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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: January 27th, 2009

Posted in IRC Logs at 4:31 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


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twitter Ah ha.  I seem to have remembered the Vista Capable Email and the wrong WSJ reporter.  Reporters from Bloomberg, the WSJ and Information week were massaged prior to Vista’s release.  http://boycottnovell.com/2008/12/10/bl… Jan 27 01:11
schestowitz I look at the PDF again. Jan 27 01:12
schestowitz I couldn’t find any new and conspicuous names in server/receipient Jan 27 01:12
schestowitz None about Mossberg that I could find, either, unless I missed it. Jan 27 01:12
schestowitz I intend to write something gentle about the personal relationship between Walt and Billg Jan 27 01:13
schestowitz If this harms credibility, then it’s deserved Jan 27 01:13
twitter Sure, I was wrong but I stand by my opinion that Mossberg is just as much in M$’s pocket as Rob Guth.  Your insight will be appreciated.  Mossberg has consistently bashed free software and completely missed the boat on investigating M$ wrongdoing. Jan 27 01:14
twitter His collusion in the name of convenience is an endorsement of corruption. Jan 27 01:15
twitter The more “reasonable” he makes that endorsement seem, the more evil it is. Jan 27 01:15
schestowitz “missed the boat” or the goat? :-D Jan 27 01:18
schestowitz Everybody’s a Critic < http://www.webpronews.com/topnews/… > Jan 27 01:30
schestowitz Another Microsoft product folded:  PerformancePoint Server, Microsoft datacenters feel the pinch [...] It looks like Microsoft’s Global Foundation Services (GFS) team is, indeed, among those taking a hit. http://blogs.zdnet.com/microsoft/?p=1843 Jan 27 01:33
schestowitz http://www.desktoplinux.com/news/NS2… “Kingman criticizes Harris for both the “tactless” style and seeming lack of substance to his essay. Click below to read the complete response.” Jan 27 01:42
schestowitz “The rant has drawn a response from former ZDNet editor Henry Kingman. On our sister site, Linux-Watch, he writes, “Have Linux geeks learned to see penguin-baiting for what it is, and ignore it? I guess I wouldn’t be writing this, if they had.”” http://www.desktoplinux.com/news/NS2… Jan 27 01:42
schestowitz Yikes… What do KDE 4.2 and Windows 7 have in common? < http://blogs.computerworld.com/what_do_… > Jan 27 01:47
tessier http://www.cringely.com/2009/… Jan 27 01:47
schestowitz He’ll anger some KDE folks.. “”In all fairness, Torvalds hasn’t tried, to the best of my knowledge, the new KDE 4.2. Still, when all is said and done, to me KDE 4.2, like the Windows 7 ribbon, is change just for the sake of change, not for the sake of making things easier for users. Personally, I’m going to stick with KDE 3.5x and start spending more time with GNOME 2.24. I think you should too.” Jan 27 01:48
schestowitz tessier: I didn’t know “Bob” (Mark) had a site Jan 27 01:48
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*Topic for #boycottnovell is: “Exploring the reality behind exclusionary deals with Microsoft and their subtle (yet severe) implications” [publicly logged] Jan 27 05:25
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schestowitz tessier: I wrote about the Cingely piece: http://boycottnovell.com/2009/01/26… Jan 27 09:06
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schestowitz http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=q4jKNTv… Jan 27 09:09
PetoKraus schestowitz: did you read slashdot this morning? Jan 27 09:16
PetoKraus Apple patenting single and multi touch gestures Jan 27 09:16
PetoKraus http://yro.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=09%2F… Jan 27 09:16
schestowitz Apple can screw itself. Jan 27 09:17
schestowitz Hehe. So true. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=… Jan 27 09:17
schestowitz http://twitter.com/glynmoody/statuses/1151564095 “glynmoody: Apple’s touch screen patent – http://is.gd/hjiM. Ridiculous: I was using a touch-screen HP 150 in the mid-1980s – remember, @jackschofield?” Jan 27 09:18
MinceR geekings Jan 27 09:19
PetoKraus home made ice tea is actually quite a good thing Jan 27 09:32
schestowitz 3400 fired in TI: http://www.pcworld.com/article/158365/texas_instr… Jan 27 09:43
schestowitz TuxMachines still down… my favourite news site.. down for over a day Jan 27 09:52
PetoKraus DDoS? :) Jan 27 09:52
schestowitz No, hardly possible. Jan 27 09:58
schestowitz We’re cites here < http://thebeezspeaks.blogspot.com/2009/01… > and also just made the front page of LinuxToday again. Jan 27 09:58
schestowitz Mercy dash family denied entry to US < http://www.smh.com.au/articles/2… > Jan 27 10:00
schestowitz twitter: I’m doing the Mossberg E-mails text, assuming you haven’t had the time. Jan 27 10:04
schestowitz Our traffic rank has just climbed to 2500th on the Web (Netcraft). Jan 27 10:06
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schestowitz OK, I got the full text: http://boycottnovell.com/2009/01/27/bia… Jan 27 11:27
schestowitz Looks very much like Microsoft AstroTurfers attack a post that’s too damaging to them: http://lxer.com/module/newswire/ext_li… Jan 27 11:30
schestowitz Classic Munchkin line: “Don’t get me wrong, I’m extremely Pro Linux and its all I run at home, and at work. I try my best to use it where possible.” Jan 27 11:30
schestowitz Anonymous says: “Microsoft will never lose the desktop, I don’t understand why they worry.” Jan 27 11:31
schestowitz He has had Microsoft troll issues before in his blog….. Jan 27 11:31
schestowitz Kiwi finds US military secrets on ‘MP3 player’ < http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/01/27/nz_… > Jan 27 11:40
schestowitz More Civil Liberties Concerns Over Jailed Korean Blogger < http://techdirt.com/articles… > Jan 27 11:50
schestowitz *LOL* http://media.slated.org/albums/userpics… Jan 27 12:06
schestowitz We’re almost in page 1 for search on “Vista 7″ in Google. Jan 27 12:09
schestowitz Oh, actually we’re in page Jan 27 12:09
schestowitz in page 1 after all.. Jan 27 12:10
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twitter Thanks for getting the Mossberg email.  Yeah, I was busy. Jan 27 14:35
