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Techrights Canada was initially proposed by Techrights editor XFaCE following the publication of his article, "Canadian Bill C-11 – Harmful to Free Software". The proposal was to have a section of Techrights dedicated to stories, news, and information covered by Techrights that dealt specifically with Canada. This would allow for issues that Techrights exposes to be more relatable to Canadians.

In addition to this, Techrights Canada will also provide links to resources, organizations, and other activism websites that Canadian can utilize to help get involved against the issues that are raised in our blog posts.

Finally, Techrights Canada will hopefully have somewhat of a relationship with the Pirate Party of Canada, of which XFaCE is also a member. The Pirate Party in Canada is currently the only party which seems to take a firm stand on issues that Techrights hopes to help address through publication, specifically in the areas of software patent abolition and fair copyright reform. One such part of this relationship could be the sharing of Techrights articles. Already, "Canadian Bill C-11 – Harmful to Free Software" has been re-posted on the PPCA website.

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