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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: April 28th, 2009 – Part 3

Posted in IRC Logs at 2:19 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


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DaemonFC uphill both ways Apr 28 18:21
DaemonFC :P Apr 28 18:21
*Ap0g33 has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) Apr 28 18:21
_boo_ i bought some dvd-rw about 2-3 months ago Apr 28 18:21
DaemonFC hell, VCRs were $1,000 at one point Apr 28 18:22
DaemonFC now you can’t give them away Apr 28 18:22
DaemonFC that was only like 25 years ago Apr 28 18:22
_boo_ vcrs? Apr 28 18:22
_boo_ DaemonFC, i live in russia Apr 28 18:22
DaemonFC video cassette recorder Apr 28 18:22
*_boo_ knoweth Apr 28 18:22
DaemonFC VHS tapes Apr 28 18:22
DaemonFC B-) Apr 28 18:22
_boo_ like 25 years ago Apr 28 18:23
_boo_ i gonna tell ya Apr 28 18:23
DaemonFC 210 lines of resolution ftw! Apr 28 18:23
DaemonFC w00tage! Apr 28 18:23
_boo_ it was all about cassette recorders Apr 28 18:23
DaemonFC and BetaMax Apr 28 18:23
DaemonFC don’t forget to love Sony Apr 28 18:23
DaemonFC :P Apr 28 18:23
DaemonFC before that was the video disc Apr 28 18:23
_boo_ idk what’s dat Apr 28 18:23
_boo_ not here then Apr 28 18:23
_boo_ people shared films Apr 28 18:23
_boo_ idk what’s dat Apr 28 18:24
DaemonFC a record that played a movie Apr 28 18:24
_boo_ sony??? Apr 28 18:24
_boo_ SONNYYY? Apr 28 18:24
DaemonFC BetaMax was another magnetic tape format Apr 28 18:24
_boo_ it wasn’t popular in russia Apr 28 18:24
DaemonFC wasn’t popular here either Apr 28 18:24
_boo_ i better buy 1.5tb hdd than hundred of blu-rays Apr 28 18:24
_boo_ so betamax wasn’t popular at all Apr 28 18:25
DaemonFC nope Apr 28 18:25
_boo_ nope? Apr 28 18:25
_boo_ i saw the logo somewhere Apr 28 18:25
_boo_ but i don’t even wanna recall where Apr 28 18:25
_boo_ ’cause it doesn’t make sense Apr 28 18:25
DaemonFC I think out of the formats my favorite was the LaserDisc Apr 28 18:25
DaemonFC http://en.wikipedia.org/wik… Apr 28 18:26
_boo_ my favourite is dvd-hdd1.5tb Apr 28 18:26
_boo_ once burned to never get inserted again Apr 28 18:26
_boo_ and in 10 years Apr 28 18:27
_boo_ you wonder what was written in there Apr 28 18:27
_boo_ but you already know Apr 28 18:27
_boo_ and you will even get pleasure from things written in there Apr 28 18:27
_boo_ and yeah Apr 28 18:28
_boo_ the most funny thing Apr 28 18:29
_boo_ it will be LINUX Apr 28 18:29
_boo_ you will be reading ntfs_some_old_version Apr 28 18:29
_boo_ outdates Apr 28 18:29
_boo_ d Apr 28 18:29
*DaemonFC beats _boo_ over the head with a Russian bootleg copy on Windows Vista Apr 28 18:29
DaemonFC :P Apr 28 18:29
_boo_ and windows 15 won’t support it anymore Apr 28 18:29
_boo_ ’cause they released their shit every half a year now Apr 28 18:30
_boo_ as a new version Apr 28 18:30
_boo_ but noone bought them Apr 28 18:30
_boo_ so you try to reincarnate it with some older linux version with old ntfs-3g Apr 28 18:31
DaemonFC Dear Aunt, let’s so set the double killer delete select all Apr 28 18:31
DaemonFC :P Apr 28 18:31
_boo_ that you can only dl with some p2p client Apr 28 18:31
_boo_ like e-mule Apr 28 18:31
DaemonFC http://www.youtube.com/watch… Apr 28 18:31
_boo_ ’cause people love to hate Apr 28 18:31
_boo_ wtf, DaemonFC Apr 28 18:32
_boo_ it already looks like a grave Apr 28 18:32
_boo_ i’m not even watchin that Apr 28 18:32
_boo_ i don’t like cemeteries Apr 28 18:32
_boo_ and will NEVER EVER VISIT them Apr 28 18:32
*kentma (n=user@ellandroad.demon.co.uk) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 28 18:32
_boo_ it’s cemetery all over the place around that sign Apr 28 18:34
_boo_ people get calmed Apr 28 18:34
_boo_ but they won’t ever fill anything good anywhere it Apr 28 18:34
DaemonFC http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kX8oY… Apr 28 18:35
_boo_ lol Apr 28 18:36
_boo_ DaemonFC it all depends on what kind of speech recognition algorithm you’re on Apr 28 18:37
_boo_ one is better with recognition you _the_only_one_ Apr 28 18:37
_boo_ the other is too hard and recognizes them all Apr 28 18:38
*tessier_ (n=treed@kernel-panic/sex-machines) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 28 18:43
DaemonFC http://www.foxnews.com/politics/fi… Apr 28 19:13
DaemonFC lmfao Apr 28 19:13
DaemonFC hmmm Apr 28 19:40
DaemonFC Windows 7 removed DreamScene Apr 28 19:40
schestowitz GE has just made Bluray obsolete Apr 28 19:41
schestowitz 500GB on one CD Apr 28 19:41
schestowitz Optimcal Apr 28 19:41
PetoKraus ? Apr 28 19:41
DaemonFC schestowitz: It doesn’t make Blu Ray obsolete Apr 28 19:43
DaemonFC you’d have to get the movie industry, software companies, a few big hardware makers, and the retailers to agree that this is what the customer will buy Apr 28 19:46
DaemonFC :) Apr 28 19:46
*neonfloss (n=neon@rdsl-0145.tor.pathcom.com) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 28 19:50
schestowitz DaemonFC: I was exaggerating Apr 28 20:01
schestowitz trmanco: my firefox problem is maybe not as severe as I thought. I think it was AIR that leaked my RAM. Apr 28 20:02
Balrog schestowitz: why do you have AIR installed then? Apr 28 20:04
schestowitz People lose money and now comes *this*? Ban On Online Gambling Could Be Lifted < http://www.webpronews.com/topnews/20… > Apr 28 20:04
