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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: November 9th, 2008

Posted in IRC Logs at 10:23 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


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MinceR besides, i see no problem with companies dying left and right until some learn to actually respect the customer. Nov 09 00:00
schestowitz Don’t forget that Google actually fought against log requests from the govt. whereas AOL, Microsoft and maybe Yahoo handed it all over without questions asked. Google fought a similar battle against Viacom. They try sometimes… Nov 09 00:00
MinceR isn’t the original idea of capitalism that the ones who do better work prosper? Nov 09 00:00
schestowitz MinceR: Sun is trying to learn but it takes time to work out. Nov 09 00:00
MinceR sun isn’t trying too hard, considering how they license ZFS. Nov 09 00:01
schestowitz I’d like to see Sun succeeding, but only if they cut some of the CDDL c**p Nov 09 00:01
schestowitz Yes, you beat me to it. Nov 09 00:01
MinceR they’re trying to push their shitty slowlaris even if it means harming the users. Nov 09 00:01
schestowitz Also found this 2 hours ago: http://www.enterprisenetworkingplanet… Nov 09 00:01
schestowitz “It is difficult to say whether OpenSolaris is ready. It is essentially a development snapshot, and was not guaranteed to be stable and enterprise-ready until Sun recently announced that OpenSolaris would enjoy support contracts from Sun and a 6-month release cycle. You can also get OpenSolaris with MySQL on Amazon EC2 now. A 6-month release schedule sounds just like most Linux distributions.” Nov 09 00:01
schestowitz “People are often confused when looking at OpenSolaris. Suspicions about Sun’s goodwill are often triggered, for example, when looking at updates for the OS. For a long time, Solaris patches were not available unless you purchased a support contract. Security updates were public, but you had to pay for all others. If we look at OpenSolaris, we find that no patches are available at all. “ Nov 09 00:01
MinceR afaik openslowlaris has little to do with slowlaris anyway Nov 09 00:02
schestowitz It’s under the heading that combines the two. Nov 09 00:02
schestowitz Nice welcoming banner for a blog: http://blogs.opennms.org/?p=410 Nov 09 00:04
MinceR :) Nov 09 00:05
schestowitz http://lhein.blogspot.com/2008/11/back-to… “… the installation may take several days depending on your needs but you will end up with an operating system tuned for your special hardware what makes it act quite fast.” Nov 09 00:08
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MinceR gn Nov 09 01:43
schestowitz gn Nov 09 01:44
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schestowitz CNET: Feature Films Coming To YouTube ( http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2008/11/06/tec… ) Nov 09 08:20
schestowitz Android: Not So Open After All? ( http://www.informationweek.com/blog/main/ar… ) Nov 09 08:34
schestowitz This is true… looking at the Microsoft RSS feeds, it’s almost as though Vista as vanished, only to have its presence replaced by vapourware (promises and freezing of the market): http://www.microsplot.com/blo… “(Judging from the way MS doesn’t even want to mention Vista any more, methinks it’s an unmarked grave.)” Nov 09 08:40
schestowitz http://www.pcworld.com/article/… “Rather than a Flash update, what’s downloaded is a Trojan horse that compromises the PC then floods the machine with more malware, said Dan Hubbard, vice president of security research at Websense Inc.” Nov 09 08:45
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schestowitz After a tough year, BitTorrent replaces CEO again: http://news.cnet.com/8301-1023_3-1008971… “The company had already endured a 22 percent layoff in August, which reportedly affected its entire sales and marketing department.” Nov 09 08:56
MinceR geekings Nov 09 10:18
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_doug Microsoft Live Search Cashback program .. Nov 09 17:09
