Links 22/1/2021: pfSense Plus, Endless OS Foundation, and Many Laptops With GNU/Linux

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… run Linux on an M1 Mac if you have the patience

Run Linux on Apples M1 processor using new Corellium port

Since the availability and launch of Apples new M one silicon chip, calipers have been working hard to run different operating systems on the platform with the most obvious being Windows and Linux. Today thanks to Corellium, owners of new MacBooks by the latest silicon M1 chips can now run the Ubuntu Linux operating system. Corellium’s CTO Chris Wade made the announcement …


Links 21/1/2021: Raspberry Pi Pico, Ubuntu 21.04 Picks GNOME 3.38, KDE Plasma 5.21 Beta

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… be a nightmare.

While Linus Torvalds didn’t have high hopes for this to happen, it looks like Corellium – a company who specializes with ARM device virtualization has finally made it possible.

In a tweet by Chris Wade (CTO of Corellium), he mentions that Linux is completely usable on a Mac Mini M1. Before you blindly grab a device with Apple Silicon, let me tell you more about it.

How We Ported Linux to the M1

When Apple released their desktop products with the M1 …


Links 21/1/2021: Google Tightens the Screws on Chromium, VideoLAN VLC 3.0.12

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… Kernel Space

Linux on the Apple M1 takes another step closer with Ubuntu working thanks to Corellium

ARM virtualization company Corellium has managed to get Ubuntu Linux running on the next-generation Apple M1.

The news comes from Corellium CEO, Chris Wade, who mentioned on Twitter how “Linux is now completely usable on the Mac mini M1. Booting from USB a full Ubuntu desktop (rpi). Network works via a USB c dongle. Update includes support for USB, I2C, DART. We will push …

Links 20/1/2021: LibreOffice 7.1 RC2 and the RHEL Contingency

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… M1 Hardware

Following a very active past couple of days, developers from security startup Corellium have followed through on their word so far of publishing the Apple Silicon patches to the Linux kernel mailing list for possible upstreaming in the future that allow the Linux kernel to boot with Apple M1 hardware.

Corellium developers sent out their first set of seven patches under a “request for comments” flag this morning. These are the minimal changes needed for getting Linux …


Links 18/1/2021: Weekly Summaries and Linux 5.11 RC4

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… used to but this is a really solid window manager experience.

Kernel Space

Corellium Posts Very Early Linux Port To Apple M1 Macs

Apple-focused security/virtualization startup Corellium has posted a very primitive build of Linux for Apple M1 Mac devices.

Corellium is one of several efforts working to bring bare metal Linux to Apple’s new ARM based systems. This week the developers involved got the Linux kernel booting on M1 Macs but still is in early form. In …


Links 17/1/2021: EasyOS on Raspberry Pi and GNU libsigsegv 2.13

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… all about **tmux**, plus an obligatory mention of **usbmuxd**.

Kernel Space

Corellium Releases ‘Very Early Beta’ of Linux for Apple M1 Macs [Download]

Linux’s exFAT Driver Will Soon Be Able To Delete Big Files Much Faster – Phoronix

For those making use of Linux’s modern exFAT file-system, a significant optimization is on the way for when deleting files with the “dirsync” mount option set.

The exFAT file-system driver for Linux 5.12 should …


Links 13/1/2021: Mozilla VPN, NeoChat 1.0.1 and Sci-Hub Under Attack

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… A developer got Ubuntu Linux booting on the Apple iPhone 7

Back in March 2020 when Corellium presented Project Sandcastle to boot Android on the Apple iPhone 7 using the checkra1n jailbreak, it sparked hopes about the potential of OS-level aftermarket development on legacy iPhone models. Barring hardware failure, many of these devices may still have years of use ahead of them if power users can install any regular GNU/Linux distribution on them. In fact, a recent development …


Links 6/1/2021: Linux Mint 20.1 “Ulyssa” Released, Violent Insurrection in the United States

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… way to spoil a holiday.


Part Of Apple’s Abuse Of The DMCA Against Corellium Thrown Out… But Part Of It Lives On

Almost exactly a year ago, we wrote about a very troubling case in which Apple sued Corellium, arguing that it was copyright infringement for the company to create a virtualization tool to let users create and interact with virtual iOS devices. As we noted, virtualization is a useful tool for a wide variety of issues, including security …

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