schestowitz Balrog: there was a program that I tried Apr 28 20:04
schestowitz AIR was quite polished on Linux, I’d have to admit Apr 28 20:04
Balrog but if it leaks memory it’s not good Apr 28 20:05
Balrog and I think it’s proprietary Apr 28 20:05
schestowitz Oh, Glyn’s gonna love this one: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/te… Apr 28 20:07
schestowitz Balrog: it is AFAIK Apr 28 20:07
schestowitz They did some PR Apr 28 20:07
trmanco ah, AIR, never tried that app Apr 28 20:07
schestowitz About a component being OFSS Apr 28 20:07
schestowitz And there’s some problem for that Apr 28 20:07
schestowitz trmanco: not missing anything Apr 28 20:07
schestowitz I don’t use it anymore Apr 28 20:07
trmanco I thik of at as bloat Apr 28 20:07
schestowitz I was just temped to try something which was recommenede Apr 28 20:07
trmanco think* Apr 28 20:07
schestowitz trmanco: it is Apr 28 20:07
schestowitz 200-300MB for a twitter client :-) Apr 28 20:08
trmanco ah ok :-P Apr 28 20:08
trmanco pff Apr 28 20:08
schestowitz +leaks (can’t confirm this yet) Apr 28 20:08
trmanco even flash has leaks Apr 28 20:08
schestowitz Yes Apr 28 20:08
trmanco huge leaks from time to time, but some people say it fierfox’s problem, whe it’s not Apr 28 20:08
schestowitz Microsoft has many leaks too: http://www.vgchartz.com/photos/pics/8997883aaa.jpg Apr 28 20:09
trmanco start firefox and safe-mode and then start browser, if it leaks, then report a bug and then you can say that it’s a firefox memory leak Apr 28 20:09
trmanco browsing* Apr 28 20:09
schestowitz Safe mode? Apr 28 20:10
schestowitz That sounds so…. Windowsy Apr 28 20:10
trmanco if you use third party stuff, then you can’t just say the browser sucks because it’s full of leaks… it’s not the browser’s job to manage the third party app’s correctly Apr 28 20:10
schestowitz Safe mode=”we know our software is kinda shaky, so we already assume you’ll need a safety net” Apr 28 20:11
trmanco schestowitz, it’s a firefox , with no addons kind of thing Apr 28 20:11
schestowitz I know. Apr 28 20:11
schestowitz Anyway, it’s more under control now Apr 28 20:11
trmanco it should be something like firefox -nudemode Apr 28 20:11
schestowitz No AIR piggery Apr 28 20:11
trmanco or nakedmode :-P Apr 28 20:11
schestowitz Does that save all the images in the stash as you go along? Apr 28 20:12
schestowitz j/k Apr 28 20:12
trmanco hehe, it might Apr 28 20:12
schestowitz Apple apologizes over Baby Shaker app < http://www.roughlydrafted.com/2009/04/… > Apr 28 20:12
trmanco I’m not sure, but for that you can use private mode Apr 28 20:12
trmanco works great, during a 2 month beta test I made Apr 28 20:12
schestowitz Daniel Eran, shilling to make Steve Jobs richer Apr 28 20:12
Balrog schestowitz: that’s just a link to the AppleInsider article Apr 28 20:13
trmanco mostly nightly build Apr 28 20:13
trmanco s Apr 28 20:13
schestowitz I don’t understand why people dedicate their lives to help a company with a 300ml/annum PR budget Apr 28 20:13
Balrog look at the name: if it’s ‘Prince McLean’ it’s just a news article Apr 28 20:13
schestowitz You’d have to be misled or confused Apr 28 20:13
Balrog not a real blog post Apr 28 20:13
schestowitz Balrog: I saw that Apr 28 20:13
schestowitz Daniel doesn’t write much anymore Apr 28 20:13
schestowitz Roughly Drafted mostly sucks now Apr 28 20:13
schestowitz It used to be good Apr 28 20:13
schestowitz He ran out of material, mostly historical POVs Apr 28 20:14
Balrog he must be busy or something Apr 28 20:14
schestowitz Of course Apr 28 20:14
schestowitz I’ll see how long /I/ can go on for. Apr 28 20:14
schestowitz I want to do Comes before I turn to something else Apr 28 20:14
schestowitz We made Reddit’s front page yesterday. 420k hits in one day, exc. bots. Apr 28 20:15
schestowitz Huh? Apr 28 20:17
schestowitz HAHAHA! Apr 28 20:17
schestowitz In my feed reader: “Firefox 3.5 released” Apr 28 20:17
schestowitz In article:” Firefox 3.5 beta released By Sylvie Barak” Apr 28 20:17
Balrog yes, it’s 3.5b4 now Apr 28 20:17
schestowitz The Inquirer doesn’t keep track of the stuff it’s covering Apr 28 20:17
schestowitz Balrog: yes, it was corrected by her Apr 28 20:17
schestowitz The editor didn’t catch the mistake either. Apr 28 20:18
schestowitz As I said, the Inquiere is dying Apr 28 20:18
schestowitz Nick Farrel is the main person there now Apr 28 20:18
schestowitz *Inquirer Apr 28 20:18
schestowitz “Please change the title to Firefox 3.5 beta4 released or Firefox 3.5 beta updated” Apr 28 20:18
schestowitz “it’s clear you’re desperate for getting more clicks. “Firefox 3.5 released”. Really?” Apr 28 20:18
Balrog Apr 28 20:19
schestowitz The troops are back to work: Ubuntu 9.10 development begins < http://www.heise.de/english/news… > Apr 28 20:20
schestowitz The observation about the INQ is intended to show that so-called press and stuff that’s in Google News is very error prone. Apr 28 20:21
schestowitz Firefox 3.0.10 fixes critical vulnerability < http://www.heise.de/english/news… > Apr 28 20:21
DaemonFC Baqlrog: Firefox leaks tons of memory :) Apr 28 20:23
DaemonFC * Balrog Apr 28 20:24
DaemonFC unfortunately Firefox has the mindshare, so even forking it and fixing it wouldn’t necessarily draw users Apr 28 20:25
*PetoKraus has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)) Apr 28 20:25
