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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: December 3rd, 2008

Posted in IRC Logs at 8:29 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


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PetoKraus (me.ttl.today == 0) == true Dec 03 00:06
PetoKraus echo “GN guys.” Dec 03 00:07
schestowitz exit(99); Dec 03 00:16
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schestowitz Orlowski idiocy: Nokia! won’t! buy! Yahoo! < http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/… > Dec 03 00:19
MinceR lol Dec 03 00:19
MinceR i like the reg’s Yahoo! Related! Headlines! Dec 03 00:19
schestowitz But! It! Makes! No Dec 03 00:22
schestowitz But! It! Makes! No! ! Sense! for Nokia! to Buy! Yahoo! No! More! Than! Apple! Buying! IBM! Dec 03 00:22
schestowitz Dinner’s ready: Boffins build omelette-making android < http://www.reghardware.co.uk/2008/… > Dec 03 00:23
MinceR If! Nokia! Bought! IBM! They! Could! Make! Real! Computers! Dec 03 00:25
MinceR oops Dec 03 00:25
MinceR If! Apple! Bought! IBM! They! Could! Make! Real! Computers! Dec 03 00:25
MinceR as for nokia buying yahoo!, i have no idea Dec 03 00:25
MinceR nokia is already spreading in a sinister way, they’ve already eaten Qt Dec 03 00:26
MinceR s/Qt/Trolltech/ Dec 03 00:26
kevin8675309 and the shot down the adoption of theora into the html standard Dec 03 00:26
kevin8675309 they* Dec 03 00:26
MinceR indeed Dec 03 00:26
MinceR and they insulted the FLOSS community. Dec 03 00:27
kevin8675309 “submarine patents… oh nos!!” Dec 03 00:27
kevin8675309 hehe Dec 03 00:27
MinceR it’s so submarine that Xiphophorus has disclosed that the owner of the patents has licensed them to everyone Dec 03 00:28
kevin8675309 indeed Dec 03 00:28
schestowitz Atokia Dec 03 00:28
schestowitz Noia also does automation with Linux now. Dec 03 00:29
MinceR nokia should drown in its symbian Dec 03 00:29
schestowitz In the news: http://www.linuxdevices.com/news/NS351… Dec 03 00:29
schestowitz +1 (Symbian drowning) Dec 03 00:29
MinceR well, nokia will put linux anywhere now… except in phones Dec 03 00:29
schestowitz They have the Eclipse licence… probably friendly towards DRM and ‘stuff’ Dec 03 00:29
kevin8675309 eek… DRM Dec 03 00:30
schestowitz There’s more Dec 03 00:30
schestowitz They also defended Hollywood while publicly bashing FOSS people. Dec 03 00:30
schestowitz Well, them=Ari Dec 03 00:30
kevin8675309 i try to avoid hardware that supports DRM, but it’s not easy Dec 03 00:31
schestowitz Intel? Dec 03 00:32
schestowitz AMD supports DX10 too Dec 03 00:32
kevin8675309 i’m on AMD… an old athlon 64 Dec 03 00:32
schestowitz A lot of stuff is poisoned by conspiracy-inspired specs. Dec 03 00:32
schestowitz http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/12/02… (New York serves AMD free Foundry lunch) Dec 03 00:33
kevin8675309 but i am aware of things like PVP and HDCP, and if one wants a decent video card it will be hard to avoid em Dec 03 00:33
schestowitz “New York’s economic-development agency is providing the billion-plus bribe incentive package in return for the siting of a $4.6bn fab in Malta NY, 20 miles north of the state capital of Albany. “ Dec 03 00:33
schestowitz There need to be action. Dec 03 00:33
schestowitz Well, there might be some action against Novell in FOSDEM Dec 03 00:33
MinceR gn Dec 03 00:34
schestowitz RMS says we should protest when this happens (Novell sponsorship) Dec 03 00:34
schestowitz BN might set up a ‘propaganda corner’. We can multiply this Boycott at every event we see Novell. One person has already  booked boycottfosdem.org :-) Dec 03 00:34
twitter “i am aware of things like PVP and HDCP, and if one wants a decent video card” a video card that does not do what you want is not decent. Dec 03 00:35
schestowitz ‘Pulling an Anivar’ is a last resort, but someone will ask Stallman’s support for a call to FOSDEM organisors. Dec 03 00:36
schestowitz I suppose I could be coming for FOSDEEM, but it’s too risky for me. Michael Larabel sort of invited me last year, but Novell people hate me. Dec 03 00:37
twitter ha ha, I also do not believe M$ will disappear in the next decade.  I think they will tank in the next 20 months. Dec 03 00:37
schestowitz Haha. Dec 03 00:37
schestowitz Not so fast. Dec 03 00:37
schestowitz Debt first, then agony. Dec 03 00:38
schestowitz Either way, I look forward to Novell action. Dec 03 00:38
schestowitz Got this from someone nearby; Dec 03 00:38
schestowitz <anon> I can proxify the event a bit Dec 03 00:38
schestowitz <anon> I can rent some ULB students :-) Dec 03 00:38
schestowitz <anon> or UCL students :-) Dec 03 00:38
schestowitz <anon> it is a good opportunity to troll them Dec 03 00:38
schestowitz <anon> or get the job done by other proxies Dec 03 00:38
schestowitz <anon> taking Money from Novell is similar to participation in a drug traffic Dec 03 00:38
schestowitz <anon> the OSS community will put the criminals in jail Dec 03 00:38
twitter Debt destroys their illusion of invincibility, which is the only reason people buy into their second rate junk. Dec 03 00:39
schestowitz Layoffs too. Dec 03 00:40
schestowitz Novell closed office in Europe recently. Dec 03 00:40
kevin8675309 it’s sort of funny that MS has had to change their plans with Windows 7 (targeting netbooks). it’s like the failed to predict the market Dec 03 00:40
schestowitz Only the Germany media covered this, IIRC. Dec 03 00:40
twitter The tipping point is already past and things will only get faster.  No bribe money, no followers and people start doing what’s in their best interest without fear. Dec 03 00:40
schestowitz I mailed Asay, so he wrote about this too. Dec 03 00:40
kevin8675309 they*… my Y isn’t working today :) Dec 03 00:41
schestowitz BTW, I had nothing to do with the action in India, but it was effective. It got the word out. We need more of this. Dec 03 00:41
twitter In the last two weeks, you have posted about two large school systems going free.  The word is out. Dec 03 00:42
kevin8675309 that would really be nice Dec 03 00:42
twitter Even if people don’t understand all of the benefits of freedom, they know GNU/Linux costs a fraction of M$’s prison. Dec 03 00:42
schestowitz That too, but.. Dec 03 00:43
schestowitz In India, articles explained why Novell had betrayed freedom. it’s not about price. Dec 03 00:43
schestowitz It also harms MICROSOFT. Dec 03 00:43
kevin8675309 when i went to college, 90% of the software we used was microsoft Dec 03 00:43
kevin8675309 there was a linux class though which was quite nice… we used fedora Dec 03 00:44
schestowitz The media never covers freedom Dec 03 00:44
schestowitz In the media, freedom is described as things like “voting”, democracy”, freedom to choose. Dec 03 00:44
twitter broadcast and freedom are opposites Dec 03 00:44
schestowitz That’s not freedom in the libre sense and lots of it is an illusion. Dec 03 00:44
schestowitz RMS talks about the confusion of “choice” and “Freedom” Dec 03 00:45
schestowitz Microsoft, for instance, might try to describe “freedom” as the freedom to choose a program (well, as long as it’s Microsoft or Windows) Dec 03 00:45
twitter broadcast has always given people “choice” of centrally controlled “culture”, it is natural broadcasters to try to curtail software freedom, but they are failing. Dec 03 00:45
kevin8675309 “yes, it’s cross platform. It runs on Windows 98, 2000, and xp!” hehe Dec 03 00:46
schestowitz You are “free” t choose between iPhone and iPHone 3G Dec 03 00:46
schestowitz Both are expensive prisons with a plan, but you are still “free” to choose. Dec 03 00:46
schestowitz Free as in “free markets”… free to destroy, free to lock customers in, etc. Dec 03 00:46
schestowitz kevin8675309: and XBox too sometimes. Dec 03 00:47
schestowitz It’s not a joke. Dec 03 00:47
schestowitz Joe Wilcox caught them. Hold on. Dec 03 00:47
schestowitz ““When you speak about interoperability do you mean across different platforms, like Windows and Unix, or among different versions of Windows, like XP and 2000.” He meant among different versions of Windows.” http://web.archive.org/web/20070712090142/http://www… Dec 03 00:48
kevin8675309 one small example would be for them to support more file systems Dec 03 00:50
kevin8675309 one problem there would be having two files called Kevin and kevin in a directory.. windows doesn’t allow that Dec 03 00:51
kevin8675309 every other OS does though Dec 03 00:51
schestowitz Apple gets ZFS Dec 03 00:51
