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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: April 20th, 2009 – Part 3

Posted in IRC Logs at 2:41 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


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DavidGerard at least the first one Apr 20 20:02
schestowitz Anyway, it’s back now. I found the right table in the 100+MB maze Apr 20 20:02
DavidGerard :-) Apr 20 20:02
DavidGerard yeah Apr 20 20:03
schestowitz DavidGerard: do you do .htaccess? Apr 20 20:03
DavidGerard i saw the css break, saw the story titles break and i knew *exactly* what you were doing Apr 20 20:03
schestowitz Thanks for helping Apr 20 20:03
DavidGerard do i set stuff up with it? not generally Apr 20 20:03
schestowitz The thing is this: Apr 20 20:03
schestowitz WordPress loop is simple Apr 20 20:03
DavidGerard the page on ‘nice urls’ on mediawiki.org has some info on this Apr 20 20:03
schestowitz It gives all URL requests to inde.php  (wordpress in home dir) Apr 20 20:03
DavidGerard you should probably add to it how not to destroy a wordpress installation on the same url Apr 20 20:04
schestowitz So how do I tell wordpress or apache to move “/” elsewhere? Apr 20 20:04
DavidGerard oh dear lord, so you have to hack in something to recognise mediawiki Apr 20 20:04
schestowitz DavidGerard: not exactly Apr 20 20:04
DavidGerard a good way is with a subdirectory Apr 20 20:04
schestowitz Maybe it’s how Apache handles PHP files Apr 20 20:04
schestowitz I never understand this Apr 20 20:05
DavidGerard hmm, hold on, does that work with wordpress? i was thinking of copperminde Apr 20 20:05
DavidGerard well, it should just run them Apr 20 20:05
DavidGerard brb, kid is yelling Apr 20 20:05
schestowitz Like… it would pass it to MediaWiki if the right URLs are asked for in a dir with .htaccess Apr 20 20:05
schestowitz I’ll flush cache Apr 20 20:07
schestowitz Flushed Apr 20 20:11
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NeonFloss hey you all Apr 20 20:22
NeonFloss I just noticed something cool Apr 20 20:22
NeonFloss phosphorus (FOSS For Us) lol :p Apr 20 20:22
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schestowitz Not much useful help in #wordpress Apr 20 20:39
schestowitz <schestowitz> Hi, I need help with WordPress redirection. Is it possible for me to instruct wordpress to redirect from the index/root page (“/”) to another page? Apr 20 20:40
schestowitz <ozmodiar> Add comments_template(); Apr 20 20:40
schestowitz <ozmodiar> schestowitz: Yes, Settings -> Reading. Apr 20 20:40
schestowitz <schestowitz> I want to make the index be a MediaWiki component in another directory (one that points at WordPress posts). Any help/pointers appreciated. Apr 20 20:40
schestowitz <schestowitz> ozmodiar: I see…. Apr 20 20:40
schestowitz <schestowitz> Let me see if this can be hacked to escape WordPress’ main loop Apr 20 20:40
schestowitz <ozmodiar> lewb: Youre comments_template is probebly broken. Apr 20 20:40
schestowitz <Duesentrieb> schestowitz: can’t you just use url rewriting? Apr 20 20:40
schestowitz <lewb> it works on an actual post Apr 20 20:40
schestowitz <ozmodiar> schestowitz: Else you can use .htaccess. Apr 20 20:40
schestowitz <schestowitz> Thanks. I’m trying just that Apr 20 20:40
schestowitz <schestowitz> I just a dummy page from which to redirect. Apr 20 20:40
schestowitz <schestowitz> If this succeed, then I’d be thrilled Apr 20 20:40
schestowitz <Duesentrieb> uh, for url rewrites or http redirects, you don’t need a dummy. Apr 20 20:40
schestowitz <Duesentrieb> it happens before wordpress is ever executed Apr 20 20:40
schestowitz <element> .htaccess -> Redirect 301|302 /old-permalink http://destination.com Apr 20 20:40
schestowitz <schestowitz> element: thanks Apr 20 20:40
schestowitz <schestowitz> here’s the problem I have now Apr 20 20:40
schestowitz <schestowitz> I created a dummy page Apr 20 20:40
schestowitz <schestowitz> I set up a redict that works for it Apr 20 20:40
schestowitz <schestowitz> Taking me to MediaWiki Apr 20 20:40
schestowitz <schestowitz> Assigning front page to this dummy page does not latch onto the redir though Apr 20 20:40
schestowitz <schestowitz> It sites there on the ‘main page’ in the address bar Apr 20 20:40
schestowitz <schestowitz> It’s as though WordPress serves the static page without touching that URL Apr 20 20:40
schestowitz <schestowitz> Any way around it? Apr 20 20:40
schestowitz I’m installing a plugin now Apr 20 20:40
schestowitz http://urbangiraffe.com/plugins/… Apr 20 20:41
Balrog schestowitz: you’re learning that it’s best to keep a wp site in like /wp :) Apr 20 20:42
schestowitz Maybe. Apr 20 20:43
schestowitz I set it up this way in my personal blog Apr 20 20:43
schestowitz Ah! Apr 20 20:46
schestowitz I think it works now Apr 20 20:46
schestowitz Try it Apr 20 20:46
schestowitz Main page of BN Apr 20 20:46
schestowitz And I have a powerful tool with regexes for WordPress (one level above Apache) Apr 20 20:46
Balrog seems to work now :) Apr 20 20:47
Balrog now write about the Sun / Oracle thing Apr 20 20:48
schestowitz yaya Apr 20 20:48
schestowitz Balrog: nope Apr 20 20:48
schestowitz I think not and I’ll tell you what Apr 20 20:48
Balrog …? I think it’s important … Apr 20 20:48
schestowitz Unless you have an angel, then you’re one in a million that write about something that people developed fatgue for Apr 20 20:48
schestowitz Balrog: it is, but many people covered it by now Apr 20 20:49
Balrog ok. Apr 20 20:49
schestowitz If it’s not breaking some part of the news, then I’ll accumulate some points and see if there’s a new angle I know about Apr 20 20:49
schestowitz Like how it related to Novell, Java, Go-oo Apr 20 20:49
schestowitz Same with IBM at the time Apr 20 20:49
schestowitz I hardly mentioned it and it never materialised either Apr 20 20:49
Balrog ok. Apr 20 20:49
schestowitz If I just parroted news of the day, then we’d be Yet Another FOSS Site Apr 20 20:50
schestowitz People don’t need thta Apr 20 20:50
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schestowitz element,  ozmodiar, and Duesentrieb solved it with me, so I thanked them… it’s solved now. Solution: installed this thing: http://urbangiraffe.com/plug… Apr 20 20:52
schestowitz Mashup of CMSs is fun Apr 20 20:52
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schestowitz OK, final tweaks and here is the new front page of Boycott Novell: http://boycottnovell.com Apr 20 21:18
zer0c00l sam ramji blabs again: http://news.slashdot.org/article.pl… Apr 20 21:21
schestowitz Get garlic Apr 20 21:23
schestowitz It’s getting dark for Microsoft: Analyst: More Layoffs Coming To Microsoft: http://www.paidcontent.org/entry/41… Apr 20 21:23
*DavidGerard is back, v slightly Apr 20 21:25
DavidGerard ahhhh i see what you’ve done Apr 20 21:26
DavidGerard front page is now the wiki Apr 20 21:26
DavidGerard that’s like the setup we have at work Apr 20 21:26
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DavidGerard you have to be very careful with your urls, and preserving old urls is a b*gg*r, but it’s lovely when you get it working Apr 20 21:27
zer0c00l schestowitz, front page looks better Apr 20 21:27
zer0c00l :) Apr 20 21:27