DaemonFC and it’s heavily tied in with Mozilla Corp and Google Apr 28 20:25
DaemonFC so you have your personal information back on the market Apr 28 20:25
schestowitz “An internal document (pdf) of the Global Climate Coalition (GCC) — an industry front group that disbanded in 2002 — reveals that when the group chose to promote doubt about the reality of global warming it was ignoring the views of its own scientific advisers.” http://www.prwatch.org/node/8351 Apr 28 20:25
*PetoKraus (n=pk@fsf/member/petokraus) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 28 20:25
schestowitz ‘We must destroy the environment in order to save it, according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s new campaign against government oversight and what it calls “green tape.”‘ http://www.prwatch.org/node/8353 Apr 28 20:26
DaemonFC lmao Apr 28 20:27
DaemonFC “Nuclear power is safe and clean” “Damn those Obama people for not letting us dump all this [totally safe byproduct] in Arizona Apr 28 20:28
DaemonFC “It’s not like it has a half life of 10,000 years” Apr 28 20:28
DaemonFC “Whats the big deal?” Apr 28 20:28
DaemonFC :P Apr 28 20:28
schestowitz Fascinating news story about how the spin industry helps the ruining of society: http://www.prwatch.org/node/8347 Apr 28 20:29
schestowitz DaemonFC:follow the $$ (Ameros) Apr 28 20:29
DaemonFC you’re not one of those paranoid delusional Ron Paul types are you? :P Apr 28 20:30
DaemonFC the “The government is preparing thousands of concentration camps right under our noses” people? Apr 28 20:31
DaemonFC The “You’ll get black bagged at 3 AM” people? Apr 28 20:31
schestowitz Firefox devs ask navels when to curtail Mac OS support < http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/04/28/firefox_mac_support/ >. Good. They should pay more attention to Linux. Apr 28 20:32
DaemonFC if you’re a Good Christian(R) you’ll be persecuted and sent to the gas chambers, don’tcha know? Apr 28 20:32
DaemonFC bull fucking shit Apr 28 20:32
DaemonFC I’m sorry Apr 28 20:32
DaemonFC but that’s all I can say about that Apr 28 20:32
DaemonFC they have such a persecution complex Apr 28 20:32
schestowitz DaemonFC: I forgot my smiley face Apr 28 20:32
schestowitz The Amero think was a joke Apr 28 20:32
DaemonFC I hoped so Apr 28 20:32
schestowitz You didn’t know so? Apr 28 20:33
DaemonFC there seem to be a lot of people like that Apr 28 20:33
schestowitz Well, I know some people who believe that. Some at the gym even believe 911 was an ‘inside job’ Apr 28 20:33
DaemonFC maybe they’re jsut lous and it makes it seem that way Apr 28 20:33
DaemonFC *loud Apr 28 20:33
schestowitz There’s too much rubbish out there Apr 28 20:34
DaemonFC convenient justification for Bush’s pet project maybe Apr 28 20:34
DaemonFC but I doubt they did it Apr 28 20:34
schestowitz I like the factual parts Apr 28 20:34
schestowitz Like Comes vs Microsoft memos Apr 28 20:34
schestowitz Or in others’ case, count of US military bases Apr 28 20:34
schestowitz ALl interesting facts Apr 28 20:34
DaemonFC I believe Bush was an opportunist and that he took advantage of the situation to justify Iraq Apr 28 20:34
DaemonFC but I don’t think it was an inside job Apr 28 20:35
schestowitz Me neither, but they didn’t need a disaster Apr 28 20:35
schestowitz Like Reichstag burning Apr 28 20:35
schestowitz For popular opinion they could just start with the WMoD BS Apr 28 20:35
schestowitz Add some gassing of kurd storyline to the mix and you have an angry public Apr 28 20:35
DaemonFC I doubt many people really ever believed that Apr 28 20:36
schestowitz That of course except the racism they created Apr 28 20:36
DaemonFC ever heard “In for a penny in for a pound”? Apr 28 20:36
DaemonFC that’s how people get with politics Apr 28 20:36
DaemonFC a lot of people went along with that because they were single issue voters Apr 28 20:36
schestowitz As intellectuals say, the outsiders can think of only two things: 1) that USians are so indoctrinated OR 2) they are so racist that they want to just kill any Arab Apr 28 20:36
DaemonFC or part of the guns gods and gays crowd Apr 28 20:36
schestowitz Guns.. Apr 28 20:37
schestowitz Haha Apr 28 20:37
DaemonFC they think that they look weak if they don’t fall in line Apr 28 20:37
schestowitz Manhood without manhood Apr 28 20:37
schestowitz Replacing one’s c*ck with a truck or gun barrel Apr 28 20:37
schestowitz I guess watching those Wayne films does this to a person Apr 28 20:37
DaemonFC I can’t stand them Apr 28 20:37
schestowitz Bush: “…wanted dead or alive…” Apr 28 20:38
trmanco karmic is going to be based on linux 2.6.30 Apr 28 20:38
schestowitz Bush: “…I say, bring em on!” Apr 28 20:38
PetoKraus lol @ phorm in UK Apr 28 20:38
schestowitz trmanco: what else? :-) Apr 28 20:38
schestowitz PetoKraus: did you see the latest? Apr 28 20:38
schestowitz Collusion Apr 28 20:38
schestowitz I posted about it (BBC) Apr 28 20:39
PetoKraus schestowitz: yeah, just reading the /. article Apr 28 20:39
trmanco schestowitz, I was thought it would be 2.6.29 Apr 28 20:39
schestowitz amarsh04: Microsoft ropes in EDS to punt online services < http://www.channelregister.co.uk/2… > Apr 28 20:39
trmanco -was Apr 28 20:39
schestowitz Phuck Phorm Apr 28 20:39
schestowitz Losses at Unisys run into Q1 < http://www.theregister.co.uk/20… > Zombie company… like MS in 5 years a from now, hopefully. Apr 28 20:40
