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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: April 22nd, 2009 – Part 2

Posted in IRC Logs at 2:29 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


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schestowitz Just for the future, let me check some stufff… Apr 22 15:31
schestowitz I see he’s citing the MS/Apple-sponsored lies Apr 22 15:31
trmanco yeah Apr 22 15:32
schestowitz “Microsoft pub will be pulling pints after all”  By Steven Musil , Published: 16 April 2009 11:27 BST http://www.silicon.com/retaila… Apr 22 15:32
schestowitz Oh wait Apr 22 15:32
schestowitz AllThingsD? Apr 22 15:33
schestowitz That’s a SHIL Apr 22 15:33
schestowitz Aha. Apr 22 15:33
schestowitz http://www.silicon.com/retailan… Apr 22 15:33
schestowitz Oops. Apr 22 15:33
schestowitz http://voices.allthingsd.com/tag/… Apr 22 15:33
schestowitz Oh, wait… they just import from CNET Apr 22 15:33
schestowitz Never mind Apr 22 15:33
schestowitz But AllThingsD is part of the Mossberg Gang Apr 22 15:34
trmanco msofties working Apr 22 15:34
schestowitz Very pro-Microsoft and big business (WSJ) Apr 22 15:34
schestowitz See the tags on the page Apr 22 15:34
schestowitz “Eric Savitz” is there Apr 22 15:34
schestowitz Microsoft shill Apr 22 15:35
schestowitz Also “Barrons” Apr 22 15:35
schestowitz BIG Microsoft shill. Apr 22 15:35
schestowitz Biggest tags there Apr 22 15:35
schestowitz So they like to quote similar circles Apr 22 15:35
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schestowitz There’s ome Obama stuff there Apr 22 15:35
schestowitz And Yahoo Apr 22 15:35
schestowitz I hate her coverage of Yahoo (what’s her name again? I forgot) Apr 22 15:36
schestowitz Swisher Apr 22 15:36
schestowitz That’s it, right? Apr 22 15:36
schestowitz It’s like she’s playing along with the Slog against Yahoo! Apr 22 15:36
schestowitz And Mossberg chit-chats with Bill Gates. We have some E-mails between them… Apr 22 15:36
trmanco Mozilla update quashes nine bugs: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/0… Apr 22 15:40
trmanco I saw a lot of news sites reporting 12 when the correct number is 9 Apr 22 15:40
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schestowitz trmanco: broken telephone chain Apr 22 15:49
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Balrog heh Apr 22 15:52
*mib_xxiff2 has quit (Client Quit) Apr 22 15:52
Balrog I’m tired of people defending windows because ‘it works for me’ and ooxml because it’s pushing toward ‘a standard’ Apr 22 15:52
schestowitz Novell is in bad shape right now: http://boycottnovell.com/2009/04/22… Apr 22 15:53
schestowitz OOXML is not used by anyone Apr 22 15:53
schestowitz Not even Microsoft Apr 22 15:53
schestowitz Microsoft has some binary program that produce MSOOXML Apr 22 15:53
schestowitz That’s not OOXML Apr 22 15:53
schestowitz People should use STANDARDS Apr 22 15:53
schestowitz like ODF Apr 22 15:53
Balrog they’re saying that ‘everyone uses it’ :( Apr 22 15:54
schestowitz And worry not, Balrog, Microsoft is becoming feeble, so the pain may be near. Will take time to CLEAN UP the mess though (zombies, legacy formats, skills people get) Apr 22 15:54
Balrog certainly. Apr 22 15:55
schestowitz Balrog: in Russia, many people drive Lada Apr 22 15:55
Balrog ? Apr 22 15:57
Balrog people like this keep MS going. Apr 22 15:57
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schestowitz Another reason to dislike the “Charity Killer”: Intel Linux Driver Kills The Netbook Experience < http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=n… > Apr 22 15:58
schestowitz Balrog: you mean, the OEMs Apr 22 15:58
schestowitz Cigarette companies use similar business tactics Apr 22 15:59
Balrog OEM’s too. also people fooled into believing that windows is good, and what ms does is good Apr 22 15:59
Balrog and that the alternatives suck Apr 22 15:59
schestowitz Linus is doing it again: calling Linux “LINUS”: http://lkml.org/lkml/20… Apr 22 16:00
Balrog heh, typo Apr 22 16:00
schestowitz Second time in a month (in the headline) Apr 22 16:00
Balrog schestowitz: Office 08 for mac has no ribbon Apr 22 16:15
Balrog it’s bloated though, but MS took out VBA Apr 22 16:15
schestowitz I see…. Apr 22 16:24
schestowitz Why no Ribb0n? Apr 22 16:24
schestowitz Does it have Strup0n? Apr 22 16:24
schestowitz iRibbon :-) Apr 22 16:24
Balrog no, they left the menu-based system Apr 22 16:25
Balrog remember the apple HIG :) Apr 22 16:25
Balrog that’s what MS copied (mostly) in the first place (Windows) Apr 22 16:25
Balrog about OOXML windows / mac; I haven’t seen such problems Apr 22 16:29
Balrog but then again, I don’t use it Apr 22 16:29
schestowitz Miguel is recommending Microsoft books in his blog: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/… Apr 22 16:29
schestowitz This guy is insane Apr 22 16:29
Balrog heh Apr 22 16:29
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schestowitz The Wiki being in the front now < http://boycottnovell.com/ > is reason to organise it faster and ensure visitors return to it… if only I had the time Apr 22 16:44
*tony-montana has quit (Client Quit) Apr 22 16:44
schestowitz Response to Linus-rc3: “It was suspected for some time, and now it’s official.Linus does upgrade himself.” http://lkml.org/lkml/2009/4/22/89 http://boycottnovell.com/2009… Apr 22 16:46
*mib_b68jbw (i=7664ba34@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-96414f190b1d16b3) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 22 16:46
Balrog ECIS article on slashdot Apr 22 16:47
schestowitz trmanco: did Gregg Keizer seed the 12 (4 critical) #? It’s in IDG Apr 22 16:48
schestowitz Balrog: which one do they cite? Apr 22 16:48
schestowitz Balrog: which copy? Apr 22 16:48
Balrog PJ Apr 22 16:48
schestowitz OK Apr 22 16:48
schestowitz Good Apr 22 16:48
trmanco I don’t know who Gregg is Apr 22 16:48
Balrog http://news.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=… Apr 22 16:48
schestowitz I was going to do an HTML version of it myself Apr 22 16:48
schestowitz Glad that Grokaw did that Apr 22 16:49
Balrog PJ has an HTML version Apr 22 16:49
Balrog (grokalw) Apr 22 16:49
schestowitz Lots of work cause of their layoff (footnotes) Apr 22 16:49
Balrog groklaw * Apr 22 16:49
schestowitz *layout, not layopffs Apr 22 16:49
Balrog yes. Apr 22 16:49
schestowitz trmanco: security coverage comes from him. Usually exaggerated Apr 22 16:49
Balrog what do you think of it? Apr 22 16:49
trmanco ah ok Apr 22 16:49
schestowitz Balrog: I saw it last week Apr 22 16:49
schestowitz Someone mailed it to me Apr 22 16:49
schestowitz I put some stuff about it in BN Apr 22 16:50
schestowitz And mentioned it in BN this morning too Apr 22 16:50
schestowitz Concise summary. Not complete, similar to COmes petition. Apr 22 16:50
schestowitz Almost the same structure too Apr 22 16:50
Balrog for it to be complete, it would probably have to be 100s of pages Apr 22 16:50
schestowitz But Comes didn’t have much about Linux Apr 22 16:50
Balrog where is the Comes petition? Apr 22 16:50
schestowitz Thw Wiki Apr 22 16:50
schestowitz I did it manually: http://boycottnovell.com/wiki/index.ph… Apr 22 16:51
Balrog I see. Apr 22 16:55
Balrog do you think this ECIS paper will cause anything to happen? Apr 22 16:55
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trmanco I’ll brb Apr 22 17:07
*trmanco has quit (“ERROR: crap-talking overflow – Aborting”) Apr 22 17:07
