10
wispygalaxy ahhhh i got booted out of the channel Mar 27 20:10
wispygalaxy my mistake Mar 27 20:10
trmanco hit the close button? Mar 27 20:11
wispygalaxy yeah haha Mar 27 20:11
trmanco lol Mar 27 20:11
wispygalaxy i can’t believe itunes is increasing song prices Mar 27 20:11
trmanco apple is thirsty for money too Mar 27 20:12
schestowitz It’s to east the recession Mar 27 20:12
schestowitz *ease Mar 27 20:12
schestowitz Not for you Mar 27 20:12
schestowitz For MAFIAA Mar 27 20:12
wispygalaxy if they are so concerned about p2p and file sharing, they would *lower* prices Mar 27 20:12
schestowitz They need leverage Mar 27 20:12
wispygalaxy apple is obsessed with stockholders :| Mar 27 20:12
schestowitz yes, they need to raise money Mar 27 20:12
schestowitz For Jobs’ surgeries Mar 27 20:12
wispygalaxy heh Mar 27 20:13
wispygalaxy like hes a poor man Mar 27 20:13
schestowitz (and private jet or whatever) Mar 27 20:13
schestowitz he’s not Mar 27 20:13
wispygalaxy aig Mar 27 20:13
schestowitz From what I understand he’s rude Mar 27 20:13
schestowitz Like BillG Mar 27 20:13
schestowitz Two sharks competing Mar 27 20:13
wispygalaxy im not a snob to others, and i dont believe in being rude to others for no reason Mar 27 20:14
wispygalaxy so roy do you still train/ go to the gym Mar 27 20:17
wispygalaxy there are a lot of kids jogging outside my dorm Mar 27 20:17
wispygalaxy sports are big at my college, the football games are huge Mar 27 20:17
trmanco hmm football Mar 27 20:18
trmanco aggressive sport! Mar 27 20:18
zoobab01 :win 4 Mar 27 20:19
schestowitz More new rumours about Red Hat takeover: http://www.forbes.com/2009/03/26/red-… (but they only recite Katherine Egbert who’s always wrong) Mar 27 20:19
schestowitz wispygalaxy: yes, I do sometimes. Mar 27 20:20
schestowitz trmanco: American gootball Mar 27 20:20
trmanco yeah I know Mar 27 20:20
wispygalaxy that’s awesome, roy Mar 27 20:20
wispygalaxy good to keep in shape! Mar 27 20:20
schestowitz zoobab01: Windows 4? :-) Mar 27 20:20
wispygalaxy tony, the crowd gets crazier than the actual game.  it’s all aobut the hype Mar 27 20:20
schestowitz WIndows 2000 is Windows 4 Mar 27 20:20
trmanco ah, never been to a football game Mar 27 20:21
wispygalaxy i try to keep in shape, too Mar 27 20:21
schestowitz trmanco: you mean, stadium Mar 27 20:21
schestowitz Many games are played everywhere Mar 27 20:21
schestowitz Just not glorified Mar 27 20:21
wispygalaxy true Mar 27 20:21
trmanco I’ve been to stadiums, soccer Mar 27 20:22
wispygalaxy i never been to a professional soccer game Mar 27 20:22
trmanco but not to a game, I don’t like this sport Mar 27 20:22
trmanco it’s boring and corrupt Mar 27 20:22
trmanco at least here where I live in Mar 27 20:23
wispygalaxy it’s more fun to play or watch? Mar 27 20:23
wispygalaxy i prefer playing Mar 27 20:23
trmanco watching is boring, and playing it is not my style Mar 27 20:23
wispygalaxy so it’s not your taste Mar 27 20:24
schestowitz trmanco: it’s tribal Mar 27 20:24
trmanco I prefer extreme sport, something motorized or sea sports like surf of body board Mar 27 20:24
schestowitz The thing is, local teams have many foreign palayer Mar 27 20:24
trmanco true Mar 27 20:24
schestowitz So even local pride doesn’t come into *play* Mar 27 20:24
schestowitz National teams may be another story Mar 27 20:24
wispygalaxy the brazilian players are all over the world Mar 27 20:24
schestowitz Though 11 people are not representative of a popultion Mar 27 20:24
trmanco Manchester has one of the best of the world (player) if not the best Mar 27 20:25
wispygalaxy small sample size roy haha Mar 27 20:25
schestowitz Especially not if you assume that kicking a ball is indicative of a nation’s might Mar 27 20:25
schestowitz It’s an oversimplification that suits many unwashed masses :-) Mar 27 20:25
wispygalaxy i see manchester united games sometimes on TV Mar 27 20:25
trmanco Ronaldo Mar 27 20:25
wispygalaxy haha roy Mar 27 20:25
wispygalaxy pele is a legend Mar 27 20:25
trmanco I think he still plays for that team Mar 27 20:25
wispygalaxy i remember seeing him at the world cup a couple years ago Mar 27 20:26
trmanco I’m not really in to soccer so I’m not sure Mar 27 20:26
wispygalaxy i dont pay attention to sports in general, but i prefer playing them Mar 27 20:26
wispygalaxy im no spectator! Mar 27 20:26
schestowitz I played a lot as a child Mar 27 20:26
schestowitz Went to games Mar 27 20:26
schestowitz I have medals Mar 27 20:26
wispygalaxy awww thats great Mar 27 20:26
trmanco cool Mar 27 20:26
wispygalaxy my dad played soccer as a kid too Mar 27 20:27
wispygalaxy and in college Mar 27 20:27
schestowitz Still got my CS football team vest. I was goalie Mar 27 20:27
wispygalaxy i suck Mar 27 20:27
wispygalaxy as a goalie i mean Mar 27 20:27
wispygalaxy i tried it, i couldnt stand the onslaught of balls Mar 27 20:28
wispygalaxy i got bruised once too :( Mar 27 20:28
schestowitz apropos: http://rss.cnn.com/~r/rss/cnn_te… ( New eco-surfboard hopes to catch wave of popularity ) Mar 27 20:28
wispygalaxy thats a cute idea Mar 27 20:28
schestowitz Think how much better for the environment when people do sports, unless they drive around to do it Mar 27 20:28
schestowitz No lights, A/C, electricity.. Mar 27 20:28
wispygalaxy biking is a good way to be eco friendly Mar 27 20:29
trmanco I have roller blades Mar 27 20:29
wispygalaxy i used to be so afraid of 2-wheelers when i was younger.  i forced myself to learn, and im glad i did haha Mar 27 20:29
schestowitz Humans never got wheels Mar 27 20:29
schestowitz No hunges Mar 27 20:29
schestowitz We are designed with flaws :-) Mar 27 20:29