twitter Now now, it’s not nice to bash on the noobs like that Ubuntu poster.  I feel rather spoon fed with all the nice compiled free software Debian collects, documents and delivers. Jan 27 14:38
twitter The M$ poster would involve meat hooks and the other side of the baby, “Windows – Give me more money, data, life and like it, Bitch!”  Strangely, many of the babies would be smiling and ignoring their discomfort. Jan 27 14:41
twitter “PetoKraus: home made ice tea is actually quite a good thing”  Yes it is.  Cheap and has just the right amount of real sugar in it. Jan 27 14:43
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schestowitz twitter: yes, it’s Homer was posted that image. I don’t like that elitism either. I’ve had Ubuntu boxes since 4.10 Jan 27 15:27
schestowitz twitter: home-base ice tea= no acids and preservatives Jan 27 15:28
schestowitz *base->made Jan 27 15:28
schestowitz I occurred to me that a good name for the Linux Foundation is actually The Kernel Foundation, along the lines of kernel.org. Many people think of “Linux” as the whole system. Jan 27 15:29
schestowitz “The University of the People will open its doors in April 2009″ http://www.uopeople.com/site/index.asp… Jan 27 15:56
schestowitz Another open courseware university: https://mitsloan.mit.edu/MSTIR/Industry… Jan 27 15:57
schestowitz “More that 6,000 workers will be made redundant as Philips tries to claw back a loss of $1.9 billion during the last quarter of 2008.” < http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/646… > Jan 27 16:22
schestowitz The world would be better without this #1 lobbyist for software patents in the EU. Jan 27 16:22
schestowitz “THE DVD rental and Internet streaming outfit Netflix has splashed out and bought $175 million of its own shares.” < http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/637/10506… > Jan 27 16:23
schestowitz Microsoft bought over $100 billion of its OWN stock in the past 4 years, IIRC Jan 27 16:24
schestowitz Bravo, Mozilla: http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/649… Jan 27 16:32
schestowitz Steve Jobs undergoing surgery Monday < http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/643/1… > Jan 27 16:33
schestowitz http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/01/27/twitter_spam/ “Since Twitter, unlike email, is a closed system, there’s more scope to stamp down on rogue accounts. Stiennon adds: “The first thing that Twitter can and should do is limit Twitter ID creation by requiring a valid email account with verification. Gmail accounts of the realname+anything@gmail.com should not be allowed.”” Jan 27 16:35
schestowitz Laser guns are here: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/01/27/boeing_l… Jan 27 16:37
schestowitz “ING is looking to slash 7,000 full-time jobs in order to save €1.1bn a year by 2010. Just over a third of this will come from paying less salaries, with the rest coming from lower costs for its head office, cutting the cost of its sponsorship of the Renault Formula 1 team and renegotiating IT contracts.” < http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/… > Jan 27 16:38
schestowitz Twitter’s growing pain: spam < http://www.heise.de/english/newsticker/news/122405 > Jan 27 16:41
schestowitz Twitter’s growing pain: spam < http://www.heise.de/english/newsticker/news/122405 > Jan 27 16:42
PetoKraus yeah, and the best thing about home-made ice tea Jan 27 16:46
PetoKraus is that when you take it out of the freezer at 8.00 Jan 27 16:47
PetoKraus it’s still perfectly cold at 17.00 when you get back from school Jan 27 16:47
schestowitz You can put it outside to be kept cool. Jan 27 16:47
schestowitz Saves energy. :-) Jan 27 16:47
PetoKraus yeah, but i think the point of ice tea is to be ice cold :) Jan 27 16:47
schestowitz Is it not cold enough in Scotland? Jan 27 16:48
PetoKraus 8°C Jan 27 16:48
PetoKraus i actually took out my sunglasses yesterday and today Jan 27 16:48
PetoKraus for bike Jan 27 16:48
PetoKraus oh well, i feel tricked Jan 27 16:50
schestowitz Hmmmm… did you know that Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt were all born in the same year? Jan 27 16:50
PetoKraus Asia has “UK tour” but they are going nowhere near scotland Jan 27 16:50
schestowitz “Asia”? Jan 27 16:51
PetoKraus yeah Jan 27 16:52
PetoKraus http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asia_(band) Jan 27 16:52
schestowitz Oh. Jan 27 16:52
schestowitz It’s nor oriental either. Jan 27 16:53
schestowitz *not Jan 27 16:53
PetoKraus yeah. UK all the way Jan 27 16:53
schestowitz I heard of them before, but remotely. Many former members.. Jan 27 16:54
PetoKraus yeah Jan 27 16:54
PetoKraus i’ve never heard them play, but hey, there’s steve howe and carl palmer which i like Jan 27 16:54
PetoKraus hmm, looks like i might go to the birmingham gig Jan 27 16:56
schestowitz Train? Jan 27 16:57
PetoKraus i guess plane is cheaper Jan 27 16:57
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kentma1 Asia, as in the supergroup from the 1980s? Jan 27 17:00
PetoKraus yeah Jan 27 17:00
*r0ver (n=r0ver@ has joined #boycottnovell Jan 27 17:00
PetoKraus original reunion Jan 27 17:00
kentma1 Wow – and I thought prog rock was virtually dead… Jan 27 17:01
PetoKraus it actually is Jan 27 17:01
kentma1 what – dead, you mean? Jan 27 17:01
PetoKraus just Jethro Tull, Asia, and Yes happen to have tours this year Jan 27 17:01
PetoKraus since it’s 40 years anniversary for all of them Jan 27 17:01
PetoKraus (+- a year) Jan 27 17:01
kentma1 and queen, of course, ‘cept Freddy’s not very alive any more. Jan 27 17:01
PetoKraus queen is not much of prog though Jan 27 17:01
kentma1 Queen?  Last of the prog bands we always thought. Jan 27 17:02
kentma1 categories are never cut & dried, though…  and I’m not so bothered to argue about it :-) Jan 27 17:02
PetoKraus yeah :) me neither, i like them Jan 27 17:02
kentma1 Yes are touring?  mmmmmmmmmm Jan 27 17:03
PetoKraus though i’d say they are more of a “classic rock” Jan 27 17:03
PetoKraus in the states, without Jon though Jan 27 17:03
PetoKraus Jon almost died of astma just before start of the tour Jan 27 17:03