schestowitz http://money.cnn.com/news/newsfeeds/articles/djf500/200… (Palm Warning Adds Further Pressure To Co’s New Products) Dec 03 00:55
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twitter Updated the Jeff Gould, AlexGr connection http://boycottnovell.com/2008/01/23/jeff-gould-… Dec 03 02:28
twitter and http://slashdot.org/~twitter/jo… Dec 03 02:28
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MinceR geekings Dec 03 09:36
kentma1 mornin’ Dec 03 09:39
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Eruaran hello Dec 03 12:56
schestowitz Hey there. Dec 03 13:00
*Grummy (n=grummy@ has joined #boycottnovell Dec 03 13:01
Grummy hi Dec 03 13:01
schestowitz Hey Dec 03 13:08
schestowitz What\s up? Dec 03 13:08
Eruaran just got home Dec 03 13:08
Eruaran I find Microsoft’s 2005/06 definition of “interoperability” staggering. Dec 03 13:09
Grummy i find channel on google Dec 03 13:09
schestowitz Grummy: Google does channel listings? Dec 03 13:09
Eruaran I can’t say I agree with Joe Wilcox’s 2006 post, “it’s a communications problem that Microsoft customers and partners–and most certainly competitors–need to understand” Dec 03 13:13
Eruaran He doesn’t seem to require that Microsoft understand that when the rest of the world talks about interoperability, it doesn’t mean between different versions of Windows. Dec 03 13:14
Eruaran Can you imagine what the world would be like if Microsoft had a monopoly on telecommunications ? Dec 03 13:16
PetoKraus blue. Dec 03 13:17
schestowitz Red Dec 03 13:17
Eruaran Lunar. Dec 03 13:18
Eruaran beige ? Dec 03 13:18
MinceR it would be like the Dark Ages Dec 03 13:19
MinceR though if couriers are also telecommunications, it would be even worse Dec 03 13:19
Eruaran Someone tried to suggest to me the other day that NTFS was superior to Ext3 Dec 03 13:19
Eruaran I just looked at him like this Dec 03 13:19
Eruaran o_0 Dec 03 13:19
MinceR lol Dec 03 13:19
trmanco lol Dec 03 13:20
trmanco I use to have an NTFS formatted hard drive 4 days ago Dec 03 13:20
trmanco I reformatted it to ext3 and my read/write speed tripled Dec 03 13:21
Eruaran Hilarity ensued today at work Dec 03 13:21
Eruaran We had a Vista system in Dec 03 13:21
Eruaran It had spyware and viruses up to the gullet Dec 03 13:21
schestowitz Vista? Dec 03 13:22
Eruaran Meanwhile, when you tried run any useful software to remedy the situation, UAC pops up… cancel, or allow… Dec 03 13:22
schestowitz Nooooooooooo……… Dec 03 13:22
schestowitz It’s immune… Dec 03 13:22
schestowitz Jim Allchin, Gartner and Enderle said so.. http://boycottnovell.com/2008/01/20/ana… Dec 03 13:23
Eruaran Riddled with malware and UAC is popping up as if its promptings are not slightest bit of a moot point. Dec 03 13:23
Eruaran Thought that was hilarious Dec 03 13:23
Eruaran I should have taken a photo Dec 03 13:24
schestowitz UAC protects.. Dec 03 13:24
schestowitz The viruses. Dec 03 13:24
Eruaran jhaha Dec 03 13:24
schestowitz From the user Dec 03 13:24
Eruaran It does a good job Dec 03 13:24
schestowitz That’s what they say Dec 03 13:24
Eruaran lol Dec 03 13:24
schestowitz “it’s designed to annoy the user,” remember? Dec 03 13:24
schestowitz Let me find the quote Dec 03 13:24
schestowitz http://www.crn.com/software… Dec 03 13:25
Eruaran I should have taken a photo with the “Smart Antivirus 2009″ dialogue behind the UAC prompt… Dec 03 13:25
schestowitz ‘”The reason we put UAC into the platform was to annoy users. I’m serious,” said Cross [of Microsoft].’ Dec 03 13:25
schestowitz It works. Dec 03 13:25
Eruaran Its pure genius Dec 03 13:26
schestowitz I can’t believe I said it (something from Microsoft works) Dec 03 13:26
Eruaran UAC works Dec 03 13:27
schestowitz It’s an antifeature Dec 03 13:27
schestowitz http://www.fsf.org/bulletin/2007/fal… Dec 03 13:27
Eruaran Long after the system has been totally compromised, UAC continues to prompt… it works ;) Dec 03 13:27
schestowitz Rory Cellan-Jones is a friend of Microsoft Dec 03 13:32
schestowitz He invited them over and interviews the seniors Dec 03 13:32
schestowitz Not he uses the MSBBC to take a shot at Apple: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/tech… Dec 03 13:32
schestowitz Amazing. Dec 03 13:32
schestowitz Cronies army Dec 03 13:32
schestowitz http://technocrat.net/d/2008/12/2/55099 “The US has already bailed out a tiny slice of geography in one city and some electron rearranging businesses for hundreds of billions of dollars because it was claimed it was so very important.” Dec 03 13:40
schestowitz If Presidential speeches are on YouTube instead of a .gov site, the YouTube TOS becomes a Federal regulation.  < http://lessig.org/blog/2008/12/open_trans… > Dec 03 13:45
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*Eruaran watches Sophie Koh & Steve Kilbey sing the Go-Betweens “Streets Of Your Town”. Dec 03 13:46
Eruaran Steve Kilbey sounds pretty much exactly the same today as he did back in the late 80′s Dec 03 13:47
Eruaran Which is good thing. Dec 03 13:48
schestowitz Microsoft invades FOSS.IN: “As I stated in my last blog,  I am attending the premier Indian Open Source conference, FOSS.IN, in Bangalore. ” http://port25.technet.com/archive/20… Dec 03 14:59
schestowitz Someone should tell Microsoft that until they stop threatening to sue Free software, their only role in FOSS.IN should be stair sweepers. Dec 03 14:59
Eruaran I just had an argument with a genuine freetard Dec 03 15:05
Eruaran Someone who doesn’t understand FOSS, copyright, and musicians. Dec 03 15:06
Eruaran He at first sounds good until you realise he’s taking it too far. Dec 03 15:07
Eruaran Information should be free. I agree. Dec 03 15:07
Eruaran But this guy wouldn’t pay a band at a live venue either. He’d rather leech off the artist. Dec 03 15:08
schestowitz How can one leech off an artist? Dec 03 15:09
schestowitz It’s reversing the issue. Dec 03 15:09
schestowitz Like thieving vs sharing. Dec 03 15:09
Eruaran He indicated he’d be happy to make money off the public who come to enjoy the music when they buy drinks and refreshments etc. And let the artist go home with nothing but his principles. Dec 03 15:09
Eruaran This guy is the kind of jerk who I’ve had to contend with before at bars. You play a couple of sets for which you’re not getting paid and you won’t even get a free drink at the bar. You’ll be charged for that. He’s making money off you though. (young bands and artists get exploited like this all the time). Dec 03 15:11
schestowitz http://www.businessweek.com/magazin… “Love is suing to terminate her contract with Vivendi Universal (V ), arguing that some common practices of the Big Five music labels are illegal. Most important, she contends that record labels are skirting a law that limits contracts to seven years. “ Dec 03 15:12
schestowitz I couldn’t find the quote (I think from her) where she accused the record labels, not the fans, of being “thieves” Dec 03 15:12
Eruaran Eventually you grow up and you don’t allow yourself to get used anymore. The honest and sincere publicans are the ones who put their money where their mouth is. Dec 03 15:12
twitter Oh, I think you are looking for the “Courtney love does the math”  article. Dec 03 15:13
schestowitz Oh, I see what you mean. I pictured it differently. Dec 03 15:13
schestowitz twitter: could use some help here. Dec 03 15:13
twitter http://archive.salon.com/tech/feature… Dec 03 15:13
schestowitz [H]omer could find the quote I guess.. Dec 03 15:14
Eruaran I basically objected to this guys attitude. Code for free, art for free, music for free, thats all one thing… But exploitation is another. Dec 03 15:14
twitter Go read what Love has to say for herself. Dec 03 15:14
schestowitz It’s usually the distributors, not listeners. Dec 03 15:15
Eruaran My position was that what he argued for was not freedom, it was exploitation. Placing an artist in a worse position than if he/she is deriving a pittance from Apple through iTunes. Dec 03 15:15
schestowitz They are also not helping by charging $20 for a piece of plastic Dec 03 15:15
schestowitz They doesn’t help fans and not artists, either (they need mass distribution) Dec 03 15:15
Eruaran And the funny thing is Dec 03 15:15
twitter It’s the big music publishers.  Basically, no matter how much you sell you will end up with $30k/year. Dec 03 15:15
Eruaran It all started when I complained about the music corporations Dec 03 15:16
Eruaran the publishers Dec 03 15:16
schestowitz YEs Dec 03 15:16
schestowitz I saw some good interviews about it. Dec 03 15:16
schestowitz It’s enlightening. Dec 03 15:16
