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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: May 3rd, 2009 – Part 2

Posted in IRC Logs at 1:34 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


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twitter There would be more than one Google if the net was not so warped by other monopolies. May 03 17:18
bgtr4 but they don’t help in what you’re fighting with May 03 17:18
schestowitz Yup May 03 17:19
bgtr4 if google intetions get clearly unwrapped May 03 17:19
schestowitz bgtr4: it’s true, Google is a problem, but another type May 03 17:19
bgtr4 people won’t use google-like anything May 03 17:19
schestowitz I am more concerned with CRIMINAL companies May 03 17:19
schestowitz Ones that BRIBE and BULLY and DESTORY May 03 17:19
schestowitz Google competes its way into success May 03 17:19
twitter Google’s dominance is, in part, a symptom of other ills. May 03 17:19
schestowitz It makes better products for search May 03 17:19
twitter as is the iPhone May 03 17:19
schestowitz Apple’s problem is different too May 03 17:20
schestowitz It doesn’t force people to buy stuff May 03 17:20
bgtr4 don’t even mentions iAnything May 03 17:20
schestowitz But it DOES lock them in May 03 17:20
bgtr4 it’s no even worth a mentioning May 03 17:20
twitter Yes, google and iPhone are good.  The more freedom you have the better things are. May 03 17:20
schestowitz It uses the DRM|DMCA duo for lockin May 03 17:20
schestowitz They have the right to bundle some hardware though May 03 17:20
twitter “bundle” is a bad word May 03 17:21
schestowitz It is what it ius May 03 17:21
schestowitz Complete ‘solution’ May 03 17:21
schestowitz Less choice May 03 17:21
schestowitz Like cars May 03 17:21
twitter it implies something nice when the reality is anti-competitive behavior May 03 17:21
schestowitz You don’t sell a CChevy with other engines May 03 17:21
schestowitz twitter: OK May 03 17:21
twitter “bundle” hides sabotage May 03 17:22
schestowitz I guess it’s when you integrate things that don’t naturally belong together May 03 17:22
schestowitz Like printer+cPC May 03 17:22
twitter “integration” is similar to “bundle”  KDE has excellent integration. May 03 17:23
twitter but KDE is free and open to anyone. May 03 17:23
schestowitz [OT] two months uptime now (not bad for a desktop that’s always under heavy and diverse use): └─(17:23 $)─> uptime May 03 17:23
schestowitz 17:23:03 up 60 days,  2:41,  2 users,  load average: 1.23, 0.98, 0.99 May 03 17:23
schestowitz I LLLLOve KDE May 03 17:23
schestowitz Did you see Carla’s words about it May 03 17:24
twitter Carla who? May 03 17:24
schestowitz Carla Tux :-) May 03 17:24
schestowitz She always thinks the same way as me: http://www.linuxtoday.com/news_story… May 03 17:24
schestowitz I was going to publish a review of KDE4.1 (for money) May 03 17:24
schestowitz I never did May 03 17:24
schestowitz Didn’t want to risk disliking it May 03 17:25
schestowitz Mandriva did well with KDE in 2009.1 May 03 17:25
bgtr4 kde4 is not ready in either case May 03 17:25
schestowitz I keep  reading about it May 03 17:25
schestowitz bgtr4: try it in Mand May 03 17:25
schestowitz Not in Kubuntu May 03 17:25
schestowitz Canonical didn’t bake it May 03 17:25
bgtr4 mandriva is what i gonna use at work May 03 17:25
schestowitz Laziness and neglect IMHO May 03 17:25
bgtr4 debian at home May 03 17:26
schestowitz bgtr4: Mandriva is big in Russia’s govt May 03 17:26
schestowitz If my sources are right May 03 17:26
schestowitz They have contracts with France May 03 17:26
bgtr4 mandriva isn’t big in russian’s govt May 03 17:26
schestowitz ATLinux, IIRC, is Mand/PCLOS-based May 03 17:26
bgtr4 linux isn’t big in russia at all May 03 17:26
bgtr4 only sane people use it May 03 17:26
schestowitz bgtr4: it’s bigger than in most countries May 03 17:26
schestowitz Says Microsoft May 03 17:26
schestowitz [secretly] May 03 17:26
bgtr4 and russia now is distracted May 03 17:27
bgtr4 it’s not even sane May 03 17:27
schestowitz By what? May 03 17:27
schestowitz Russia has good financials compred to the UK and US May 03 17:27
bgtr4 by plenty of things May 03 17:27
schestowitz Gordon ripped the place apart May 03 17:27
bgtr4 i can name you things May 03 17:27
schestowitz Borrow,Borrow,Borrow,Borrow,Borrow, May 03 17:27
bgtr4 but it’s not about linux May 03 17:27
bgtr4 so i better do it in private May 03 17:27
schestowitz I think the UK is in worse debt (/capita) than the USians May 03 17:27
bgtr4 if you want May 03 17:27
twitter I have to stop reading about KDE 4.  It makes me want to try to fix it. May 03 17:28
bgtr4 lol May 03 17:28
bgtr4 kde is always about fixing May 03 17:28