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*Eruaran (n=quassel@ has joined #boycottnovell Apr 22 17:25
Eruaran hello Apr 22 17:25
Eruaran Anyone been reading Groklaw ? Apr 22 17:25
Balrog yes. why? Apr 22 17:26
Eruaran ECIS Provides A History of Microsoft’s AntiCompetitive Behavior Apr 22 17:26
Eruaran nice to see Apr 22 17:26
schestowitz “Euro MPs have voted overwhelmingly to cut the cost of texting and using the internet on mobiles abroad.” http://news.bbc.co.uk/go/rss/-/1/h… Apr 22 17:28
schestowitz Eruaran: I liked PJ’s annotation of it, but I saw the document last week Apr 22 17:28
Eruaran I only just happened upon it tonight Apr 22 17:29
schestowitz See text in http://boycottnovell.com/2009/04/1… Apr 22 17:29
Eruaran I think I glanced at that one at work but didn’t get around to reading it properly Apr 22 17:31
*PetoKraus (n=pk@fsf/member/petokraus) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 22 17:34
schestowitz Another application that many Windows users love has just been ported to GNU/Linux: http://www.prlog.org/10221243-foxit-s… Apr 22 17:49
Balrog not FOSS though Apr 22 17:51
*Carl_Rover2k12 (n=me@ool-45732edc.dyn.optonline.net) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 22 17:54
Eruaran meh Apr 22 17:55
Eruaran I’ll use Okular Apr 22 17:55
Carl_Rover2k12 heh Apr 22 17:55
MinceR i thought there already was foxit reader for linux Apr 22 17:59
MinceR but it was unusable Apr 22 17:59
amarsh04 I can’t understand why Okular does so many hundreds of stat64 calls on start-up Apr 22 17:59
MinceR what files does it do them on? Apr 22 18:00
amarsh04 I’ll give it another spin and let you know Apr 22 18:04
amarsh04 besides startup files, a lot of fonts, icons Apr 22 18:07
amarsh04 thousands of calls on startup Apr 22 18:08
amarsh04 4392 calls on one startup, 2538 on a later one where they fixed a library Apr 22 18:08
*_Hicham_ (n=hicham@wana-121-245-12-196.wanamaroc.com) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 22 18:09
MinceR one call per file? Apr 22 18:13
MinceR hm, are you running it from kde? Apr 22 18:13
MinceR if not, it might start some daemons and build ksycoca and stuff like that Apr 22 18:13
MinceR (though i don’t know how kde4 changed that) Apr 22 18:14
amarsh04 yes, from kde Apr 22 18:15
Balrog schestowitz: can you put more stuff in ogg? My flash plugin is flaky here. Apr 22 18:15
schestowitz Balrog: sure Apr 22 18:15
schestowitz But I can’t do long vids Apr 22 18:15
schestowitz Like Linus Apr 22 18:15
Balrog because of hosting? Apr 22 18:15
schestowitz Also backup Apr 22 18:15
schestowitz My backups are already 3GB each dump Apr 22 18:16
Balrog you could decrease the bitrate to like 400, I suppose, and set up an exclusions list (or put such videos in an excluded directory) Apr 22 18:16
schestowitz Limit on account is not an issue. We have tend of gigs Apr 22 18:16
Balrog theora-thusnelda puts out higher-quality oggs at lower bitrates Apr 22 18:16
schestowitz Backups include public_html Apr 22 18:16
schestowitz There’s no way to exclude it, not that I know of Apr 22 18:17
Balrog what about using a symlink? Apr 22 18:17
Balrog will backing up copy the symlink or traverse the directory structure? Apr 22 18:17
schestowitz Digg Tries to Put DiggBar Controversy to Bed < http://www.webpronews.com/topnews/2009/04/… >. That site is still going? Apr 22 18:18
schestowitz Balrog: I haven’t tried Apr 22 18:18
Balrog schestowitz: Miguel de Icaza did say things about Gnote Apr 22 18:19
Balrog http://www.figuiere.net/hub/blo… Apr 22 18:19
Balrog read the comments Apr 22 18:19
schestowitz Core MySpace Executive Team “Definitely Out.” Expect Announcement Soon. < http://www.techcrunch.com/2009/04/21/core… > It’s Mur[der]DOCH! Apr 22 18:19
*zer0c00l has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)) Apr 22 18:19
Balrog they were closed pretty quickly … Apr 22 18:19
schestowitz It’s not his blog, Balrog Apr 22 18:19
Balrog I’ll be back later. Apr 22 18:19
Balrog no, but he made some comments on that blog Apr 22 18:19
*zer0c00l (n=zer0c00l@ has joined #boycottnovell Apr 22 18:19
schestowitz @miguel: “Frankly, I believe you sold out. So FSCK you.” (from Rex) Apr 22 18:20
schestowitz “The problem is in the patents. When Microsoft signs, in blood, that it will not sue anybody implementing or using any of its patents that might be in mono, then I’ll give it some consideration. However, given your buddy Balmer’s continuing diatribes and hatred for that virus, Linux, I’ll steer clear of the obvious traps, like mono. Apr 22 18:20
schestowitz Apr 22 18:20
schestowitz hub: “Enough. Comments closed.” Apr 22 18:21
Balrog heh yeah, Apr 22 18:21
MinceR blood isn’t legally binding Apr 22 18:22
schestowitz Sining with blood may be Apr 22 18:26
schestowitz *signing Apr 22 18:26
schestowitz Steveb and migueldi: blood brothas Apr 22 18:27
_Hicham_ Miguel de Icaza have signed with blood with MS Apr 22 18:30
Eruaran Anakin de Icaza Apr 22 18:32
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schestowitz Maplin gone insane http://www.blogicalthoughts.com/i… Apr 22 18:41
schestowitz South Carolina Court Awards $1.8 Million Libel Judgment Against Blogger < http://www.citmedialaw.org/blog/200… > UK libel law is the worst. Apr 22 18:45
schestowitz Big O’brothama: Judge to Rule on Domestic Spying < http://blog.wired.com/27bstroke6/2… > Apr 22 18:49
schestowitz Taser Sues Second Life Virtual World Creator Over Gun Sales  < http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?p… > Apr 22 18:54
schestowitz NSA Chief: ‘We Do Not Want to Run Cyber Security’ < http://blog.wired.com/27bstro… > Just get rid of backdoor-enabled software. Apr 22 18:57
tessier_ schestowitz: I don’t want them to run it either. Apr 22 18:58
tessier_ We need a public key infrastructure. Apr 22 18:58
tessier_ We need signed software packages and some accountability. Apr 22 18:58
tessier_ And NOT a centralized infrastructure. Apr 22 18:58
schestowitz Good riddance: http://www.eweek.com/c/a/Security/Adw… (Adware Firm Zango Shuts Doors) Apr 22 18:58
tessier_ We need GPG style web of trust. Apr 22 18:58
schestowitz tessier: yes, we talked about itr before Apr 22 18:58
schestowitz They already abuse survellence Apr 22 18:59
schestowitz From national security to sabotaging friendly protests for instance Apr 22 18:59
schestowitz Did you hear about the UK protest being foiled by the police and organisers arrested? Apr 22 18:59
schestowitz Environment activists Apr 22 18:59
schestowitz Botnet ‘ensnares government PCs’ < http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/te… > Apr 22 19:00
schestowitz How integrated iSOFT  is with Microsoft. I know they are connected, but just how much? Apr 22 19:01
schestowitz Microsoft and its legions of partners are trying to rip apart systems before FOSS takes over: http://www.itwire.com/conten… Apr 22 19:01
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schestowitz Old new: man leads nature to extinction: Millions pledged to stop bee deaths < http://edition.cnn.com/2009/TECH/sc… > Apr 22 19:11
schestowitz LinuxToday hit by Microsoft shills? Does Groklaw get them too? It complained about trolls. http://www.linuxtoday.com/news_sto… Apr 22 19:21
schestowitz Microsoft find new excuses for UnTrusted computing (Windows lockin): http://www.internetnews.com/secur… Apr 22 19:23
schestowitz Microsoft created this problem in the first place Apr 22 19:24
schestowitz tessier: this might interest you: http://www.linux-mag.com/id/7308/ (Linux Don’t Need No Stinkin’ ZFS: BTRFS Intro & Benchmarks) Apr 22 19:29