DavidGerard i like the front page having a list of ‘links’ stories and a list of ‘real’ stories Apr 20 21:27
schestowitz Microsoft fires, Google hires: Google Still Hiring Lots of Engineers (And Some Daycare Workers Too) < http://www.paidcontent.org/entry/419-g… > Apr 20 21:27
DavidGerard the way i usually read the blog is to right-click the headings for each story then read them in their tab Apr 20 21:28
schestowitz DavidGerard: :-) Apr 20 21:28
DavidGerard so seeing an index first is v helpful Apr 20 21:28
schestowitz Yes, and good news… Apr 20 21:28
schestowitz More layoffs likely coming to Microsoft Apr 20 21:28
schestowitz There are leaks Apr 20 21:28
schestowitz And Google is hiring still. Apr 20 21:28
DavidGerard more than the 3600 unspecified victims? Apr 20 21:28
schestowitz Yes Apr 20 21:28
schestowitz I will post in BN quickly Apr 20 21:29
schestowitz Fallen behind Apr 20 21:29
schestowitz After getting some tears (no really) over messing things up Apr 20 21:29
DavidGerard i know that feeling :-) Apr 20 21:29
DavidGerard it’s bad enough on a work intranet for ten people Apr 20 21:29
schestowitz I’d better knock the Wiki into shape more quickly now that it’s visited more Apr 20 21:29
DavidGerard let alone a popular news site Apr 20 21:29
DavidGerard oh yes Apr 20 21:29
DavidGerard you can do some really funky presentational stuff with css and skins on mediawiki too Apr 20 21:30
schestowitz Yes, I know Apr 20 21:30
DavidGerard you can make it not look like a wiki at all Apr 20 21:30
schestowitz But not yet Apr 20 21:30
DavidGerard yep! keep it incremental! Apr 20 21:30
schestowitz Nod Apr 20 21:30
schestowitz I lost track of some things I planned to do Apr 20 21:30
schestowitz 6-9 i burned time on the wiki Apr 20 21:30
schestowitz It’s like an addiction Apr 20 21:30
DavidGerard preserving urls is excellent Apr 20 21:30
schestowitz I said, only 15 minutes Apr 20 21:30
DavidGerard :-D Apr 20 21:30
schestowitz And then you go on and on Apr 20 21:31
DavidGerard you have a new COOL THING to HACK ON! Apr 20 21:31
DavidGerard yeah Apr 20 21:31
DavidGerard mediawiki-l is a helpful list Apr 20 21:31
DavidGerard brb. phone Apr 20 21:31
DavidGerard back Apr 20 21:33
DavidGerard (i’m at home on call) Apr 20 21:33
schestowitz So anyway, things are working well this week Apr 20 21:34
schestowitz Ubuntu 9.04 out Apr 20 21:34
schestowitz And Microsoft to report major slump the same day(ish) Apr 20 21:34
schestowitz And maybe announce more closures/layoffs Apr 20 21:34
schestowitz Why the obsession over Microsoft? No other company hates FOSS and Linux so much. Apr 20 21:35
DavidGerard indeed Apr 20 21:35
DavidGerard and so many tentacles do actually trace right back to them, really obviously Apr 20 21:36
*DavidGerard has created an account on the wiki Apr 20 21:36
DavidGerard suggested extension: CheckUser Apr 20 21:36
DavidGerard it allows you to check what IP a vandal is coming in from without having to do handcrafted SELECT * on the recentchanges table Apr 20 21:36
schestowitz SCO Apr 20 21:37
schestowitz maybe SUN too Apr 20 21:37
schestowitz PJ brought it up again Apr 20 21:37
schestowitz The “Sun being offered something to sue Linux” Apr 20 21:37
DavidGerard yeah Apr 20 21:37
schestowitz Probably MS Apr 20 21:37
DavidGerard Sun was not much of a friend of OSS at the time Apr 20 21:37
DavidGerard ie. mcnealy wasn’t a fan Apr 20 21:37
schestowitz I wrote about it when Jonathan Ponytail blogged it Apr 20 21:37
DavidGerard yep Apr 20 21:37
DavidGerard he’s a fan of OSS Apr 20 21:37
schestowitz I hear that Jonathan Ponytail has a new job as Ellison’s baber Apr 20 21:37
schestowitz *barber Apr 20 21:37
DavidGerard otoh, OSS was basically Sun’s “Hail Mary” pass to try not to go broke Apr 20 21:38
schestowitz He’ll keep the bog alias “ponytail” Apr 20 21:38
DavidGerard oracle really couldn’t give a hoot about OSS except insofar as it involves commodifying every other part of the cost of a database ssytem Apr 20 21:39
DavidGerard i am not sanguine about Oracle giving a hoot about the OSS that Sun was custodian of. They’re proprietary through and through their insanely expensive little hearts Apr 20 21:39
DavidGerard the only plus point i can think of is that ellison and gates f*cking hate each other ;-D Apr 20 21:40
*zer0c00l has quit (“bedtime”) Apr 20 21:43
schestowitz Oh Oracle Apr 20 21:44
schestowitz Pardon me being slow Apr 20 21:44
schestowitz It has been a good day, but Oracle is a mixed bad Apr 20 21:45
schestowitz Would IBM have been better? Apr 20 21:45
DavidGerard yes Apr 20 21:45
DavidGerard at least ibm are slightly in the business of open source Apr 20 21:45
DavidGerard and very slightly in the business of free software Apr 20 21:45
schestowitz Hehe. Apr 20 21:45
DavidGerard oracle have sleepycat Apr 20 21:45
schestowitz I can think of a funny post to do Apr 20 21:45
DavidGerard and don’t care Apr 20 21:45
schestowitz Give me a couple of minutes Apr 20 21:45
DavidGerard and innodb, and don’t care Apr 20 21:45
schestowitz I’ll remark in one word Apr 20 21:45
schestowitz Using the video Apr 20 21:45
schestowitz Hold onb. Apr 20 21:46
DavidGerard my personal interest is that i’ve been a solaris admin for 8 years and i’d rather not have my cv go up in smoke ;-) Apr 20 21:46
DavidGerard heck, i might have to learn this ‘leengux’ that all the kids are into Apr 20 21:46
schestowitz Damn. I thought I had it as ogg Apr 20 21:47
schestowitz I never made one… Apr 20 21:47
schestowitz http://boycottnovell.com/2009/0… Apr 20 21:52
schestowitz :-) Apr 20 21:52
schestowitz hehe. Apr 20 21:52
schestowitz DavidGerard: was the same for me in a sense Apr 20 21:52
schestowitz I did my degrees in the Old (Victoria) Univ. of Manc. Apr 20 21:52
schestowitz Then they merged with UMIST which is inferior Apr 20 21:52
schestowitz So the names of the new university is… you’ve guessed it Apr 20 21:52
trmanco Digg Ends Exclusive Ad Deal with Microsoft: http://www.clickz.com/3633453 Apr 20 21:53
schestowitz Basically, the reputation of my degrees may decline although it says nothing about the university I was REALLY in (before the merger) Apr 20 21:53
schestowitz RAE 5* Apr 20 21:53
schestowitz trmanco: yes, got that Apr 20 21:53
schestowitz trmanco: I already feel like Digg is less hostile towards us Apr 20 21:55
schestowitz Also: Apr 20 21:55
schestowitz This may lead to speculations about Google and Digg Apr 20 21:55
schestowitz Google was gonna buy Digg last year Apr 20 21:56
schestowitz MS advertising was like a pawn in there Apr 20 21:56
schestowitz Making it a poison pill and acuisition unattrative Apr 20 21:56
schestowitz MS put  a stake in Facebook (and overpaid) for the same reason Apr 20 21:56
schestowitz They block Google takeover Apr 20 21:56
trmanco scary Apr 20 21:57
balzac soon there’ll be one big application Apr 20 21:57
balzac and little pockets of AGPL licensed applications Apr 20 21:58
balzac the mega webservices and applications are getting almost everyone Apr 20 21:58
DavidGerard yeah Apr 20 21:58
balzac you can’t get your fair share of traffic if you don’t partake Apr 20 21:58
DavidGerard well, AGPL is enough of a licence to be copyleft Apr 20 21:59
DavidGerard free software is science rather than alchemy, so it wins *eventually* Apr 20 21:59