schestowitz I don’t thing the media covers it. Dec 03 15:16
schestowitz Circular issue maybe. Dec 03 15:16
schestowitz The media does not criticise the media Dec 03 15:16
schestowitz “Today I want to talk about piracy and music. What is piracy? Piracy is the act of stealing an artist’s work without any intention of paying for it. I’m not talking about Napster-type software. I’m talking about major label recording contracts. ” –Courtney Love Dec 03 15:17
Eruaran I wanted to go online and buy an album by The Church… Apple made it impossible for me as a Linux user, and they wouldn’t give the artist anything worth sneezing at anyway… and Amazon expects me to be a US citizen (since when you sign up to their music service they assume everybody in the world lives in a state in the US). Dec 03 15:17
schestowitz “What happens to that million dollars? They spend half a million to record their album. That leaves the band with $500,000. They pay $100,000 to their manager for 20 percent commission. They pay $25,000 each to their lawyer and business manager. That leaves $350,000 for the four band members to split. After $170,000 in taxes, there’s $180,000 left. That comes out to $45,000 per person. “ Dec 03 15:18
schestowitz There are newer articles.  They try to go solo now (no middlemen) Dec 03 15:18
schestowitz Eruaran:  the artists need to make their own sites Dec 03 15:18
schestowitz Pay DIRECT Dec 03 15:18
Eruaran I’m happy to give The Church a few bucks in support of their music… But the corps made it very difficult for me to simply do that, and enjoy some good music. Dec 03 15:18
Eruaran schestowitz: yes, like Radiohead did Dec 03 15:19
schestowitz They also work along the lines og guilds now, whereby several bands can share resources in online shops. NO DRM. Dec 03 15:19
twitter ” Add it up and the record company has spent about $4.4 million.  So their profit is $6.6 million; the band may as well be working at a 7-Eleven.” Dec 03 15:19
schestowitz DRM is not necessarily to force people to buy THE SAME THING over and over again. Dec 03 15:19
Eruaran Radiohead put their last album on their site and let you pay or not pay whatever you want Dec 03 15:19
schestowitz It just puts expiry dates on your music collection so that you starve Dec 03 15:19
schestowitz When starved, you’re likely to buy NEW music. Dec 03 15:20
Eruaran Many people just downloaded the music for free Dec 03 15:20
schestowitz They don’t want people to keep their vinyls and play  hundreds of them for decades. Dec 03 15:20
schestowitz It’s simple business models Dec 03 15:20
Eruaran But the Radiohead fans, like me, were happy to pay $5, $10, $20, in support of their favorite artist. Dec 03 15:20
schestowitz Same with Vista… Windows becomes insecure, no patches… must upgrades… must get new PC too…. new software for it… you know the gig. Dec 03 15:20
Eruaran No one was forced. Dec 03 15:21
schestowitz Eruaran: Radiohead made themselves more famous this way Dec 03 15:21
schestowitz They opened up to people outside the ‘choir’ Dec 03 15:21
Eruaran Radiohead wont release any figures or details, but rumor has it they did better out of that than they would through a record company. Dec 03 15:21
schestowitz People _who would have never paid anyway_ Dec 03 15:21
schestowitz Same with books Dec 03 15:21
schestowitz O’Reilly Radar wrote about this recently. Dec 03 15:22
Eruaran At some stage I’ll get a band together and we’ll record some stuff Dec 03 15:22
schestowitz If person X won’t buy your book anyway, why mind if s/he download it? After readind, that person might recommend it to a buying friends. Dec 03 15:22
schestowitz *friend Dec 03 15:22
Eruaran I will do what Radiohead did Dec 03 15:22
schestowitz Jono Bacon did this too Dec 03 15:22
schestowitz I have his album as Ogg Dec 03 15:22
Eruaran But I’ll make everything available as oggies :) Dec 03 15:22
schestowitz One files, gunzipped tar Dec 03 15:23
Eruaran yes Dec 03 15:23
schestowitz *file (many tracks) Dec 03 15:23
schestowitz There is no ‘shelf life’ either. Dec 03 15:23
Eruaran Its much nicer when it comes to art, that people give without compulsion Dec 03 15:23
schestowitz The files are there for decades, so even a thousand d/ls per year can accumulate Dec 03 15:23
schestowitz Art was always like that Dec 03 15:24
Eruaran Its nicer to me, because like many musicians I can’t help but take it personally Dec 03 15:24
schestowitz Until people decided to charge for oxygen (art) Dec 03 15:24
schestowitz They appointed themslelves gatekeepers Dec 03 15:24
Eruaran Its not a dollars and cents thing Dec 03 15:24
schestowitz The illusion of incentives if propaganda Dec 03 15:24
schestowitz Like “piracy ruins jobs and the ecnomy” Dec 03 15:24
schestowitz BS Dec 03 15:24
schestowitz It ruins the structure of oppressors Dec 03 15:25
schestowitz Eruaran: there’s no scarcity Dec 03 15:25
schestowitz In the past you needed to set up band to play for you. Dec 03 15:25
schestowitz Later you needed things like expensive stereos and media , I guees. Dec 03 15:25
schestowitz Right now you just need the ‘pipes’ (Internet), not the media Dec 03 15:25
Eruaran If people are happy to give you money for what you do, you think consciously or unconsciously, “they like me, they like music”… and conversely, if people are cheap bastards, “they don’t like me, maybe my music isn’t very good”… Dec 03 15:26
schestowitz This obviates the need for shopkeepers and physical transporation. Dec 03 15:26
Eruaran *they like my music Dec 03 15:26
schestowitz It’s down to stream of electrical signals now. Dec 03 15:26
schestowitz Not a Big band and an auditorium Dec 03 15:26
schestowitz I run BN without any profit because I want people to read it. Dec 03 15:26
schestowitz It’s wrong to assume that journos wrote for money, either. Dec 03 15:27
schestowitz They are always underpaid and overworked. Dec 03 15:27
schestowitz It’s about self-expression, which is something instinctive. Dec 03 15:27
schestowitz This morning I turned my Nas CD into Oggs. Dec 03 15:28
schestowitz I won it in a radio show :-) Dec 03 15:28
Eruaran If I put something on a website, I’d be much happier to make it available for free or pay if you like it, and find that 10 thousand people got it free without being threatened by some corporate, and a thousand people gave me $10 each for it… I’d be like, “wow 1000 people liked my music enough to give me $10 each for it” Dec 03 15:29
schestowitz Corporate Wolves Circle Yahoo’s Goose < http://www.webpronews.com/topnews/2008/12/02/corpor… > Dec 03 15:29
schestowitz Eruaran: the sag is price-fixing. Dec 03 15:30
schestowitz Artificial inflation of price still enabled very few people to exclude so many. Dec 03 15:30
schestowitz YouTube is inversion of this. Dec 03 15:30
Eruaran Its funny how the vultures seem to gather around Yahoo proclaiming its a corpse, while they are still doing much better in online search advertising than Microsoft. Dec 03 15:30
schestowitz They are still agitated. Dec 03 15:31
schestowitz Predatory capitalism = hawks, blood, greed, dog eat dog Dec 03 15:31
Eruaran schestowitz: yes, I wouldn’t fix any prices, I was just using $10 as a generic number hypothetical example thingy Dec 03 15:31
schestowitz Icahn = white-collar criminal Dec 03 15:31
schestowitz Price-fixing is something different. Dec 03 15:32
schestowitz I was referring to the labels. Dec 03 15:32
schestowitz It’s like the thing Samsung/LG do… also NVidia, Intel.. Dec 03 15:32
schestowitz Patents facilitates this. Dec 03 15:32
schestowitz “The eagerly awaited new album by Prince is being launched as a free CD with a national Sunday newspaper in a move that has drawn widespread criticism from music retailers.” http://business.guardian.co.uk/sto… Dec 03 15:33
Eruaran I paid $20 (AUD) for Radiohead’s ‘In Rainbows’… I could have downloaded it for free, but as a fan I can’t do that ;) … And when it was left up to me to decide how much I’d pay, I felt I was being too cheap until I settled on $20 Dec 03 15:33
schestowitz Though shalt not make a bargain. Dec 03 15:33
schestowitz Other bands followed suit Dec 03 15:34
Eruaran I think its great Dec 03 15:34
schestowitz Some get a cold shoulder or retaliation for challenging the business model of the MAFIAA Dec 03 15:34
Eruaran I was the one who was in the position of deciding what was fair Dec 03 15:34
Eruaran the listener is empowered Dec 03 15:35
Eruaran I’m not even on the MAFIAA’s radar anyway Dec 03 15:35