wispygalaxy like an appendix Mar 27 20:29
trmanco haha Mar 27 20:29
schestowitz No animal has wheels Mar 27 20:29
wispygalaxy roller blades are awesome Mar 27 20:30
schestowitz When Albert Einstein’s sister was born he asked his parents why she had no wheels. So the story goes… Mar 27 20:30
trmanco LOL Mar 27 20:30
wispygalaxy i used to go to the rink and skate Mar 27 20:30
wispygalaxy rofl Mar 27 20:30
trmanco I skate outside Mar 27 20:30
trmanco on asphalt Mar 27 20:31
schestowitz *hinges Mar 27 20:31
wispygalaxy do you wear a helmet? Mar 27 20:31
wispygalaxy i sometimes do Mar 27 20:31
trmanco wispygalaxy, use to Mar 27 20:31
wispygalaxy with rollar blading, i dont Mar 27 20:31
trmanco now I only use protection for my hads Mar 27 20:31
wispygalaxy protection is good Mar 27 20:31
trmanco hands* Mar 27 20:31
wispygalaxy i never had hand protection Mar 27 20:31
trmanco can’t lose my precious hands :-P Mar 27 20:32
schestowitz Six Years Later, Iraqis Ready for the U.S. to Leave < Six Years Later, Iraqis Ready for the U.S. to Leave > Mar 27 20:32
wispygalaxy yes i hate it when i cant use my hands, like when i have a bandage on a finer Mar 27 20:32
wispygalaxy finger* Mar 27 20:32
trmanco if we had no hands, we couldn’t code Mar 27 20:32
wispygalaxy they have been ready since day one! Mar 27 20:33
trmanco yeah, that sucks Mar 27 20:33
wispygalaxy you can code, with vista’s voice recognition /s Mar 27 20:33
trmanco tried it, it sucks Mar 27 20:33
wispygalaxy remember the video about voice recognition on youtube Mar 27 20:33
trmanco yeah Mar 27 20:33
wispygalaxy haha Mar 27 20:33
wispygalaxy my dad once heard someone use it at work, he said it was like a crazy person talking to himself Mar 27 20:34
trmanco LOOOL Mar 27 20:34
wispygalaxy he’s a engineer, not sure why he needed voice recognition to draw digrams Mar 27 20:35
wispygalaxy XD Mar 27 20:35
wispygalaxy my dad designs power generators Mar 27 20:35
trmanco maybe he was just curious Mar 27 20:36
wispygalaxy he has to climb through them too, to check his deisgn Mar 27 20:36
wispygalaxy he gets dustry from that haha Mar 27 20:36
schestowitz This is some bizarre — if not sarcastic — take from Jack Wallen: http://blogs.techrepublic.com.com/… Mar 27 20:36
trmanco cool Mar 27 20:36
wispygalaxy i guess so tony lol Mar 27 20:36
wispygalaxy curiosity should be limited in a cubicle setting though Mar 27 20:36
wispygalaxy dont want to look crazy to coworkers Mar 27 20:37
schestowitz Too late Mar 27 20:38
wispygalaxy heh Mar 27 20:38
wispygalaxy *wispygalaxy is reading Roy’s link Mar 27 20:38
wispygalaxy i shouldn’t take all articles too seriously, they may be sarcastic and i don’t catch it Mar 27 20:40
schestowitz I didn’t read it carefully Mar 27 20:40
schestowitz But it seems off coming from him… Mar 27 20:40
wispygalaxy he’s pro-linux i think Mar 27 20:40
schestowitz Is the Food Industry Following Big Tobacco’s Playbook?  < http://www.prwatch.org/node/8285 >. How many people we know has the tobacco industry already killed? Mar 27 20:41
schestowitz Isn’t there a law for criminalising people in this industry? They lied deliberately, leading to death of many millions (my grandma included) Mar 27 20:41
wispygalaxy genetic engineering on crops is a big issue Mar 27 20:41
wispygalaxy what will happen to the people who consume it? Mar 27 20:41
schestowitz wispygalaxy: yes, Wallen is OK Mar 27 20:41
wispygalaxy will they mutate in 25 years? Mar 27 20:42
wispygalaxy cool roy Mar 27 20:42
schestowitz wispygalaxy: who knows… join the experiment. Mar 27 20:42
wispygalaxy im no lab rat!! Mar 27 20:42
wispygalaxy :P Mar 27 20:42
schestowitz I reckon he effects of cellphones on brain cancer are yet to be seen Mar 27 20:42
schestowitz I don’t use my microwave anymore, either. Microwaves are banned in Sweden Mar 27 20:42
wispygalaxy my sister is doomed i guess haha Mar 27 20:42
schestowitz They are always ahead of everyone those Swedes Mar 27 20:42
wispygalaxy she has her cellphone within hand reach Mar 27 20:42
wispygalaxy microwaves?  really? Mar 27 20:43
schestowitz Yes. Mar 27 20:43
wispygalaxy unfortunately, sweden has issues with wiretapping Mar 27 20:43
schestowitz I realised recently that also a friend’s dad won’t use it Mar 27 20:43
wispygalaxy so he uses a skillet? Mar 27 20:43
schestowitz The family has to lie to him if they cook using the microwave Mar 27 20:43
Balrog are microwaves dangerous if used for heating non-food items? Mar 27 20:43
schestowitz he’s a medical doctor Mar 27 20:43
wispygalaxy haha roy Mar 27 20:43
Balrog yeah I know Mar 27 20:44
schestowitz Balrog: I heard about experiments Mar 27 20:44
schestowitz Boiling of water Mar 27 20:44
Balrog the radiation is not the prime culprit here … it’s more of the uneven heating Mar 27 20:44
schestowitz People won’t listen Mar 27 20:44
wispygalaxy i showed you the furby microwave video a while age Mar 27 20:44
wispygalaxy ago* Mar 27 20:44
schestowitz Once in a while there are denialists’ studies. Mar 27 20:44
schestowitz People cling to those Mar 27 20:44
Balrog (microwaves don’t heat evenly … this is WELL KNOWN) Mar 27 20:44
schestowitz They find shelter in what they /want/ to believe Mar 27 20:44
schestowitz Same with global warming. Mar 27 20:44
wispygalaxy selective belief Mar 27 20:44
schestowitz The problem is allow peer-reviewed publication of the big lies Mar 27 20:44
schestowitz You seed more Mar 27 20:45
schestowitz By gicving them something to cite Mar 27 20:45
schestowitz Let me find s/t Mar 27 20:45
wispygalaxy that happens all the time in advertising, people view ads after buying a product and selectively agree with the points to justify their purchase decision Mar 27 20:45