DavidGerard it’d just be good if it was sooner rather than later Apr 20 21:59
*DavidGerard is watching the ellison video Apr 20 21:59
balzac people should go back to saying “search” rather than “google” as a verb Apr 20 22:00
DavidGerard i see he’s politely not adding “and gates is an asshole and I hate the bastard” Apr 20 22:00
balzac larry ellison is a douche Apr 20 22:00
DavidGerard balzac: theoretically. however, they pretty much always mean “google.” Apr 20 22:00
DavidGerard google’s monopoly on search is cos they’re REALLY GOOD Apr 20 22:00
balzac i can’t help but like Bill Gates more than him, with his 400′ yacht Apr 20 22:00
DavidGerard the kids don’t understand that these days Apr 20 22:00
DavidGerard i remember what search was like in 1997, 98 Apr 20 22:00
DavidGerard oh my god Apr 20 22:00
DavidGerard google was the first. search engine. that didn’t. SUCK. Apr 20 22:01
schestowitz DavidGerard: Wikipedia uses some Sun, right? Apr 20 22:01
DavidGerard it’s hard to get across how remarkable this was Apr 20 22:01
schestowitz There was a recent announcemnt. Apr 20 22:01
balzac DavidGerard: there’s that, and there’s the fact that people don’t evaluate the cost of putting all their attention through one corporate entity Apr 20 22:01
DavidGerard that’s why they never advertised Apr 20 22:01
DavidGerard yeah Apr 20 22:01
DavidGerard but y’know, people wouldn’t use google if they weren’t really good Apr 20 22:01
DavidGerard even ms employees use google rather than live search Apr 20 22:01
balzac well, the only way to push back is to “exploit” their web services Apr 20 22:02
DavidGerard yeah, we use lotsa sun boxes Apr 20 22:02
DavidGerard dell and sun Apr 20 22:02
DavidGerard the wmf servers are x86 ubuntu server Apr 20 22:02
balzac to make Google’s data available as a white-label service by violating their TOS Apr 20 22:02
balzac once again, it comes down to civil disobedience Apr 20 22:02
DavidGerard there are some wikimedia.de/toolserver.org servers that are solaris, i think Apr 20 22:03
DavidGerard i might be out of date on that Apr 20 22:03
DavidGerard we have some x86 sun boxes at WMF Apr 20 22:03
DavidGerard at my workplace (which isn’t WMF) we ahve sun and dell Apr 20 22:03
DavidGerard the suns are mostly solaris 10 with some linux Apr 20 22:03
DavidGerard the dells are mostly rhel/centos with one or two solaris :-) Apr 20 22:04
DavidGerard mostly x86, some old sparc boxes we want to get rid of Apr 20 22:04
balzac I was put off by Google’s refusal to host an AGPL-licensed applications Apr 20 22:04
DavidGerard some ancient x86 Fedora Core 3 boxes we desperately want to get rid of Apr 20 22:04
DavidGerard balzac: yeah. that’s … rather telling. Apr 20 22:04
DavidGerard basically, the AGPL is to Google what the GPL is to Microsoft. Apr 20 22:04
schestowitz Linux is up and Microsoft keeps collapsing: http://boycottnovell.com/2009/04/… Apr 20 22:04
DavidGerard web services apps need to be AGPL. Apr 20 22:05
DavidGerard GPL is BSD when it’s the service. Apr 20 22:05
balzac In principle, it was the same as Microsoft’s ideological opposition to the copyleft Apr 20 22:05
balzac DavidGerard: yep, I said the same as soon as Chris DiBona announced that decision Apr 20 22:05
DavidGerard it’s the one thing that could compete with them in a non-proprietisable way] Apr 20 22:05
schestowitz DavidGerard: thanks for the info re: Wikipedia Apr 20 22:06
balzac I’ll start liking Google again if they make *substantial* donations of cash to the FSF and GNU Apr 20 22:06
schestowitz I get allocated to the Ditch mirror here Apr 20 22:06
schestowitz *Dutch Apr 20 22:06
schestowitz Or maybe it’s where the host is registered Apr 20 22:07
DavidGerard yeah, europe is served from the amsterdam proxies Apr 20 22:07
DavidGerard the databases all live in florida Apr 20 22:07
DavidGerard there’s a squid farm in amsterdam Apr 20 22:07
schestowitz Florida needs lots of AC for DCs Apr 20 22:07
DavidGerard there used to be one in south korea, sponsored by yahoo, but that’s being decommissioned (i don’t know why) Apr 20 22:07
schestowitz Also, pray for no rising water level Apr 20 22:07
schestowitz Some of my relatives live in Miami Beach. It’s totally flat Apr 20 22:08
DavidGerard the servers are in tampa Apr 20 22:08
balzac if not, I’ll see them as a very big corporate blob, currently benevolent by virtue of their indifference to freedom, soon to become malevolent as time catches up with them Apr 20 22:08
schestowitz DavidGerard: where is Wales from? Apr 20 22:08
balzac Roy, that’s a pull-quote for your website Apr 20 22:08
DavidGerard (the foundation is registered in st petersburg and now runs from san francisco) Apr 20 22:08
trmanco “Tomboy is not going away, and it will continue to be developed on the extremely productive Mono/GTK# language platform. Anyone thinking about distributing Gnote should consider the impact on users and their data. When we develop, we should always be asking ourselves, “is this adding value for our users?”” Apr 20 22:08
*schestowitz too lazy to check Apr 20 22:08
DavidGerard wales is from alabama originally Apr 20 22:08
trmanco productive mono/gtk#? fail Apr 20 22:08
DavidGerard moved to florida at some stage, set up bomis, set up nupedia Apr 20 22:08
schestowitz balzac: added to quote file Apr 20 22:08
balzac ;) Apr 20 22:09
DavidGerard wow, that’s complete proprietary fud Apr 20 22:09
schestowitz “I’ll see Google as a very big corporate blob, currently benevolent by virtue of their indifference to freedom, soon to become malevolent as time catches up with them” –Paul Gaskin Apr 20 22:09
DavidGerard one of the first things people do with open source apps is file format converters Apr 20 22:09
MinceR time has caught up with them long ago Apr 20 22:09
trmanco http://automorphic.blogspot.com/2009/04… Apr 20 22:09
DavidGerard google’s advantage right now is that their products don’t suck Apr 20 22:09
trmanco scroll down to the gnote part Apr 20 22:10
DavidGerard in fact their good stuff is fantastic Apr 20 22:10
schestowitz “Some people have started asking about Gnote, Hubert Figuiere’s line-for-line port of Tomboy to C++. Our stance on Gnote is that it is counterproductive to maintain identical software in two languages. It will be harmful to the community, especially as these two apps inevitably diverge. It will result in duplication of effort, duplication of bugs, and a lot of wasted time for those who are trying to add value to the user experience Apr 20 22:10
schestowitz .” Apr 20 22:10
schestowitz Hehe. Mono devs worry Apr 20 22:10
schestowitz What? Me worry? Apr 20 22:10
schestowitz The fight against the fork… Apr 20 22:11
schestowitz Well, if they didn’t use MS SW, that would not have happened, I guess. Apr 20 22:11
balzac DavidGerard: if Google doesn’t maintain their reputation of having an interest in freedom, their programmers will lose moral and their web-services will begin to fail our expectations. Apr 20 22:11
balzac Google must pay attention to the GNU-Father’s vision because RMS has his eyes on the horizon, while Google is increasingly looking at their quarterly profits for share holders. Apr 20 22:12
MinceR it was such a great idea to replace xorg.conf with .fdi files Apr 20 22:12
MinceR it worked too well, something had to be done about it! Apr 20 22:12