schestowitz I remember when Unisys was quite massive Apr 28 20:41
trmanco just look how fast Ubuntu people push security fixes -> https://lists.ubuntu.com/archive… Apr 28 20:41
schestowitz Register: “Mozilla releases final Firefox 3.5 beta” Apr 28 20:41
trmanco less then 24 hours to get firefox 3.10 into the repos :-P Apr 28 20:41
schestowitz What does FINAL beta mean? Apr 28 20:41
schestowitz It’s pointless to say so Apr 28 20:41
trmanco hmm, weird Apr 28 20:41
schestowitz Mandriva is at 3.0.8 still Apr 28 20:42
trmanco that’s weird too Apr 28 20:42
trmanco maybe they need a little reminder? Apr 28 20:42
schestowitz IBM is buying its own shares. “Stacks $6.7bn for share buybacks” http://www.theregister.co.uk/2… Apr 28 20:43
schestowitz Yay. Microsoft’s FAT is being re-examined for prior art to be found, Maybe OIN kept a promise. Apr 28 20:44
DaemonFC Mandriva is not doing real well Apr 28 20:45
DaemonFC they pushed back 2009.1 a few weeks and they’ve gotten sloppy with backports Apr 28 20:46
schestowitz http://www.earthtimes.org/articles/show/op… Apr 28 20:46
DaemonFC cause they fired all those people Apr 28 20:46
schestowitz I’ll write about it in BN quickly Apr 28 20:46
DaemonFC and Red Hat scooped a few of them up :) Apr 28 20:46
schestowitz DaemonFC: two that I know of Apr 28 20:46
DaemonFC Mandriva is falling apart Apr 28 20:46
schestowitz Mandriva does OK Apr 28 20:46
DaemonFC they even have bugs in their installers anymore Apr 28 20:46
schestowitz Their latest distro got OK reviews Apr 28 20:47
DaemonFC that can even stop you from getting it installed Apr 28 20:47
schestowitz I’ll show you if you are not convinced Apr 28 20:47
schestowitz They just don’t have AlanW to advertise it Apr 28 20:47
DaemonFC oh, it just depends on your hardware config Apr 28 20:47
schestowitz Yes Apr 28 20:47
schestowitz Trust me, it’s OK Apr 28 20:47
DaemonFC and several other things Apr 28 20:47
DaemonFC but I call those Mandriva bugs Apr 28 20:47
schestowitz They have paying cutopmers Apr 28 20:47
schestowitz Russian govt. Apr 28 20:47
DaemonFC cause they only really ever hit me when I try to load Mandriva Apr 28 20:47
schestowitz Where MS is now dumping/bribing Apr 28 20:47
schestowitz Mandriva does KDE very well Apr 28 20:48
*schestowitz uses Mandriva right now Apr 28 20:48
DaemonFC I wasn’t real thrilled with their KDE Apr 28 20:48
schestowitz └─(20:48 $)─> uptime Apr 28 20:48
schestowitz 20:48:27 up 55 days,  6:06,  2 users,  load average: 0.64, 0.77, 0.79 Apr 28 20:48
DaemonFC but I doubt anyone has put out a KDE 4.anything I want to use Apr 28 20:48
schestowitz Maybe Apr 28 20:48
schestowitz You need to customise it Apr 28 20:48
*neonfloss has quit (“Leaving”) Apr 28 20:49
schestowitz I can send you advise Apr 28 20:49
schestowitz You can assimilate it to other desktops Apr 28 20:49
DaemonFC I’ve tried, usually a bug in KDE or at least what a distro does to it stops me Apr 28 20:49
schestowitz Lencelot+some setting chnanges Apr 28 20:49
schestowitz DaemonFC: then wait for longer Apr 28 20:49
DaemonFC I think last time it was mounting CDs that infuriated me Apr 28 20:49
DaemonFC and then trying to rip them Apr 28 20:49
schestowitz My Mandriva is only a year old Apr 28 20:49
schestowitz Still some time for patches ahead Apr 28 20:49
schestowitz Microsoft’s TomTom patents under scrutiny < http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/04/2… > Apr 28 20:50
DaemonFC didn’t they already agree to pay? Apr 28 20:52
trmanco Wired.com Blogs Migrate to WordPress: http://publisherblog.automattic.com/200… Apr 28 20:57
DaemonFC meh, no matter what OS I use on my PCs I always wait for a service pack or at least give it a couple weeks for some last minute patches to land Apr 28 21:02
DaemonFC all kinds of bad stuff can happen to people that get it on launch day :P Apr 28 21:02
DaemonFC let everyone else have crashes and all other kinds of bugs Apr 28 21:03
trmanco that depends Apr 28 21:04
schestowitz The gist about OIN fighting back against Microsoft patents (those used against TomTom): http://boycottnovell.com/2009/04/2… Apr 28 21:05
schestowitz DaemonFC: yes, but MS wants to go knocking on each door demanding money Apr 28 21:06
schestowitz Microsoft Hotmail blocking GMX mail for some in Europe < http://blogs.zdnet.com/mic… >. In absence of Windows botnets, problem would not exist. Apr 28 21:11
trmanco http://www.openoffice.org/dev_doc… Apr 28 21:12
trmanco I use GMX Apr 28 21:12
schestowitz The Mono people started attacking me personally now Apr 28 21:13
schestowitz Calling me serial liar and stuff… Apr 28 21:13
schestowitz Desperate Apr 28 21:14
Balrog …url? Apr 28 21:14
schestowitz I’d have to look for it again Apr 28 21:14
trmanco eBay restricting Webslices to MSIE users, trashing Firefox users: http://www.glazman.org/weblog/dotcle… Apr 28 21:16
Balrog trmanco: I heard that Webslices is based on IE8 extensions Apr 28 21:17
trmanco based? Apr 28 21:17
Balrog they were advertising that if you upgrade to IE8 you can take advantage of webslices Apr 28 21:18
trmanco IE is closed, how can it be based on it Apr 28 21:18
Balrog this was back when IE8 just became beta Apr 28 21:18
Balrog I meant it relies on IE8 specific tags Apr 28 21:18
trmanco ok I’m drunk Apr 28 21:18
