[Meme] Grabinski the Opportunity

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Opportunists from Germany, hijacking Europe’s legal system for patents under the auspices of “EU”

President Putin to Klaus Grabinski: Make me a court that always supports me

Summary: Reports of European Patents being invalidated (judges do not tolerate fake patents) have become so common that a kangaroo court becomes a matter of urgency for the EPO‘s Benoît Battistelli and António Campinos; will the EU and the EPO’s Administrative Council go along with it, helping to cover up more than a decade of profound corruption?

Union Syndicale Fédérale Cautions the EPO’s Administrative Council About Initiating an Illegal Kangaroo Court System for Patents (UPC) While EPO Breaks Laws and Sponsors the Ukraine Invasion

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UPC is Unacceptable and a Risk to the EU (for many reasons)

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USF Writes to AC and EU
Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 4.0

Summary: Union Syndicale Fédérale (USF) is once again speaking out in support of the staff union of Europe’s second-largest institution, which lacks oversight and governance because of profound corruption and regulatory capture

Repeating a pattern of offences, utter disregard for the law, and routine violations of the law (turning diplomatic immunity into unbridled impunity), the EPO‘s management incurs the wrath of NGOs; the same group that berated Benoît Battistelli for his crimes is reporting António Campinos to the people who can hold him accountable but never will (he’s bribing them to be entirely complicit); this systemic breakdown or the collapse of the legal system (at least in the context of patents) merits far more media attention, but the media is connected to the same regimes and corporations that benefit financially from the corruption of the EPO.

[USF] Union Syndicale Fédérale on SUEPOThe video above goes through the latest relevant letter, dated 3 days ago. It also takes stock of this latest nonsense (warning: epo.org link) entitled “Digital transformation & Unitary Patent: users updated”. As we noted already in Daily Links, the EPO had once again promoted an illegal, unconstitutional ploy. The EPO is run by gangsters who sponsor Belarus and its war on Ukraine. The summary/outline says “Members of SACEPO Working Party on Rules discussed latest changes,” but SACEPO is industry, not people who are impartial.

Anyway, the letter discussed above was reproduced here by the staff union. Union Syndicale Fédérale (USF). To quote:

Union Syndicale Fédérale
Letter of support from the President of USF to Mr. Josef Kratochvil, Chair of the Administrative Council, regarding SUEPO’s open letter to the Administrative Council on the Conference of Ministers of the Contracting States under Article 4a.
Read the letter of support here
The German, French and Dutch translation of the letter of support will be available soon.

The USF page states: “The petition launched in October 2022 by Union syndicale in the European Patent Office (EPO) has met with no response. A petition to the Administrative Council of the EPO expressing the view that a Conference of the Ministers of the Contracting States provided by Art.4a of the European Patent Convention (EPC) is now long overdue. Therefore, Union Syndicale Fédérale (USF) wishes to support and to join the SUEPO (Staff Union of the EPO) claim to convene a Conference of the Ministers of the Contracting States under Art.4a of the EPC. Read the letter of support from Nicolas Mavraganis, the President of USF to Mr. Josef Kratochvil, Chair of the Administrative Council, regarding SUEPO’s open letter to the Administrative Council on the Conference of Ministers of the Contracting States under Article 4a.”

Below we reproduce the letter itself (it’s just an image, produced by Microsoft Office without any text).

USF SUEPO letter


Germany’s Lobbyists-Infested Government Sponsors the War on Ukraine via the European Patent Office (EPO)

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Judge Putinski/Klaus Grabinski: I have connections and ICC warrant of arrest; He won't tell anyone EPO sponsors Belarus; António Campinos: He won't tell anyone EPO sponsors Belarus
EPO President António Campinos does not want anyone to know that the EPO sponsors Putin's war on Ukraine (an open secret); the German government protects him no matter what

Summary: The chief UPC ‘judge’ is basically seeking to break the law (and violate constitutions, conventions etc.) to start a kangaroo court while dodging real courts, just like Vladimir Putin does

[Meme] The Meme That Team UPC (the Collusion to Break the European Laws, for Profit) Threats to Sue Us For

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Cannot make memes that highlight crimes of the EPO; that’s “illegal” [1, 2]

EPO President António Campinos and UPC’s Court of Appeal Klaus Grabinksi: Tony, does your papa know you do illegal things? Shut up,  Klaus, the German government protects me now
Can Mr. Campinos rely on ‘copyright nazis’ to silence critics of the Unitary Patent ploy?