twitter One thing KDE has is easy development May 03 17:28
bgtr4 there’s no kde that you can go with May 03 17:28
twitter excellent GUI development tools and support May 03 17:29
bgtr4 not excellent May 03 17:29
twitter really? May 03 17:29
twitter what’s missing? May 03 17:29
bgtr4 did you ever develop with mfc/c++ with plenty of addons installed and vc? May 03 17:30
schestowitz kde4 maybe May 03 17:30
schestowitz Still revolving/evolving May 03 17:30
bgtr4 it’s kinda for lazy guys May 03 17:30
schestowitz GNOME is doing the same May 03 17:30
schestowitz in GNOME 3.0 May 03 17:30
schestowitz Wait and watch May 03 17:30
bgtr4 twitter May 03 17:30
schestowitz They step up as a developers’ foundation May 03 17:30
twitter no, I avoided MFC and stuck with 95 API before getting the hell out of Windows. May 03 17:30
bgtr4 mkay May 03 17:30
twitter MFC was buggy shit. May 03 17:30
bgtr4 that was too easy to develop with May 03 17:31
bgtr4 but it costs money May 03 17:31
bgtr4 in russia it costs nothing May 03 17:31
bgtr4 as well as in many countries May 03 17:31
twitter buggy shit costs plenty to your customers May 03 17:31
bgtr4 it wasn’t buggy May 03 17:31
twitter shit it was not! May 03 17:31
bgtr4 it was just about what i told May 03 17:31
twitter It’s still shit! May 03 17:32
bgtr4 yup May 03 17:32
bgtr4 but May 03 17:32
twitter but KDE is way better May 03 17:32
bgtr4 you could make money with dat… that’s the reason it procreated May 03 17:32
bgtr4 i don’t even mention kde, i don’t develop for it May 03 17:32
twitter no one but M$ is making money with Windows, and even they are starting to have problems. May 03 17:33
*Eruaran|alphates (n=quassel@ has joined #boycottnovell May 03 17:33
bgtr4 no? May 03 17:33
bgtr4 those who don’t pay for m$ May 03 17:33
twitter :) May 03 17:33
schestowitz Hmm… awstats says BN serves 20k pages in the past 12 hours :-) good fro a Sunday May 03 17:33
bgtr4 but they can even call it MICROSOFT May 03 17:33
bgtr4 can make much money not paying for anything May 03 17:33
*Eruaran has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)) May 03 17:34
bgtr4 20k pages is cool May 03 17:34
twitter from what I’ve read, KDE 4 problems are mostly exposing the underlying feature set. May 03 17:34
bgtr4 per /12 hours May 03 17:34
twitter I don’t have the computing power or time really to play with KDE 4 right now, but I know it would be a lot of fun to try to add things I like. May 03 17:35
schestowitz Some apps are still being ported May 03 17:36
schestowitz Like k3b May 03 17:36
schestowitz They get a plasma gown May 03 17:36
bgtr4 lol May 03 17:38
bgtr4 kde gonna stop “evolving” only when people stop writing for it May 03 17:38
bgtr4 “updating” May 03 17:38
bgtr4 ’cause kde want to always be immature May 03 17:39
twitter interesting thoughts here http://www.internetnews.com/comm… May 03 17:40
twitter I don’t think Oracle need to or can kill Solaris though. May 03 17:41
twitter It would be easier for them to continue it’s liberation. May 03 17:41
twitter that might bolster sales of Sun hardware as other OS port the needed parts to run it well May 03 17:42
schestowitz Ah!! May 03 17:43
schestowitz Not Enderle garbage May 03 17:43
schestowitz It’s the MS Spinola May 03 17:43
twitter the guy has his value proposition a little skewed, now I know why. May 03 17:43
schestowitz The whole “Oracle owns Linux” BS May 03 17:43
schestowitz They should ban him for being a shill May 03 17:44
twitter I did not notice who wrote the article. May 03 17:44
schestowitz They haven’t yet May 03 17:44
twitter It is interesting that he’s proposing a return to the free software world. May 03 17:45
twitter but he’s got it screwed up a little. May 03 17:45
twitter he thinks that “software is where the value is” but does not seem to understand that the value of software is solving specific problems not selling a generic box. May 03 17:46
schestowitz Let’s just not feed the bastard May 03 17:46
bgtr4 people always seem to mix that up May 03 17:46
schestowitz LinuxToday totally ignored him this time May 03 17:47
schestowitz Discussion too is feeding May 03 17:47
twitter indeed, forget I got trolled. May 03 17:47
schestowitz The more inaccurate things are, the more responses they get May 03 17:47
twitter I wonder how many stupid and incorrect things just got lodged into my head by that turd. May 03 17:47
schestowitz Some blogs show this well May 03 17:47
schestowitz Like MS blogs May 03 17:47
schestowitz Where they attract responsive ‘trolling’ for the offended parties May 03 17:48
schestowitz Like Mac/Linux users May 03 17:48
schestowitz I’m glad I put rating system in NB May 03 17:48