balzac Google has too much momentum to fail quickly and terribly. They could make an adjustment to their corporate culture and recover from their current trend. Apr 20 22:12
schestowitz Google will be hard to dethrone in search Apr 20 22:13
schestowitz it’s dangerous because of dpeendency Apr 20 22:13
schestowitz Also ownership and control of data Apr 20 22:13
schestowitz Location wise, not just format Apr 20 22:13
schestowitz Privacy Apr 20 22:14
DavidGerard you’re not locked into gmail, you can imap your data out daily Apr 20 22:14
DavidGerard yeah. it’s the click trail. Apr 20 22:14
*DavidGerard has left a polite note on the tomboy blog asking “did you really mean what you just said?” Apr 20 22:14
schestowitz But let’s finish off Microsoft so that we can use Linux peacefully and move colleagues to it also Apr 20 22:14
Balrog with yahoo mail, you can’t use pop or imap without paying :( Apr 20 22:14
schestowitz Then the cloud will be worth worrying about more Apr 20 22:14
balzac http://www.buzzfeed.com/akdobbins/… Apr 20 22:14
*magentar has quit (Connection timed out) Apr 20 22:15
*mib_vsozp6 (i=a6be3f73@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-46fcc5ceeb80da94) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 20 22:17
DavidGerard the area google really needs competition is ad networks Apr 20 22:18
DavidGerard ms are fools to be pursuing search so hard Apr 20 22:18
mib_vsozp6 Orc via a webpage via my phone. Amazing. Apr 20 22:18
DavidGerard they need to make an ad network that sucks less than google’s Apr 20 22:19
DavidGerard then advertisers and publishers will flock to it Apr 20 22:19
schestowitz When Pixels Find New Life on Real Paper  < http://www.nytimes.com/2009/04/2… > Apr 20 22:19
balzac Microsoft is a ship of fools because of their ideological opposition to computer users’ freedom Apr 20 22:19
mib_vsozp6 Irc :) Apr 20 22:19
schestowitz mib_vsozp6: on phone? Apr 20 22:19
schestowitz Welcome Apr 20 22:19
balzac Google is a ship of fools to the extent that they’re ideologically indifferent to computer users’ freedom Apr 20 22:19
mib_vsozp6 Keyboard is a wee bit small Apr 20 22:19
schestowitz What gadget is it? Apr 20 22:20
mib_vsozp6 Sitting here bored in a bookstore waiting for new tires to be installed on the car. Apr 20 22:21
mib_vsozp6 Iphone Apr 20 22:21
DavidGerard heh Apr 20 22:21
DavidGerard we just got a nokia 5800 Apr 20 22:21
DavidGerard it’s got all the features of an iphone, except the feature of an interface that isn’t made entirely of FAIL Apr 20 22:21
DavidGerard oh, and it only takes nokia headphones Apr 20 22:22
balzac check this out Apr 20 22:22
mib_vsozp6 Would love to be using the openmoko but is not there yet Apr 20 22:22
DavidGerard that nyt story hit the nail on the head: books as vinyl records Apr 20 22:22
schestowitz I’ve just removed the <h3>Sun</h3> bits from my links template for BN Apr 20 22:22
balzac certain club owners in moscow have stayed on top of “the scene” Apr 20 22:22
DavidGerard mib_vsozp6: and you can’t even get hold of one Apr 20 22:22
balzac how they do it is that they close down a club while it’s still popular, and they’ve got a new one ready Apr 20 22:23
mib_vsozp6 I own one Apr 20 22:23
balzac they don’t wait until a club gets old Apr 20 22:23
schestowitz DavidGerard must be sulking Apr 20 22:23
balzac or someone else will build the next cool club Apr 20 22:23
schestowitz Sun is like Compaq Apr 20 22:23
mib_vsozp6 Neo freerunner Apr 20 22:23
schestowitz A giant that used to be as a brand. Sorry, DavidGerard Apr 20 22:23
balzac My analogy is that Google ought to recognize the value of tearing down their old club before people get bored of it. Apr 20 22:23
mib_vsozp6 I just hope they gol zfs Apr 20 22:24
balzac so they ought to accept that the AGPL could hurt their current business model a bit, but they’ll be needing it some day Apr 20 22:24
schestowitz balzac: but people /need/ Google Apr 20 22:24
schestowitz They take search for granted Apr 20 22:24
schestowitz No more altavista with garbage Apr 20 22:24
schestowitz mib_vsozp6: likely so Apr 20 22:24
balzac Google seems to take a lot for granted Apr 20 22:24
schestowitz mib_vsozp6: Oracle develops btrfs also Apr 20 22:24
schestowitz balzac: cause it  DoesNoEvil Apr 20 22:25
schestowitz It’s like the PromotingDemocracy Apr 20 22:25
balzac but brand loyalty to the old GNU is much stronger, albeit far less recognized by computer newbies Apr 20 22:25
schestowitz If you criticise a country for PromotingDemocracy (invading/exploiting) they call you something. Apr 20 22:25
schestowitz With Google, it’s hard not to like it. Apr 20 22:25
schestowitz So they say Apr 20 22:26
balzac any company which is listed on the NYSE is beholden to the group-foolery of share-holders Apr 20 22:26
schestowitz “What?!?!? You don’t LIKE Firefox?” Apr 20 22:26
balzac Google should buy back some shares and not allow their company to pander to quarterly profits at the expense of their dignity as a “open source” brand Apr 20 22:26
balzac however much that is worth Apr 20 22:26
mib_vsozp6 The shareholder thing is a proble Apr 20 22:27
balzac GNU Power! Apr 20 22:27
schestowitz Search engines gobble up 1.5 GB of pages per day in BN Apr 20 22:27
schestowitz That’s a lot compared to my other sites. Apr 20 22:27
mib_vsozp6 M but the only way to raise major funding Apr 20 22:27
balzac You cannot imagine the “Powah” of GNU software Apr 20 22:28
balzac Open Sourcers will bow to the hairy-side of the force Apr 20 22:28
balzac Hugo Chavez is with us Apr 20 22:29
mib_vsozp6 Bill, I am your father. – RMS Noooo – billy Apr 20 22:29
balzac Maybe he’ll straighten out President Obama on software Apr 20 22:29
*Aondo (i=stian@ has joined #boycottnovell Apr 20 22:30
mib_vsozp6 Hugo is a dick Apr 20 22:30
balzac He said Obama was a “poor ignoramus” Apr 20 22:30
balzac then he gave President Obama a book to read Apr 20 22:30
mib_vsozp6 I have been there and seen his work. Apr 20 22:30
balzac who else has that kind of clout? Apr 20 22:30
balzac I selected Hugo Chavez as my president during the “interregnum” of Bush’s illegitimate years of treason Apr 20 22:31
balzac I’m not sweating the small stuff Apr 20 22:31
balzac he had the guts to call Bush out when no one else except Kucinich was doing that Apr 20 22:32
mib_vsozp6 You cannot have software freedom before traditional political freedom. Apr 20 22:32
balzac I like Barack Obama now, but I was skeptical Apr 20 22:32
balzac mib_vsozp6: you cannot have some idealistic kind of candy-land freedom with Bush’s CIA trying to topple you in a coup Apr 20 22:33
balzac let’s see how Venezuela goes now Apr 20 22:33
balzac Chavez could definitely use my consulting regarding issues of diplomatic nuance and economic policy Apr 20 22:34
balzac but he’s a good guy, one of few leaders who has the guts to fight when necessary and to not mince words Apr 20 22:34
mib_vsozp6 Tell that to the people he is disappearing. I know a family who has lost someone. The us or I’m are candyland in comparison. Apr 20 22:35
DavidGerard don’t worry Apr 20 22:35
balzac mib_vsozp6: citations needed, or else you’re like the guys who accused Bill Clinton of murder. Apr 20 22:36
schestowitz Canonical Announces Availability of Ubuntu 9.04 Server Edition http://www.emediawire.com/rel… Apr 20 22:36