PetoKraus they had to cancel European 2009 tour and moved US 2008 to 2008/2009 dates with some other singer Jan 27 17:03
kentma1 I was a big queen fan, but also I like Yes and Jethro and ELP and Soft Machine and Caravan and King Crimson and so on. Jan 27 17:03
kentma1 Jon Deacon – bass player – ohh, poor b*gger. Jan 27 17:04
PetoKraus i mean Jon Anderson of Yes Jan 27 17:04
kentma1 ah, that jon – nasty business – is he okay now? Jan 27 17:05
PetoKraus stabilised Jan 27 17:05
PetoKraus can’t tour Jan 27 17:05
PetoKraus though the guy who’s replacing him is really good. You wouldn’t tell. Jan 27 17:06
PetoKraus *tell them apart. Jan 27 17:06
kentma1 best of luck to him.  My no1 son will ill for about 5 years constantly with eczema & asthma – I was more or less living in the hospital and doctor’s – these things are awful. Jan 27 17:06
kentma1 hehe – good! Jan 27 17:06
kentma1 I’ve been trying to start a prog rock revival chez moi, albeit with limited success so far. Jan 27 17:07
schestowitz “01/24/2009 04:40 AM [...] SCO Files Bankruptcy” Jan 27 17:07
schestowitz [Old news] http://www.shortnews.com/start.cfm?id=76485 (should be 2007) Jan 27 17:08
kentma1 schestowitz: hehe Jan 27 17:08
PetoKraus british rail page is SHITE Jan 27 17:10
kentma1 err, yes Jan 27 17:11
PetoKraus and the train ticket would cost me £70 Jan 27 17:11
kentma1 where to? Jan 27 17:11
PetoKraus Glasgow -> birmingham Jan 27 17:12
PetoKraus i’m gonna check a bus Jan 27 17:12
kentma1 car hire might be cheaper. Jan 27 17:12
kentma1 coach is usually cheapest.  Probably do it by coach for £30 or so. Jan 27 17:12
PetoKraus no license Jan 27 17:12
kentma1 ahhh Jan 27 17:12
PetoKraus yeah, bus will be like £40 Jan 27 17:13
PetoKraus or 24… Jan 27 17:14
kentma1 bmi are saying flights from £21, but you’ll need both ways, and you’ll have to pay airport charges, and you need to get to/fro the airports. Jan 27 17:14
amarsh04 PetoKraus… I thought that Kansas were still going… and Jon Lord from Deep Purple did a show last year with our local orchestra Jan 27 17:14
PetoKraus lol, £22.50 Jan 27 17:14
kentma1 amarsh04: brilliant” Jan 27 17:15
PetoKraus that’s priceless Jan 27 17:15
kentma1 National Express are advertising tickets from £1… Jan 27 17:15
PetoKraus right. I am convinced now Jan 27 17:15
PetoKraus :) Jan 27 17:15
PetoKraus the only thing is – it’s RIGHT after my easter break from school Jan 27 17:16
amarsh04 our local orchestra also did Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd tribute shows – they have a double cd of the Pink Floyd tribute out Jan 27 17:16
kentma1 amarsh04: what orchestra is that? Jan 27 17:16
amarsh04 Adelaide symphony orchestra http://www.aso.com.au Jan 27 17:16
kentma1 ah, I can’t really pop round for a listen, then :-) Jan 27 17:18
PetoKraus yeah Jan 27 17:18
PetoKraus there was The Australian Pink Floyd tour last here Jan 27 17:18
PetoKraus *year here Jan 27 17:18
PetoKraus they were completely sold out AFAIK Jan 27 17:18
kentma1 Interesting.  I saw Roger Waters with Mrs Mark & kids a couple of years ago in Hyde Park, and it was busy, but hardly packed out… He did Dark Side & The Wall, mostly.  It was excellent. Jan 27 17:19
amarsh04 The ASO recently played in Los Angeles and New York Jan 27 17:19
kentma1 Have they ever made the Proms at all? Jan 27 17:20
kentma1 We’re getting more non-UK orchestras, choirs and conductors in the proms now. Jan 27 17:20
schestowitz http://news.bbc.co.uk/go/rss/-/1/hi/educ… ( 390,000 to access child database) Jan 27 17:22
amarsh04 not that I know of, kentma1 Jan 27 17:27
amarsh04 or for a concert featuring the music of Joe Hisaishi for Studio Ghibli: http://www.originalsoundversion.com/?p=226 Jan 27 17:28
kentma1 amarsh04: maybe next year. Jan 27 17:28
kentma1 Some Ghibli films have been on tv here recently.  The kids really like them. Jan 27 17:29
kentma1 390,000 people accessing information about children – that’s ridiculous.  It must be something like one person for every 10 children.  This is an unbelievable abuse of human rights, privacy and just about anything else I can think of. Jan 27 17:30
amarsh04 schestowitz – In http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/7847377.stm there is the incongruent statement: “However, some schools are taking on OSS. Highworth Grammar School, in Ashford, is offering both licensed and open source software to students. “ Jan 27 17:31
schestowitz amarsh04: there’s more Jan 27 17:32
schestowitz http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/7853086.stm Jan 27 17:32
amarsh04 kentma1 – we usually hear the proms concerts on radio a few days after they were held Jan 27 17:32
schestowitz Today: “Instead of awarding long-term contracts to large IT companies they could open up the procurement process to smaller firms using “open source” software. “ Jan 27 17:32
trmanco Has anybody seen this crap? Jan 27 17:32
trmanco http://www.crunchgear.com/2009/01… Jan 27 17:32
schestowitz trmanco: don’t feed it Jan 27 17:32
schestowitz It’s been rebutted too much, just giving the flamebait attention Jan 27 17:33
kentma1 ” … not just to learn Linux but equally Vista and Office 2007 as well ” – can you believe that? Jan 27 17:33
trmanco Lets send an email to Google an tell them to shut down *all* their Data centers for one day, and let Microsoft pay the losses for that day Jan 27 17:33
trmanco meh, didn’t express myself well Jan 27 17:34
schestowitz Maybe we should have  ZDNet lambasted more often for appointing rapid anti-Linux people.. many Microsoft heads there. Jan 27 17:34
amarsh04 plenty of ms trolls talking about imdemnification – I thought that’s what hp and red hat and others offered for linux, but what ms didn’t offer for those using their products Jan 27 17:35
schestowitz Tim Bay’s wife is leaving Sun.. lambasted Jan 27 17:35
schestowitz *Bray Jan 27 17:35
schestowitz amarsh04: got any examples? Jan 27 17:36
amarsh04 give me a few minutes Jan 27 17:36
schestowitz I know Microsoft has internally been talking about this as “talking point”. I didn’t notice in a surge of such whispers campaign. Jan 27 17:37
PetoKraus OH FUCK THIS honestly! this is unbelievable…. Jan 27 17:37