tessier_ schestowitz: Cool, thanks. I’m really looking forward to btrfs maturing. Apr 22 19:32
schestowitz What will Oracle do with zfs? Apr 22 19:37
schestowitz What about Solaris and OS X having some of it? And why would Oracle want to pay to maintain two such FSs? Apr 22 19:38
schestowitz NSA at RSA: http://www.schneier.com/blog/archiv… Apr 22 19:38
schestowitz Terror! < http://sierracharlie.wordpres… > Apr 22 19:39
*mib_3xw0n8 (i=58418c01@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-2f8eb376852a812e) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 22 19:39
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schestowitz “Border patrol alleged to have beat up and tazed pastor, smashed his car, on US soil” < http://www.boingboing.net/2009/04/1… > Apr 22 19:41
mib_3xw0n8 guess you read already about the 300m MS bribe for Russia? Apr 22 19:42
mib_3xw0n8 incredible… they still think that will help them Apr 22 19:43
mib_3xw0n8 oops have to logon with corrwct nick Apr 22 19:43
schestowitz “Now a fresh post-mortem examination has found he died of abdominal bleeding [after police attack]” http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/8004222.stm Apr 22 19:43
mib_2kldw9 mib_3xw0n8 mib_b68jbw mib_bs9bo5 mib_ey0o48 mib_nhm138 mib_vfvtjy MinceR Apr 22 19:43
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mib_2kldw9 mib_b68jbw mib_bs9bo5 mib_ey0o48 mib_nhm138 mib_vfvtjy Apr 22 19:43
*mib_ryw161 (i=58418c01@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-a9bdebe82ccc8e32) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 22 19:43
schestowitz Hey Apr 22 19:43
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*mib_24m6za (i=58418c01@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-f986a58cab439fd0) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 22 19:46
mib_24m6za dang i want to relogin with my real nick but cant even when I delete all cookies…. Apr 22 19:46
mib_24m6za anyway, MS will get tought a lesson in Russia Apr 22 19:47
mib_24m6za simply put they will take the money but go on their way Apr 22 19:47
schestowitz Yes Apr 22 19:47
schestowitz Russia shows Microsoft’s weakness Apr 22 19:48
mib_24m6za I am quite sure this 300m are one of the worst investments every of Ballmer Apr 22 19:48
schestowitz It can’t make people pay Apr 22 19:48
schestowitz So it dumps Apr 22 19:48
mib_24m6za my only concern is that the 300m are no cash but some wortless Windows copies or trainign classes Apr 22 19:48
schestowitz They did something similar in other countries like India Apr 22 19:48
schestowitz Yes Apr 22 19:48
schestowitz It’s worthless to them Apr 22 19:48
mib_24m6za leaving a steaming pile of cash? Apr 22 19:48
schestowitz See the link that says “Under no circumstance lose to Linux” Apr 22 19:49
schestowitz If Linux wins they get $0 Apr 22 19:49
mib_24m6za that was Munich… my home town :-) Apr 22 19:49
schestowitz So they might as well give Widnwos+office for $0 Apr 22 19:49
schestowitz Basically, here’s how it goes Apr 22 19:49
schestowitz One might say, Linux has no chance Apr 22 19:49
schestowitz Because Microsoft competes with $0 Windows Apr 22 19:49
schestowitz But that’s nonsense Apr 22 19:50
schestowitz Because sooner or later that becomes the price of WIndows Apr 22 19:50
schestowitz See the price of XP on subnotebooks Apr 22 19:50
schestowitz About $5 Apr 22 19:50
schestowitz because of LINUX Apr 22 19:50
mib_24m6za MS is actually paying for using Windows – said that already a 100 times… Asus speaker confirmed this in Germany Apr 22 19:50
schestowitz So they won’t be profitale for much longer Apr 22 19:50
mib_24m6za they charge 15 USD for Win XP Home but pay a per unit kickback Apr 22 19:50
mib_24m6za for every netbook sold Apr 22 19:50
schestowitz Ballmer has just taken a cheap shot at Oracle’s purchase of Sun saying it’s a sw company buying a hw company Apr 22 19:50
schestowitz He said MS would never do such a thing Apr 22 19:51
schestowitz But! Apr 22 19:51
mib_24m6za which is higher than the licence fee Apr 22 19:51
schestowitz Their sw becomes worthless Apr 22 19:51
schestowitz In the cost sense Apr 22 19:51
schestowitz So they tried to sell hw without success Apr 22 19:51
schestowitz Notably Zune and Xbox Apr 22 19:51
schestowitz They lost ?$billions Apr 22 19:51
mib_24m6za hey – I own a MS mouse – the best MS product I ever used :-) Apr 22 19:51
mib_24m6za mib_2kldw9 mib_bs9bo5 mib_ey0o48 mib_nhm138 mib_vfvtjy Apr 22 19:51
schestowitz mib_24m6za: can you get me that link? Apr 22 19:52
schestowitz Even in Deutsch? Apr 22 19:52
mib_24m6za yes they are shoveling money in thewir commercial grave so to say :-9 Apr 22 19:52
schestowitz I need to use that Apr 22 19:52
schestowitz mib_24m6za: please please find me that reference Apr 22 19:52
schestowitz From ASUS Apr 22 19:52
schestowitz I’d re-cite it a lot when the issue comes up Apr 22 19:52
mib_24m6za let me look this up it is buried somewhere here http://www.eee-pc.de/ Apr 22 19:52
mib_24m6za or should be there Apr 22 19:52
mib_24m6za was a user who mailed Asus why no Linux netbooks Apr 22 19:53
schestowitz That would change the whole way we think about this issue Apr 22 19:53
schestowitz That’s literally buying one’s market share Apr 22 19:53
mib_24m6za and they answered very frankly cause they get kickbacks :-) Apr 22 19:53
schestowitz It’s also antitrust issue (crime) Apr 22 19:53
schestowitz Which ought to be used by people Apr 22 19:53
mib_24m6za well but even if i find this post again (it is buried in a comment), it is not enough to proof anything Apr 22 19:54
mib_24m6za I will look to for this comment, but it is not enough to make a case around it – would have done this already :-) Apr 22 19:55
mib_24m6za but fits in the picture Apr 22 19:55
schestowitz For ref: Ballmer disses Oracle’s decision to buy Sun < http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/0… > Apr 22 19:56
mib_24m6za mib_2kldw9 mib_bs9bo5 mib_ey0o48 mib_nhm138 mib_vfvtjy Apr 22 19:56
schestowitz mib_24m6za: if you find it, I’ll repost it many times in many places and make noise about it :-p Apr 22 19:56
mib_24m6za I try :-) good night, want to continue test Ubuntu 9.04 – very nice so far… Apr 22 19:58
MinceR i’d be surprised if ballmer didn’t diss it Apr 22 19:58
*mib_24m6za has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) Apr 22 19:58
mib_2kldw9 mib_bs9bo5 mib_ey0o48 mib_nhm138 mib_vfvtjy MinceR Apr 22 19:59
*mib_b68jbw (i=7c526a0b@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-019d2de2fbaff070) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 22 20:00
schestowitz MinceR: “I’ve got my kids brainwashed: You don’t use Google, and you don’t use an iPod.” Steve Ballmer (on CNN) Apr 22 20:00
MinceR indeed Apr 22 20:00
MinceR and i’d agree with those things to some extent, but i know he forces them to use inferior alternatives. Apr 22 20:00
schestowitz Think: I’ve got my customers brainwashed. No Lunix or I f*g sue you Apr 22 20:00
schestowitz That chap of yours ought to have tossed hot goulash, not eggs. It has better range and covers more area on impact Apr 22 20:02
schestowitz How To Upgrade From Ext3 To Ext4 Without Formatting The Hard Disk < http://maketecheasier.com/how-to-upgrade-from-ex… > Apr 22 20:02
schestowitz How To Upgrade From Ext3 To Ext4 Without Losing Many Tiny Files ;-p Apr 22 20:03
MinceR he should have tossed some powerful acid or base Apr 22 20:03
MinceR or a grenade Apr 22 20:03