trmanco I thought you were referring to firefox’s webchunks Apr 28 21:18
Balrog http://ie8.ebay.com/ Apr 28 21:18
Balrog no … :/ Apr 28 21:19
Balrog they should implement that Apr 28 21:19
trmanco sorry for the misinterpretation Apr 28 21:19
Balrog I hear they are, but it’s not widely known Apr 28 21:19
trmanco yeah, the webchunks dev/devs will try to make it compatible if they can Apr 28 21:20
Balrog ah. webchunks is webslices for firefox Apr 28 21:20
schestowitz Both Google and Microsoft should be KEPT OUT of people’s heath records. I don’t understand why companies are given national assets… Consumer Group Goes After Google Over Health Lobbying < http://www.paidcontent.org/en… > Apr 28 21:20
schestowitz This is corporate fascism Apr 28 21:20
Balrog they’re probably using the browser type Apr 28 21:20
Balrog hrm, maybe not :/ Apr 28 21:21
Balrog though the webchunks dev is working on it Apr 28 21:21
schestowitz WT# is Intel doing? Ihttp://blogs.computerworld.com/is_i… (Is Intel trying to squash Linux netbooks? ) Apr 28 21:24
Balrog they’re afraid of arm Apr 28 21:26
schestowitz When trademarks too go sick (like sw pats): Using Trademark To ‘Privatize The English Language’ < http://techdirt.com/articles… > Apr 28 21:27
trmanco nice image -> http://boycottnovell.com/wp-cont… Apr 28 21:28
schestowitz Balrog: : about Mono people, the short story is, Jo hates me and he smears the person with SELECTIVE bits among 6000+ posts Apr 28 21:29
schestowitz There’s too much ‘stuff’ they can charry pick to discredit Apr 28 21:29
schestowitz I posted like 50k messages in USENET, 14k comments in Digg, 6000 posts in BN and so on. They string together what suits them to discredit. Heck, they can pick from IRC too :-) Apr 28 21:30
schestowitz trmanco: thanks Apr 28 21:31
schestowitz I can do one with your face, TOO !! Apr 28 21:31
trmanco no, please don’t … I might not look great with a penguin body :-P Apr 28 21:32
schestowitz In Soviet Russian, penguin Photogimps ballmer Apr 28 21:32
schestowitz I can never type Russia for some reason Apr 28 21:32
*PetoKraus has quit (Remote closed the connection) Apr 28 21:32
schestowitz I ALWAYS type down “russian”. I don’t understand why. Apr 28 21:32
trmanco hehe Apr 28 21:32
schestowitz Like 10 times this year Apr 28 21:33
trmanco wtf -> Europe funds search for secure operating system: http://www.computerworlduk.com… Apr 28 21:33
Balrog Jo …? Apr 28 21:33
schestowitz Jo Shills Apr 28 21:33
schestowitz aka Jo Shields Apr 28 21:33
schestowitz He shills for Mono in Debian and Ubuntu Apr 28 21:33
schestowitz trmanco: yes, I posted it to COLA Apr 28 21:33
schestowitz omg linux is obsolete !1 Apr 28 21:33
*PetoKraus (n=pk@fsf/member/petokraus) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 28 21:34
schestowitz Masnick wrote about the UK too (no ID cards): http://techdirt.com/articl… Apr 28 21:34
trmanco he also is one of the packagers for mono Apr 28 21:35
schestowitz He is Apr 28 21:35
schestowitz shills is not his formal title ;-) Apr 28 21:35
schestowitz *shill Apr 28 21:35
Balrog why keep funding minix? Apr 28 21:35
*PetoKraus has quit (Remote closed the connection) Apr 28 21:39
*PetoKraus (n=pk@fsf/member/petokraus) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 28 21:40
trmanco Microsoft To Embrace And Extend Twitter, Facebook: http://www.crn.com/software… Apr 28 21:45
trmanco and then extinguish Apr 28 21:45
trmanco Office 2007 SP2 is released, can indeed save ODF by default: http://www.betanews.com/article/Office-… Apr 28 21:46
Balrog released! That’s big. Apr 28 21:48
Balrog no more need for the Sun ODF Plugin! Apr 28 21:49
trmanco http://www.h-online.com/open/Kernel-Log-… Apr 28 21:52
schestowitz Parody about OIN’s press release: http://boycottnovell.com/2009/… Apr 28 21:55
schestowitz trmanco: trollish Kevin McLaughlin headline Apr 28 21:56
schestowitz Not news Apr 28 21:56
schestowitz Just another attempt from MS to assimilate Apr 28 21:56
schestowitz Worked against ICQ maybe Apr 28 21:56
trmanco which link? Apr 28 21:56
schestowitz Not against WEB SITES Apr 28 21:56
trmanco ah Apr 28 21:56
schestowitz trmanco: yeah, you got it Apr 28 21:56
schestowitz They tried to rip odd Digg Apr 28 21:56
schestowitz They bombed Apr 28 21:56
schestowitz The sites was a disaster Apr 28 21:57
schestowitz Probably died quietly by now Apr 28 21:57
schestowitz So just ingore it Apr 28 21:57
schestowitz Unless it’s dead, then kick it. Like Zune ! :-) Apr 28 21:57
schestowitz Microsoft just wants people to write about stuff that HAS NOT FAILED YET. It’s free publicity Apr 28 21:58
schestowitz Wait until it becomes a laughing stock like Hotmail, then write about it Apr 28 21:58
schestowitz Vis a vis…….Microsoft Hotmail blocking GMX mail for some in Europe http://blogs.zdnet.com/micros… Apr 28 21:58
schestowitz Someone E-mailed me this: Film Director Slams Microsoft as ‘Non-Talent Friendly’ < http://www.wired.com/gamelife/2009/04/… > Apr 28 21:58
*mmars has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)) Apr 28 21:59
trmanco Apple is sued after pressuring open source iTunes project: http://www.itworld.com/open-source/67035/… Apr 28 22:00
schestowitz EFF? Apr 28 22:01
schestowitz If so, I wrote about it Apr 28 22:01
trmanco what do you mean by EFF? Apr 28 22:02
Balrog well, someone at hymn project said that apple is using fairplay for signing the itunesdb Apr 28 22:04