PetoKraus 22.4. – asia plays in Birmingham. 24.4. – PJ Harvey plays in edinburgh, and i already have tickets Jan 27 17:37
PetoKraus and GUESS WHAT Jan 27 17:37
PetoKraus 23.4. – PJ Harvey plays IN EXACTLY THE SAME VENUE as Asia in Birmingham! Jan 27 17:38
schestowitz It seems possible that we have trolls in BN (corporate ones) but Shane doesn’t mind. Jan 27 17:40
schestowitz One guy says: “I disagree strongly with Shane’s position that “it doesn’t matter whom is behind a post.”  For example, suppose I want to do a programming project and I want outside advice on which platform and language to use. “ Jan 27 17:41
schestowitz “One person I could ask is a Microsoft MVP.  The other person has a computer science degree, has used many languages, many operating systems and is familiar with data structures and algorithms.” Jan 27 17:41
schestowitz “I would attach more credibility to the second person’s advice because he probably doesn’t have an economic incentive (conflict of interest) to give a particular answer and his advice is more likely to be based on his better experience and knowledge.  It does matter who is giving the advice. “ Jan 27 17:41
schestowitz “I also consider it ludicrous that Shane even thinks that it’s possible to be a shill or astro-turfer for Free Software.  I appreciate the humour, although it was unintentional. :)”” Jan 27 17:41
schestowitz “Actually, I agree with Shane partially in that, if you’re discussing established facts and presenting them to make an argument, then the argument should be evaluated based on its merit and not on who made it. However, when it comes to opinions, then it is important to know whose opinion it is.  It helps to evaluate the opinion based on perceived credibility of the source.” Jan 27 17:42
schestowitz “Of course, in the “Dan O’Brian” case, his opinions are predictable and I often disagree with them.  It wouldn’t matter to me if he spoke anonymously.  In fact, if someone on the Web site wants to comment anonymously (i.e. “Baby in the Bathwater”), they can do that right now.” Jan 27 17:42
schestowitz By the way,  “Baby in the Bathwater” is a Novell employee posting from Novell Jan 27 17:43
schestowitz The Corporocracy queries re: DRM https://secure.commentworks.com/ftc-DRMtechnologies/ Jan 27 17:47
schestowitz That’s like Iranian referendum on human rights and gay rights.. Jan 27 17:47
trmanco http://www.w3.org/blog/systeam/2009/01/26/vali… Jan 27 17:55
trmanco See, has I said yesterday: http://development.openoffice.or… Jan 27 17:57
trmanco :-P Jan 27 17:57
trmanco And so is KDE Jan 27 17:59
trmanco http://www.kde.org/announcements/4.2/ Jan 27 17:59
PetoKraus oh well Jan 27 18:00
PetoKraus they’re not gonna fix my bug are they Jan 27 18:00
schestowitz Bug them about it Jan 27 18:03
amarsh04 schestowitz took me a while, was someone posting anonymously: http://linuxlock.blogspot.com/2009/01/enough-is-en… Jan 27 18:04
PetoKraus how can i Jan 27 18:04
PetoKraus more than submitting bug report Jan 27 18:04
schestowitz Write a patch Jan 27 18:05
schestowitz amarsh04: thanks. Jan 27 18:06
schestowitz Biggest hard drive in the world arrives < http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news… > Jan 27 18:18
schestowitz Whatever we do the planet is doomed… dooomed! < http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/… >  “As tempting as it may be to raise our hands and declare it all a lost cause, Solomon says it is no time to do any such thing. She added “I guess if it’s irreversible, to me it seems all the more reason you might want to do something about it”.” Jan 27 18:18
schestowitz In a way, it’s good to see that Photoshop runs ‘natively’ on Linux using Windows APIs it was written for. Technically, the main issue is access to source code, but people just don’t realise it. Same applies to Google Earth PICASA~1, which used Direct^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^HX. Jan 27 18:25
schestowitz What’s wrong with this book cover? http://lifehacker.com/5139752/ubuntu-pocket-… No word about GNU/Linux. Jan 27 18:28
schestowitz Latest Pointless Law: Requiring Cameraphones To Click When Taking Photos < http://techdirt.com/articles/200901… > Jan 27 18:30
PetoKraus yeah Jan 27 18:30
PetoKraus i’ve alredy talked about it with my friend who does photography Jan 27 18:30
PetoKraus it’d wreck shitload of photos Jan 27 18:30
PetoKraus though i guess it does not apply to a camera, but still Jan 27 18:31
schestowitz No brand recognition… they dilute it. Had Ubuntu been gone, other distros would not gain from public recognition earned by Ubuntu Jan 27 18:31
PetoKraus there is only a tiny step… Jan 27 18:31
schestowitz I guess it rules out open source cams Jan 27 18:31
schestowitz ACCESS Linux powers some Sony cams Jan 27 18:31
schestowitz Microsoft also tries the “digital manners” BS that prevents it from working… like a kill switch for cams Jan 27 18:32
PetoKraus schestowitz: no it doesn’t Jan 27 18:32
PetoKraus it just means you’d have to buy it outside of UK Jan 27 18:33
PetoKraus or wherever it is Jan 27 18:33
PetoKraus US Jan 27 18:33
schestowitz Japan Jan 27 18:33
PetoKraus the kill switch for cameras is a dreadful thing though Jan 27 18:33
PetoKraus also… i’d never buy a camera with GPS module Jan 27 18:33
ushimitsudoki1 japan cell phones always click – we’ve had that as law here a long time unless i am mistaken Jan 27 18:33
schestowitz New design for KDE Dot (about time!): http://dot.kde.org/2009/01/27/kde-42-released Jan 27 18:34
schestowitz http://dot.kde.org/2009/01/26/new-day-new-dot-0 It looks.. too simple… I don’t know, but it could be richer Jan 27 18:34
PetoKraus arch already has it in repos Jan 27 18:35
schestowitz You use Arch?? Jan 27 18:35
PetoKraus yeah Jan 27 18:35
schestowitz Blimey. Jan 27 18:35
PetoKraus why? Jan 27 18:35
schestowitz What’s next? LFS? Gentoo not hard enough? Jan 27 18:35
PetoKraus :) it’s actually much easier than Gentoo Jan 27 18:35
PetoKraus and you are warned every time they F**k something up Jan 27 18:36
schestowitz Microsoft IE8 rolls out the astroturf http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/01/27/… Jan 27 18:37
PetoKraus OOo 3.0.1 is in the repositories as well Jan 27 18:38
PetoKraus they ARE quite fast at updating. Jan 27 18:38
