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Welcome to Techrights Legal, a part of Techrights which is dedicated to legal issues.

Under Construction

This project is work in progress. --Schestowitz 17:47, 24 April 2011 (UTC)

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Reader's remark: The intent of this section of Techrights, as outlined in IRC today, is to give people at Groklaw a place to continue documenting and debunking Microsoft's attack on free software and the gnu/linux using business community. We hope that people who helped PJ research articles for Groklaw will continue here, perhaps specializing in coverage of one of the various patent lawsuits launched against gnu/linux using companies. The work PJ and the community did for the SCO case made a difference and everyone is grateful. The better documented patent cases are, the less taxed gnu/linux will be and the sooner software patents will be abolished.

Pages of interest: (legal documents and exhibits)

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