Balrog but fairplay has been cracked for a long time already Apr 28 22:05
schestowitz Balrog: is the EFF involved? Apr 28 22:13
schestowitz Because someone wrote about it Apr 28 22:13
Balrog yes, the EFF is suing apple Apr 28 22:25
Balrog it’s all over the place Apr 28 22:25
Balrog I hope apple recognizes this is futile and backs down Apr 28 22:25
Balrog <http://www.eff.org/press/archives/2009/04/27> Apr 28 22:26
schestowitz Good. Apr 28 22:28
Balrog if they’re using the same algorithm for signing the db and for encrypting music, that’s their problem Apr 28 22:29
Balrog schestowitz: you know there’s a working drm stripping tool for itunes currently? Apr 28 22:30
Balrog (and it’s foss too) Apr 28 22:30
schestowitz Who needs DRM in the first place? Apr 28 22:31
schestowitz People whom Apple locks in using DMCA? Apr 28 22:31
Balrog not on music or video ….. Apr 28 22:32
Balrog app drm is more controversial because independent developers get mad when people ‘pirate’ Apr 28 22:32
Balrog well some of them do Apr 28 22:32
Balrog it’s rather useless anyway … gdb easily removes the drm Apr 28 22:33
Balrog ;) Apr 28 22:33
MinceR has ballmer made a statement on the .net/mono patent trap? Apr 28 22:36
schestowitz “I predicted the death of MySQL. I wrote all that, but I didn’t file it. Maybe I thought that if I didn’t, it wouldn’t come true. I truly hope it doesn’t. Time will tell.” http://www.infoworld.com/d/adventures-in-it… Apr 28 22:38
schestowitz MinceR: not Ballmer Apr 28 22:38
schestowitz He’s a car salesman. Apr 28 22:38
schestowitz He doesn’t understand technical stuff Apr 28 22:38
MinceR has anyone else from m$? Apr 28 22:40
schestowitz Yes, many Apr 28 22:44
schestowitz The Mono fans are like those 3 monkeys Apr 28 22:44
schestowitz I showed it to them Apr 28 22:44
schestowitz Mono response: http://boycottnovell.com/2008/12/28/t… Apr 28 22:45
schestowitz Even When You Have a Choice, Recycling E-Waste Beats Dumping It < http://www.itbusinessedge.com/cm/blogs/bentley… > Apr 28 22:46
schestowitz Boring today…… let’s check TuxMachines Apr 28 22:46
schestowitz Obama’s Search for ‘Copyright Czar’ Continues < http://www.itbusinessedge.com/cm/blogs/bentley/ob… > Lessig? RMS? Wait and watch Biden making a p[r]ick. Apr 28 22:47
schestowitz H-P’s new laptops are saddled with Ballnux http://itmanagement.earthweb.com/osrc/article.p… http://ostatic.com/blog/hp-is-putting-… Apr 28 22:49
schestowitz Mozilla Delivers Firefox 3.5, Beta 4, and It’s Snappy <  http://ostatic.com/blog/mozilla-delivers… > Apr 28 22:56
schestowitz An Open Letter to Larry Ellison about OpenOffice.org < http://openoffice.blogs.com/openoffi… > Apr 28 22:57
MinceR “Nobody looks at me weird for explaining what it is: 10 years after Sun started making StarOffice available. This is bad.” Apr 28 22:59
MinceR i don’t understand this train of thought. Apr 28 22:59
schestowitz Yes Apr 28 22:59
MinceR gn Apr 28 22:59
schestowitz I read your first line Apr 28 22:59
schestowitz Then though, WHAT? Apr 28 22:59
schestowitz Maybe she meant the opposite Apr 28 23:00
schestowitz Creating an invoicing system with OpenOffice.org < http://blog.worldlabel.com/2009/creatin… > Apr 28 23:00
MinceR :) Apr 28 23:00
schestowitz OOo is not for me anyway Apr 28 23:00
schestowitz I’m a Latex person Apr 28 23:00
MinceR so am i, except for spreadsheets Apr 28 23:00
schestowitz Yes Apr 28 23:00
schestowitz beat me to it! Apr 28 23:00
schestowitz Cause I do slides in latex also Apr 28 23:01
schestowitz KSpread for sheets Apr 28 23:01
schestowitz Unless I need graphing Apr 28 23:01
schestowitz Mandriva clarifies the Microsoft/Mandriva situation (there is none): Mandriva and Microsoft < http://club.mandriva.com/xwiki… > Apr 28 23:03
MinceR i use gnumeric for spreadsheets Apr 28 23:03
schestowitz If it works, it works. But, but… no ribbon… no need for 500 MB of run (+preloader for cache)? Apr 28 23:04
schestowitz Let me find something Apr 28 23:04
schestowitz Actually, I’d need to fetch it from Groklaw Apr 28 23:04
schestowitz Something from CRN about Microsoft partners admitting that people get all that they need in simpler office suites Apr 28 23:05
schestowitz EVEN THEY admit this Apr 28 23:05
schestowitz I think of the Naked Emperor Apr 28 23:05
schestowitz The legend of the indispensable Microsoft Office. Apr 28 23:06
schestowitz Of the intuitive/familiar/easy Windows GUI(tubby) Apr 28 23:06
schestowitz *Or Apr 28 23:06
schestowitz The Oracle open source credibility gap < http://blogs.zdnet.com/… > Blakenhorn has not trolled FOSS for a long time. I can forgive him almost… pardon phase :-) Apr 28 23:07
trmanco twitter is down Apr 28 23:07
trmanco but the api section doesn’t seem to Apr 28 23:07
trmanco the api is also offline Apr 28 23:09
trmanco Twitter is over capacity. Apr 28 23:10
trmanco Too many tweets! Please wait a moment and try again. Apr 28 23:10
trmanco ah, at least I get this, for now Apr 28 23:10
schestowitz This one spin’s Java’s lead against it, using the shills: http://www.linuxinsider.com/rss… Apr 28 23:11
schestowitz trmanco: Linux overload at least Apr 28 23:11
schestowitz What distro do they use? Apr 28 23:11
trmanco back online, but slow Apr 28 23:11
trmanco schestowitz, not sure Apr 28 23:12
trmanco I don’t even know if they use linux Apr 28 23:12