schestowitz I saw their IRC channel.. about 500 people there. Jan 27 18:38
PetoKraus 634 Jan 27 18:39
PetoKraus it’s the most retarded support channel I’ve ever seen Jan 27 18:39
schestowitz Message du jour: Facebokk=death: Glasgow Cops pound Facebook to blunt knife crime < http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/01/27/… > Jan 27 18:40
schestowitz Some days ago the BBC blamed Facebook for a murder.. because of some crazed husband. Jan 27 18:40
PetoKraus “Now BBC’s Newsbeat – news for people with an attention span as long as the average 4/4 drum loop” Jan 27 18:41
PetoKraus that makes it almost-quote-of-the-day! Jan 27 18:41
schestowitz Another Microsoft Death.. :-) Jan 27 18:42
schestowitz Microsoft’s Equipt kill date remains MIA amid retail carnage: Jan 27 18:42
schestowitz http://www.channelregister.co.uk/20… Jan 27 18:42
PetoKraus hmm well Jan 27 18:42
PetoKraus it’s quite scary though Jan 27 18:42
PetoKraus as I’ve got a status “Thinking of the children” for at about 3 days now Jan 27 18:42
PetoKraus i’m waiting till Strathclyde anti-pedo-corps(es) are gonna knock on my door Jan 27 18:43
schestowitz Oh noes Jan 27 18:47
schestowitz Did you take a picture of some swing at a park? Jan 27 18:47
schestowitz If so, you might be a pedo Jan 27 18:47
schestowitz I love this one: Elderly woman prohibited from photographing empty swimming pool “to prevent paedophilia” < http://www.boingboing.net/2008/07/25/e… > Jan 27 18:48
schestowitz She could — you know — be a terrorist too. She was preparing to bomb the concrete at the pool with dynamite strapped to her. But with the camera she was “just planning” Jan 27 18:49
PetoKraus AMAZING :D Jan 27 18:50
PetoKraus wait Jan 27 18:52
PetoKraus what’s the difference between techdirt and /. ? Jan 27 18:53
schestowitz the former is better Jan 27 18:55
schestowitz I love Mike’s topics Jan 27 18:55
schestowitz Slashdot is too ads/trolls-oriented Jan 27 18:56
schestowitz http://blogs.sun.com/GullFOSS/entry… (Branching for OOo 3.1) Jan 27 19:07
schestowitz Woohoo… AdamW joins Red Hat (one company that actually recruits for a change): http://www.happyassassin.net/2009/01… Jan 27 19:10
schestowitz Is this Akamai or some similar front end that hides Windows: http://toolbar.netcraft.com/site_report?u… ? Jan 27 19:13
ushimitsudoki1 AdamW is good people. When I blogged about trying mandriva and it not detecting my video card, we exchanged emails and he really tried to help. Jan 27 19:24
schestowitz Yes, he mails me too sometimes. Very nice person. Jan 27 19:24
ushimitsudoki1 nn Jan 27 19:25
trmanco what does ACK mean? Jan 27 19:28
schestowitz Acknowledges (packet) Jan 27 19:30
schestowitz We’re mentioned here (scraping site): http://www.e-linux.it/news_detail.php?id=7641 Jan 27 19:32
schestowitz Apocalypse in 2012? Date spawns theories, film < http://edition.cnn.com/2009/TECH/science/01/27… > Jan 27 19:41
schestowitz Thrift store MP3 player contains secret military files < http://edition.cnn.com/2009/TECH/01/27/confide… > Jan 27 19:50
schestowitz Linux Journal’s new editor… still uses some Windows…?  “Ask the Experts: I recently reinstalled Windows on my dual boot system and now Linux no longer boots…” < http://www.linuxjournal.com/content/ask-expe… > Jan 27 19:53
trmanco schestowitz, thanks Jan 27 19:58
schestowitz Todd Bishop  has recently devolved into some kind of a Microsoft marketing machine. Realising that Microsoft is slowly dying he seems to be jumping to their rescue. Maybe I’ll just dump his RSS feed later this week… Jan 27 20:03
amarsh04 this machine still has dual-boot with windows (95OSR2) but most of what I still want to run works in dosemu Jan 27 20:16
amarsh04 was worth getting linux running on this machine – it turned out that the scsi driver for the dpt scsi controller was non functional from kernel 2.6.23 until I reported the problem and someone on linux-scsi fixed it in under 10 hours and the fix made Jan 27 20:18
amarsh04 is really funny trying to find a working w95 driver for a radeon 9200se video card or realtek 8139 ethernet card Jan 27 20:20
amarsh04 I like the way that as long as there is working hardware somewhere, generally the linux support will be there too Jan 27 20:21
PetoKraus there we go, OOo 3.0.1 installed :) Jan 27 20:21
amarsh04 I still want to find a gsm sim card reader that works in linux Jan 27 20:21
amarsh04 anyone want the weather from here? 32 C at 7am, 44 C max forecast Jan 27 20:23
PetoKraus i’d like to get linux-compatible thermometer Jan 27 20:25
PetoKraus ideally something serial- or usb- based Jan 27 20:25
PetoKraus though it’s hard to find Jan 27 20:25
trmanco schestowitz, Did Red Hat layoff anyone? Jan 27 20:25
amarsh04 that should be easy, PetoKraus, although you might want a powered ethernet version so you could measure temperatures away from your pc easily Jan 27 20:27
PetoKraus amarsh04: i planned on putting it to a server which runs 24/7 Jan 27 20:28
PetoKraus in our hallway Jan 27 20:28
PetoKraus the temp is dropping in glasgow Jan 27 20:28
amarsh04 you want more than the cpu and disk temperatures then? Jan 27 20:28
PetoKraus down to 3°C Jan 27 20:29
PetoKraus amarsh04: i want actually room temperature Jan 27 20:29
amarsh04 sounds better than 44 C Jan 27 20:29
PetoKraus yes, it does Jan 27 20:29
PetoKraus 25°C is the max i can handle Jan 27 20:29
PetoKraus i’m like -15°C – +25°C outside Jan 27 20:30
PetoKraus *outdoors Jan 27 20:30
trmanco http://blog.flashden.net/industry-news/real… Jan 27 20:32
schestowitz trmanco: not that I know off Cox moved to Intel Jan 27 20:32
schestowitz *of Jan 27 20:32
trmanco ok Jan 27 20:32
trmanco só no layoffs for Red Hat Jan 27 20:33
schestowitz No, none Jan 27 20:33
trmanco I just saw a lie posted from a Microsoftie Jan 27 20:33
trmanco Bonus: In portuguese Jan 27 20:33
PetoKraus you get extra points Jan 27 20:33
amarsh04 I’ll have to shut down the pc today… no airconditioning and the hard disk is reporting 57 C Jan 27 20:34
PetoKraus bloody hell Jan 27 20:36
amarsh04 it’s an old samsung 40 GB Jan 27 20:38
PetoKraus yeah. Mine is dying as well, i think. Smart is not reporting anything bad (except of 28 failures in 7+k hours of lifetime) Jan 27 20:40