DavidGerard i’m sure it will be at least another year before chavez builds a gold statue of himself in the city square of caracas taht turns to follow the sun Apr 20 22:36
DavidGerard and another year after that before he names the days of the week and months of the year after himself and his mother Apr 20 22:36
balzac mib_vsozp6: good luck convincing me without proof. I never believed the things published by the American corporate media about Moqtada al Sadr, much less Hugo Chavez. Apr 20 22:37
mib_vsozp6 Go to Venezuela as I have Apr 20 22:38
balzac The same corporate media honchos who pay the salaries of the racist pundits who compare President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder to monkeys were cupping Bush’s scrotum only a short time ago. Apr 20 22:38
balzac mib_vsozp6: I will, and I expect to be greeted very nicely Apr 20 22:39
balzac But it’s not my priority Apr 20 22:39
schestowitz Linux beats BSD on performance: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php… Apr 20 22:39
balzac mib_vsozp6: just out of curiosity, what’s your cultural background? Apr 20 22:40
DavidGerard hah, one of the tests is to solve connect-4 repeatedly :-D Apr 20 22:42
*quanhm (n=quanhmor@mail.ase.org) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 20 22:42
*quanhm (n=quanhmor@mail.ase.org) has left #boycottnovell Apr 20 22:42
trmanco grr, the news today is all about Oracle and Sun, getting sick of it Apr 20 22:47
*mib_vsozp6 has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) Apr 20 22:47
schestowitz Haha. Watch this second message: http://techdirt.com/articles/20… Apr 20 22:48
balzac mib_vsozp6 had nothing to say to back up his Chavez accusations Apr 20 22:48
schestowitz trmanco: see, that’s why I don’t write about it Apr 20 22:48
schestowitz Balrog asked. Apr 20 22:48
schestowitz Peoplw write and write and write about it as though it’s a scoop but people are just fed up Apr 20 22:49
schestowitz balzac: could be hearsay Apr 20 22:49
trmanco iy’s really frustrating to see the same’ol title over and over again, some feeds have the keyword “oracle” and “title” more then 5 times Apr 20 22:49
trmanco it’s* Apr 20 22:49
schestowitz Whisper campaigns, like the ones against other leaders Apr 20 22:50
schestowitz trmanco: which feeds? Apr 20 22:50
trmanco IIRC, compuerworld Apr 20 22:50
trmanco computerworld* Apr 20 22:50
DavidGerard that’s because the tech press has nothing to write about Apr 20 22:51
DavidGerard so when an actual event happens, they go hogwild Apr 20 22:51
DavidGerard the rest of the time they reprint ms press releases Apr 20 22:51
schestowitz Wow. Wow. Whao. http://www.linuxjournal.com/content/o… (don’t click, it’s yet another one) Apr 20 22:52
DavidGerard they’re incredibly grateful when actual news occurs, because then they can pretend to be proper journalists and meaningful analysts rather than cheap whores Apr 20 22:52
schestowitz trmanco: CW is IDG Apr 20 22:52
schestowitz Wintel garbage Apr 20 22:52
schestowitz I don’t read them anymore Apr 20 22:52
trmanco :| Apr 20 22:52
schestowitz I’m running out of sources Apr 20 22:53
schestowitz The INQ and Reg suck too Apr 20 22:53
schestowitz Their founder left and MS lackeys took over partially Apr 20 22:53
schestowitz *LOL* “hogwild” Apr 20 22:53
schestowitz “caostheory Did I pick the best week to have a few days off, or what? CAOS Theory will round up the Oracle speculation, and more, later this week.” Apr 20 22:54
schestowitz Oh noes. Apr 20 22:54
trmanco http://www.dwheeler.com/blog/20… Apr 20 22:54
schestowitz Not another one analysing the thing Apr 20 22:54
schestowitz Save it for laterz, CAON Theory; the world will carry on corvering this without the supermen of 451 Group Apr 20 22:54
schestowitz trmanco: judging by the “id” I though MS was giving it away to Wikipedia Apr 20 22:55
schestowitz Wikipedia could toss Encarta in the “Talk” page Apr 20 22:55
schestowitz You know, as an appendage (aka “CRAP”) Apr 20 22:55
trmanco it’s dying Apr 20 22:55
schestowitz Not Wikipedia Apr 20 22:56
trmanco yet another service dying Apr 20 22:56
schestowitz Encarta is dead Apr 20 22:56
schestowitz MS is dying Apr 20 22:56
schestowitz More layoffs coming Apr 20 22:56
trmanco I’m was referring to encarta Apr 20 22:56
schestowitz Digg jumps off their ship too, so they lack case studies Apr 20 22:56
schestowitz Instead of case studies they now have failure ‘study’ cases Apr 20 22:56
trmanco funny Apr 20 22:56
trmanco grr, even groklaw had something to say about todays deal Apr 20 22:57
schestowitz They wasted money on Digg to make a FAIL story Apr 20 22:57
schestowitz At least it lasted when their pseudo-journos covered the Digg deal excessively Apr 20 22:57
schestowitz Digg is dying too Apr 20 22:57
schestowitz It’s still big, but it’s shrinking Apr 20 22:57
schestowitz trmanco: at least GL was unique about it. Apr 20 22:57
schestowitz It brought back… very old news. Apr 20 22:58
trmanco yeah, it was different but still Apr 20 22:58
schestowitz Can mibbit be set to auto-login? Apr 20 22:59
schestowitz I wonder… Apr 20 22:59
schestowitz Cause we could add real-time widget to BN this way Apr 20 22:59
schestowitz http://wiki.mibbit.com/index.php/Autoconnect Apr 20 23:00
schestowitz How do I log out in IRC Apr 20 23:01
*You are now known as royss Apr 20 23:03
*schestowitz (i=8258be83@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-0b9ea050073937a7) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 20 23:04
*ChanServ gives channel operator status to schestowitz Apr 20 23:05
*schestowitz has quit (Client Quit) Apr 20 23:06
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*You are now known as schestowitz Apr 20 23:07
*services. sets mode +e schestowitz Apr 20 23:07
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*mib_m7xszy (i=617621b3@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-df65a55d497bfbf8) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 20 23:10
*mib_zenz23 (i=8258be83@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-ee97eb2e1a25563c) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 20 23:10
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trmanco wow Apr 20 23:13
DavidGerard What sort of ‘real time’ do you want? Apr 20 23:13
schestowitz What do you mean by real time? Apr 20 23:14
DavidGerard there are mediawiki extensions that display the contents of an rss feed in a widget-like thing Apr 20 23:14
schestowitz The thing is, think of a mode of communicating fast Apr 20 23:14
*mib_dgbcht (i=42ead082@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-6645ad6453dde0f7) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 20 23:14
schestowitz DavidGerard: yes, that might be useful Apr 20 23:14
schestowitz But…. we already have fsdaily Apr 20 23:14
*mib_arjklg has quit (Client Quit) Apr 20 23:14
DavidGerard (there are mediawiki extensions for *everything*. some of them are even useful and work.) Apr 20 23:14
schestowitz So there are cheaper ways to achieve this Apr 20 23:15
DavidGerard yeah Apr 20 23:15
*mib_dgbcht (i=42ead082@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-6645ad6453dde0f7) has left #boycottnovell Apr 20 23:15