trmanco Server: hi Apr 28 23:12
trmanco :| Apr 28 23:12
trmanco they even obscure there webserver Apr 28 23:13
trmanco schestowitz, apache and linux Apr 28 23:16
trmanco don’t ask which distro, I don’t know yet Apr 28 23:16
schestowitz If it’s not RHEL, expansion is cheap Apr 28 23:17
schestowitz Digg used Debian Apr 28 23:17
trmanco used, and uses Apr 28 23:17
schestowitz http://www.happyassassin.net/2009/04/27/the-… I had to redo my mixing today because my amplifier went titsup, so I have just 2 speakers left (my stereo) Apr 28 23:17
schestowitz GNOME mixer looks neat Apr 28 23:18
schestowitz but KDE and Qt always outdo it in my eyes Apr 28 23:18
DaemonFC that would be adam williamson’s website Apr 28 23:18
trmanco just wait until gnome 3.0 :-P Apr 28 23:18
schestowitz GNOME makes me feel stupid sometimes when I use it. Sort of like Linus once said it…. Apr 28 23:18
trmanco have you seen screencasts about it? Apr 28 23:18
DaemonFC I’m waiting til 2009.1 to put that on the computer I’m giving my brother Apr 28 23:18
DaemonFC :P Apr 28 23:18
schestowitz DaemonFC: yes, he’s in Red Hat now. Nice man. Apr 28 23:18
DaemonFC speaking of Mandriva Apr 28 23:18
schestowitz DaemonFC: well, not Mandriva Apr 28 23:19
DaemonFC yeah, I know Apr 28 23:19
schestowitz Althougn Mandriva wrote about Adam’s disclaimer Apr 28 23:19
schestowitz About MS and Mandriva Apr 28 23:19
DaemonFC but I wouldn’t put Fedora on a system meant for a human being Apr 28 23:19
DaemonFC :) Apr 28 23:19
DaemonFC lol Apr 28 23:19
trmanco http://live.gnome.org/GnomeShel… Apr 28 23:19
schestowitz It’s good that nothing came out from the Manbo infection vector (RPM with Microsoft’s grubby hands) Apr 28 23:19
DaemonFC ??? Apr 28 23:20
schestowitz Never mind, old story Apr 28 23:20
DaemonFC Fedora is a bit too technical for most people, it’s easy to run into trouble Apr 28 23:20
trmanco Fedora is always bleeding edge Apr 28 23:20
schestowitz It’s targeted for a particular crowd Apr 28 23:21
DaemonFC yes, and there are always lots of bugs Apr 28 23:21
DaemonFC usually nothing that munches your data Apr 28 23:21
DaemonFC but certainly some pains in the ass Apr 28 23:21
schestowitz If Microsoft burns down with its patents, that’ll speed things up for Fedora desktops Apr 28 23:21
schestowitz This quarter, MS’ profits were down 32% Apr 28 23:21
trmanco I don’t really like rpm’s though Apr 28 23:21
schestowitz So they go down at a good steady pace Apr 28 23:21
schestowitz Kickbacks (bribes) of netbooks-making OEMs is not cheap Apr 28 23:22
trmanco they are a bit slower compared to debian’s packages Apr 28 23:22
trmanco IMO Apr 28 23:22
schestowitz I just install things in desktop 7 Apr 28 23:22
DaemonFC I hate building RPMs, but passive consumers of them shouldn’t notice a lot of difference between that and DEB packages Apr 28 23:22
schestowitz Then I move away from it Apr 28 23:22
schestowitz So I forget about this stuff Apr 28 23:22
schestowitz OOo updates can take a while Apr 28 23:22
schestowitz 100+ MB Apr 28 23:22
DaemonFC Most distros pull from Go-OO anymore Apr 28 23:23
trmanco the dependency resolving part is slower than DEBs Apr 28 23:23
trmanco which distros either than ballnux use go oo? Apr 28 23:23
DaemonFC Debian Apr 28 23:23
DaemonFC Ubuntu Apr 28 23:23
DaemonFC Mandriva Apr 28 23:23
DaemonFC maybe Fedora, not sure about them though Apr 28 23:24
trmanco I’ve heard that OOo may be leading into a different direction Apr 28 23:24
trmanco DaemonFC, I don’t see any go oo branding Apr 28 23:24
DaemonFC they change it Apr 28 23:24
schestowitz ESR owned! “Error establishing a database connection” http://esr.ibiblio.org/?p=932 just load issue :-) Apr 28 23:24
DaemonFC but it is Go-OO Apr 28 23:24
trmanco and the packages still say openoffice.org Apr 28 23:24
DaemonFC yes Apr 28 23:24
trmanco and the descriptions still are openoffice.org Apr 28 23:24
schestowitz Yes Apr 28 23:25
DaemonFC they change it to say it’s OpenOffice.org Apr 28 23:25
schestowitz Also Sun logo Apr 28 23:25
trmanco so how can that be go-oo Apr 28 23:25
schestowitz Even in Ubuntu (older versions) Apr 28 23:25
trmanco thats shit Apr 28 23:25
trmanco I though I was using the original Apr 28 23:25
DaemonFC they change the branding, but the compiled source is Go-OO Apr 28 23:25
trmanco are you guys sure about this? Apr 28 23:25
schestowitz ESR’s apprent attack on RMS is producing errors: http://esr.ibiblio.org/?p=932 Apr 28 23:25
DaemonFC absolutely Apr 28 23:25
schestowitz ibiblio even Apr 28 23:25
trmanco any proof? Apr 28 23:25
schestowitz Groklaw worrks Apr 28 23:25
trmanco I mean real proof Apr 28 23:25
schestowitz Let ESR stick to his guns, literally Apr 28 23:25
trmanco proof at source code level Apr 28 23:26
DaemonFC 1. It’s in their Bazaar commenting Apr 28 23:26
trmanco I’ll have a peak on launchpad Apr 28 23:26
schestowitz It’s common knolwdge Apr 28 23:26
DaemonFC 2. The developers will tell you if you ask Apr 28 23:26
trmanco yeah I’ll check that Apr 28 23:26
schestowitz Desktop Linux: Where Art Thou? < http://portal.acm.org/citation.cfm… > Apr 28 23:27
DaemonFC I always tell people that have a problem with CDDL to stop using Mozilla stuff Apr 28 23:27
DaemonFC cause it was ased on the MPL Apr 28 23:27
DaemonFC based that is Apr 28 23:27
DaemonFC If you use Firefox binaries, then you actually agree to be bound by three things Apr 28 23:28
