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Techrights deals with a variety of issues that affect our everyday computing. It works by addressing particular subjects that need to be better understood and thus resolved.

About Software Patents

Techrights opposes software patents and actively discourages their use and legitimacy in law. The resistance to software patents relates to the “Boycott Novell” initiative, which was described in 2007 as follows.

About “Boycott Novell”

“Boycott Novell” is not a blog; rather, it strives to become a community where readers and contributors share their thoughts and interpretation. This is not a hate site. This is neither a crusade nor any type of propaganda front. We have our mind set on a single goal: finding out the truth.

The Web site covers not only the Novell deal (with Microsoft), but it also discusses similar exclusionary and questionable deals. Novell’s deal is the raison d’être which began this campaign and marked the beginning of something that can last for years.

It has become clear that there are coordinated attempts to undermine the purpose and goals of the Free software movement, which includes GNU/Linux, OpenOffice, and various compatibility and interoperability layers such as Wine and Samba. The site aims to look at these newly-introduced issues and resolve those that are fuelled and funnelled through disinformation and manipulation.

If you are new to this site or just happen to lurk, we encourage you to take part in the discussion. We perceive comments as discussions, not just placements for feedback and correction. We are very responsive to comments.

Together, we can make the truth be heard.

Say No to Novell

Last edited in 2007

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