schestowitz Cancer Docs Warn Staff Of Cell Phone Risks < http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2008/0… > Mar 27 20:46
schestowitz There are many more Mar 27 20:46
schestowitz Likewise for Wi-FI Mar 27 20:46
wispygalaxy wi-fi?! Mar 27 20:46
schestowitz it’s one thing to have antennas around (receiver end) but another to broadcast Mar 27 20:46
schestowitz wispygalaxy: yes, some schools banned wi-fi Mar 27 20:46
wispygalaxy i love wi-fi Mar 27 20:47
wispygalaxy my school has it here Mar 27 20:47
schestowitz http://schestowitz.com/Weblog/archi… Mar 27 20:47
schestowitz http://schestowitz.com/Weblog/a… Mar 27 20:47
Balrog wifi is many times weaker though Mar 27 20:47
wispygalaxy my dad still had a tv that use the antenna, but we ditched it.  he holds onto things, i tell ya Mar 27 20:48
schestowitz Microwaves are fun too Mar 27 20:48
schestowitz Convenience over health Mar 27 20:48
Balrog TV with antennas are relatively safe Mar 27 20:48
schestowitz Same with cellphones IMHO Mar 27 20:48
Balrog so are radios Mar 27 20:48
schestowitz Nuclar energy… Mar 27 20:48
schestowitz http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chernobyl Mar 27 20:48
wispygalaxy my dad does not work at a nuclear plant Mar 27 20:48
schestowitz Balrog: yes, TV and antennas are fine Mar 27 20:48
schestowitz They receive Mar 27 20:48
wispygalaxy but he’s involved with power stations Mar 27 20:48
schestowitz They don’t broadcast Mar 27 20:49
wispygalaxy hence the name receiver Mar 27 20:49
wispygalaxy hehe Mar 27 20:49
schestowitz People now put antennas next to their eardrums Mar 27 20:49
Balrog yes, you’re right Mar 27 20:49
wispygalaxy like bunny ears Mar 27 20:49
wispygalaxy kinda Mar 27 20:49
Balrog I hear that the power of bluetooth earphones is very low Mar 27 20:49
Balrog don’t those function as receivers 98% of the time anyway? Mar 27 20:50
wispygalaxy yeah it stinks, my mom had it Mar 27 20:50
wispygalaxy bluetooth for cellphone Mar 27 20:50
schestowitz Excitation of people’s important brain cells seems scary to me Mar 27 20:50
schestowitz Lungs is one thing… easier to repair those Mar 27 20:50
wispygalaxy in some unintelligent people, they need that excitation,  there usually is not activity up there anyway haha Mar 27 20:51
wispygalaxy *is not much Mar 27 20:51
schestowitz ” Shell has dumped renewable energy for biofuels. This despite the fact that biofuels use the scare resources for agriculture, leading to food shortages and destruction of rainforests in Brazil and Indonesia. ” http://www.stallman.org/archives/2009-… Mar 27 20:51
schestowitz wispygalaxy: walkie-talkies were short-range Mar 27 20:52
schestowitz Also, there were used succinctly Mar 27 20:52
wispygalaxy i had one of those when i was a kid Mar 27 20:52
schestowitz Not relishes on Mar 27 20:52
Balrog schestowitz: GMRS radios are quite powerful Mar 27 20:52
schestowitz *shed Mar 27 20:52
Balrog up to 2 watts Mar 27 20:52
schestowitz These days everything is more powerful Mar 27 20:52
Balrog FRS radios (current generation walkie talkies) go to 500mW Mar 27 20:52
schestowitz Nucear plant make loads more energy fro a population 3 times the szie as 100 years ago Mar 27 20:52
schestowitz And batteries are so powerful fhat they can explode and kill people Mar 27 20:53
schestowitz They’ll like little bombs Mar 27 20:53
wispygalaxy yikes! Mar 27 20:53
Balrog I’ll be back in an hour or so Mar 27 20:53
wispygalaxy what if robots decided to attack us that way Mar 27 20:53
wispygalaxy bye balrog! Mar 27 20:53
schestowitz be back soon, Balrog Mar 27 20:54
schestowitz CIA has 3,000 documents related to torture tapes  < http://onlinejournal.com/artman… > Mar 27 20:54
schestowitz How quickly people forget about torture of the innocent. It’s intended to be so (kept low profile) Mar 27 20:54
wispygalaxy oh my.. Mar 27 20:54
schestowitz “enhanced interrogation” Mar 27 20:54
schestowitz “Rendition” Mar 27 20:54
wispygalaxy that’s sad :( Mar 27 20:54
schestowitz Just leading to FALSE confessions Mar 27 20:55
wispygalaxy yeah it’s not effective Mar 27 20:55
schestowitz People would say anything to end it Mar 27 20:55
schestowitz It’s one of those ‘secrets’ about torture Mar 27 20:55
schestowitz Why it’s not effective Mar 27 20:55
schestowitz Like patents Mar 27 20:55
schestowitz “inventor… invention.. other BS…” Mar 27 20:55
wispygalaxy yes true Mar 27 20:55
schestowitz Rather than monopolisation and lawyers making cash from application and lawsuits Mar 27 20:55
wispygalaxy but it gives lawyers a job, those patents :P Mar 27 20:56
schestowitz Yes Mar 27 20:56
schestowitz Like money gives bankers jobs Mar 27 20:56
schestowitz Or Windows gives AV makers jobs Mar 27 20:56
schestowitz Or wars makes jobs Mar 27 20:56
wispygalaxy windows gives repair guys jobs Mar 27 20:56
schestowitz (COnstruction) Mar 27 20:56
schestowitz The broken windows theory.. Mar 27 20:56
wispygalaxy heh, in a world without walls there are no windows or broken windows Mar 27 20:57
schestowitz Wow. RIGHTS-US:  Detainee Offered Freedom for Silence on Torture < http://www.ipsnews.net/news.asp?idnews=46247 > Mar 27 20:58
schestowitz How they hide their tracks…. Mar 27 20:58
schestowitz Like NDAs Mar 27 20:58
schestowitz H-P/Lenovo Mar 27 20:58
schestowitz “We’ll refund Windows only if you keep quiet..” Mar 27 20:58
wispygalaxy geez lol Mar 27 20:59
wispygalaxy shady stuff Mar 27 20:59
wispygalaxy i want computers to come w/o a windows tax Mar 27 20:59
wispygalaxy software ahould really be independent from hardware, if possible Mar 27 20:59