twitter bbl May 03 17:48
schestowitz If people don’t comment at least it’s because there’s no annoyance May 03 17:48
schestowitz Just got this by mail: May 03 17:49
schestowitz ============== May 03 17:49
schestowitz This is high quality, the intermingling of unconnected May 03 17:49
schestowitz ‘phenomenologicia’ and pejoratives. This is no ‘kid’ writing this, May 03 17:49
schestowitz it’s too well done. Find out who exactly is writing this. May 03 17:49
schestowitz —- May 03 17:49
schestowitz 01. No viruses for Linux because of low user base and May 03 17:49
schestowitz 02. No common set of core components under Linux May 03 17:49
schestowitz 03. No proprietary software for Linux May 03 17:49
schestowitz “Wait, this sounds familiar. .. They can have another choice: FUCK May 03 17:49
schestowitz OFF! I DON’T WANT YOUR FUCKING HIPPIE MONEY!” May 03 17:49
schestowitz http://linuxhaters.blogspot.com/2008/06/a… May 03 17:49
schestowitz ================== May 03 17:49
schestowitz Miguel knows the person. Search BN.. ‘linux hater’ May 03 17:49
schestowitz They change Linux the Microsoft way May 03 17:50
bgtr4 lol… “responsive trolling” XD May 03 17:50
schestowitz It’s like a sub-cult of MS trying to hijack Linux May 03 17:50
schestowitz bgtr4: trolling the trolls May 03 17:50
bgtr4 isn’t m$ already hijacking? May 03 17:50
bgtr4 they already found their way May 03 17:51
bgtr4 and even planned it far enough May 03 17:51
schestowitz Yes May 03 17:55
bgtr4 and all that we kan do is either put sanity into people heads or continue to stay on our own grounds May 03 17:56
bgtr4 so that people know where the real ground is May 03 17:57
bgtr4 i don’t really see a pretty good way to fight m$ to put it down on its’ knees just with words May 03 17:59
bgtr4 even though linux sw is capable of putting it down to the knees May 03 18:00
bgtr4 so it’s kinda unfair fight with very unpredictable ending May 03 18:03
bgtr4 but i was always with these kinds of fights May 03 18:04
*ndgh8 (n=fd@eth-188.243-homell.natm.ru) has joined #boycottnovell May 03 18:27
ndgh8 wow, xp rebooted be while i was in bath May 03 18:28
*ndgh8 is now known as _bgtr4 May 03 18:32
*mib_1g0km8 (i=442fe926@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-4cba6b778d9d524b) has joined #boycottnovell May 03 18:36
*bgtr4 has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)) May 03 18:40
*_bgtr4 is now known as bgtr4 May 03 18:41
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schestowitz bgtr4: XP reboot spntaneously May 03 18:56
schestowitz Any reason? May 03 18:56
bgtr4 idk i was out May 03 18:57
bgtr4 other devices didn’t May 03 18:57
schestowitz Cool: http://cory.github.com/blog/200… May 03 18:58
bgtr4 no logs to find out May 03 18:58
bgtr4 wtf, it’s just a ring May 03 18:59
bgtr4 new method… May 03 18:59
bgtr4 and it’s no even a ring May 03 18:59
bgtr4 he should’ve patented that May 03 18:59
bgtr4 it’s some table interpolated formulae May 03 19:00
schestowitz “It’s hard to overstate how incredibly valuable that’s been. The fact that many journalists refuse to engage in that sort of conversation actually shows through in their work: they don’t want to bother. They like to position themselves as experts, but many don’t really understand what they’re talking about.” http://techdirt.com/articles/20090… May 03 19:00
schestowitz bgtr4: Just geometry May 03 19:00
bgtr4 nooo May 03 19:00
bgtr4 it should be patented May 03 19:00
schestowitz http://www.realclimateeconomics.org/ May 03 19:01
schestowitz Here in the UK we have surveillance for peace activists http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2009/may/01/… May 03 19:01
*PetoKraus (n=pk@fsf/member/petokraus) has joined #boycottnovell May 03 19:01
schestowitz bgtr4: maths should not be patented May 03 19:01
bgtr4 geometry shouldn’t be free, everybody should pay for using pythagorus theorem to someone May 03 19:01
schestowitz You can’t own maps May 03 19:01
schestowitz I see May 03 19:01
schestowitz Sarcasm noted May 03 19:01
schestowitz “Open promise” to teacher: you can use geometry for non-commercial purposes and not be sued :-D May 03 19:02
bgtr4 XD May 03 19:02
schestowitz How Twitter is Dethroning the Old Guard < http://mashable.com/2009/05/01/twit… > May 03 19:02
TheOpenSourcerer Hi Chaps, there’s a scary discussion going on here: http://www2.apebox.org/wor… May 03 19:04
*Guest15432 is now known as Balrog May 03 19:06
*Balrog is now known as Guest69296 May 03 19:06
*Guest69296 is now known as Balrog_ May 03 19:07
trmanco “Now, the disk space question. Tomboy and its unique deps take 13.9 MiB of space on a Jaunty install CD.” May 03 19:09
trmanco strange May 03 19:09
