Stigmatising GNU/Linux for Not Withstanding Hardware Failures

Posted in Deception, FUD, GNU/Linux, Hardware, Microsoft at 11:25 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

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Making Linux Sound Culpable for Hardware Issue
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Summary: Nowadays “the news” is polluted with a lot of GNU/Linux-hostile nonsense; like with patents, the signal-to-noise ratio is appalling and here we deal with a poor ‘report’ about “Linux servers” failing to work

THE OTHER day in IRC we discussed this article that mentions “Linux” many times when in fact mentioning a hardware incident. “Are Microsofters trying to generate bad press for Linux?” we asked. “This is a hardware problem, not at all related to GNU/Linux. Maybe some Microsofters are trying to undermine the teaching of GNU/Linux there?”

The video above discusses what’s in the article and why it’s a tad suspicious. It is reminiscent of some FUD campaigns we saw before. “Third-year Rohan Gupta reported that, in addition to the CS website, he was also unable to access his classes’ Linux servers,” it says. Well, hardware dies sometimes. My laptop died some days ago (Friday), but within 2-3 hours I replaced the physical drive and began installing the latest Debian. This can take time.

The media still loves to stigmatise GNU/Linux as not secure, not reliable etc. But for much of the time they would be better off focusing on Microsoft’s reliability and insecurity issues, including last week’s massive Clown Computing outage at Microsoft. The media barely covered it.


Companies Would Collapse Upon Abandoning Their Original Goals (That Attracted All the Productive Staff)

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Sirius Abandoned Everything
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Summary: Staff with technical skills won’t stick around in companies that reject technical arguments and moreover move to proprietary software in a company that brands itself “Open Source”

DESPITE losing my best friend this week I am trying to keep active and to keep this series going. My friend helped inspire my activism and many other things. The video above explains some of the things that happened at work, based on practical examples (demonstrating that ISO certification changed nothing for the better). More people need to find the courage to confront their bosses and demand justice. Don’t just “play it safe”, try to actually fix things, from within if possible (taking this public is the very last resort).

The video above contains some of the backdrop to the collapse of Sirius ‘Open Source’. It comments on this post. The Gates Foundation was never mentioned in writing at Sirius, only once and strictly verbally in 2019. An NDA signed by Sirius Open Source (yes, that’s an actual sellout considering what the CEO used to believe in*) changed things for the worse and resulted in the CEO being ‘in exile’. We’re talking about a fervent Microsoft critic, who moved the company to Washington for the “first US client” (yes, Gates) and weeks after it all happened not only myself but also my wife got falsely accused. We were acquitted only after months of humiliation. Nobody ever apologised for this.

“More recently after I told a friend that Bill Gates, not Microsoft, was paying Sirius Open Source Inc. (with the actual timing being interesting; coincidence being improbable) a manager intentionally twisted/distorted what I said.”Back then, as well as in 2017, I wanted to publish “Microsofters Contact My Employer to Get Both My Wife and I Sacked” (yes, it happened prior to 2019 as well). It’s truly quite maddening what Microsoft and its goons would do to silence me; they even pick on loved ones. This became a potential future topic way back in 2016.

More recently after I told a friend that Bill Gates, not Microsoft, was paying Sirius Open Source Inc. (with the actual timing being interesting; coincidence being improbable) a manager intentionally twisted/distorted what I said. What I said was factual, what they said I had said was not. Gates never needed British company to handle something thousands or American firms can easily handle (let alone ask this company to establish itself in another country, which is possibly what happened though the NDA hides it).
* Here’s one old talk that covered “FUD (‘Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt’) as the nonsense that it is [...]”


New Record Low: Only One ‘Linux’ Article in ZDNet in More Than Two Weeks

Posted in Deception, FUD at 5:41 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Previously we saw 13 days or so

ZDNet went dry

Summary: Only a few years ago ZDNet published about 3 “Linux” stories per day (mostly FUD pieces); now it’s a ghost town, painted in ‘alien green’; considering ZDNet’s agenda (and sponsors) maybe it’s better this way


linuxsecurity.com (Brittany Day) Promoting Microsoft, Windows, and FUD Against GNU/Linux

Posted in Deception, FUD, GNU/Linux, Microsoft, Windows at 6:54 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Earlier today (100% of the stories):

It's not secure, just Windows

Not security and not Linux

Summary: As was pointed out in IRC for a very long time, linuxsecurity.com, which is owned and controlled by a company that profits from insecurity, keeps relaying Linux-hostile stories (that aren’t even true!); this site jumped the shark a long time ago and today it is shilling Microsoft’s proprietary junk, not just relaying Linux FUD for Microsoft. These things usually get worse before they get any better.


‘Tech’ Media Cannot Tell the Difference Between Unpatched WordPress Plug-ins and ‘Linux’ (a Kernel)

Posted in Deception, Free/Libre Software, FUD, GNU/Linux, Security, Servers at 12:58 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Video download link | md5sum 2ede1a9afe7defc76accf536638cbcc9
Lousy Journalism About Linux
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Summary: Mainstream media or corporate 'tech' media is presenting a real issue — an issue of unmaintained or unpatched WordPress plugins — as an issue to do with “Linux” and even the term "backdoor" is misused (“Linux” is mentioned a lot in the context of villainy to scare away potential adopters)

THIS week is the week many journalists (what’s left of that trade anyway) come back from holiday. Will they resume or commence some of the typical FUD against Linux? Well, it happens so much, and so often. So why not start the year with another round of Linux bashing?

This is a common theme with certain 'novel' variations. Usually we lack time to properly respond to it, except in editorial comments in Daily Links, but today we’ve decided to respond to the latest round of FUD while it’s still young. Many more journalists are returning to work today or tomorrow. Will they join the FUD party?