Summary: António Campinos and Team UPC are intimidating people who simply point out that the Unified Patent Court (UPC) is illegal and Klaus Grabinksi, shown above, strives to head a de facto kangaroo court in violation of constitutions and conventions (the UK does not and cannot ratify; Ireland hasn’t even held a referendum on the matter)

[Meme] EPO’s Management Brainstorm

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Union-busting becomes Team-busting  becomes Team-bringing  becomes  Bringing teams becomes Bringing teams apart  becomes  Bringing teams together
Team Campinos, led by a fake socialist and pathological liar

Summary: The story behind a misleading slogan told above

The Photo Ops Festival of the Funky President António Campinos and Revolt From the Patent Examiners Whom He Perpetually Oppresses

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EPO Site Survey
Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 4.0

Summary: European Patents are being granted for no reason other than application and renewal fees, awarding European monopolies to companies that aren’t even European (only about a third are actually European); staff of the EPO is fed up as it regards or views all this as an extreme departure from the EPO’s mission (and it’s also outright illegal)

THE EPO‘s official Web site has been full of fluff, misdirection, and promotion of illegal things (which are nonetheless lobbied for by multinational oligarchy, hence no legal consequences for such promotion). Benoît Battistelli and António Campinos have basically trashed the site, turning it into a self-serving shrine that promotes shallow politics, not science. The latest publications there are discussed in the video above, but meanwhile there’s some news from EPO staff about “Bringing Teams Together”. To quote a publication dated yesterday:

20 March 2023
su23015cp – 0.2.1 – 0.2.4 – 4.4

Bringing Teams Together (BTT)

Dear colleagues,

Bringing Teams Together (BTT) is becoming a reality, despite the many questions and objections that have been formulated by your Staff Representation1.

From the echo’s received, it seems BTT will be implemented by the line managers in all possible interpretations and variations, according to the mood and inspiration of the day2.

We would like to get an idea of what is happening in the different teams: what, if any, policy or principle is used to allocate fixed workplaces to staff. Bear in mind that the administration has given the 3-day rule as a guiding principle for the allocation of fixed workplaces3.

We kindly invite all staff to participate in this short anonymous survey with some information on how BTT is being implemented in their team. We’re trying to find out how BTT is implemented across directorates, how you feel about it, and we also look forward to reading your comments on this BTT exercise.

At the same time, we can readily understand that some people may expect that BTT will have an impact on their level of performance – whilst their 2023 targets may well disregard any such effect. [redacted]

Your SUEPO Team
1 CSC Publication: BTT – A divisive exercise
2 Also our colleagues are drawing inspiration: Bringing our Family Together
3 CSC Publication: 3 days for a fixed workplace


The EPO’s attack on its own staff is a sign of its failure. Only failed institutions attack their own workforce and they won’t get away with it in the long run. This already results in vocal concerns from the EPO's biggest stakeholders. Compelling smart people to do irrational if not illegal things is a recipe for disaster.


The European Patent Office’s Central Staff Committee Explains the Situation at the EPO to the ‘Yes Men’ of António Campinos (Who is Stacking All the Panels)

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Video download link | md5sum 59217133f9f9582b2c0934acb9c644a5
EPO and the GCC Meeting
Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 4.0

Summary: The EPO’s management is lying to staff (even right to their faces!) and it is actively obstructing attempts to step back into compliance with the law; elected staff representatives have produced detailed documents that explain the nature of some of the problems they’re facing

THE document discussed above [PDF] is very long. It can help explain internal EPO affairs to outsiders — i.e. people to whom EPO blunders are known only through media channels (those that Benoît Battistelli and António Campinos have not intimidated into silence with threats of lawsuits and various sanctions).

The Central Staff Committee (CSC) does a good job explaing the “hoax” studies of the administration, pretending that the EPO is poor in order to lessen the compensation to staff and thus deter/discourage properly-trainied and experienced staff from joining/staying. Today’s EPO is gradually running out of talent; as EPO insiders have warned repeatedly, this will result in further collapses, including patent quality and validity issues (illegitimate patents being granted, including European software patents). The biggest stakeholders in the EPO have already complained about the quality of European Patents; they too stand to lose because many of these patents can be used against them; only patent litigation firms stand to benefit regardless of the merit of cases.