schestowitz We received offensive messages over gnote May 03 19:10
trmanco “unique deps” -> mono? May 03 19:10
schestowitz Some people out there are not happy May 03 19:10
trmanco I don’t give a fuck for those people May 03 19:10
schestowitz Hhe. May 03 19:10
schestowitz I’m seeing Jo’s post May 03 19:11
schestowitz Jealous of gnote or just afraid May 03 19:11
trmanco both May 03 19:11
schestowitz Good May 03 19:11
schestowitz They give it publicity May 03 19:11
trmanco it’s an app with a little more than a month May 03 19:11
schestowitz How tactless May 03 19:11
schestowitz trmanco: yes. May 03 19:11
schestowitz Under a month, already mention by sandy May 03 19:11
TheOpenSourcerer There is definitely some panic setting in. That someone managed to rebuild one of their precious apps in next to no time… May 03 19:12
trmanco oh, and about memory consumption, no proof May 03 19:12
schestowitz TheOpenSourcerer: it gets easier as one gets along. It’s like manual translation b/w langs May 03 19:12
schestowitz Maybe they’ll run Novell employee (and Mono booster) Jeff to do some ‘benchmarks’ May 03 19:13
schestowitz Novell’s “Get the Facts’ May 03 19:13
bgtr4 .net was never fast as anything May 03 19:13
TheOpenSourcerer Right – the misses awarded me heap big brownie points this afternoon so am off to the pub to blow them all in one go. May 03 19:13
schestowitz Brownie points? May 03 19:13
schestowitz How about Brown pints? May 03 19:13
schestowitz Or brownies? May 03 19:13
trmanco http://www2.apebox.org/wordp… May 03 19:14
bgtr4 so i suggest that even python works faster May 03 19:14
schestowitz Google will make it a lot faster May 03 19:14
bgtr4 i never saw anything working fast with .net May 03 19:14
schestowitz http://arstechnica.com/open-source/news/2009… May 03 19:14
bgtr4 so now .net is completely useless May 03 19:14
trmanco http://www2.apebox.org/wordpress/r… May 03 19:15
trmanco 2-0 May 03 19:15
trmanco and remember May 03 19:16
*TheOpenSourcerer (n=TheOpenS@81-178-65-1.dsl.pipex.com) has left #boycottnovell May 03 19:16
trmanco hub is just porting it to c++, it has a month of age, and code optimizations probably haven’t even came across his mind May 03 19:16
trmanco it«s experimental May 03 19:17
schestowitz trmanco: what did you do to him !!? May 03 19:17
trmanco schestowitz, who? May 03 19:17
schestowitz Jo May 03 19:17
schestowitz The whole thing is damage control May 03 19:17
trmanco nothing, why? I don’t even now the guy May 03 19:17
schestowitz [to the benchmark] May 03 19:17
trmanco those were some quick numbers May 03 19:18
schestowitz      > <trmanco> nothing, why? I don’t even now the guy May 03 19:18
schestowitz That’s the guy who pushes Mono into Ubuntu and Debian May 03 19:18
trmanco know* May 03 19:18
schestowitz Same for MoonLie May 03 19:18
trmanco yeah, but what I mean is, I never discussed anything with him May 03 19:18
trmanco meant* May 03 19:18
trmanco never made a comment directed to him May 03 19:18
trmanco only here in irc May 03 19:19
bgtr4 someone should design a hedgehog for linux so nothing m$ could break into May 03 19:20
schestowitz “The Fedora project further confirms this by including Gnote in Fedora 10 and 11.” May 03 19:20
schestowitz Cool. May 03 19:20
bgtr4 seems like i gotta dl fedora instead of mdv 2009.1 64bit May 03 19:21
trmanco mononono is a start May 03 19:22
bgtr4 from what i heard today… fedora is the only distro that’s making sane steps May 03 19:22
schestowitz ““mono… will be a better choice for the Gnome 3 to use” May 03 19:24
schestowitz I can’t think of anything worse. May 03 19:24
schestowitz Apart from Microsoft buying Miguel (Ahh no hang on…)” May 03 19:24
trmanco http://www2.apebox.org/wordpress/ran… May 03 19:24
trmanco there is the link :-P May 03 19:24
trmanco just finished reading that comment May 03 19:24
schestowitz bgtr4: yes, no moonlie May 03 19:24
bgtr4 i just don’t want to hear anything concerned with m$ anywhere near distro that i use May 03 19:25
bgtr4 m$ is just incapable of fair play May 03 19:26
schestowitz Some people don’t mind it May 03 19:26
trmanco don’t forget MS moonlie May 03 19:27
schestowitz Some people like Microsoft aND Linux May 03 19:27
schestowitz And WIndows May 03 19:27
trmanco (R) May 03 19:27
schestowitz Or MS P/Ls May 03 19:27
schestowitz No matter how much Microsoft sues Linux May 03 19:27
bgtr4 i use windows now May 03 19:27
schestowitz (let alone calling it “Cancer”) May 03 19:27
bgtr4 but once i’m in linux distro May 03 19:27
bgtr4 i don’t want to see anything concerned with m$ May 03 19:27
bgtr4 it’s just as clear as “I WANNA MOVE to some sane os” May 03 19:27
bgtr4 even though it takes time May 03 19:30