DavidGerard mediawiki.org is like a great big candy store Apr 20 23:15
DavidGerard and if you eat too much of what’s there you’ll be sick Apr 20 23:15
schestowitz Same with WordPress Apr 20 23:15
*mib_p9gq44 (i=5d9cd83c@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-aac157dafcd5d593) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 20 23:15
*ushimitsudoki1 (n=ushimits@p1162-ipad12yosemiya.okinawa.ocn.ne.jp) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 20 23:15
DavidGerard yes, exactly! Apr 20 23:16
DavidGerard exactly like wordpress Apr 20 23:16
schestowitz We used to have very few extensions Apr 20 23:17
DavidGerard if you run extensions that are used by lots of people you’ll be safest Apr 20 23:17
DavidGerard particularly ones used on wikimedia Apr 20 23:17
schestowitz These are upgrade nighmares Apr 20 23:17
schestowitz *nightmare Apr 20 23:17
DavidGerard they are indeed Apr 20 23:17
schestowitz IDG: “OpenSolaris, Linux could merge under Oracle” Apr 20 23:18
*mib_obw0n1 (i=836b0056@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-b04db83486f292f3) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 20 23:18
DavidGerard linux and solaris are unmergeable Apr 20 23:19
schestowitz Signs of demand for FOSS skills: Misys is looking for a Sr. Software Engineer – OS of course < http://linuxmednews.com/1239801762 > Apr 20 23:19
DavidGerard it’s like news sites that proclaim how android equals linux therefore belongs on netbooks Apr 20 23:19
*mib_p9gq44 has quit (Client Quit) Apr 20 23:19
*ushimitsudoki has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)) Apr 20 23:19
schestowitz DavidGerard: yes, I know. Apr 20 23:19
DavidGerard whereas android is almost nothing like gnu/linux as anyone knows it Apr 20 23:19
schestowitz I like strawberries Apr 20 23:19
schestowitz I also like steak Apr 20 23:19
DavidGerard i administer both for a living. they are utterly different ;-) Apr 20 23:19
schestowitz But.. Apr 20 23:19
DavidGerard heh Apr 20 23:19
schestowitz You know where it’s going. Apr 20 23:19
*mib_ddqlz7 (i=cf5dd438@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-dac0a87b21c69d65) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 20 23:20
DavidGerard mind you Apr 20 23:20
*mib_bonb8q (i=4f937f61@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-f638e5ec45fb984e) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 20 23:20
*mib_51f8uz (i=47f8544e@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-2d1f241bccd8564d) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 20 23:20
*mib_h6ssxa (i=c850b9e3@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-e607b09746f3e058) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 20 23:20
*mib_h6ssxa has quit (Client Quit) Apr 20 23:20
DavidGerard the solaris 10 command line is actually not as horrible as it used to be Apr 20 23:20
MinceR is it more or less horrible now? :> Apr 20 23:20
DavidGerard bash is now a first-class shell rather than a barely-tolerated add-on Apr 20 23:20
schestowitz DavidGerard: is it more like Linux yet? Apr 20 23:20
*mib_bonb8q has quit (Client Quit) Apr 20 23:20
*mib_51f8uz has quit (Client Quit) Apr 20 23:20
DavidGerard it’s a bit more gnu-ish. Apr 20 23:20
DavidGerard i really don’t want the kernel to get like linux. Apr 20 23:20
*mib_1xk1ml (i=4f937f61@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-be14382e225be059) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 20 23:20
DavidGerard i hate administering linux. Apr 20 23:21
schestowitz Ga-NOO Apr 20 23:21
*mib_1xk1ml has quit (Client Quit) Apr 20 23:21
DavidGerard gnu is fine. linux is awful. Apr 20 23:21
*mib_ddqlz7 has quit (Client Quit) Apr 20 23:21
DavidGerard anyone who thinks linux is a wonderful unix to administer has never used any other unix. Apr 20 23:21
*mib_u0hf5j (i=d0b49803@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-1c8f69361445f1a3) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 20 23:21
MinceR i have Apr 20 23:21
DavidGerard plus points: 1. it works. 2. it runs more pc hardware than anything. Apr 20 23:21
MinceR i’ve tried to administer freebsd Apr 20 23:21
MinceR i don’t miss it at all, and that’s an understatement Apr 20 23:22
*mib_rdo0e3 (i=cf5dd438@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-15c4f1e6df69c3e3) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 20 23:22
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DavidGerard o rly? Apr 20 23:22
MinceR someone is having fun with mibbit, i see Apr 20 23:22
MinceR ya rly Apr 20 23:22
DavidGerard then you must be cosmically wrong cos that’s my good example ;-p Apr 20 23:22
MinceR no, that makes you cosmically wrong Apr 20 23:22
DavidGerard i saw /etc/rc.conf and went “wow, it’s like the pain in my forehead went away” Apr 20 23:22
MinceR it makes both your example wrong and your theory wrong Apr 20 23:22
DavidGerard it is true that i am cosmically wrong in many ways Apr 20 23:22
DavidGerard probably this one too Apr 20 23:22
DavidGerard but i LIKE adminning freebsd Apr 20 23:23
MinceR and then you saw the stuff replicated under /usr/local and the pain came back? Apr 20 23:23
DavidGerard there is that ;-p Apr 20 23:23
DavidGerard solaris has twenty years of layers of backward compatiblitiy Apr 20 23:23
DavidGerard which is difficult sometimes Apr 20 23:23
schestowitz   Dell is ashamed of its Ubuntu-powered laptops Apr 20 23:23
schestowitz Apr 20, 2009, 16 :02 UTC (1 Talkback[s]) (2334 reads) < http://gustavonarea.net/blog/posts… > Apr 20 23:23
DavidGerard but once you know your way through it it doesn’t actively get in your face the way the backward compatibility does with windows Apr 20 23:23
*mib_u0hf5j has quit (Client Quit) Apr 20 23:23
*mib_h3yb6i (i=57c2a6d5@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-a24b6bc5a1cd66e6) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 20 23:24
DavidGerard because they started with unix Apr 20 23:24
MinceR dell should be ashamed of its hw quality instead Apr 20 23:24
MinceR and their support Apr 20 23:24
DavidGerard i stopped using freebsd because (1) the ports system is horrible (2) not as good hardware compat Apr 20 23:24
_boo_ dell should be ashamed that they sell windows with laptops Apr 20 23:24
DavidGerard their server support is pretty good Apr 20 23:24
MinceR that’s great Apr 20 23:24
MinceR i have a laptop though Apr 20 23:24
DavidGerard their desktops and laptops … ah. Apr 20 23:24
DavidGerard i remember my old work laptop Apr 20 23:24
DavidGerard a latitude d610 Apr 20 23:25
MinceR when the gpu fried itself, it didn’t merely take a month to get a replacement Apr 20 23:25
DavidGerard literally EVERY PART OF IT was replaced. except the LCD and the memory. Apr 20 23:25
*mib_h3yb6i has quit (Client Quit) Apr 20 23:25
DavidGerard every other part. Apr 20 23:25
DavidGerard some twice. Apr 20 23:25
MinceR also, along the way they never had any idea when it’s going to appear Apr 20 23:25
MinceR maybe next week, maybe never Apr 20 23:25
MinceR and they had no shame about it Apr 20 23:25
*mib_u85f62 (i=c6045334@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-71f9a977f2b610bd) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 20 23:25
DavidGerard when getting a dell, make sure you have a corporate IT department behind you Apr 20 23:25