_doug http://www.beskerming.com/commentary/… Nov 09 17:09
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neighborlee hi there, oh ye fellow bashers of all things M$ and nove, of which since I have clearly been labled as a ‘supporter’ of said cause, I thought I”d come here and wallow in the connection ;) Nov 09 17:13
neighborlee http://ubuntuforums.org/showthr… Nov 09 17:14
_doug hi there neighborlee: we don’t just bash NS, M$ is code for a way of doing business .. Nov 09 17:16
neighborlee yup I know. Nov 09 17:17
_doug lie, cheat and steal .. and then accuse your competitors of doing exactly that … Nov 09 17:17
neighborlee yup I know. Nov 09 17:17
neighborlee I was being facetious mostly, but hey I figured since I was being accused of it, I should at least be here <wink> Nov 09 17:17
_doug As I said previously, SteveO and billg have been very sucessfull at selling a medicore $product Nov 09 17:18
_doug Where would Apple be if they worked there and Steve Jobs worked for Microsoft ? Nov 09 17:19
neighborlee yes Nov 09 17:19
_doug :) Nov 09 17:19
neighborlee I dont agree with everything, everyone here says,,wow I have a brain and form my own ‘out of the box’ opinions..woah   what startling news ;) Nov 09 17:19
_doug Apple would be everywhere and Microsoft would be bankrupt :) Nov 09 17:19
neighborlee oh my gawd,,yeah indeed o_0 Nov 09 17:20
_doug Who is this arse ‘directhex’ ? Nov 09 17:20
neighborlee They surely would not have computers running a great bsd based OS, and would not be in my neighbors house, thats where ;)) Nov 09 17:20
_doug Apple are a niche player .. that’s what billg decided for them :) Nov 09 17:20
neighborlee _doug, just a local viper , spouting poison ,thats about it atm ;) Nov 09 17:21
_doug Ubuntu site is veery sluggish .. Nov 09 17:21
neighborlee yup it is Nov 09 17:21
neighborlee so how are things going for you lately doug ;0- Nov 09 17:22
neighborlee fine here Nov 09 17:22
_doug I tried Yoper on a very underpowered machine .. runs like the blazed … Nov 09 17:22
neighborlee just finished watching new hulk movie with friends last night..man is that a amazing product of our digital age ;) Nov 09 17:22
_doug going for me: not much, install Windows, patch, get drunk and then install and patch again … Nov 09 17:23
neighborlee hmm Ive not thought about yoper in ages..woah  :))) Nov 09 17:23
_doug Small and fast, I use it to watch DVDs .. Nov 09 17:23
neighborlee kewl Nov 09 17:23
_doug Before that I used SuSE . .before I got bumped from the support forum .. Nov 09 17:24
_doug They use BSD a lot at head office .. Nov 09 17:24
neighborlee hm Nov 09 17:25
_doug That and MAcs and WindowsXP .. the MAcs for graphical work .. Nov 09 17:25
neighborlee wish I h ad a mac sometimes I really do Nov 09 17:25
neighborlee but hey that would mean a entirely new investment which Im not willing to do atm…stuck with vista atm. Nov 09 17:25
neighborlee and only because I finallly have more ram and can run it on some reasonable level without wanting to destroy it haha ;)) Nov 09 17:26
_doug The Vista GUI is a right pain to use .. totally dummbed down .. Nov 09 17:27
_doug I get more work done with two bash screens .. Nov 09 17:27
_doug You should really give Yoper a go .. Nov 09 17:28
_doug http://chakkaradeep.wordpress.c… Nov 09 17:28
neighborlee ok thx I lll take a book Nov 09 17:29
neighborlee look LOL Nov 09 17:29
_doug the basic CD runs as a live CD with the option to install .. Nov 09 17:30
neighborlee I just have no choice atm to use windows..Virtual stuff wont cue it atm , mainly due to a huge need for 3d acceleration ;) Nov 09 17:30
neighborlee yeah livecd’s are mandatory Nov 09 17:30
neighborlee to me anyway Nov 09 17:30
_doug It’s always a good way of seeing if it picks up all the hardware .. Nov 09 17:30
neighborlee yes, and showing off to friends ;) Nov 09 17:31
_doug ot: monks fight it out to see who is holyist .. :) Nov 09 17:32
_doug http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/… Nov 09 17:32
_doug Is best to run from a live DC if you are doing any banking from an Internet cafe .. Nov 09 17:32