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*ChanServ (ChanServ@services.) has joined #boycottnovell May 03 19:49
*irc.freenode.net gives channel operator status to ChanServ May 03 19:49
schestowitz GNOME could shed off the Mono Yoke with Gnote: http://boycottnovell.com/2009/05/… (Gnote Enters Fedora) May 03 19:53
*_bgtr4 (n=fd@eth-188.243-homell.natm.ru) has joined #boycottnovell May 03 20:01
_bgtr4 oops xp did it again May 03 20:01
_bgtr4 may be it’s haali splitter May 03 20:02
schestowitz Is there a system log? May 03 20:02
_bgtr4 but barely… user level apps barely invoke reset May 03 20:02
_bgtr4 nope May 03 20:02
schestowitz I know there’s something, but I don’t know Windows well enough May 03 20:02
schestowitz I used WIndows 98 extensively May 03 20:02
schestowitz The thing is, to slam Windows technically I’d have to get off Linux May 03 20:03
_bgtr4 yeah, the first windows that i used was win98se May 03 20:03
schestowitz I still have 98 SE CDs here May 03 20:03
schestowitz Two in fact May 03 20:03
schestowitz Came with a laptop May 03 20:03
schestowitz A Knack for Languages Evolves Into a Career  < http://online.wsj.com/article/SB12… > May 03 20:04
trmanco well, the first windows i’ve used was 3.1 :| May 03 20:06
trmanco and had a day with DOS May 03 20:06
trmanco on my sisters IBM pc May 03 20:06
schestowitz ‘Despite this, incidents such as the early media frenzy about mythical disgruntled Linux “hackers” attacking SCO Group via an email worm that infected millions of computers in mere days continue to occur, creating in the minds of the most incredulous the impression that Linux is “a hacker’s OS”, with a decidedly pejorative bent to the use of the term “hacker”.’ May 03 20:07
schestowitz http://blogs.techrepublic.com… May 03 20:07
schestowitz Waddup w/ that? May 03 20:07
*trmanco still remembers the large floppy stack he had on the computer desk May 03 20:07
schestowitz media must change and data moved all the time May 03 20:07
schestowitz Also format-wise May 03 20:07
schestowitz No source, no access May 03 20:08
schestowitz Good luck running and opening data loasslessly if it’s from the 70s May 03 20:08
trmanco I remember my sister installing windows 95 on that machine, took a hole day May 03 20:08
trmanco with floppies May 03 20:08
schestowitz Paper has much better endurance. Curation in digital worlds is scary May 03 20:08
schestowitz Not a whole day May 03 20:08
schestowitz Just hours May 03 20:08
schestowitz Same with Office May 03 20:08
trmanco half a day May 03 20:09
schestowitz Word 6 May 03 20:09
trmanco about 10-12 hours May 03 20:09
schestowitz Well… May 03 20:09
schestowitz If you go by Microsoft’s progre~1 bars, then maybe May 03 20:09
trmanco to get it all installed… if you do a normal installation some features are still missing if you don’t add them, and you need the floppies… “FEature 1″ -> please insert disk #5 Feature 3 -> please inset disk #22 May 03 20:10
trmanco May 03 20:10
trmanco schestowitz, I don’t really recall, but I think the progress bars didn’t have time, just percentage May 03 20:11
schestowitz http://www.pr.com/press-release/148934 (Free Powerful CAD Software Achieves Record Numbers, Big Linux Following) May 03 20:11
trmanco I remember the first computer game I played May 03 20:11
trmanco free ski May 03 20:12
schestowitz Glyn Moody is reciting the Microsoft “Linux 1% market share” lie. http://boycottnovell.com/2009/05/02… May 03 20:12
trmanco stupid bear always ate me at the end, not matter how many times a tried dodging it May 03 20:12
schestowitz Well, it tells about your age.. May 03 20:12
schestowitz My first game was a lot more primitive May 03 20:13
schestowitz Though I can’t recall if it was PC… (as in full PC) May 03 20:13
schestowitz Probably arcades May 03 20:13
schestowitz Pacman days May 03 20:13
trmanco I played that too May 03 20:14
trmanco atari games May 03 20:14
trmanco hehe May 03 20:14
schestowitz I probably shouldn’t pass on proprietary software as news even if it runs Linux May 03 20:14
trmanco you shouldn’t, only if it’s something major May 03 20:14
*schestowitz once tried to estimate how much time in life was spent on games and TV May 03 20:15
trmanco like “Steam finally comes to Linux with 2 games ported” May 03 20:15
schestowitz I have very detailed lists of games I played May 03 20:15
schestowitz I used to type all sorts of things on my Palm when I got bored May 03 20:15
trmanco I’ve played crysis May 03 20:15
schestowitz So I ought to have a good list of things from the past. Might come handy not just for nostalgic private) purposes May 03 20:16
trmanco on the computer I’m running now May 03 20:16