DavidGerard who can give you a replacement while you wait for dell Apr 20 23:25
DavidGerard hp are a lot better for desktop support Apr 20 23:26
MinceR i have a better idea Apr 20 23:26
MinceR when getting a dell, make sure you don’t get a dell Apr 20 23:26
DavidGerard thank goodness they killed the HP pcs and sold compaqs Apr 20 23:26
MinceR that fixes the other problems too Apr 20 23:26
DavidGerard i like that idea Apr 20 23:26
DavidGerard that said Apr 20 23:26
DavidGerard i still want a mini 9 Apr 20 23:26
DavidGerard COS THEY’RE CUTE Apr 20 23:26
MinceR i want a thinkpad Apr 20 23:26
MinceR sadly, the kind of thinkpad i want doesn’t exist Apr 20 23:26
DavidGerard i want a netbook, and i like the mini 9 Apr 20 23:26
DavidGerard actually, the form factor i want is the vaio not-a-netbook Apr 20 23:27
MinceR there are the ones with wimpy GPUs and there are the w700-s which are barely even portable Apr 20 23:27
DavidGerard 1600×768 screen on a large keyboard Apr 20 23:27
MinceR and i can’t really justify spending that much on a laptop anyway Apr 20 23:27
DavidGerard so, wide screen about the size of a kbd Apr 20 23:27
_boo_ and i want very small laptop with 19″ 4:3 screen Apr 20 23:27
DavidGerard i want a netbook in that shape Apr 20 23:27
MinceR _boo_: lol Apr 20 23:27
MinceR also, i’m waiting for touchscreen Eee PC-s Apr 20 23:27
DavidGerard i saw that thinkpad with the second screen hanging off the side Apr 20 23:27
DavidGerard I just went o_0 Apr 20 23:27
MinceR or at least touch screen subnotebooks without the microsoft tax Apr 20 23:27
DavidGerard you could attach four legs to it and you’d have a desk Apr 20 23:28
MinceR yeah, that’s the w700 Apr 20 23:28
DavidGerard if you could fit it in your office Apr 20 23:28
MinceR :D Apr 20 23:28
DavidGerard i’m after a touch screen interface that isn’t shit Apr 20 23:28
DavidGerard i used a friend’s ipod touch for web browsing, it was almost usable Apr 20 23:28
DavidGerard not quite, but almost Apr 20 23:29
DavidGerard the nokia 5800 is horrible, just too small Apr 20 23:29
MinceR then again, i might be unfair here — i’m comparing them to the 7900 gs i have Apr 20 23:29
MinceR but this isn’t a new GPU either Apr 20 23:29
DavidGerard i’m writing this on a hp 6710b Apr 20 23:29
DavidGerard intel graphics Apr 20 23:29
DavidGerard kwin regularly decides it’s too busy to run the compositor Apr 20 23:30
schestowitz I’m checking to see if it’s possible to disable IRC messages when people enter and leave: http://www.irchelp.org/irchelp/i… Apr 20 23:30
schestowitz Is it possible? Apr 20 23:30
DavidGerard no idea Apr 20 23:30
DavidGerard i’m not sure why you’d want to Apr 20 23:30
MinceR you mean disabling join/part/quit messages? Apr 20 23:32
*mib_v590b5 (i=86aebb74@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-1e30618ef5e48cd4) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 20 23:32
*mib_v590b5 has quit (Client Quit) Apr 20 23:33
schestowitz Carla on Microsoft’s Vista7 misery: “oh dear, being forced to compete” http://www.linuxtoday.com/news_st… Apr 20 23:34
_boo_ this pirated mirc has options for this Apr 20 23:34
MinceR irssi and kvirc can both do it Apr 20 23:34
schestowitz mib_obw0n1: yes Apr 20 23:34
MinceR pirated mirc sounds like punishment Apr 20 23:35
schestowitz MinceR: these messages arrive from the server, so maybe they can be disabled Apr 20 23:35
*mib_wb87lq (i=4f937f61@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-f3e76e353570ca65) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 20 23:35
*mib_wb87lq has quit (Client Quit) Apr 20 23:35
*mib_tpwy3j (i=4f937f61@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-619aa73e8d9e1c9b) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 20 23:35
*mib_u85f62 has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) Apr 20 23:36
*mib_tpwy3j has quit (Client Quit) Apr 20 23:36
*mib_wx3kou (i=412051c0@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-fe839dac1e3ce61f) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 20 23:37
*mib_m3zqgr (i=46778cbf@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-d8f4b81cc79befa8) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 20 23:37
*mib_wx3kou has quit (Client Quit) Apr 20 23:37
*mib_ey0o48 (i=54c30a28@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-8efcad6333def1f6) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 20 23:38
*mib_m3zqgr has quit (Client Quit) Apr 20 23:38
_boo_ i think m$ should release yet another windows to make available consistent and successive upgrades up to win7, vista and xp Apr 20 23:38
DavidGerard you should be able to disable server messages, or send them somewhere else Apr 20 23:39
schestowitz http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/… (DHS hunts for white-hat hackers) Microsoft is there on top now, after the BSA’s lobbying Apr 20 23:39
DavidGerard oh good lord. Apr 20 23:39
schestowitz DavidGerard: I don’t know how Apr 20 23:39
DavidGerard maybe they could hunt for sysadmins. Apr 20 23:40
schestowitz Some people might find them to be a nuisancxe Apr 20 23:40
schestowitz DavidGerard: maybe Apr 20 23:40
*mib_1yw6d0 (i=5d2f588f@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-9a2d4f8fc5591e32) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 20 23:40
schestowitz They just need people with skills in adentfying crackers Apr 20 23:40
DavidGerard yeah Apr 20 23:40
schestowitz Or beaking into people’s PCs Apr 20 23:40
DavidGerard sufficiently bitter sysadmins would do the job Apr 20 23:40
schestowitz Today in /.: http://www.computerworld.com/action/ar… Apr 20 23:40
DavidGerard openbsd admins Apr 20 23:40
schestowitz Documents: FBI Spyware Has Been Snaring Extortionists, Hackers for Years  < http://blog.wired.com/27bstro… > Apr 20 23:40
DavidGerard the dhs could recruit openbsd admins, that’d be fun Apr 20 23:40
schestowitz DavidGerard: stay with the good people in Wikipedia Foundation Apr 20 23:41
schestowitz Omar from Bn did some report on you in Jordan Apr 20 23:41
MinceR _boo_: xp2? Apr 20 23:41
DavidGerard heh, the wmf admins are cynical enough ;-) Apr 20 23:41
MinceR windows metafile? Apr 20 23:41
DavidGerard get some embittered bofhs on the case. Apr 20 23:41
DavidGerard wikimedia foundation Apr 20 23:42
MinceR :) Apr 20 23:42
schestowitz Twitter riddled with worms and scams (again) < http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009… > Apr 20 23:42
MinceR WideOpenBSD admins? :> Apr 20 23:42
schestowitz DavidGerard: yes, I was not sure when I typed it Apr 20 23:42
schestowitz BSD lost to Linux in a benchmark Apr 20 23:42
DavidGerard yeah, pc-bsd versus 9.04 Apr 20 23:43
schestowitz http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=ar… Apr 20 23:43
DavidGerard interesting what a difference the gcc makes Apr 20 23:43
trmanco wow Apr 20 23:43
trmanco libre.fm gives the database for all users Apr 20 23:43
schestowitz Adobe’s blobs and patents want to come to TV sets now: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009… Apr 20 23:44
trmanco http://turtle.libre.fm/data/ Apr 20 23:44
schestowitz Strong start for Palm’s Linux-based platform: http://www.informationweek.com/blog/main/arc… Apr 20 23:46
