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Notice rules of the per-system agreement.


From: Michael Dwan
Sent: Thursday, August 20, 1998 10:18 PM
To: Pete Peter
Cc: Steven Roseta; Michael Dwan
Subject: OEM Communications Bulletin: IMG PGL Updated
Importance: High

A new Interactive Media Group PLG has been published with significant revisions:

  • Encarta Encyclopedia: has substantially reduced royalties at 25k and 10k volumes.
  • Graphics category has been added. Previously DAD owned: Picture It!, Greetings.
  • Greetings & Picture It!: substantial royalty reductions and added UK English edition. Picture It! Express is also now available.
  • Games: Price reductions on Age of Empires, CART, Monster Truck 1
  • New Products Added:

- Games: Combat Flight Sim, MotoCross Madness 3D, Urban Assault, OutWars, Close Combat 3, Pinball Arcade, revenge of Arcade.

- Mapping: MapPoint

- Personal Finance: TaxSaver

- Reference: Encarta Africa

- Dreamworks: small Soldiers: Squad Commander (an OEM exclusive!)

- Kids: My Personal Tutor 1st & 2nd grade - Graphics: Home Publishing.

  • New Versions: Auto Route Express, Money, Encarta Virtual Globe/World Atlas, Bookshelf, Golf, Monster Truck Madness, Greetings, Picture It, Expedia Streets and Trips 2000.
  • Internet Properties: Fighter Ace and Zone clients with online time (only offered in NA at 200k units and up).
  • DVD skus added: Graphics Studio Home Publishing, Kids super combo, Close Combat 1-3 Series, Encarta. * International: reduced pricing of Japanese languages titles, they are now in line with other international versions.
  • Deletions: Flight Sim v6.0, Golf 2.0 and 3.0, Kids Plus Pack, My Personal Tutor Pre School to First Grade, autoMap Streets & Trip Planner v5.0. AutoRoute Express Europe & GB v5.0, Encarta World Atlas v3.0.

Account Managers should cease using the previous versions of the IMG PGL at this time.

Sent: Thursday, August 20, 1998 10:18 PM
To: Pete Peter
Cc: Steven Roseta; Michael Dwan
Subject: OEM Communications Bulletin: IMG PGL Updated


  • Royalty amounts are expressed in US $ Dollars
  • Pricing is based on a one year volume agreement

  • Pricing is "per-system" only. Prices herein are for Microsoft application products shipped in combination with an OEM's defined PC systems on a per-system basis. A Per-system agreement is a license in which all units of a particular OEM model name and/or number are licensed and a royalty is due for the MS product whenever that particular model is shipped ..


  • Applications may not be licensed to OEMs that are known to be unbundlers.

Applications licenses may not be offered to OEMs with a history of unbundling for a minimum of twelve months and require OEM director approval. Licenses may not be offered to OEMs that are under investigation for unbundling until the investigation is complete.

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