MinceR the world would be better without ballmer Apr 22 20:03
amarsh04 where I used to work I read all the materials safety data sheets – smallest lethal dose of caustic soda was 5 grams Apr 22 20:04
amarsh04 the site used to have concentrated cyanide also Apr 22 20:05
schestowitz TuxMachines ought to publish items critical of Microsoft more often. Linux sites should not be shy to show what the single most vicious company is doing to stifle GNU/Linux adoption. Apr 22 20:05
amarsh04 but what they really warned us about for site safety was molten aluminium trapping water Apr 22 20:05
schestowitz “concentrated cyanide” kind of like “big dinosaur” Apr 22 20:06
amarsh04 as in solid form… now that site only obtains it and uses it in weak solution Apr 22 20:07
schestowitz Firefox 3.0.9 security and stability release now available < https://developer.mozilla.org/devnews/inde… >. No update from ‘Driva yet. Apr 22 20:07
MinceR the ‘Driva at da ‘Wheel? ;) Apr 22 20:08
*PetoKraus has quit (Remote closed the connection) Apr 22 20:08
schestowitz http://pclinuxos2007.blogspot… “PS: We have installed PCLinuxOS 2007 and 2009.1 in our office desktops after the disappointing experience with Fedora. There has been no glitches so far.” Apr 22 20:09
mib_2kldw9 mib_b68jbw mib_bs9bo5 mib_ey0o48 mib_nhm138 mib_vfvtjy MinceR Apr 22 20:09
schestowitz the driva is a “man” Apr 22 20:09
schestowitz COnnectiva Apr 22 20:09
schestowitz I hate people who are like that: http://www.workswithu.com/2009/04/21/w… Apr 22 20:10
MinceR perhaps there should be _another_ video about the practical reasons Apr 22 20:16
MinceR gnu/linux certainly has a practical edge, too Apr 22 20:16
*mib_bs9bo5 has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) Apr 22 20:17
mib_2kldw9 mib_b68jbw mib_ey0o48 mib_nhm138 mib_vfvtjy MinceR Apr 22 20:18
schestowitz MinceR: yes, the two are not mutually exclusive Apr 22 20:18
schestowitz Besides, some people fancy the idea of being in control, esp. now with DRM, UAC, etc. Apr 22 20:18
Balrog maybe we’ll see gnu/solaris soon, and workable (not just nexenta) … depending on what Oracle does with the code… Apr 22 20:19
Balrog Debian already has a ‘gnu/FreeBSD’ distro Apr 22 20:19
schestowitz South Korean Economic Blogger Acquitted (For Now) < http://techdirt.com/articles/2… > Apr 22 20:20
schestowitz Balrog: why would Oracle develop two competing products? Apr 22 20:20
schestowitz It already has Unbreakable (ripoff) and it works (well, RHEL works) Apr 22 20:20
Balrog I know. But most Oracle installs are on Solaris, AFAIK Apr 22 20:24
Balrog and there may be some good things in the Solaris code Apr 22 20:24
schestowitz Nope, Linux Apr 22 20:25
schestowitz Like 80% IIRC Apr 22 20:25
schestowitz Or maybe I neglect Windows here Apr 22 20:25
schestowitz Search their Web site, you’ll get figs Apr 22 20:25
schestowitz Had Linux had advertising, it would rave a lot more about companies like SAP, Oracle, Google, etc. deploying on GNU/Linux Apr 22 20:26
schestowitz Marketing MATTER Apr 22 20:26
schestowitz Apple makes lots of noise with puny market share in several immature areas Apr 22 20:26
schestowitz MS sells biz sw Apr 22 20:26
schestowitz Including server side like Excahnge that depends on desktop use Apr 22 20:27
schestowitz Thus it DUMPS to block Linux on the DESKTOP Apr 22 20:27
schestowitz To demoralise desktops devs in GNOME and KDE Apr 22 20:27
Balrog Apple was working with Sun recently. They have been using Java and Solaris for the backend Apr 22 20:28
Balrog and ZFS, and dtrace, and all Apr 22 20:28
schestowitz Hmm.. Apr 22 20:33
schestowitz Mand’ has mysql update, but no ff3.09 yet Apr 22 20:33
schestowitz *3.0.9 Apr 22 20:33
schestowitz Balrog: yes, I know. Sucks to be Apple right now ;-) Apr 22 20:33
schestowitz Balrog: I suppose you saw it, but someone says that “Microsoft Pays ASUS Kickbacks to Block GNU/Linux.” Will EU Commission Step in? Proof soon…. Apr 22 20:37
zoobab01 Microsoft Pays ASUS Kickbacks to Block GNU/Linux = evidence? Apr 22 20:38
Balrog I’m sure Oracle will work together with Apple … Apr 22 20:38
zoobab01 all those deals under the table are secret Apr 22 20:38
schestowitz One of my fav games:http://www.dzone.com/links/rss/sarien_… (Leisure Suit Larry in Javascript, and it’s open source!) Apr 22 20:44
schestowitz zoobab01: I’m waiting for the evidence Apr 22 20:44
schestowitz A guy from Germany saw it in a site Apr 22 20:44
schestowitz Supposedly a letter from ASUS or E-mail reply Apr 22 20:44
schestowitz Hard to verify though. Scroll up Apr 22 20:44
schestowitz Balrog: Oracle and Apple have things in common and both are vicious too Apr 22 20:45
*schestowitz wonder what OS Ellison users. Dell has a Linux laptops Apr 22 20:45
schestowitz *laptop Apr 22 20:45
Balrog yes, but one targets the consumer end, the other targets the server end Apr 22 20:45
Balrog Apple does dabble into servers, but that’s a very small percentage of their sales Apr 22 20:46
schestowitz More abuse of the term “open-source”: http://news.prnewswire.com/DisplayRel… They pollute feeds with inappropriate terminology. Apr 22 20:47
schestowitz Balrog: does Apple even (still) advertise servers? Apr 22 20:47
schestowitz They failed badly for all I can twell Apr 22 20:47
schestowitz Same with Apple’s TV attempt (PVR) Apr 22 20:47
schestowitz Apple has many products that bombed Apr 22 20:48
Balrog Apple TV was a ‘hobby’ … at least they called it that themselves Apr 22 20:48
schestowitz Google also Apr 22 20:48
Balrog it never was meant to sell well Apr 22 20:48
Balrog (and it’s not a PVR) Apr 22 20:48
schestowitz Balrog: hehe. Hobby. That’s what a person or company rather might call when something goes the wrong way Apr 22 20:48
schestowitz Remember Singularity? Apr 22 20:48
schestowitz MS: “it’s just a research project”  *LOL Apr 22 20:49
schestowitz Balrog: sure, sure… wasn’t supposed to sell well? Apr 22 20:49
Balrog well, did MS ever ship? Apr 22 20:49
schestowitz So what do investors have to say about it ? Apr 22 20:49
schestowitz I’m just pulling your leg BTW :-) Apr 22 20:49
schestowitz But it’s PR Apr 22 20:49
schestowitz They always twist defeats to make them look benign, if not make them look like victories Apr 22 20:50
schestowitz Like Microsoft getting dumped by Digg Apr 22 20:50
schestowitz They pretended nothing happened Apr 22 20:50
Balrog well it wasn’t a total failure (the apple TV) Apr 22 20:50
schestowitz All the MS VPs jumping ship (almost Apr 22 20:50
schestowitz Microsoft spun this too as good news Apr 22 20:50
schestowitz “Wow! People get promoted now.” Apr 22 20:50
schestowitz Balrog: at least Apple gives up early Apr 22 20:51
schestowitz Unlike Microsoft Apr 22 20:51
schestowitz Watch the MSN money sink Apr 22 20:51
schestowitz or ZUNE Apr 22 20:51
schestowitz Oh, tah[sic] Zune !!1 Apr 22 20:51
schestowitz They still try to bring it back from the grave Apr 22 20:51
schestowitz Like taking a 95 y-o for another kidney transplant from a teenage donor Apr 22 20:52
Balrog heh, ‘zune hd’ Apr 22 20:52
Balrog but it’s too late now Apr 22 20:52
schestowitz Microsoft has a real HUBRIS for APPLE Apr 22 20:52
schestowitz It’ll never pull the plug on ZUNE without screaming Apr 22 20:52
schestowitz It’s their pride Apr 22 20:52
*mib_kjg6ts (i=c0a314e8@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-502af400aed10f2c) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 22 20:53
schestowitz Balrog: haha. Apr 22 20:53
schestowitz The Zune ads Apr 22 20:53
schestowitz I forgot all about them Apr 22 20:53