schestowitz I would have lost count of all the jobs I had May 03 20:16
trmanco I still can count all the jobs I’ve had :-P May 03 20:17
*bgtr4 has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)) May 03 20:17
schestowitz I’m looking at it now May 03 20:17
schestowitz First time in ages May 03 20:17
schestowitz 54 pages, last updated 2004 May 03 20:17
trmanco wow May 03 20:17
schestowitz OK, so I’ve had like 10 jobs May 03 20:17
schestowitz Yet trolls love pretending I’m some bum May 03 20:18
schestowitz It’s a good thing I wrote all that stuff down before it expired from memory May 03 20:18
schestowitz Childhood songs are a hard things to keep track of and fetch.. May 03 20:20
schestowitz Family was a big jackson 5 fan…… http://www.youtube.com/wat… May 03 20:20
schestowitz Are Careless Linux Users Giving Ext4 A Bad Rap? < http://www.bmighty.com/blog/main/… > May 03 20:22
*Ap0g33 has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) May 03 20:26
schestowitz Flex Builder for Linux Dead? < http://www.infoq.com/news/20… > May 03 20:27
schestowitz If the latest rumours have substance, Palm may enters the desktop (ish) market with Linux: http://www.brighthand.com/default.asp?ne… May 03 20:33
schestowitz http://www.p2p-blog.com/ite… (Best-selling Swedish author uploads audio book to the Pirate Bay to protest court verdict) May 03 20:49
schestowitz RealNetworks CEO Rob Glaser, on the witness stand for the second day in a lawsuit challenging his DVD copying software, was hammered by the motion picture studios’ attorney questioning his earlier testimony. http://www.wired.com/threatlevel/2… May 03 20:50
schestowitz Top lawmaker wants mileage-based tax on vehicles  http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/U/… May 03 20:51
schestowitz 3 Tweaks to Speed Up Firefox 3 and Free Memory < http://tuxarena.blogspot.com/2009/… >. Maybe I’ll give that a go later….. :-S May 03 20:55
schestowitz Minnesota Tries To Block Online Gambling < http://wcco.com/consumer/online.gam… > People can still gamble in FraudStreet May 03 20:58
schestowitz “Orlando police Chief Val Demings is threatening to sue one of her critics for creating a Web site that criticizes her performance.” http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/local/or… May 03 20:59
schestowitz The Police is still above the law, obviously. May 03 21:00
schestowitz The EFF is taking on the USian spooks: The EFF digs deep into the FBI’s “everything bucket” < http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/ne… > May 03 21:03
schestowitz The two ‘benevolent’ thieves will jerk off each other’s ego in public: http://blog.seattlepi.com/microso… May 03 21:06
schestowitz Novell being lame: http://www.youtube.com/watch… May 03 21:09
Balrog_ MS is scared of linux May 03 21:13
Balrog_ “On Tuesday, May 5 (PST), the RC will be available to everyone via our Customer Preview Program. As with the Beta, the Windows 7 RC Customer Preview Program is a broad public program that offers the RC free to anyone who wants to download it. It will be available at least through June 30, 2009, with no limits on the number of downloads or product keys available.” May 03 21:13
Balrog_ “free”, unlimited use May 03 21:13
schestowitz Buh-bye, margins May 03 21:15
schestowitz They’d rather lose profit than let Linux grow May 03 21:15
schestowitz They say so May 03 21:15
*tessier has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)) May 03 21:20
Balrog_ yeah…… May 03 21:32
MinceR r4wr May 03 21:41
*PetoKraus has quit (Remote closed the connection) May 03 21:47
*PetoKraus (n=pk@fsf/member/petokraus) has joined #boycottnovell May 03 21:48
Balrog_ schestowitz: I don’t like this: http://www.cablesdirect.com/ May 03 21:49
Balrog_ go to the site and you’ll see why … May 03 21:49
schestowitz Where? May 03 21:51
schestowitz The HDMI thing? May 03 21:51
Balrog_ are you using/spoofing IE? May 03 21:51
schestowitz Is some object not rendering? May 03 21:51
schestowitz No, I pose as Firefox now May 03 21:51
Balrog_ because I get a JS popup saying “this site is optimized for IE, use IE” May 03 21:51
schestowitz Works fine as Opera too May 03 21:52
Balrog_ “It seems you are not using Internet Explorer. This website is optimize for Internet Explorer” May 03 21:52
Balrog_ do you have JS on? May 03 21:52
schestowitz Works in Konqueror too May 03 21:52
schestowitz Let’s try with JS May 03 21:52
schestowitz Yikes May 03 21:53
schestowitz With JS it give a popup May 03 21:53
schestowitz What a lousy design too May 03 21:53
Balrog_ it doesn’t render right in Safari May 03 21:53
schestowitz It has those nasty JS effects May 03 21:53
Balrog_ like marquee? May 03 21:54