Eruaran I’m just thinking of getting a few muso friends together and hoping to have some good music grow out of some jam sessions… Dec 03 15:36
Eruaran nice and organic Dec 03 15:36
Eruaran fun and relaxed with no expectations Dec 03 15:37
Eruaran if we think we’re doing some good stuff and were really into the sound… we’ll record what were doing and put it up on a site Dec 03 15:37
Eruaran Its about sharing what you’re doing and getting feedback Dec 03 15:37
schestowitz Oh, yeah.. feedback too. Dec 03 15:38
Eruaran And I don’t think it hurts to have an open door there if people want to make a donation Dec 03 15:38
schestowitz I’m gonna do a post about this later: Trumpet Windows Loudly— Except When It’s Malware Outbreaks < http://blog.linuxtoday.com/blog/2008/12/t… > Dec 03 15:38
Eruaran But it would be fairly free (free as in, unstructured) Dec 03 15:39
schestowitz KDE accepts donations too Dec 03 15:39
Eruaran yes Dec 03 15:39
schestowitz Lots of companies would suffer had it ceased to be developed Dec 03 15:39
schestowitz So they share the costs among them,. Dec 03 15:39
Eruaran yes Dec 03 15:39
*neighborlee (n=neighbor@unaffiliated/neighborlee) has joined #boycottnovell Dec 03 15:40
Eruaran Its not like nobody ever gets paid anything by people who want them to continue Dec 03 15:40
schestowitz I was Dec 03 15:41
schestowitz Back when I programmed Dec 03 15:41
schestowitz I was paid to do GPL-licensed development Dec 03 15:41
schestowitz I was also paid to just do my thing in Manchester Computing.. like my PhD and all. Dec 03 15:42
Eruaran So, I was all, “whats your problem ?” with this guy becuase he thought I shouldn’t pay for The Church’s “Uninvited Like The Clouds” album… I don’t think he even realised its published though an indy label that gives a good deal more to the band than the big publishers. Dec 03 15:44
Eruaran Its like someone was saying, “thou shalt not pay for that !”, while I was saying, “get off my back, if I want to give them some cash I will, so get lost” Dec 03 15:45
Eruaran And besides Dec 03 15:45
Eruaran No one is seeding on the torrents Dec 03 15:46
Eruaran :P Dec 03 15:46
schestowitz I never use torrents Dec 03 15:46
PetoKraus hehe Dec 03 15:46
Eruaran (I really wanted to listen to it) Dec 03 15:46
PetoKraus Michael Labarel did a good job on the benchmarks again Dec 03 15:46
schestowitz Like I didn’t use IRC between the age of 15 and 26 Dec 03 15:46
schestowitz His benchmarks are not being challenged. Dec 03 15:49
schestowitz There is a danger of Phoronix becoming de facto ‘truth’, without refutal from competition of some sort. Dec 03 15:49
schestowitz Like peer review Dec 03 15:49
neighborlee schestowitz, morning..as per usual  , alex said im wrong about debian and fedora not inlcuding mono in default installs but could point to nothing saying so..how typical ;) Dec 03 15:50
neighborlee these guys are the gift that keeps on giving ;) Dec 03 15:50
schestowitz http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/12/03… “Gordon Brown has already kicked this off with the Banking Bill, which overhauls the regulation of the banking and financial services sector.” *yawn* Dec 03 15:50
*schestowitz grabs virtual doughnuts Dec 03 15:51
PetoKraus schestowitz: well, in terms of benchmarks you possibly can’t get better Dec 03 15:51
Eruaran mmm Dec 03 15:51
Eruaran donuts Dec 03 15:51
schestowitz Alex is crusading. Dec 03 15:51
Eruaran I thought I’d try out Fedora 10 after work today Dec 03 15:51
schestowitz Mission: unknown Dec 03 15:51
neighborlee Eruaran, its great ;) Dec 03 15:52
neighborlee schestowitz, lol Dec 03 15:52
Eruaran I don’t know yet Dec 03 15:52
schestowitz KDE4 got priases for it. Dec 03 15:52
PetoKraus umm four o clock Dec 03 15:52
Eruaran I got a black screen Dec 03 15:52
schestowitz Eruaran: did you see my links this morning? Dec 03 15:52
Eruaran So dunno yet Dec 03 15:52
PetoKraus i could go for the picture hunt now… Dec 03 15:52
Eruaran schestowitz: which ones ? Dec 03 15:52
neighborlee I really like their kde4 implementation,,though I use gnome ( not sure how long thats going to last but we’ll see) Dec 03 15:52
schestowitz Eruaran: hold on. Dec 03 15:52
schestowitz Testing Fedora 10 KDE Edition : http://temporaryland.wordpress.com/20… Dec 03 15:53
Eruaran *click* Dec 03 15:53
schestowitz Fedora 10 Review : http://www.montanalinux.org/fedora… Dec 03 15:53
Eruaran ooo sexy screenshot Dec 03 15:53
schestowitz Both have good words for KDE4 Dec 03 15:53
Eruaran 4.2 is looking really good Dec 03 15:54
twitter Yeah, it was apparent that KDE 4 was going to be great back with Bruce Byfield was ignorantly slinging mud at it. Dec 03 15:54
neighborlee lol Dec 03 15:55
Eruaran He’s going to have to eat his words Dec 03 15:55
PetoKraus umm Dec 03 15:55
twitter Oh, he’s put some ass covering in his writing, so he’ll be able to protest his innocence.  But I’ve found a pattern in that guy’s writing. Dec 03 15:56
twitter http://slashdot.org/~twitter/jo… Dec 03 15:56
Eruaran A pattern ? Like skidmarks ? Dec 03 15:57
twitter follow the link if you are really interested. I mention it because I found another slimy character when researching the Peter Quinn story yesterday. Dec 03 15:57
twitter David Coursey, ick. Dec 03 15:58
twitter PJ picks up too many rocks.  I’m going to have to cleans myself at fsf.org for a while. Dec 03 15:59
schestowitz Who’s *he*? Dec 03 15:59
twitter He was an eweek writer. Dec 03 15:59
schestowitz Too many rocks? Dec 03 15:59
schestowitz Current writer? Dec 03 15:59
schestowitz Or MA days? Dec 03 15:59
twitter might still be. Dec 03 15:59
schestowitz I hardly see him Dec 03 15:59
schestowitz Never come across the name (or don’t remember it) Dec 03 16:00
schestowitz They used to employe Peter Galli Dec 03 16:00
schestowitz He attacked FOSS things.. Dec 03 16:00
twitter Seems to have vanished in 2006 http://www.eweek.com/cp/bio… Dec 03 16:00
schestowitz Got hired by Microsoft some months ago (I call it the “reward”) Dec 03 16:00
schestowitz Where is he now? Dec 03 16:00
schestowitz What did he write? Dec 03 16:00
Eruaran Here is a question with regard to developer mindshare Dec 03 16:01
schestowitz Most recnet: Dec 03 16:01
schestowitz starstarstarstarstar   2006-03-21 Vistas Delay Is Tough Love Dec 03 16:01
schestowitz starstarstarstarstar 2006-02-10 Microsoft Approaches Secure, Reliable Vista Dec 03 16:01
schestowitz starstarstarstarstar 2006-02-03 Will Vista Really Ship This Year? Dec 03 16:01
schestowitz starstarstarstarstar 2006-01-27 Vistas Transparency Is Good News Dec 03 16:01
schestowitz WTF????? Dec 03 16:01
Eruaran “Where are all the best minds going ?” Dec 03 16:01
schestowitz What is this, a Vista Munchkin? Dec 03 16:01
twitter I don’t know.  All I found is the above and here http://slashdot.org/~twitter/jour… Dec 03 16:01
schestowitz Vista fan… back in 2006. Dec 03 16:01
Eruaran Secure, Reliable Vista eh ? *falls over laughing* Dec 03 16:01
schestowitz We all know how Vista turned out. Dec 03 16:01
twitter :) Dec 03 16:02
schestowitz Eruaran had to clean a Vista PC today… UAC stodd in the way Dec 03 16:02
schestowitz Guarding the virues… Dec 03 16:02
twitter Wipe, replace or relaod. Dec 03 16:02
schestowitz twitter: what else did he write? Dec 03 16:02
schestowitz And how did you find out? Dec 03 16:02
Eruaran “You are trying to remove malware… cancel or allow” Dec 03 16:02
schestowitz Avergae rating 3/5 Dec 03 16:02
twitter Like I said, I ran into this guy looking up Peter Quinn at groklaw. Dec 03 16:03
schestowitz starstarstarstar   2005-12-17 AOL Deal Could Speed Googles Undoing Dec 03 16:03
schestowitz starstarstarstarstar   2005-12-06 Ganging Up on Google Dec 03 16:03
schestowitz starstarstarstarstar   2005-11-22 How Open Can Microsofts Formats Be? Dec 03 16:03
schestowitz I fail to see: 1) something pro-Microsoft OPPONENT 2) Something against Microsoft Dec 03 16:04
schestowitz This guy is more of an activist perhaps, not a repoter Dec 03 16:04
schestowitz He should write in a blog, not in eWeek Dec 03 16:04
schestowitz twitter: what did he do to or say about Quinn? Dec 03 16:04
Eruaran No need to reinstall, I cleaned the thing up… cancel or allow… Dec 03 16:04
schestowitz Maybe revisionism? Dec 03 16:04
schestowitz http://www.eweek.com/c/a/Linux-and-Open-Source… Dec 03 16:05
schestowitz Ahhhhhhhhh…… Dec 03 16:05
schestowitz “Opinion: The switch to the OpenDocument format will make state documents less accessible to the public because no one has the software to read the format.” Dec 03 16:05
schestowitz Opinion! Dec 03 16:05
schestowitz Whose opinion? Dec 03 16:05