DaemonFC GPL/LGPL, MPL, and the Mozilla End User License Agreement Apr 28 23:28
trmanco   * Resynchronise with ooo-build-3-0-1 (0eebe32b70e8f54605f474f26cd50c8b3ccf845c). Apr 28 23:29
trmanco :| Apr 28 23:29
DaemonFC the latter disqualifies Firefox as free software Apr 28 23:29
DaemonFC and the MPL is free software but can’t be linked to GPL Apr 28 23:29
trmanco ooo-build? Apr 28 23:29
trmanco I’ll check this better tomorrow, time for a good night sleep, cya Apr 28 23:30
DaemonFC from what I can gather it’s based on OOO with some Go-OO patches Apr 28 23:30
DaemonFC including Go-OO’s OOXML filters Apr 28 23:31
schestowitz trmanco: here’s one to investigate: The Wire: Ubuntu Launch Week, CD Request Site Signs Off…For Now < http://www.linuxcauldron.com/?p=664 > Apr 28 23:31
DaemonFC besides, I know they applied the I/O performance patches Apr 28 23:31
DaemonFC cause OOO is slow as shit Apr 28 23:31
DaemonFC to start up Apr 28 23:31
DaemonFC the CD request site is useless to me anyway Apr 28 23:31
DaemonFC they stopped distributing my arch Apr 28 23:32
trmanco time to reduce costs? Apr 28 23:32
DaemonFC (X86-64) Apr 28 23:32
trmanco ah, patches Apr 28 23:32
trmanco so it’s not the hole go-oo repo Apr 28 23:32
trmanco I’m out … Apr 28 23:33
DaemonFC http://www.technospot.net/blogs/how-to… Apr 28 23:37
schestowitz Ubuntu becomes SUPER OS: http://www.downloadtube.com… Apr 28 23:37
DaemonFC How to fuck over your Vista, part 1 Apr 28 23:37
DaemonFC disable services with msconfig is a real bad idea Apr 28 23:37
DaemonFC :P Apr 28 23:37
schestowitz msconfig Apr 28 23:38
schestowitz I remember toying with it in win98 Apr 28 23:38
schestowitz that’s still around, eh? Apr 28 23:38
schestowitz Does it still need ‘hidden’ entry? Apr 28 23:38
DaemonFC yes Apr 28 23:38
DaemonFC it’s also in Windows 7 Apr 28 23:38
schestowitz Microsoft WIndows Apr 28 23:38
schestowitz With dark alleys Apr 28 23:38
schestowitz And secret back doors Apr 28 23:38
schestowitz See if you find CIPAV compatibility Apr 28 23:39
DaemonFC Antivirus companies actually go their way in Vista SP1 and reduced security in Windows Apr 28 23:39
schestowitz Microsoft: we make it easier for you Apr 28 23:39
schestowitz We hide diagnosis tools Apr 28 23:39
DaemonFC they were bitching cause Microsoft had “Patch Guard” on the 64-bit kernel, which refuses to let anything into the kernel Apr 28 23:39
schestowitz Then, when you encouter issue Apr 28 23:39
DaemonFC they were getting ready to sue MS for locking them out of the kernel as well Apr 28 23:40
schestowitz We’ll have some engineer halgf way across the world asking you to open a command line Apr 28 23:40
schestowitz Hiding complexity does not always means eliminating it Apr 28 23:40
DaemonFC schestowitz: My point is if they let antivirus have access into the kernel Apr 28 23:40
DaemonFC doesn’t that also let viruses in? Apr 28 23:40
DaemonFC meh, the way I remember it though they found undocumented ways to hook their antivirus into the kernel and Microsoft simply gave them a documented API with SP1 Apr 28 23:41
schestowitz This guy tried Ubuntu. then Mandriva, than PCLOS: PCLinuxOS comes to my rescue < http://webhead.blog.co.uk/2009/04/27/pcl… > Apr 28 23:43
DaemonFC PC Linux OS is an incompetent Mandriva fork Apr 28 23:46
DaemonFC but last time I tried it was 2006 Apr 28 23:46
DaemonFC so who knows? Apr 28 23:46
schestowitz DaemonFC: yes, some people don’t know this Apr 28 23:48
schestowitz Mandriva is great Apr 28 23:48
schestowitz PCLOS is well, just inheriting lots Apr 28 23:48
schestowitz But it adds lots of stuff driva’ won’t include Apr 28 23:49
DaemonFC the guy forked it, then countn’t maintain the fork Apr 28 23:49
DaemonFC so he reforked it Apr 28 23:49
DaemonFC http://www.withinwindows.com/2009/04/02/w… Apr 28 23:49
DaemonFC Microsoft responds to the fact that Windows mEdia Player 12 blocks third party codecs Apr 28 23:50
DaemonFC calls everyone that wants them pirates Apr 28 23:50
DaemonFC nice Apr 28 23:50
DaemonFC “As we move toward the release of Windows 7, we have worked to add more codecs and file types to allow for a better user experience. We also allow Microsoft experiences to use codecs and other format technologies from third-party companies, just as we always have.  Third party applications can use the Microsoft codecs or their own.  Microsoft does not restrict the use of third-party codecs. – Microsoft Spokesperson” Apr 28 23:51
*neonfloss (n=neon@rdsl-0145.tor.pathcom.com) has joined #boycottnovell Apr 28 23:55
DaemonFC schestowitz: The only performance tweaks slated for Windows 7 are also in Vista SP2 and Windows Server 2008 R2 Apr 28 23:56
DaemonFC heh Apr 28 23:56
schestowitz They’ll have Vista still to maintain Apr 28 23:58
schestowitz Patches and all Apr 28 23:58
schestowitz Less engineers, sinking profits. Apr 28 23:58
schestowitz Not goodf. Apr 28 23:58
schestowitz They’ll carry on cutting down divisions like Cringely suggested Apr 28 23:58
schestowitz Until only a few products of substance remain Apr 28 23:59
DaemonFC schestowitz: I was comparing Windows 7 features and kernel tweaks and such and pretty much everything slated for Windows 7 is being backported to Vista either in SP2 or stand alone updates Apr 28 23:59
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