schestowitz Let me find.. Apr 22 20:53
schestowitz HAHAHA. Found it: http://www.youtube.com/watch… Apr 22 20:54
schestowitz Microsoft uses a penis with legs to sell music players Apr 22 20:54
schestowitz Check the comments Apr 22 20:55
schestowitz That’s quite some legacy for a dead product when it die Apr 22 20:55
schestowitz *dies Apr 22 20:55
Balrog heh Apr 22 20:57
schestowitz it’s odd to see Sun issuing press release after being bought:  Sun Microsystems and SAFEA Announce Open Source Collaboration to Benefit China’s Higher Education < http://www.businesswire.com/portal/s… > Apr 22 20:57
*magentar has quit (“cu in hell”) Apr 22 20:58
*magentar (n=magentar@ has joined #boycottnovell Apr 22 20:58
schestowitz Paul Krill uses a troll headline: “Is Java as we know it doomed?” Apr 22 20:59
schestowitz One of those “let’s troll/provoke” headlines “but add quuestion mark. Apr 22 21:00
*mib_kjg6ts has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) Apr 22 21:00
*zer0c00l (n=zer0c00l@ has joined #boycottnovell Apr 22 21:13
*mib_b68jbw has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) Apr 22 21:19
trmanco http://www.osor.eu/news/dk-mun… Apr 22 21:23
*mib_b68jbw (i=7c526a0b@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-f277a82120cb84fa) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 22 21:25
schestowitz trmanco: thanks, I missed it Apr 22 21:28
trmanco :) you’re welcome Apr 22 21:28
schestowitz I should post some stuff to COLA. Stuffin’ the trolls. Apr 22 21:29
trmanco hehe Apr 22 21:30
schestowitz zoobab01: http://techdirt.com/articl… http://blogs.uct.ac.za/blog/gray-a… Apr 22 21:31
tessier_ Trolling the trolls is a waste of your time. Apr 22 21:32
tessier_ COLA itself is pretty much a waste of time. Apr 22 21:32
tessier_ The people who we might hope to influence do not read it. Apr 22 21:32
schestowitz tessier: not trolling the trolls Apr 22 21:33
schestowitz Just posting on-topic stuff there Apr 22 21:33
tessier_ Is Java as we know it doomed? Apr 22 21:33
tessier_ Oracle-Sun deal raises questions about future control of the open-source technology Apr 22 21:33
tessier_ Open-source technology? Apr 22 21:33
schestowitz Which upsets trolls who want to ruin and derail the place Apr 22 21:33
tessier_ Where can I download the tgz? Apr 22 21:33
tessier_ They have already ruined and derailed the place. Abandon it. Apr 22 21:33
*trmanco has quit (Remote closed the connection) Apr 22 21:39
*trmanco (n=trmanco@bl8-49-194.dsl.telepac.pt) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 22 21:40
Balrog tessier_: which tgz? Apr 22 21:57
tessier_ Balrog: The java tgz Apr 22 21:57
*zer0c00l has quit (“gonna sleep”) Apr 22 21:57
tessier_ The one with the compiler, jvm, etc code in it. Apr 22 21:57
tessier_ The one which a direct link could be pasted to if it was really open source software Apr 22 21:58
Balrog you mean openJDK (the one under gpl)? Apr 22 21:59
Balrog http://download.java.net/… and http://download.java.net/openjdk/jdk6/ Apr 22 22:00
Balrog you need the source and the binary ‘plugs’ for the components that are not yet foss Apr 22 22:00
Balrog the binary ‘plugs’ are a tiny 60 K though. Apr 22 22:01
Balrog (the binary class is com/sun/tools/extractor) Apr 22 22:02
Balrog that’s all; everything else is GPL2 Apr 22 22:02
Balrog tessier_: all right? Apr 22 22:02
tessier_ uh Apr 22 22:03
tessier_ So can I or can’t I get a usable system out of those? Apr 22 22:03
tessier_ And are we granted patent licenses for any patents that might apply? Apr 22 22:03
Balrog not sure about patents. it’s GPL v2 Apr 22 22:03
tessier_ Why doesn’t Fedora and RHEL etc come with java as a package? Apr 22 22:04
Balrog openjdk is available as a package in ubuntu Apr 22 22:04
Balrog ‘openjdk-6-jre’ for the JRE and ‘openjdk-6-jdk’ for the compiler and all Apr 22 22:04
Balrog on Fedora 9 and newer it’s java-1.6.0-openjdk and java-1.6.0-openjdk-devel Apr 22 22:05
Balrog see http://openjdk.java.net/install/ Apr 22 22:05
*mib_ey0o48 has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) Apr 22 22:12
*mib_ey0o48 (i=54c30a28@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-deb86d79c2f49b1a) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 22 22:13
*trmanco has quit (“ERROR: crap-talking overflow – Aborting”) Apr 22 22:19
*wispygalaxy (i=9f5b894f@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-de2c961c633440c4) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 22 22:21
wispygalaxy hello everyone :) Apr 22 22:21
schestowitz Howdy Apr 22 22:22
wispygalaxy heyyy roy! Apr 22 22:22
Balrog hi Apr 22 22:22
wispygalaxy sup balrog? Apr 22 22:22
Balrog I have a calc exam in 15 min. :( Apr 22 22:22
wispygalaxy oh geez :( Apr 22 22:22
wispygalaxy good luck! Apr 22 22:22
Balrog thanks :) Apr 22 22:22
schestowitz Is use of the Internet allowed? Apr 22 22:22
schestowitz Here’s a thought… Apr 22 22:22
wispygalaxy you’re welcome :D Apr 22 22:23
Balrog …where? Apr 22 22:23
schestowitz You know open book exams? Apr 22 22:23
wispygalaxy yep Apr 22 22:23
wispygalaxy love those Apr 22 22:23
Balrog this is a calc exam. math. no open book at all Apr 22 22:23
schestowitz They should do the same with the Web Apr 22 22:23
Balrog no notes, nothing Apr 22 22:23
schestowitz The idea is that you have means and methods Apr 22 22:23
Balrog just calc Apr 22 22:23
schestowitz You need to be educated to use the means Apr 22 22:23
schestowitz Not to memorise Apr 22 22:23
Balrog yeah, my programming class has open book exams Apr 22 22:23
schestowitz Einstein said asomething along the lines of, “if I can look it up, I needn’t remember it” Apr 22 22:23
Balrog yes. Apr 22 22:23
schestowitz And it’s true in many aspects of our lives Apr 22 22:23
schestowitz You can use Google Apr 22 22:23
wispygalaxy i had one in my AP economics class- but we could only bring in notes (not a textbook) Apr 22 22:24
schestowitz But having no sufficient understanding won’t help you Apr 22 22:24
wispygalaxy google has everything these days Apr 22 22:24
schestowitz Same with programming Apr 22 22:24
schestowitz On a PC with documentation Apr 22 22:24
wispygalaxy RTFM haha Apr 22 22:24
schestowitz You can stille examine to see programming techniques Apr 22 22:24
wispygalaxy no one has told me that yet haha Apr 22 22:24
schestowitz It’s funnt listening to radio shows Apr 22 22:24
schestowitz Where they have questions.. Apr 22 22:24
schestowitz Because Google is fast enough to allow cheating Apr 22 22:25
wispygalaxy einstein never memorized his phone number, i think Apr 22 22:25
schestowitz But that’s OK Apr 22 22:25
wispygalaxy google saves the day! Apr 22 22:25
schestowitz The way I see it, it’s like fighting sharing or the Net Apr 22 22:25
schestowitz These days we have computers Apr 22 22:25
schestowitz People need to be assumed to have them at exams Apr 22 22:25
schestowitz Not crippled by taken off them Apr 22 22:25
schestowitz wispygalaxy: I don’t know my phone numbers, either Apr 22 22:25
schestowitz I haven’t known it for years (none of them) Apr 22 22:26
wispygalaxy really?!?! Apr 22 22:26
schestowitz But it’s on my Palm Apr 22 22:26
schestowitz Well, I never phone MYSELF,, so… Apr 22 22:26
wispygalaxy ahhhh i see Apr 22 22:26
Balrog I know a few phone numbers. it’s quite useful if your phone dies &c. Apr 22 22:26
wispygalaxy hahaha Apr 22 22:26
schestowitz I need to remember it only to give it to others Apr 22 22:26
Balrog schestowitz: even a calc exam? here, not even calculators are allowed Apr 22 22:26