twitter P.J. says it best, http://www.groklaw.net/articlebasic.p… Dec 03 16:05
MinceR OOo is so difficult to download, really Dec 03 16:05
Eruaran Next Microsoft munchikin who tries to say something smart to me, my only reply will be, “cancel or allow ?” Dec 03 16:05
MinceR and it costs so much! Dec 03 16:05
MinceR Eruaran: lol Dec 03 16:05
schestowitz First, the inaccurate title: Quinn is not an “Open Source” martyr, because ODF is not Open Source. Dec 03 16:06
schestowitz Wait… did he change the headline?? Dec 03 16:06
schestowitz “We have a winner for most tasteless reaction to Peter Quinn’s resignation, David Coursey’s mean-spirited “opinion” on eWeek, offensively titled “The Open-Source Martyr Meets His Fate.”” Dec 03 16:06
schestowitz Oh, wait!! So they didn’t change the title, but he had a whole series going. Dec 03 16:07
schestowitz   David Coursey may have done some lobbying for the Vole.. Zuck would be porud Dec 03 16:07
schestowitz “But seriously, is Microsoft now in the business of causing martyrdom? What else is he saying? People can be dealt with, if they don’t cooperate? If they choose Open Source? Have we become so cynical that any of us think that’s acceptable?” Dec 03 16:08
schestowitz “Incidents like the libel of Peter Quinn cost Microsoft business. Here’s why: There’s something in the human heart that utterly despises a bully.” Dec 03 16:09
schestowitz “I think Coursey and Microsoft are in for a surprise, if they think threatening folks will work long-term. Here’s the thing Microsoft, and Coursey, are not factoring in. Microsoft can’t bully everyone on Planet Earth, or buy us all off.” Dec 03 16:09
schestowitz Thank goodness eWeek is pretty much dead (bankruptcy). Ziff/Gates junkyard of poison. Dec 03 16:10
twitter They can try to buy off the press, but you just pointed out how well that’s going. Dec 03 16:10
Eruaran BenQ have Netbooks out now Dec 03 16:11
*Grummy has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)) Dec 03 16:11
Eruaran The Joybook Lite Dec 03 16:11
Eruaran It looks a lot like the Acer Aspire One Dec 03 16:11
twitter Maureen O’Gagga is still writing.  I ran into a list of here stuff yesterday too.  It had truly embarrassing reader numbers, less than 200 for most new articles. Dec 03 16:11
Eruaran With a pattern on it… Dec 03 16:12
twitter now to cleanse….. bbl Dec 03 16:12
schestowitz twitter: funny you mention MOG Dec 03 16:14
schestowitz I wrote about it 1 minute ago: http://boycottnovell.com/2008/12/03/suse-exc… Dec 03 16:14
schestowitz She went undercover for a while Dec 03 16:14
schestowitz Bill Beebe knew she was doing this Dec 03 16:15
schestowitz Nobody else seemed to know Dec 03 16:15
schestowitz Then PJ had MOG uncovered Dec 03 16:15
schestowitz And MOG came out from the hiding with a 20-year-old pic Dec 03 16:15
schestowitz Beebe also defneded MOG’s spying. Dec 03 16:15
schestowitz Which makes you wonder if there’s ‘intimacy’ there Dec 03 16:15
schestowitz re #s. MOG ‘articles’ are never cited anywhere Dec 03 16:16
schestowitz I don’t know if sys-con admania is to blame Dec 03 16:16
schestowitz http://coursey.com/about-david-coursey/ “2004-2007 – Ziff Davis Media – Editor-at-large (and other titles). Columnist for eWEEK.com, a founding editor of Gearlog.com, etc. Currently doing non-editorial assignments, including writing and hosting online events.” Dec 03 16:23
schestowitz He used to work for the CNETsoftiers… “2001-2004 – CNET Networks Inc. – Executive Editor, ZDNet AnchorDesk, a daily e-mail newsletter about computers, Internet, and consumer electronics. He was also a commentator and interviewer on CNET Television, including News.com TV on CNBC, and host of a daily call-in program on CNET Radio.” Dec 03 16:24
schestowitz “His clients have included most of the elite companies in Silicon Valley and beyond.” Dec 03 16:25
schestowitz “Elite companies…” first time I hear this phrase Dec 03 16:25
schestowitz “# Dave still stands up for Vista. He blames hardware while paradoxically admitting that nothing has changed at M$ in the last ten years. Dec 03 16:28
schestowitz # M$ DRM booster, “a useful, even necessary new technology for business networks.”” Dec 03 16:28
schestowitz Good picks there too. Dec 03 16:28
Eruaran A customer asked me today of Vista, “do you think it will get better ?”. I responded, “well its been two years now, I think we can draw a conclusion from that”. Dec 03 16:41
Eruaran DRM and networks… someone has been smoking the good stuff… Dec 03 16:42
Eruaran My first experience with DRM was quite a few years ago now… I coulnd’t play any of the music on a notebook that had Windows MCE on it becuase the software couldn’t verify it was OK and it wasn’t plugged into a network. Dec 03 16:45
Eruaran “I’m not sure I should play this song you want me to play… let me go online and check if I’m allowed to play it… oh darn, no network… oh well, I just won’t play it then” Dec 03 16:46
Eruaran User see’s RED Dec 03 16:46
schestowitz I think you’ll like the post I’ve just dispatched: http://boycottnovell.com/2008… Dec 03 16:49
schestowitz I wonder, how come not enough of the media is covering these issues? Dec 03 16:49
schestowitz It’s like a verboten area to explore… like how the CIA works… the taboo of back doors and neglect Dec 03 16:50
schestowitz Eruaran: it has been more than 2 years Dec 03 16:50
schestowitz They RTMed it in Nov 2006, IIRC. Dec 03 16:50
schestowitz They have had time since then to fix bugs, regardless of when it went on sale. Dec 03 16:50
Eruaran “…the intrusion was severe enough to raise the INFOCON status, the information security equivalent of the DEFCON alert, and also necessitate the briefing of the president.” Dec 03 16:51
schestowitz MCE *shudder* DRM as an excuse for spying on any action. Dec 03 16:51
Eruaran HOLY CRAP ! Dec 03 16:51
schestowitz Then again, Windows does this too, with or without MCE Dec 03 16:51
schestowitz Bush. Dec 03 16:52
schestowitz “Oh man! Bring them folks with da bombs! Dec 03 16:52
schestowitz I kid you not… Dec 03 16:52
schestowitz The US govt. had plans to bomb sources of botnets Dec 03 16:52
Eruaran Bush is a loony Dec 03 16:53
schestowitz If they find a botmaster that’s carryng out a DDOS attack, they’re willing to bomb (physically, not digitally) Dec 03 16:53
schestowitz Let me find it Dec 03 16:53
schestowitz Else I’d be challenged for “lying” Dec 03 16:53
schestowitz U.S. cyber counterattack: Bomb ‘em one way or the other http://www.networkworld.com/news/2007/0… Dec 03 16:54
schestowitz US plans for cyber attack revealed : http://www.theinquirer.net/default.as… Dec 03 16:54
schestowitz At will, China could paralyze the US at any moment, IMHO Dec 03 16:54
schestowitz They have enough crackers to take the digital system down and AWOL. Dec 03 16:54
schestowitz EveryDNS, OpenDNS Under Botnet DDoS Attack : curitywatch.eweek.com/exploits _and_attacks/everydns_opendns_un der_botnet_ddos_attack.html Dec 03 16:55
schestowitz Oops. http://securitywatch.eweek.com/exploits_and_at… Dec 03 16:55
schestowitz White house.. cracked. Pentagon.. already cracked… DNS… World Bank.. you name it. Dec 03 16:55
schestowitz The question is, “WHICH of the incidents get /reported/?” Dec 03 16:56
Eruaran I think in the event of hostilities between the US and China, the US would be blind within minutes. Dec 03 16:56
schestowitz You think? I think they do too. Dec 03 16:58
Eruaran The NYSE doesn’t use Windows, but the US Military does… Can you say, “military intelligence” ? Dec 03 16:59
schestowitz Nokia eyes wider use of Linux software in phones < http://www.reuters.com/article/intern… > WOT, no Symbian wtf? Dec 03 17:00
schestowitz Eruaran: the military moves to Red Hat, but it’s not there yet. Dec 03 17:01
Eruaran I gotta buy me some shares in Red Hat Dec 03 17:01
schestowitz Oracle PR, pretense of good citizenship… http://www.marketwatch.com/news/story/Oracle-C… Dec 03 17:03
schestowitz No, no shares Dec 03 17:03
schestowitz Wall Street is in a freefall Dec 03 17:03
schestowitz It’s a casino Dec 03 17:03
Eruaran I’ll wait till it tanks then, and buy shares in Red Hat at bargain basement prices Dec 03 17:04
Eruaran :P Dec 03 17:04
Eruaran If I were to buy tech shares, I’d be far more optimistic about Red Hat shares than Microsoft. Dec 03 17:05
schestowitz Nothing is good now. Dec 03 17:06
schestowitz One person reckons the Dow will sink to 3k Dec 03 17:06
schestowitz Which is crazy, I know. Dec 03 17:06
Eruaran A boom is always followed by a bust. Dec 03 17:07
Eruaran What goes up… Dec 03 17:07