*mib_05oei7 (i=d2d4a065@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-70d3d9f2a99f7b14) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 20 23:47
*mib_1yw6d0 has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) Apr 20 23:47
DavidGerard the palm pre os sounds nice Apr 20 23:48
DavidGerard my last palm was a tungsten c Apr 20 23:48
schestowitz http://www.linuxtoday.com/news_story.p… “LOL! Poor Cannon Fodder I mean Sam Ramji. He has the most thankless job at MS. Though it is true that people will pay more for something if they feel they are getting a good value.” –Carla, LT admin Apr 20 23:48
DavidGerard the os wasn’t a proper os, couldn’t multitask int he kernel Apr 20 23:48
schestowitz I still have my TT Apr 20 23:48
DavidGerard so nothing cool FOSS could be ported Apr 20 23:48
schestowitz Right bymy side ATM Apr 20 23:48
DavidGerard the c was *almost* the perfect pda Apr 20 23:49
DavidGerard but they put mono sound in it Apr 20 23:49
DavidGerard WHAT Apr 20 23:49
*mib_ermi8h (i=cb261dc2@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-bdc4f0d3e12d0684) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 20 23:49
schestowitz Palm is not for work, DavidGerard  :-) Apr 20 23:49
schestowitz It’s for particular thing Apr 20 23:49
schestowitz People can’t work on phones either Apr 20 23:49
DavidGerard i got the non-sucky web browser off the zire and put it on the t-c Apr 20 23:49
schestowitz They need a proper large computer with millions of pixels Apr 20 23:49
DavidGerard that and the wifi made it really nice Apr 20 23:49
DavidGerard and the realplayer for palm could play in the background Apr 20 23:49
DavidGerard and tcpmp could play oggs :-) Apr 20 23:49
DavidGerard then i lost it :-( Apr 20 23:50
DavidGerard but yeah. perfect except the mono headphones. argh. Apr 20 23:50
DavidGerard (and that it didn’t take standard headphones, no, you needed the palm plug. bah.) Apr 20 23:50
schestowitz Windows is catching up with Linux: WinTar Offers More stronger Features to manage uninx/linux like tarball archive files on Windows system < http://www.pr-inside.com/wintar-of… > Apr 20 23:51
schestowitz gnu tar is free and Free Apr 20 23:51
schestowitz it has many front ends also Apr 20 23:51
DavidGerard i’m amazed at the SHAREWARE for windows Apr 20 23:52
DavidGerard TreeSizePro Apr 20 23:52
DavidGerard this is a real application Apr 20 23:52
DavidGerard do you know what it does? Apr 20 23:52
DavidGerard it does … Apr 20 23:52
DavidGerard du -ks Apr 20 23:52
*trmanco has quit (“ERROR: crap-talking overflow – Aborting”) Apr 20 23:52
DavidGerard graphically!!!!!11!!!!!one!! Apr 20 23:52
schestowitz I don’t know, no.. Apr 20 23:52
DavidGerard and you can pay them $10. Apr 20 23:52
schestowitz Wow! Apr 20 23:52
DavidGerard i know! Apr 20 23:52
schestowitz Well, KDE has a nice feature Apr 20 23:52
DavidGerard who’d have thought you could do that on computers! Apr 20 23:52
schestowitz Konqeueror shows file sizes as blocks Apr 20 23:53
schestowitz By traversing dira Apr 20 23:53
schestowitz *dirs Apr 20 23:53
schestowitz There are many tools like that Apr 20 23:53
schestowitz But KDE has one built in Apr 20 23:53
schestowitz In KDE 3.5, probably in Dolphin too Apr 20 23:53
DavidGerard you could come up with an awful software business reimplementing horrible graphical versions of every unix command for windows Apr 20 23:53
schestowitz I didn’t know about it until last year Apr 20 23:53
DavidGerard base them on bsd, then you can make it closed source Apr 20 23:53
schestowitz DavidGerard: they can hardly keep what they have alive Apr 20 23:54
schestowitz Like serve Web pages (Encarta) Apr 20 23:54
schestowitz They messed up with Singularity Apr 20 23:54
schestowitz Waste of money Apr 20 23:54
schestowitz For “R&D” buzzword Apr 20 23:54
schestowitz Now it’s shelves (in bitbucket) Apr 20 23:54
DavidGerard hey, songsmith is great! Apr 20 23:54
schestowitz Linus likes it Apr 20 23:54
DavidGerard go on youtube and look for the songsmith versions of popular 80s songs Apr 20 23:54
schestowitz Well, he also live tivoisation, so… Apr 20 23:54
DavidGerard “white wedding” by billy idol is particularly hilarious Apr 20 23:54
DavidGerard http://news.cnet.com/8301-13505_… – first paragraph is a coffee-spit Apr 20 23:55
schestowitz Microsoft tried to be cool. Apr 20 23:55
DavidGerard microsoft is not cool. Apr 20 23:55
DavidGerard apple is cool. Apr 20 23:55
DavidGerard they’re definitely agents of Satan and Steve Jobs wants your soul and worship Apr 20 23:55
DavidGerard but their stuff is actually *good* Apr 20 23:55
schestowitz DavidGerard: “Do you feel like you’re screwing a porcupine and you’re one prick against thousands?” the OSCON audience member asked Ramji. Ramji politely replied: “It takes time to change and I knew that I’d be unpopular when I took this job…” http://blog.internetnews.com/skerner/… Apr 20 23:56
DavidGerard features are one thing – but the most important feature of the iphone is that the user doesn’t want to smash it to a million little pieces with a toffee hammer Apr 20 23:56
schestowitz Translation Apr 20 23:56
schestowitz I was asked to be the devil Apr 20 23:56
schestowitz it paid well Apr 20 23:56
schestowitz So I said hell yeah Apr 20 23:56
DavidGerard who was the one before ramji? Apr 20 23:56
schestowitz IOW, Ramji is a greedy “prick” Apr 20 23:56
DavidGerard bill something – hilf? Apr 20 23:56
schestowitz Hilf Apr 20 23:56
DavidGerard well, people don’t work for microsoft for charitable urges Apr 20 23:57
schestowitz Reminds me of someone with a similar surname Apr 20 23:57
schestowitz He ran away Apr 20 23:57
schestowitz Like Martin Taylor Apr 20 23:57
schestowitz And the other anti-Linux guys Apr 20 23:57
schestowitz Sam Ramji is hated by FOSS people Apr 20 23:57
schestowitz They don’t tell it to his face Apr 20 23:57
schestowitz Some tell me privately Apr 20 23:57
DavidGerard i’m sure he’s nice to small children and puppies. Apr 20 23:57
schestowitz In his jobs he’s like this waitress annoying you to get a tip Apr 20 23:58
DavidGerard but trusting him as his employer’s representative is another matter. Apr 20 23:58
*mib_u6dy29 (i=47ae5669@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-94604df69e8bd892) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 20 23:58
*mib_60rc3r (i=c8eff8c9@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-a48a5c95f5f80ab2) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 20 23:58
DavidGerard i’m sure when he quits he’ll have a lot more friends Apr 20 23:58
schestowitz Yes Apr 20 23:58
schestowitz Well, he might get sacked Apr 20 23:58
DavidGerard the question now is: the sam ramji resignation pool! Apr 20 23:58
schestowitz Y’know, work reductions at MS Apr 20 23:58
schestowitz Also in the news today… Apr 20 23:58
DavidGerard and will he jump or be pushed? Apr 20 23:58
schestowitz Has Microsoft lost its war on open source? < http://www.itworld.com/open-source/66652/ha… > Apr 20 23:59
schestowitz THat was written by one of the MS goons Apr 20 23:59
schestowitz Tho writes about FOSS Apr 20 23:59
schestowitz And about MS+FOSS Apr 20 23:59
schestowitz She’s one of the reason I quit IDG Apr 20 23:59
schestowitz I left CNET too Apr 20 23:59
schestowitz Rubbish press Apr 20 23:59
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