schestowitz Balrog: I know phone #s, but not mine Apr 22 22:26
schestowitz I remember codes and numbers visually Apr 22 22:26
wispygalaxy my sister’s address book on her cell phone is filled up Apr 22 22:26
schestowitz Like paths on a dial Apr 22 22:26
amarsh04 one teacher I had at high school told of a student losing his exam paper amongst all the material he took in for an open book exam Apr 22 22:26
wispygalaxy what a chatterbox! Apr 22 22:26
schestowitz Same with the password on the gym’s locker Apr 22 22:26
amarsh04 my only truly open book exam was engineering drawing Apr 22 22:27
schestowitz I can’t tell the number. I do it visually. Apr 22 22:27
wispygalaxy once i was taking a standardized test in 10th grade and almost forgot my ID number Apr 22 22:27
wispygalaxy i just blanked out Apr 22 22:27
Balrog lol Apr 22 22:27
wispygalaxy i know, why does that happen at the wrong time?! Apr 22 22:27
Balrog well I’d better go. 1.5 hours, this is. Apr 22 22:27
schestowitz wispygalaxy: you have IDs? Apr 22 22:27
schestowitz You mean SSN? Apr 22 22:27
Balrog of course. They don’t use ssn here Apr 22 22:27
wispygalaxy i have a college ID, but you use it to swipe Apr 22 22:27
amarsh04 I can still remember being 61419L for year 12, and 810739V for university Apr 22 22:28
wispygalaxy nope, no SSN here either Apr 22 22:28
wispygalaxy that’s cool, amarsh Apr 22 22:28
schestowitz amarsh04: they need to move on with the times Apr 22 22:28
Balrog talk later Apr 22 22:28
schestowitz People have gadgets Apr 22 22:28
wispygalaxy see ya! Apr 22 22:28
schestowitz Like calculators Apr 22 22:28
schestowitz No abacus or such stuff Apr 22 22:28
wispygalaxy hope you do well, balrog.  go get em! Apr 22 22:28
Balrog yeah, none of those things in calc exams …… Apr 22 22:28
Balrog :) Apr 22 22:28
schestowitz Good luck. Apr 22 22:28
Balrog thanks. Apr 22 22:28
amarsh04 these exams were in the 1980s, I’m 45 now Apr 22 22:28
wispygalaxy graphing calcs are my friend Apr 22 22:28
wispygalaxy i had AP calc tests 2 years ago Apr 22 22:29
schestowitz amarsh04: a lot younger than my dad :–) Apr 22 22:29
Balrog I like ti89 :) ….. talk later. Apr 22 22:29
amarsh04 all the best Balrog Apr 22 22:29
wispygalaxy bye for now! Apr 22 22:29
wispygalaxy i still have my good old ti-83. i use it a lot for finance class Apr 22 22:29
amarsh04 in year 12 the classroom had a TI59, I had a canon fx83 Apr 22 22:30
wispygalaxy now i dont have to look up numbers in charts in back of the textbook, i just use my calculator Apr 22 22:30
wispygalaxy cool, vintage electronics Apr 22 22:30
wispygalaxy my dad hangs onto his calculator from the early ’70s Apr 22 22:30
schestowitz I gave all mine away Apr 22 22:31
amarsh04 at uni I had a casio fx702p Apr 22 22:31
schestowitz My Palm has a scientific caculator Apr 22 22:31
wispygalaxy roy, you are charitable haha. ;) Apr 22 22:31
schestowitz UnlikeiPhone, it also have *gasp* cut and paste Apr 22 22:31
amarsh04 still glad that I missed slide rules but learned to use log books Apr 22 22:31
wispygalaxy cut and paste FTW Apr 22 22:31
schestowitz wispygalaxy: no, it was more like dumping it. Not a gift Apr 22 22:31
wispygalaxy whenever i do research online, it helps a lot to cut n paste Apr 22 22:31
wispygalaxy and then paraphrase Apr 22 22:31
wispygalaxy oh i see haha roy Apr 22 22:32
wispygalaxy my mom gives away a lot of our old clothes, believe me there were A LOT of it.  3 daughters in the house haha Apr 22 22:32
wispygalaxy slide rules- that sounds familiar Apr 22 22:33
wispygalaxy never used it, though Apr 22 22:33
schestowitz wispygalaxy: that defeats the purpose Apr 22 22:34
schestowitz Mashups are fine as they are with atteribution Apr 22 22:34
schestowitz The worst one can do IMHO is obfuscate sources and calsim them his/her own Apr 22 22:34
schestowitz That defeats the point… Apr 22 22:34
schestowitz Think about how the Net enables Google to syndicate and string news Apr 22 22:34
wispygalaxy google news is helpful Apr 22 22:35
schestowitz Lessig calls it “Remix” Apr 22 22:35
schestowitz It’s also common in video Apr 22 22:35
wispygalaxy cool Apr 22 22:35
schestowitz But then, here’s a thought: Apr 22 22:35
schestowitz I heard it in several place and it’s worth learning Apr 22 22:35
wispygalaxy this is why i hate writing papers- too much info to lookup and organize Apr 22 22:35
schestowitz All things we say (output) are aggregations of input Apr 22 22:35
schestowitz Some is natually not memorised Apr 22 22:36
wispygalaxy like a blender Apr 22 22:36
schestowitz But it’s internalised Apr 22 22:36
schestowitz We then adopt speech patterns too Apr 22 22:36
schestowitz This too gets blended Apr 22 22:36
wispygalaxy it’s like a game of telephone Apr 22 22:36
schestowitz So we ‘copy’ methods of talking Apr 22 22:36
schestowitz As well as ideas Apr 22 22:36
*jose (n=jose@adsl-233-171-190.mia.bellsouth.net) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 22 22:36
schestowitz Teachers give us this knowledge for free Apr 22 22:36
wispygalaxy one sec roy- cell phone Apr 22 22:36
schestowitz We aggregate/mash it up, then redo the knowledge Apr 22 22:36
schestowitz That too is why patents are insane Apr 22 22:36
schestowitz They merely built upon works of several others Apr 22 22:37
schestowitz Hey, jose Apr 22 22:37
jose hey.. (i won’t stay long) Apr 22 22:37
schestowitz THat RMS video was widely cited. Apr 22 22:37
schestowitz Got us 10gb of traffic yesterday Apr 22 22:37
tessier_ Ah, it seems openjdk IS available in F10. And it comes with the browser plugin. FINALLY. Apr 22 22:37
jose which rms video? Apr 22 22:37
schestowitz tessier: yes, it does Apr 22 22:38
jose http://www.linuxtoday.com/it_man… Apr 22 22:38
schestowitz It was planned last year Apr 22 22:38
schestowitz Ubuntu too Apr 22 22:38
schestowitz I think I showed you Sun’s press release even Apr 22 22:38
jose see the comments in above link Apr 22 22:38
schestowitz jose: the video you commented on Apr 22 22:38
amarsh04 that reminds me, I still have to track down some information for rms after commenting on his blog posting on the Victorian bushfires Apr 22 22:38
schestowitz With Ogg Apr 22 22:38
schestowitz Stallman on Beethoven in  Germany Apr 22 22:39
jose “foss can’t be safer because everyone sees the code” Apr 22 22:39
jose ok Apr 22 22:39
jose i really liked it Apr 22 22:39
wispygalaxy hi jose Apr 22 22:39
jose hey Apr 22 22:40
wispygalaxy so you saw that rms vid Apr 22 22:40
jose schestowitz, the comments are repetitive with two little themes Apr 22 22:40
jose basically, secrets should be kept from attackers.. not from you Apr 22 22:40
schestowitz jose: say hi to wispygalaxy. She too is USian :-) Apr 22 22:41
schestowitz ( Mincer says “usian”.. sounds funny) Apr 22 22:41
wispygalaxy hahaha! Apr 22 22:41
jose and you want to use weapons and armor that have withstood the test of fire even if you then get chicken and hide in the shadow Apr 22 22:41
wispygalaxy north american, to be exact :) Apr 22 22:41
schestowitz Sounds like Eurasian :-) 2984… Apr 22 22:41
schestowitz *2984… Apr 22 22:41
schestowitz *1984… Apr 22 22:41
wispygalaxy 1984 Apr 22 22:41
schestowitz I can’t type it right Apr 22 22:41
wispygalaxy awwwwww Apr 22 22:41
jose schestowitz, “hey” means the same thing as “hi” Apr 22 22:41
schestowitz jose: I know :-) Apr 22 22:42
schestowitz Just thought I’d introduce anyway Apr 22 22:42
wispygalaxy remember the never-ending war in that book Apr 22 22:42