schestowitz http://beranger.org/index.php?page=diary&200… Dec 03 17:07
schestowitz Well.. Dec 03 17:07
schestowitz People said that when Dow Jone descended to 11,000 Dec 03 17:07
schestowitz You can’t define bust. If you could, you’d be a prophet Dec 03 17:08
Eruaran Buy when no one else is buying. Dec 03 17:08
Eruaran When people are predicting doom and selling off cheap. Dec 03 17:08
schestowitz It’s not that simple Dec 03 17:09
schestowitz It’s not a zero-sum game, either. Dec 03 17:09
schestowitz There’s commission Dec 03 17:09
Eruaran You target what you buy carefully. Dec 03 17:09
schestowitz Patents are the same, as zoobab probably knows Dec 03 17:09
Eruaran Then you sit on it. Dec 03 17:09
schestowitz The lawyers are the only winner Dec 03 17:09
schestowitz With investments, the establishment that includes bankers is the winner. Dec 03 17:09
Eruaran I am speaking in general terms of course. Dec 03 17:10
schestowitz People just ‘play’ with their money. The drinks may be free though. Dec 03 17:10
schestowitz Inside information is the only way to succeed. Dec 03 17:10
schestowitz This happens all the time and sometimes reported too Dec 03 17:10
schestowitz The SEC does nothing Dec 03 17:10
schestowitz As an investors, you get screwed by people who know when the stock will rise and fall. Dec 03 17:11
schestowitz They can game it too, e.g. using buybacks and pubnlic remarks. Dec 03 17:11
Eruaran Red Hats stock is undervalued. Dec 03 17:11
schestowitz Google.. the WINDOWS-ONLY company.. again…  http://www.download.com/8301-2… Dec 03 17:12
schestowitz That’s where MinceR comes in and curses Googlesoft Dec 03 17:12
MinceR :) Dec 03 17:12
schestowitz “The app is currently Windows-only and requires Google Desktop version 5 or higher, leaving Mac and Linux users of Google Desktop out in the cold.” Dec 03 17:12
Eruaran With Novell and Oracle gunning for Red Hat’s business, Red Hat has increased its share. Dec 03 17:12
MinceR i don’t think my cursing is necessary Dec 03 17:12
MinceR the evilness of google is well-known here Dec 03 17:13
Eruaran If corps like Oracle can’t put a dent in your business, you are in a strong position. Dec 03 17:13
schestowitz Ryan Paul is peddling some more de Icaza toys today:   Dec 03 17:14
schestowitz http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/200… Dec 03 17:14
*Grummy (n=grummy@ has joined #boycottnovell Dec 03 17:16
schestowitz “Requirements that Internet cafes in a southern Chinese city install Chinese-developed operating systems are raising new concerns over cyber snooping by authorities, a U.S. government-funded radio station reported Wednesday.” < http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeq… > Dec 03 17:21
schestowitz http://www.computerworld.com/action/article… They recommend their own Linux binaries Dec 03 17:22
schestowitz http://www.pcpro.co.uk/news/240480/andr… “Nokia has admitted Linux could take centre stage on future high-end handsets, but has dismissed adopting Android.” Dec 03 17:24
Eruaran cya later guys, gtg Dec 03 17:25
schestowitz Nokia is adamant that Symbian is not abandoned, but it spent so much money on it… and Qt Dec 03 17:26
schestowitz Nokia should start a marketing blitz for KDE. :-) Dec 03 17:26
schestowitz TV adverts with Plasma and Marble Dec 03 17:27
MinceR they could start with LGPLv3-ing Qt Dec 03 17:27
MinceR so that people won’t have to worry about what they do to Qt in the future. Dec 03 17:27
schestowitz The Qtokia DRM stack. Dec 03 17:28
schestowitz http://www.marketwatch.com/news/story/y… (Yahoo jumps as ex-AOL chief reportedly eyes bid) Dec 03 17:33
schestowitz AOL is not an O/S or browser vendor anymore (not after Netscape discontinuation), so it’s not bad news Dec 03 17:34
*miked (n=miked@cgresd-fw-har.inet.cgresd.net) has joined #boycottnovell Dec 03 17:34
schestowitz INTERESTING: “Patent Hawk” lawsuit was an inside job, says Microsoft < http://thepriorart.typepad.com/the_prior_art/… > Dec 03 17:37
schestowitz ‘Odom gamely admitted that Microsoft had been his client for years. “They had every opportunity for friendly discussion,” he wrote.’ Dec 03 17:37
schestowitz The Day The Web Went Dead < http://www.forbes.com/technology/2008/12/01/cog… > Dec 03 17:45
*[H]omer (n=[H]omer@amsterdam.perfect-privacy.com) has joined #boycottnovell Dec 03 17:47
*ChanServ gives channel operator status to [H]omer Dec 03 17:47
schestowitz from _doug to ReverseDRM:<@insomnia> it only takes three commands to install Gentoo Dec 03 17:58
schestowitz <@insomnia> cfdisk /dev/hda && mkfs.xfs /dev/hda1 && mount /dev/hda1 /mnt/gentoo/ && chroot /mnt/gentoo/ && env-update && . /etc/profile && emerge sync && cd /usr/portage && scripts/bootsrap.sh && emerge system && emerge vim && vi /etc/fstab && emerge gentoo-dev-sources .. Dec 03 17:58
schestowitz .. && cd /usr/src/linux && make menuconfig && make install modules_install && emerge gnome mozilla-firefox openoffice && emerge grub && cp /boot/grub/grub.conf.sample /boot/grub/grub.conf && vi /boot/grub/grub.conf && grub && init 6 [ http://bash.org/?464385 ] Dec 03 17:59
twitter How depressions work for most people:  You lose your job, your savings become worthless but you are forced to sell them anyway to pay your mortgage.  Eventually, the bank takes your house and things get worse from there. Dec 03 18:02
schestowitz In relation to what is it said? Dec 03 18:03
twitter did not check out planet B, just read some buy low sell high strategy above. Dec 03 18:07
schestowitz Here in the UK it appears to be “Work in Progress”(R) Dec 03 18:07
schestowitz One person’s opinion crown Ubuntu? http://www.itweb.co.za/sections/enterprise/2008… Dec 03 18:31
twitter Here’s good proof that G. Michaels is one of my Slashdot trolls.  http://slashdot.org/~dedazo/j… Dec 03 18:36
schestowitz http://www.linuxtoday.com/news_story… Dec 03 18:38
schestowitz “But then I know that Microsoft is willing to go to extraordinary lengths to protect their image and to get _their_ story told. Remember, it was Microsoft who hounded a magazine chief editor to have a story told about one of their new projects. When the editor did assign the article to be written and a writer assigned, it was later found out that Microsoft assigned over a dozen Microsoft employees to this writer.” Dec 03 18:38
schestowitz “They preplanned phone conversations, passed scripts around so everyone was on the same page, invited the writer to their site and took real good care that the _Microsoft_ version of the project was what was written. But in this case, they made one mistake and that was they accidentally included the writer in one of their planning emails.” Dec 03 18:38
schestowitz Also today: http://www.linuxtoday.com/news_story.php3… Dec 03 18:38
schestowitz “Astroturfing, opinion shaping, advertising, paid endorsements, even techniques like elevator marketing at any IT trade show – “Hey Bob, you should see what Microsoft is showing off at their booth!”, “Yeah I have – they own the market”. Don’t even get me started about Microsoft’s ample bag of dirty tricks and influence purchasing. “ Dec 03 18:39
twitter I heard that kind of thing at a national medical meeting. Dec 03 18:40
schestowitz Slashdot reposted/edit this story 2 days ago: http://news.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=08… Dec 03 18:40
schestowitz Could they have changed the tags? Dec 03 18:40
schestowitz They were caught changing the vistalog tags, IIRC. I have it somewhere in BN Dec 03 18:41
schestowitz Can’t get cahce for it, although I logged off. Dec 03 18:43
schestowitz… Dec 03 18:43
schestowitz 30 Nov:… Dec 03 18:43
schestowitz This one works. For the diffs Dec 03 18:43
schestowitz Remember how Enderle, O’Gara and company told us that SCO was sure to win? I wonder how many people have emailed them to say, ‘I told you so.’ Dec 03 18:45
schestowitz {quote from /. above} I can’t find the differences… not yet Dec 03 18:46
schestowitz http://www.linuxtoday.com/news_story.php3?l… “Based on my readings of eWeek — which is more fancifully known as eMisinformed — I maintain that eWeek is, without question, the worst source for Linux News available on the internet.” Dec 03 18:54
schestowitz “Based on my readings of Jason Brooks — which is more fancifully known as Bribed by Microsoft — I maintain that Jason Brooks is, without question, the worst source for Linux News available on the internet.” Dec 03 18:55
schestowitz NOVL releases results tomorrow < http://www.fool.com/investing/general/2008/11… >. I need to think how to approach their PR lies. They are cooking the books and they admit this. Dec 03 19:13