trmanco http://unstableme.blogspot.com/2… May 03 21:55
schestowitz Balrog_: yes, that too May 03 22:00
*schestowitz runs and hide (afraid of vi) May 03 22:01
schestowitz This dude associates RMS with open source. He should know better and he does. http://blogs.techrepublic.co… May 03 22:03
schestowitz Why Desktop Linux isn’t profitable < http://zerias.blogspot.com/2009/05/wh… > May 03 22:04
schestowitz It should also add: “why desktop Windows isn’t so profitable (anymore)” — commodity May 03 22:05
trmanco schestowitz, afraid of vim? May 03 22:05
schestowitz I used vi May 03 22:05
schestowitz not vim May 03 22:05
schestowitz I don’t know shortcuts well May 03 22:05
schestowitz Can barely recall the save and exit keys May 03 22:05
*mib_woysnx (i=53f83bfa@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-78a881c01956bc24) has joined #boycottnovell May 03 22:05
schestowitz http://biodegradablegeek.com/2009/05… (http://meandubuntu.wordpress.com/2009/05/0…) May 03 22:09
trmanco lol May 03 22:10
trmanco :quit May 03 22:10
*mib_woysnx has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) May 03 22:11
Balrog_ vim is an enhanced vi May 03 22:21
schestowitz i know May 03 22:22
schestowitz http://d0od.blogspot.com/2009/05/no… May 03 22:22
Balrog_ how do you make xubuntu integrate properly May 03 22:22
Balrog_ (firefox with the rest of the system)? May 03 22:22
schestowitz gtk May 03 22:25
schestowitz Balrog_: Sometimes I Hate Gentoo < http://www.ramimassoud.com/2009/05… > May 03 22:26
schestowitz Hmmmmmmm…… KDE 4.2.2 still has a few problems < http://usalug-org.blogspot.com/2009/0… > May 03 22:28
schestowitz Sh*ntel has been dropping the ball a lot recently: Ubuntu 9.04 and Intel graphics < http://www.h-online.com/open/Ubuntu-9-0… > May 03 22:32
MinceR “Flash videos in full-screen mode are jerky” — so what else is new? May 03 22:33
MinceR http://www.h-online.com/security/Risky-M… May 03 22:35
schestowitz http://the-gay-bar.com/index.php?/ar… ‘The whole “we have to get more people to Linux” is not a very gracious move, we look like hookers trying to get another “John”. ‘ May 03 22:38
schestowitz As Slated puts it, #1 bug is not market share May 03 22:38
schestowitz It’s about Freedom May 03 22:38
schestowitz Not ending up with another OS X and PhotoshopiX May 03 22:38
MinceR hw driver support and sw support are part of freedom May 03 22:39
schestowitz Those chaps luv Winders: http://www.h-online.com/ima… May 03 22:39
MinceR and we can only get those if we can convince hw and sw developers that they can’t overlook gnu/linux May 03 22:39
schestowitz Or even Linux May 03 22:40
schestowitz To them it’s mostly the kernel May 03 22:40
schestowitz My brother learns to program for it May 03 22:40
schestowitz But they are trained on 2.4, which is STRANGE May 03 22:40
schestowitz Mister PetoKraus : Arch User Magazine Issue 2 < http://archuser.com/2009/05/arc… > May 03 22:41
MinceR perhaps that’s what The Book was written for May 03 22:42
MinceR a decade or two ago May 03 22:42
schestowitz From Ubuntu to Gen2: “So it might just be worthwhile learning” Gentoo. < http://mmol-6453.livejournal.com/1… > May 03 22:44
schestowitz MinceR: that’s what I thought May 03 22:44
schestowitz Red Hat.. ancient edition May 03 22:44
schestowitz Shadowgrounds: Survivor Is Still M.I.A. < http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?… > May 03 22:46
*mib_qkxbvr (i=c352a48c@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-8936cb90c8a930f9) has joined #boycottnovell May 03 22:48
*mib_qkxbvr has quit (Client Quit) May 03 22:48
Balrog_ schestowitz: haven’t seen that problem May 03 22:49
Balrog_ though on gentoo it may be better to use ‘unstable’ packages May 03 22:50
schestowitz Joe is boing rude again: http://www2.apebox.org/wordpress/rants/90/ “@oiaohm, What a lot of waffle. Someone’s channeling Jose_X i think.” May 03 22:50
schestowitz The guy is always in rage. “LOVE MICROSOFT, SPREAD MONO, ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!” May 03 22:51
schestowitz Ok, thank you , Jo.. May 03 22:51
schestowitz http://boycottnovell.com/2008/1… May 03 22:54
schestowitz Oh wait! May 03 22:54
schestowitz KeithCu May 03 22:54
schestowitz Is this Curtis from thew Vole? May 03 22:54
schestowitz http://linux.sys-con.co… May 03 22:55
schestowitz Maybe just this guy: http://keithcu.com/wordpress/?p=25 May 03 22:56
schestowitz Debian/Ubuntu May 03 22:56
schestowitz http://www2.apebox.org/wordpress/ran… “Everyone not working on kernel-mode code, program in C# or Python, or some GC programming language.” –KeithCu May 03 22:56
Balrog_ oh come on. C# is a weak clone of java May 03 22:58
schestowitz But Novell likes it May 03 23:00
