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Without going into the fine level of detail, here is an overview of what EDGI is about. The leaked documents shown below specifically mention “Microsoft Unlimited Potential Programme” which, to put it rather simply, is Microsoft’s anti-GNU/Linux programme. For education and government deals, Microsoft has a particular programme called “Education and Government Incentives program” (EDGI). It's for blocking GNU/Linux adoption where the problem arises (Microsoft calls it "Linux infestation"). EDGI is mentioned a lot in the press (usually referred to as "Unlimited Potential", with similar campaigns like "Elevate America"), but EDGI is an internal code name as opposed to a euphemism, just like "Project Marshall" for MOU.

List of original exhibits (Microsoft documents):

A series of exhibits with internal documents, correspondence, and presentations were examined (with the full text) in:

More information can be found in:

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