schestowitz Linux News Desk=Maureen O’Gara. It used to be just .NETDJ… now she’s nymshifting again. Dec 03 19:34
schestowitz Turns out Libya has a Linux site now: http://fossil.ly/linuxday Dec 03 19:55
trmanco http://www.pcworld.com/article/154735/wi… Dec 03 20:03
schestowitz Yup Dec 03 20:05
schestowitz I have it as a reference here [1]: http://boycottnovell.com/2008/12/03/mi… Dec 03 20:05
trmanco it is old Dec 03 20:08
trmanco from 1 december Dec 03 20:08
trmanco I’m catching up with the news today Dec 03 20:09
*miked has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host)) Dec 03 20:13
trmanco *LOL* Dec 03 20:21
trmanco “This tool only runs on Windows as it is using the Groupwise COM APIs to fetch the calendar data.” Dec 03 20:21
schestowitz Did you see that too? Dec 03 20:22
trmanco seeing it now Dec 03 20:22
trmanco reading it * Dec 03 20:22
schestowitz It might be handy for people who read his blog Dec 03 20:22
schestowitz Although I doubt Microsoft employees migrate to Google Mail. Dec 03 20:23
*kentma1 has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host)) Dec 03 20:23
trmanco lol Dec 03 20:23
trmanco Moonlight 1 Dec 03 20:23
trmanco :| Dec 03 20:23
trmanco ok Dec 03 20:24
trmanco I’m getting sick of this Dec 03 20:24
trmanco 3 posts talking and using Microshaft’s junkware Dec 03 20:24
schestowitz I’ll write about it later Dec 03 20:24
schestowitz Novell is lying again. Dec 03 20:24
schestowitz I’ve found much more than 3 Dec 03 20:25
trmanco well, just yesterday and today Dec 03 20:25
trmanco in 2 days Dec 03 20:25
trmanco let me confim this Dec 03 20:25
*nulled (i=1813ed2f@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-627776c2501c8461) has joined #boycottnovell Dec 03 20:26
nulled FUCK MICROSOFT Dec 03 20:26
schestowitz http://www.tmcnet.com/usubmit/-red-hat-cancels-pa… “She declined to say how much money Red Hat will donate, but it’s enough to pay for about 800,000 meals at food banks run by Feeding America. In the Triangle, the group runs the Food Bank of Eastern and Central North Carolina and the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle.” Dec 03 20:26
trmanco yes 3 on the same day Dec 03 20:26
nulled FUCK MICROSOFT Dec 03 20:26
schestowitz Hi, neighborlee. Hi to you too. Dec 03 20:26
schestowitz Oops. Dec 03 20:26
trmanco 2nd of December yesterday btw Dec 03 20:26
schestowitz nulled: I got it. Dec 03 20:26
nulled ok Dec 03 20:26
schestowitz What else is new? Dec 03 20:26
trmanco what is up with “Fuck Microsoft”? Dec 03 20:27
nulled Know what pissed me off just now? Dec 03 20:27
schestowitz I dunno Dec 03 20:27
nulled http://www.moreinterop.com/Customers/Walmart.aspx?a… Dec 03 20:27
nulled Microsoft will deliver SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server subscription certificates to Wal-Mart for use in Wal-Mart’s IT infrastructure Dec 03 20:27
trmanco Awesome -> http://labs.trolltech.com/blogs/2008/12/… Dec 03 20:27
nulled Microsoft will deliver OPEN SOURCE??? WTF??? Dec 03 20:28
schestowitz WalMart is ‘MS fort’ Dec 03 20:28
schestowitz The management there shares a connection with MS Dec 03 20:28
trmanco don’t go to walmart anymore Dec 03 20:28
schestowitz BMW is another company that’s eerily close to Microsoft. Dec 03 20:28
nulled FUCK MICROSOFT Dec 03 20:28
trmanco OpenOffice.org saves you £30Million/day… : http://www.theopensourcerer.com/2008/12… Dec 03 20:29
trmanco BMW can do a lot better with their engines Dec 03 20:29
schestowitz It’s corporate kiss-ass though Dec 03 20:30
nulled later guys… get blogging about how MS is convicted monopolist… and stop wasting time in here… Dec 03 20:30
nulled this is my blog:  http://webhostedservices.com/blog/ Dec 03 20:30
nulled later Dec 03 20:30
schestowitz They do Microsoft a favour by buying Linux patent royalties (Novell calls it “coupons” or “vouchers”) Dec 03 20:30
schestowitz Ideas are formed here. Dec 03 20:30
trmanco I’ve heard (family, friends, etc) that those BMW engines usually “crack” with little time of usage Dec 03 20:31
nulled ok Dec 03 20:31
schestowitz Nice blog Dec 03 20:31
schestowitz I’ll subscribe now. Dec 03 20:31
schestowitz Just don’\t wrote the F word there. Dec 03 20:31
trmanco cool Dec 03 20:31
trmanco subed too Dec 03 20:31
trmanco schestowitz, there is an F word there already Dec 03 20:32
trmanco :-P Dec 03 20:32
trmanco http://webhostedservices.com/blog/?p=35 Dec 03 20:32
schestowitz What’s that? Dec 03 20:32
nulled oh boy Dec 03 20:32
schestowitz trmanco: oh, well, with F word that’ll be off Groklaw’s radar. :-) Dec 03 20:33
trmanco lol Dec 03 20:33
nulled ok Ill try to remove em.. but what I write is pretty much rehash of what I Find Dec 03 20:33
nulled groklaw baby Dec 03 20:33
*nulled has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) Dec 03 20:33
trmanco http://blog.mozilla.com/metrics/2008/12/01/fir… Dec 03 20:34
schestowitz What’s the soruce? Dec 03 20:34
schestowitz I know about this south asia thing.. Dec 03 20:34
schestowitz Firefox is small in China though. Dec 03 20:34
schestowitz Microsoft has them pwned because of the govt. kickbacks with the Man in Sweater Dec 03 20:35
schestowitz Heh. Dec 03 20:37
schestowitz Someone in the comments just posted a link to: Lead Windows developer bugged by security  < http://www.infoworld.com/articles/hn/x… > Dec 03 20:38
schestowitz ” Our products just aren’t engineered for security.” Dec 03 20:38
schestowitz That goes into my quites files Dec 03 20:38
schestowitz *quotes Dec 03 20:38
trmanco lol Dec 03 20:38
schestowitz Sun is pimping an anti-Linux pro-UNIX article: http://sunflash.sun.com/articles/129/… Dec 03 20:44
MinceR business as usual for sun Dec 03 20:47
schestowitz $un Dec 03 20:47
schestowitz $uninstall Dec 03 20:47
schestowitz $ sudo !! Dec 03 20:47
MinceR :) Dec 03 20:48
MinceR they try to parade as FLOSS supporters yet they try to harm the most popular FLOSS OS wherever they can. Dec 03 20:48
*mib_pwehqs (i=525fec63@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-dec666b8ac0d3ca9) has joined #boycottnovell Dec 03 20:50
schestowitz Yes, it’s a tricky situation Dec 03 20:51
schestowitz There was that “unplug a penguin” E-mail passing around. Dec 03 20:51
*mib_pwehqs has quit (Client Quit) Dec 03 20:53
MinceR there’s nothing tricky about it — they could let [open]slowlaris compete based on its actual merits Dec 03 20:54
trmanco http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=ar… Dec 03 20:54
MinceR or let it die. Dec 03 20:54
*kapipi has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer)) Dec 03 20:59
*kapipi (n=tor@ has joined #boycottnovell Dec 03 21:00
trmanco http://i33.tinypic.com/2cyfmdv.jpg Dec 03 21:18
trmanco Windows source code leaked Dec 03 21:18
schestowitz Isn’t it old? Dec 03 21:19
trmanco nop Dec 03 21:19
trmanco this one is new Dec 03 21:19
trmanco never seen it before Dec 03 21:19
schestowitz It says Tiger Dec 03 21:19
schestowitz It still feels like I saw it before. Dec 03 21:19
trmanco oh ok Dec 03 21:19
trmanco It is new for me tho Dec 03 21:20
trmanco class Windows7 extends WindowsVista implements BetterPR { Dec 03 21:20
trmanco / Pay up suckers! Dec 03 21:20
trmanco } Dec 03 21:20
schestowitz Oh, I see…. Dec 03 21:25
schestowitz They should uncomment it when it comes out of beta Dec 03 21:26
trmanco lol Dec 03 21:40
trmanco they won’t Dec 03 21:40
schestowitz http://www.cnn.com/2008/TECH/science/12/03/st… Dec 03 21:41
schestowitz http://techdirt.com/articles/20081…  blaming CNN for potentially giving away their location to the terrorists. It was a hit among CNN-hater [ ..] Sure, it’s embarrassing to make a mistake — especially one that ends up getting so much attention. But simply “disappearing” the story and pretending it never happened is a dreadful solution. If anything, leave the original story up with a clear retraction placed at th Dec 03 21:47
schestowitz e top.” Dec 03 21:47
trmanco crap Dec 03 21:49
trmanco I made a mistake Dec 03 21:49
trmanco OSS software, is this correct? Dec 03 21:49
trmanco open source software software :| Dec 03 21:50
trmanco oh well Dec 03 21:50
trmanco http://groups.google.com/group/comp.os.linu… Dec 03 21:51
schestowitz Trolls-filled thread. Dec 03 21:52
trmanco hey Dec 03 21:53
schestowitz Lots of it will he incorrect regarddless. Dec 03 21:53
trmanco I’m not a troll Dec 03 21:53
schestowitz I know. Dec 03 21:53
trmanco neither nessuno Dec 03 21:53
schestowitz I know. Dec 03 21:53
trmanco cork isn’t too I think Dec 03 21:53