MinceR well, “american” is incorrect Apr 22 22:42
wispygalaxy the party is always at war with someone Apr 22 22:42
MinceR there’s more to america than just the usa Apr 22 22:42
jose ah, now I remember you, wispygalaxy Apr 22 22:42
schestowitz Yes, got to keep the military moving money and arms Apr 22 22:42
MinceR so i say usian ;) Apr 22 22:42
wispygalaxy cool jose Apr 22 22:42
MinceR (i didn’t invent that word, btw) Apr 22 22:42
wispygalaxy hey mincer Apr 22 22:42
schestowitz And the constructyion going too… mending what’s beign destoryed Apr 22 22:42
MinceR hay wispygalaxy Apr 22 22:42
jose you were talking with some others and ubuntu distro and i think kde was what you were commenting on Apr 22 22:42
schestowitz Like in Iraq… bomb bridged.., then pay billions to Halliburton et al to pretend they rebuild them Apr 22 22:43
schestowitz The economics of war Apr 22 22:43
schestowitz Broken Windows threory Apr 22 22:43
wispygalaxy about kde, yes i remember that Apr 22 22:43
schestowitz A shame that people die too in this vicious cycle Apr 22 22:43
wispygalaxy there needs to be an excuse to control people, so say that there is an enemy Apr 22 22:43
schestowitz http://www.youtube.com/watc… Apr 22 22:44
schestowitz wispygalaxy: the enemy is inside Apr 22 22:44
schestowitz Not outside Apr 22 22:44
wispygalaxy i meant to put the enemy in quotes Apr 22 22:44
schestowitz But outside you can 1) exploit 2) use to distract the population, directing dissent outwards Apr 22 22:44
schestowitz *exploit as in use their resources Apr 22 22:44
schestowitz Which they have no right to, despite living on tiop of them (mineral, oil, etc) Apr 22 22:45
wispygalaxy i know we are being shafted by the guys up top Apr 22 22:45
schestowitz wispygalaxy: no enemy Apr 22 22:45
schestowitz Like in the book Apr 22 22:45
schestowitz The “Eurasian enemy” Apr 22 22:45
schestowitz Always sying enemy Apr 22 22:45
schestowitz To daemonise Apr 22 22:45
wispygalaxy mind control via the manipulation of words Apr 22 22:45
schestowitz US general calls adversaries Apr 22 22:45
schestowitz Which is a synonym Apr 22 22:45
schestowitz *call it Apr 22 22:45
wispygalaxy euphemism Apr 22 22:45
wispygalaxy speaking of 1984, we had to create a skit depicting a scene from the book.  it was supposed to be a serious project, but everyone’s presentations were so hilarious Apr 22 22:47
wispygalaxy i played winston’s girlfriend, if i remember exactly lol Apr 22 22:47
wispygalaxy have you read ‘animal farm’, roy? Apr 22 22:48
schestowitz wispygalaxy: nope. Apr 22 22:52
schestowitz Not the book Apr 22 22:52
wispygalaxy my sister got the movie, but i never got around to seeing it Apr 22 22:52
wispygalaxy it looks scary, actually Apr 22 22:52
schestowitz winston’s girlfriend: winston’s girlfriend Apr 22 22:52
schestowitz http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=… Apr 22 22:53
schestowitz NSFW :-| Apr 22 22:53
wispygalaxy LOL ;) Apr 22 22:53
wispygalaxy are you going to try out ubuntu tomorrow? Apr 22 22:54
amarsh04 just listening to rms videoes now… works alright (although not in sync) on this PII-266 Apr 22 22:54
wispygalaxy i wish obama hired him Apr 22 22:55
schestowitz OBAMAA is w/ the MAFIAA Apr 22 22:55
schestowitz (and Biden’s MAFIAA) Apr 22 22:55
schestowitz Nader might pick someone like RMS, who endorses him Apr 22 22:56
schestowitz Kucinich maybe too Apr 22 22:56
wispygalaxy i voted for nader when we had mock elections in 2004 back in high school Apr 22 22:56
wispygalaxy he did surprisingly well Apr 22 22:56
wispygalaxy bush beat kerry by a teensy bit, though Apr 22 22:57
wispygalaxy my dad took a political quiz online, and he agrees with Kucinich 100% Apr 22 22:57
amarsh04 rms did a fairly good job of splitting his sentences for his interpreter Apr 22 22:58
wispygalaxy that’s nice of him Apr 22 22:59
wispygalaxy when you know your words are being translated, make sure you are speaking slowly Apr 22 22:59
schestowitz Or transcribed Apr 22 23:01
schestowitz There’s plan for errr and hmmm… Apr 22 23:01
schestowitz But when you utter a word, it’s there. Apr 22 23:01
schestowitz So better take time to think it through Apr 22 23:01
amarsh04 also one has to speak complete clauses or sentences Apr 22 23:02
wispygalaxy yes, i try not to say ‘like’ Apr 22 23:02
amarsh04 how did it come across to you schestowitz as someone who knew both languages? Apr 22 23:02
*_spc_ (n=spc_@eth-188.243-homell.natm.ru) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 22 23:04
wispygalaxy in a formal discussion setting, it’s important to speak in full sentences, i think Apr 22 23:04
wispygalaxy but when you are with friends, you can speak casually/ with slang Apr 22 23:05
wispygalaxy what will happen to java, since oracle bought it? Apr 22 23:11
wispygalaxy i hope it stays open Apr 22 23:11
_spc_ yeah, it also will become a coffee Apr 22 23:12
wispygalaxy mmmmmmm Apr 22 23:12
wispygalaxy lol Apr 22 23:12
wispygalaxy have we met before?  i’m wispy Apr 22 23:12
wispygalaxy i know Schestowitz from Digg Apr 22 23:13
_spc_ yeah, i’m boo Apr 22 23:13
wispygalaxy ohhhhhhh i see haha Apr 22 23:13
wispygalaxy welcome back to the BN IRC channel Apr 22 23:14
_spc_ yeah, i’m quite often here Apr 22 23:14
_spc_ with diff nicknames though Apr 22 23:14
wispygalaxy i started using ‘wispy’ but i’m using ‘wispygalaxy’ from now on Apr 22 23:15
wispygalaxy i use this name everywhere Apr 22 23:15
_spc_ those fags in ##socialites banned me for being fags-intolerant Apr 22 23:15
wispygalaxy what is that channel like? Apr 22 23:15
_spc_ chat trash Apr 22 23:16
wispygalaxy the AIM chat rooms are very trashy, been there only once Apr 22 23:16
_spc_ 25% of talks about how gay they are Apr 22 23:16
_spc_ and if you point it out, you’re intolerant and should be banned Apr 22 23:16
wispygalaxy hmmm are they allowed to talk about their sex life in there? Apr 22 23:17
_spc_ yeah, any trash talk and foul words Apr 22 23:17
wispygalaxy well, i guess that channel is not your taste after all Apr 22 23:18
_spc_ seems like that Apr 22 23:18
_spc_ but i don’t like when i get banned for no sane reason or ops hypocricy Apr 22 23:19
_spc_ so i just ban evade Apr 22 23:19
wispygalaxy i guess some people like having complete control over a channel Apr 22 23:19
wispygalaxy it gets to their heads Apr 22 23:19
schestowitz balzac got banned from Ubuntu Apr 22 23:19
schestowitz For very minor things Apr 22 23:19
wispygalaxy poor balzac Apr 22 23:20
_spc_ freenode is becoming an almost total trash Apr 22 23:20
wispygalaxy where do we go now? Apr 22 23:20
amarsh04 fdfnet.net has been fairly good, and debian’s irc Apr 22 23:20
_spc_ except some channels Apr 22 23:20
wispygalaxy i’ll check that out, amarsh, thx Apr 22 23:20
amarsh04 irc.fdfnet.net channel #groklaw (-: Apr 22 23:21
wispygalaxy at least this channel is still cool, thanks roy!  hehe Apr 22 23:21
wispygalaxy pam’s channel, cool Apr 22 23:21
amarsh04 no official relationship but groklaw.net webmaster MathFox is a regular Apr 22 23:21
wispygalaxy so you get accurate info straight from him Apr 22 23:22
amarsh04 you get people who are very in tune with what has been covered in groklaw.net over the years Apr 22 23:23
wispygalaxy so it’s a good quality channel overall Apr 22 23:23
amarsh04 yes, usually multiple ops in channel Apr 22 23:25
tessier_ wispygalaxy: Not Pam’s channel. The topic on the channel explicitly says it is not associated with her. Apr 22 23:25
_spc_ multiple ops doesn’t mean good quality Apr 22 23:25