schestowitz AdSense Video Units Get The Axe < http://www.webpronews.com/topnews… >. Is Google putting Flash posion in AdSense? I think it does Mar 27 21:00
wispygalaxy i thought they were for open source? Mar 27 21:01
wispygalaxy google i mean Mar 27 21:01
wispygalaxy why add flash Mar 27 21:02
schestowitz Today: “1. People Who Talk on Smartphones 24/7. One would think that I’d be over this by now. No, I’m not. It’s 2009, people! You’re not cool or special just because you can talk away on your pink BlackBerry Pearl.” http://advice.cio.com/thomas_wailgum/10… Mar 27 21:03
schestowitz Google is into $$ Mar 27 21:04
schestowitz It used open source Mar 27 21:04
schestowitz *uses* Mar 27 21:04
wispygalaxy linux Mar 27 21:04
schestowitz Yeah, that ‘thing’ too Mar 27 21:04
wispygalaxy hah Mar 27 21:04
schestowitz They have no kernel patchers AFAIK Mar 27 21:04
schestowitz But Summer of Code might find some Linux stuff Mar 27 21:05
schestowitz It does fund some high-level stuff Mar 27 21:05
wispygalaxy good to hear about the summer of code Mar 27 21:05
wispygalaxy it raises awareness Mar 27 21:05
schestowitz Nice analogy: Why IPv6 Is Like Broccoli < http://www.internetnews.com/in… > Mar 27 21:06
wispygalaxy do you have a netbook, roy? Mar 27 21:06
schestowitz Summer of Code is mostly PR/karma for Google Mar 27 21:06
schestowitz Google is still suppressing AGPL Mar 27 21:06
wispygalaxy my sister loves broccoli, even steamed Mar 27 21:06
wispygalaxy thats so gross Mar 27 21:06
schestowitz They should end this or it would hurt them more Mar 27 21:06
wispygalaxy i like mine with ranch dressing and crispy Mar 27 21:06
wispygalaxy yeah PR is all about charities Mar 27 21:07
schestowitz IOW,, with the bad stuff Mar 27 21:07
wispygalaxy yeah Mar 27 21:07
schestowitz Like wrapping sh*t with a sandwich or something… drek on a plate as the saying goes. Mar 27 21:07
wispygalaxy rofl Mar 27 21:08
schestowitz It’s funny when kids are given candy apple Mar 27 21:08
schestowitz And pretend it’s good Mar 27 21:08
schestowitz Many products are marketed as healthy Mar 27 21:08
schestowitz Yoghurts of sorts… Mar 27 21:08
wispygalaxy like fat free foods, only there’s a lot of carbs Mar 27 21:08
wispygalaxy and vice versa Mar 27 21:08
schestowitz Diet coke too… with those horrid chemicals Mar 27 21:08
wispygalaxy my mom actually drank only diet coke when i was younger, she did not like the taste of water Mar 27 21:09
wispygalaxy it was like an addiction Mar 27 21:09
schestowitz ‘Burns’ calories… burns other things too Mar 27 21:09
wispygalaxy i remember her always having a can open nearby Mar 27 21:09
wispygalaxy now she’s a tea fanatic Mar 27 21:09
wispygalaxy oh mom… haha Mar 27 21:09
schestowitz It contains addictives still Mar 27 21:09
schestowitz Not as much as it used to Mar 27 21:09
wispygalaxy additives have to ruin food Mar 27 21:10
wispygalaxy good to hear that Mar 27 21:10
wispygalaxy i cut out soda, now im into water basically Mar 27 21:10
balzac schestowitz: nice lecture on patent law from RMS Mar 27 21:10
schestowitz Don Basile got the BOOT: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/03… Mar 27 21:11
schestowitz Is there any harm in soda? Mar 27 21:11
schestowitz Water in the system (bar burping)? Mar 27 21:11
wispygalaxy haha Mar 27 21:12
wispygalaxy my sister used to say that she still got her daily dose of water from soda to convince my mom to let her drink it Mar 27 21:12
wispygalaxy it’s still soda, sis Mar 27 21:13
schestowitz Another Vista ‘capable’ lawsuit has just been launched: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/03/27… Mar 27 21:13
balzac sweet Mar 27 21:14
schestowitz The OEMs will be more pissed off with the Vole Mar 27 21:14
wispygalaxy vista does not deserve my sympathy, it made me switch to ubuntu Mar 27 21:15
*schestowitz has too much patent news to write about today Mar 27 21:15
schestowitz Ubuntu >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Vista Mar 27 21:15
wispygalaxy you are a busy bee, roy Mar 27 21:15
wispygalaxy ;) Mar 27 21:15
wispygalaxy awwww thanks Mar 27 21:15
schestowitz Vista’s success Mar 27 21:15
schestowitz \ Mar 27 21:15
schestowitz   \ Mar 27 21:15
schestowitz    \ Mar 27 21:15
wispygalaxy debian is my fave for now, though Mar 27 21:15
schestowitz . Mar 27 21:15
schestowitz You spoiled my ASCII joke. wha wha wha?? Mar 27 21:16
wispygalaxy oh snap, sry Mar 27 21:16
wispygalaxy please dont hate me haha Mar 27 21:16
wispygalaxy jk Mar 27 21:16
schestowitz mplayer FTW: http://blog.mageprojects.com/200… Mar 27 21:17
schestowitz mplayer is the best media player out there, I think Mar 27 21:17
wispygalaxy my teacher uses VLC player in class Mar 27 21:18
wispygalaxy nice to see some open source representation Mar 27 21:18
wispygalaxy my statistics teacher uses firefox in class also Mar 27 21:18
wispygalaxy before, i would only see ms software in class, things are chaning Mar 27 21:19
schestowitz http://mybroadband.co.za/vb/archive/… Mar 27 21:21
schestowitz “Teacher faces jail time over pop up malware porn on school pc” <— MSIE Mar 27 21:21
wispygalaxy haha the same thing kinda happened to my IT teacher last semester, he clicked on a link and there were ads for hooking up.  it was college, though Mar 27 21:23
wispygalaxy it was on the projector Mar 27 21:23
wispygalaxy it was an accident, needless to say Mar 27 21:25
schestowitz “Hooking up?” As in dating? Mar 27 21:25
schestowitz That’s benign Mar 27 21:26
wispygalaxy and ‘more’ haha Mar 27 21:26
schestowitz What Microsoft is awfully scared of: GNU/Linux domination on the Web.. http://tech.blorge.com/Structure:%20/… http://www.circleid.com/posts/20… Mar 27 21:27