trmanco I wonder why one of the trolls messages aren’t being archived Dec 03 21:54
trmanco it has to be for some reason Dec 03 21:54
schestowitz “G8, Berlusconi: Propose to regulate the Internet [...] The G8 has as its task the regulation of financial markets, there is no internet for international exploitation. I think the next G8 can bring to the table a proposal for a regulation of the Internet system,” said Berlusconi… [PJ: Computer translation.]  http://www.groklaw.net/newsitems.php Dec 03 22:00
schestowitz “[PJ: Did you know you could do jail time for violating a web site's terms of use by pretending to be someone else and then sending an "I love you" message? According to this trial, unless it's overturned, you can go to jail for a year and pay a $100,000 fine for each "I love you" message. Have we totally lost our minds?]“ Dec 03 22:02
trmanco http://digg.com/users/migue… Dec 03 22:02
trmanco this can’t be real Dec 03 22:02
schestowitz I wonder what punishment one gets for IMing an “I hate you message”. The chair..? Dec 03 22:03
schestowitz http://digg.com/users/migueldeicaza Dec 03 22:03
twitter sweaty b chair Dec 03 22:03
schestowitz Maybe the second one is a booster Dec 03 22:03
twitter fake miguels are usually ugly Dec 03 22:04
twitter M$ divide and conquer Dec 03 22:04
trmanco grrr Dec 03 22:05
trmanco http://digg.com/users/deicazah Dec 03 22:05
trmanco another one Dec 03 22:05
schestowitz Nevada tops “What States Have The Fastest Internet Speeds?” <http://www.webpronews.com/topnews/2008… > Dec 03 22:05
twitter they seek to destroy communications Dec 03 22:06
twitter miguels not nevada Dec 03 22:06
schestowitz Is there more than one in /.? Dec 03 22:06
schestowitz One faker. Dec 03 22:06
twitter there are several. Dec 03 22:06
schestowitz Yikes. Dec 03 22:07
twitter I’ve got at least one in my troll zoo. Dec 03 22:07
schestowitz One was Enough to cause damage. Dec 03 22:07
twitter and one fake Bruce too Dec 03 22:07
schestowitz That’s like finding out that there’s a mini-Ballmer (with a finger in the mouth) Dec 03 22:07
twitter Perens, not that Byfield clown Dec 03 22:07
schestowitz I have some faker in Digg Dec 03 22:07
schestowitz But their accounts get terminated Dec 03 22:08
trmanco http://blog.linuxtoday.com/blog/2… Dec 03 22:08
twitter there are half a dozen fake twitters that spew all sorts of filth Dec 03 22:08
schestowitz They wouldn’t eliminate this aggravator: http://digg.com/users/amiga501 Dec 03 22:08
schestowitz That account has anti-FOSS items, no activity recently. Dec 03 22:09
schestowitz Used to be vile attacks on me in the comment. Dec 03 22:09
twitter there’s no end to the number of nyms people can create with a botnet Dec 03 22:10
schestowitz Item on choice is now associating RMS and pedophilia. There used to be Reiser murder stuff in there. Dec 03 22:10
schestowitz Very, very vile shills. Like animals.. Dec 03 22:10
twitter They tried to call me a Nazi. Dec 03 22:10
twitter It was crude.  They could not get the language right, but other nyms pointed back at it relentlessly. Dec 03 22:11
schestowitz That’s cheap Dec 03 22:11
schestowitz It can get worse. Dec 03 22:11
schestowitz I had people fake my account and avatar. Dec 03 22:11
schestowitz Then tried to declare me gay in front page items of Digg Dec 03 22:12
schestowitz Libellous smear campaigns. Dec 03 22:12
schestowitz These are some of the terminated accounts. Dec 03 22:12
schestowitz Digg lets itself be a cesspool. Dec 03 22:12
twitter Don’t blame the victim. Dec 03 22:12
twitter Things will calm down when M$ runs out of money to pay these asses. Dec 03 22:13
twitter bbl, it’s time for a walk. Dec 03 22:13
twitter before I go, I thought I’d share this bullshit.  http://blog.seattlepi.nwsource.com/microsoft…  I’ve been seeing more of this tartakoff guy. Dec 03 22:15
twitter It’s amazing that people parade “get the facts” crap. Dec 03 22:15
schestowitz It’s 2 YEARS OLD!! Dec 03 22:17
schestowitz http://blogs.zdnet.com/microsoft/?p=1746 Dec 03 22:17
schestowitz They ran out of meterial Dec 03 22:17
*trmanco cya Dec 03 22:18
schestowitz Give me 3 mins and I’ll do a post. Dec 03 22:19
schestowitz Done. Enjoy: http://boycottnovell.com/2008/12/03/mic… Dec 03 22:24
schestowitz I left this comment in the shill’s blog: “2007 called. They want the study back” Dec 03 22:25
schestowitz Microsoft: “Quick|!!! VAPOURware!!!11!!1″ http://www.pcworld.com/article/15… Dec 03 22:32
schestowitz Denmark still assume that everything that passes though the wires is owned by thee US MAFIAA http://www.pcworld.com/article/… Dec 03 22:32
schestowitz Mind you, the Iowa antitrust material came though torrent Dec 03 22:33
schestowitz This is not only an example of legitimate use, but MOREOVER an example where torrent helps FIGHT crime, not perpetuate it like the moguls love to argue. Dec 03 22:34
schestowitz Nokia tries to artifically hype up Symbian.. http://www.marketwatch.com/news/story/Sym… Dec 03 22:42
schestowitz Microsoft Partner Group source FUDs the enterprise http://www.networkworld.com/newsletters/itlead/… Dec 03 22:46
*xISO-ZWT (i=41c7bd06@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-7b506402bebcb5d0) has joined #boycottnovell Dec 03 22:53
schestowitz http://www.builderau.com.au/strategy/businessmanage… “How does Google control its destiny with open source? DiBona: Basically, we use it.” Dec 03 22:54
schestowitz Woman: how do you continue to cooking? Husband: I eat it. Dec 03 22:55
xISO-ZWT The OOXML post was about document format, how did the comments wind up getting so off topic? Dec 03 23:02
schestowitz Alex, IIRC Dec 03 23:06
schestowitz Typical though. Dec 03 23:06
schestowitz This dude < http://www.computerweekly.com/Articles/2… > spreads a lot of pro-Microsoft stuff and now he appends FOSS FUD to some short post. Dec 03 23:07
xISO-ZWT Is computerweekly tied to computerworld.uk? Dec 03 23:12
schestowitz I think not. Dec 03 23:15
schestowitz Not IDG Dec 03 23:15
schestowitz It’s part of a British network (IDG is US-based) Dec 03 23:15
schestowitz “Registered Office: Quadrant House, The Quadrant, Sutton, Surrey, SM2 5AS.” < http://www.computerweekly.com/StaticPages… > Dec 03 23:16
schestowitz http://www.stallman.org/archives/2008-s… “Obama’s official “transition site”, change.gov, lists many intended policy changes. None of them has to do with recovering the freedoms that Bush took away from us. Contrast the large section on “Homeland Security” with the completely absent section on “Civil Liberties”.” Dec 03 23:19
schestowitz He also points to: http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2008… (Don’t wait for the planet to go up in smoke); http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/cifamerica… (Obama and the surveillance state) Dec 03 23:20
xISO-ZWT The more things change, the more they stay the same. GN B-Shift just got here. Dec 03 23:22
schestowitz There’s another issue.. Dec 03 23:23
schestowitz For all I can tell, GWB is making many last-minute changes (as in “change”) which are hugely damaging. Dec 03 23:23
*xISO-ZWT has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) Dec 03 23:29
*neighborlee has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)) Dec 03 23:34
schestowitz “The tech press goes berserk at every utterance from Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates, and every word emitted by the Redmond PR machine is dutifully repeated and canonized. Except in stories like these. The article is brief and doesn’t give much information, and it links to two other lengthier news stories that are just as befuddled.” Dec 03 23:39
schestowitz ‘”Our military is dependent upon commodity desktops whose software shares an enormous amount of DNA with systems that sit on every workplace in the planet.” Now who do you suppose they are referring to? Apple? Ubuntu? AmigaOS? Solaris? FreeBSD?’ http://blog.linuxtoday.com/blog/20… Dec 03 23:39
schestowitz German Federal Government to Support ODF < http://opendotdotdot.blogspot.com/2008/12/german-fe… > Dec 03 23:42
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  25. HMRC Does Not Care About Tax Fraud Committed by UK Government Contractor, Sirius 'Open Source'

    The tax crimes of Sirius ‘Open Source’ were reported to HMRC two weeks ago; HMRC did not bother getting back to the reporters (victims of the crime) and it’s worth noting that the reporters worked on UK government systems for many years, so maybe there’s a hidden incentive to bury this under the rug

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