schestowitz It wants to make money from the ‘Improved’ edition May 03 23:01
MinceR novell likes anything if it’s from m$ May 03 23:01
schestowitz Money May 03 23:01
schestowitz Coupons May 03 23:01
MinceR gobs of spit May 03 23:02
MinceR navel lint May 03 23:03
schestowitz The trouble with Ubuntu Server for beginners < http://beep.name/2009/05/01/the-t… > May 03 23:04
MinceR what would a beginner want a server for? May 03 23:05
MinceR what’s next, are they going to complain that a newbie can’t code c before learning it because there’s no shiny gui to click the code together? May 03 23:06
MinceR these apple users should go back to things they can understnad. May 03 23:06
MinceR s/tnad/tand/ May 03 23:06
MinceR “Users can also opt for Webmin but it’s not going to win any beauty contests soon, as far as its interface is concerned.” May 03 23:08
MinceR “oh noes, my server’s remote admin interface isn’t a drool-complete full 3d interactive movie! what am i going to do?” May 03 23:08
schestowitz You know what I’ve just realised May 03 23:10
schestowitz Microsoft had this sort or Lara Croft idea for search in 2006ish May 03 23:10
schestowitz Something not about search as much as Vista user May 03 23:10
schestowitz IIRC May 03 23:10
schestowitz With some woman that’s more like a pr0n star May 03 23:10
schestowitz I haven’t seen it for years May 03 23:11
schestowitz I assume she was DoA May 03 23:11
schestowitz Like Bob and that doggie from XP May 03 23:11
schestowitz Microsoft put doggie and Lara in the attic May 03 23:11
MinceR perhaps eidos wanted too much money? May 03 23:12
schestowitz here are MS mockups for Vista8 interface: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/… May 03 23:14
*schestowitz starts working on daily links for BN May 03 23:14
MinceR lol May 03 23:15
*schestowitz couldn’t find a picture of that model with object wnetering the mouth as you cycle. May 03 23:21
*magentar has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)) May 03 23:26
*PetoKraus has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)) May 03 23:30
*tacone (n=tacone@93-32-186-60.ip34.fastwebnet.it) has joined #boycottnovell May 03 23:34
*The_Mad_Hatter (i=4c4ac16c@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-4be0678eb27c70b7) has joined #boycottnovell May 03 23:51
MinceR gn May 03 23:51
The_Mad_Hatter Roy, about the XBox 360, it’s in third place in Japan at present. May 03 23:51
The_Mad_Hatter http://news.punchjump.com/arti… May 03 23:52
schestowitz :-) May 03 23:54
schestowitz MS loves to rave when it dumps May 03 23:54
schestowitz (the prices, or units) May 03 23:54
tacone hello i’m back May 03 23:54
schestowitz The NPS routine May 03 23:54
schestowitz “pulling an NPD” = dropping price/channel stuffing, then quickly metering the response and pretending it’s all normal May 03 23:55
schestowitz tacone: what’s up? May 03 23:55
schestowitz You missed so much May 03 23:55
schestowitz gnote.. May 03 23:55
schestowitz Write about it if you can May 03 23:55
tacone yes May 03 23:55
tacone sadly i left just after the thing exploded May 03 23:55
tacone i have a good post in response to the thing :-) May 03 23:55
tacone but it’s too late, sadly May 03 23:56
tacone basically, i’ll propose to keep rhythmbox even if it’s 6mb more (!) May 03 23:56
tacone and shave 40+ mb of mono from the live cd :9 May 03 23:56
tacone how do you like that ? :-) May 03 23:56
schestowitz It’s i FP of LWN May 03 23:57
schestowitz Watch FP May 03 23:57
schestowitz Gnote May 03 23:57
schestowitz the editor loves it May 03 23:57
schestowitz And trmanco wrote about benchmarks May 03 23:58
schestowitz The Mono people are in panic May 03 23:58
tacone fp = ? May 03 23:58
schestowitz front page May 03 23:58
schestowitz Hubert gets lots of press now May 03 23:58
tacone rightfully, they’re are loosing the mono dep in gnome May 03 23:58
tacone hubert got new contribs in the 0.3 release May 03 23:58
schestowitz banshee is trouble May 03 23:58
*oiaohm (n=oiaohm@unaffiliated/oiaohm) has joined #boycottnovell May 03 23:58
schestowitz Need to keep it away May 03 23:58
tacone translators May 03 23:58
schestowitz oiaohm: Jo insulted you May 03 23:58
schestowitz I saw the thread May 03 23:58
tacone lwn = ? May 03 23:58
schestowitz tacone: yes, it’s in Fedora now May 03 23:59
schestowitz More soon May 03 23:59
schestowitz LWN.net May 03 23:59
schestowitz ‘The’ Linux site May 03 23:59
tacone boom ! May 03 23:59
schestowitz Needs subscription though May 03 23:59
tacone first news May 03 23:59
schestowitz AND… May 03 23:59
schestowitz The best part, the project is just weeks old. May 03 23:59
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