schestowitz it’s bad when people need to reboot when presenting Mar 27 21:28
schestowitz They should use Live USBs Mar 27 21:28
schestowitz How Linux penetrates everyone’s lives: http://ldn.linuxfoundation.org/bl… Mar 27 21:29
wispygalaxy interesting! Mar 27 21:29
wispygalaxy it definitely penetrates my life Mar 27 21:29
wispygalaxy on my desktop, online, etc Mar 27 21:29
schestowitz Brian became very low profile since joining LDN Mar 27 21:30
wispygalaxy with regards to presenting and rebooting, i had a project for music class and had to play a cd in front of the class, and the cd kept skipping.  i couldn’t get it to work again, but i still got an A on the project.  i guess the teacher heard just enough to grade me lol Mar 27 21:30
wispygalaxy yes lol Mar 27 21:30
schestowitz You know him? Mar 27 21:31
schestowitz He managed LinuxToday for many years] Mar 27 21:31
wispygalaxy nah Mar 27 21:31
wispygalaxy but i heard of him Mar 27 21:31
wispygalaxy thanks for the tidbit of info Mar 27 21:31
wispygalaxy that ‘portraits of linux’ piece was cute Mar 27 21:33
wispygalaxy i wish there were more photo booths around Mar 27 21:33
wispygalaxy there were many interesting things that went down in them haha Mar 27 21:34
schestowitz ESR is being an obnoxious free rider: http://esr.ibiblio.org/?p=882 Mar 27 21:35
wispygalaxy free riders are bad :( Mar 27 21:36
wispygalaxy helping out with foss should be a concern for users Mar 27 21:36
wispygalaxy take some, give some Mar 27 21:36
wispygalaxy it Mar 27 21:37
schestowitz Brian Aker: What Would an IBM Buyout of Sun Mean for MySQL? < http://broadcast.oreilly.com/2009/03/… >. do not want Mar 27 21:39
wispygalaxy please don’t die, MySQL Mar 27 21:39
schestowitz ESR needs some FLOSSing Mar 27 21:39
schestowitz Can drop the “LOS” too Mar 27 21:40
schestowitz He need FSing Mar 27 21:40
schestowitz *needs Mar 27 21:40
wispygalaxy haha Mar 27 21:40
wispygalaxy flossing is good for you, of course Mar 27 21:40
schestowitz There’s this new site that gives showcases of programs running under Ubuntu… e.g. http://codepad.classhelper.org/lea… Mar 27 21:40
schestowitz I don’t floss Mar 27 21:41
schestowitz I have no tooth filling, either (fingers crossed) Mar 27 21:41
wispygalaxy no cavities, too? Mar 27 21:41
wispygalaxy i have pretty good teeth Mar 27 21:41
*_Hicham_ (i=29f93a35@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-97185b6868d46bd2) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 27 21:42
wispygalaxy my mom has very sensitive teeth, but she cant take cold stuff Mar 27 21:42
wispygalaxy hot stuff, shes fine with (tea) Mar 27 21:42
_Hicham_ Hi Roy! Mar 27 21:42
_Hicham_ how r u doing man? Mar 27 21:42
wispygalaxy hey hicham what’s up Mar 27 21:42
_Hicham_ hey wispy Mar 27 21:43
PeterFA I got it, when MSFT tanks, they’ll sell Windows rights to Novell. Mar 27 21:43
wispygalaxy nice to see you again hicham Mar 27 21:43
_Hicham_ or they will sink together Mar 27 21:43
wispygalaxy i still dont have a leet gaming rig on my laptop haha Mar 27 21:43
_Hicham_ thank u wispy Mar 27 21:43
wispygalaxy you’re welcome :) Mar 27 21:43
_Hicham_ any new games wispy? Mar 27 21:44
wispygalaxy nope, i had no time to game.  :( Mar 27 21:44
wispygalaxy i am reading a lot these days, thanks to textbooks Mar 27 21:44
_Hicham_ just to study? Mar 27 21:44
wispygalaxy yep Mar 27 21:44
_Hicham_ what r u reading? Mar 27 21:44
_Hicham_ CS books? Mar 27 21:44
wispygalaxy im a finance major actually Mar 27 21:44
wispygalaxy so i have finance, management, and marketing books Mar 27 21:45
wispygalaxy i do have a computer book around too Mar 27 21:45
_Hicham_ what do u think about the actual econimic context? Mar 27 21:46
_Hicham_ will the american economy get better? Mar 27 21:46
wispygalaxy i think there is a shift occurring, but things will be better i think Mar 27 21:46
wispygalaxy by a shift, i mean the market is changing Mar 27 21:46
wispygalaxy we need to focus on education and jobs Mar 27 21:47
wispygalaxy by we, i mean usa Mar 27 21:47
_Hicham_ what kind of shift? Mar 27 21:47
schestowitz wispygalaxy: no, no cavities Mar 27 21:47
wispygalaxy good boy Mar 27 21:47
wispygalaxy haha jk ;) Mar 27 21:47
schestowitz PeterFA: you wish! :-p Mar 27 21:48
_Hicham_ what do u think Roy? Mar 27 21:48
PeterFA schestowitz, 50% of that is a dream. Mar 27 21:48
wispygalaxy countries need to focus on their competitive edge, and i think there need to be more focus on education and job training Mar 27 21:48
schestowitz I think wispygalaxy read Murdoch’s press too much Mar 27 21:49
schestowitz The US seems to be a bankrupt nation Mar 27 21:49
wispygalaxy hey! Mar 27 21:49
schestowitz Just buying time now Mar 27 21:49
wispygalaxy i know china has a lot of US debt Mar 27 21:49
wispygalaxy and japan Mar 27 21:49
_Hicham_ Roy : do u really think that? Mar 27 21:49
schestowitz PeterFA: 50% stock value for MSFT? Mar 27 21:49
wispygalaxy but im being optimistic, of course, about the job situation Mar 27 21:49
schestowitz One person said it would decline to $4 Mar 27 21:49
schestowitz Seems reachable indeed. Give it more years… Mar 27 21:50
schestowitz Like SUN Mar 27 21:50
_Hicham_ Roy : not that much I think Mar 27 21:50
schestowitz SUNW -> JAVA -> IBM Mar 27 21:50
_Hicham_ Roy : is Sun already $4? Mar 27 21:50
wispygalaxy sun was really low Mar 27 21:50
schestowitz MSFT -> SFT -> FT -> F[uc*ed] Mar 27 21:50
wispygalaxy oh snap! Mar 27 21:50
schestowitz wispygalaxy: yes, they do (China and Japan) Mar 27 21:51
wispygalaxy im still laughing over GM’s stock Mar 27 21:51