PetoKraus though from time to time the machine just freezes Jan 27 20:40
PetoKraus i’m pretty convinced it’s the HDD because of the noise it does, and the way it freezes Jan 27 20:41
schestowitz Put it in the oven to shaw. Jan 27 20:47
schestowitz *thaw. Jan 27 20:47
schestowitz HP’s crappy netbook: http://community.zdnet.co.uk/blog/0,100000056… Jan 27 20:56
amarsh04 I can read the hp forums at work and have seen a lot of disatisfaction over their netbooks and laptops Jan 27 20:57
schestowitz Have you seen this post. This is a travesty. Jan 27 20:58
trmanco http://www.datacenterknowledge.com/archives… Jan 27 20:58
schestowitz Millions of penguins? Jan 27 20:58
schestowitz Dollars don’t matter.. those datacentres consume a lot of energy overall. Jan 27 20:59
trmanco millions of watts :-P Jan 27 20:59
trmanco good for the planet :-P Jan 27 20:59
trmanco schestowitz, HP’s netbook is “Made for Windows”, right? Jan 27 21:00
schestowitz Machines don’t save electricity Jan 27 21:00
schestowitz They use it Jan 27 21:00
schestowitz Just like dietary nutrition doesn’t make you lose fat Jan 27 21:00
schestowitz trmanco: some comes with Ballnux, but they are poor. Jan 27 21:00
trmanco but they can use too much electricity depending on what technologies you use (hardware, software) etc Jan 27 21:00
trmanco schestowitz, SusAA? Jan 27 21:01
schestowitz HP is not serious. It has problems with Microsoft, but that’s where it has its money orgy Jan 27 21:01
schestowitz SasFF- Jan 27 21:01
trmanco laughed @ orgy Jan 27 21:01
schestowitz Like pigs in mud Jan 27 21:02
amarsh04 just looking at the post now schestowitz Jan 27 21:02
schestowitz This headline treats ERP like they are breasts (TV reference): http://advice.cio.com/thomas_wailgum/open_so… Jan 27 21:04
amarsh04 j.a. watson’s comments… it reeks of just doing something “really quick” and not doing homework on why some things don’t work. ie – did he ask on the distros’ forums or mailing lists for help? Jan 27 21:10
schestowitz Microsoft ‘open source’ lackeys abound…. Jan 27 21:11
schestowitz Microsoft’s new pet press on a Microsoft employees’ spinoff: http://www.techflash.com/vent… Jan 27 21:12
schestowitz Microsoft’s non-open source repo also called “open source” by their fan: http://news.softpedia.com/news/Microsoft-039-s-Ope… Jan 27 21:12
trmanco success? Jan 27 21:14
trmanco more like a .NET failure Jan 27 21:14
schestowitz Don’t say this out loud. Miguel reads BN, he might get offended. Jan 27 21:21
trmanco LOOOL Jan 27 21:21
trmanco Microsoft recommends reinstalling Windows Jan 27 21:21
trmanco I’ve done a search, but found no English article on this Jan 27 21:22
trmanco http://tek.sapo.pt/noticias/computadores/micr… Jan 27 21:22
trmanco http://www.inteco.es/Press/Latest_news_of_INTEC… Jan 27 21:22
schestowitz Miguel’s illusions of grandeur are tied to the Vole Jan 27 21:23
trmanco http://translate.google.com/translate?p… Jan 27 21:23
trmanco http://translate.google.com/translate?prev=hp&a… Jan 27 21:23
schestowitz restart app, reboot, reinstall (RRR) Jan 27 21:24
trmanco hey Jan 27 21:24
trmanco Windows is actually recycling? Jan 27 21:24
trmanco :-P Jan 27 21:24
schestowitz No. Jan 27 21:24
MinceR they recycle code Jan 27 21:24
schestowitz BSd Jan 27 21:24
MinceR even from CP/M Jan 27 21:24
schestowitz Steal? Jan 27 21:25
schestowitz hire engineer to rewrite Jan 27 21:25
MinceR pretty much Jan 27 21:25
schestowitz no so-called ip Jan 27 21:25
MinceR actually they rarely hire engineers Jan 27 21:25
trmanco engineer? no way, A 9 year old kid will do Jan 27 21:25
schestowitz They buy them Jan 27 21:25
MinceR afaik it happened once, when they hired some guys from DEC to write NT Jan 27 21:25
schestowitz http://boycottnovell.com/2008/0… Jan 27 21:26
schestowitz http://boycottnovell.com/wiki/index.php… Jan 27 21:27
amarsh04 I registered on zdnet.co.uk and posted a comment on j.a. watson’s hp 2133 article Jan 27 21:35
schestowitz http://www.penguinpetes.com/Doomed_t… Jan 27 21:41
schestowitz amarsh04: yes, good comments. Watson is one of the good guys. He didn’t deliberately break it. Jan 27 21:42
amarsh04 yes, I was pleasantly surprised how preston gralla responded to comments on his “2 weeks with ubuntu” post Jan 27 21:47
amarsh04 I just think that if you have ongoing contact with a distro, it’s worth getting a report or few in their bug tracker Jan 27 21:49
trmanco http://www.solidoffice.com/archives/977 Jan 27 21:49
trmanco http://www.italovignoli.org/2009/01/openoff… Jan 27 21:49
schestowitz preston gralla is better off not fed. Not corrected nor flamed. He’s a Windows dinosaur… let those rest. Jan 27 21:50
schestowitz trmanco: it was the same with ODf Jan 27 21:51
schestowitz Microsoft is a group of gangsters… they’ll call it a ‘mistake’ or ‘error’ Jan 27 21:52
schestowitz I think they did the same to Linux… actually, yet, they did. I also have several posts in BN about Microsoft’s systematic manipulation of its search engine backed by the observations from others. Jan 27 21:53
trmanco good thing nobody uses it Jan 27 21:54
trmanco Live Jan 27 21:54
schestowitz 5% Jan 27 21:54
trmanco schestowitz, of what? do bots count? Jan 27 21:54
schestowitz I don’t know. Jan 27 21:54
schestowitz Depends who measures it and when Jan 27 21:54
trmanco remove the bots from that 5% and you have the real result… Jan 27 21:55
schestowitz Time for Munckin spanking in COLA :-) Jan 27 21:55
schestowitz trmanco: the one that reports 5% (down from 9%) might already cull them out Jan 27 21:56
trmanco I just wonder why I receive hits from Live  with MSN IP’s which have a search query in the referral link Jan 27 21:56
PetoKraus it works in Glasgow Jan 27 21:56
PetoKraus oh well Jan 27 21:56
schestowitz trmanco: probably one-word queries Jan 27 21:56
schestowitz Like “Microsoft” or “tool” or “loser” Jan 27 21:57
trmanco I actually follow the search engine referral link but I don’t see my pages within the first 5 pages Jan 27 21:57
schestowitz They mess up many people’s referral logs Jan 27 21:57
trmanco I ought to block those stupid botnets soon in my robots file Jan 27 21:57
schestowitz They should be utterly ashamed of themselves, but hey… it’s not as though criminals have a sense of sle  pride to begin with. Jan 27 21:57