neighborlee omg, im almost afraid to look Nov 09 17:32
neighborlee _doug, heh Nov 09 17:32
_doug people leave USB sticks lying around with bugware on them .. Nov 09 17:33
neighborlee yeah Nov 09 17:33
_doug oops: NoScript filtered a potential cross-site scripting (XSS) attempt from bs.serving-sys.com .. Nov 09 17:37
_doug Windows 7 will be ready in 2009 .. Nov 09 17:42
_doug http://itvibe.com/news/4588/ Nov 09 17:42
neighborlee after vista I can’t imagine ill have much interest Nov 09 17:43
neighborlee I hope way before that I can wean myself off of this bad game/app habits..im getting there though ;)) Nov 09 17:44
_doug I guess Vista was a ‘limited sucess’ then :) Nov 09 17:44
_doug Organized crime a growing security threat to Microsoft .. Nov 09 17:45
_doug http://www.itbusiness.ca/it/client/en/h… Nov 09 17:45
_doug “As the operating system (OS) becomes harder to attack, hackers and criminals are moving to the application layer,” Nov 09 17:46
_doug What confort is it to the end user . .they still get their bank account wiped out .. Nov 09 17:46
_doug And an OS that can be compromised by a bug in an app .. isn’t really secure .. Nov 09 17:47
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_doug All these reports .. just so much SPIN~1 .. Nov 09 17:47
_doug “the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report is conducted semi-annually” Nov 09 17:47
_doug How about spending more time fixing Vista, instead of writing advertising spam reports .. Nov 09 17:48
_doug “A worldwide malicious e-mail campaign is using sensational “news” about U.S. President-elect Barack Obama as bait to steal the financial information of recipients” Nov 09 17:49
_doug http://www.itbusiness.ca/it/cli… Nov 09 17:49
_doug Good Grief !!!! Nov 09 17:49
_doug “If users fall for the trick and click on the link, it will redirect them to a fraudulent banking site that will steal their personal and financial information, if they log in.” Nov 09 17:49
neighborlee limited success..oh yes quite ;)( Nov 09 17:55
neighborlee hahah, I just love that new mac/vista commerical Nov 09 17:56
neighborlee all the money to advertising, cause well vista is rather broken anyway rofl Nov 09 17:56
neighborlee very funny ;) Nov 09 17:56
*neighborlee has quit (“Leaving”) Nov 09 18:18
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schestowitz It had already been said that Vista 7 won’t be out in 2009. it’s just Microsoft trying to freeze the MARK~1 Nov 09 19:14
trmanco :| Nov 09 19:47
trmanco Totem takes years to fetch youtube videos Nov 09 19:48
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schestowitz Hotmail does work–badly–with Linux < http://blogs.computerworld.com/hotma… > Nov 09 20:17
schestowitz So they still neglect this platform. Nov 09 20:17
*libervisco_ (n=libervis@78-1-171-111.adsl.net.t-com.hr) has joined #boycottnovell Nov 09 20:22
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pcolon Tim Anderson (Channel Register) http://www.channelregister.co.uk/2008/1… Nov 09 21:58
pcolon A day spent with a Windows 7 preview build – Milestone 3, running on a laptop loaned for the purpose (Dell XPS M1330, Core 2 Duo 2.3Ghz, with 3GB RAM) tends to confirm that view. Windows 7 feels more polished than Vista Nov 09 21:59
schestowitz This is terrible stupid: http://www.initmarketin… Nov 09 22:02
schestowitz *terribly. I express  frustration because I had to enable a lot of JavaScript from many domains (i.e. be spied on) just to make the thing play. This stuff should be as simple as which Firefox 3.1 will make popular and widespread, using Ogg. Nov 09 22:02
schestowitz Good catch, pcolon! Nov 09 22:03
pcolon Reading while snapping LUN’s Nov 09 22:04
schestowitz If you find more, let me know. I’ll blog about this chap now. Nov 09 22:07
*neighborlee has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)) Nov 09 22:10
schestowitz I’m finding lots of bribed bloggers. About 6 so far. Nov 09 22:59
*libervisco_ is now known as libervisco Nov 09 23:44
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