schestowitz Bad for them.. Mar 27 21:51
schestowitz bad debt Mar 27 21:51
schestowitz But they lend, not borrow, AFAK Mar 27 21:51
wispygalaxy will the US default? Mar 27 21:51
schestowitz *AFAIK Mar 27 21:51
schestowitz And soon enough Russia and China can drop the USD Mar 27 21:52
schestowitz That could start a war (of words) Mar 27 21:52
PeterFA schestowitz, no, M$ kicking it. Mar 27 21:52
wispygalaxy will there be a shift to the euro Mar 27 21:52
schestowitz It makes US a yesterday’s nations Mar 27 21:52
schestowitz Marganised to give way to new leadership Mar 27 21:52
wispygalaxy i hope the us will be okay Mar 27 21:52
schestowitz wispygalaxy: if GM, Citi and others die, then the value of the dollar is zilch Mar 27 21:52
wispygalaxy didnt the dollar rise recently? Mar 27 21:53
schestowitz Also, by doing the looting (“stimulus”) they kill the value of the dollar Mar 27 21:53
schestowitz They just print money Mar 27 21:53
wispygalaxy yes, govt spending does that a lot Mar 27 21:53
wispygalaxy thanks to the Fed :| Mar 27 21:53
schestowitz PeterFA: MS kicking EVRYONE Mar 27 21:53
wispygalaxy Keynes thought government spending solved all problems Mar 27 21:53
schestowitz TomTom included Mar 27 21:53
wispygalaxy owie Mar 27 21:53
schestowitz Like a shouting baby in a rpam Mar 27 21:54
wispygalaxy you mean pram? Mar 27 21:54
schestowitz Ballmer through his toys out (chair) at Google years ago Mar 27 21:54
schestowitz wispygalaxy: yes Mar 27 21:54
schestowitz RPM :-) Mar 27 21:54
wispygalaxy aww don’t cry baby :D Mar 27 21:54
wispygalaxy haha it looked like rpm Mar 27 21:54
schestowitz ballmer-1.3.rpm Mar 27 21:55
schestowitz Use alien to marry ballmer with Deb Mar 27 21:55
schestowitz Ballmer it more like a SUE though Mar 27 21:55
wispygalaxy deballmer Mar 27 21:55
schestowitz because he’s suing companies Mar 27 21:55
wispygalaxy haha Mar 27 21:55
schestowitz rm ballm* Mar 27 21:55
wispygalaxy sudo rm ballm* Mar 27 21:56
wispygalaxy ;) Mar 27 21:56
schestowitz rm: remove write-protected regular file `ballmer-1.3.rpm? Mar 27 21:56
wispygalaxy you unleash the devil that way Mar 27 21:56
schestowitz emerge devils Mar 27 21:57
wispygalaxy if you open it Mar 27 21:57
PeterFA schestowitz, no, M$ kicking the bucket. Mar 27 21:57
wispygalaxy hehe Mar 27 21:57
*wispygalaxy has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) Mar 27 21:57
*wispygalaxy (i=9f5b894f@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-0eb3e1e5388c0521) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 27 21:57
schestowitz ps aux | grep wispygalaxy Mar 27 21:57
wispygalaxy hi there! Mar 27 21:58
wispygalaxy i hit refresh darn it Mar 27 21:58
schestowitz killall  wispygalaxy Mar 27 21:58
schestowitz kickban  wispygalaxy ;-) Mar 27 21:58
wispygalaxy hey that’s mean Mar 27 21:58
schestowitz Oops, I forgot the slash Mar 27 21:58
wispygalaxy good haha Mar 27 21:58
schestowitz Mandriva will be present at the Linux 2009 Solutions Exhibition < http://www.mandriva.com/enterprise/en/… > Mar 27 21:59
wispygalaxy ooo a mandriva party Mar 27 22:00
*PetoKraus (n=pk@fsf/member/petokraus) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 27 22:00
schestowitz Here’s one thing I don’t get… Mar 27 22:03
schestowitz Why is it that taps by convention are hot and cold separately in baths but not in kitchen sinks? Mar 27 22:03
schestowitz When sense does that make? Mar 27 22:03
wispygalaxy yeah that’s weird Mar 27 22:04
schestowitz Either you’re too cold or burning your hands Mar 27 22:04
MinceR we don’t have separate hot and cold taps anywhere :> Mar 27 22:04
schestowitz Another thing is the separate handles for hot and sold. Why? Mar 27 22:04
schestowitz MinceR:  in the UK it’s convention Mar 27 22:04
wispygalaxy in my dorm bathroom, the sink forces you to hold down the buttons to get water.  it’s annoying when you have to wash your face Mar 27 22:04
schestowitz In baths Mar 27 22:04
MinceR those silly brits Mar 27 22:05
schestowitz PetoKraus would know.. Mar 27 22:05
PetoKraus sorry? Mar 27 22:05
schestowitz Cause he li… Mar 27 22:05
schestowitz Well.. Mar 27 22:05
wispygalaxy hi petokraus :) Mar 27 22:05
*PetoKraus is after 4 Bell’s and a game of squash Mar 27 22:05
schestowitz PetoKraus: in Slovakia, do you have separate for hot and cold? Mar 27 22:05
PetoKraus taps? Mar 27 22:06
schestowitz Yes Mar 27 22:06
wispygalaxy at the sink Mar 27 22:06
PetoKraus can i be rude? Mar 27 22:06
wispygalaxy how was the game petokraus Mar 27 22:06
wispygalaxy go ahead haha Mar 27 22:06
PetoKraus fuck no! Mar 27 22:06
wispygalaxy i do here :( Mar 27 22:06
MinceR thankfully, 1-armed taps are fairly common here :) Mar 27 22:06
wispygalaxy thats a relief Mar 27 22:07
PetoKraus well one-armed tap is something different Mar 27 22:07
PetoKraus it’s better than two taps on one pipe, as you can set the temperature by rotational movement and then just set the stream strength by vertical one Mar 27 22:08
PetoKraus but two taps two pipes are retarded Mar 27 22:08
PetoKraus it’s cure for hangover Mar 27 22:08
MinceR i think those were designed for mixing water in the sink Mar 27 22:09
MinceR or tub Mar 27 22:09
MinceR still, it’s a limiting design Mar 27 22:09
PetoKraus how? Mar 27 22:09
wispygalaxy we should be given more choice with tubs and sinks haha, see how unhappy limiting design makes us? Mar 27 22:10
PetoKraus well Mar 27 22:11
PetoKraus i would say the choice is there Mar 27 22:11
PetoKraus it’s the money which are the limiting factor Mar 27 22:11
PetoKraus i mean, if i would have £1000 to spare Mar 27 22:11
PetoKraus it would disappear like whoosh Mar 27 22:11