The “covering message” (like cover letter) for the above PDF stated what was discussed, albeit the cronies of the President didn’t bother discussing much. They just said “yes” to proposals. Here’s the outline:

Report on the GCC meeting of 28 February 2023

Dear colleagues,

The following five items were on the agenda of the GCC meeting of 28 February 2023, on which the CSC members of the GCC raised their concerns and tried to get further clarifications.

- Revision of Circular No. 364 – Implementation of the New Career System – Rewards related amendments – for consultation GCC/DOC 02/2023

- General Guidelines on Rewards 2023 (President’s Instructions on Rewards) – for consultation GCC/DOC 03/2023

- Amendments of the Service Regulations related to the Staff Committee Elections (CA/9/23) – for consultation GCC/DOC 04/2023

- GCC Rules of Procedure – for consultation GCC/DOC 05/2023

- Data Protection Framework for the Administrative Council and its subsidiary bodies – for information GCC/DOC 06/2023

The detailed and reasoned opinions by the CSC members of the GCC can be read in this paper.

The EPO is in a state of crisis because not only sceptics and critics are becoming more vocal. Even longtime allies of the Office are growing impatient. We reproduce a recent letter below.

EPO quality letter page 1

EPO quality letter page 2


Remuneration and Pensions at the EPO Reduced (Relative to Inflation), Guaranteeing a Decline in Quality of Work

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António Campinos with money

Summary: Purchasing power is rapidly decreased and the EPO — sitting on a pile of cash illegally obtained — refuses to catch up; staff is concerned that life will become a lot harder and, as noted earlier today, this means worse quality of work, not just worse quality of life

We’ve only just published the latest letter about the “Bringing Teams Together” initiative/scheme/scam. Staff of the EPO is under an attack fiercer than ever before (maybe representatives of staff were subjected to a lot more abuse by Benoît Battistelli, but that’s not all the staff).

António Campinos, who prides himself and brags about his socialist dad, is a crooked corporate shill that is antisocial and — to quote himself — is just “the f*cking president” (around a year ago he used the “f word” repeatedly, acting no better than Vladimir Putin because his relationship with Belarus had been exposed).

“Transparency helps because nothing scares vampires more than daylight.”This post shares some of the sentiments expressed by EPO insiders. Some days ago there was a call for action, focusing on salary and pension aspects in isolation. To quote:

Safeguard your rights against the adjustment of salaries and pensions in 2023

Dear SUEPO members,
Dear colleagues,

The new salary adjustment procedure has caused a noticeable adjustment of salaries and pensions in 2023. However, given the significant cuts and salary freezes in previous years, this should not be overstated. Staff and pensioners will remain at a disadvantage.

It is unclear how the adjustments for 2023 were calculated. It appears that the sustainability clause and the periodical settlement of the new procedure were not applied correctly – to the detriment of staff and pensioners. In particular, it is not comprehensible how the balances of the redistribution pool were used and why/how the Office could reach the conclusion that the pool would be implicitly exhausted.

Since the adoption of the new salary adjustment procedure in June 2020, SUEPO has supported its members with templates for litigation against it. The present requests for review are subsidiary to the templates of the past. While the Central Bureau of SUEPO does not confirm or accept the application of the new salary adjustment procedure, the Office should certainly not interpret the new method to the disadvantage of its staff and pensioners.

The above was circulated by the union, but not only union members are concerned. The elected representatives speak about the very same issues. The Central Staff Committee (CSC), for instance, circulated the following message today:

Family Budget Survey 2023: Survey impacting on our salary adjustment

Dear colleagues,

On 6 March 2023, you (in the Hague and Munich) should have received an e-mail invitation to participate in the Family Budget Survey 2023.

The survey is a regular exercise conducted jointly by the International Service for Remuneration and Pensions (ISRP) at the OECD and the EU’s Statistical Office (Eurostat).

It will be open for submissions for four weeks to give you time to collect the data and complete the survey over a few days if necessary.

It will provide data to update the expenditure pattern for international staff in The Hague and Munich, which is an essential element in the calculation of the Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) used in the salary adjustment procedure. PPPs are used to ensure that staff in the different locations receive equivalent pay.

Therefore, we strongly encourage colleagues from The Hague and Munich to participate in the survey and to provide accurate answers.

They will certainly share the results some time after the deadline is reached. We’ll try to gather information related to the findings. Transparency helps because nothing scares vampires more than daylight.

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