wispygalaxy oh ok, thank tessier Apr 22 23:25
_spc_ often the less the ops the better Apr 22 23:25
amarsh04 good in terms of banning spammers… no regulars get banned or behave in a fashion that would want others to ban them Apr 22 23:26
wispygalaxy since there are a lot of guys who know about groklaw, i figured they would give out better info than other guys Apr 22 23:26
_spc_ amarsh04, only lame channels like ##windows get spammed often Apr 22 23:26
wispygalaxy who wants to read that channel, anyway haha Apr 22 23:27
_spc_ :)) Apr 22 23:27
wispygalaxy spammers are very annoying. on Digg, they try to friend me all the time Apr 22 23:27
schestowitz Sorry if I’m slow now BTW. I’m busy preparing links for you guys (and wispygalaxy) Apr 22 23:27
wispygalaxy thanks for the present, haha ;) Apr 22 23:28
schestowitz Only in America will “you guys” cover girls too Apr 22 23:28
_spc_ may be ikonia is a girl too :) Apr 22 23:28
amarsh04 no worries schestowitz Apr 22 23:28
wispygalaxy :) Apr 22 23:28
schestowitz Gander doesn’t matter as much as the message Apr 22 23:28
amarsh04 and in .au schestowitz, even females talking to other females Apr 22 23:28
schestowitz But when banter comes up, then it’s good to clarify Apr 22 23:28
wispygalaxy yes, i am concerned about the message, not who the messenger is Apr 22 23:29
wispygalaxy yes, people don’t automatically assume i’m female at first Apr 22 23:29
schestowitz amarsh04: yup, we need more women in Free/libre software Apr 22 23:29
schestowitz Some of the speakers whom I follow on this subject are female, but only in the political arena Apr 22 23:29
_spc_ invite ##ubuntu-women Apr 22 23:29
amarsh04 yes, there are a few in .au schestowitz Apr 22 23:29
schestowitz They have the advbantage of not being attackable to the same degree Apr 22 23:30
wispygalaxy lol that’s an advantage Apr 22 23:30
schestowitz It’s hard for government to ban/imprison a white, adult, woman Apr 22 23:30
amarsh04 true schestowitz Apr 22 23:30
schestowitz Try doing activism as a male Muslim Apr 22 23:30
schestowitz They’d make it hard Apr 22 23:30
schestowitz Based on prejudice, which give ammuniation Apr 22 23:30
wispygalaxy it’s an ad-hominem attack, sadly Apr 22 23:31
schestowitz I wonder if PJ would be insulted more if she were not a female Apr 22 23:31
wispygalaxy hmm interesting point Apr 22 23:31
wispygalaxy she’s always referred to as ‘PJ’, not Pamela Apr 22 23:31
schestowitz A British sergeant  (IIRC) slapped a woman protester the other day Apr 22 23:32
schestowitz She pressed no charges but she was wqounded Apr 22 23:32
wispygalaxy if you are bigger than someone, then don’t try that crap Apr 22 23:32
schestowitz She protested against the attack on Ian, who dies as a bystanders after getting attacked by a policeman Apr 22 23:32
schestowitz Near my house there a stand distributing leaflets about it Apr 22 23:32
schestowitz      > if you are bigger than someone, then don’t try that crap Apr 22 23:33
schestowitz Sometime it’s the opposite Apr 22 23:33
schestowitz It’s a bully inferiority complex Apr 22 23:33
wispygalaxy people should stand up for themselves, it’s very effective Apr 22 23:33
schestowitz If they are law enforcers or spooks, they’ll want to bully uou more Apr 22 23:33
schestowitz Just watch what happens to big people in prison Apr 22 23:33
wispygalaxy yes, picking on someone smaller than yourself makes you look pathetic Apr 22 23:33
*mib_ey0o48 has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) Apr 22 23:34
wispygalaxy uh oh, haha Apr 22 23:34
amarsh04 well, I’m about 56 kg (-: Apr 22 23:34
wispygalaxy good to keep in shape, i see :) Apr 22 23:35
schestowitz I ‘m always 100kg Apr 22 23:40
schestowitz *almost Apr 22 23:41
wispygalaxy of course, you work out and have all that muscle haha Apr 22 23:41
wispygalaxy ;) Apr 22 23:41
*magentar has quit (Remote closed the connection) Apr 22 23:41
schestowitz I have this friend who used to take steroids and it messed up its health Apr 22 23:42
schestowitz I’m glad I’m always staying on the clean side Apr 22 23:42
wispygalaxy jaundice, acne, hormonal problems Apr 22 23:42
wispygalaxy steroids cause that Apr 22 23:42
schestowitz Well, one day he passed out Apr 22 23:42
wispygalaxy also roid rage Apr 22 23:42
schestowitz And it’s only part of more problems Apr 22 23:42
schestowitz Scary stuff Apr 22 23:42
schestowitz These things should be illegalised Apr 22 23:42
wispygalaxy well, it’s good that you are committed to being clean Apr 22 23:43
schestowitz It always amuses me to see that phony governor of Texas Apr 22 23:43
schestowitz Friend of invader Bush Apr 22 23:43
wispygalaxy i don’t do drugs, either Apr 22 23:43
schestowitz And also… Apr 22 23:43
schestowitz He wants to ban steroid… such a hypocrite Apr 22 23:43
schestowitz The guy messed himself up too (he has money for his healthcare) Apr 22 23:43
schestowitz And he tries to tell others not to do what he did. What a stupid Roidphreak Apr 22 23:44
wispygalaxy they say the war on drugs in fueling the druglords in mexico Apr 22 23:44
wispygalaxy hypocritical :( Apr 22 23:44
schestowitz War oin drugs is like war on sharing Apr 22 23:44
schestowitz Of files Apr 22 23:44
schestowitz It’s not winnable Apr 22 23:44
schestowitz You just criminalise people Apr 22 23:44
schestowitz Some p-eople grow pot in treir back year Apr 22 23:44
schestowitz *yard Apr 22 23:44
wispygalaxy look at the US jails.  non-violent criminals are there Apr 22 23:44
schestowitz It’s not ‘policeable’. Apr 22 23:44
schestowitz wispygalaxy: yes, and white-collar crimes run rampant Apr 22 23:45
wispygalaxy that is worse, imo Apr 22 23:45
schestowitz Either killing millions of people with B52s or ruining foreign economies by dumping software, to give one example Apr 22 23:45
schestowitz Or  selling tobacco FOR MONEY, etc. Apr 22 23:45
wispygalaxy since it’s so silent (white collar crimes), it’s easy to cause more damage Apr 22 23:45
schestowitz I..e selling drugs at massive scale and killing like 50 million Chinese (from smoking, IIRC) Apr 22 23:46
schestowitz Prison #1: what did you do? Apr 22 23:46
schestowitz Prison #2: I took a pill Apr 22 23:46
*Ziggyfish (n=brendan@61-8-103-22.intrapower.net.au) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 22 23:46
schestowitz Prison #2: what did you do? Apr 22 23:46
schestowitz Prison #1: Killed a bunch of kids Apr 22 23:46
Ziggyfish liking the new theme for the wiki, looks a lot better Apr 22 23:47
wispygalaxy lol @ the range of severity Apr 22 23:47
wispygalaxy roy you reminded me of this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=… Apr 22 23:47
*schestowitz looks Apr 22 23:47
*mib_ey0o48 (i=54c30a28@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-bb5e04553684b85a) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 22 23:48
schestowitz “This video is not available in your country. “ Apr 22 23:48
wispygalaxy hi ziggyfish Apr 22 23:48
schestowitz UK blocks it Apr 22 23:48
Ziggyfish hey Apr 22 23:48
schestowitz Germany would too Apr 22 23:49
schestowitz Hi, Ziggyfish Apr 22 23:49
wispygalaxy it’s Afroman – Because I Got High Apr 22 23:49
wispygalaxy that song is funny yet serious Apr 22 23:49
MinceR blocked in hungary, too Apr 22 23:49
wispygalaxy universalmusicgroup posted it on YT Apr 22 23:50
wispygalaxy why do they want to block their international customers? Apr 22 23:50
wispygalaxy reminds me of hulu Apr 22 23:50
wispygalaxy hulu blocks canada Apr 22 23:50
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