PetoKraus :) Mar 27 22:11
wispygalaxy lol :) Mar 27 22:11
wispygalaxy the cool thing that when it comes to choice and customizing linux, you don’t need all that money Mar 27 22:12
PetoKraus the problem is, that linux isn’t everything, unfortunately Mar 27 22:12
wispygalaxy that’s a huge advantage, and you dont need to pay extra for upgrades and new toys Mar 27 22:13
wispygalaxy coders are human too, yes.  there can never be perfect software i guess Mar 27 22:13
schestowitz MinceR: the sinks are also useful for washing hands, brushing teeth, shaving, etc. Mar 27 22:13
schestowitz So it makes no sense to have two separate taps for hot and cold Mar 27 22:14
schestowitz Firefox is not Free Software < http://izanbardprince.wordpress.com/2009… > Mar 27 22:14
schestowitz Neither is Opera, so…. Mar 27 22:14
MinceR i know, but i think that was the original intent Mar 27 22:15
wispygalaxy yeah when you install extensions or themes in firefox, you have to accept some agreements before installing Mar 27 22:15
wispygalaxy from the guy/gal who made it Mar 27 22:15
wispygalaxy firefox is faster than Opera to me Mar 27 22:15
PetoKraus i’d love to use something different than firefoz Mar 27 22:15
wispygalaxy opera uses too much RAM Mar 27 22:15
PetoKraus *x Mar 27 22:15
PetoKraus i think i’ll wait for ffx 3.5 Mar 27 22:16
wispygalaxy i have konqueror Mar 27 22:16
PetoKraus if it doesn’t impress me, i’ll go for Epiphany + Webkit, i guess Mar 27 22:16
PetoKraus i just hate how slow it can be at times. I mean, i want to type in the address bar Mar 27 22:16
PetoKraus and the system locks up for 3-4 seconds Mar 27 22:16
PetoKraus come in! Mar 27 22:16
PetoKraus *On Mar 27 22:16
PetoKraus wispygalaxy: the game was good, thank you Mar 27 22:17
wispygalaxy do you clear your history, cookies, etc, petokraus? Mar 27 22:17
schestowitz One angry man hates Firefox? Epiphany is my new web browser, goodbye Firefox! < http://izanbardprince.wordpress.com/2009… > Mar 27 22:17
PetoKraus especially because i’m supposed to be the less skilled player and i won 3:2 Mar 27 22:17
PetoKraus wispygalaxy: no Mar 27 22:17
wispygalaxy cool petokraus, good luck with the game in the future Mar 27 22:18
wispygalaxy i forget to clear mine too Mar 27 22:18
PetoKraus yeah Mar 27 22:18
PetoKraus the term is over so Mar 27 22:18
PetoKraus i’ll do more interesting stuff now Mar 27 22:18
wispygalaxy i just did today, and my iceweasel is so much faster Mar 27 22:18
PetoKraus at least until 2nd of april :) That’s when i’ll start looking for a job :/ Mar 27 22:18
wispygalaxy your term is over?!  lucky.. Mar 27 22:18
PetoKraus yeah, scotland :) Mar 27 22:18
PetoKraus we’re fast Mar 27 22:18
PetoKraus though we take one more year Mar 27 22:18
wispygalaxy not fair haha Mar 27 22:18
wispygalaxy oh i see Mar 27 22:19
PetoKraus i’ve got a nice exam queue though Mar 27 22:19
*schestowitz needs to think of BN post for April 1st Mar 27 22:19
wispygalaxy 5 years in college Mar 27 22:19
wispygalaxy roy, try to trick the trolls with a post Mar 27 22:19
*_Hicham_ has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) Mar 27 22:19
wispygalaxy exams are a bummer at the end of school, you’re all excited then reality hits you and you have to study Mar 27 22:19
PetoKraus 26th of april – gig in edinburgh (PJ Harvey; i’m in glasgow) 27th of april – Chemistry exam in the morning, 28th of april – Chemistry exam in the afternoon; 30th of april – Environmental Chemistry exam; 1st of May – the Australian Pink Floyd Show Mar 27 22:20
PetoKraus week packed-full Mar 27 22:20
wispygalaxy that sounds cool Mar 27 22:20
wispygalaxy i might go to washington DC next weekend Mar 27 22:20
PetoKraus :) Mar 27 22:20
wispygalaxy to see the cherry blossoms Mar 27 22:20
wispygalaxy i went in april 2005 to see them, it was awesome Mar 27 22:21
wispygalaxy its funded by the japanese club, in japan they have a liking for cherry blossoms, if you didnt know that Mar 27 22:21
schestowitz Microsoft guy on Microsoft in OSBC… http://stephesblog.blogs.com/my_weblog… Mar 27 22:27
trmanco 19 hours to go Mar 27 22:28
PetoKraus ? Mar 27 22:28
schestowitz Spain Mar 27 22:28
trmanco :) Mar 27 22:28
wispygalaxy oh your trip tony :D Mar 27 22:28
wispygalaxy spring break woot Mar 27 22:28
schestowitz Triiipin’ Mar 27 22:28
trmanco can’t wait Mar 27 22:28
PetoKraus yeah well Mar 27 22:28
*Balrog_ (n=Balrog@pool-68-238-235-164.phil.east.verizon.net) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 27 22:29
PetoKraus that’s what they did in glasgow Mar 27 22:29
wispygalaxy my year ends in early may Mar 27 22:29
schestowitz http://www.youtube.com/wa… Mar 27 22:29
wispygalaxy i had a rainy spring break Mar 27 22:29
PetoKraus they decided that we’ll finish the course before easter break Mar 27 22:29
trmanco I’m gonna miss my hacking hour Mar 27 22:29
PetoKraus having exams after easter break Mar 27 22:29
wispygalaxy no tanning for me :( Mar 27 22:29
wispygalaxy thats too bad petokraus Mar 27 22:29
wispygalaxy my friend at princeton had to take her exams after winter break Mar 27 22:29
PetoKraus is it Mar 27 22:29
PetoKraus yeah, that’s how it was before Mar 27 22:30
PetoKraus THAT sucks Mar 27 22:30
wispygalaxy but her classes ended right before break Mar 27 22:30
PetoKraus easter break is how much, 2 weeks Mar 27 22:30
PetoKraus then there’s revision period Mar 27 22:30
wispygalaxy so she was worrying about it when she was supposed to be chillin Mar 27 22:30
PetoKraus but you know Mar 27 22:30
PetoKraus i finish before end of april Mar 27 22:30
PetoKraus i’ve got 5 months break then Mar 27 22:30
wispygalaxy revision perios = reading days (at my school) Mar 27 22:30