schestowitz trmanco: don’t follow the links Jan 27 21:58
schestowitz That’s what their spamming is good for Jan 27 21:58
schestowitz It leads people to thinking that Microsoft Got Game, then they explore Jan 27 21:58
PetoKraus ffs that guy is totally stupid Jan 27 21:59
trmanco schestowitz, just following a couple of links won’t hurt, I think Jan 27 21:59
PetoKraus “at least for italy this is not true, as you can see from the screenshot” Jan 27 21:59
PetoKraus THERE’S NO openoffice.org result you MORON! Jan 27 21:59
trmanco LOL Jan 27 22:00
trmanco calm down :-P Jan 27 22:00
PetoKraus i am calm, don’t worry Jan 27 22:00
trmanco ok Jan 27 22:00
PetoKraus :) Jan 27 22:00
trmanco :-P Jan 27 22:00
schestowitz PetoKraus: what do you mean? Jan 27 22:01
PetoKraus schestowitz: http://www.italovignoli.org/2009/01/openofficeorg… Jan 27 22:02
PetoKraus he claims it works correctly in italy Jan 27 22:02
PetoKraus first result – plio.it; second result – plio.it; third result – javaopenbusiness.it; fourth result yacme.com Jan 27 22:03
PetoKraus works PERFECTLY. Jan 27 22:03
*Casperin (n=Casperin@x1-6-00-03-2f-2e-32-aa.k1.webspeed.dk) has joined #boycottnovell Jan 27 22:09
schestowitz ic.. Jan 27 22:10
trmanco http://blue-gnu.biz/content/st… Jan 27 22:18
PetoKraus yeah, helios had nice blogs in past few days Jan 27 22:19
trmanco cool -> http://thebeezspeaks.blogspot.com/20… Jan 27 22:28
trmanco schestowitz, still no tuxmachines? Jan 27 22:35
schestowitz No. Jan 27 22:35
schestowitz Very weird Jan 27 22:35
trmanco try this Jan 27 22:35
schestowitz She hosts it on Gentoo   @ home Jan 27 22:35
schestowitz She recently made some changed Jan 27 22:36
schestowitz But it hardly even resolves, so I assume the server is unreachable/down Jan 27 22:36
trmanco http://www.junauza.com/2009/01/tux… Jan 27 22:36
schestowitz Was itDNS? Jan 27 22:36
trmanco not sure, just problems Jan 27 22:37
schestowitz I left a comment Jan 27 22:38
schestowitz Look at # of pageviews Jan 27 22:38
schestowitz Almost no-one visits TM while DNS is kaput Jan 27 22:38
trmanco yep Jan 27 22:39
*_paco_ (n=jesus@unaffiliated/paco/x-456320) has joined #boycottnovell Jan 27 22:39
schestowitz It’s slow Jan 27 22:39
schestowitz And I can hardly get the RSS feed this way Jan 27 22:39
trmanco yes, I forgot to say that Jan 27 22:39
_paco_ hi Jan 27 22:39
trmanco my feed is working Jan 27 22:40
schestowitz Hey, _paco_, what’s up? Jan 27 22:40
trmanco hi Jan 27 22:40
_paco_ I just saw on the internet that today this chan is up, so I came, to boycott Jan 27 22:40
schestowitz This channel is always up :-D Jan 27 22:41
*ap0kal1pt4ya (n=ap0kal1p@ has joined #boycottnovell Jan 27 22:42
schestowitz Hi, ap0kal1pt4ya Jan 27 22:43
_paco_ I saw it on crunchgear Jan 27 22:43
schestowitz Really? Jan 27 22:43
_paco_ that’s my homie Jan 27 22:43
ap0kal1pt4ya hi all Jan 27 22:43
schestowitz Hey Jan 27 22:43
_paco_ against deals, for freedom, dimi ap0kal1pt4ya Jan 27 22:44
ap0kal1pt4ya yes _paco_ Jan 27 22:45
ap0kal1pt4ya for freedom Jan 27 22:45
schestowitz Patents are one among more issues Jan 27 22:45
schestowitz The good news is that we (not just BN) are gradually winning this ideaological battle Jan 27 22:45
*penguen (n=tugrul@unaffiliated/delipenguen) has joined #boycottnovell Jan 27 22:48
ap0kal1pt4ya I agree withh you schestowitz Jan 27 22:49
*nick|here (i=e7bd07df@unaffiliated/nickhere/x-000000001) has joined #boycottnovell Jan 27 22:49
schestowitz What was on Crunchgear? Jan 27 22:51
schestowitz Other than a rebuttal to ZDNet FUD? Jan 27 22:51
_paco_ http://www.crunchgear.com/2009/01/… Jan 27 22:51
*penguen (n=tugrul@unaffiliated/delipenguen) has left #boycottnovell (“Leaving”) Jan 27 22:51
_paco_ responses there i saw the chan Jan 27 22:51
*schestowitz looks Jan 27 22:53
schestowitz I think I know Scott Merrill. Jan 27 22:54
schestowitz That’s the guy who used to be one of us WordPress hackers. Jan 27 22:54
schestowitz Yes, it’s him:  http://skippy.net/ Jan 27 22:54
schestowitz Hm….. he got divorced… http://skippy.net/its-complicated Jan 27 22:55
schestowitz I remember when he threw the towel at WordPress and left us… quite a scene… he was bug gardener for a whole. Jan 27 22:55
schestowitz *while Jan 27 22:55
schestowitz “In July 2008, my wife and I separated. She and the kids have moved away. As of this writing, the divorce proceedings are not yet finalized. So in the eyes of the law, I’m still married. I haven’t told many people, other than my close friends, because there’s no easy way to communicate the situation to casual acquaintances, coworkers, and the various folks that knew us.” Jan 27 22:56
PetoKraus is the font weird for you as well? Jan 27 23:06
schestowitz In Techcrunch? Crunchgear? Jan 27 23:07
PetoKraus skippy.net Jan 27 23:08
schestowitz No, it’s looks all right. I didn’t know he had become an author in some places. Jan 27 23:08
PetoKraus uhm Jan 27 23:08
PetoKraus must be some annoying proxy then Jan 27 23:08
schestowitz http://yro.slashdot.org/article.pl?… Jan 27 23:09
PetoKraus modpoints! Jan 27 23:11
*Casperin has quit (“Leaving”) Jan 27 23:13
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MinceR gn Jan 27 23:37
*_paco_ (n=jesus@unaffiliated/paco/x-456320) has joined #boycottnovell Jan 27 23:37
*PetoKraus has quit (Read error: 54 (Connection reset by peer)) Jan 27 23:39
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*ap0kal1pt4ya (n=ap0kal1p@ has left #boycottnovell (“Leaving”) Jan 27 23:39
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*PetoKraus has quit (Remote closed the connection) Jan 27 23:41
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*oxygen (i=sds@unaffiliated/oxygen) has joined #boycottnovell Jan 27 23:53
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*PetoKraus has quit (Remote closed the connection) Jan 27 23:54
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    Sirius was abandoned a week ago (my wife and I resigned with immediate effect), leaving a skeleton crew that’s about 50% ‘management’ (barely qualified or not qualified at all) and 50% 'low-paid' geeks (what’s left of them); guess who’s blaming who and who always gets punished