Here is a collection of 4 articles from Daily Links, all covering the same “news”. Bear in mind this is just the latest example. The following coverage, as discussed in the video above, gives readers the impression that:

  1. This is a Linux issue
  2. Linux exploits WordPress
  3. WordPress itself is under attack
  4. The problem is in WordPress itself (not plugins)

Why can’t a single journalist get the story right/straight? So far every coverage of this was preceded by misleading headlines and summaries, citing a Russian firm that’s trying to advertise itself.

Maybe contact the journalists of the above pieces and explain to them what they got wrong. Maybe they’ll correct the article. If not, maybe they’ll do a better job next time. Maybe they’ll even exercise due cation and fact-check what they’re typing.


Analytics India Magazine, Sponsored by Microsoft, Helps Show That Microsoft Hates Linux and Still Attacks GNU/Linux With Relentless Lies

Posted in Deception, Free/Libre Software, FUD, GNU/Linux, Microsoft, Windows at 5:49 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

Video download link | md5sum f57270598601be2a7f98c320148289d6
Microsofters Panic as GNU/Linux Spreads
Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 4.0

Summary: GNU/Linux is growing rapidly in India and some Indian sites have begun attacking GNU/Linux with totally fabricated claims (of course some of those sites receive money from Microsoft); the subject was discussed in IRC yesterday and a video was made to summarise things

TODAY and yesterday we discussed some market share statistics and long-debunked FUD about GNU/Linux [1, 2], seeing that only one in four (4!) machines accessing the Web is running Windows. In other words, three quarters of Web site requests are estimated to not come from Windows. Here’s how GNU/Linux has grown in the world’s most populated nation:

GNU/Linux india

“We need to encourage more OEMs to ship with GNU/Linux. Not just Chromebooks but truly free systems.”The subject was discussed in IRC yesterday, but the above video gives somewhat of a summary. To paraphrase one person, we must consider not only desktop (and laptop) market share but also Android, supercomputers etc. The market share of Linux and GNU/Linux is vast. Shown in the cover (or “poster” as W3C dubbed it) above is the share of countries dominated by Android. Every Android device has Linux in it.

It was moreover noted (in IRC) that usability studies showed that GNU/Linux is much easier to use on the desktop than Microsoft Windows, and has been for decades now. It’s all about getting a system pre-installed. We need to encourage more OEMs to ship with GNU/Linux. Not just Chromebooks but truly free systems.

“It’s worth noting that the latest article from the FUDmeister, Anirudh VK, celebrates Microsoft’s war on the GPL…”Microsoft won’t allow this to happen. We’ve shown many examples — and concrete evidence for these examples — of Microsoft blackmailing shops and OEMs to prevent this. If people cannot talk/walk to the store and buy a machine with GNU/Linux preinstalled, they’re left to wrestle with Microsoft’a artificial barriers, such as UEFI ‘secure’ boot.

It’s worth noting that the latest article from the FUDmeister, Anirudh VK, celebrates Microsoft’s war on the GPL (encouraging plagiarism and GPL violations). He celebrates Microsoft and proprietary software in some piece entitled “Microsoft Chief Celebrates GitHub Copilot’s Glory”. Whether he’s on Microsoft’s payroll or not, he certainly acts like it. New year, new gig?

Anirudh VK: Microsoft Chief Celebrates GitHub Copilot’s Glory


Analytics India Mag (AIM) is a Microsoft-Funded Propaganda Site (For Years Already) That Attacks Linux With Stigma and Lies

Posted in Deception, FUD, GNU/Linux, Microsoft at 8:35 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

It looks like another Softpedia:



Article full of lies and deliberate distortion of history (like the lies Microsoft paid writers to spread about MINIX and Linux):


Purely provocation (or, as some would say, “trolling” by the same person):

Same author, less than two days apart

Summary: For a number of years already we’ve noticed that Analytics India Mag was behaving like a Microsoft mouthpiece and thus we’ve mostly ignored it; it now openly admits working with Microsoft and the first two days of 2023 were spent viciously attacking GNU/Linux with low-grade propaganda, so watch out; it tries to discourage people in India, where GNU/Linux gained a lot lately (about 10% on desktops/laptops), from bringing us the next billion users along with millions of skilled programmers


ZDNet’s Liam Tung (Working for Microsoft on ZDNet’s Payroll) Continues His Anti-Linux Tirades

Posted in FUD, GNU/Linux, Kernel, Microsoft at 9:30 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz

He has done this many times in the past, as occasionally documented in our wiki

Linux 6.1 stable lands as Linus Torvalds frets over a frantic pre-holidays 6.2 merge
Shown above is the current headline and the previous headline (that we captured in Daily Links yesterday)

Summary: ZDNet covered a banal Linux release using unnecessary drama from Liam Tung (taking about a future release in an overly sensationalist fashion for FUD’s worth). The original headline was hostile: “Linux 6.1 stable lands as Linus Torvalds frets over a frantic pre-holidays 6.2 merge”; but they’ve since changed the title to “Open source: Linux 6.1 stable lands, here’s what you need to know”; Microsoft’s longterm media mole, Liam Tung, uses a negative twist to cover a Linux release. As usual in his case. ZDNet just cannot help trolling releases of Linux. There has been much coverage about the release, but this one was by far the worst, especially the original headline.

THIS may be difficult to dissect due to a lack of transparency (ZDNet does not publish IRC logs or equivalent/s), but maybe the editor stepped in or someone complained (we did within hours), whereupon they belatedly rectified only the clickbait headline.

Liam Tung’s anti-Linux FUD isn’t unprecedented to say the least; most of his ‘articles’ are/were Microsoft ads. He really should stay out of covering Linux because he works for a company that hates and attacks Linux.

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