PetoKraus till 22nd of september Mar 27 22:31
wispygalaxy 5?! Mar 27 22:31
wispygalaxy i go from 2nd week of may to last week of august Mar 27 22:31
PetoKraus :) Mar 27 22:31
Balrog_ hi everyone Mar 27 22:31
wispygalaxy grrrr haha Mar 27 22:31
wispygalaxy hey again balrog_ Mar 27 22:31
PetoKraus hi balrog Mar 27 22:31
Balrog_ how has it been since I was here? Mar 27 22:32
trmanco hello Mar 27 22:32
wispygalaxy we were talking about vacation and school… petokraus has 5 months off Mar 27 22:32
wispygalaxy hey tony Mar 27 22:32
Balrog_ 5 months?!?!? Mar 27 22:33
wispygalaxy yes haha, and i get about 3.5 months Mar 27 22:33
wispygalaxy :P Mar 27 22:33
trmanco I get about 3 Mar 27 22:33
trmanco maybe less Mar 27 22:34
wispygalaxy right after senior year in high school, i had 2 months vacation  :( Mar 27 22:34
wispygalaxy 8 weeks, thats it Mar 27 22:34
wispygalaxy i got to go now guys, it was nice seeing you here Mar 27 22:35
wispygalaxy ill be back soon Mar 27 22:35
Balrog_ see you =) Mar 27 22:35
wispygalaxy take care balrog_! :D Mar 27 22:35
wispygalaxy i’ll catch you later petokraus and tony Mar 27 22:36
PetoKraus bye Mar 27 22:36
PeterFA Looks like Microsoft will try to buy up Novell someday, and get all the “rights” that SCO was suing over. Mar 27 22:36
wispygalaxy have a nice weekend! Mar 27 22:36
wispygalaxy see you later, roy!  xx Mar 27 22:37
*wispygalaxy has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) Mar 27 22:37
*_Hicham_ (i=29f9012c@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-97471ea91d11b599) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 27 22:37
trmanco time oowriter Mar 27 22:37
trmanco real0m6.253s Mar 27 22:37
trmanco user0m0.024s Mar 27 22:37
trmanco sys0m0.076s Mar 27 22:37
trmanco she should start shouting from time to time :-P Mar 27 22:38
*_Hicham_ has quit (Client Quit) Mar 27 22:38
trmanco that was a cold start of writer Mar 27 22:38
trmanco time oowriter Mar 27 22:39
trmanco real0m1.469s Mar 27 22:39
trmanco user0m0.020s Mar 27 22:39
trmanco sys0m0.076s Mar 27 22:39
schestowitz └─(22:40 $)─> time oowriter Mar 27 22:41
schestowitz javaldx: Could not find a Java Runtime Environment! Mar 27 22:41
schestowitz 0.35user 0.28system 0:06.14elapsed 10%CPU (0avgtext+0avgdata 0maxresident) Mar 27 22:41
trmanco oops Mar 27 22:42
trmanco no java? Mar 27 22:42
schestowitz second time: 0:02.14 elapsed (but my computer is loaded with lots of apps) Mar 27 22:42
schestowitz No, I don’t need Java Mar 27 22:42
schestowitz I drink tea Mar 27 22:42
trmanco hmm, weird Mar 27 22:42
schestowitz Not really. Mar 27 22:43
schestowitz Normal Mar 27 22:43
trmanco I mean the “don’t need java thing” Mar 27 22:43
schestowitz http://techdirt.com/articles/2009… (Canadian Court Orders Website To Disclose Personal Info Of Posters) Mar 27 22:43
schestowitz Prosecutor Who Threatened Teens With Child Porn Charges For Taking Pics Of Themselves Gets Sued < http://techdirt.com/articles/… > Haha. Mar 27 22:45
*Balrog_ has quit () Mar 27 22:45
*Balrog_ (n=Balrog@pool-68-238-235-164.phil.east.verizon.net) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 27 22:46
*[H]omer has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)) Mar 27 22:58
*[H]omer (n=[H]omer@moscow.perfect-privacy.com) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 27 22:59
*ChanServ gives channel operator status to [H]omer Mar 27 22:59
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  18. Several Political Parties Directly Challenge the European Patent Office for Ignoring the Law, Not Obeying Court Orders

    Politicians make it crystal clear that the EPO, despite its unique status, cannot just raise its nose at the rulings of courts of law, definitely not in Dutch territory where the EPO operates

  19. Even the Legal Community is Upset at Benoît Battistelli for the Damage He Did to the EPO

    A recent article from lawyers' media (in German) speaks of the great damage (or mess) left by its current president, who has become somewhat of a laughing stock and growingly synonymous with farcical trials even in the circles of stakeholders, not just his own staff

  20. EPO Union (SUEPO) Getting Busted: “More and More People are Joining the Union, but Fewer and Fewer People Dare to Take on Leading Positions There.”

    The union-busting actions taken by EPO management in collaboration with Control Risks (for weak accusations against staff representatives) and FTI Consulting (for 'damage control') as described in a recent article, in the words of SUEPO lawyer Liesbeth Zegveld

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    Anti-Free/Open Source software (FOSS) talking points and FRAND (anti-FOSS) lobbying groups in Brussels as seen by proponents of FRAND, who also worked for Microsoft

  27. Latest Propaganda From the EPO's Management an Effort to Make the EPO the Tool of Megacorporations

    A quick roundup of some of the latest spin and paid-for (bought) coverage that helps introduce a distorted patent system whose beneficiaries are not European (or even people)

  28. 'Aversion to Change' Propaganda From the EPO Echoes or Parrots Lenin and Stalin

    The out-of-control EPO management is trying to fool the media by blaming staff representatives for getting fired, simply because they stood up to a highly abusive and megalomaniacal dictator

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    Reckoning and accepting the fact that even some in the media now openly speak about Bill Gates' corrupting influence in everything, including politics

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