  5. Virtually (i.e. Online) and for Only One Hour the EPO's Staff Representation Was Allowed to Discuss Many Lingering Concerns

    “Report on the LSCMN meeting with VP4 of 9 November 2022″ (i.e. one month ago) is being circulated this week; “On 9 November 2022,” says the union or the local officials (Staff Union of the EPO, or SUEPO for short, has overlaps), “the Local Staff Committee Munich (LSCMN) met with VP4, Ms Nellie Simon, to discuss a number of prevailing local matters in a virtual meeting which had been scheduled, as had the previous one, for one hour only.” (the usual; they intentionally don’t allocate sufficient time)

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    The real EPO survey is not that one conducted by (and for) António Campinos

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    Today we share some documents that circulated amongst EPO staff yesterday; it's about this year's staff survey that was not conducted by the EPO itself (to serve EPO management and its twisted agenda

  8. Free Software is So Robust That Its Opponents Need to Travel 12 Months Back in Time in Order to Find Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD) Material

    Microsoft- and Linux Foundation-connected sites help smear or stigmatise Free software (citing hostile 'experts'); this week they borrow news from 12 months ago to make a point

  9. IDG Has Resorted to Microsoft Marketing SPAM Instead of Actual Journalism

    Microsoft puff pieces are published as "opinions", disguised as "news" while in fact serving no purpose other than marketing

  10. Open Invention Network (OIN) Protects Amazon and AWS From Activists Like Us Who Want to Abolish Software Patents Through Reforms of the Patent Systems

    The Open Invention Network (OIN) does not exist to serve the Free software community but to work against it; the latest joining (AWS) proves this

  11. Sirius ‘Open Source’ and the Money Missing From the Pension

    Sirius ‘Open Source’ is unable to cope with basic legal requirements such as sending payslips to staff (this hasn’t been done for months already!) and such issues have gone on for almost 4 years already

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    Sirius ‘Open Source’ became a company that cannot even do accounting right; pertinent technical employees had to do a lot of chasing for years just to get the basics rectified

  15. Evidence of Sirius ‘Open Source’ (or Sirius Corporation) Failing to Pay Pensions, Failing to Inform Staff, Not Responding to Staff

    The job my wife and I left this past Friday (after about 21 years combined) had turned sour years ago; hoping that this serves as a cautionary tale to others, we've decided to show pension lapses, lack of payslips, and excuses that accompanied that for years

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  19. Subsidising the Likes of Rupert Murdoch is Not Supporting Journalism

    There are yet more attempts to tax citations; not only does that make no practical or moral sense, it's being lumped in or joined together with a must-pass "defence" (military) bill in order to suppress opposition

  20. Microsoft Layoffs Again

    The company behind Windows is in a bad state, but it is being propped up by the taxpayers; if rumours are true, Microsoft might get a lot smaller next year

  21. Microsoft is Killing Hospital Patients With Its Insecure-by-design Windows Operating System

    Many people continue to needlessly die because many hospitals still foolishly deploy Windows on mission-critical life-saving machines

  22. Sirius ‘Open Source’ Failing at the Most Basic Employment Regulations

    The company we left behind last week was a repeat violator of employment laws; to make matters worse, it led to its long-term or long(time)-serving staff becoming very baffled, having to contact the pension provider for clarifications

  23. Sirius ‘Open Source’: When the Company Stops Paying Your Pension and You Don't Know Until the Pension Provider Keeps Sending Physical Post to Alert You

    Today we turn our attention to pension blunders at Sirius ‘Open Source’; in recent years even something basic like pension contributions wasn’t smooth sailing

  24. [Meme] Sirius Open Source, Closed-Minded Bossing

    At Sirius ‘Open Source’, decisions are made in the dark without consultation with staff and many things go wrong as a result; of course the culprits never hold themselves accountable

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  26. Rumour: Very Large Microsoft Layoffs (Another Round) Next Month, Lists Already Being Prepared

  27. Benoît Battistelli in 2015: EPO is Ready to Start Unified Patent Court (UPC), Expect UPC in 2016

    We’re almost in 2023 and UPC is being delayed again; this is what EPO President Benoît Battistelli said way back in 2015 (official video from the EPO; 3:45-4:34 cropped apart)

  28. IRC Proceedings: Monday, December 05, 2022

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  30. Sirius Not-So-‘Open Source’: Cannot Talk to Colleagues, Cannot Speak About Work

    Cover-up and lies became a corporate pattern at the company where I had worked since 2011; it was time to go in order to avoid cooperation in unethical activities

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